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Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Justice Christopher Blackman Sworn in as New Justice of Appeal
Justice Christopher Blackman was today sworn in as a new Justice of the Belize Court of Appeal by the Governor General, Sir Colville Young, at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Witnessing the swearing-in ceremony was the Registrar General, Ms. Velda Flowers. Justice Blackman has a long and distinguished legal career. He was a Judge of the High Court of Barbados from 1996 to 2000 and again from 2003 to 2008. He also served as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Belize from April 2001 to May 2003. In March 2008, he became a Justice of Appeal in the Bahamas. He is due to retire from the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas in December this year. Justice Blackman was first admitted as a Solicitor, Supreme Court of Barbados, in January 1970 and remained in private practice until 1996. Justice Blackman is 69 years of age and is of Barbadian nationality.

Telethon fundraiser for Chiquibul raises over $320K
"At any day, we at FCD have to decide if the rangers will have to go and conduct an activity to control the illegal gold panning, or the extraction of scarlet macaws, or the milpa incursions along the Western border� that is a decision that we have to do on a daily basis, because we don't have the manpower in terms of providing them all across the landscape. So this is what has brought us now together�I want to welcome Belizeans all across the length and width of Belize to help and assist us in making this telethon a success." Ricardo Manzanero's opening remarks at the Telethon for Chiquibul spoke of the realities facing the seven rangers that are in charge of managing 285,937 acres of tropical jungle. To be able to patrol the rugged terrain and forest with a manpower of seven is impossible, and Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) joined forces with the media, SMART and Belize Telemedia Limited in hosting a day-long telethon with the intent to raise $500,000. The much-needed funding would ensure that more rangers and equipment can be put in place to care for Chiquibul forest, one of Belize's most valuable regions.

Ambergris Today

25 Years Ago: Al Felly Commences the Yearbook For San Pedro High
Al Felly was no ordinary visitor to San Pedro. He was a professional florist of Madison Wisconsin, and like a regular tourist he loved fishing. However, he fell in love with the children of San Pedro, and when he became connected with them, he really got "hooked." He visited with me back in 1972 when the school was just commencing. Since then both of us have retired, but the influence is still being felt and enjoyed in San Pedro. In this series we will get to see in how many fashions Al Felly touched the lives of hundreds of Sanpedranos. Today this is his favorite phrase: "I think back when it all started - love it." One day Al said to me, "Angel, in the United States, all schools, especially colleges have what you call a Yearbook. It is an annual book with photos of students and life at school. Are you familiar with this and would you like to start one for San Pedro High?" "Of course I am familiar with a yearbook. I have a copy of The Mangrove, which is the yearbook for Saint John's College where I attended. Of course I would love to have one for San Pedro High, but that is very costly," I remarked to Felly as we sat at the beach of Holiday Hotel planning for his Farewell Hot Dog Party. We both were on the same channel.

Was Belize in the Right to Deny Ebola Health Worker Entry into Country?
Government of Belize Explains Decision on Cruise Ship Passenger and Imposes Travel Restrictions for West Africa - The Government of Belize took a decision on Thursday, October 16, 2014, not to facilitate a request from the US State Department to evacuate two passengers from a Carnival Cruise ship that docked in Belize that same morning. The main passenger of concern is an employee of the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who was listed as low risk for Ebola by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States. It was explained to the Belize Government that the CDC had updated its requirements from self-monitoring for these low risk persons to active monitoring and; out of an overabundance of caution, the United States wanted to transport that passenger along with her travelling companion in a private plane back to the United States. The US State Department reported that the passenger had been checking her temperature and checking for any other symptoms of the disease. There were no signs or symptoms reported. The doctors on the cruise ship confirmed this to be the case after conducting their own examination. Both the passenger and her travelling companion volunteered to self-quarantine on the ship.

BTB Gives $10,000 to FCD Park Ranger Program - $320,00 Raised
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to announce that on Saturday, October 18th, the organization donated ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to the Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) Park Ranger Program, through its telethon. Over the weekend, the FCD held the telethon to raise much needed monies to fund twenty rangers at a cost of twenty four thousand dollars per ranger. BTB's Director of Cruise and Regional Initiatives, Valdemar Andrade, said that, "the BTB is privileged to be a part of this step in the right direction. Every year, about ninety percent of the visitors to Belize visit at least one archaeological site or protected area, and it is important for us that action be taken in order to preserve our natural assets for future generations of Belizeans, as well as for visitors who come to experience Belize. FCD has invested a lot of time and effort to protect this part of our national heritage. We know that the challenges they face are numerous, and the sustained threats in the Chiquibul warrant the implementation of increased security measures. Working with the FCD, we will be closer to achieving this."

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

2003-2013 State of Belize Coastal Zone Report
This is the 2003-2013 State of Belize Coastal Zone Report provided to us by the The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute (CZMAI), Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development; please read to learn more of the report. The Report presents the research outcomes and expert views from Belizeans researchers and their international counterparts, and chronicles the dynamic state of Belize's coastal zone for the period 2003-2013. It also identifies policy and management options for maintaining the integrity of our very complex coastal zone.

Logging Season Opens
The Forest Department in the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development hereby informs the General Public that the logging season is now open. Loggers are advised that a valid logging license is required for the harvesting of trees from October 15th, 2014 to June 15th, 2015.

Entrepreneurship Symposium 2014
Motivate, Encourage, Nurture, Unlock

Deputy Prime Minister Vega, Minister Patt and other Ministry of Natural Resources & Agriculture officials working in Corozal
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources & Agriculture, Honourable Gaspar Vega in collaboration with Minister of State in the Ministry of Natural Resources & Agriculture and UDP Corozal North Representative Honourable Hugo Patt, distributed 113 Leases in the Consejo Road South East Registration Section, Corozal District in a ceremony held yesterday, Monday 20th October, 2014 at the Corozal Civic Centre.

Ministry of Health Celebrates Dental Health Week
The Ministry of Health is this week celebrating Dental Health Week under the theme, "BELIZEANS BIG-UP YOUR SMILE, IT REFLECTS YOUR STYLE". Activities are being carried out by dental departments across the regions. The Public is especially invited to a Dental Health Fair which will take place on Friday, October 24th, at Central Health Region Compound in Belize City.

Workshop series on cultural heritage protection in Belize
The U.S. Embassy, in partnership with the Institute of Archeology, is excited to announce a workshop series on cultural heritage protection in Belize starting October 20th. Please join us in San Pedro, San Ignacio, or Orange Walk for a half day workshop focused on issues surrounding the importance of cultural heritage to the people and economy of Belize. Everyone in Belize has a stake in the preservation of Belize's cultural heritage - Please join us and take an active role in your community. For more information on dates, times, and locations please see the flyer below. Please R.S.V.P. at [email protected] with your name and workshop location.

Channel 7

Career Cop Says His Son Was Executed By A Chinese Grocer; Pol. Say Self Defence
Leslie Logan Jr was killed on September 19th in Orange Walk Town. It happened right in front of the hospital, after he had participated in the armed robbery of a Chinese store and was riding off. The owner of the store - whose name has never been released by police - shot Logan Jr multiple times - killing him in the street. The report that we got from eyewitnesses on the day of the killing said that the owner, or his son, shot Logan off his bike, and then shot him again after he fell unto the street. After that he kicked and cursed him as he lay dying. That was the report we got from an eyewitness. And while that account does raise some questions about where the use of lethal force was justifiable or proportional, police never did charge the shooter - they say they served him with a notice of intended prosecution, which, as far as we know, is only issued in traffic accidents.

Guatemalan Men Shot In Belize Territory; Shooter Suspected To Be Guate.
Three Guatemalan men were shot at about 8:30 last night along the Mopan River on the Belize side in the Clarissa Falls area BUT the shooter is suspected to be another Guatemalan. One of the identified victims is 17 year old resident of Suchitan, Guatemala, Cesar Umberto Chinchilla. He was shot to the thigh and admitted to San Ignacio Hospital. OC of Benque Police Formation Daniel Arzu provided more details on the incident. ASP Daniel Arzu, OC Benque Police Formation "We received information of a shooting at Clarissa Falls. Our police officers were deployed, there they observed certain things across the river that is the Mopan River. What appears to be blood was observed in the area and no one was there. Investigations reveal that 3 male Hispanic persons from neighboring Guatemala/Melchor de Mencos were in the area at a fishing expedition and while there they heard 3-4 gunshots.

Boy Bitten By Molesting Neighbor
There is very disturbing report coming out of Independence Village in Stann Creek in which an adult man is accused of sexual assault against a 5 year-old boy. We cannot release the identity of the 25 year-old man because he is a neighbor of the child - and that might lead to the child's identity. The child, however, has told his grandmother and investigators that on Sunday, the man performed oral sex on him and then bit his penis. A doctor has examined the child and classified his injury as harm. The accused has since been charged with aggravated assault and harm.

