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Today's Belize News: October 24, 2014 #497230
10/24/14 04:49 AM
10/24/14 04:49 AM
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Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

TD#9 in town
It's the calm before the storm and the clouds are rolling in over Ambergris Caye! (4 photos)

Five-a-side Football Tournament to begin
The San Pedro Town Council five-a-side Football Tournament is scheduled to kick off on Friday, October 24th. Taking place at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Arena (Saca Chispas Field), the tournament will see ten teams facing off in a series of matches with the goal of winning the coveted first place prize of $1,000 cash plus trophy. According to event organizer, Hector “Tito” Alamilla Jr., the tournament is aimed to promote healthy recreational activity for the youth of San Pedro. Five-a-side football consists of teams of five playing in a smaller field that the regulation size of normal football. Game time is also shorter than that of a regular football match. The ten teams registered to participate in the tournament are Warriors FC, FC’s Aluminum Fabricators, Valencia del Caribe FC, Swampedrito Lazy Boys, Island Pure FC, Eagles FC, Green House FC, Airstrip Taxi Strikers FC, Pro Divers FC and Dorados FC. All teams must have ten registered players and a proper football uniform to represent the team.

Tropical Depression Nine loses strength as it gets closer to Belize
The Belize National Meteorological Service is currently monitoring a tropical depression that formed on Tuesday, October 21st in the Bay of Campeche in the extreme southwestern Gulf of Mexico. While the 2014 Hurricane Season is scheduled to close on Sunday, November 1st, Belize is still not in the clear of any storm, as this tropical depression seems to be paying a visit to Belize. Known as Tropical Depression 9, the storm currently has sustained winds of over 35 miles per hour (mph) with stronger gusts. The storm carries heavy rains of up to 15 inches. Flash floods are possible. Tropical Depression 9 is moving eastwards at six mph. Tropical storm watch warnings have been issued for Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula from Celestun City to Frontera City. After crossing the Yucatan Penisula, Tropical Depression 9 is expected to merge with a cold front that is moving southerly in the area. If this is to occur, the intensification of the storm would diminish.

PM Barrow refuses to facilitate evacuation of possible Ebola patient
The threat of an Ebola outbreak continues to loom over the Caribbean, North and Central America. As such, governments including the Government of Belize (GOB), are taking action to prevent the spread of the deadly disease in their respective countries. On Thursday, October 16th, news broke out of two passengers considered a very low risk for Ebola by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who self-quarantined themselves aboard the Carnival Magic cruise ship which was at the time stationed in Belizean waters. Practicing extreme caution, GOB refused to facilitate a United States of America (USA) request for assisting in the evacuation of the two passengers through Philip Goldson International Airport.

Ambergris Today

Belize Conducts Activities for the Possible Entry of Ebola
The Ministry of Health continues to conduct multiple activities associated with the global threat of Ebola - The Ministry of Health is pleased to share an update on several activities carried out within the past week. Two isolation facilities have been stationed at the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) compound and the precise specifications of these facilities are currently being reviewed. Revisions have also been conducted on surveillance activities at the airport for further strengthening. Additionally, several activities are being conducted including the activation of Point of Entry Screening with Public Health Inspectors at the International Airport, meetings between the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Public Health Inspectorate on the adoption of updated screening protocols for cruise ship passengers, and meetings with relevant stakeholders on a draft plan of action for Ebola called by the Ministry of Health through the office of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO).

Belize Icon Paul Nabor Passes Away
News was received late yesterday evening, Wednesday, October 22, 2014, on the death of Belizean Paranda artist, 86-year-old Paul Nabor, who had been ailing for an extended period. He had been hospitalized in January of this year with pneumonia. The Government of Belize stated that it joins the family and friends of Paul Nabor and Belizeans in mourning the loss of this Belizean icon and musical legend. A legendary Garifuna composer, Paul Nabor is well known for his contributions to Paranda music, most notably, his moving song, "Naguya Nei" written for his dying sister.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

San Pedro Liquor Licensing Board
Liquor license holders are urged to submit completed renewal applications at the office of the San Pedro Town Council by December 12, 2014

Media & Video Symposium 2014 - Belize
Tuesday, November 4 at 8:00am Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina, in Belize City, Belize

Paul Nabor
The Press Office joins the family and friends of Paul Nabor and Belizeans in mourning the loss of this Belizean icon and musical legend. A legendary Garifuna composer, Paul Nabor is well known for his contributions to Paranda music, most notably, his moving song, "Naguya Nei" written for his dying sister. To pay homage, we share with you a photo taken by a member of our team back in November 2012 when Paul Nabor performed at Builder's Hardware in Belmopan.

"Unique Belize" Exhibition
Local Belizean Arts and Crafts Artisan Brand, "Unique Belize" Exhibition, launched under the BRDPII Project of the Ministry of Tourism. The jewelry is crafted using only quality materials made in Belize. The level of creativity and quality of work surpassed critique's expectations.

BEL Assists CARILEC Member Utility with Hurricane Restoration Works
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) is honoured to assist Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) and Anguilla Electricity Company Limited (ANGLEC), as both fellow members of the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC), undertake restoration works following damages caused by the passage of Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo in those islands on October 11 and 17 respectively. In Bermuda, these incidents resulted in 12 persons injured, damaged buildings and extensive damages to BELCO’s power distribution system, which left over 80% of customers without power. Anguilla, which received a direct hit from Hurricane Gonzalo, also experienced extensive damage to their electricity infrastructure. Subsequently, ANGLEC sought immediate assistance from CARILEC.

Rugby Training Starts
Though it may only be a sandy patch of ground, the Saca Chispas field in San Pedro made history recently as it became the venue for the first official training session for children participating in Belize’s newest sports activity, rugby, as members of the San Pedro Turtles rugby club. “We’re starting small,” says Martin Dawson, organisor of the San Pedro Turtles, “and we are aiming to get a rugby sevens team organized very soon. We know there are more children and youth in San Pedro that would like to play rugby with us, and they are welcome to come along”. The game, already popular throughout Central America, is played by both girls and boys, young and old, and in a variety of variations. The hugely popular version, Rugby Sevens – the variant that will feature in the 2016 Rio Olympics, is where the Belize Rugby Board will be focusing its efforts to grow and develop the sport in Belize.

Paul Nabor: Belizean Legend & Father of the Garifuna Nation
Music legend Paul Nabor passed away last night in Belize. Nabor was a hero like Andy Palacio who dedicated his life to the survial of the Garifuna culture. He was a widely respected musical talent who brought the soulful music of the Garifuna to the rest of the world that on a 2004 visit to Tegucigalpa in Honduras, he was declared a distinguished guest of the city. Nabor performed on Andy Palacio’s final album, Watina released in 2007. Belize and the rest of the world will miss him!

Channel 7

The Second Paranda King Passes
Paul Nabor - the 86 year old parandero and musical icon died last night at 6:50 at the Punta Gorda Hospital. Nabor had gotten a stroke ten days earlier and had returned to his PG home to be cared for by his grandson. Last night around 6:00 he took a turn for the worse and was rushed to the PG hospital where he was pronounced dead. And so tonight, Belizeans and Garinagu all over the world are mourning the passing of this great on. Like his most famous song "Naguya Nei" says, "I am moving on…" - and so he has. Today we spoke to family, friends and band members about his contribution. First, you'll hear from Barbara Norales who was a close friend of Nabor's. Today in Dangriga, she said Belize and the world have lost a great talent:.. Babara Norales, Friend of Nabor "I got to enjoy the spiritual and personal side of him and then I'll use this to send condolences to the PG people and Belize, they have lost one of its greatest asset. The Garifuna people has lost something great and condolences to his daughter Marie who is also an artist and I hope that Darius and the people from PG continue with the Paul Nabor birthday every year in January."

Mayor Swazo Blazes SIF At Griga Market's Ceremonial Opening
Our next story shouldn't be about politics, but, it kinda is. The story should be about how Dangriga Town finally got its market back - completely refurbished with 44 new stalls, and all the bells and whistles. But, as it turns out, the story is about how the Dangriga Mayor just dropped bombs on the Social Investment Fund and its minister at the handing over today. 7News was at the ceremony, and here's how it went.. William Lamb, Executive Director - SIF "So with pride and thanks to God I can say to the Dangriga residents; enjoy the new market." Jules Vasquez reporting But there wasn't much for SIF or their minister to enjoy today when the Dangriga Mayor - backed up by the PUP political bosses of the south - blazed them: Gilbert Swazo, Mayor - Dangriga "Today is a special, a momentous, but a bitter sweet day." Bitterness because SIF delivered a market 400 thousand dollars over budget and 15 months late:

Another Hilux Stolen, Police Quickly Recover It
Another Government owned Toyota Hilux was stolen today in Belmopan. That would be the fifth since July - all government Hilux's stolen from various government departments. It's a staggering number and it would be a double embarrassment for police and the government tonight - but this time, the cops got back the truck and they did it in less than half an hour! It's a quite remarkable turn of events which was aided first by the fact that the vehicle was stolen from the Institute of Archaeology - and workers saw it when the car thief - a Hispanic man in dark sunglasses was driving off. They followed behind him and called police - who had mapped out a response plan and were ready to roll. The officer commanding Belmopan explained how they intercepted the pickup heading west:.. Supt. Howell Gillett - OC, Belmopan Police "We had a plan in place and that plan was immediately effectuated. I can't go through in depth with the plan, but what I can tell you we had the services of Roaring Creek police which is a part of the Belmopan police; we had our CIB and other unites from Belmopan activated; we had Benque, San Ignacio and also we had the Spanish Lookout alert system in place.

