Heavy showers fell over most parts of the nation on Wednesday, causing flooding in some areas.

Many Belize City streets were completely under water as the rains fell heavily most of the day.

In Belmopan, some streets were also flooded as well as yards.

In the Salvapan extension area of Belmopan, a truck which had just delivered soil to a resident, was moving off when its fuel line burst and spilled onto the streets. That fuel was clearly seen on the flood waters in the area causing an ugly black film. Residents of the area are especially concerned about the oil sheen as some of them have water wells in their yards and fear of contamination has been expressed. The area is prone to flooding but this is a unique situation as the flooding, linked with a simple incident, can now create a potential hazard.

We were unable to get a comment from the Department of Environment late Wednesday evening, when we were made aware of the situation. We will follow up on this story.