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Today's Belize News: October 10, 2014 #496661
10/10/14 05:55 AM
10/10/14 05:55 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Getting the job done with a smile
Meet Mr. Elder Quintanilla. Even under the hottest of suns, despite having to rake after filthy us, cleaning our streets day in and out, he will have a smile and a wave if you just look and acknowledge him. I walk past him nearly every day, and our exchanges have only ever been of the smile and maybe a passing comment on the weather.

Gloomy Day? You can still have fun with Splash ‘n’ Paint!
But if a little rain holds you back from getting in the water (why is that?) – there’s other fun stuff to do, and that includes a little color and creativity! Melody Wolfe owns her very own cute little gallery that features tons of Belizean artists, and she’s super encouraging to others who want to explore their inner Picasso. So she’s created a fun weekly event called Splash ‘n’ Paint. For $30BZ, you can create your own masterpiece. Stenciled canvases are provided, as well as paint and of course, Melody guides you when you’re feeling a little behind. The go-to location for this paint party is at Crazy Canuck’s beach bar, every Thursday.

Armed Guatemalans threaten to destroy conservation post in Belize; PM reacts
Tension is increasing between Guatemalan civilians and members of the Belize Defense Force (BDF). On Friday October 3rd, a group of about 40 Guatemalans, armed with rifles, shotguns and machetes barged into Belize’s territory and engaged with five members of the BDF. The illegal civilians threatened to burn down a conservation post that is under construction in the area of Valentin Camp located inside the Caracol Archeological site and one kilometer from the Belize Guatemala border. A government press release dated September 3rd outlined the incident and indicated that the BDF members stood their grounds and after very tense verbal engagement, the Guatemalans retreated and returned to their country. “The BDF has since quickly deployed re-enforcement and is firmly and completely in control of the area, and construction of the conservation post continues.” The conservation post is one of three that are being built to discourage illegal activity and help protect the Chiquibul National Park from Guatemalans who have been destroying the natural resources. The engagement is also at the heel of the death of Special Constable Danny Cornorquie.

Police Report
*On Wednesday, October 1st, as part of a special intelligence operation, the San Pedro Police, Quick Response Team, Criminal Investigation Branch and Special Branch personnel conducted a search on an abandoned building located in the Bayside Area. The search led to the discovery of five cases of Tecate beers, four case of Sol Beer and one case of Superior Beer, all contraband goods from Mexico. No one was found in the vicinity. The goods were labeled as “Found Property” and handed over to the Belize Customs Department. *On Wednesday, October 1st, a search was conducted at the residence of 30-year-old Wayne Allen and 18-year-old Irma Mejia in DFC Area as part of special intelligence information. Present at the time of the search was 25-year-old Diego Wade, 24-year-old Martin Martinez and 19-year-old John Gillett. The search led to the discovery of 6.1 grams of suspected cannabis. All persons were informed of their offense and escorted to the San Pedro Police Station where they were formally arrested and charged for the crime of “Possession of Controlled Drugs”

UDP rallies crowd at Endorsement Convention
On Saturday October 4th, San Pedro Town residents gathered at the Central Park as the Belize Rural South (BRS) United Democratic Party presented their official town council slate and standard bearer at the party’s first endorsement convention. Members of the House of Representatives including Honorable (Hon.) Mark King, Hon. John Saldivar, and Hon.Patrick Faber were in attendance to offer support to their fellow UDP counterparts. The night opened at 8:30PM as members of the UDP executive Karen Canul welcomed party supporters from San Pedro Town and Caye Caulker Village. With Municipal Elections set for March 4th, 2015 the UDP Town Council Slate appealed for voter support as they vowed their township oaths led by UDP Party Chairman Alberto August, pledging to do their utmost best for the island once elected. Official councillor candidates include Hector Tito Alamilla Jr., Flora Ancona, Ruben Gonzalez, Gary Grief, Severo Guerrero Jr., and Gaby Nuñez, along with Mayoral candidate, current Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero, and the BRS UDP Standard Bearer candidate,current Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Manuel Heredia Jr.

Ambergris Today

Belize Audubon Society’s Urban Bird Watch Kicks Off
Every Sunday in October for the past five years, Belize Audubon Society (BAS) has been conducting bird watching expeditions in every town in Belize. This year Dangriga was the venue for the first urban bird watch of 2014. Twenty-five birders participated, most from Dangriga, but also from Belmopan, Belize City and the Stann Creek District communities. Prominent among the participants were students from the Stann Creek Ecumenical Junior College. The group witnessed massive migration numbers. A conservative estimate of over thirty thousand egrets, herons, swallows and kingbirds in constant groups of over one hundred over flew the birding group during the three-hour bird watch. A total of 73 species were recorded.

Saga Humane Society Announced Halloween Party
The 11th Annual Saga Humane Society Spooktacular Halloween Party has been set for Sunday October 26, 2014 from 11a.m. to 5p.m at Carlo & Ernie's Runway Bar. It is expected to be the largest Saga Halloween Party in history. New for 2014, is celebrity judged contests (Best Costume, Best Kisser, Owner/Pet Look-A-Like, Best Trick, and more), fun activities and games for pets and kids, raffles, auction items and so much more. Saga is pleased to also include this year a Smooch-A-Pooch kissing booth that is sure to delight young and old.

Invest Belize Magazine Releases Third Volume
The Belize Trade & Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE) in collaboration with McNab Publishing Ltd., proudly unveiled the third volume of the Invest Belize Magazine on September 30, 2014, at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel in Belize City. Through this new partnership, that was announced in May of this year, the Invest Belize magazine has been completely revamped and transformed into an effective publication on the world of investment, business and trade in Belize. The magazine itself, whose theme was “Agribusiness” for this volume, features engaging articles from various sectors of the business community and relevant statistics that, when combined, provides pertinent information to an important target audience – potential investors in the country of Belize.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

One woman protest outside the US Embassy in Belmopan.
In anticipation of today's protest, the road outside the Embassy has been cordoned off and there is police presence.However, activist & media personality, Yaya Marin Coleman is the only person demonstrating in front of the United States Embassy In Belmopan. The protest was scheduled for Belizeans to demonstrate their discontent with the US Embassy to hire a Guatemalan company to build the military base on Hunting Caye.

Refurbishment Works to commence at the Lands & Survey Department in Belmopan
The Ministry of Natural Resources & Agriculture informs the general public, that in line with the Ministry’s commitment to improve efficiency and delivery of service, it has commenced refurbishment of the Lands & Survey Department in Belmopan.

The Ministry of National Security hereby announces that the United States Army Corp of Engineers, the US agency responsible for the construction of the Hunting Caye Forward Operating Base, has issued a letter to the Guatemalan company BINARQ which has had the effect of causing all construction at the Base to cease. This action came about after consultations between the Ministry of National Security, the Belize Coast Guard and the United States agencies in Belize. The Ministry of National Security is insisting that this remains in effect until a satisfactory policy decision can be arrived at among all parties that takes into consideration the sensitivities expressed by sections of the Belizean population. The Ministry takes this opportunity to clarify that BINARQ, the Guatemalan company in question, was contracted to build the Hunting Caye Base in 2011, months before the current Minister of National Security, Hon. John Saldivar assumed the portfolio. Minister Saldivar was briefed on the ongoing Hunting Caye and San Pedro projects, shortly after being appointed as the Minister of National Security in the second term of the United Democratic Party government. This also means that as on-going projects that were approved prior to our second term, there was no obligation or requirement on the part of the new Minister to report the details of these contracts to Cabinet.

Scarlet Six Biomonitoring Team
The 2014 season finally ended today. The team and the funds are exhausted. We extracted today, with mixed feelings. 7 Macaw chicks survived this season (that's 2 more than last year). But, we found other active poacher camps in more remote areas...

As communities in Belize seek for a better child friendly environment, the old phrase of “It takes a community to raise a child” certainly takes center stage in these very trying times. Families are part of a larger community that help or hurt our best efforts to raise our children. Yes, it’s the parents’ responsibility to care for their child. However, I believe, like many others, that it takes the community to provide the best environment for nurturing the individual. Communities that encourage involvement from different professions offer learning opportunities for all children. There are numerous ways we can join together to provide the best possible childhood for today’s children. Initiatives as the Youth Forum are only a few of the ways children care programs can interact with the community, parents, and extended family members. The theme for this year’s Youth Forum “Youth to Youth My Way” resonates even more. Special guest Neidi Rosado, Coordinator of the National Youth Council stated that we should all note that 70% of our Belize population are youths and pointed out that not one organization is at the fore representing their needs and concerns.

Sept 28 - Oct 4 2014 Fishing Report
A great week even though it was lightly attended with just 3-4 boats going out daily, weather was great, permit, tarpon and bonefish were available each and every day.

Channel 7

A Halt On Hunting Caye Construction By Guatemalan Company
"Stop it!" That's the letter that the United States Army Corp of Engineers - sent to the Guatemalan Company that's building the Coast Guard Forward Operating Base on Hunting Caye. A press release from the Ministry of National Security half an hour ago announced that all construction at the Base has ceased. The release says, quote, "This action came about after consultations between the Ministry of National Security, the Belize Coast Guard and the United States agencies in Belize." It continues, "this remains in effect until a satisfactory policy decision can be arrived at among all parties…" The Ministry has committed to keep the public informed as soon as an agreement is reached with the United States Army Corp of Engineers.

Did A Tornado Tear Up Maskall?
There were very heavy rains and winds all across the country yesterday and last night, but the folks on the old road seem to have taken the brunt of the bad weather. Tonight, 8 families in Maskall Village are displaced after a freak storm whipped through and destroyed their homes. The residents say the storm seemed like a tornado to them. This morning, our News team travelled there to assess the aftermath. Daniel Ortiz has that story: Daniel Ortiz reporting This frame on stilts used to be an almost fully completed house - that's until a strange weather event destroyed it last night. Winds from a tornado-like storm ripped the roofing off t and flung it against this adjacent house, which is where it remains right now. All over Maskall Village, 7 other homeowners reported varying degrees of damage to their houses. There were a number of downed trees, which had to be cleared out of the road. Still there were others which were leaning on power lines, stretched to their limit.