Hon. Mahmud Is Out For Real
On Tuesday we reported that PUP Cayo North Representative Joseph Mahmud would not contest the next general election: he will be stepping down as standard bearer. Now, conventional wisdom and our observation of the long history of politics told us that the matter would be dealt with: someone inside the PUP would reach out to Mahmud, and grease the squeaky wheel. But, it seems, no one will - and it seems the PUP thinks that Mahmud's problems are his and not theirs. Now, that's pretty broad thinking when you consider that he controls one of 16 seats needed to form a government, but today deputy Leader for the South Mike Espat told us that Mahmud;s mind is made and there's nothing he can do about it:.. Jules Vasquez "How do you feel about the developments with your colleague Joseph Mahmud?" Hon. Mike Espat, PUP Toledo East "You can't tell a man what to do. A man must decide for himself what he wants to do. I don't know what is his problem, he has not shared his problem with me or anybody else in the Southern Caucus."

Paul Nabor's Final Days Battling Illness
As we told you at the top of the news, the legend, Paul Nabor, died last night after months of illness. The 86 year-old was very ill, after suffering 2 strokes. Earlier this week, he suffered a third, and that illness sapped the rest of his vitality until he passed away at around 6:50. Nabor was a spiritual elder of the Garifuna, or as they are called, "buyei", but he was best known as a musician and songwriter for over 60 years. Those who knew him say that his talent was only surpassed by his humility, and willingness to work with and impart his knowledge to anyone who approached him for instruction. Today, 7News went to PG to speak with his family about Nabor's last few days, and about his legacy. Here's what they told us: Linda Barrow - Grandaughter-in-law "On the 12th October, he suffered his 3rd stroke and he was hospitalized at the Punta Gorda Hospital until the 20th October. He was released then and he was brought home. From there on he continue to grew more ill and then yesterday at 5:45 he fell much more ill and we rushed him to the Punta Gorda Hospital where the nurses and the doctors tried their best to save him and he was gone at 6:50.

A Look Back At Nabor's Legacy
Indeed, the 2007 Three Kings documentary by Katia Paradis - set Peters, Nabor and Mes on a pedestal - and now two of them, Peters and Nabor are gone. If Naguya Nei thought us how to sing with Nabor, The Three Kings taught us how to love him. The documentary captured his remarkable musical career and the sacred moments in his life as well as the joy that he spread through his music and simply: his presence. With the permission of the film-maker, Here are a few classic clips from that documentary. Not all the clips you saw in that clip were form the three kings documentary. No funeral arrangements have been set as yet - because Nabor's family is waiting for his daughter Marie to arrive in country. We'll keep you posted - nad we'll have more Nabor coming unto the end of tonight's newscast…

A Family Fast Food Shop Weathering The Test of Time
It is not so common to get a brochure outlining the history and food selections when you visit a fast food restaurant. I mean, the concept of a fast food restaurant is to get your food and get out but, Trejo's panades shop is a different kind of fast food restaurant, they provide more than just the food - they says it's the history: Trejo's is on Bishop street.

Griga Market Project Supervisor Responds; Says Mayor Swazo Is Factually Wrong
In our last segment, you saw how the mayor of Dangriga dropped bombs on the Social Investment Fund accusing them of impoverishing his town residents. But, you didn't hear SIF's side of the story. They say that the mayor has it all wrong - and project supervisor Ernest Raymond discussed it with Jules Vasquez:.. Jules Vasquez "You took some blows today; SIF the organization took some blows. The mayor accused you all of keeping the people of Dangriga poor, when you all should be a poverty alleviation fund. He says that in fact you all are impoverishing people. How do you respond to that?" Ernest Raymond, Project Supervisor - SIF "That's not the case. For one, when we started the renovation of the market we had allowed for the relocation of the vendors to a site that they can continue business. As you can see they were all relocated over there in a facility that was provided by the council. It's part of what we called a re-settlement re-allocation agreement. It's one of the major points of the safeguards that we ensure that persons affected by the project in any way do not suffer economically as well as inconvenience physically. Yes there were some discomfort over the last 2 years operating in a facility - a mere shed, a couple of boards to stand on, but business continued as usual and of course there were some..."

The 51st Anniversary of Masonic Lodge 683
There are many perceptions about masonic lodges and based on public sentiment, they are often negative or suspicious. There are countless stories that speak of these secretive outlandish and taboo activities that are carried out within a lodge. Well, today two members from the Steadfast Masonic Lodge 683 came to our studios to debunk these false perceptions and to tell us about their 51st anniversary. Ashton Longsworth, Grand Instructor - Masonic Lodge "We are not a secret society. We might be like many would say a society with secrets, but we are not a secret society and why I say that is what is secret about a lodge? It is in the minds of many people that its secret. You can go on your computer and you can google anything you want to know about the lodge. You look at vehicles, you see bumper stickers, you look at men you see them with rings, you see them wearing emblems with caps and t-shirts. In the states there are billboards that publicize lodge. So if we are allowing people to say that it's a secret society, then we are doing a sloppy job at camouflaging it." "It's very commemorative because of the fact that today, this date is when the steadfast Masonic Lodge 683 was actually establish. So it's a very important day for us and we are here to actually celebrate on our birthday like everybody else."

Channel 5

Minister of National Security Breaks His Silence on Caracol Murder
We go now inside the House of Representatives that concluded its special sitting before two p.m. today.  Tourism Police Special Constable Danny Conorquie was killed exactly one week ago. His [...]

What’s the Deal with the FOB at Hunting Caye?
The Minister of National Security John Saldivar also addressed the House on a number of new initiatives which have been put in place to enhance security on our border and [...]

Security Measures to be Put in Place at Caracol Following Danny Conorquie’s Death
Back to the House of Representative. Tour guides assembled outside the house looking for quick solutions for a problem which could cost them their lives, just as it did the [...]

Cayo Tour Guides Protest Outside Assembly Building
Even as the discussion surrounding murdered special constable Danny Conorquie took center stage inside the House, outside the members of the Cayo Tour Guide Association stood in protest. They want [...]

Francis Fonseca Criticizes Legal Profession Act
As far as House meetings go, today’s session was decidedly tame, with little of the acerbic repartee we’ve become accustomed to. Some significant bills were pushed through to final reading, [...]

P.M. Barrow Says Bar Association is all P.U.P.
Those hits from across the floor got the PM’s hackles raised, and he fired back, taking direct aim at the Bar Association which he says has been totally and completely [...]

3 Police Officers Charged for Criminal Wrongdoings
On Wednesday, the Professional Standards Branch of the Belize Police Department told the media that there are at least seven officers currently under investigation, following allegations of criminal wrongdoings.  Among [...]

Sudden Death at K.H.M.H., Teenager Dies Mysteriously
A mother and aunt are tonight grieving the sudden death of a thirteen year old girl at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Maria Larios was admitted to the K.H.M.H. on [...]

Was Maria Larios’ Throat Punctured, did it result in her Death?
According to the women, a doctor was called in and somehow Maria’s lung was allegedly punctured when a tube was introduced into her throat. Within minutes and before their eyes, [...]

Charges Brought Against John Popper for Breaching Protection Order
Police say fifty year-old John Aaron Popper committed a number of criminal offenses when he breached a protection order to stay away from his ex-common-law wife, forty-one year old Cecilia [...]

P.M. Barrow Comments on Beleaguered GSU…
The GSU, or more specifically GSU commander Mark Flowers, have been in the news almost nightly. The elite, aggressive unit has been under fire after allegations of excessive force and [...]

…and His Statement of Patrick Faber
Special Sitting of the House: It was only a couple weeks ago that Minister of Education Patrick Faber was accused of assaulting a young woman who works in his Ministry. [...]

Healthy Living looks at the Quality of Life for Older Persons
This week is being celebrated as Senior Week which includes the celebration of International Day of Older Persons on October first. In Belize, there are several groups advocating for a [...]


NEMO Corozal Monitors TD#9
With only 39 more days more for the 2014 Hurricane Season to end, tonight Belizeans have their eyes set on Tropical Depression number 9. As it moves into the Yucatan Peninsula the northern part of the country is expected to witness a wet weekend. According to District NEMO Coordinator for Corozal, Willard Levy, his committees are keeping a close watch on the bad weather. Willard Levy – NEMO Corozal “We are monitoring very closely this TD9, my committee is alerted of it and they are prepared if there is a need to activate and basically that is for getting the shelters ready if there is a need to move people into shelters.” Victor Castillo – Reporter “What is the forecast?” Willard Levy – NEMO Corozal “Well, it depends on the move of the system and the quantity of rain that may occur and cause extensive flooding at this point we cannot really foresee as to say when exactly we are going to need to open shelters, we have to wait and watch what is going to happen between now and tomorrow.” In Corozal Town, Levy claims flooding is one of their major issues. Willard Levy – NEMO Corozal “Basically our problem is flood prone areas, our advice to the people is to take head to higher grounds if in the event there is a need to move, it is forecasted that we are going to have very well rain over the weekend, as a matter of fact they even mentioned that it could become a Tropical Storm sometime after Friday night into Saturday which will move into the Caribbean sea.”

Belize Territorial Volunteers Seek To Build Outpost Near Belize/Guatemala Border
On Monday we told you about a successful telethon held by Friends for Conservation and Development to fund a park ranger program in the Chiquibul National Park and Forest Reserve. The monies seek to support five rangers currently working in the reserve for a year and after the final tally of the day, over 300 thousand dollars was raised. And while that is a step closer to making that dream a reality for heightened security of our precious reserves, another organization called Belize Territorial Volunteers has intent of constructing an outpost but this structure is only a few feet away from the Guatemalan Border. Today we spoke to activist, Wil Mehia via telephone, who shed some light on their proposed construction. Wil Maheia – Activist“We Belize Territorial Volunteers has been around for several years now and we continue to keep an eye on the border and we find it insulting that they are going to construct a conservation post instead of a military post at one mile in from the border line, we continue to report at the border line and the incursions that is taking place so we are making a stand and we are going to construct a BTV outpost and it will be few feet from the Belize/Guatemala borderline because we have been taken for granted for too long and the Guatemalan government and the OAS has continue to demand things from Belize and Belize government show signs of weakness so we are going to make a statement and we are going to make a stand and we are going to construct an outpost near the Jalacte area at the Guatemala border line but the first phase will begin with the construction of a where the outpost is going and we intend to start early December.”

