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Today's Belize News: October 25, 2014 #497267
10/25/14 05:50 AM
10/25/14 05:50 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Farewell: Paul Nabor- A Belizean Cultural Icon
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) expresses its sincerest condolences to the family, friends and fans of the greatest Parandero, Mr. Paul Nabor. While we are saddened by the news of his passing, we join the rest of the country to recognize and celebrate Nabor’s achievements and contributions to Belize’s music industry. Usually seen with his guitar, Paul Nabor shared the Garifuna culture through his music and teachings of Paranda. The instrumental and percussion-based soulful music helps to export the Garifuna culture, and, by extension, promotes Belize to the rest of the world. In 2011 and 2004, Paul Nabor was honoured for his contribution to culture and music at the ‘Tribute to Belizean Patriots’ with the Order of Distinction and Meritorious Service Award, respectively.

Verge of Umbra shoots music video for “The Meditation”
It’s not often that one gets the opportunity to be in a music video, so when the invitation to join Verge of Umbra for a little filming came through, I was all over it. I mean, I made sure I got off the island and on the rooftop at Belize City’s Bachelor Inn that Saturday, October 18th. Despite the connotation of the hotel’s name, I’ll have you know I was not about to sully my good reputation (ha!). In fact, when I showed up with my camera and over-excitement, the sight of two police officers assigned to keep an eye on things sobered me right up! Friends of the band members had begun gathering while the boys ran around putting the final touches on their spread: Belikin beer on tap, rum from Traveller’s Liquors, and even a feast of rice and beans, yummy chicken and potato salad.

CABEI approves US$30 million credit to Belize
The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), recently approved a loan for up to US$30 million to the Government of Belize for the execution of the Belize Integral Security Programme (BISP), initiative that is aligned to the Central American Security Strategy (ESCA for its Spanish translation). In this regard, the Executive President of CABEI, Dr. Nick Rischbieth indicated that this credit will support investments in infrastructure and equipment in Belizean institutions responsible for the security of the Belizean people.. The Belize Integral Security Programme is a part of the National Security Strategy promoted by the Government of Belize and in its first phase will focus on the rehabilitation of existing edifications, construction of new civil works and equipment provision for the Belize Police Department, Belize Defence Force, Belize Coast Guard and National Forensic Science Services.

Preparations are underway for the 2014 Holiday Lighted Boat Parade
The San Pedro Business Association (SPBA) has started preparations for the 2014 Holiday Lighted Boat Parade. In 2013, due to lack of community support and boats participating, the annual event was canceled. The boat parade is iconic to the island, however, and as such, the SPBA is hoping to garner sufficient interest and support to carry out the event this year. With the official date set for December 6th, the boat parade is set to follow the same route as previous years. Beautifully lit boats will take off from the Boca del Rio Area, moving southwards to Caribbean Villas the turning back to Central Park. During the boat parade, events will also be simultaneously taking place in Central Park. There will be several booths available for the sale of food, drinks and gift items. As well, SPBA is planning on having a Christmas Carol Competition for the primary schools in the island.

Ambergris Today

Miss San Pedro Michelle Nuñez Works on Empowering Women
Miss San Pedro 2014, Miss Michelle Nuñez recently became a member of the On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) whose members are frequent visitors of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. OEWM works hand in hand with Miss Alexis Guerrero, present counselor at San Pedro High School, by assisting her with presentations and workshops dealing with sensitive issues such as sexual abuse and human trafficking, amongst other topics. Below is a report written by Michelle in which she shares her experience in meeting these great people and how she, as a public figure, helped spread awareness of their mission in San Pedro. Miss San Pedro Joins On Eagles Wings Ministries "On October 19, 2014, I was invited to an amazing dinner at Ramon’s Village and met such wonderful people. I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to get to know the non-profit organization On Eagles Wings Ministries. It all started on September 10, 2014, when I was crowned as the official Miss San Pedro 2014-2015. I had a short conversation with Alexis Guerrero, I told her how much it meant to me to reach out to the young ladies who have been victims of sexual abuse or lack self esteem, since that topic hits home to me. Alexis Guerrero is the present counselor at San Pedro High School.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Five pups , and two bedraggled kittens
Help... when it rains it pours. Five pups , and two bedraggled kittens. Needing good home for the kittens, please contact Linda Searle at Sea Sports, BHSAS will assist with deworm, vacs and sterilizations. Gorgeous kitties.... at least they are now safe from the rain, thank god. Thank you Linda, for stepping up to the plate, each and every time. And here they are 2 rescued kittens from a roundabout along northern foreshore in Belize City. They are eating on their own and are now napping. PLease contact me if you can adopt one or two or both, asap.

Mangrove Reforestation
Mangrove reforestation training is underway at TIDE. Bob Riley from arrived yesterday to help us reforest Abalone Caye. Most people have heard of mangroves; a remarkable tree species that can live and flourish in salt environments. Many have even seen them; a mass of trees spreading from land into the sea, existing in an area known as the intertidal zone of oceans or rivers. But do you know how important they are for our ecosystems? They provide habitats for fish, crab, shrimp, oysters, barnacles and birds sponges and their roots are sheltered and act as nurseries. They reduce coastal erosion by trapping sediment and they increase employment to fishers and tour guides across the world. They provide a lifeline and a lifecycle for so many species on our planet. Yet today, we are facing crisis along our coastlines because mangroves are being deforested leaving land open to the elements and erosion. TIDE itself is facing this problem. After building our marine ranger station on Abalone Caye, the island has rapidly eroded. Over the past few years we have been adding a rock barrier, however the erosion is still occuring and the situation has now reached a critical level!