Mother Accused of Burning Son
Meanwhile, a mother in Belize City is being accused of burning her young son's hand. It happened last week Thursday, October 16, when Lambey's 6 year old son was taken to the KHMH for burns. A medical form was issued, and a doctor examined the child, after which, he classified the injuries as grievous harm. The allegation is that Lambey lit her stove and forced the child's hand over the flame until he was burned. 32 year-old Lambey was charged with grievous harm. She was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, where she pleaded not guilty. She met bail of $500 dollars and must return to court on December 5.

Hon. Mahmud Walking Away From PUP?
Joseph Mahmud, he's the elected PUP Representative for Cayo North - but 7News has confirmed that he has told the party he is stepping down as standard-bearer and will not contest that seat for the PUP in the next general election. We have confirmed that Mahmud sent a letter last week to the party headquarters announcing his decision. What's behind it? Well, reports tell us that Mahmud had differences with the other PUP General's in the West, principally Julius Espat, who is the PUP Deputy Leader for the West. Today Deputy Espat wouldn't discuss it only saying, quote, "It's a sensitive issue�I wish him all the best. And I''ll be there to support him in whatever decision he makes�" End quote. And, according to Party Leader Francis Fonseca the decision has been made. He responded to our request for a comment via text message this evening saying that a letter was sent by Mahmud which the National Executive will discuss. Fonseca says Mahmud quote, "remains as Area Representative and will support the party fully moving forward." End quote. He adds that Mahmud cited "personal reasons" for his decision.

Auditor General Tells Hon. Espat She's Busy
And speaking of the PUP Deputy in the West, Auditor General Dorothy Ann Bradley responded to Julius Espat after he asked her to investigate government spending of Petrocaribe funds. As we told you ten days ago, Espat - who is the chair of the Public Accounts Committee - wrote to Bradley asking her to investigate the 114 million US dollar loan motion which has been put before the House. He says the government is seeking "retroactive validation" from parliament for money that has already been borrowed. Well, the Auditor General responded four days ago - and it seems she was not moved. She said the loan motion is before the House - and it would be, quote, "premature for me�to raise concerns about the correctness and the procedure for borrowing." End quote. That basically means that until and unless the loan motion is approved in the house, she cannot investigate.

Ellis Drops Charges
Ellis Meighan Jr. has been featured in our newscast quite a number of times because of being accused by police of different crimes, but tonight he's back in the news because he no longer wants police to press charges against 2 men who were accused of shooting up his vehicle exactly 2 years ago. As we reported, the incident happened on October 10, 2012, when Meighan and Malik Dixon were in Meighan's vehicle. When they arrived at the Mopan Street intersection, 2 men who were standing on the street corner opened fire on the vehicle. Dixon was injured in the lower back in that shooting, but he was rushed to the KHMH, where doctors managed to successfully treat his wound.

FIU Wants To Freeze Titan's Cash
For about 6 weeks now, we've been telling you about the 1 billion Belize dollar securities and penny stock fraud case. In this case, the Federal Court in Brooklyn New York has indicted 6 men and 6 companies tied to Belize for allegedly participating in a scam which hid that money from the US through tax evasion. Those 6 individuals include Belizean Andrew Godfrey, Bahamians, Kelvin Leach and Rohn Knowles, Canadians Brian De Wit and Cem "Jim" Can, and American Robert Bandfield. Among the accused corporate defendants are IPC Management Services, LLC; IPC Corporate Services Inc.; IPC Corporate Services LLC; Titan International Securities, Inc; Legacy Global Markets S.A; and Unicorn International Securities LLC (Unicorn). Robert Bandfield is already in the US on bail while he awaits trial, and the US is seeking to extradite 5 other defendants, including Kelvin Leach and Rohn Knowles. Viewers may remember that both Bahamians are out on bail after being charged and arraigned on financial offences when they tried to leave the country through the PGIA. The other 3 defendants are still at large.

Cabinet Maker To Jail
54 year-old Delroy Chambers, a cabinet maker from Police Street is spending the first night of a 5 year sentence after he was convicted in Magistrate's Court of possession of drugs and guns. Officers from Special Branch searched his house on October 12, 2013 and they ended up finding 1.5 kilos - or 3.3 pounds of weed, a 9 millimeter pistol, and 9 live rounds of ammunition. As a result, police arrested and charged him with drug trafficking, keeping an unlicensed firearm, keeping unlicensed ammunition, and drug trafficking.

Controversial Dangriga Market Soon Done; Town Mayor Says He Won't Accept
13 months ago, Dangriga Town was up in arms when the biggest scandal at the Social Investment Fund emerged. The Dangriga Market place fell 9 months behind schedule, allegedly because of corruption and poor public spending. The former contractor alleged that he was "hustled" by senior staffers at SIF. That scandal led to 4 staffers being dismissed, the executive director being forced to resign, and a change in contractor. The market construction started all over in April, and at the beginning of this week, SIF reported that they had finally completed the construction of the market. Well, the Mayor of Dangriga Town is not satisfied with the product, complaining that it cost 1.8 million dollars to renovate and extend, but there are no signs of value for money. He spoke to us via phone this evening in which he explained that the project had to be pushed 3 weeks beyond the agreed completion time. Here's how he puts it:

Where Melchor And Belize Meet
While there is growing concern for the protection of the Chiquibul National Park and our archaeological sites from Guatemalan cross border bandits, on the social level, there is a site where Guatemalans pose no apparent threat, they simply walk, or in some cases ride over to our Belizean territory. That site is right at the Western Border, a border we as Belizeans frequently cross to get to Melchor. But it is not only a one way crossing. Hundreds of Guatemalan school children also cross over to Benque Viejo to get to school every day. That's the story Courtney Weatherburne explored today at the border. Amy Hernandez, Mount Carmel High School "The bus passes my house at 7 and at school it reaches there like 7:30 - 7:45." Courtney Weatherburne "There is no verification, no ID check, nothing" So you simply can walk pass the border with no trouble at all." Ramona Guerra, Mount Carmel High School "No, just with your uniform."

Emma Was Lost, But Now Found
Last night we told you about Emma Gillett, the mother of 6 who has been missing for two weeks. Well, the family can breathe a sigh of relief because she was located last night at about 9:00 in PG by police and brought to Belize City this afternoon. When we spoke with her cousin Kendra Henkis today, she was at the Queen Street police station with Gillett. Henkis stated that Gillett confessed that she simply wanted to relax and clear her mind.

School Buildings Upgrade for Remote Schools
Students in the villages of Corazon and Aguacate in the southwestern reaches of the Toledo District used to have to wake up at 3:00 am to go to school, taking multiple busses and crossing rivers to get there. But that has changed: Aguacate has a primary school and Corazon has a high school. Both of the recently opened schools got an upgrade with new buildings from SIF. The high school in Corazon - which has 242 students got a 595 thousand dollar building through the Social Investment fund. Education Minister Patrick Faber was on hand:.. Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education "We have seen an increase in the number of students who are going on to secondary school and this is because of course of the efforts of the government through the $300 subsidy and new initiatives here in the Toledo District to open a new high school and give you additional access. Corazon Creek Technical High School is one of those initiatives. You know that we've opened Providence in San Antonio as well and we are looking at opening another school in Pueblo Viejo."

Channel 5

Benque Police Investigate Shooting of Illegal Guatemalans
On Sunday, three men from the Guatemalan barrio of Castrillo de Suchitan headed into Belize to fish in the flooded Mopan River near Clarissa Falls. What happened there on Sunday [...]

Man Charged for Sexually Abusing a Five Year Old
In the south, there is a disturbing allegation tonight against a twenty-five year old man from Independence. The details are few, but we can report that the grown man was [...]

Family of Slain Robber Demand Justice
But in the north, thirty-year-old Leslie Logan Junior was shot and killed during a foiled robbery attempt in Orange Walk Town on September nineteenth.� He was one of two men, [...]

…Says OW Police Are Covering Up Murder
The family has since retained the services of attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd who told the media today that the Logans are being given the runaround by the police department and that [...]

P.U.P. Cayo North Area Representative Steps Down
  Tonight, there are confirmed reports that P.U.P. Cayo North Area Representative Joseph Mahmud has thrown in the political towel. Those reports indicate that Mahmud handed in his resignation to [...]

Is the U.S. justified in being disappointed with Belize in recent Ebola scare?
And tonight's question is: Do you think the US is justified in saying it is disappointed in Belize for not allowing a US lab technician to disembark in Belize in [...]

Belize Ports Authority on Board With Ebola Protocols
The Ebola scare last Thursday fizzled after a Texan lab technician traveling on a Carnival cruise ship that called to port in Belize was declared free of the deadly virus. [...]

CARICOM Countries Meet to Discuss Shipping Safety Measures
A weeklong conference is underway at the Best Western Plaza where representatives from thirteen CARICOM countries have converged to discuss the safety of fishing vessels.� It's one of the worst [...]