NEMO Corozal Raises Awareness On Hurricane Preparedness
We are still not out of the woods when it comes to the 2014 Hurricane Season and in light of this bringing awareness signifies preventing losses and that’s one of the main objectives of NEMO Corozal. As students of Christilen Gill SDA primary school in Corozal learnt today, saving lives is NEMO’s priority.Willard Levy – NEMO Corozal “I did a tour from since the 24th of September, we made a tour in all the town schools with intention to visiting the village schools in 2015, this is basically to share disaster awareness amongst the schools and families, we find that in schools the children are the best form of information so we shared the information that they could take it to their parents so that they could be more prepared and that is basically the objective of this tour.” Today’s session was geared towards safety tips.

NEMO O/W Prepared For Flooding But What About For Hurricane?
This Hurricane Season Belize has experienced its fair share of rains throughout the Country but has been spared from major threats or developed storms. Nevertheless, NEMO officials and volunteers from across the country have been on alert and prepared in the event a storm would threaten the nation. Today, we spoke with NEMO’s Regional Director of the Northern Districts, Elodio Aragon Sr. who told us that while we have been fortunate to not experience any major storms, they are ready to some degree if need arises. Elodio Aragon Sr. – Regional Director for the North, NEMO“This year though it rained a lot it did not rained consistently so there were breaks so the water would run off and then the rain would come back again so I can say that this year has been a very good one fortunate enough up to now we have a month a few days to go and I hope that everything remains more or less the same and then we can say fortunate we are lucky nothing has happened.”Maria Novelo – Reporter“So far you are saying that no flooding was reported in the north?”Elodio Aragon Sr. – Regional Director for the North, NEMO“For this year no flooding but it came close but starting in May just after the work and everything it started to rain a lot by the end of May I thought we would have flooding and I even alerted Belmopan that we would need some support with boat and things like that and we were getting ready for that because waters were rising but fortunately enough it stop raining for a long period after that and so I have to say that for the whole of this year I say we have been lucky thanks for the good lord.”

Three Youth's Go Missing
It seems that every day there is a missing person case to report on and today there is no ease in sight. Authorities in both Belize City and Corozal Districts are asking the public’s assistance in locating three females from the municipalities. The first case was reported on Friday October 17th, when 16 year old Kenisha Oshon, Belizean student of #123 Mahogany Street, Belize City, is believed to have runaway. Kenisha was last seen by her mother on Thursday October 26th by the Complex Building in Belize City. Oshon is about 4 feet 8 inches in height, slim built, of dark complexion, has black short hair, dark brown eyes, snub nose and has some scars on her leg. She was last seen wearing a short yellow dress, pair of pink slippers and carrying with her a grey schoolbag. The second missing person case was reported by Ponseda Hill of 3rd Street South Corozal Town. Hill visited the Corozal Police Station and reported that on Monday at 2:00p.m., her 13 year old daughter, Jeannie Alvarez, Belizean student, left her house en route to her father’s house located on 5th Avenue, Corozal Town. Hill reports that up to the time of making her report her daughter has not returned home. Jeannie Alvarez is of brown complexion, has black long hair, black eyes, and was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, blue 3/4 jeans pants with black slippers.

MOH Sets Measures For Prevention Of Ebola At The PGIA
Following the global threat of Ebola to our region, the Ministry of Health is taking all precautions and have put in place several procedures to prepare for the possible entry of Ebola. A release from the Ministry of Health announced today that two isolation facilities have been stationed at the Philip Goldson International Airport compound and the precise specifications of these facilities are currently being reviewed. Revisions have also been conducted on surveillance activities at the airport for further strengthening. The Ministry also announced the activation of Point of Entry screening with Public Health Inspectors at the PGIA. The ministry has also completed the development of a “Health Alert” notice card, a passenger location card, a fact sheet on Ebola and flyer for passengers on international flights.

O/W Police Refuse To Speak On Allegations Of Cover Up Ito Leslie Logan Junior's Case
Yesterday we told you about the family of Leslie Logan Junior who held a press conference in Belize City to express their dissatisfaction at authorities for not handling the investigations properly into the death of their loved one. The father of Logan Junior, Leslie Logan Senior who was a police officer for more than 37 years claimed that there has been a cover up of the case. Retired Inspector of Police Leslie Logan told the media yesterday he is well aware of what due process needs to be taken in any investigation. Logan Senior and his wife arrived in Belize from the US on the 23rd of September, the same day a post mortem examination was conducted on the body of their son after he was shot multiple times by the owner of the store he went to rob. To date all that is know is that the owner of Hung Ya Store located on Otro Benque Road in front of the Northern Regional Hospital gave a police a caution statement and was released from custody. No one knows if he is still in Orange Walk and to date Logan Senior is questioning whether the use of excessive force by the owner of the store is justifiable. Logan claims to have a written statement of a witness who claims that Logan Junior pleaded for his life to be spared and for the police to be called, but instead, the owner of the store, who is of Chinese Nationality, just kept shooting. To make matters worse, for the police department in this case, the witness claims that Logan’s shooting happened in the presence of a police officer who instead of stopping the shooter, condoned the act.

Case Of Carlos Keme Goes To Retrial
Carlos Keme, he is better known as (Zorro) and was accused for the murder of his girlfriend back in 2009. After five years behind bars, his case was finally on trial but it turns out that the case will be retried. Right about now you might be asking why since Keme confessed to killing Karina Daniels even during an exchange of words we had with him while coming out of court on the day he was charged for murder. Details into the case are still sketchy but we understand that Keme entered a plea of guilty for the lesser charge of manslaughter in the Supreme Court on Monday in Orange Walk.

More Adequate Test Needed To Detect Chikungunya Virus
Health authorities in Belize have confirmed that at least two people took a rapid test to detect the Chikungunya virus, but in an article published on October fifteenth, reports indicate that recent findings show that commercially available rapid diagnostic test for diagnosing the disease appears to perform poorly in terms of spe-ci-ficity and sensitivity. The reports states that researchers say the increasing threat of the virus’ emergence in temperate regions and the need to anticipate possible outbreaks of infection, are presenting a challenge to the current level of diagnostic preparedness. The researchers assessed the utility of four commercially available blood tests approved by the European Commission for detecting the virus. According to the researchers, these findings indicate that the RDTs evaluated should not be used in a clinical setting. They added that two tests that were enzyme-linked im–mu-nos-orbent tests, which are screening for chikungunya IgM and IgG, performed better. However, their rates of false-positive and false-negative results are “non-negligible.” Kim Bautista says health authorities in Belize are aware of the situation. Kim Bautista - Chief of Operation of Vector Control “The particular kit that goes by the name onsite used by a company CTK was found that on a study made it only had a 20% sensitivity rate which is basically your sensitivity is your true positive so there was a quite a bit of false negativity and false positive in the studies and done, there are no rapid test kits currently approved by either the CDC or by the WHO, ...

Ministry Of Health Investigates Suspected Cases Of Chikungunya
Health officials had said no cases of Chikungunya had been detected in Belize but that it was inevitable and it seems infections have begun to appear. At least three suspected cases are being monitored by health officials since Sunday. The news was first broke by Plus TV in Belmopan, where it appears the cases are being detected. Chief of Operation of Vector Control in the Ministry of Health, Kim Bautista, confirmed the information in an interview with our colleagues at Channel Seven. Kim Bautista - Chief of Operation of Vector Control “Right now we have four person under suspicion I would say, initially we had a 65 year old individual who is from Salvadorian national with family in Las Flores she was diagnose back in August with Chickengunya in El Salvador and she came late September back home but as you with Chikengunya you get that persistent joint pain even after you have gotten over the fever isle phase of the disease...


Daylight Savings Time Ends on Sunday
On Sunday, October 26 daylight savings time will end which means that Mexico will then be on the same time as Belize. A release was issued by the Embassy of Mexico adding that the Daylight Savings Time will end in order to begin its winter time. The release suggested to those traveling within Mexico that they adjust their watches and clocks before going to sleep on the evening of Saturday, October 25 and that if you have plans of traveling in transit through Mexico, that you verify your flight and bus schedules.

Convicted Man Seeks Redress via Court of Appeals
23-year-old, Akeem Thurton was convicted of attempted murder in 2010 in the Belize Supreme Court and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. He has since served three years and is now seeking redress before the Court of Appeals, which was set to hear his case this past Tuesday but Thurton’s attorney made a petition before the appeal judges, asking that the case be traversed to the next Court of Appeals session scheduled for 2015. Bryan Neal is Thurton’s attorney and he has been joined by a Jamaican attorney, Nancy Anderson, who is a member of the Human Rights Commission in Jamaica. Anderson had become aware of the case during a business visit to Belize which coincided with the time the trial was ongoing and Thurton was unrepresented in court as there was reportedly, no attorney willing to defend him since he was being accused of attempting to take the life of Senior Counsel and Law Partner of Belize’s Prime Minister, Rodwell Williams.

Vehicle Theft in Belmopan Foiled by Quick Action and Response
Sometime this morning, a white Hilux pickup truck was stolen from in front of the Belmopan office for the National Institute for Culture and History. However, employees and security personnel were quickly notified and as a result of quick response by the authorities, the vehicle was traced to Georgeville Village, Cayo District where the culprit escaped. Love news spoke to Dave Griffith about what transpired today. DAVE GRIFFITH “We informed the Belmopan Police and one of our vehicles was coming up west and he was informed and he told us that he said that he saw the vehicle going up toward San Ignacio. So what he did was trail the vehicle all the way to Georgeville where there was a checkpoint where the driver of the stolen white Hilux then made a turn and ran into some bushes in the nearby Georgeville.