E-course Announcement, Government of Belize Press Office
Introduction to Water Diplomacy

Chikungunya Song from Jamaica - Wayne J
Gobhealth Belize shared a catchy tune on ChikV done by a Jamaican artist. Check it out!

Unique Belize
The Making Tourism Benefits Communities Adjacent to Archeological Sites (MTBCAAS) Project is proud to announce the official launch of its “Unique Belize” artisan programme. The launch took place over two days, October 22 and 23, 2014, at the Ramada Belize City Princess in Belize City. The event included the launch of the Unique Belize Brand and the exhibition of the first Unique Belize artisan product line. The Unique Belize artisan programme was made possible through The Government of Belize with counterpart funding from the European Union via the Belize Rural Development Programme 2 (BRDP 2). Unique Belize is a standardization, certification, and branding programme aimed at helping Belizean artisans working at or near to nine archeological sites in the country to promote their work in the local and international marketplace and to help consumers to identify and purchase authentic Belizean artwork.

Goliath Grouper Dissection
Wednesday we received an exciting call from a local fishermen here in San Pedro. He had successfully caught a Goliath grouper (also called Jewfish, scientific name: Epinephelus itajara) and asked if we would like to collect samples. Of course we jumped at the opportunity! Ivy Baremore, our Technical Coordinator, collected tissue samples and pectoral fin clips, identified the sex, and extracted both otoliths (ear stones). Through closer inspection, we learned that the Goliath Grouper had several crabs for lunch, was a mature male, and had an interesting, but rather creepy, case of parasitic worms.

Murder in Margaritaland
Somewhere in the tropics between the Port of Indecision and South West of Disorder, you'll find that murder meets mayhem, and the intrigue begins! While most vacation at Margaritaland - an exclusive tropical resort - to get away from their troubles, for one unfortunate soul, it will mean the end of their travels altogether. At the resort, the guilty will mingle among the guests and everyone will be left with the task of deciphering between the facts and falsehoods that plague this paradise, in order to make the killer pay for their crime. Included in the USD$85 admission is a glass of wine or one of our signature cocktails, a three course menu including conch fritters, quinoa salad, garlic lobster & jungle ribs & creme brûlée. Plus, special prizes for those who guess the killer correctly!

Government of Belize Press Office

Hasta La media Noche musical concert
We are excited to share with you the new day for the "Hasta La media Noche" musical concert!! Mark your calendars for the 8th Nov 2014 7:00pm @ the Corozal Central Park! Don't miss this great evening featuring Mexican Group Bernakoolo and Corozal's very best Caribbean Roots!

Sunday October 26th will be celebrated as "Belizean Night" at the grounds. According to the organizers, the program of events will continue with or without rain. We note some of our own Belizean Artists will be performing. See you at the EXPOFER 2014!

Dance X BZ 2014!!!
November 26th - 30th - Bliss Centre

"TRICICLO ROJO"- Clown Dance Company from Mexico City.
The Embassy of Mexico presents "TRICICLO ROJO"- Clown Dance Company from Mexico City. Saturday, 25 October @ 5PM Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts FREE ENTRANCE. DON'T MISS IT!!

The musical legend that is Prof Drummond in a striking pose during one of his appearances at the Lord Rhaburn Musical Awards in Belize City. Coming soon on Belizean Legend---a entertaining exclusive on the man who wrote the book in Belizean Balladeer performances.

Channel 7

Two Cases in Belmopan Positive for Chik-V, Not Dengue
Two of the four suspected cases of Chikungunya in the Belmopan area have come back positive for Dengue - which has health authorities ruling out Chik-V in both cases. That's the case of the sisters from Las Flores who went to a private clinic in Belmopan and one of them tested positive for Chik-V, but on a quick test which is not approved by CARPHA, the regional testing headquarters in Trinidad. When their samples were tested at the Central Medial Lab in Belize on a CARPAHA approved test, they both tested positive for dengue, and once that appears, no further test for chikungunya is performed. That leaves two more cases -both women from the Flores area of Belmopan who tested positive Chikungunya in El Salvador earlier in the year - returned to Belize, and started showing symptoms here. In the first case - her sample has been sent to CARAPHA in Trinidad - and the result is expected next week. In the other case, health authorities are still doing an active investigation on the ground - but have not yet collected a sample - because they are not getting full cooperation.