Dawn's House Tumbled Down After Rain
And while that storm was whipping up last night in Maskall, this morning in the city - a woman's house just fell apart like wafer biscuits. Dawn Philips had been living at her Port Loyola home for 14 years but this morning at 6:45, her life literally fell to pieces when her house tumbled down. We found her in a bad way this morning:.. Courtney Weatherburne reporting This morning we found Dawn Phillips living on a septic tank in her neighbor's yard, cradling what's left of her belongings after her home collapsed early this morning. She narrated the frightening moments.

Bobby Chin Charmed Caleb, Says UNIBAM Won't Go For Injunction
The Bobby Chin Birthday Bash, which has been in the news because of the controversy over objectionable lyrics, will go ahead unchallenged. That's because as we showed you last night, Jamaican Artist, Robert Lee, better known as "Bobby Chin" or "Black Chiny", responded to UNIBAM's criticism that they might incite violence at their concert. Bobby Chin told us that he did not need UNIBAM to pressure him into a doing a clean show, because that is the standing orders at any event he hosts or performs, and that it has been a long-standing practice of his. Well, UNIBAM says that the they've gotten the verbal undertaking they wanted from him, and so, they are not going to the Supreme Court to get any emergency injunction to block the concert from happening.

Alleged Burglar Drags Himself To Court After Breaking Legs
Keith Burgess showed up at court on crutches today - and had to scrape himself up off the ground when he was called into court. But, it wasn't the police who left him like that - the allegation is that he did it to himself. Police say he broke both legs when he jumped form a building he was caught burglarizing. The 53-year-old Caye Caulker resident was caught in the act, on a surveillance camera after stealing 20 whole lobsters from Bamboo's Beach Bar & Grill in Caye Caulker two days ago on October 7th. He was arraigned on a single charge of burglary - to which he pleaded not guilty. He got bail of $1,000 and is due back in Court #4 on December 9, 2014.

Gunplay At Mile 8
4 residents from Mile 8 were charged with aggravated assault this afternoon when they appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. The 4 are 22 year old Mark Evan Vernon, 22 year old Jamal Grant along with two minors. The incident happened on Monday where the men reportedly assaulted Mile 8 resident Brandon Dawson with a firearm. Vernon was also charged with kept ammunition without a gun license because he was found with a .22mm caliber round the following day. Due to the nature of the offense, no bail was granted and the two minors were remanded to the Belize Wagner Facility while Vernon and Grant were remanded to the Belize Central Prison. Before Vernon left the court, he told Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser that the complainant had dropped the charges but the police still went ahead to press charges. Their next court date is set for November 21st, 2014.

FCD Launches Telethon To Fundraise For Rangers
For two weeks now since the murder of Danny Conorquie - national attention has been laser focused on the western border with Guatemala - and the 25 miles or so that abut the Chiquibul forest. And, the friends for Conservation and Development, which co-manages the Chiquibul National Park says the attention is much needed. That's because the Chiquibul, which is four times the size of Barbados, needs more boots on the ground. The BDF has already sent more soldiers, but the Friends have to provide Forest Rangers to accompany them - to gather important information about the preservation and the plunder of the largest conservation area in Belize. And so the FCD is hoping to harness public interest in the area - to get some support for their rangers program. They're organizing a telethon - and today at a press conference they told the media why:.. Jules Vasquez reporting In ten days Camp Valentin will be fully operational. It is a conservation post which sits just across the border form the Guatemalan village of La Rejoya - and angry villagers came across on Friday demanding that it be taken down:

Mayor Says He'll Pave Terrible Thoroughfare
We have been reporting on major road renovations in the city for the past few months - and while it usually happens without publicity, municipal elections are coming, and it seems ground breakings are the thing. Today ground was broken for the concreting of the battered Blue Marlin Boulevard. The Mayor explains the extent of this 1st phase of renovation works in the area. Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor "The people in this community and those persons who travels through this area will have a two-lane carriage way that will be a beautiful boulevard equip with earthen drains for the time being, but the second phase will cause us to do concrete drains and sidewalks, but that's not part of this first phase, but this will be a major improvement. We are also going to implement a round-about right behind me.

Dean Street Drainage Difficulties After Every Deluge
On the topic of road renovations, the residents of Dean Street are plagued with a major and chronic flooding issue caused by the lack of proper drainage. We also asked the Mayor today what he is doing to fix it: Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor "I've heard the complaint about Dean Street before and we sent out crews to clear some of the areas. We are working to ensure that they are outflows into the canal as best as possible. We know that there will be flooding, but what we are trying to aim at is to ensure that within a reasonable period of time after the rains the water can flow out as quickly as possible."

PM to DC
Prime Minister Barrow left the country today for official business in Washington DC where he will meet with officials of the Inter-American Development Bank. He returns in 5 days on Tuesday October 14th. Deputy Gaspar Vega will act as Prime Minister in his absence.

Drug Destruction in Dangriga
Dangriga police had a drug destruction today - it wasn't like a tonne of cocaine - it was more like housekeeping - as the formation destroyed all the individual drug busts they had made by fire. The entire session was witnessed and tallied by the requisite legal and police authorities.

Another New Intake of Police
Yesterday, 136 male and female recruits who passed out as fully fledged police officers, after going through their four months of formal training at the police academy. These new police officers were part of the recruit intake #90, and 7News was there to see them take the oath. It's part of government's increased spending on security and Minister of National Security John Saldivar, told the officers what is expected of them: Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "Recruit Squad #90, let me start by congratulating all 135 of you for successfully completing this process of entry into the Belize Police Department. 26 females and 109 males; you are 135 amongst the more than 800 applicants as I said before who have persevered over the last 18 weeks sacrificed and trained at the police academy. You have worked hard and now you are launching your career as a police officer.

Police Minister Says Media Sensationalizing Murders
50% of this intake is expected to go to the nation's crime hotspot, Belize City. That's about 65 new police on the ground, but despite ever more officers on the streets, Belize City residents still feel unsafe and that 2014 has been a violent year. We can't say for sure because the police department has stopped producing statistics. Yet, still, The National Security Minister, who hadn't been granting interviews for some months now took an opportunity yesterday to publicly criticize the media, suggesting that press has been sensationalizing homicides, while taking them out of context. Here's how he put it: Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "No one in the media is bothering to look at the numbers before declaring that crime is spiraling out of control. Yes, there are times when there are spikes in murders, which is a cycle which we all know. However a closer look at the numbers will tell you that the overall trend for 2014 is still far better than 2012 when we had 145 murders.

Senate Debates New Gun Law
Minister John Saldivar has also been integral in the amendments to the gun law which has been publicly criticized on many different occasions as being oppressive to citizens. As we've told you, the amendments to the law, after months of work came in the form of the Firearm Amendment Bill and the Crime Control and Criminal Justice Bill. These amendments were supposed to rationalize the law so that first time offenders wouldn't be tied up in jail for unreasonable amounts of time, as is currently the case. As we told you, yesterday, those bills were passed by the Senate, and awaited the Govern General's Assent to law. The Senators got their chance to debate the bill, and it received quite a number of negative reviews because those senators who don't support it say that these bills do not provide any sort of institutional alleviation to the problems created by the "draconian gun law" currently in effect.

Chiquibul, The Scenic River Route
And tonight we go back into our archives again to continue our in depth look into the many issues at play in the Chiquibul. In 2009 we went into the depths of the National Park but not overland, instead we took the scenic route by river where many of the issues can be appreciated from up close. Here's a look back at that story:.. Jules Vasquez Reporting, Here at Chalillo where the wide span, 420 feet of the 150 foot high containment wall holds in and harnesses the upper branch of the Macal, one can truly appreciate the sharp juxtaposition of what’s probably Belize's greatest civil engineering feat buttressed against nature's finest creation, the broad breathtaking landscape of Chiquibul. Jarring but compelling, as the coppery tones of the boulders blasted to clear the land for the dam - form a neat contrast against the still waters

Seine Bight Teacher Poisoned Himself
On Monday, we told you the tragedy in Seine Bight Village where 33 year-old Byron Castillo stabbed his common-law wife 34 year-old Nicole Swazo, in an ugly public dispute last week Saturday. Immediately after the attack, police found him dead inside his house, he had hung himself after drinking an insecticide. Well, Police say that the post-mortem concluded that he died from acute chemical pneumonia due to bronchial aspiration as a consequence of ingesting a chemical substance, namely malathion. This means that he died from the poison he drank, before he attempted to hang himself.

Channel 5

U.S. Southcom Sends Guatemalans South
The Minister of National Security John Saldivar informed the media on Wednesday that the construction of the military facility at Hunting Caye had not been stopped. Hours later, on Wednesday [...]

One Woman Protest at the US Embassy
As we told you, the US Embassy has issued a press statement in which it explained the decision of the US Southern Command to select a Guatemalan contractor to build [...]

Heavy Rains Destroy Home in the City
A family of five is without their house tonight after heavy rains and winds lashed the City on Wednesday night. This morning just before seven o’clock, their small wooden house [...]

FCD to Hold Telethon To Raise Funds
Rafael Manzanero of Friends for Conservation and Development has been making desperate pleas for much needed assistance to co-manage the Chiquibul National Park. Manzanero has told just about everyone who [...]

Beenie Man Gets the Green Light from UNIBAM
The fuss over the Bobby Chin Birthday Bash Concert has all but been settled. Earlier this week, the attorney for the United Belize Advocacy Movement, UNIBAM, wrote to the promoters [...]