Belize’s Electric Company Reaches Out In Aid To Bermuda and Anguilla
Over the past few weeks, Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo swept through the Caribbean with force. Two nations, Bermuda and Anguilla were greatly affected. Tropical Storm Fay and Hurricane Gonzalo damaged both countries’ power distribution system. The Belize Electricity Limited, has stepped up and assisted the Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO) and Anguilla Electricity Company Limited (ANGLEC) as both countries are part of the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation CARILEC. In Bermuda, 80% of customers were left without power following Hurricane Gonzalo which also caused extensive damages to Anguilla’s electricity infrastructure. One of the missions was to deploy engineers undertake damage assessments and line crews to carry out transmission and distribution line restoration. Anguilla received immediate assistance with the restoration of power lines by 10 linemen from U.S. Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority of St. Thomas. In response to BELCO’s request, twelve utilities positively responded and based on the timing of their responses, the state of readiness and the number of crew members available, BEL was accepted along with other Caribbean Electrical Companies.

Guatemalan Found Dead in Mopan River
A Guatemalan man was found dead in the Mopan River in Western Belize. Correspondent Elaine Berry has the details. ELAINE BERRY “The body of a male person was found in the Mopan river 600 meters from the Calla Creek bridge at about 1pm this afternoon. The body was fully clothed and has been identified as 22 year old Rudy Salazar a resident of Melchor Guatemala by his brother. Salazar is the person that was shot on Sunday night of October 19 at around 9PM behind a resort. Love News understands that the men went fishing in that area and shots were fired at them. One of the persons who is a minor of Melchor received a gunshot wound below the right knee and was taken to the San Ignacio community hospital treated and released. The minor stated that one of the other persons that was with him received a shot and jumped into the river and could not be located. The other person returned back to Melchor and informed the family as to what transpired. The cause of death is yet to be determined.”

Belize City Has New Deputy Mayor
Kevin Singh has been elected to be Belize City Deputy Mayor. Every year the Belize City Council elects a Deputy Mayor, whose responsibility is to work directly with the Mayor and Councilors to govern the City. During a meeting on October 9, Signh was unanimously voted as Deputy Mayor for the period October 2014 to March 2015. Deputy Mayor Singh will retain his portfolio, which includes responsibility for Market, Public Spaces and Beautification.

The Life of Paul Nabor
Paul Nabor was more than just a music legend in Belize. He was respected by many and also served as religious leader in his community. With a further look into the life of Paul Nabor, we join Renee Trujillo. “At 6:50pm on Wednesday, October 23, 2014, the Paranda musician and Belizean legend, Paul Santino Nabor passed away at the age of 86. Nabor’s death is one that not only saddened the southern communities, musicians and many other Belizeans but one that also reminds us of the passing of his friend and protégé, Andy Palacio, who passed away over six years ago. Nabor was born on January 26, 1928 and grew up in Barranco Village, Toledo District where he matured into the Garifuna culture – a culture that he never abandoned or denied. Up to the time of his passing, Nabor remained a well respected and admired musician, who, on more than one occasion, was commended for the soul he brought to the Garifuna music through his paranda rhythms.

Parandero King, Paul Nabor Dies
Reports began coming out of Punta Gorda Town just after seven o’clock last night on the death of Parandero, Paul Nabor. Paul Mahung was with the family and close friends at the hospital when the announcement came and was broadcast LIVE on the Belize Watch program on Love FM and Love Television. Here is a report from Paul Mahung on the death of Nabor. PAUL MAHUNG “On behalf of family members and those who were at the Punta Gorda hospital at the time of his death, President of the Battle of the Drums Secretariat Darius Avila made the announcement of the passing of Paul Nabor during the Belize Watch Show on Love FM and Love TV.” DARIUS AVILA “The very sad news about the death of Paul Nabor…… He has been suffering from an illness for a little while now. This evening he turned for the worse, his grandson, David Lino and his wife, Linda quickly brought him to the Punta Gorda Hospital where the doctors tried their utmost best to keep him at a level of stability but sadly he was pronounced dead at 6:50pm. So, we will, along with the family plan the funeral arrangements and we will continue to keep the nation and his fans and everyone informed as our plans unfold.”


Armed Guatemalan incursions in Calla Creek?
According to reports from Belize Media Group, on Thursday afternoon armed Guatemalan nationals confronted Belize police officers and scenes of crime technicians, as they retrieved the body of a man from the Mopan River in Calla Creek village. Belizean authorities were reportedly processing the scene to assist in their investigation into the circumstances of the death, when the Guatemalan nationals started to make threats. According to the online report, a team of Belize Defence Force soldiers had to be deployed to Calla Creek village Thursday afternoon to deal with the situation. We have not been able to confirm the report but will follow this developing story.

Dengue numbers increase
We are in what some would dub the mosquito season or Dengue Season. There are 4 kinds of dengue, which change from year to year. This year, Belize is seeing a lot of hemorrhagic dengue which includes bleeding. This is week 42 in the dengue season. In week 38, the last figures we could get our hands on showed that there were 209 lab confirmed cases countrywide for all 38 weeks, but the latest figures out, just one month later, has seen a doubling of those figures. At week 42 there have been 460 lab confirmed cases of dengue in the country, the bulk being in Belize City, Corozal and Cayo, while clinically confirmed cases for week 42 is at 354. According to health officials, hotspots of Dengue outbreak in the Corozal district include villages such as Concepcion, Libertad, and San Antonio. Specific parts of Corozal town are Halls Layout, Joseita, and Hermelinda Layout.

Government wants to strike out BISL claim
$120 million. That is how much Belize International Services Limited (BISL), the former managers of the Corporate and Ships Registries, are demanding from the Government of Belize over the 2013 acquisition of both registries which they say is arbitrary...

Ministry of Health Ebola measures at PGIA
The Ministry of Health issued an update on measures being taken against the Ebola virus. So far, two isolation facilities have been stationed at the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) compound, and the precise specifications of these facilities are currently being reviewed.According to ...

Harvest Caye and Stake Bank projects moving along
The Norwegian Cruise Lines project at Harvest Caye and the Michael Feinstein project at Stake Bank have been subject to controversy, but they continue on. On Wednesday Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia Jr gave us an update on each. Manuel Heredia Jr. – Minister of Tourism On the Harvest Caye p...

Labor issues at Placencia Hotel and Residence?
There are reports of an industrial dispute between workers and employers at the Placencia Hotel and Residence. Reports reaching our desk are that there is a case of disgruntled workers who were recently fired, allegedly without proper benefit payments. There is a barrage of allegations including ove...

Three females missing
Police are asking the public’s assistance in locating three missing females. The first is 20-year-old Ashanti Diamond,  a Belizean babysitter of Taylor’s Alley, Belize City. Ashanti Diamond was reported missing on Tuesday October 21. According to reports, she was last seen around 3:00 p.m...

Guatemalan caught smuggling weed at Belizean border
On Tuesday October 21st at 6:30a.m. while on duty at the Belize/Guatemala Border, Benque Viejo Town, Police saw an Hispanic man, who at the time was coming from Guatemala into Belize.  Police observed that both of his pants foot area were bulky. A search conducted on the person resulted in the disc...

BTL Directory has Belmopan Fire Station phone number wrong
On Tuesday in our newscast, we reported on a fire that gutted a home in the village of Blackman Eddy. No one was hurt in the incident but the cause of the fire was still undetermined. As we also reported Tuesday night, we tried contacting the Fire Department in Belmopan to get an update on the inves...

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The Guardian

Mahmud Gone... PUP will not miss him!
We are not certain if it was the PUP who got rid of Mahmud or if it was Mahmud who got rid of the PUP. What we are certain of is that he is no longer going to contest the Cayo North Constituency. Credible reports state that Mahmud is completely and totally dissatisfied with the People’s United Party , in particular with its leadership. On one hand there is a leader who simply cannot lead a horse to drink water and on the other hand they have a leader who will be leader despite anything. And that is where Mahmud finds himself, the reports this newspaper has received is that the ‘would be king’ of the Western Caucus of the PUP, called a meeting of the caucus in that division and did not invite the chairman. The Chairman of course, is Mahmud. We understand that this is just the tip of the disrespectful iceberg that the Cayo North area representative is facing. Outside of being a simple minion in his party, the current leader views him as a Bricenista, meaning that he has loyalties only to Johnny Briceno and to no other leader.

PM Barrow denies entry to potential Ebola threat
There has been some negative criticism coming from persons in the United States following the executive decision by Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, to refuse the facilitation of a cruise ship passenger to be flown back to America, via Belizean soil. That passenger was believed to have a very small chance of being infected with Ebola. So, rather than take any kind of risk which could possibly expose Belize to the disease, the Prime Minister had to respectfully - but forcefully - refuse high level American diplomats. The Carnival Magic cruise ship docked in Belize on Thursday morning, October 16, by which time, 2 of its passengers, a lab technician from the Texas Presbyterian Hospital, and her husband, had already entered a voluntary quarantine on the ship. This hospital employee may have handled specimen from the Ebola patient who was treated there, but unfortunately died.

A King has Passed - Paul Nabor: January 26, 1928 - October 2
Belize has lost an important son of the soil. The 86-year-old, dubbed one of "The Three Kings" had been unfortunately ill for some time after being diagnosed with broncho-pneumonia in January 2014, just days before his birthday. The United Democratic Party Secretariat, Management and Staff of WAVE RADIO, WAVE TV and the Guardian Newspaper join his friends and his legions of fans -- at home and abroad -- in sending condolences to his family during their time of bereavement. His stellar contributions to the paranda genre and Belizean music in general are unmatched and will be revered and celebrated for all time.