Caracol Re-opens
Next week Monday the Caracol Archaeological Site will re-open 4 weeks and 4 days after it was closed,. By now, you are very aware that the site was closed because Special Constable Danny Conorquie was killed while on duty. He was targeted and executed while he was looking after tourists. Since then, law enforcement and military personnel have been on a high level of activation in and around the site, especially since there was an armed incursion around Camp Valentin shortly after the murder. But, Caracol is one of the major tourist destinations in the Cayo District, and addressing the security concerns meant that no tours were going to the maya site. Those security concerns have now been addressed with a permanent BDF presence on the ground, and today, NICH's Director of Archaeology, Dr. John Morris outlined the new security measures that are in place:

TD 9 Inundates Belize
Tropical depression number 9 passed over Belize last night into early this morning. The remains of the tropical depression are now near the lower Yucatan coast and they will slowly shift east and south through the weekend. The main impact from this system will be heavy rain over Central America- but according to our Chief Met Officer, there will be a cold front crossing over Belize early tomorrow morning that will break it up. Dennis Gonguez - Chief Met Officer "Tropical Depression #9 formed in the Bay of Campeche couple days ago and moved across the Yucatan Peninsula as it cross the land mass of Yucatan Peninsula it weakened and during the course of last night and this morning the remains of tropical depression #9 cross Belize and hence the increment weather conditions that we had yesterday and earlier this morning. The remains of tropical depression #9 continue moving eastwards, however, there is a cold front that's entering the Yucatan Peninsula tonight and eventually crossing Belize before dawn tomorrow. Cold air from this cold front will wrap around into the remnants of tropical depression #9 and that will impede its redevelopment for a couple of days and subsequent to that the cold front will lie on Sunday evening near to the northeastern Honduras and the remnants of tropical depression #9 will also be at the tail end of the cold front at near northeastern Honduras.

Bail For Alleged Drug Trafficker
Tonight, 38 year-old Axel Fuentes, a fisherman from Ranchito Village, who was busted with about half a million dollars in cocaine, is out on bail after being imprisoned for 5 weeks. His attorney, Dickey Bradley, took an application before Justice Herbert Lord today, and asked the court to grant Fuentes bail for the charges against him. After considering the submissions from both Bradley and Crown Counsel Linbert Willis, Justice Lord granted Fuentes bail of $50,000, with the usual conditions that he must hand over his travel documents and report to police weekly until his case is complete.

Guat. Found Dead in Belize River
On Tuesday we told you about the 3 Guatemalans who were shot at in the Clarissa Falls area off the Benque road. One was shot to the thigh, the other apparently escaped over to Melchor, while the other was reportedly shot to the neck but his body could not be found. Well, his body was found yesterday lying face down in the Mopan river about 500 meters from the Calla Creek Bridge. His body was identified by his brother Elmer Salazar as 22 year old Rudy Leonel Salazar. A Post Mortem Examination was conducted this morning and the cause of death was asphyxiation by drowning; there were also apparent gunshot wounds to his neck and upper back. Police believe the shooter was a Guatemalan…

Alleged School Burglar Remanded Without Bail
Police say that he broke into a school, and so tonight, 21 year-old Gary Clark is at the Belize Central Prison. The incident happened between last week Friday and Monday of this week. Someone broken into the St. Agnes Anglican Primary School in La Democracia village and stole a Dell laptop, $730 in cash, and 36 batteries. The culprit gained entry into the principal's office by prying open the door of the standard 6 classroom, which is adjacent to it. Police investigated the report and charged Clark with burglary. He was arraigned today before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart, who remanded him to prison on the strength of the grounds from the Prosecution. According to the police prosecutor, the offence has become prevalent in the La Democracia area, and that Clarke may try to tamper with their evidence gathering process.

Who will Replace Mahmud?
For the past few nights we've been reporting on Joseph Mahmud, the PUP Representative for Cayo North. He's not going to offer himself for the next election - which is a blow to the PUP, since his replacement will probably face an uphill battle - being that Cayo North has historically been a UDP stronghold. So, who will replace him? Well, PUP sources tell 7news that the party has reached out to attorney Michel Chebat. Chebat is originally a Cayo native - who lives and works in Belize City. It would be an interesting choice for the PUP, as Chebat has gained prominence as an attorney for the Catholic Church - and last appeared in the injunction agaiNst the reggae performer Alkaline. But we are told the Chebat interest only at the initial stages - and we could not reach him for comment.

SIF Says Dangriga May Get Streets
The Dangriga Market - for the Barrow Administration, it's like one of those wounds that just won't heal. SIF did its best to stitch it up - but yesterday the Dangriga Mayor tore it back open - and left it to fester in public view. One of the Mayor's principal lines of attack is that when the contract for the market had to be re-negotiated with a new contractor, it cost four hundred thousand dollars more - money that was taken away from the town's overall disbursement from the Belize Municipal Development Project. And so the mayor argues that the town lost when the first contract for 1.4 million dollars with Kennard Smart's company fell apart. And that loss means fewer paved streets. We asked the SIF project manager about it:.. Ernest Raymond, Project Supervisor - SIF "It is not a situation where $400,000 was removed from one project to complete another project. We operate on the basis of an allocation for each town council and there is an overall budget for the project. In that regard, as we see it presently there is still the likelihood of the Dangriga municipality getting their two streets; Gasbi Ramos and Trucking Boulevard. When this project was first put to bid, it is interesting for you to note and to know that the highest bidder for this project was 3 million dollars at that time you know. We had bids at 3 million, 2.1 million and 1.4 million and in this case K & G Smart was awarded the contract for 1.4 million after meeting all the conditions."