Attorneys for Alleged Fraudsters Seek to Unfreeze Assets
This morning, a huddle of lawyers representing individual companies associated with the legally besieged Titan International Securities appeared in the courtroom of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. The attorneys were present [...]

Robbers Target Government Departments
Two government agencies were robbed over the course of the weekend. The fisheries department is reporting that sometime between five-thirty p.m. on Friday and seven-fifty Monday night, its offices located [...]

Mother Accused of Burning Child's Hand
  There is an allegation tonight against a thirty-two year-old mother who is accused of disciplining her six year old child by placing his hand on fire after she found [...]

Duo Walk on Attempted Murder Charge
  On October sixteenth, 2012, two south side youths were the target of street violence when they were shot at on Mopan Street in Belize City.� The duo, Ellis Meighan [...]

Boy with Leukemia in Critical Condition
Late September, we showed you ten-year old Cleyon Marage Junior; who is afflicted with Acute Myloid Leukemia. The young student cannot get medical treatment in Belize and his mother made [...]

Friends Seek Medical Assistance Abroad
Marage Junior is in critical condition and pediatrician, Doctor Cecilio Eck, has taken on his case. His mother says that Doctor Eck does not agree with him traveling because he [...]

Agencies Collaborate in Cultural Preservation
The constant pillaging of Belize's cultural and historic patrimony remains a national issue which cannot be swept under the rug.� The looting of archaeological sites, including El Pilar near the [...]

Customs Department Participates in W.T.O. Workshop
There is another workshop ongoing. It involves the Directorate for Foreign Trade, the Customs and Excise Department and the World Trade Organization. The five-day workshop will determine where the country [...]

Bodybuilding in Belize�Check Out the Winners
After spending months of training to perfect and tone their bodies, male and female bodybuilders competed on Friday night in different categories in the Belize Body Building and Fitness Competition. [...]


More Corozalenos Join COPS
In Corozal Town a group of approximately 22 young and vibrant male and females were engaged in a three days training for COPS, "Citizen On patrol" program. Citizen on Patrol is a voluntary program that the Commissioner of Police created to gain assistance from selected citizens in the community to fight crime. In Corozal more than two dozen individuals have joined the force in battling crime. Andrew Ramirez - OC Corozal "We had two sessions of the citizen on patrol; one in the Free Zone and one here in town that encompass volunteer persons both from Orange Walk and Corozal we had a total of 38 thereabout, we had 22 from Corozal and 16 thereabout from Orange Walk that did the three days training here in Corozal, the training entailed basically a quick brush through of our laws of Belize governing justice force, firearm, report writing, how to give evidence in court, small little issues like traffic that they can get an understanding, these officers, these citizens of patrol will undergo twelve months, one year being on the COPS program and they are obligated to give at least four hours per week volunteer."

Copa De Reyes Comes To And End
Football fanatics from the village of Guinea Grass came out in numbers yesterday afternoon, with matrakas, horns and fire crackers in hand, for the grand finale of the "Copa De Reyes" football tournament organized by the village council. For the past three months, seven teams battled it out on the field hoping to gain first place in the tournament. But as is reality, there can only be one winner and that team was selected yesterday. Organizer of the tournament Roosevelt Rodney and Village Council member Sylverio Hernandez hoped for a great final game. Roosevelt Rodney- Organizer "Hace como tres meses que comenz� siete equipos ten�amos y ahorita se est� jugando la final y tenemos el equipo de Sugar Boys y Hustlers para la final hoy peleando par el primer lugar y el segundo lugar." Sylverio Hernandez- Council Member "Esperamos que el mejor gane para el premio del primer lugar que son ocho cientos d�lares." The Guninea Grass Village Council is an independent council but council members say they have always been able to count with the full support of Orange Walk South Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai. At the same time, the council is grateful to the community for their unwavering support in their annual tournaments.

Rigo Vellos Reigns Again
Rigo Vellos has once again been declared Mr. Belize this past Friday at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts where over 15 participants took center and showed off their sculpting physiques. This makes it three years in a row that Vellos takes the crown and he couldn't be prouder. "The feelings are goods feeling after putting the hard work, the strict dieting, it pays off at the end of the day and also it show that every year the competition gets harder and harder in the country and the other guys are stepping up their game also but it simply means Rigo Vellos also needs to improve so the feeling is good and I am happy that I won for the third time and like everything hard work pays off." Despite that this year's bodybuilding competition was a bit more challenging, Vellos managed to excel in his category.

Another Chinese Establishment Robbed In Corozal
Another Chinese business in Corozal was hit by robbers over the weekend. Fifty nine year old Kunfu Mark, Chinese naturalized Belizean of Corozal Town, told authorities that on Friday October 17th at about 12:20pm, he and his wife, Xiao Qing Mark, were at their place of business namely East Store located on 4th Avenue when three male persons of East Indian decent entered their place of business. One of the men, who had in his possession what appeared to be a small hand gun, then closed the shutters of the main door and ran up to Kunfu and hit him over the left side of his face. The culprit then placed the gun to Kunfu's head and demanded that he hand over the money. Fearing for his life and that of his wife the victim showed the robber where the money was and handed over to him some $500.00 in cash.

Belize Has New Justice Of Appeal
Belize has a new Justice of Appeal. He is no other than 69 year old Barbadian National, Justice Christopher Blackman who was sworn in by Governor General Sir Colville Young during a small ceremony at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan today. A release states that Justice Blackman has a quote, "long standing and distinguished legal career". He was a judge of High Court of Barbados from 1996 to 2000 and again from 2003 to 2008. Blackman has served as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Belize from April 2001 to May 2003. In March 2008, he became a Justice of Appeal in the Bahamas. The October Season of the Court of Appeal started today and will continue until November 7th, 2014. There are 14 cases on the Calendar - 6 criminal and 8 Civil matters. Justice Blackman joins Justices Manuel Sosa, Dennis Morrison, Samuel Awich and Madam Justice Minette Hafiz Bertram in the Belize Court of Appeals bench.

Man Shot In San Pedro Fights For His Life
On Sunday, island authorities were again called out to the polyclinic where they were informed of an almost fatal shooting. According to police, at about 7:40a.m., they saw a male person identified as 24-year-old Ivan Aldana, Belizean carpenter of San Pedrito Area, suffering from a single gunshot wound to his right upper back. Initial investigations revealed that about 10:00p.m., while Aldana was standing by a bar located in San Pedrito Area, he was approached by a male person he knows. The individual reportedly fired five shots in Aldana's direction of which one caught him in his right upper back. He was then rushed to the San Pedro Polyclinic where an Ex-ray revealed that the bullet was lodged in the victim's spine. Aldana was then transported to K.H.M.H in a serious condition. Police are seeking one man as investigations continue.

CAATS Controls Dog And Cat Population Through Sterilization Program
Controlling the dog and cat population around the country has not always proved to be very easy for municipalities but there are organizations that put their share of work into this. There is the Caulker Assisting Animals through Sterilization which has been operational since 2003. The nonprofit organization was first launched in Caye Caulker, hence its name. Through the organization, veterinarians come to Belize to offer their services to various communities across the country. In the past week they were in Corozal and Orange Walk Towns. Dalila Ical reports. Madie Collins - Founder/President - CAATS "CAATS is all about controlling the population of animals because you know the more animals you have the more diseases, it is our culture that a lot of animals do not stay at home they get away and so you spread disease but when an animal is sterilized just like what we are doing here today males and females, cats and dogs, you sterilized them meaning you have the surgery and so they don't have that feeling like they want to mate anymore and so the les animals that mate and the less animals get pregnant and less animals are on the streets and less suffering because the more animals come you can't find homes for all of them and they end up on the streets so we bring these vets from all over from Canada and all parts of the United States."

How To Keep A Healthy Smile
Some say that the smile is a window to the soul� tells us something about a person's mood, personality, state of mind, maybe even status in life. Smiles know no language barriers, no differences in race, gender, social status or class. In light of this, this week is being observed as Dental health Week which seeks to promote proper dental hygiene and practices to best care for our teeth. Our news team sat down with Dental Surgeon at the Northern Regional Hospital, Dr. Francisco Casteneda who explains how a healthy smile can make you feel good inside and out. Maria Novelo reports. A smile is truly a universal peaceful magnetic force among humans and so having a healthy one is symbolic of good oral health and dental hygiene. This week's activities, according to Dental Surgeon Dr. Francisco Casteneda, are centered on education in classrooms. Dr. Francisco Casteneda - Dental Surgeon, NRH "We have to get to the schools to give them talks and basically dental education then, and teach them some brushing drills and what are the various diseases that can affect them and how to treat them and what to do."