Drunk Bus Driver out on Bail
William Ayala, bus driver of Hill Promised Road Benque Viejo Town, is out on bail after he was pulled over by officers of the Belize City Traffic Department on Friday, October 17. According to reports, Ayala was driving a red and blue bus belonging to Guerra’s bus line when he was pulled over by traffic officers between mile one and two on the George Price Highway. The officers called police for support and Ayala was arrested for driving under the influence. A urine sample was collected which proved that his alcoholic concentration was above the prescribed limit.

Jaime Andrews Remanded on Rape Charge
Jaime Andrews is at the Belize Central Prison on court ordered remand after he was arraigned for the offense of rape on Monday, October 20. A teenage girl, 18, reported to police that she was invited to a party at Andrews’ home in Ladyville Village on Monday, October 12. She was there with Andrews and another male when they started to drink alcoholic beverages. The girl told police that she got intoxicated and Andrews took her into his room where she passed out. A few minutes later she regained consciousness and realized that one of the men was having sex with her. According to police report, the other man had sex with her against her will as well. The girl says she woke up in Andrews’ bed the next day and the events from the previous night were blurry. She believes she was drugged.

Main Witness a No Show in Karim Barona Murder Trial
Crown Council Kileru Awich was forced to enter a nolle prosequi in the murder trial against Karim Barona, 32, after the main witness failed to show up to court on Friday, October 17. On April 21, 2011 Elvis Rhamdas, 42, fisherman of a Central American Boulevard address, was stabbed multiple times to the body. He was standing in front of Kick Down Fence 2 fast food shop at the corner of New Road and Victoria Street when he got into an altercation with another man. Rhamdas was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries ten days later, May 1, 2011. Police investigations later led to the arrest and charge of Karim Barona for the murder of Rhamdas.

Another Murder in the Isla Bonita
Samuel Dawson, a Hattieville Resident who went on the island of San Pedro to find work, was found dead early Saturday, October 18. Someone attacked him at the house he was staying, and stabbed him to death. This 44 year-old father of 5 had been working on San Pedro for 2 weeks as a construction laborer hired to concrete the North Ambergris Road, a 3 mile stretch of the main street to connect the northern parts of the town to the central town area. On the night before his body was found, Dawson was in the company of his contracting supervisor in the San Pedrito area. They decided to go have dinner at a restaurant nearby, and the supervisor left. The next morning at around 7:30 a.m., the supervisor went looking for him at the upstairs flat he was staying. The man found Dawson’s door slightly ajar, and when he went in to find him, he discovered Dawson on the ground. He had suffered 2 stab wounds to the neck and cut to the lower lip.

Change of Life for Goodfellow did not spare his life
Gregory Richard Goodfellow, a well-known youth from ladyville, became the victim of an execution-style murder on Wednesday, October 15, sometime before 8:30 p.m. The 22 year-old father of 2 had recently gotten married to his wife and moved from Ladyville, where he lived his entire life, to Belize City. Over the past 2 or 3 years, however, his name was called in a number of high-profile crimes as a suspect who was questioned and then released. His apparent life-style change had no effect on his killers, who from all circumstantial evidence discovered so far, lured him to his death. Sometime around 8, he was picked up in a vehicle from his hang-out spot in front of the Vin Li Shopping Center. The driver of the vehicle took him to a secluded area of the Hattieville Boom Road, some 7 miles away, and once there, they shot him multiple times in the head and chest.

Guatemalan shot near Clarissa Falls in Cayo
At about 8:30 pm on Sunday of this past week caretakers working in the Clarissa Falls Area of Benque Viejo reported hearing three to four gunshots being fired. Finding himself as a victim from one of these shots was 19 year old Cesar Umberto Chinchilla Rodriquez from neighboring Melchor de Mencos in Guatemala. He claims he was fishing with two other Guatemalans at the time when he was shot. Cesar Rodriquez told police that he was along two other men including 22 year old Rudy Salazar, whose whereabouts are still unknown. The three men were fishing on an unoccupied farm across the flooded Mopan River. Benque Viejo Police cannot confirm if anybody else got shot, but were able to find traces of blood as well as cannabis in the area where the three Guatemalans were fishing. The third Guatemalan has since gone back to his Country but Benque Police would like to speak to him to discover what else transpired that night.

Ellis Meighan and Malik Dixon Save Men Accused of Shooting them
Ellis Meighan Jr. and Malik Dixon were driving in Meighan’s vehicle on Wednesday, October 16, 2012 when two men ambushed them on Mopan Street and fired numerous shots at the vehicle. Dixon was shot in the right lower back and was rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where he received treatment. Meighan escaped unharmed. Police later arrested and charged Jean Peebles and Akeem Smith with 2 counts each of attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, dangerous harm, and grievous harm. On Tuesday, October 21, Peebles and Smith appeared in the court room of Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser to face the charges. However, Meighan and Smith appeared before the court and requested that no further action be taken in the matter. Since there was no longer any virtual complainant, the charges were withdrawn and the men were free to go.

Ruperto Reyes Busted with Crystal Meth Gets $50,000 Bail
Orange Walk resident Ruperto Reyes, 49, is out on bail after he was busted with 54.7 kilograms of crystal meth on August 20 of this year. At around 7 p.m. on August 20 police noticed a black Toyota Camry on Liberty Avenue in Orange Walk Town that sped off when the police mobile approached the area. Police chased after the vehicle and caught up with it shortly after. Two men were seen running from out of the Camry but were caught and escorted back to the vehicle. Police searched the vehicle in their presence and found a red and white ice box and a cardboad box in the trunk of the vehicle. Inside the ice box were 18 parcels and inside the cardboard box were 12 parcels of suspected cyrstal meth. The substance was weighed and amounted to 54.7 kilograms. Ruperto Reyes was arrested along with Cuban national Pasqual Pineda for the crime of drug trafficking. They were taken to the Orange Walk Magistrates Court where bail was denied and both men were remanded to the Belize Central Prison.

Attempted Murder Charge against Sherman Rodney Upgraded to Murder
Lloyd Augustus, 35, was beaten viciously on April 6, 2014 when he was socializing at his home on Doris Brooks Street. His injuries were critical and he had to be hospitalized. Police later arrested and charged Sherman Rodney for attempted murder. Rodney has been on remand at the Belize Central Prison since. Augustus succumbed to the injuries sustained from that beating in July of this year, meaning the charge is now murder. Sherman Rodney was escorted from the Belize Central Prison to the Belize City Magistrates Court on Monday, October 20, to be arraigned for murder. However, police took him too late before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith and the procedure was adjourned until November 5. Rodney has been served with his charge sheet for murder but his arraignment will have to wait.

Calbert Young Gets Five Years and $10K Fine for over 24 Kilos of Weed
Calbert Hubert Young will spend the next five years in prison, possibly eight, for being convicted of drug trafficking on Friday, October 17. Officers of the Gang Suppression Unit executed a search warrant at Young’s residence on Gibson Street in Belize City on September 15, 2013. Only Young was home at the time of the search. When he was asked if he had anything to declare, Young allegedly told the officers, “I have a sack of weed inside my room.” It turned out he had two sacks. One sack had 17.5 kilograms of weed and the second contained 7 kilograms. Police also found two black plastic bags on Young’s bed with 899 grams of weed. Young was arrested and charged for possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply another person(s).

Dangriga Central Market complete
The refurbished and expanded Dangriga Central Market for vendors and residents of Dangriga will be officially inaugurated at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, October 23, 2014. The market facility implemented by the Belize Social Investment Fund is the largest infrastructure development under the Government’s $30 million US dollars Belize Municipal Development Project (BMDP) financed through a loan from the World Bank. The total cost for the Dangriga project was $1,843,419.67. Counterpart funding by the Dangriga Town Council totaled $55,302.59. The modern facility is equipped with 44 stalls of which 10 will be for food vendors, 12 for vegetables and fruits, and 22 new ones for clothing. It will offer both vendors and residents an area to converge in a more pleasant and safe environment as well as create opportunities for vendors to foster and enhance their livelihoods.

Emergencies come in all manner of types and must be dealt with accordingly. Currently the Ebola epidemic is a MEDICAL emergency only in 3 or 4 countries in West Africa but it is a POLITICAL emergency far beyond these borders, especially in the United States of America as it prepares for important mid-term elections that will determine the balance of power in the US Senate. Some actions such as disseminating accurate information both to the general public and specifically to health care workers; maintaining or gaining the trust of the population; and determining what and when precautions should be instituted are common to all kinds of emergency. Many other actions, however, should be determined by the type of emergency.Ebola as a medical emergency requires a functional health system, trained medical personnel, personal protection kits, and basic medications and laboratory services. All of these are missing in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea which have recently been devastated by civil wars and natural disasters and all of which face serious development issues. Nigeria, which has experienced a number of travel related cases, is in a better situation and has apparently brought its epidemic under control with no new cases reported in the ...

UDP Government rescues Orange Walk
Orange Walkeños are now witnessing a level of transformation never seen before in the beautiful northern town. Just a mere four months ago people were complaining about the sorry state the streets, and the portion of the Phillip Goldson Highway that traverses Orange Walk Town, were in. Their cry was heard and action was taken. The Government of Belize, under whose responsibility the Highways fall, took note of the dilapidated state the highway was in and immediately took steps to correct the situation. Funding was secured, contract bids were sent out, contractors identified based on qualifications and work commenced. That was in July, when actual preparation started in front of the Come and Go gas station. Today the hotmix paving of the highway is currently at its junction with Guadalupe Street, it’s a little over a mile. Apart from aesthetically improving the area it is also enhanced practically. Utilities did serious upgrading prior to commencement of paving and then much needed drainage and sidewalks were installed along the entire length of the highway where work is being done.