PG Mayor Complaining About SIF Too
And while the mayor of Dangriga has a well-sharpened axe to grind with the Social Investment Fund - the Mayor of Punta Gorda town also threw a blow yesterday. Mayor Anthony Fuentes says that SIF refurbished his council's municipal office and administration building for nearly half a million dollars - and the building is already leaking. He explained:.. Anthony Fuentes, Mayor - Punta Gorda Town "The amount of money $416,000 was spent and there are already some defects on that particular building in Punta Gorda Town." Jules Vasquez "Really, so has this been reported to SIF? Have they indicated if they can remedy it?" Anthony Fuentes, Mayor - Punta Gorda Town "They have one year for the defects and one year have passed already, so we are left to maintain that particular building. Yes there is more needs to be done by the Social Investment Fund to ensure that the monies invested on these buildings - we get value for money."

Dangriga Mayor Leaving Politics
And while the Punta Gorda Mayor is putting in his political points, you could say Dangriga Mayor Gilbert Swaso is doing it purely for either the principle or the pleasure of inflicting political blows. That's because he's not running for mayor again. Swaso did not contest the PUP's municipal convention where he would have faced a challenge. We asked him why:.. Jules Vasquez "We are told that you are not running because they wanted you to face a convention when none of the elected representative face a convention. So it wasn't fair. Why aren't you running again?" Gilbert Swazo, Mayor - Dangriga "Well, I stand on principle and I've also decided that on a personal note that I will not continue within the political field. I am of the firm view that the type of politics that has been perpetrated within the country is very much perpetrated in a culture of dependency."

Dangriga Mayor's Pvt. Business Venture Went Belly Up
And so while he's through with politics for the time being - he remains a public official and one that had to endure some public scrutiny recently when a call center that he co owned went belly up - and left owing debts to workers and suppliers. We asked the mayor about the demise of "Wafagua Easy Call" Jules Vasquez "I am told it failed and that people were left unpaid and they had to go to you." Gilbert Swazo, Mayor - Dangriga "Okay, I certainly as a partner in the call center business. What we are doing it to get ourselves reorganized and we will commence operations very shortly. Whatever shortcomings will be rectified certainly and we will bring jobs to this municipality." Jules Vasquez "However, did the original Nigerian investors abscond and leave you holding the bag?" Gilbert Swazo, Mayor - Dangriga "They are still available here in Dangriga and certainly we continue to dialogue. We still remain a team and as I said we are getting ourselves reorganized."

Police Look To Dealer For Clues In Stolen Hilux Pickups
Yesterday, we told you about how Belmopan Police managed to recover a government owned Toyota Hilux pickup that had been stolen. The Hilux belongs to the Department of Archaeology, and just like the other 4, it was parked in front of the department's headquarters in Belmopan. Just like the others, someone simply jumped in and drove off with it, but by a stroke of good fortune, one of the employees saw the vehicle as it leave the parking lot, and realized that none of the authorized drivers were behind the wheel. Today, the Director of the Institute of Archaeology told us more: Dr. John Morris, Director - Institute of Archeology "There were several vehicles in the parking lot and in fact two vehicles were being loaded to go to one to Lamanai and one to Caracol and we were in the process of putting in supplies in those vehicles that we take to those sites and this fellow just walk off the street on the Ring Road and he got into one of the vehicles. He used a key to get into the vehicle and fortunately for us one of our officers were coming down the stairs with his load of stuff to put in the vehicle and he saw the vehicle driving off and then he said wait a sec, the other guy who us driving the vehicle is upstairs and he turn around and went back up and check and yes the other guy was upstairs and he said somebody drove off in your vehicle and that is how we realize that somebody had stolen the vehicle.

Belmopanan Police Cleaning Up Recreation Area
And while Belmopan police are trying hard to crack that case, they are also working on providing safety for area residents on recreation. In August we told you how a family was held up in the Riviera area of Belmopan - which is a riverside spot outside of the city. Well, police got the area cleaned up so there's less room for criminals to lurk:.. Ins. Andrea Grinage, Deputy Commander - Belmopan "People would come to the Riviera area to swim on maybe a Saturday or a Sunday and then they would be robbed. What we had notice the OC and myself had come down here and notice that the area was really bushy and we had liaised with the KOLBE Foundation and had gotten 15 inmates to come and assist us in clearing out this area. We had observed that the area was bushy so they were hiding in the bushes and the persons swimming could not readily see them. We would still like the people in the area coming to swim to take precautions, have their vehicle lock properly - don't display any valuable items in your vehicles - to help us in combating these crimes."

Hon. Espat (Toledo West) Says New Schools Create New Needs
Last week - SIF and the Ministry of Education opened up two school buildings in the remote reaches of the Toledo District, namely Aguacate and Corazon. These are villages with new school buildings, providing major relief for school children who in the past would have to travel hours by road just to get to school. But Toledo East representative Mike Espat said that there are some unintended consequences. He said the presence of a school has forced some of the children's parents to go work in the banana industry just to pay their children's fees. He explained:.. Hon. Mike Espat, PUP Toledo East "What high school has done to them is put a lot more expenditure that they did not have before, so now they have to go look for a job and now you also have kids going to UB which takes the price up a lot higher." Jules Vasquez "Sir, but it's not that you are opposed to the education?" Hon. Mike Espat, PUP Toledo East "We can't, we came out of the classroom. I spent 17 years of my life in a classroom, so why would I be opposed to it?"