After One Week Still No Signs Of Eric Bird Garcia
Today marks exactly one week since 21 year old Eric 'Bird' Garcia has been missing at sea after a fishing trip to Tres Cocos Area in San Pedro with two friends went horribly wrong. While the chances of his survival are slim, the authorities however, have not lost hope and continue their searches along the coast and around the area he was last reportedly seen. Today, we contacted Patrol Commander at the Northern Operation base, David Ayala, who gave us an update on the search and rescue mission. David Ayala - Patrol Commander, Northern Operation Base "The search all of last week was surface searching and that is why we had divers mostly volunteers and we were unable to come across the missing person but at this time we have not been able to receive any calls from our headquarters so we have not called it off as yet so we still conduct now and again some patrols during the day on the area to see if we can find anything but at the same time we have spoken to local divers that if they see anything around that they can call us."

Two Charged For Drug Trafficking In San Pedro
Authorities on Ambergris Caye have been busy throughout the weekend as most crime reports including a homicide were recorded from that end. The first incident was recorded on Thursday October 17th around 3:45pm where police conducted a search at a residence in the Boca del Rio Area which led them to an amount of green leafy substance which was hidden under some clothes. Present at the time of the search was 30 year old Vilma Castro who was informed of the offence committed, cautioned and then escorted to the San Pedro Police Station where the drugs were weighed and amounted to 77.89grams of cannabis. As a result, Castro who is of Honduran Nationality and 29 year old Hector Lopez, both of a Boca del Rio address were jointly arrested and charged for Drug Trafficking.

Construction Worker Murdered In San Pedro
Early Saturday morning, San Pedro Police was notified of a possible murder. Around 7:40am, authorities visited a wooden 2-storey building on Mantarey Street, San Pedro Town, where they saw the lifeless body of 44 year old Samuel Dawson, Belizean truck driver of Hattieville Village. Initial investigations revealed that Dawson, who was working in San Pedro for the past 2 weeks, was taken home on Friday night at around 7:00p.m by the supervisor of the construction site where he works. However, reports are that Dawson asked the supervisor to wait for him as he wanted to come back out to buy something to eat. The supervisor then took him to a restaurant at the entrance of San Pedrito where he left him. On Saturday morning, the supervisor went to pick up Dawson at his residence and upon his arrival he observed that the door was ajar. As he further opened the door, he discovered Dawson's body.

Passenger On Board Carnival Magic Tested Negative For Ebola
Last week's Ebola threat to Belize left the country in a state of anxiety although government has made public its intent on preparing our health care providers for any emergency. The immigration department has also taken measures to ensure travelers are properly screened before entering the country. By now, the Carnival Magic has docked at its base in the US. The health care provider who was along with her companion was allowed to go home, according to reports. A blood sample from the woman was taken for testing for the Ebola virus. That test result came back as negative, according to the US Center for Disease Control.


Inspector Mark Flowers Accused of Human Trafficking
Inspector Mark Flowers, Commander of the Gang Suppression Unit, is being accused of human trafficking. That's according to some documents that have surfaced over the internet. The accusation is that back in 2009, Inspector Flowers, helped three Salvadoran nationals get into Belize without going through the necessary procedures. Statements from Immigrations Officers implicating Inspector Flowers says he met one Elba Castaneda, Norman Corado, and Antonio Castaneda, at Champon restaurant and then drove them to the border point. However, some Immigration Officers who smelled something fishy cautioned the trio and Flowers. An investigation was launched into the matter. Inspector Mark Flowers responded to those allegations last week during a press briefing.

Man Loses His Home in Mid-Morning Fire
A mid-morning fire has left a family from Black Man Eddy Village homeless. Correspondent Angelica Cruz reports. "Belmopan police are investigating a fire that has left a family of three homeless. According to the owner of the house, 54 year old Rudolph Chavez a self-employed man of Black man Eddy village, on Tuesday morning October 21 he left home sometime around 11:30AM to do an errand in the village when sometime around 11:50 he was shocked when he received a call from one of his neighbors that his house measuring 15X20 feet upstairs and downstairs was engulfed in flames. Police and fire department were immediately informed. Shortly after, San Ignacio and Belmopan fire engines arrived. All efforts were made to save the house and its content but it turned out futile. The value of the house along with its items amounted to a total loss of $40,000."

Drug Related Offences in Western Belize
Three men appeared in court in Western Belize for drug related offences. Correspondent Elaine Berry has the details. "Benque police were on vehicle patrol on Sunday October 19th and was patrolling on the George Price Highway between miles 71&72. Police then intercepted a white Cargo Mitsubishi truck that was travelling towards San Ignacio from Benque. During the search, police discovered a black plastic bag between the legs of a passenger. The bag and both occupants were taken out of the truck. The bag was then opened and police discovered some green leafy plant substance suspected to be cannabis.

Gunmen’s Targets Withdraw Charges in Court
Jeon Peebles and Akeem Smith, who were charged with two counts of attempted murder for Ellis Meighan Jr and Malik Dixon, were freed of the charges today when Meighan and Dixon appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser and testified that they do not want any further court action. As a result, Senior Magistrate Fraser dismissed the charges and told Peebles and Smith that they were free to go. The incident occurred in 2013. Meighan and Dixon were in Meighan's vehicle and when they arrived at the intersection of Mopan Street, two men who were standing at the corner fired shots at them. Dixon was shot in his right lower back while Meighan was unhurt.

Titan Owners Back in Court
Back in early September, six corporate executives and corporate entities were indicted for orchestrating a 500 million dollar offshore fraud, and money laundering scheme in Belize. Companies accused included Titan International Securities, Inc., Legacy Global Markets S.A.; and Unicorn International Securities. 34-year-old, Kelvin Leach and 29-year-old, Rohn Knowles owned and operated Titan International Securities and were initially arraigned on the charge of failure to declare when leaving Belize with more than ten thousand dollars, for which they were granted bail. Attorneys for all parties involved appeared in court today for an inter-parties hearing. Attorney for Unicorn Securities International LLC, Michael Young explained what took place inside the court room of Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin today.

Parents of Deceased Accused Robber Demand Investigation
Leslie Logan Jr., a former police constable, was shot and killed on September 19th by a Chinese businessman in Orange Walk Town. Logan Jr. is accused of orchestrating an armed robbery with 27 year old Alex Tillett. The robbery took place at Hung Yun Store on Otro Benque Road and the owner of the store, 35 year old Kee Wen Li shot down Logan Jr., as he attempted to escape the scene. Police have ruled that Logan's homicide was self-defense but Logan's Jr., parents believe that their son was murdered. In fact, Leslie Logan Sr., and Karen Logan say that police is covering up the murder of their son. The Logans accompanied by attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd addressed the media this afternoon.

Duo Charged with Drug Trafficking
Two persons from Hopkins Village have been charged with drug trafficking. Police say on Monday afternoon, they conducted a search at the home of 27-year-old Moses Rodriguez and 33-year-old Jamari Rodriguez. They found two transparent bags containing some leafy vegetable substance suspected to be cannabis. Further searches led to the discovery of eight parcels of green leafy substances suspected to be cannabis in a metal safe, also found was money believed to be proceeds of the sale of drugs. Further searches under the house led to the discovery of two black plastic bags containing twenty parcels of ideal bags with some green leafy substances suspected to be cannabis. The drugs were weighed separately in their presence. The two transparent ideal bags amounted to 5.25 grams, the eight parcels amounted to 6.20 grams cannabis and the black bag along with its content amounted to 154 grams suspected cannabis.

Supermarket Owner Arraigned for Social Security Offences
Jitendra Chawla, also known as "Jack Charles", the owner of Extra House Supermarket who resides at mile 2 on the George Price Highway, was charged with failure to render to Social Security Board an application for registration as an employer within seven days of employing their first employed person in the month of April 2013. Chawla pled not guilty to the charge. His case was adjourned until December 1.

Rotary Governor for District 4250 In Belize
The Governor of Rotary District 4250 is on a working visit to Belize. Yesterday, the tour was in Punta Gorda. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the story. PAUL MAHUNG "Visiting Rotary District 4250 Governor, Jose Maurico Chepe Rodriguez,who is from Guatemala, spoke on his visit to Belize and now in Punta Gorda. " GOVERNOR RODRIGUEZ "I am really glad to be here in Belize. I just started last week through Belmopan, Belize and Placencia now this week I have to go to the rest of the different Rotary Clubs. We started today with Punta Gorda then Dangriga, Orange Walk, Corozal and then the last one is going to be San Ignacio. So I will be visiting all the nine Rotary clubs in Belize." PAUL MAHUNG "So far, what is the impression?" GOVERNOR RODRIGUEZ "Well I can tell you, at my monthly letter I found in Rotary something that is called heroism. Rotarians are volunteer people 100% volunteers. They give their jobs, their expertise, time, family time, job time and they even pay to serve, that is very special. Rotarians are so special that I would say I am honored to visit with them and try to help to strengthen and do more projects with the community. "

From Attempted Murder to Murder
On April 6, 35-year-old Lloyd Augustus was badly beaten while at his house on Doris Brooks Street in Belize City. He was hospitalized and died two months later. Today police announced that they have upgraded the charges brought against 24-year-old Sherman Rodney to murder. Rodney was initially charged with attempted murder , dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm back in July.