Ministry of Lands Silent on Unitedville Dispute
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has gone on the record to state that the Ministry of Natural Resources is a hotbed of corruption. He probably could have gone further to call [...]

Two Men Arraigned for Separate Murders in the Toledo District
Two men were formally arraigned for murder this morning at the Punta Gorda Magistrate’s Court. Although the charges were just laid, the murders go back some time. Twenty-one year old [...]

Sewell’s Attorney Applies for Leave to Appeal Extradition
Gary Sewell has been behind bars since 2010 fighting an extradition request by the U.S. On July third, 2014, Justice Michelle Arana handed down a decision to extradite Sewell.  But [...]

CitCo Breaks Ground for Blue Marlin Blvd. Renovation
Since taking office in 2012, Mayor Darrell Bradley and the Belize City Council have concreted a total of one hundred and twenty-seven streets across the municipality.  This morning, ground was [...]

Mayor Bradley Offers Update on City Infrastructure Works
With another phase of road works set to begin on Monday, we asked Mayor Bradley earlier today for an assessment of the already cemented streets, in light of the recent [...]

Major Drug Destruction in Dangriga
This morning, in the outskirts of Dangriga, a drug destruction operation took place. Two batches of both cocaine and marijuana went up in smoke, all in all, a total of [...]

Canadian Named in Billion-Dollar Fraud
Bahamian nationals Rohn Knowles and Kelvin Leach met bail of a hundred thousand dollars on October first, for an extradition warrant. The duo and three others are wanted by the [...]

Senator Shoman Blasts G.O.B. for Skewed Priorities
There’s been much said about the Coast Guard’s Guatemalan constructed forward operating base on Hunting Caye amid furious anti-Guatemalan sentiment in the wake of the murder of Danny Conorquie, the [...]

Top 20 Art Students Awarded by Atlantic Bank
Atlantic Bank Limited on Wednesday hosted an award ceremony for its fourth annual art competition. This year, primary schools students, who are avid painters, were asked to submit pieces that [...]

Healthy Living looks at the ChikV threat to Belize
On Tuesday, officials from the Ministry of Health hosted a press conference to discuss Belize’s preparedness for Ebola and Chikungunya. Belizeans have been preoccupied about the country’s level of readiness [...]


Another Stalemate In The Negotiations For Bagasse
There seems to be no ‘happily ever after’ in sight when it comes to reaching to a mutual understanding and agreement between the BSCFA and BSI/ASR. Today, another round of discussions was held where members of both entities met to review the draft counterproposal from the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association to BSI/ASR’s newly proposed commercial agreement presented to the association on September 8th, the date the two entities last met. BSI is saying that they hope to finalize the agreement by the time the next crop season begins but that their position remains the same where they don’t want to enter into an interim agreement but to conclude negotiations once and for all. This is being proposed for many reasons, says Financial Controller for BSI, Belizario Carballo Jr.

OWTC Conducts Pets Sterilization Program
In some dog-related circles, the question of surgical sterilization, otherwise known as spaying (females) and neutering (males) is sure to spark hot debate. And while pet overpopulation and euthanasia are a continuing problem, the Orange Walk Town Council will be engaging in a first Dog and Cat Sterilization Campaign to spay your pets. Deputy Mayor, Ian Cal, says saying or neutering your dog is an important part of responsible pet ownership and is the most humane way for population control of stray pets. Ian Cal – Deputy Mayor, OWTC “An avenue the council use to take before and it has been done for many years is the dog eradication where at least every six months the Council goes around and eradicates stray dogs and cats or whatever pets are on the streets and it is an inhumane way of doing things but it was a way on getting it done so we as a council decide that it is not the best option, after consultation with many of the residence as well there are many dog lovers and pet lover sin this country...

Local Artist Expresses Passion About His Art Work
A lot of us have stared in awe at the art work of people living abroad and often times we fail to notice the raw talent that surrounds us within our very own community. And these are plenty and the talent comes in every form and shape. Tonight we want to highlight the work of a young Orange Walk resident who is finding his way up in the world of art. The following is a look at the work of twenty seven year old Jesus Melendez who not only paints but also tattoos and then some. Jesus Melendez – Artist “Everyone looked up to me for drawing until 1st, 2nd form and I went to art club and that is when Mr. Bennett taught me a little about painting and then until then I just stopped because I was looking more into an educational field and I never thought that art would be my way of living.”

Police Cleans Up Orange Walk
Tonight, several persons have been detained and are in custody after a string of operations carried out by Orange Walk Police proved successful. We were reliably informed that the raid seeks to rid the town core of drugs, firearms, ammunition and stolen goods. Several persons have been detained but are yet to be charged. Deputy Commanding the OW Police Formation, Inspector Selvin Tillett, says the operations are necessary to provide for a crime-free community. And like in any undertaking, criticism from families of the persons detained has already started. According to Inspector Tillett, once police officers are following protocol and have credible evidence to detain a person that is exactly what will be done. The men detained are expected to be charged tomorrow. The operation says Tillett, will be an on-going one for the next couple of weeks.

Four Charged For Family Feud
A family feud landed three women who are cousins and one man who is a friend of the family at the Corozal Magistrates Court today. Twenty three year old Nurse Nancy Chan, 18 year old student Fernando Martinez and a 17 year old and a 15 year old minor were arraigned in front of Magistrate Hurl Hamilton for charges ranging from harm to common assault. Reports are that on September 4th 2014, Martinez and the 17 year old minor were in the village of San Roman, Corozal when they attacked the 15 year old minor and burst her gold chain valued at $300. Because of that incident both Martinez and the 17 year old minor were jointly charged for harm and damage to property. Both pleaded not guilty and were granted bail of $1000.00 each plus a surety of the same amount.

First Ebola Patient Dies In The US
Yesterday we told you about The Ebola outbreak in West Africa and measures being taken in Belize to prevent its introduction to the country. Ebola, which is the world's deadliest disease to date, has prompted the World Health Organization to declare an international health emergency as more than 3,850 people have died of the virus in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria this year. But this morning, 42 year old Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola inside the United States amid an outbreak that has killed thousands in Africa, died. His death was confirmed by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas where he was being treated.

World Mental health Day Observed In Orange Walk
October 10th is designated as World Mental Health Day across the globe and in Belize it is no different. In this light, the Ministry of Health will observe this day with a national ceremony at the Welcome Resource Center in Belize City on Friday. The theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day is “Living with Schizophrenia” which seeks to focus attention on the burden of stigma that persons with this illness face on a daily basis. The Ministry’s release states that Schizophrenia is a serious but treatable mental illness that affects how a person thinks, feels, and acts. An affected person finds it difficult to tell the difference between real and imagined experiences, to think logically, express feelings or how to behave appropriately.

Alex Tillett Turned Over Himself To The Police
Wanted man Alex Tillett, turned himself to authorities’ sometime this morning. Tillett is accused of taking part in the heist of the Hung Yun Store on the Phillip Goldson Highway near the Northern Regional Hospital and was wanted for two counts of robbery. Tillett had absconded police since September 19th. Police say 27 year old Alex Tillett; known as “lexus” was one of two men who also robbed Darvis Store at gunpoint on September 11th. You may recall that the September 19th armed robbery of Hung Yun Store proved fatal for his accomplice Leslie Logan Jr. who was shot by the proprietor of the store. Following several weeks of hiding, Tillett is now in police custody and is yet to be charged. We spoke with a family member today who wished to remain anonymous.

Ranchito Government School Burglarized
Last night, thieves targeted the Ranchito Government School and made off with proceeds from the schools fundraising effort that was scheduled for this coming Friday. It’s a stinging blow for the faculty of the school who are looking forward to the reconstruction of two school buildings. Reporter Victor Castillo has more on the story. Victor Castillo – Reporting A routine day for students and faculty of Ranchito Government School quickly turned heart wrenching when they arrived on campus today only to find out that vandals had burglarized the school sometime last night. Member of the Parent-Teacher Association, Consuelo Magana told us more. Consuelo Magaña – member of the PTA “We work very hard and some people just come into our school break Windows, break doors and take stuff that is no theirs the PTA is working hard for the benefit of our children.”

Corozal Police Discovers The Body Of Female Corozalena
Corozal Police are tonight awaiting the results of a post mortem examination being conducted as we speak on the body of female to decipher if she was murdered or if she died of natural causes. Around 3:00 this afternoon the badly decomposed body of the elderly female from the Village of Cristo Rey, Corozal, was discovered by villagers in a cane field located within the village. While we have been provided with the name of the woman it will be withheld since some of her family members are yet to be notified. At this time information into the case is hard to come by but we understand that the woman went missing approximately eight days ago. Yesterday, her family and residents of Cristo Rey became concerned and organized a search party that went out looking for the woman. But they came back to the village empty handed. This afternoon the search party continued looking and that is when they discovered the body of the woman who is in her seventies. As mentioned a post mortem is being conducted on site and we understand that right after, the body will be buried due to the bad state of decomposition. We will have more on this story in tomorrow’s newscast.


Investigators Make Progress in Two Toledo Murders
Charges have finally been laid against two men from the Toledo District for two separate murders. On Mother’s Day, the body of 26-year-old Janice Floris Vargas was found at Jamaica Bar in Punta Gorda. The young woman had been stabbed to death. More than four months after her murder 21-year-old Kenner Gomez of a Cemetery area address has been charged for the crime. 24-year-old Miguel Choco d San Pedro Columbia was also charged for murder. This is connection with the murder of 61-year-old Agripina Coc who was murdered on August 30.