Meeting WTO Standards
For the past 5 days, all the government agencies involved in trade have been participating in workshop for Trade Facilitation Need Assessment. As a member of the World Trade Organization, Belize has to ensure that the trade apparatus being used is compatible with the rest of the WTO members. The main goal of the assessment was to determine if the country is ready to implement the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, which was approved by the Trade Ministers for all the members in Indonesia in November 2013. Now, it might sound like boring talk-shop to you, but the technocrats say it is needed to streamline trade. Today, the Director of Foreign Trade explained what the assessment has revealed so far about the weakness in the system: Dr. Leroy Almendarez, Director of Trade "One of first things we need to work with is to get the legislations in place. If it's in draft form, then we have to make sure that it becomes move from draft and be enacted because some of these things require legislation in order for Customs and the other entities to do what they need to do.

PACT Gives Grants
Yesterday the Protected Areas Conservation Trust awarded 5 co-management organizations with grants totaling about 1.2 million dollars. These grants will fund projects that will strengthen the conservation of protected areas in Belize. Acting Executive Director, Kerry Belisle discussed the importance of these grants to PACT's continued effort in preserving these areas for future generations. Kerry Belisle, Acting Executive Director - PACT "I think we can then all agree that our grantees today should stand especially proud that their continued diligence and commitment to protected areas has earned them a place in today's award of almost 1.2 million dollars. But at PACT we understand our job is far from done and perhaps today more importantly commemorates just another step in the journey and a longer and even more audacious path. The path to achieving a sustainably funded and optimally functioning protected area system."

All Smiles For Dental Health
Today marks the end of Dental health week and to conclude the activities the Ministry of Health held a Dental Health Fair today at the Central Health Region Compound under the theme "Belizeans Big-up your smile, it reflects your style." It was all about educating the students about developing good cleansing habits to prolong the strength and health of teeth and gums. Courtney Weatherburne found out more:.. Courtney Weatherburne reporting Everybody wants a clean mouth and a bright smile but many people don't take the necessary steps to keep their mouth clean. So the health department held a Dental Health Fair today to reinforce dental health best practices Dr. Raphael Samos, Senior Dental Surgeon, Ministry of health "Dental Week is celebrated countrywide under the theme "Belizeans big up your smile, it reflects your style." It sound catchy right. It's a week of awareness that we do countrywide. Each region has their own sets of activity that they carry out from tooth brushing drills to radio talk shows, give out incentive gifts and the idea is to create awareness of the importance of dental and oral hygiene."

Mexican Clown Troupe Visits
The Embassy of Mexico is inviting all Belizean children to the Bliss Center this weekend to enjoy a presentation by the theater clown company -"Triciclo Rojo." The group of dancers and clowns will be integrating dance, juggling, animation and music in a play called -The Basin Poet- which tells the story of a wandering knight who is always looking for small miracles to restore people's faith in their dreams. Sounds like quite a show and today we caught up with the clowns to get more on it. Triciclo Rojo will be presented on at 5:00 pm at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts. Admission is free and open to the public.

Remembering "Nabi"...
It's been two days now since 86 year-old musical Legend, Paul Nabor passed away, but still, the list of persons wishing to acknowledge his importance has not come to an end. Today, the National Garifuna Council released a statement reminding that Nabor's influence was international. His music was influential in spreading Garifuna culture to the rest of the world, and today the NGC lamented his loss. Indeed, as one of the most influential musicians performing in the paranda genre, Nabor ascended to iconic status. We've been doing a deep dig through our archives, to remember Nabor. Here's what we found: Jules Vasquez reporting Did you ever see him touch the stage? Did you ever see him dance? Deseree Diego, Performed with Nabor "I will tell you that everybody who knows Paul and who see him on stage, the moves that he has - that's what draw the crowd and I know everybody would want to remember him just showing off on stage." This is how the crowd reacted at "Y-Not Island" in 2007 just at the opening chords of Naguya Nei...

Tonight's I AM Belize Profile features inspirational teacher Fiona Huang, who lived most of her life in Taiwan. While there, she nursed a secret dream to be a teacher, but she didn't get her opportunity to act on it until they moved to Belize when her husband retired. Tonight, she tells the profile how she had to overcome culture shock and the language barrier so she could teach art:

Channel 5

No Official Assistance for Benque Accident Victim
On August sixteenth, Benque resident Yanie Cu was driving Yolanda Valencia to the market in San Ignacio when they collided into a vehicle driven by Deputy Commission of Police Miguel [...]

Yanie Cu Needs Your Help
Yanie Cu left a bill of eleven thousand quetzales in Guatemalan and he will need to return there for therapy and more treatment. So far, with a complete lack of [...]

P.U.P. Did Not Sign Hunting Caye Contract
The political jousting between Dangriga Mayor Gilbert Swaso and Junior Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Santiago Castillo, during the opening of the Dangriga market on Thursday was a fiery [...]

The General Remembers the Consummate Parandero
The passing of extraordinary Parandero, Paul Nabor, earlier this week continues to resonate across the country.  His death has undoubtedly created a vacuum within the ranks of esteemed Belizean musicians.  [...]

Reflecting on a Musical Legend
Well-known music promoter, Barbara Noralez, also shared past experiences with Paul Nabor, her fondest being a visit to the late buyei’s temple in Punta Gorda Town.  According to Noralez, they [...]

Belizeans Prepare to Say Goodbye to Paul Nabor
Paul Nabor’s daughter, Marie, arrived in Punta Gorda today via Guatemala so funeral arrangements for the Paranda great will be finalized over the weekend when a delegation led by representatives [...]