Signs with anti-crime messages go up in Benque Viejo del Carmen
Physical signs to deliver the anti-crime message have recently been installed in strategic areas within the Town of Benque Viejo del Carmen. These signs were placed by community policing officer in Benque Corporal Joshua McKoy, in a proactive measure towards crime, with the assistance of Zone Four. These signs come with hot line and Crime Stopper numbers for members of the community to report criminal activity in their various areas. Signs have been placed at the entrance of Arenal Road, which is notable for many activities. Another sign has been placed in the Santa Cruz area by the Amin Hegar Football field, where there have been crime incidents in the past and also by Sam’s Community Park on Phillip Goldson Street. Two signs of Crime Stoppers have been placed at the Eastern and Western Entrance to Benque Viejo. Some of the signs with logos were contributed by the United States Embassy in Belmopan as part of a Central American Regional Security Initiative CARSI.

BDF is still protecting our Border
The Belize Defence Force, which is tasked with protecting the country’s territorial integrity, says that of the 133 miles of border that the country shares with Guatemala, 51 miles remains under constant pressure from illegal activities. That illegal activity comes from Guatemalan civilians living in border towns and villages, which consists of illegal harvesting of xate leaves; illegal logging of logwood, mahogany and other hardwoods; illegal hunting, illegal farming, and recently, illegal gold panning. Most of this activity happens inside the country’s forest reserves, but mostly in the Cayo District’s border with Guatemala. At this location, there is the Chiquibul and Caracol Archaeological Reserves which has seen millions of dollars in resources that have been illegally harvested. To combat this type of behaviors, 7 conservation posts have been built along the border at different locations, all strategically chosen to deal with the incursions. Those posts are Cadenas, Treetops, Santa Rosa, Machaquila, Rio Blanco, Ceibo Chico, and the recently completed Valentin Camp. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has committed to add 2new conservation posts being which are being built, namely, Cebada and Caballo, which will help with activity in the northern areas of the Chiquibul National Park.

Belize Says No - United States Disappointed
The United States is disappointed in Belize for not facilitating a request from the State Department to evacuate two passengers listed as low risk for Ebola from a Carnival Cruise ship that docked in Belize on Thursday morning, October 16. Marie Harf, the Deputy Spokesperson for the State Department, said in an interview on CNN, “We were disappointed by this [decision]. We think it could have been handled differently. Decisions like these needs to be made based on information and science and not fear.” Harf expressed no disappointment in the Government of Mexico; however, who also refused to facilitate the evacuation of the passengers when the ship was docked near Cozumel on Friday. She also expressed no disappointment in the State of Texas which demanded that a blood sample from the suspected passengers be airlifted for testing before docking at Galveston, Texas.

Ministry of Health Conducts Activities for the Possible Entry of Ebola
The Ministry of Health continues to conduct multiple activities associated with the global threat of Ebola. The Ministry of Health is pleased to share an update on several activities carried out within the past week. Two isolation facilities have been stationed at the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) compound and the precise specifications of these facilities are currently being reviewed. Revisions have also been conducted on surveillance activities at the airport for further strengthening. Additionally, several activities are being conducted including the activation of Point of Entry Screening with Public Health Inspectors at the International Airport, meetings between the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Public Health Inspectorate on the adoption

Nine Companies Still Hopeful for Power Sharing Agreement with BEL
The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has completed its first phase of evaluating the proposals submitted for energy generation in Belize. John Avery, PUC Chairman, says the Commission has approved nine bidders, with 14 proposals, for simulation exercises. Those bid were submitted by Southern Renewable Energy Limited (SREL), GSR Energy Limited, SS Energy Limited, Renewable Energy Investments Costa Rica Limited, Cohune Energy Limited, EMAC, Saturn Power Inc., Gross LLC and Blair Atoll Power Company Limited (BAPCOL). Belize is a growing country with new communities developing every year and because of that there is a constant need for electricity expansion. Electricity expansion is more than extending power lines and erecting lamposts. Everytime there is an electricty expansion project an entire community is connected to the national grid and the maximum demand for power increases. The maximum demand for power is already greater than the maximum supply from domestic sources. Therefore, Belize relies heavily on Mexico to meet our power demand. This national demand for power will increase significantly over the next ten years but the Government of Belize wants to ensure that our reliance on foreign energy does not.

Refurbished Police Station in San Estevan
A few years ago, a request came from the villagers of San Estevan, through the village council to Mr. Denny Grijalva to have a badly deteriorated Police Station to be refurbished and to have a permanent Police Officer in place. The concern was so great that Mr. Grijalva immediately started to solicit help for this purpose. After time had lapsed with no positive returns from other entities, both public and private, it was decided to apply to the BNE Trust Fund for the help. Today, the village of San Estevan is proud to have a well refurbished Police Station which is now permanently accommodating a Police Officer with his family of six. This will bring security, peace and stability to the villagers of San Estevan.

What a shame!
Everybody enjoys going out for a bite to eat but we don’t want to end up getting sick in the process. Something very serious and wrong has been happening in Belize for a long time and people just seem to accept and demand no better. If most Belizeans saw inside the kitchens of many popular restaurants they would probably never eat there again. A check of several restaurant kitchens in Belize City back in 2013, shortly after they had passed inspections by health inspectors, revealed that all of them were grossly unsanitary and should have been shut down. Rat droppings were all over the counters and floors; holes were in some walls and roofs; roaches flitted around freely; some old, rusty refrigerators and freezers were taped up with duct tapes and completely unable to keep a cold temperature necessary to keep meat and vegetables from spoiling; most of the stoves and refrigerator looked as though they had never been cleaned; ready to prepare uncooked food was stored in dirty looking pans on the floor; and dogs even lived in some kitchens. It is bad enough that the healthcare bill for Belize is going up because of all the fried and sugar-filled foods that is being consumed which leads to diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure, but these unsanitary conditions by food vendors must not be tolerated.

Successful Telethon to Support Friends for Conservation and DevelopmentGovernment Has Donated over $700,000 since Caracol Incident
A telethon was held to raise funds for the Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) on Saturday, October 18. Belizeans at home and abroad, private and corporate, called in to make pledges and at the end of the day over $327,870 was pledged. The Friends for Conservation and Development need to increase the number of Rangers in the Chiquibul National Park in order to protect the forest’s wealth of resources from Guatemalan encroachers and local exploiters. Raphael Manzanero, Executive Director of FCD, says he has seven rangers to look after the Chiquibul National Park which covers an area of almost five hundred thousand acres of land, or about 7.7 percent of Belize’s total territory. Manzanero is hoping to increase the Ranger force from 7 to 24. To cover the expenses of one Ranger annually FCD needs $24,000. Media representatives and personalities from various radio and television stations participated in the telethon at the Memorial Park in Belize City. Numerous Belizean artists performed patriotic songs and Jamaican superstar Anthony Moses Davis, better known as Beenie Man, stopped by to drop some tunes and some money. He pledged to donate $1,000 to FCD before freestyling “Belize has it under control”. Belize’s biggest entertainer, T.R. Shyne, sang “Don’t touch wih x’ate, don’t touch wih hardwood, lef lone fu wih parrot and don’t pan fu wih gold.”

Jaguars United and United Ballers are co-leaders of Vega Cup Tournament
The Vega Cup tournament continued on Sunday 19 October, 2014, with three games on the schedule and all three games played out at the San Roman Football Field. In the first game of the day, Jaguars United and San Jose Pumas played to a 2-2 draw. The goals for Jaguars United were scored by Jaime Maldonado in the 18th minute of play and Luis Herrador in the 62nd minute of play. Meanwhile, the goals for San Jose Pumas were scored by Jeffrey Yama in the 2nd minute of play and Eved Corado in the 25th minute of play. In the second game of the day, San Antonio won via the dafult route over Untouchables. And in the final game of the day, Barrio Boys blanked Rising Stars by the score of 2-0. The goals for Barrio Boys were scored by Rodney Delcid in the 19th minute of play and Cesar Roberts in the 23rd minute of play.

Belize Softball Federation to host VII Annual Charles Solis Memorial Tourney
The Belize Softball Federation is pleased to announce that the VII Annual Charles Solis Memorial Softball Tourney is scheduled for Sunday 26 October, 2014, at Rogers Stadium the home of softball in Belize. The tourney will include the Belize Bank Bulldogs the newly crowned National Softball Champions of Belize, Beacon from Belize City along with Roaring Creek Grace Kennedy and Camalote from the Cayo Softball Association, and Sunrise of Lord’s Bank, the Belize Rural champions The Charles Solis Memorial Tournament will utilise the Double Elimination Format and will commence at 9:00 am. At the end of the tourney, one of Mr. Charles Solis’ sons will present the championship cup and the individual medals to the teams that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Justice Christopher Blackman Sworn in as New Justice of Appeal
Justice Christopher Blackman was today sworn in as a new Justice of the Belize Court of Appeal by the Governor General, Sir Colville Young, at the Belize House in the City of Belmopan. Witnessing the swearing-in ceremony was the Registrar General, Ms. Velda Flowers. Justice Blackman has a long and distinguished legal career. He was a Judge of the High Court of Barbados from 1996 to 2000 and again from 2003 to 2008. He also served as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Belize from April 2001 to May 2003. In March 2008, he became a Justice of Appeal in the Bahamas. He is due to retire from the Court of Appeal of the Bahamas in December this year. Justice Blackman was first admitted as a Solicitor, Supreme Court of Barbados, in January 1970 and remained in private practice until 1996. Justice Blackman is 69 years of age and is of Barbadian nationality.