Blue Marlin Boulevard to Be Completed for Christmas
Today Belize City Mayor, Darrell Bradley, held a ground breaking ceremony for the cementing of Blue Marlin Boulevard in Belize City. Bradley also shared that the council’s technical team is putting significant emphasis on the upgrading of city streets. So far, 127 streets have been paved. It is expected that the commencing of Blue Marlin Boulevard and surrounding areas should be completed by December. “This street had always been slated for a boulevard. However the original street was just a double lane carriage way and so with the ground breaking this morning we are launching the project which should take three months so that before Christmas we are going to have a boulevard be developed here. It is going to be three times as big as the existing carriage way. It is also going to feature a roundabout that is going to intersect the boulevard with Coney Drive and our analysis is showing that that should ease some of the traffic flow coming on to Coney Drive. We are going to put drains along the side, these are not going to be the drains that you see along Chetumal Boulevard; those were too expensive but they are going to be nice drains.

National Security Minister Kept Details of Contract Private
Saldivar also commented on the Forward Operating Base being built by a Guatemalan Company at Hunting Caye in Southern Belize. It was also made known that the company chose to hire Guatemalan nationals. This fact was not communicated to Prime Minister, Dean Barrow and Saldivar told us why… JOHN SALDIVAR “I don’t believe that anyone in the security apparatus would have allowed for this to happen if they felt that our national security was threatened by the fact that the Guatemalan company was doing the construction. We understand the sentiment of our Belizean people and the matter has been reviewed we have already been in communication with the US Embassy with respect to some flexibility in their procurement guidelines.” LOCAL REPORTER “What will happen at this time with this Guatemalan contractor at the Forward Operating Base will he continue?” JOHN SALDIVAR “At this point no decision has been made to discontinue.” LOCAL REPORTER “Did you know about it?” JOHN SALDIVAR “Yes I did.”

National Security Minister Has No Answers In Conorquie’s Death
The murder of Special Constable Daniel “Danny” Conorquie at the Caracol Archaeological Site has sparked anger since it is widely speculated that the culprits were Guatemalans. That anger further escalated when it was made public that an internal memo was sent to the Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie, by the Officer in Charge of the Tourism Police Unit, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Diana Hall, on January 24. ASP Hall wrote, quote “the Guatemalans have become so bold that they are also falling trees next to the main road used to access the Caracol site approximately 1.5 miles from the site………there is evidence of well-established trails used by Guatemalans for such activities……..I personally believe that these officers are put in a high risk position and although it is an Archaeological site, the Tourism Officers are not the one who should be manning that site,” end of qoute. Hall recommended that officers posted at Caracol be provided with bullet proof vest, that their shotguns be replaced with higher powered weapons and that that all personnel stationed at Caracol be adequately trained. However, nothing came of Hall’s warning and recommendations. So today, we asked Minister of National Security, John Saldivar, about that memo and here is how he responded.

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Blue Marlin Drive to Be Cemented
Cement street works continue in Belize City and the official ground breaking ceremony for Blue Marlin Drive occurred Thursday morning. The plan for Blue Marlin Drive is for a newly cemented two lane street with a roundabout, to assist in the free flow of traffic in the area. A total of 127 streets have been concreted in Belize City so far.

Miguel Segura Case Adjourned to January 2015
Miguel Segura, recently promoted to Deputy Commissioner of Police, landed himself in a heap of trouble when a video, that went viral, captured him smoking a cigarette and seemingly nonchalant after a deadly collision on the George Price highway which claimed the life of Yolanda Valencia. This ignited a protest in the village of Succotz on August 20th earlier this year. Later that same evening Miguel Segura was arraigned at the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, where a slew of charges were read to him. including driving with alcohol levels above the prescribed limit. His second court date was on Thursday, when he appeared unrepresented before Magistrate Aretha Ford at the Magistrates court in Belmopan. The sitting lasted only a couple of minutes after which it was adjourned until January 13th 2015.

Keith Burgess Charged for Burglary
On Thursday, a 53-year-old Caye Caulker man, who was caught in the act burglarizing a home on the island, was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court, on a single count of burglary. He is 53-year-old Keith Burgess. On Monday of this week, Mr Burgess was caught in the act on a surveillance camera, after stealing 20 whole lobsters from inside the business place of Bamboose Beach Bar & Grill. Keith Burgess broke both his feet, allegedly, when he jumped off the roof of the business place he was burglarising. Mr Burgess dragged himself on the ground using his knees when he went to court on Wednesday, saying he refused the crutches as they hurt him more.

Four 8 Mile Residents Charged for Aggravated Assault
Four members of the Mile 8 Community on the George Price Highway were arraigned on a single charge of aggravated assault with a firearm upon Brandon Dawson. The alleged gun play happened on Monday, October 6, 2014 at Mile 8. The group of four, which included Mark Evan Vernon, age 22, and 22-year-old Jamal Grant, and the two 17 year old minors, appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser, where they were unrepresented and jointly read a single charge each of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, to wit, a firearm upon Brandon Dawson. Mark Vernon was charge separately with another person, not yet arrested, for one count of kept ammunition without a gun license. The group of four all pleaded not guilty.

US Contracted Guatemalan Company Bonatti
Both our Belizean Leaders and the American counterparts appear in a quandary, over the recent revelations that a Guatemalan construction company is currently building a Coast Guard Forward Station on Hunting Caye. The revelations have struck the core of the Belizean public’s psyche and the public backlash as been fast and furious. In a press release yesterday the US Embassy revealed that “…the Guatemalan company Bonatti Ingenieros y Arquitectos Sociedad was assessed as the most qualified based on the selection criteria.” That selection criteria, the release stated, “grants the contract to the company assessed to provide the best product at the most reasonable cost as is the custom with contract bidding.” But who is Bonatti? We know it is a Guatemalan Construction Company building a National Security Structure in Belize. Its address is 18 Avenida Ocho in the Zone 14 of Guatemala City .

High Profile Murder Arrests in Toledo
Toledo police have made two arrests in two high profile murder cases. The first one is in the case of the murder of 26 year old Janice Flores Vargas which occurred on May 11 of this year. The young waitress was shot to death in the bar. On Thursday, police charged 21-year-old Kenner Gomez of Punta Gorda with her murder. The second arrest is for the murder of 61 year old Agripina Coc. The elderly woman was raped and killed; her nude body found in some bushes on August 3 of this year. Police say they have charged 24 year old Miguel Choco with her murder. MiguelChoco was the subject of a village wide hunt when Agripina’s body was discovered. He was finally caught and police have now charged him with the crime of murder.

Body Found inside a Canefield
On Tuesday at around 3 pm, the body of an unidentified woman was found in a cane field outside of Cristo Rey village in the Corozal district. The body of the elderly female was discovered by villagers and has since been identified. She went missing approximately ten days ago and family and friends organized a search party and discovered the body of the 70 year old in a cane field. A post mortem was carried out on site due to the advanced state of decomposition.

New Book On Improving Health
On Tuesday night at 6 pm, Cornelio Marfield, certified Lifestyle Counsellor and Health Educator, released a book titled, Improving Your Health, 8 Simple Effective Methods. The release occurred at Heritage Library in Belmopan on Mountain View Blvd. Mr Marfield, a former Biology and Chemistry teacher, now works with many clients from several Health and Fitness Institutions in the country of Belize. He is also the current President of the Belize Diabetes Association, Belmopan Branch. He told us more about the reason for the book. “When I was considered the role that was given to me, particularly the President of the Diabetes Association, and I observed, after entering that position, the high rate of obesity and overweight, and the disease that comes along with those, and that particular risk factor, I thought that educating the people one way or the other, either through the media or writing, would have been eminent.

Senators share perspectives on Amendments to the Legal Profession Act
The Senate met on Wednesday to pass the bill for amendments to the Legal Profession Act. The Bill is the brainchild of the current UDP Administration, which has labelled the Belize Bar Association as having a strong PUP bias. The bill makes it no longer compulsory for Lawyers to belong to the Bar Association in order to practise law in Belize. The other major change that the Bill proposes is that the General Legal Council, which is responsible for monitoring complaints from Clients of Attorneys, will be reconstituted. Two Senators, Senator Lisa Shoman and Senator Patrick Jason Andrews, appeared on Wednesday morning’s Rise and Shine Show and shared their own perspectives on the legislation. According to Senator Shoman there was no consultation with the Association, or its respective arms, to hear their opinions on the bill.

Ministers say Guatemalans building Belizean security base are all legal
News broke at the last meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday September 30th , that a Coast Guard Security outpost is being built on Hunter Caye. This is all fine and dandy, however it is being built exclusively by Guatemalan’s with Guatemalan workers. On Wednesday it was addressed at the Senate, and also later by the Minister of National Security John Saldivar, who had previously stated at the House of Representatives last week that quote, “the question has to be whether we would look a gift horse in the mouth and give up a much needed forward operating base.” Here is what the Senators had to say: Lisa Shoman – PUP Senator “Mister President, not only in the name of National Security, not only should we look the gift horse, but it is not every gift horse that you should try to ride, because one of these days you will find out that your gift horse is in fact a Trojan horse, and we have to, as responsible representatives of the people, we have to say this.”

The Guardian

$190,735.68 for Public Sector Workers Trust - Beneficiaries get nothing!
Belize Telemedia Limited held its annual general meeting on Thursday, September 25, and based on the company’s performance it was another good year for the company’s shareholders. Among those shareholders is the Public Sector Worker’s Trust which is receiving a handsome $190,735.68. It has been two months since the trustees of the Public Sector Workers Trust were making their media rounds trying to explain what it is that will be done with the money that has accumulated over 17 years since the trust began accumulating money. At the time of those rounds however, there were more questions than answers which arose out of the rounds and two months later there is still no clear picture as to what will happen with the money of the trust. There are a number of outstanding issues that need to be addressed, chief among them is the fact that the trustees nor the protectors have made no effort whatsoever to determine who the beneficiaries of the trust should be. There is also the lingering question as to what the financial status of the trust is. The figure 5.5 million dollars is being tossed about as to how much the trust should have in its coffers but the truth is that there is no telling since there has been no financial statement that has been made public.