Caracol Reopens on Monday
It has been a month since the horrible execution of Danny Conorquie at the Caracol Archaeological Site. The murder triggered the closing of the site to visitors, both local and [...]

Murdered Guatemalan Found in the Mopan River
The body of a Guatemalan male was found floating in the Mopan River near Calla Creek at around eleven Thursday morning. It has since been identified as that of twenty-two [...]

Another P.U.P. Candidate Departs the Big Blue Tent
Earlier this week, it was announced that P.U.P. Cayo North Area Representative Joseph Mahmud will not be seeking reelection in 2017.  While Mahmud has cited personal reasons for not contesting [...]

Musa Says G.O.B. Spending of Venezuelan Money is Irresponsible
While we were with the former prime minister, we also broached the issue of the two hundred and twenty-eight million dollar PetroCaribe loan. The Opposition is challenging the management of [...]

Court Hears Bail Applications
  As many as fifteen bail applications were lodged before the Supreme Court today and a number of persons were successful in being granted bail by Judge Herbert Lord. Included [...]

Belize City Man Remanded for Assault on Minor
A fifty-five year old man is tonight on remand at the Belize Central Prison where he will remain for the next seven weeks. Austin Gotoy was before the court today [...]

Weekend Looks to Be Cold and Wet
We are a little over thirty days away from the end of the Hurricane Season for 2014, but this time of the year is when the Caribbean is most active [...]

Musa Says P.U.P. Supports Call for 13th Senator
The appointment of a thirteenth senator to represent the N.G.O. community remains an unfulfilled promise. Former Executive Director of SATIIM, Greg Ch’oc, was selected by the N.G.O.s, but his appointment [...]

MoH Celebrates Dental Health Week
Aside from preparing to deal with the Ebola virus and Chikungunya, the Ministry of Health this week has been building awareness on the importance of healthy teeth. Dental Health Week [...]

Mexican Embassy Hosts Clown Show at the Bliss
A cold front is forecasted for the weekend, but it doesn’t mean you need to stay at home. The Embassy of Mexico is putting off a show at the Bliss [...]

Steadfast Masonic Lodge Turns 51
On Thursday, the Steadfast Masonic Lodge in Belize turned fifty-one years old.  While many describe the lodge as a secret and mysterious society, numerous high profile personalities are members. The [...]

Three Kings, a film capturing the essence and spirit of 3 extraordinary, cultural icons
Katia Paradis produced and directed the film, Three Kings, capturing the essence and spirit of three extraordinary men and cultural icons: Paul Nabor, Wilfred Peters and Florencio Mes.  Mes is [...]

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Marty Online happy OP

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Can Shelters In O/W Sustain Major Threat?
With only 5 weeks away from the closing of the 2014 Hurricane Season, Belize has been mercifully spared from any major threats to the country. And while some flooding was recorded in the South for this season, over the years we have been fortunate to not experience a major catastrophe. Despite being spared, officials at the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) remain on high alert. When it comes to hurricane preparedness; from emergency plans, to evacuation routes to hurricane shelters, much was done to prepare in the event a storm would threaten the country. Yesterday when we met with Northern Regional Director for NEMO, Elodio Aragon Senior, we delved into one of the toughest questions; can our shelters withstand a major threat? Maria Novelo reports. Maria Novelo – Reporting Elodio Aragon Sr. – Northern Regional Director, NEMO “I think we have been doing well and the committees have been set, they are ready and whenever they are called they will respond and the period of the hurricane season is about to be finish for this year and I think that the month and the few weeks left go without any real treat or hit by any hurricane or flooding.”

Orange Walk Police Make Another Drug Bust
Orange Walk Police conducted a house search at the residence of Miguel Soliz, 53 year old Belizean resident of August Pine Ridge Village in the Orange Walk District and managed to lay their hands 276 grams of suspected cannabis. Present at the time of the search were 26 year old Alina Magana, 55 year old Serafina Medina and 22 year old Karina Teck. When police searched the house they discovered a black plastic bag containing green vegetable substance suspected to be cannabis. As a result, all four persons were escorted to the Orange Walk Police Station along with the drugs. And were jointly arrested and charged for the offence of Drug Trafficking.

Medical Team Arrives In Belize
A medical team arrived today in Belize from Ohio to conduct a series of surgeries. The team of sixteen members begins screening as of tomorrow at the Northern Regional Hospital. According to Jennifer Longo, the team normally comes in February each year with a little over thirty persons. In this trip, Longo says they are hoping to be able to reach out to as many persons as possible. Jennifer Longo “We are here for a surgical mission from Cincinnati Ohio and we have plastic and ENT. We get follow ups, we see patients many years, about eight years we still have patients that we see and new patients. We hope to accomplish three days of surgery and my goal is seventy five patients so we will see how it goes.” The team is expecting a great turnout for this trip and already they have one hundred eleven patients registered. According to Longo, the demand for corrective surgery has been constant especially for cleft lips and pallets. All surgeries are free of cost. This afternoon when the team arrived in Orange Walk, they made a stop at the La Inmaculada Credit Union where the financial institution representatives handed over a tent to the Visiting Team Coordinator of the Northern Regional Hospital, Lupe Ack.