American National Loses Expensive Camera in Home Burglary
An American national has reported that her home was burglarized on October 14 where items valued at over five thousand US dollars were stolen. According to the complainant, in the burglary her grey LENLX brand camera bag which contained a black Nikon brand camera, a vintage PENTAX K1000 brand camera, an extra attachable camera lens and an assortment of memory cards went missing. The incident occurred in the San Pablo Area in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. Police are investigating.

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Samuel Dawson Stabbed and killed in San Pedro
A man was found stabbed to death in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. According to Police reports, the body of 44 year old Samuel Dawson was discovered in his home on Saturday evening. Initial investigation revealed that Samuel Dawson, who was working in San Pedro for the past 2 weeks, was taken home on Friday night at around 7:00p.m. by the supervisor of the construction site. However, he asked the supervisor to wait for him as he wanted to come back out to buy something to eat. The supervisor then took him to a restaurant at the entrance of San Pedrito where he left him.

Man shot on San Pedro, bullet lodged in Spine
At 10 pm on Saturday evening, 24-year-old Ivan Aldana, a Belizean carpenter of San Pedrito Area, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, was shot in his back. Police say that Mr Aldana was standing by a bar located in San Pedrito Area, San Pedro, when he was approached by a man he knows. That person fired five shots in Ivan Aldana's direction, and one of those bullets caught him in his right upper back. He was then rushed to the San Pedro Polyclinic. An x-ray was taken at the Polyclinic where it showed that the bullet was lodged in his spine.

Drunk Bus Driver arrested and charged
A commercial bus driver has been arrested for drunk driving. On Friday October 17th., at about 3:15pm, Police visited Mile 1 1/2 on the George Price High Way, by the Belize Foam Factory, where a red and blue Guerra's Blue Bird Bus was seen parked on the right hand side of the Road in the direction of Hattieville Village. When police approached the driver, there was a strong scent of alcohol emanating from him. He was informed that he was suspected to have been driving the bus while under the influence of alcohol and escorted to the Racoon Street Police Station, where he provided a urine sample.

East Store robbery in Corozal
Chinese proprietors in the Corozal District were the victims of an armed robbery on Friday night. Kunfu Mark, a 59 year old Chinese naturalized Belizean of Corozal Town, reported that on Friday 17th October about 12:20pm, he along with his wife were at their place of business, East Store located on 4th Avenue. Three men of East Indian descent entered their place of business. One of them then closed the shutters of the main door, and had in his hand what appeared to be a small hand gun. He ran up to Mr Kunfu and hit him twice in the head with the handgun, and demanded money. The armed men grabbed $500.00 and escaped through a back door in the kitchen.

Ex-Athlete charged for burglary
A former basketball player has been charged with burglary and handling stolen goods. 58 year old Daniel Meighan of Belize City pleaded not guilty to the charges before Magistrate Herbert Panton, and was offered bail of $300. Daniel Meighan is accused of breaking into the home of Shapara Myles, between October 16 and 17, and stealing items to a value of $1,639, including two cellular phones, a 19-inch television set, a cake mixer, blender, DVD player, a standing fan and handbag. Police say they went to Mr Meighan's house on October 17, and recovered items said to be those that were stolen from Myles' home.

Men running from police invade Corozal home
On the morning of Saturday October 18th, Corozal Police on special operations in San Antonio Village, Corozal District, spotted two men with a knapsack. On seeing the cops, the two men quickly entered a nearby house without the permission of the home owner; but police also entered the house and conducted a search in the presence of the frightened house owner. The two intruders were identified as Carlos Pena and a 15 year old male minor. When police checked the knap sack, they found marijuana. The suspected drugs were weighed in the presence of both suspects and a guardian of the minor, which amounted to 2724 gram.

BDF Budget not enough
On Friday the Belize Defence Force hosted the media to a press conference at the BDF headquarters in Belize City. This was the first briefing of its kind since the murder of Special Constable Danny Conorquie. At the press conference, BDF Commander Brigadier General David Jones told the media about the efforts being made to curb the illicit activity at the Western Border with Guatemala. Efforts include border patrols, and intensive quarterly gallops, which have seen a reduction in border activity, according to Brigadier General David Jones. But according to Mr Jones, the 33 million dollars that they get at the beginning of every fiscal year is not enough. Brigadier General David Jones "It's usually around a little over $33 million. That is what we are given. We normally request more than that. I don't have the figures, but it's definitely much more than that.

Cruise ship passenger declared Ebola free
The cruise ship Carnival Magic which caused quite a stir in Belize last Thursday docked in Galvezton, Texas, early Sunday morning, where the health worker tested negative for the Ebola virus to the relief of all Belizeans. Monday markede 22 days since the woman, only identified as an employee at Texas Health Presbyterian, could have possibly contracted the virus. The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) reported that while the woman did not have direct contact with Thomas Duncan, who died of Ebloa on October 8th at the Hospital, it was believed that she might have had contact with his fluids, and so was asked to self-monitor herself for the next three weeks. She had taken a Caribbean cruise and was in Belizean waters when CDC upgraded its status and "out of an abundance of caution" pressured the Government of Belize on Thursday to have the woman disembark and be transported through the Philip Goldson International Airport. The Belizean Government refused and is now getting lashed at by some of the international media houses.


Carpenter shot - slug lodged in the spine
Ivan Aldana, 24, a carpenter of San Pedrito, San Pedro, is presently fighting for his life in the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital's intensive care unit, with a slug lodged in his spine after he was shot in the upper back. Aldana was shot at about 10:30 last night by a man he knew while he was standing near a bar in San Pedrito. Police said that the man approached Aldana, took out a gun and fired about five times at him. Aldana tried to run, but he was struck in the right upper back. His assailant then escaped out of the area. Aldana was rushed to the San Pedro Polyclinic, where an X-ray revealed that the slug was lodged in his spine.

Truck driver stabbed to death in San Pedro
Samuel Dawson, 44, a truck driver of Hattieville, was found with stab wounds to the chest and throat by his supervisor at about 7:30 Saturday morning, in a 2-flat building located on Manta Ray Street in San Pedro, where he lived. Police took Dawson to the San Pedro Polyclinic, where he was declared dead on arrival, at about 10:15 a.m. Police said that Dawson, who was working in San Pedro for the past two weeks, went home around 7:00 p.m. Friday night with the supervisor of the construction site where he worked, who was giving him a ride home. Dawson reportedly came back out of his home because he wanted to buy food, said the supervisor, who reported that he took him to a restaurant at the entrance of San Pedrito, where he dropped him off.

Belize bans travelers from West African nations affected by Ebola outbreak
island nations, Jamaica and St. Lucia, which have issued travel restrictions for travelers from countries in West Africa that are affected by the worst Ebola outbreak since the deadly disease was discovered in 1976. The government of Belize made the announcement this morning at a press conference, where the subject was the government's refusal to allow a U.S. lab technician, who attended to specimens from Thomas Duncan, the Liberian man who became the first person to die from Ebola in the United States, to be airlifted from the Philip Goldson International Airport in Belize. Minister of Immigration, Hon. Godwin Hulse said, "We have immediately issued a stop on the issuance of visas to persons coming from the West Africa area who we consider high risk. And those countries will be Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and any other country that the ministry thinks has now been affected."

Belize-Guat soldiers to patrol volatile western border
On Friday, October 10, diplomats and senior military personnel from Belize and Guatemala convened at a high level meeting of the Belize-Guatemala Joint Commission in Guatemala City to discuss national security matters with their counterparts and committed themselves to several initiatives geared at preventing future conflicts near the border and decreasing illegal cross-border activities. Included among these is an agreement to engage in an unprecedented effort to conduct joint patrols at the sometimes deadly Belize-Guatemala border, an area where Guatemalans illegally enter Belize's pristine forests and plunder its irreplaceable assets - its exotic flora and fauna, and its millennia-old trees in our archaeological and national preserves. The operations of the Belize Special Assignment Group of the Belize Defence Force (BDF) would be separate from the link-up operations they currently execute.

Belize seriously considers Chalillo II and new hydro plants on Swasey River
Belize's energy demand will grow substantially over the next few years, and the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has been reviewing bids for 37 new projects from 22 companies which hope to make the final cut of designated enterprises that will be chosen to supply 75 megawatts of power over the next 10 years, including 15 megawatts from wind and solar sources. The process opened last October, just over a year ago, and formal proposals were unsealed in June 2014. Initially, there were 42 expressions of interest, including expressions from companies such as Belize Natural Energy and UNO Belize, but these did not submit formal bids. This afternoon, Monday, October 20, 2014, the PUC unveiled the top contenders at a press conference held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City.