Cinderella Plaza finds its fairy
In the center of Belize City, one of the few remaining areas that has not received attention to bring it to a class A road is Cinderella Plaza. But like Cinderella who was transformed by her fairy godmother the area will soon be up to mark. On Monday, October 6, Mayor Darrell Bradley along with representatives of the ministry of works, flood mitigation project and contractor Medina’s construction broke ground to commence work on the area to extend the Douglas Jones canal across Freetown road and into Baymen avenue and on to Calle al Mar and into the Caribbean sea. The project will cost $1,813,629.88 and is financed by the Inter American Development Bank and will run up to July 8, 2015 making it a 10 month project. According to Mayor Darrell Bradley the entire Cinderella Plaza area was awaiting the construction of the underground canal and the council was unable to complete the work until the flood mitigation project rolled in. At the completion of the canal the area will be redesigned to include parking for the taxi stand that currently exists there as well as for private vehicles.

Beltraide begins free job readiness training
On Monday, October 6th, the Belize Training and Employment center (BTEC) held orientation classes for 55 students to enroll in a three week, intense training program. BTEC is a newly formed unit of the Belize Trade and Invest Development Services (BELTRAIDE) and is seeking to assist individuals who are willing to commit to a rigorous training schedule with a possibility of employment within a call center. BTEC’s mission is to be Belize’s leading center for industry specific workforce development by providing effective, demand driven, user-friendly and value based programs that will develop, deliver and sustain a quality workforce. The program commenced on Monday at the ITVET in Belize City with 55 trainees enrolled. That number is expected to go up to 110 by next week. For the three week program the trainees will take on courses in career management and personal development, work ethics and culture, conflict management, teamwork, health and wellness, typing, basic mathematics skills, communication skills, telephone etiquette, customer service, sales among others.

Mexico and Belize Improve bilateral relations in Tourism, Health, Education and Immigration
On Friday, October 3rd, Belize's foreign Minister, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, and Mexican Foreign Minister Jose Antonio met for the 8th Bi-national Commission Meeting in Belize City. After a two day meeting, the ministers signed a memorandum of understanding in tourism cooperation, a letter of intent between both countries to improve security and cooperation programs at the countries maritime borders and a memorandum of understanding to strengthen the Belize-Mexico High Level Border Security Group. The objective of the 8th Meeting of the Bi-national Commission was to boost the strategic relationship between the countries and to review in detail the bilateral agenda in the political, economic, social, security and cooperation areas. This was achieved through discussions held by different subcommittees including in areas of Economy, Trade and Financial Affairs; the Joint Commission for Technical and Scientific Cooperation; Educational and Cultural Cooperation; Immigration Group; and the Mexico-Belize Transport Authorities Group.

Land tenure regularized in Silk Grass and Trio villages
On Tuesday October 7, personnel from the Lands Department visited Silk Grass and Trio Villages in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts respectively to meet with residents in an effort to rectify problems which arose when the People’s United Party attempted to gain political mileage using lands as a bargaining chip. In Silk Grass, back in January of 2007, just a month before the general elections, 162 lots were issued out to villagers without the survey of the land having gone through the proper authentication process. Without this, residents were unable to acquire legitimate land documents and pay appropriate property taxes. Similarly in Trio Village, 261 lots were issued and also required regularization. Since the problem arose, the Ministry of Natural Resources & Agriculture took corrective measures and conducted investigations into the matter where it was determined that a private surveyor had been contracted to do the survey of the land in Silk Grass, however the survey plans were never completed yet lots were issued out.

Old School blasted Uprising in Vega Cup Tournament
The 2014 Vega Cup Tournament, which is sponsored by the Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister of Belize, continued on Sunday, September 28, with a number of games on the schedule. The games were played at two locations in the Orange Walk North Constituency. In the games played at Trial Farm Football Field, in game one, San Juan blanked AC Aliari by the score of 4-0. The goals for San Juan were scored by Jair Blanco in the 34th minute of play, Reynalso Mendez in the 40th minute of play, Juan Acosta in the 55th minute of play and an autogoal in the 69th minute of play. In the second game of the day, United Ballers won over Awe V. United by the score of 4-1. The goals for United Ballers were scored by Nathiel Williams in the 13th minute of play, Kadir Galindo in the 42nd minute of play, Alfredo Popper in the 80th minute of play and Andrew Allen in the 87th minute of play. For Awe V. United, the only goal of the game was scored by Osmar Duran in the 10th minute of play.

Blue Marlin to become a true Boulevard
Blue Marlin Boulevard - is that by name only but within the next few weeks the street will truly become what its name suggests as Mayor Darrell Bradley pushes ahead to concrete more streets in Belize City. According to the mayor, work will commence shortly on the street to convert it into a concreted two lane boulevard. It will feature earthen drainage a median and of course concrete carriageways. Ground will be officially broken on Thursday October 9 and BWS work crews will move in to do the water installation after which the contractor, RJB will move in to do the work. According to the mayor, the project will cost somewhere around 850 thousand dollars and will see the expansion of the road to include what is currently the shoulder but which has always been reserved to be a part of the road.

Belize City Council recognizes senior citizens
Last week the country observed international week for the elderly and one organization that took time out to acknowledge those who have contributed to the country in the past was the Belize City Council. On Friday, October 3rd the council invited 75 senior citizens to enjoy a day at BTL park. They were treated to an entire day of activities including a city tour, snacks and lunch. While at the park the senior citizens were serenaded by the old school sounds of Jorge Ernnesto Babb and they took to the floor and danced to the best tunes ever made. While the outing was good for the senior citizens among us, what was evident is that they unlike any other group is challenged by incapacity; there were many who were wheel chair bound, had difficulty in moving around and some were blind. We don't contemplate or realize that from the minute we are born we begin to age, that is just the nature of life and the Belize City Council's gesture sure acknowledged this and if even for one day treated the oldsters as if they were young again.

In the dumpster looking for candidates
The PUP leader is down on all fours, we hear him on television stating that by October he would have the slate ready to run in the municipal elections in Belize City. From what we are told however it is quite a task for that to be accomplished since even the rats and roaches are running away from that party. We hear stories of them going around offering money for candidates to run for them but even that is not incentive enough for anyone to want to be the sacrificial lamb. After all, we know of the work and accomplishments of the Belize City Council and Mayor Darrell Bradley and it would really be a fool who would want to walk up to that long list of accomplishments and expect to outdo it.

World Mental Health Day October 10th 2014
The Ministry of Health celebrates World Mental Health Day this year with a national ceremony at the Welcome Resource Center, Belize City on Friday, October 10th starting at 10:30 a.m. The theme this year “Living with Schizophrenia”, seeks to focus attention on Schizophrenia and the burden of stigma that persons with this illness face. Schizophrenia is a serious but treatable mental illness. It affects how a person thinks, feels, and acts. An affected person finds it difficult to tell the difference between real and imagined experiences, to think logically, express feelings, or how to behave appropriately. For the millions of people worldwide living with this disorder, there are treatments that can help to reduce symptoms and improve the ability to function at home, at work, and at school. A major barrier to achieving recovery is the social attitude and stigma associated with Schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. Mental Health Units across the country have developed awareness campaigns and activities for this week leading up to the observation of the day.

Tourism Cooperation agreed between Mexico and Belize
A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation of Belize and the Secretariat of Tourism of the United Mexican States on “Cooperation in the Field of Tourism” on October 3, 2014. Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation of Belize and Secretario Jose Antonio Meade Kuribrena, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Mexican States, signed the MOU during the closing session of the “VIII Meeting of the Belize-Mexico Binational Commission” held on October 2nd and 3rd at the Ramada Hotel in Belize City, Belize. The objective of the MOU is “to develop and strengthen the cooperation between the Parties (Belize and Mexico) in the field of tourism, based on equal rights and mutual benefit, in compliance with their respective national legislation and international commitments undertaken by the Parties.”

Police Officer Arrested for Stealing During Search
Police Constable Jamil Scott is out on bail after he was arraigned at the Belize City Magistrates Court for stealing jewelry from Randolph Gentle while conducting a search of his residence. Scott was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith where he was charged with two counts of theft. Allegations are that on Sunday, September 28, he stole a wrist watch valued at $180 and a ring valued at $120 while in a search operation at Gentle’s residence. According to reliable reports, when the matter was reported to police all officers in the operation were cautioned not to leave the station. We are told that Scott snuck out and was tailed by officers who followed him to his girlfriend Chelsea Zapeta. There they found the missing items as well as a black hand-held radio valued at $650 which is the property of the Belize Police Department.

Gerald Palmer executed during blackout
Belize City resident Gerald Palmer became the victim of a street execution on Thursday night, October 2, 2014, during a country wide blackout. His family is now devastated, and the only reasons they can come up with as to why he was killed is that it may be related to his younger brother’s enemies. This young sibling is currently on remand awaiting trial after being accused of shooting a man with a sawed off shotgun. 27 year-old Gerald Palmer’s killer found him at the corner of Grants and Cards Alleys, near Barrack Road. He was walking in the dark at around 9:15 p.m., the gunman took aim and shot him 5 times. The first shot reportedly caught him in the leg, and he tried to flee from his attacker, but he didn’t get far because the gunman fired 5 more times, 4 of which caught him in different areas of the body.

Jude Pennil in Jail for Stabbing Richard Smith
Jude Pennil, 41, of a Button Wood Bay address is in jail after he was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrates Court for dangerous harm upon Richard Smith. According to reports, on Saturday, October 4, both men were drinking in the Belama area when they got into an argument. The situation escalated and an altercation resulted in Pennil stabbing Richard Smith multiple times, the most serious is a stab wound to the chest. Smith remains in a critical condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. In Court on Monday, October 6, Pennil was unrepresented and pleaded not guilty to the charge. He said, “The young boy had a gun on me and I took away the gun from him.” Court Prosecutor Christopher Smith objected to bail on the seriousness of the charge. He says the victim is still in a critical condition and Pennil may not show up to court on his adjournment dates. Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith upheld the prosecutor’s objection and remanded Pennil to the Belize Central Prison until November 17.