BCC Signs Agreement With Businesses In Yucatan
The Belize Chamber of Commerce began establishing business ties with businesses in Yucatan that are dedicated to food and services. The ties were established with businesses who participated in the 16th Trade Expo. The Belize Chamber of Commerce representatives noted that the Trade Expo organized by CANACO in Merida, is a major vent that gave the Belize delegation the opportunity to make contact with companies that market different lines of products and services and to familiarize themselves with the wide variety of goods and services provided in Yucatan. Among the services being sought for by the Belizean Delegation was printer of commercial labels for packaging of beverages.

Smart Provides Much Needed Assistance To Primary School In Corozal
Much needed financial assistance was given to the Santa Rita Assemblies of God Primary School located in the Corozal District. The donation was made by the SMART Telecommunications Company with the intent to fix a leaky roof at the school. It’s an issue the students and faculty of that school have been facing for some time and finally they received assistance. Reporter Victor Castillo was on hand to capture the exchange, here’s that story. With a student population of 77 students and 5 teachers enrolled at the school, this makes Santa Rita Assemblies of God Primary School the smallest educational institution in Corozal Town. During the years the school has found ways to meet their basic needs so as to carry on with their main objective which is to offer quality education to students. But there is one main issue that is beyond the hands of the faculty, students and PTA that has prompted Principal Jesus Catzim to seek assistance from the business community.

BTB Expresses Condolences To Paul Nabor
The Belize Tourism Board also expressed its sincerest condolences to the family, friends and fans of Parandero, Paul Nabor. A release from the BTB states and we quote “While we are saddened by the news of his passing, we join the rest of the country to recognize and celebrate Nabor’s achievements and contributions to Belize’s music industry.” End quote. In 2011 and 2004, Paul Nabor was honored for his contribution to culture and music at the Tribute to Belizean Patriots with the Order of Distinction and Meritorious Service Award, respectively. In 2004, the international icon, who was fluent in English, Spanish and Garifuna, was bestowed with the honorable title of Distinguished Guest, during a visit to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. While there for the release of fellow Paranda musician, Aurelio Martinez’s Garifuna Soul album, Nabor received a signed proclamation from the officials in Honduras; an honor which further cemented his popularity, not only in Belize, but in the region.

NEMO Monitors Bad Weather
At 3:00pm today, the National Emergency Management Organization issued advisory number one on Tropical Depression No. 9 which was situated at the Bay of Campeche, West of Belize. NEMO reported that the depression had maximum sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. Movement was towards the east-southeast at 5 miles per hour. As the system crosses the landmass of the Yucatan Peninsula, coming from the West towards Belize, it is expected to weaken. The intensity forecasts are pointing to a much weakened circulation over Belize Friday morning. The release states that showers, heavy at times, along with some outbreaks of thundershowers, will greatly increase the risk of flooding over the next 4 to 5 days. NEMO advises the general public to make plans for blustery and squally weather conditions and flooding possibilities. The Belize Weather Bureau in its 6 pm forecast says that cloudy to overcast skies with some outbreaks of showers and thunderstorms will affect the central and northern parts of the country tonight and on Friday. Westerly to south-westerly winds at between 5 and 15 knots will produce light choppy sea conditions. But gusty conditions near showers and thunderstorms will make the sea locally rough. Therefore operators of small craft on the coastal areas of Belize are being advised to exercise caution in rough seas. The wet and showery conditions will continue into Saturday; but hey conditions will start improving on Saturday.

Family Of Missing Teen Fears The Worst
Today marks three days that thirteen year old Jeannie Alvarez, a student from Corozal Town, went missing. The last time Alvarez was seen by her mother, Poseda Hill, was on Monday when she left home en-route to her father’s house. Today reporter Victor Castillo spoke to a preoccupied Hill who told him about the last time she spoke with her daughter. Ponseda Hill – Mother “I spoke with her like 2:40 Monday.” Victor Castillo – Reporter “Did you all had a discussion or did you have an argument?” Ponseda Hill – Mother “Well, she was at that lady house that I did not agreed that she was there and I talked to her about it before that I don’t like her to go into that house so when I pass I saw her there and I told her to please come out of that lady house and just wait for school for Alisson and then she came out through the lady house by the side of the gate and I told her lets go and she said no I am going home so thinking that she was coming home I went to the park to wait until my other daughter came out of school then I come home and I don’t see her and I say something happened because she is not here, I called over my landlady house and I ask my neighbor at the back to see if anybody saw her and nobody had seen her and I have been her up and down to her father house back to my house looking for her and asking people if anybody have seen her and just trying to see where she was and what had happened to her and where she is.”

Country Mourns The Death Of Parandero, Paul Santino Nabor
Today, the country of Belize is mourning the death of another musical icon, parandero Paul Santino Nabor. Nabor passed away on Wednesday evening and is reported to have died of natural causes. It’s a huge blow to the music world in Belize since he was a widely respected musical talent who brought the soulful music of the Garifuna people to the rest of the world. Tonight, we pay tribute to the king of paranda music, Paul Nabor – Maria Novelo reports. Maria Novelo – Reporting Belizean icon, legendary Parandero, songwriter, Poet, Guitarist and music extraordinaire Paul Nabor passed away Wednesday evening at the Punta Gorda Hospital. Paul Santino Nabor who hailed from Punta Gorda, southern Belize was a widely respected musical talent who brought the soulful music of the Garifuna people to the rest of the world.