Ghost Town boss, Roger Anthony, steps away from gang life
Roger Anthony, who reputedly is the leader of the Ghost Town Crips gang on Mayflower Street, appeared beside the Commander of the police's Gang Suppression Unit, Inspector Mark Flowers, on the compound of the Racoon Street Police Precinct, to make an unusual announcement. Anthony, looking composed, standing beside Flowers, declared: "I am here today to say that the gang life that I've been in for the past 26 years, that isn't a life. And I think it's time for us, we as leaders, to make a change and to stand up and help the police, especially the Gang Suppression Unit, to stand strong and work with each other as leaders of the community so that we can make a change." "It's only us that can make a change, and we, along with them, can make a change. That's what I am trying to do and that's what I am going to do, and I am going to renounce that I ain't no leader in no gang. I am just leader of a work group with Mr. Cisco and that's what I am going to carry on after this. I just hope that the other gang leaders pick up that what I am doing and continue, and we go live in a peaceful country without violence," Anthony stated.

Alleged drug trafficker offered bail of 50 grand
-An Orange Walk resident who was imprisoned after being accused of trafficking approximately 54.7 kilograms of suspected methamphetamine or "crystal meth", a highly addictive, contemporary drug, was offered bail of $50,000 in the Orange Walk Magistrate's Court today by Justice Herbert Lord. The bail was offered on the condition that Ruperto Reyes, 49, surrender all of his travel documents, and that he report to the Orange Walk Police Station three times each week until the case is concluded. Reyes was represented by attorney Philip Palacio, while Crown Counsel Portia Staine represented the Government of Belize. On August 20, 2014, at around 7:20 p.m., members of the Police's Anti-Drug Unit (ADU) reportedly discovered over 54 kilograms, or 120 pounds, of suspected "crystal meth" in the back seat of a black vehicle that spun out of control and ran off the road during a high speed pursuit on Liberty Avenue in Orange Walk.

WW race results
Here are the results from the Weekend Warrior (WW) Race #4 of the current series. The "A" & "B" went from Leslie's Imports to Mile 22 on the Philip Goldson (Western) Highway and return, for 40 miles. The "C" went from Leslie's Imports to Mile 18 on the Philip Goldson (Western) Highway and return, for 30 miles. Top "A" finishers were: 1st place Wilbert Jones (Megabytes, 1:58:34); 2nd Barney Brown (Scotiabank); 3rd Jack Sutherland (Digicell-4G); 4th Warren Coye (Santino's); 5th James Frampton (Santino's); and 6th Mark Gentle (FT Williams).

Phillip Willoughby 5-A-Side Week 3 results
The Phillip Willoughby Open 5-A-Side football tournament continued with five Week 3 games at the Yabra Football Field yesterday, Sunday. In game 1, Tulish FC dropped Livity Lane Rivero's, 5-2, with goals from Marvin Valladares (2), Aldair Munoz (2) and Albor Cecer (1); while Livity got a goal each from Kadeem Myers and Dalton Cayetano. Game 2 saw Heights FC edging Honduras FC, 5-4. Tyrique Ciego netted 4 and Clinton Gill 1 for Heights; while Joshua Martinez and Carlos Ardon each scored twice for Honduras.

FFB Women President's Cup reg. season ends, playoffs begin
Mon. Oct. 20, 2014 Week 6, the final regular season week in the FFB Women President's Cup 2014 tournament came to an end yesterday with only one game played. DFC Gentle Touch of Cayo travelled north to Trial Farm Football Field where they were anything but gentle with home standing Sugar City Girls, shutting them out, 6-0, with goals from Abbe Halliday (1' & 53'), Cynthia Salazar (16'), Sheriann Tracy (24'), Shanell Gentle (30') and Kimberly Perez (80'). According to the FFB Secretariat, Triple B's won their game against Dangriga Pumas by default. The stage is now set for the 4-team semifinal home-and-away playoffs which begin this weekend.

PLB Opening Season 2014-2015 under way, Week 1 results, Bandits vs Police on Wednesday
The long awaited start of the Premier League of Belize Opening Season 2014-2015 finally took place without much fanfare over the weekend, with 3 of the 4 scheduled matches being played. The big opener, featuring defending champions Belmopan Bandits and sub-champions Police United on Saturday night at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, was postponed due to weather, and will now be played this coming Wednesday night instead. Because of the late start of the season, and a CONCACAF requirement for two tournaments to be completed before a candidate for next year's Champions League can be selected, the present Opening Season will have to be an abbreviated one. The addition of Wagiya and Placencia Assassins makes a total of 9 teams in this tournament, and for the first time in many years, the regular season will be a single round-robin, so each team will play only 8 regular season games, before the top 4 enter the home-and-away semifinals. The championship will also be a best-of-2 games series.

Talking football - Part 5
We continue where we left off introducing some excerpts from page 65 of a 1962 Souvenir Programme that "lists the results of some international matches, both at home and abroad, played between Belize football clubs (most likely the champions, as a tradition continued well into the sixties and seventies for the champion club to have the privilege of hosting a visiting team at the end of the regular season) and clubs from Honduras and Guatemala." In the period between 1925 and 1947 are listed sixteen international encounters, and Belize teams won eight times, winning the last listed match in 1947. No scores were given for the games, but obviously our teams were competitive. Below is the data as given on page 65 of the souvenir booklet:

Editorial: Farrakhan in the footsteps of Chavez
Even as his Venezuelan predecessor, Sim�n Bol�var, had done two centuries ago, the late Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, dreamed of uniting the Latin American and Caribbean nations south of the Rio Grande in a grouping which would be able to challenge the hegemonic power of the colossus to the north - the United States of America. In his radio and television presentation broadcast regionally yesterday afternoon from Kingston, Jamaica, Minister Louis Farrakhan (whose father was born in Jamaica and his mother in St. Kitts) explained his dream of seeing the Caribbean, Central American, and upper South American nations work more closely together. Farrakhan believes that the big problem is one of communication, because of language differences. The abovementioned nations are post-colonial constructs, which use the languages of their former colonial masters - Spain, England, France, and the Netherlands. Since his visit last year to Belize, we have noted that Minister Farrakhan is quite careful in handling the problem which exists between Spanish-speaking Guatemala and English-speaking Belize. The 2014 problem exists because of a Guatemalan claim to Belizean territory which dates back to the nineteenth century colonial era, when Great Britain controlled Belize, which became an independent, sovereign nation-state in September of 1981.

From the Publisher
One of the things the ebola panic does is confirm the fact that tourism is a fragile industry. It is not desirable to build your economy on tourism if you have solid options. Belize has solid options. It is silly for us to design our economy so as to suggest we wish to go the way of the small islands in the Caribbean. The political leaders in Belize have always been acting under various constraints, constraints they have seldom wished to reveal or publicize. The decisions our political leaders make are often not free or footloose. A couple years ago this UDP government announced they were getting a loan for 25 or 30 million for tourism infrastructure or some such. At this newspaper, we said this money would be better spent on training and equipping our fishermen for deep sea fishing. But, the chances are the regional bank which was loaning Belize the tourism money would not have loaned us that same money to go into deep sea fishing. The pressure for Belize to keep going the tourism route comes from outside our borders, to an extent. The multilateral financial institutions have been eager to lend Belize money for tourism. If we wanted to build a cement factory or a canning factory, it would not be so easy to get the financing.

Letters: Cruise tour operators: New Ebola restrictions economically damaging
Belizean cruise tour operators, shipping agents and some ancillary cruise tourism industry operators are unsure as to what the new protocols for dealing with cruise ship visitors to the country will mean for their business, but most are uneasy that the impact will be negative. At a press conference last Friday, Immigration Minister Hon. Godwin Hulse announced what he termed a new protocol for cruise tourists to Belize City. Hon. Hulse told the nation: "Persons who would travel beyond the tourism village would be the ones who would present themselves to immigration for the necessary permission to land. Persons who would remain within the vicinity of the tourism village were ticked-off on the manifest. Effective immediately, that protocol has changed: every single person who disembarks from the cruise ship, the passport of such persons will be reviewed by immigration to ensure that no person has been in the high risk area of West Africa within the last 30 days."

Letters: Act as one race - the human race
I would like to argue that the spread of Ebola and other diseases is a predictable and logical consequence of globalization and an increasing world population, which is about 7.3 billion. Never before in human history have there been so many people on the planet, and never before has there been so much traveling from country to country, sometimes faster than the speed of sound. Usually, no organism can have a large growth in population and not experience an increase in diseases and other social challenges.

