Nice article in Patrick Jones News, by Richard Harrison....

Belize’s tourism demand is directly related to the product offers….and can be classified as: (1) sun, sea and sand recreation tourism (2) gastronomic tourism (3) inland and coastal nature-based adventure tourism (4) Mayan and cultural tourism (5) sex, drugs and ragamuffin tourism (6) Diaspora and ex-pat family and friends visits (7) events and conferences (8) specialized fishing, diving and yachting expeditions (9) regional “Mundo Maya” tourism (10) business, charities and retirement/resettlement scouting (11) natural-history/cultural education and charity travel. Each tourist might choose one or more of these offers during a particular visit.

I could not find any reliable data on visitors to Belize age ranges, male/female distribution, marital status, lifestyle preferences, economic status, traveling alone, accompanied or in group, etc….or how many are first-time or repeat visitors….what they are seeking or expect….and their levels of satisfaction with their experiences…..all of which are vital for more substantial product-market and economic analysis.

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