Enrique Pook Jr., 22, on Reman for Sex with Girl, 13,
Enrique Pook Jr, 22, is on remand at the Belize Central Prison for allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse with a girl who is 13 years 9 months old. According to the girl, on September 27 of this year she had sexual intercourse with Pook Jr. The matter was reported to police and Pook Jr. was arrested and charged with unlawful sexual intercourse since the girl is under the age of consent. He was taken before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith on Wednesday, October 08. Pook Jr. was unrepresented and no plea was taken since the matter is an indictable offense. Bail cannot be granted at the Magistrates Court for such offenses; therefore, Chief Magistrate Smith ordered that Pook Jr. be remanded at the Belize Central prison until his next court appearance scheduled for November 26.

The fast life catches up with Lincoln Sabido
Lincoln Sabido, a man who has had a few run-ins with police, and who was acquitted of 2 separate murders, was gunned down and killed on Saturday, October 4, at around 10 p.m. Police haven’t released much information about how he was killed, but there is reason to believe that he was lured to his death. He received at text message from a female, who requested that he goes to Flamboyant Street. That’s one block away from his Moya Street house, and men who may have known that he would show, immediately began firing shots at him. Sabido was injured multiple times, and shortly after, residents tried to rush him to seek medical help. Unfor-tunately, he died on the way. His family has refused to comment to the press, but it is important to note that he was charged in 2007 and 2008, but he was acquitted both times. He was brought back before the court in May of this year after he was accused of robbing a Chinese store owner at gunpoint. He was still awaiting trial for this charge, and he was out on bail when the gunman killed him.

St. Catherine Academy and Belize High School boys lead in high school volleyball competition
The Central Region Secondary Schools Volleyball Competition continues at the Bird’s Isle. On Monday, October 6, in the first of two female games, St. Catherine Academy defeated Ladyville Technical by the score of 25-3 and 25-11. In the second female game, Belize High School defeated Wesley College in two sets by the score of 25-7 and 25-3. And in the male competition, Ladyville Technical defeated Maud Williams High School by the score of 25-22 and 25-18. On Friday October 3, in female game one Pallotti High School defeated Wesley College by the score of 25-23, and 27-25. In female game two, Anglican Cathedral College defeated Sadie Vernon Technical in two sets by the score of 25-21, 25-15.

Belize Preparing for EBOLA
There is no known case of Ebola in Belize and there has never been a reported case of the virus here in the jewel. However, the Ministry of Health has increased surveilance as the virus has now crossed oceans from West Africa to North America. There is now one confirmed case of Ebola in the United States and, though Dr. Michael Pitts, Director of Health Services, says there is a “low risk” of it affecting Belize, the Ministry of Health is working with the Immigration Department and other authorities to monitor the migration of people through our ports of entry. Dr. Pitts says the Ministry is asking the Immigration Department to “help identify people coming from high-risk countries and notify us.” Pitts says under public health laws the Government has the right to quarantine a person/persons posing a risk to the general public. “We know that we have people from Nigeria travelling in and out of the country,” Pitts says but there has not been a system in place to record such visits.

Facey Guatemalans threaten conservation outpost
A group of 40 Guatemalans living in La Rejoya Village which is right at the edge of the Belize/Guatemala Border, made an armed incursion into Belizean territory on Friday, October 3. Their purpose was to send a statement to the Belizean Military that they refuse to stand by and watch Belize build a Conservation Outpost near to their village. This facility, called the Valentin Conservation Outpost, is one of 3 border facilities that the Prime Minister had given his commitment to see completed so that the Belizean authorities can protect the territorial integrity of the Chiquibul National Park, and the Caracol Archaeological Reserve. Valentin is located in Western Belize, and is about 1 kilometer away from the Border, but in Belizean Territory. That didn't stop these villagers, who were armed with sticks, machetes, and guns when they marched up to the Belizean carpenters, who were hard at work, and their BDF escorts to demand that work be halted on the building, or they would burn it down by force. After an exchange with the Belizean military personnel who were present, the Guatemalan villagers retreated.

Freedom of Speech Under Attack UNIBAM Threatens Beenie Man Concert
There were many who urged Belizean promoters to stand beside Marine Promotions when the Catholic Church took out an injunction to cancel the “Alkaline Live Life” show in Cayo. No other promoter came out in support of Martin Castillo and company and their show was eventually censored. That censorship order from the Supreme Court of Belize set precedent for future events and now counsel for the United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) has written to the sponsors and organizers of the “Bobby Chin’s Birthday Bash” to express concern about the lyrics used by entertainers headlining the event. Bobby Chin’s real name is Robert Lee and he is best known for his work with Black Chiney Sounds. Lee’s birthday bash is scheduled for October 18 at the Cahal Pech Resort in Cayo. Headlining the event is Jamaican superstar entertainer Anthony Moses Davis, better known as Beenie Man. UNIBAM’s letter says that the organization is "...concerned that both 'Beenie Man' and Robert Lee, a.k.a. 'Bobby Chin' of Black Chiney Sound will make statements/sing and/or perform lyrics an acts that incite the murder/harm/disrespect of the Police, advocate for the murder of His Holiness the Pope, incite and advocate the hate/harm or murder of LGBT persons and promote harm and/or forcible sexual acts against women/girls and/or misogynistic in nature."

Elections of Lands Advisory Committee in the Village of San Jose Nuevo Palmar in Orange Walk District
The Ministry of Natural Resources & Agriculture informs the general public of the results of elections held on Sunday 5th October, 2014 in San Jose Nuevo Palmar in Orange Walk East for the Lands Advisory Committee. The Minister of Natural Resources & Agriculture, as agent of the trustee, the Government of Belize, appointed the Commissioner of Lands & Survey to administer that election process, in collaboration with the Elections & Boundaries Department. Of the 472 voter pool created by traditional and elected leaders of the village of San Jose Nuevo Palmar, 341 ballots were cast. Three (3) committee members were elected out of the six (6) candidates. These were Lorenzo Aldana, Adolfo Cantun and Hermenehildo Moh. These elected committee members will join three (3) elders of the village and an ex-officio member from the Village Council to make up the 7-seat committee who will serve a two (2) year term.

Central America Refocuses on Social Integration
From day one, December 13, 1991, when the Protocol of Tegucigalpa was signed to promote regional cooperation for peace, political freedom, democracy and economic development in Central America, regional leaders knew the success of the union would depend largely on the social development and integration of our people. More than two decades later, social development seems to have taken a backstage to everything else. The body organized to promote social development and integration within SICA is the Council on Social Integration (CIS). The Council on Social Integration in Central America is holding its 62nd Ordinary Meeting on “la Isla Bonita”, the island of San Pedro, Belize. The focus of the meeting is a call for greater cooperation to develop member country’s human resources. In his address to Government leaders of the region, Hon. Mark King, Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation, says, “As human beings we seem to instinctively understand fundamental principles such as ‘safety in numbers’.” He stressed that cooperation is important for small states like the members of Central America; especially for a goal as important as the social development of our people.

Land Inspection Sweep – Belize District
The Ministry of Natural Resources & Agriculture informs the general public that Lands & Survey Department Officials will be conducting Field Inspection Sweeps throughout the Belize District during the week commencing Monday 6th October, 2014. The Ministry is deploying resources to finalize 435 lands inspections for residents of the Belize District. The Ministry continues to hold these exercises throughout the country in its ongoing effort to regularize and secure land rights and access for all Belizeans.

Burglary Ring Broken in Santa Elena, Cayo
A burglary ring which had been operating unimpeded for the months of August and September of this year in the Town of Santa Elena in the Cayo District has been broken by San Ignacio Police. Two persons have been arrested in this latest case and for the past week that the arrests had been made, no report of additional burglaries has been received by San Ignacio Police. Victor Hutchison 43 years of age, resident of La Loma Luz Boulevard has been arrested and charged for one count of burglary. He has been remanded to prison until November of this year. Another person charged in the same link-up was Mike Middleton, for handling a number of stolen goods. This ring specialized in the collection of house hold goods, which would bring in a profitable margin.

Shakeem Humes Charged for Assault with a Firearm
Shakeem Humes, 21, an associate of the George Street Gang is in prison for allegedly assaulting Carlos Lorenzo Mckenzie with a firearm in July of this year. On Monday, October 6, Humes was taken to the Belize City Magistrates Court where he was charged with one count of aggravated assault with a firearm upon Mckenzie. It is alleged that Humes assaulted Mckenzie with a firearm on July 20. He appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith where he pleaded not guilty to the charge. Due to the nature of the offense, no bail could be offered since the incident allegedly occurred with the use of a firearm. Humes was ordered to be remanded at the Belize Central Prison until November 17.

Ron Myvette Charged for Attempted Murder of Calbert BuddOn the weekend of Friday, August 7, to Sunday, August 10, 2014 a total of seven persons were injured in shootings across the city. Luckily for one well-known street figure, he survived the attempt on his life. 33-year-old Calbert Budd Jr., brother of the late Marlon Budd, was shot in the left elbow on Sunday, August 10, at around 7:30 p.m. After almost two months of investigating, police believe they have cracked the case. Ron Blain Anthony Myvette was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrates Court on Friday, October 3, and slapped with five criminal offenses, including attempted murder. Myvette was unrepresented when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith and was read charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm upon Calbert Budd Jr. He was also charged for discharging a firearm in a public place, on Antelope Street in Belize City, and one count of aggravated assault with a firearm upon Gareth Hemmans, cousin of Calbert Budd Jr.