Caribbean Statistics Day 2014: a pause for reflecting on the usefulness of statistics for sustainable development
Caribbean Statistics Day 2014 is being observed today, Wednesday, October 15, in CARICOM countries such as Belize. The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) is the agency responsible for producing statistical information, including estimates of inflation, external trade and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Caribbean Statistics Day is being observed under the theme "Data Revolution for Sustainable Development of CARICOM - Designing and Operationalizing a Framework for Statistics in the Post-2015 Development Agenda." Diana Castillo-Trejo, Manager of the SIB's Data Dissemination Department, said that the SIB is using the occasion as an opportunity to highlight the importance of its work. Acting Director General, Dr. Leopold Perriott, said that the key is to foster sustainable development for the betterment of the region.

Barrow "stands firm:" tells Uncle Sam "no"
The cruise ship Carnival Magic sailed into the Belize City Harbour yesterday morning, Thursday, carrying among its 3,762 passengers a U.S. lab supervisor who was in self-quarantine because she had handled specimens from the first U.S. Ebola fatality. By the time authorities directed the ship to leave last night, Belize had entered the international media narrative on the Ebola virus. Prime Minister Dean Barrow held a press conference this morning, Friday, to explain why Belize had turned down a request from as high up in the U.S. government as Secretary of State John Kerry, who had called Barrow, asking that the cruise ship passenger use the Philip Goldson International Airport, so that she could have been airlifted back to the U.S. At the press briefing, which was held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel, Prime Minister Barrow was flanked by Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse; CEO in the Office of the Prime Minister, Audrey Wallace; and CEO in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Peter Allen.

Eric Garcia still missing at sea - one week after fishing trip
One week after Eric Garcia, 22, of San Pedro, went missing during a fishing trip with two of his friends in the open seas of the Tres Cocos area of San Pedro, his body has still not been found. According to the survivors, their boat overturned and Garcia went under the water and did not resurface. A search effort to recover his body is still being conducted by volunteers and the Coast Guard, along with divers from San Pedro. Garcia's father went to the San Pedro police and reported that his son, Eric Garcia, had failed to return from a fishing trip.

CCJ sets March 2015 for Maya land rights hearing
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has set Wednesday, March 25, and Thursday, March 26, 2015 for the hearing of the final appeal of the case of the Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA) and the Toledo Alcaldes Association (TAA), as well as 23 Maya villages, against the Government of Belize. Monica Coc Magusson, the first Maya attorney of Toledo to ascend to the Bar of Belize, represented the Maya in a case management session held by the CCJ on Friday. In July 2013, the Court of Appeal dismissed the Government's appeal against the decision of former Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh, that the Maya are entitled to the enjoyment of customary land tenure in all Maya villages in the Toledo district, but the court allowed the Government's appeal against Conteh's order that the Maya are, consequently, entitled to remedies from the Government of Belize. The court dismissed the cross-appeal of the Maya, claiming an award of damages for violation of their constitutional rights.

Work won't restart at Hunting Caye base just yet
Efforts are reportedly underway to ensure that the remaining work to be done to complete the Forward Operation Base (FOB) for the Coast Guard being built on Hunting Caye, which is 75% complete, is carried out by a Belizean subcontractor and Belizean workers, but the project is presently on hold. Admiral John Borland, Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard, in a press conference held on Tuesday at the Coast Guard Headquarters, announced that they met with the Ministry and the recommendation for a Belizean subcontractor to complete the construction of the base has been made by the Coast Guard to the Ministry. A Guatemala company, Bonatti Ingenieros y Arquitectos Sociedad, had been awarded the contract to build the base by officials of the United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM), the organization that is funding the project, and that body must now approve the hiring of a Belizean subcontractor.

PAC Chairman wants AG to investigate Petrocaribe loan
Last Thursday, October 2, 2014 at the last meeting of the House of Representatives, the Government of Belize (GOB) introduced a motion called the Alba Petrocaribe Energy Loan Motion 2014 for the legislature to accept a loan in excess of over US$114 million dollars, which was borrowed over a two-year period, from 2012 to 2014. It might have gone through without much fanfare; however, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and PUP Cayo South area representative, Hon. Julius Espat, has written to Auditor General Dorothy Bradley asking her to re-evaluate the authenticity of the loan, since Government took out the loan in 2012, but the loan motion never reached the House for approval until last week, yet the monies have already been disbursed. Espat, in his letter, inferred that GOB subverted the Finance and Audit Act, since, he said, "you cannot approve something of that nature after the fact."

Patrick JonesPJ

Family of Leslie Logan Jr. demand justice
Former police officer 30 year old Leslie Logan met his end while part of a robbery of Hung Yun Store in Orange Walk Town in September. Police initially detained one of the persons working in the store, identified as the son of the owner, but later released him. From the very beginning authorities have believed that the force used to subdue Logan was justifiable as he was in the act of a crime. But his family believes otherwise and today they came forward with a laundry list of accusations against the Police Department in Orange Walk whom they say have failed to investigate the case.

Gun and drugs convictions for Police Street resident
Fifty-four year old Delroy Chambers, a resident of Police Street, was given two 5 year sentences today by Magistrate Dale Cayetano after he was found guilty of kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Chambers was also fined $10,000 after he was found guilty of drug trafficking for 1,525 grams of cannabis. If he defaults on payment he will serve 3 years. The incident occurred on December 12, 2012. The police, acting on information they received, went o chamber residence and when they searched a coconut tree in the yard they found a bag that contained one 9 millimeter pistol with 9 rounds of ammunition in its magazine.

Tropical Depression could bring lots of rain over Belize
A large portion of Belize could be affected by rain from a tropical system that is tracking eastward towards the Yucatan Peninsula. The Miami-based National Hurricane Center tonight announced the formation of Tropical Depression number 9 over the Bay of Campeche. At 9 o'clock Belize time tonight, TD-9 was about 160 miles west-southwest of Campeche carrying maximum sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. TD-9 is moving towards the east at 6 miles per hour. On the forecast track, TD-9 is expected to approach the coast of Campeche on Wednesday or Wednesday night.

Mother in trouble for allegedly burning her son's hand
Thirty-two year old Odette Lambey, a sales clerk who allegedly lit her stove and put the hand of her 6 year old son in the fire, was charged with grievous harm when she appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Lambey was released on a bail of $500. Her next court date is December 5. The incident occurred on Thursday, October 16 at Lambey's house in the St. Martin de Porres area of Belize City. The child was given a medico- legal form and he was taken to Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The doctor who examined him classified they boy's injury as grievous harm.

Ministry of Health monitors suspected Chik-V cases
Ministry of Health officials are closely monitoring two suspected cases of the Chikungunya viral disease in the Belmopan area of the Cayo district. One of the cases is believed to have been imported from El Salvador. Best information we have received suggests that two "rapid tests" of samples taken from patients being closely monitored by the Ministry of Health have reportedly indicated the presence of the Chik-V virus; but these "rapid tests" are highly unreliable with only a 30% sensitivity and specificity. The "rapid tests" have not been validated and until external test results from a trusted laboratory are received the status remains that there are no confirmed cases of Chik-V in Belize.

Orange Walk Central Park undergoes renovation
The Central Park in Orange Walk town is undergoing major renovations and upgrading. Work on the park rehabilitation started on Wednesday of last week as part of an initiative under the Belize Municipal Development Plan. The Orange Walk Central Park renovation project is being funded through a World Bank loan, with the implementing agency being the Social Investment Fund, at a cost of $350,000. The objective of the project is to improve the aesthetics of the Orange Walk Central Park, making it a more community friendly space.

Burglary reported at Fisheries Department office in Belize City
Close to ten thousand dollars worth of electronic items have been reported stolen from the Fisheries Department building on Princess Margaret Drive in Belize City. Police say that a Fisheries Officer reporter that sometime between the end of the work day on Friday and Monday morning when the office was opened, someone gained illegal entry to the office located on the second floor of the Fisheries Department building. The list of items stolen includes three laptop computers, one tablet, a couple of external hard drives and a GPS system all with a total value of $9,600. Police investigation of the burglary continues.

Fighting the looting of Belize's cultural treasures
The U.S. Embassy and National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) today co-hosted a workshop on preserving and protecting Belize's cultural heritage. Belize has many treasures, both on land and on sea, but we are subject to unscrupulous individuals raiding our resources for private gain, selling priceless artifacts to the highest bidder internationally. Sylvia Batty of the Institute of Archaeology says a memorandum of understanding signed with the U.S. aims to prosecute and reduce those thefts by making it a criminal offence at the federal level to bring in such artefacts to the United States.

Public Utilities Commission releases Request for Proposals report
One year ago the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) started a process of requesting proposals from interested companies for the purpose of securing adequate electricity generation or supply capacity to satisfy all reasonable demands for the supply of electricity in the country of Belize for the next fifteen years at least cost, through a competitive bidding process. Belize is expecting better prices from Mexican power provider CFE over the next four years and anticipates possibly joining a Central American electric network powered by natural gas, but the PUC says it wants to be safe and have a ready source of electricity to meet demands across the country. Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), Belize's chief power provider, is asking for sixty megawatts of firm capacity - that is, energy throughout the year - and 15 megawatts of energy from renewable sources.