10 facts about Chic-V
1 Chick-V is a virus that is known to cause fever and severe joint pain and/or joint swelling, among other symptoms. It was first described in Tanzania, East Africa, in 1952. Its name means 'that which bends up' or 'stooped walk' because of the incapacitating joint pain caused by the disease. 2 It is transmitted from human to human by bites of infected mosquitoes; therefore, measures to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds, to kill mosquitoes and to prevent mosquito bites are important in disease prevention. 3 Most infected persons present with symptoms of the disease after an incubation period of three to seven days, though this period can range from one to 12 days. Some individuals infected with chik-V (3 to 28 per cent) show no symptoms of the virus. 4 In acute (short term) chik-V infection, there may be an abrupt onset of high fever (usually >102F / 39C) and severe joint pain and/or swelling. The fever usually lasts three to seven days. The hands, wrists and ankles are most commonly affected.

Government of Belize Explains Decision on Cruise Ship Passenger and Imposes Travel Restrictions for West Africa
The Government of Belize took a decision on Thursday, October 16, 2014 not to facilitate a request from the US State Department to evacuate two passengers from a Carnival Cruise ship that docked in Belize that same morning. The main passenger of concern is an employee of the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who was listed as low risk for Ebola by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States. It was explained to the Belize Government that the CDC had updated its requirements from self-monitoring for these low risk persons to active monitoring and; out of an overabundance of caution, the United States wanted to transport that passenger along with her travelling companion in a private plane back to the United States. The US State Department reported that the passenger had been checking her temperature and checking for any other symptoms of the disease. There were no signs or symptoms reported. The doctors on the cruise ship confirmed this to be the case after conducting their own examination .Both the passenger and her travelling companion volunteered to self-quarantine on the ship.

European Commission Proposes Lifting Ban on Importation of Belize Fisheries Products into the European Union
The European Commission has announced that it has proposed to the EU Council of Ministers that Belize be removed from the list of ‘non-cooperating third countries’ in the international fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. This decision was taken after Belize demonstrated that it had addressed its structural problems and showed its real commitment to tackling illegal fishing. The Commission notes that since Belize was identified as a ‘non-cooperating third country’ in March 2014, it has reformed its legal framework and has adopted a new set of rules for inspection, control and monitoring of vessels. In particular, the Commission took into account the following measures adopted by Belize to strengthen the management regime for its high seas fishing fleet:

Mahmud Gone! Louis Wade for PUP Cayo North?
Joseph Mahmud, Area Representative for Cayo North, is sick and tired of the People’s United Party. More specificly, Joseph Mahmud is sick and tired of being disrespected and treated as inferior by Julius Espat. He tried to march on as a PUP soldier for months until he finally couldn’t take it anymore. The Guardian has confirmed that Joseph Mahmud submitted a letter signaling his intent to resign as PUP Standard Bearer for the Cayo North Constituency late last week. Mahmud remains a member and supporter of the PUP but asking him to hold the lines shoulder to shoulder with the disrespectful mouth from Cayo South is too much for the frustrated politician. Since he was elected by the people of Cayo North, not Julius Espat, Mahmud will continue to serve as the Area Representative with the PUP Caucus. However, he will not contest the General Elections.

Memorable Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition
Scores of athletes make plans to compete in the Belize Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship each year but at the time of the competition there are usually only a couple dozen who feel confident enough to do so. This year was no different but what the competition lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. The 2014 Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship was held at the Bliss Center on Friday, October 17, with athletes competing in nine categories. At the end of the night Rigo Vellos was named Mr. Belize for the third consecutive year but those who attended the event will remember two names, “the African” and “the Buffest Barber”. These two athletes, newcomer Oyinkro Akpobodor and Deon Banner, generated the most buzz from the lively crowd which fully exercised the right to free speech. The competition started with the Men’s Physique category. This category is more about definition and muscle to fat ratio than it is about bulk. Five athletes participated in this category and after the judges’ scores were tallied Clinton Tucker was named Mr. Physique 2014. Dean Hemmans finished second and Carlton Richards finished third.

Belize Defence Force, Wagiya and Verdes open on right footing
The long awaited Premier League of Belize Belikin Cup Opening Season Tournament for 2014-2015 started on Sunday 19 October 2014, with three games on the schedule. In the game played out at the Toledo Union Field in Punta Gorda Town between the visiting Wagiya FC from Dangriga Town and Paradise/Freedom Fighters from Punta Gorda, it was the visiting Wagiya FC that picked up the win when it blanked the host team Paradise/Freedom Fighters by the score of 2-0. The 1st goal of the game was scored by Abraham Chavez in the 31st minute of play while the 2nd and final goal was scored by Hector Gomez in the 40th minute of play. At the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio Town, the visiting Verdes FC from Benque edged out the host team San Ignacio United FC by the score of 4-2. The visiting Verdes FC was the first to get onto the scoreboard when Ricardo Jimenez scored the 1st goal of the game in the 19th minute of play to give his team a 1-0 lead. The San Ignacio United FC made it an interesting game when Joel Guzman scored the equalizing goal in the 29th minute of play.

Belize Elementary School girls’ and boys’ are top teams in primary schools volleyball.
The regular season for the 2014-2015 Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball competition came to an end on Monday October 20, 2014, at Bird’s Isle in Belize City with four games on the schedule. In the only game played in the girls’ competition, St. John’s Primary School defeated Ephesus SDA in two sets by the score of 31-29 and 26-24. In the first of three games played in the boys’ competition, Ephesus SDA defeated St. Ignatius School in three sets by the score of 6-25, 25-20 and 17-15. In game two, it was St. John’s Primary School winning over Wesley Upper School in two sets by the score of 25-23 and 25-9. And in the final game of the day, Queen Street Baptist School defeated Bethel Assembly School in three sets by the score of 25-20, 23-25 and 15-4.

Central Region Volleyball competition rolls on
The Central Region Secondary Schools Volleyball Competition continues here in Belize City. On Tuesday 21 October, in the female game played, St. Catherine Academy defeated Pallotti High School in two sets by the score of 25-2 and 25-2. Meanwhile, in the male game it was St. John’s College winning over Sadie Vernon Technical High School in two sets by the score of 25-20 and 25-17. On Monday 20 October, in the female game played, Ladyville Technical High School defeated Wesley College in two sets by the score of 25-18 and 25-13. In the first male game, St. John’s College defeated Ladyville Technical in two sets by the score of 25-16 and 25-17.

Health Hookup
In recent years there has been a huge campaign to promote the awareness of testing and early detection for breast cancer. Breast cancer is a condition that is estimated to affect one in seven women. In the US alone approximately 200,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, of which approximately 40,000 will die from it. When a certain cell line starts to grow and replicate in an uncontrolled manner it is labeled as cancer. Breast cancer can result from either the uncontrolled cell growth originating within the breast, or cancer from another site i.e. bones, liver, brain, spreading to the breast. One of two important tools in the early detection of breast cancer is Breast Self Examination (BSE). After the age of twenty, it is recommended that women perform a BSE to look for any changes. The examination wants you to become familiar with what your breast normally feels and looks like.

Youth Talks - Hope
"Pandora just couldn't stand it any longer. She had to find out what was in that box. She hurried to the table where the box stood, unlatched it and opened the lid. Out flew all the evils of the world, except one. Pandora quickly slammed the lid and latched the box, trapping the last evil inside - foreboding. Thus, she stopped the destruction of mankind, for it would have been impossible to live without hope." This short story from ancient Greece shows how much they valued hope, which is also priceless to me. I find hope priceless because it leads to other feelings. If someone enters a contest, the hope of winning will turn into a rush of excitement. Competitiveness is another emotion brought on by hope. If someone enters a race and hopes to win, they will feel competitiveness mixing with hope. We hope for good endings, we hope for freedom, we hope for love. We all carry a sense of hope. Hope can bring surprise, too.

Patrick JonesPJ

TD 9 is no more; but its remnants will still drench northern Belize
Tropical Depression 9 did not survive its encounter with land on Wednesday night when it came ashore in Campeche, Mexico. TD-9 quickly fell apart and is tonight listed as Invest 94L. The remnant low continues to move across the Yucatan Peninsula and Belize in a south-easterly direction. Movement is estimated at 5 miles per hour, which, at this forward speed, will see the system emerge over the waters of the northwest Caribbean Sea on Friday. Conditions are not favourable for any significant development once the system reaches the Caribbean Sea in the days ahead.

Guatemalans reportedly confront Belize police in Calla Creek village
There are disturbing reports that armed Guatemalan nationals this afternoon confronted Belize police officers and scenes of crime technicians as they retrieved the body of a man from the Mopan River in Calla Creek village. Reports are that the Guatemalans are not happy with the death of one of their own. The circumstance of that death is the focus of an ongoing investigation. Reports we have received say that a team of Belize Defence Force soldiers had to be deployed to Calla Creek village this afternoon to deal with the volatile situation as Belize police processed the scene where the body was found.

Paul Nabor to get an official funeral
The government of Belize will honour the legacy and contribution of Paranda artist Paul Nabor with an official funeral. The announcement was made via a statement issued this afternoon by the National Institute of Culture and History. Nabor, a native of Barranco village, Toledo, died just before 7 o’clock on Wednesday night at the Punta Gorda town hospital. He had been ailing for a long time and had recently suffered a stroke which left him partially paralyzed. The 86 year old Parandero is being remembered as “one of the greatest Paranda artists of our time” who was instrumental in putting “the folk form of Paranda music to the forefront of Belizean and World Music.” A date for the funeral for Nabor has not yet been determined.

Hilá Paul Nabor
Abihadiwa fe rambaweyule luagu louwen Paranderu, Paul Nabor, Gaduru wein Sisi irumu lau. Sandi hayein Nabor. Beluti hospitalirugu Enerugu ladüga Pneumonia. rúti seremein houn sun ha afurieidubayan luagu lun areidaguageila dan ligia. Ounahati óundaruni Balisi ichiguti fe ederebugu houn lufamilia hama lumadagu Paul Nabor lidan gagébüriha. PAUL NABOR Eneru 26, 1928 – Desi Hati 22, 2014 Bameragua lidan Darangilaü; abame basaru lidan Gloria!