Attempted murder and suicide in Seine Bight
The Village of Seine Bight, which is known as a serene location just outside the popular Placencia Village continues to recover from the disturbing incident where one of its well-known members stabbed his common-law wife and then committed suicide. That man is 33 year-old Byron Castillo, a former teacher from the St. Alphonsus Primary School, who gained prestige in the village as an excellent educator. The incident happened at the bus stop in the village where his common-law wife, 34 year-old Nicole Swazo, was sitting with her children. Residents say that at around 10:30 a.m., on Saturday, October 4, he went over to the bus stop, and the couple had a lengthy discussion for over an hour or so. Those who were around say that they weren’t paying the couple mind because it was obvious that they were having a domestic fight, which was their own business. Suddenly, however, the residents heard Swazo screaming, and when they looked over, they reportedly saw Byron Castillo standing over her. He allegedly stabbed her multiple times in the chest and neck, and when residents in the area responded, he ran off.

Police Officers in Jail for Search Turned Armed Robbery
Police Constables Jefferson Dawson, 23, and Eber Depaz, 23, were arraigned in the Belize City Magistrates Court on Friday, October 3, for the armed robbery of Tremaine Ciego. Tremaine Ciego, 22, gas attendant of Belize City, says that he had just gone to purchase a fried chicken and soft drink after collecting his pay on Sunday, September 28, when he was stopped by two police officers at the corner of Central American Boulevard and North Creek. Ciego says the officers held him at gunpoint and punched him to the ground. They then beat him while on the street and one allegedly took away his week’s pay. The matter was reported to the Professional Standards Branch of the Belize Police Department and an investigation led to the identification and arrest of Dawson and Depaz.

Harrison Smith ambushed and killed on Pickstock Street
There was as shooting on Friday night, October 2, which left 1 Belize City man dead, and another injured. Police have quickly arrested 3 men, who are now remanded, but the families of the accused say that they have an indisputable alibi which the police ignored. The deadly incident happened on the corner of North Front and Pickstock Streets. 32 year-old Harrison Smith was riding his bicycle, when 2 men ambushed him and began firing shots at him sometime around 8:15 p.m. Smith was injured several times to different areas of his body; 23 year-old Eustace Lewis was in the area at the time, and he was also injured by one of the bullets which hit him in the buttocks. Doctors from the KHMH worked on Smith for about an hour and a half, but his injuries were too extensive. He ended up succumbing while Lewis, who was also injured in that shooting, was admitted in a stable condition.

Belize Bank Bulldogs National Softball Champions of Belize
The XXIV National Women’s Softball championship, which was played from October 3-5, 2014 at Rogers Stadium, is now history. A total of twelve games were played over two and a half days of competition. On Sunday October 5, 2014, in the twelfth and final game, which was the championship, the Belize Bank Bulldogs defeated Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy who was playing from the losers’ bracket by the score of 7-3 to capture its first national title. Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy batting in the top of the 2nd inning scored the 1st run of the game when shortstop Shadalee Ho opened the inning with an infield single to shortstop Sharette Vernon, Ho later scored to give her team a 1-0 lead. The Belize Bank Bulldogs batting in the bottom of the 2nd inning scored when the Designated Player, Nicole Arnold reached on the second baseman fielding error and later scored when right fielder Kiri Lizama reached on the third baseman error.

National Cycling Team leaves for Puerto Rico today
The Cycling Federation of Belize will have representation at the Annual Caribbean Elite Cycling Championship which is a qualifier for the Central American and Caribbean Games scheduled for Vera Cruz, Mexico in November of 2014 and the Pan American Games scheduled for Toronto, Canada in 2015. The federation will be represented by its National Cycling Team, which is made up of Marlon Castillo, Darnell Barrow, Joel Borland, Giovanni Lovell, Geovanni Choto, Kaya Cattouse, Patricia Chavarria and Alicia Thompson. The team is scheduled to leave this morning October 9, on American Airlines for San Juan, Puerto Rico. While in Puerto Rico, the team will compete in Road Race and the Individual Time Trial. We wish the Belize Team all the best for a great performance.

St. Catherine Academy and Belize High School boys lead in high school volleyball competition
The Central Region Secondary Schools Volleyball Competition continues at the Bird’s Isle. On Monday, October 6, in the first of two female games, St. Catherine Academy defeated Ladyville Technical by the score of 25-3 and 25-11. In the second female game, Belize High School defeated Wesley College in two sets by the score of 25-7 and 25-3. And in the male competition, Ladyville Technical defeated Maud Williams High School by the score of 25-22 and 25-18. On Friday October 3, in female game one Pallotti High School defeated Wesley College by the score of 25-23, and 27-25.

Sugar City Girls lead in the FFB Women President’s Cup Tourney
The Football Federation of Belize Women President’s Cup Tournament continued over the weekend with 2 games on the schedule. On Saturday, October 4, at the Ladyville Football Field, the visiting Sugar City Girls defeated Smart Millennium by the score of 3-1. The goals for Sugar City Girls were scored by Vanessa Mai in the 17th minute of play and the 65th minute of play, and Karen Garcia in the 20th minute of play. For Smart Millennium, the only goal of the game was scored by Melonie Bryant in the 71st minute of play. For Sunday October 5, at the Toledo Union Field, Toledo Strikers won over Dangriga Pumas via the default route. The score was 3-0 in favour of the Toledo Strikers.

Finding the Balance
There is always tension between the pull of the past and the draw of the future. Even in closed societies, such as the few remaining isolated indigenous tribes and the exclusive groups favoured by some religious sects, there is always the possibility of defection, especially of the young or disadvantaged. This tension frequently pits comfortable elites against the struggles of common people and more cautious older folk against the impetuous young. A total win for either side would be disastrous resulting in either a closed society living in a past that was never as glorious as it is remembered or a rootless society estranged from its culture and history. The trick is to find the balance and it helps to recognize that neither side is as monolithic as it might at first appear. Those who deny scientific insights in general and the science of climate change and evolution in particular are usually more than willing to accept the scientific knowledge inherent in modern medical practice, transport and technology. Revolutionaries, whether religious, social or political, fervently nurture their own history and culture.

Patrick JonesPJ

Woman’s decomposed body found in Corozal cane field
The decomposed body of a Corozal woman was found in a cane field on Wednesday afternoon. Authorities identified the body as that of 63 year old Anita Che. According to reports received, Che was last seen alive on Tuesday of last week. Family members reportedly thought she had gone to visit with other family members in Belmopan as was apparently planned. But that notion changed when Che’s son Manuel Hernandez got a telephone call inquiring about the whereabouts of his mother.

Friends for Conservation and Development raises funds to save Chiquibul
The NGO Friends for Conservation and Development has had its public profile raised as defender of the massive Chiquibul National Park and separate Forest Reserve, which has seen numerous incursions from Guatemalan peasants in the last few years. As a result of the death of Special Constable Danny Conorquie, who as a member of the Tourism Police Unit assisted FCD in surveying and monitoring the Caracol Archaeological Site which falls next to the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, renewed emphasis has been placed on stopping the incursions and securing national territory. But FCD has a grave financial problem – through a recent grant from the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT), it has enough money to keep on four of its seven certified park rangers the band which monitors the area for conservation purposes.

Gary Seawell to fight extradition in Court of Appeal
Earlier this year, Gary Gordon Seawell accused of drug trafficking lost his fight to avoid extradition to the U.S. state of Ohio. There he faces conspiracy and drug-related charges. But he has not given up and today he served notice of taking that fight to the Court of Appeal. Seawell’s new attorney Anthony Sylvestre says the application for leave to appeal has been filed and awaits a response from the Government. It will be heard on November 10.


Grate zest from lemon to equal 2 tsp.; squeeze juice from lemon to equal 2 Tbsp. Combine lemon zest, juice, tomatoes, and next 8 ingredients in a large bowl. Let stand 10 minutes. Toss with crumbled feta just before serving.

Halloween is Serious Business on Ambergris Caye – Come On Down!
Halloween is a big deal in San Pedro. I could spend a few paragraphs with boring information about the origins of the holiday – both religious and harvest based. Or speculate how it made its way down to Belize (maybe a partying pirate ship? or some Christian missionaries?) but I think it’s best to be upfront about this. Belize LOVES a reason to party. And add in dressing up? I’m surprised Halloween didn’t originate in these parts. The decorations are up at the Holiday Hotel – they host the biggest people-party each year…

A Tourist Guide: Everything to Know About Belize
With less language barrier to overcome than anywhere else in Central America, Belize is a great vacation destination. It might be the most expensive country in the region, but its reliable public transport and many restaurants and hotels make it a great place for independent travel. Belize is home to some of the most breath-taking sceneries in their part of the world. It has thick forests enveloping the southern and western regions with tall and sparsely populated Maya Mountains, as well as clear blue waters surrounding the Belize Barrier Reef with three of the four coral atolls in the Caribbean. Most visitors from Belize fly to Belize, arriving in Belize City. All flights originate in the United States. However, it is mostly cheaper to fly to southern Mexico and ride a bus to Belize. You can also go to Belize via Guatemala by land or by boat from Honduras. Local airlines operate daily from Flores in Guatemala to Belize City. The country has three major highways, but majority of the country is well served by public transport. There are several ways to go around Belize.

Want to know why we are culling Lionfish, read this article by Polly Alford, ReefCI Director and Lionfish Hunter!
Most people know by now that Lionfish (Pterois Volitans) are an invasive species in the Caribbean! They are a beautiful fish and do not cause a problem in their native environment where they have natural predators. They are native to the Indo-pacific oceans and the Red sea. Introducing the Lionfish to the Atlantic and Caribbean has turned out to be one of the cruelest and potentially catastrophic tricks ever played on an ecosystem! Invasive lionfish are out-breeding, out-competing and out-living native fish stocks and other marine species. The consequences impact the food security and economies affecting over a hundred million people.