A Day About Town Collecting Donations For SAGA's Big Halloween Fundraiser
Yesterday, Eileen (the owner of D&E's Frozen Custard, the former editor of the San Pedro Sun newspaper, one of the founders of the SAGA Humane Society AND one of my favorite people) and I hit the town to gather donations for Sunday's Spooktacular. We've done it before. This is the BIG party and fundraiser for San Pedro's animal clinic and we want to raise as much as we possibly can. They volunteers have organized raffles and auctions (information coming on that!), games and contests and lots of food to sell. To spread the word and the flyers around town, to invite EVERYONE to the party and to make them feel like they have a bit of ownership in our town's non-profit veterninary clinic - Eileen and I spent over 5 hours yesterday talking to everyone! Hitting every grocery store - large and small - soliciting food donations. So that the food prepared (stew chicken, rice & beans, chili and cheese dip) is prepared free and all the money made goes right to SAGA.

Saga Humane Society Spooktacular Auction
The San Pedro community businesses and resort managers and owners, has generously donated award winning dining certificates, exclusive resort and condo accommodations, adventure excursions and activities, boutique shopping certificates and more, in support of the 11th Annual Saga Humane Society Halloween Fundraiser. This year, many of those items can be won on-line at On Sunday October 26th from 11 AM to 5 PM, Saga friends and supporters will gather at Carlo and Ernie's Runway Bar & Grill on Coconut Drive in San Pedro to celebrate Halloween "Saga Style" with games, activities, food and drink and the ever popular Saga Halloween Costume Contest, awarding great prizes. "Everyone in San Pedro looks forward to the Saga Halloween party each year," says Saga board member and Animal Well Being Director Kathy Marin. But not to worry, she says. "If you can't come to the party, you can still grab some great prizes on-line at auction site with all the proceeds going directly to SAGA. "This fun-filled party is only one part of the annual Saga fundraiser," according to Eileen Jamison, one of the original founders of Saga and owner of island favorite DandE's Frozen Custard. "The games and contests and food are great. The raffle prizes are fantastic, and this year's Smooch-A-Pooch booth is sure to be a favorite. For those Saga friends and supporters who can not be at the party this year, we have taken the best of the best items like free airfare on Tropic Air, luxury accommodations at award-winning properties like X'tan Ha Resort, and adventure activities and put them onto an interactive on-line auction system. Now Saga friends near and far can join the fun."

Investing in Belize Real Estate
Many Europeans and North Americans have a dream of living in a place where the air is warm, the water is blue, living is easy, and the rum is cheap. The small country of Belize may or may not live up to your expectations in these regards. Any many of those who take the leap to Belize end up broke, frustrated and unhappy, so thoroughly investigate before you ultimately decide to move to Belize. Expats in Belize are now most clustered in Placencia, San Pedro, near Corozal Town and the Belize City suburbs. Belize also has one of the most liberal retirement programs in the area, with the Retired Persons Incentive Program enacted in 1999. Under the terms of this program, foreign citizens older than 45 can import their possessions duty free and gain special residence status for as long as they meet a few basic requirements. Here are five questions to answer before you make the move to Belize.

International Sourcesizz

Late Afternoon Update On Invest 93-L
A reconnaissance aircraft is investigating Invest 93L which is located in the southern Bay of Campeche. They did find that there is a small well-defined low pressure system associated with Invest 93L. In addition, reconnaissance aircraft also found winds near tropical storm force associated with the low pressure system. The National Hurricane Center opted not to upgrade it to a tropical cyclone as the thunderstorm activity associated with Invest 93L is not organized enough to be considered a tropical cyclone at this time. Once Invest 93L gets into the northwestern Caribbean by Friday, I think that it will probably meander around in the northwestern Caribbean for several days from this weekend into at least early next week. At this point, there is a high degree of uncertainty on where Invest 93L may go and how strong it could get. There is the possibility that it will be ultimately picked up by a trough of low pressure and yanked northward out of the Caribbean and towards the Florida Peninsula by the middle part of next week. Now, there is just as equal of a chance that it will meander westward and be missed by the trough with a ultimate track back towards the Yucatan Peninsula by the middle to later parts of next week. As for potential strength in the northwestern Caribbean, I'm currently leaning towards the side of some strengthening to probably a tropical storm. At this point, I don't see enough evidence to think that it will be a hurricane like what the NAVGEM model is suggesting. Cool, dry air will be just to the north of this system across much of the Gulf of Mexico and this should put a damper on robust strengthening.

Caribbean travel bans unfair, says Sierra Leone national
A national of Sierra Leone residing in Britain has criticized the travel ban imposed by St Kitts and Nevis and a number of other Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states. Communications consultant Desmond Gordon told WINN FM that the ban is unfair because there are steps being put in place in his country, as well as in Liberia and Guinea, and at a global level, to prevent the spread of the disease. Gordon returned to the UK six weeks ago from a visit to Sierra Leone. "Well frankly I think it's (the ban) a bit unfair, because I think there are steps being put in place to curb the possibility of viruses and diseases across different countries and continents," he said, while explaining that he had to undergo stringent processing during his recent trip. "I had to do temperature checks; I had to fill out a health form and all those things to prevent me from spreading the disease, if I did have it, across borders. So I think it is unfair for other countries to jump on a bandwagon or to take extreme perspectives without actually looking at what the real issues are," he told WINN FM.

Belize Zoo Visitors Offer Oct. 28 Talk
Visitors from SUNY Cortland's zoo partner in Central America will explain the importance of their work and discuss student internship opportunities at the Belize Zoo during a campus presentation Tuesday, Oct. 28. Jamal Andrewin, environmental educator at the Belize Zoo, and Tony Garel, the facility's head zookeeper, will speak at 7 p.m. in Brockway Hall, Jacobus Lounge. Their talk is free and open to the public. The College shares a unique partnership with the zoo and maintains a positive presence throughout Belize by bringing students and faculty members from several different academic disciplines to the popular tourist destination, an English-speaking country located on the northeast coast of Central America and bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the south and west.

Belize, l'incredibile voragine dell'oceano
Il Great Blue Hole � una delle pi� incredibili meraviglie naturali al mondo: 300 metri di diametro, 125 metri di profondit� e una forma quasi perfettamente circolare� Natura e incanto nel Belize, in questo sito di immersione tra i pi� sorprendenti al mondo, ricco di natura e incredibile scrigno di biodiversit�. La voragine della grotta verticale sottomarina del Great Blue Hole � una gigantesca formazione naturale di forma quasi perfettamente circolare, con misure da capogiro: 300 metri di diametro, 125 metri di profondit�. Questo immenso buco si trova nel Mar dei Caraibi, e rientra nel Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, Patrimonio dell'Umanit� dell'UNESCO.

Cruise ship cleared by CDC back at sea
The Carnival Magic cruise ship has been cleared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States and is expected back in Cayman later this week. The ship, which regularly calls on Grand Cayman as part of its cruising itinerary hit the international news headlines last week when it was revealed that a Texas lab technician who had handled Ebola medical samples was aboard. The woman has since tested negative for the virus and was isolated in her cruise ship Cabin for most of her trip. The Carnival cruise ship had left Galveston before the technician was aware she needed to be tested and quarantined. The CDC released a statement Sunday after reviewing all of the evidence relating to the passenger and said that, "No passengers or crew were exposed to Ebola on the ship." The CDC added that "the ship was safe to use" with no need to screen passengers. The ship was also sanitized before leaving Texas at the weekend and it is now expected to arrive in the Cayman Islands on Thursday, as scheduled. CDC also confirmed that the lab technician's Ebola test was negative

Las Sarteneje�as Cooperative celebrate their Pollination Project "TPP" grant
In the Sarteneja Village in Corozal District, Belize, 80% of the village's income comes from the fishing industry. As a result, the reefs have been over-fished, and this source of income has declined. Traditionally men provide for the households, but with the recent turn of events, women have had to step in to support their families. Las Sarteneje�as Cooperative is a women-owned, operated and led cooperative that provides a community resource to help develop new and sustainable means of income for this village. Peace Corps Volunteer,Jennifer Krottinger, has helped this group grow into an effective women's group, bringing women together to engage and actively participate in learning traditional sewing and handicrafts techniques for preservation of tradition, and to create positive and sustainable economic development for women.


Video: Belize Diving 2014, 5min.
Carnival Conquest cruise to Cozumel, Belize, Honduras and Costa Maya. This is from two of the dives in Belize.

Video: My currency of Belize paper money, 3.5min.
Belize's first paper money

Video: Landing in San Pedro, Belize, .5min.

Video: Belize Vacation 2014, 15min.
Footage from Caye Caulker, Turneffe, cave tubing, Glovers Atoll Resort and the whale sharks at Gladden Spit.

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