Government applies to strike out BISL claim
Belize International Services Limited (BISL), the former manager of the Corporate and Ships Registries, is demanding $120 million from the Government of Belize over the 2013 acquisition of both registries which they say is arbitrary. Their claim seeks constitutional relief for alleged deprivation of property but before it can be substantively heard before Supreme Court Justice Michelle Arana, the Government’s attorneys, Senior Counsel Denys Barrow and Naima Barrow, applied to have it struck out. Denys Barrow told reporters on Wednesday that the claim was improperly brought for constitutional redress and would work better as a standard claim for damages.

Court of Appeal traverses criminal appeals
The Court of Appeal began its final session for 2014 this week in Belize City. Five appeals from convicted criminals were scheduled to be heard, but ultimately none of them were because the appellants had failed to provide their grounds of appeal and in some cases, did not even have attorneys. Such was the case for 57 year old Winston Dennison, whose appeal was scheduled for Wednesday morning before Court of Appeal President Manuel Sosa and Justices Samuel Awich and Christopher Blackman. Dennison wants to appeal his conviction and sentence of 18 years’ imprisonment on three separate charges of carnal knowledge.


Belize Cacao: a revolution going on in Southern Belize!
One of the many gifts the ancient Maya gave to the world was the invention of chocolate, which they first produced as a beverage derived from cacao trees. Since well before the time of Christ, the Maya were developing and perfecting strains of cacao that today continue to produce some of the richest and purest chocolate in the world. We’ve written quite a bit about Belizean cacao and chocolate here ,Love May Not Have Been Invented in Belize, But Chocolate? and there isn’t much argument that in all its many forms, the nectar of the cacao tree is one of life’s treats. Try one of the Chocolatissimo treatments or a delicious chocolate wrap at Chaa Creek’s Hilltop Spa, and you’ll really understand what we’re talking about. But we digress… People have been growing, harvesting and using cacao for literally thousands of years in Belize, and the agricultural methods haven’t changed very much over that time. Cacao is still grown in small amounts by subsistence farmers who until recently received only a pittance of the price the final product fetches on the world market. But that’s all changing thanks to Maya Mountain Cacao (MMC), an organisation founded in 2010 by local Belizean cacao farmers, chocolate makers, and American entrepreneurs to support Belizean cacao farmers in creating a more farmer-friendly industry in Belize.

“Somethin’ Stupid” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Do you ever have the thought that you might just not be the brightest bulb in the chandelier? Not the sharpest pencil in the box? A few chips (fries for non UK readers) short of a happy meal? A few pence (cents to a dollar for non UK readers) shy of a £ (dollar)? No. Well I wish I could say the same. I’d always considered myself reasonably bright. Not brilliant, but reasonably bright. Someone who may not have scaled the academic heights but someone who – or so I had thought- had been ‘given’ fair sized dollops of common sense and street savvy. I use the past tense because it appears that these attributes are on the wane. Or at least prone to go AWOL when I most need them. Why are you being so hard on yourself you are probably (and quite rightly too if I may say so) thinking. Well I showed the dumber side of myself (now the less kind of you are thinking ” and not for the first time”) in the previous edition when I mentioned that I was too enraptured with the red sky to get up and get my camera.

International Sourcesizz

Carnival and Royal Caribbean Threaten to Pull Out of Belize Due to Ebola Screening
There is mention in the article of Belize customs representatives taking and inspecting the passengers' passports during the screening. Belize’s government has already stopped issuing visas for nationals from Nigeria, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Travelers who have visited any of these four countries in the past 30 days will be prohibited from entering Belize. This will require an inspection of passports, not just birth certificates many people use to cruise. The cruise industry protocol so far relies upon passengers to voluntarily disclose this information on questionnaires, rather than the cruise lines inspecting the passengers' passports before the cruise to verify that they have not traveled to these countries in West Africa. Unlike Belize, the U.S. has not banned travelers from the infected African countries.

Ebola in the Caribbean
An ocean away from Africa’s Ebola outbreak, a deep fear of the disease now runs through the Caribbean. The atmosphere recalls the early days of the AIDS epidemic, some 30 years ago. Trinidad and Tobago’s prime minister, Kamla Persad-Bissessar (pictured), talks dramatically of “a new darkness, Ebola.” Her government this month recalled delegates en route to a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association conference in Cameroon, a country unaffected by the current Ebola outbreak. Her doctors and health workers are demanding quadruple pay and $1.6m insurance polices for joining an Ebola response team. There’s talk of cancelling the islands’ annual carnival. Trinidad and Tobago, along with Jamaica, St Kitts-Nevis, St Vincent, St Lucia, Suriname, Guyana and Belize this month banned all travel from African countries with an Ebola outbreak.

Two jaguar cubs debut at the Milwaukee County Zoo
Cat cubs have been drawing visitors to the Milwaukee County Zoo all season: Sossy the snow leopard made his debut a few weeks ago, and two jaguar cubs will be making their debut at the zoo today. The two jaguar cubs, born on August 14th, are the second litter for their parents Stella and Pat. Pat is a rescued jaguar from Belize, he was caught in the wild, and is considered to be a founder to the population. These cubs are bringing valuable new genes to the population in North American Zoos. In the wild, jaguars are considered "near threatened"; they're typically only found in rural areas of South and Central America. Sossy is the first snow leopard cub to be born at the zoo in more than a decade. He's only been on display for a few weeks since he went through special therapy after being born with splayed legs in June. "He has done awesome," Craig Pavlik, a keeper at the zoo, said, "I think better than any of who were working with him even really expected. When you see him now, since he's got a chance to come out here, really climb and build those muscles, you really looking at him can't tell he ever had a problem."

In Search of the Yucatán’s Best Cochinita Pibil
IT’S ONLY 8 A.M. but already there’s a line snaking around Taqueria Honorio as the air fills with the sweet, hunger-inducing scent of cinnamon, cloves and unctuous slow-roasted pork. Dogs doze lazily under the squat palm trees that line this quiet avenue on the edge of Tulum. Bubbling away on the stovetop of the jauntily painted food stand are four caldrons of rich concoctions, each different, their perfumed clouds colliding. But there’s only one I’ve come here for: the cochinita pibil. Everywhere you go these days pulled pork seems to be on the menu. From street carts to trendy South American joints, the world just can’t get enough of this meltingly rich dish du jour. However, in Mexico they have been serving their own version for hundreds—if not thousands—of years. “Although we don’t really have exact recipes, a variation of [cochinita pibil] dates back to prehistory,” says David Sterling, author of “Yucatán: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition.” Cochinita pibil is the most famous dish of the Yucatán, the southeast region that includes Tulum, Cancún and Mérida, as well as the Mayan Chichén-Itzá ruins and the long coastal region down to Belize. It consists of pork that’s been marinated in a special blend of spices and the bitter juices of Seville oranges, wrapped in banana leaves (to keep it moist) and then buried in the earth in a fire pit to slow cook overnight—ready to serve to hungry workers and postparty revelers from the crack of dawn until around lunchtime.

Remnants of T.D.9 still worth watching
According to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski, “After losing strength over the Yucatan Peninsula, the system will move back over warm waters in the northwestern Caribbean where a new round of strengthening is possible later Friday into the weekend.” If this does occur, it could possibly impact Cuba, Belize and the Cayman Islands. Those with interests in this area should pay close attention to this system as it moves off the Yucatan Peninsula and back over open water. “The concern is if a feature lingers over the northwestern Caribbean next week, steering winds may change enough to allow a tropical system to swing northward toward Florida,” Kottlowski said.

Dispatch: Chilling on Isla Holbox
As Mexico editor, I happily spend significant time in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, two destinations that are veritable candy stores for travelers, offering virtually any type of accommodation and resort activity under the sun. So when I was offered the chance to visit Isla Holbox – population 2,000, number of hotel rooms 300, number of ATMS, one – I jumped at the opportunity, figuring that the island would provide an interesting juxtaposition to these formidably larger tourist destinations. Suffice it to say Holbox did just that, and, for me, it was love at first sight. But I digress. As with many exclusive destinations, getting there took some time. The nearest airport is Cancun International, a two-plus hour drive from the tiny town of Chiquila, the site where we boarded the 20-minute ferry ride to Holbox.

Top marine scientists call for action on 'invisible' fisheries
To protect our oceans from irreversible harm, governments, conservationists, and researchers around the world must address the enormous threat posed by unregulated and destructive fisheries, say top marine scientists. In an article published today in Science, Prof. Amanda Vincent of Project Seahorse at the University of British Columbia and Dr. Jean M. Harris of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife in South Africa call for bold new approaches to the pressing global issue of overfishing and habitat destruction, including networks of marine protected areas, co-ordinated governance, and the co-management of fisheries with local communities.


Video: Belize October 4 8, 2014 Movie, 7min.
ROW Mission team in Belize. Mathes Pastor Training School, Sewing School, Composting latrine, chairs for churches.

Video: A Brit and a Broad | Caye Caulker, Belize, 4min.
Brianna and Macca head to Caye Caulker, Belize for a little island time. The pair go on a Raggamuffin Tour, sailing and snorkelling along the Caribbean coast, eating and drinking the local fare and soak in the laid back island vibes.

Video: Starfish Island, Belize - Walk around, 8min.
A walk around Starfish Island off the cost of Belize. Carnival Sunshine Cruise excursion.

Video: Snorkeling In Belize, 3min.
a snorkelling trip in Belize as part of a wedding we shot.

Video: Hasta Tarde Belize, .5min.
Time lapse flying north from Belize City

Video: Belize 2014, 8min.
Newman 2014 Belize mission trip.

Video: Belize It Guateva, 3min.

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