A corporate refugee joins the Wildtracks Team....Anna I.
A couple of months ago I quit my job, packed up my cubicle, and said goodbye to corporate America. I had been working in the cube farm for a year, and decided that it was time for me to pursue my passion of working with animals, and to put my biological anthropology degree to good use. I arrived at Wildtracks not knowing what to expect, and I came across something truly amazing. Paul, Zoe, and a group of volunteers who were wholeheartedly dedicated to the care, nurturing, and well being of monkeys and manatees. I met people from all over the world who were passionate about wildlife conservation, and wanted to help provide former pets and stranded animals with the highest quality care so that they may one day thrive in the wild. Having never worked with monkeys or manatees in the past, everything seemed quite foreign to me. On my first day here I swam with a manatee for the first time in my life. Within three days of being here I was sitting in a manatee pool at 3AM while on night watch with Lucky.

What is it like to drive in Belize? Is it safe?
I am getting this question often from travelers-nearly everyone flies into Belize International Airport, and from there, you can rent a car. If you are going to the Cayes, you can take the water taxi or a puddle jumper flight (Tropic or Maya Air), if you are going to San Ignacio or Placencia (or anywhere else inland), you can rent a car or take a puddle jumper. Many people who come to Belize don't just go to one location though-one of the greatest things about choosing Belize is that you can do an island adventure trip, jungle adventures, Mayan ruins, and beach relaxing all on one trip. Belize is small, and relatively easy to get everywhere. The first time we came, we rented a car at the airport and drove around the whole country; it was a fantastic experience.

Of all the cities in the world, what are the top ten reasons why someone should vacation in Placencia, or even move there?
Let's get right to it. No place is perfect, and vacationing vs. living somewhere would require different checklists. Also, what is paradise to one person, is not paradise to another. But what is going on in Placencia, that made it feel so magical to us, and to many people that come down here? We meet people every week who, after visiting, are now on a house hunt. The whole village is on a verge of an even bigger explosion of growth, with several huge projects in the works. **most pictures borrowed from google, but all represent realistic portrayals :) 1.) The peninsula is very special and unique. We drove onto the peninsula the first time we came. The drive is so gorgeous and go from watching the Maya Mountains, which look like Hawaii, to driving through what feels like a North Carolina arriving at Hilton Head-like homes (Plantation area and North) driving through Maya Beach, which looks and feels like 1940's Florida (at least what I imagine it did :) ), to seeing authentic Belize culture in Seine Bight.

A trip review of a weekend on the island of Roatan, Honduras!
Dave, Chris, Sonia, and I went to Roatan, Honduras over the weekend--the goal being to add another country to our lists as none of us have been there, and to compare it to Placencia, as it has a lot of the same features. Honduras gets a bit of a bad rap online as being very dangerous; it has the highest murder rate in the world. We did not go to the mainland for this reason; we heard enough reviews from other travelers that unless you go with someone who knows what they are doing, you might want to stick to Roatan. I can't speak for the mainland (although I have heard it is quite inexpensive but a lot of poverty) and we will go at some point-but we only had a quick weekend so there wasn't time for all of it.

The truth about things people worry about when they come to Belize-Crime, Bugs, Hurricanes, WIFI....
Now that we are booking guests, I am seeing the concerns and questions people have about coming down to Belize. This is going to read more like a book report and not so much for entertainment, but still was an important blog I have been wanting to write :) The most common concerns are: How safe is it? Are the bugs bad? Are the critters in general bad? Can I get good wifi? Are there a lot of power outages? How bad is rainy season/is there a chance of a hurricane? I did about a year of research on Belize before moving here, then asked a thousand questions to expats who lived here, and then have lived here pretty much since February. This is not a lifetime of research but a decent sample size :)

International Sourcesizz

American Airlines: Latin America, Caribbean Traffic Continues Slide
American Airlines Group saw another year-over-year monthly decline in Latin America and Caribbean traffic in September, according to the company’s latest traffic report. Revenue passenger miles to the Latin America and Caribbean region fell by 3.4 percent to 2.029 billion, down from 2.101 billion in September 2013. Fort he year, traffic to the region is still in the black, though down to 1.3 percent over the first nine months of 2013. The region’s decline was the second-largest of any region for the US carrier, following the Atlantic region. Overall, the carrier saw a 0.2 percent reduction in revenue passenger miles in September, with a total of just under 16.86 billion. The data includes American Airlines and United Airlines traffic.

Bartling Benefactor For Belize
Long-time University of Sioux Falls theatre professor and former O'Gorman teacher Kim Bartling is a familiar face to many in Sioux Falls. While she's no longer teaching here, she is still caring for students a world away. A vacation turned into an effort to transform lives in Belize. Paradise beckoned Kim Bartling on one of South Dakota's 30-degrees-below-zero day, after putting in 14 hours on the job at USF. "Looked it up and it was 80 degrees and the airfare was $520. And I found it to be a sign from God and I decided to go to Belize to find out what to do with the next part of my life," Bartling said. Bartling ended up in Ambergris Caye, an island off of mainland Belize. She bought jewelry from local children who sold it to support their families, and she played theatre games with them. Then one day she followed them home.

Jim Can, wanted in Belize tax scheme, disputes allegations
The Canadian businessman wanted as part of a giant U.S. investigation involving stock fraud, tax evasion and money laundering in Belize says in an email to CBC News that he wants to tell his "full true story … that will shock the world." Jim Can has a controversial past in Canada, including allegations he was involved in the kidnapping of a Calgary businessman who was held at gunpoint by two associates of the Hells Angels, CBC News reported Thursday. Can faces several charges in the U.S. following a two-year undercover investigation by the FBI and the United States Attorney.

The Chocolate Revolution: Central American Start-Up Seeks To Grow Sustainable Cocoa Production
We have a chocolate problem. And it’s not just about the impact it will have on our waists this Halloween. It’s even bigger than that. Here are the top three most important things chocolate lovers need to know: Smallholder cocoa farmers are underpaid and impoverished: Ninety percent of the world’s cocoa is produced by five million small-producer farmers in West Africa, Latin America, and Asia. These farmers are getting minimal pay, with the majority of cocoa farmers globally living on less than $2 per day. Farmer poverty is widespread, while big manufacturers are capturing the vast majority of profits from the nearly $100 billion global chocolate industry. Demand for cocoa is growing, but farmer income isn’t improving: An estimated 4.4 million tons of cocoa (or cacao) are produced every year. That demand is expected to grow over 30 percent in the next five years as countries like China, India, and Brazil start eating more chocolate. The majority of farmers are unlikely to see the benefit of this growing market. In fact, many farmers have given up on cocoa and switched to other more lucrative, often environmentally destructive crops like palm oil. The average age of a cocoa farmer in West Africa, which produces about 70 percent of the world’s cocoa, is 51—which means farmers’ kids are abandoning the crop. So unless you’re paying more for your chocolate bar and know where your chocolate maker is sourcing their cocoa, unfortunately you’re probably just feeding (and eating) the problem.

Cinque curiosità sui droni volanti che salvano la Barriera Corallina di Belize
I droni sono forse l'esempio più bello e interessante del progresso compiuto dagli esseri umani in ambito tecnologico; ne esistono di varie tipologie e tutti sono deputati a compiti diversi: c'è il robot che ora consegna le medicine in un'isoletta a Nord della Germania; c'è quello che aiuta la polizia francese e c'è persino quello che consegna gli smartphone: tutti sistemi che saranno perfezionati col tempo e che, piuttosto che sostituire l'uomo - come già azzarda qualcuno - riusciranno a migliorarne notevolmente la vita. Quello di oggi è uno dei tanti casi, ma ci ha colpito particolarmente: il numero di ottobre di Focus, infatti, parla di droni che salvano i coralli; se non ne sapete nulla, siete capitati nel posto giusto:

Cuban Doctors at the Forefront of Ebola Battle in Africa
With risks growing that Ebola could flare on foreign shores, the U.S. is calling for nations to dispatch doctors and nurses to West Africa, where thousands of lives are on the line. Few have heeded the call, but one country has responded in strength: Cuba. In the weeks since U.S. President Barack Obama sent the first of nearly 4,000 troops to West Africa, the struggle to quell Ebola has created odd bedfellows. Perhaps none is quite so odd as the sight of Cuban doctors joining forces with the U.S. military to combat Ebola in West Africa. Cuba has long had an antagonistic relationship with its northern neighbor, the U.S. Aspiring global heavyweights China, India and Russia have done plenty of business in Africa, but their contributions to fighting the Ebola epidemic have been underwhelming thus far. And nations with some of the world’s most advanced health-care systems have come too late with too little to the crisis, said leaders from Ebola-affected countries.


Video: GMOs&Sustainable Farming in Belize Reportage, 37min.
from PGTV News Network

Video: Playmates at Play in Belize, 3min.
Jaime Edmondson and Lauren Anderson

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Creatures and waves, video que filme en un viaje Centro Americano. Específicamente en Panamá (Bocas de Toro), Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize y Mexico. Lo grabe con una Gopro Hero 3 black edition para las tomas acuáticas y una cannon 7d para las tomas de tierra y Olas. Espero les guste las tomitas// and Enjoy the Ride.

Belize Police Department.

Video: Belize currency old collection, 3.5min.

Video: (New) American Airlines 737-800 Wet Landing in Belize (BZE), 7.5min.
Landing Belize from Miami. Has all features as I said in the last takeoff vid from Miami. Taken on October 9,2014.

Video: Street Segments: Treasure Hunt Challenge (Belize EXPO 2014), 3min.

Video: Belize Reggae, 3min.
acoustic alternative.

Video: Street Segments: Jalapeño Challenge 2 (Belize City), 3min.

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