Orange Walk Police Nabs Trio for Drug Trafficking
Three persons have been charged for drug trafficking in Orange Walk. According to Police reports, Orange Walk Police conducted a search at the residence of 57 year old Miguel Soliz in August Pine Ridge. Police say they saw Soliz running behind the house throwing a black plastic bag. The bag was retrieved and in it was 276 grams of marijuana. Soliz along with 26 year old Alina Magana and 55 year old Serafina Medina were all arrested and charged for drug trafficking.

On-Remand For Allegedly Burglarizing Primary School
Twenty-one year old Gary Clark Jr., a resident of La Democracia, who was charged with the burglary of St. Agnes Anglican Primary School in La Democracia, was denied bail when he appeared today before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart. He was remanded into custody until November 7. The prosecution objected to bail on the grounds that the offence has become prevalent in the area and the defendant might interfere with the investigation which is still ongoing. Magistrate Stuart upheld the objection and remanded Clark. The incident occurred between October 17 and October 20. The school’s principal, Pamela Neal, reported to the police that the school was burglarized and the items that were stolen were one Dell laptop computer, seven hundred and thirty dollars and 36 Energizer batteries. Police investigation revealed that the culprit gained entry to the principal’s office where the stolen items were by prying open the door of the Standard six classroom and going into the principal’s office.

Car Washer Remanded For Touching Minor’s Derriere
Fifty-five year old car washer Austin Gotoy, who allegedly committed an indecent assault on a 13 year old girl, was denied bail when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith and was arraigned on a charge of aggravated assault. Gotoy pled not guilty to the charge. His next court date is December 12. The incident occurred yesterday. The girl reported to the police that she was walking on Barrack Road when Gotoy approached her and touched her on her buttocks.

Fishermen Granted 50K Bail for Cocaine
Thirty-six year old Axel Fuentes, a fish vendor of Ranchito Village who was remanded into custody for drug trafficking of 18 kilograms of cocaine, was released on a bail of fifty thousand dollars today. The bail was offered by Justice Herbert Lord on the condition that Fuentes reports to Corozal Police station every Monday and Friday and that he attends court on each and every adjourned date until the matter is completed. Fuentes was busted with the cocaine on September 15. According to reports, he was returning to Corozal from doing some fish vending and when he reached a police road block in Orange Walk, a search of his vehicle resulted in the discovery of the cocaine in an ice box. Fuentes was represented at the bail hearing by attorney Dickie Bradley. Crown Counsel Linsbert Willis represented the Crown.

Trio Assaults and Robs Villager
Corozal police have charged two men for robbery and is seeking another. Police say that 21 year old Celedonio Pinelo and 34 year old Herminio Rodriguez, and one Manuel Flores, attacked and robbed 30 year old Daniel Mendez. Mendez told police that it happened last Friday while he walking back home from a Chinese grocery store in Concepcion Village. He told police that the trio hit him several times causing a fractured nose, bodily pain and minor scrapes. He said he was robbed of one hundred and eighty dollars in cash and his bag of groceries valued at seventy dollars. Celedonio Pinelo and Herminio Rodriguez were arrested and charged for the crimes of robbery and wounding committed upon Daniel Mendez. Manuel Flores is being sought by police.

Family of Accident Victim Appeals to Deputy Commissioner for Financial Aid
It has been more than a month since the death of Yolanda Valencia. Valencia was in a taxi being driven at the time by Yanie Cu when it was involved in a terrible accident in western Belize. Also involved in the accident was Deputy Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura, who was placed on interdiction following the accident. Segura was slapped with a slew of charges including manslaughter. Segura has since been out on bail while the Valencia family remains in mourning as they try to overcome the loss of their loved one. As for the family of Yanie Cu, they are struggling to keep up with medical expenses. Cu was taken to Guatemala to receive treatment; he came back on Wednesday but not before his medical expenses were racked up to 11 thousand quetzals which is just under three thousand Belize dollars. Cu’s aunt, Minelia Chan spoke to Love News about his condition. MINELIA CHAN “His hip and leg are broken and his hand and he has a lot of pain and he is saying that he can’t sit down so good; if he sits down he can only do that for about 15 minutes then he would have to go back to bed.”


Western Regional Hospital holds Dental Health Week Poem Competition for Primary Schools
In line with Dental Health Week, the Western Regional Hospital had accosted schools to have their Standard 4, 5, and 6 students participate in a dental health poem competition to go with this year’s Dental Health Week theme. Dr...

Dental Health Fair held in Belize City
Dental Health Week was held this week under the theme, “Belize, Big Up Your Smile, It Reflects Your Style.” Activities were held countrywide to emphasize the importance of dental health, including free teeth cleaning for teachers. On Friday in Belize City, the community were invited to a Dental Heal...

Caracol reopens for tours, with BDF escorts
Caracol reopens for tours, but only with BDF escorts. The Caracol Archaeological reserve will be reopened on Monday October 27. The site was closed after Tourism Police officer Danny Conorquie was shot and killed by Guatemalans, while at the Mayan site. Tour operators and tour guides are advised tha...

Two arrested for robbery, Police seek third man
Three men from the Corozal District got in trouble with the law last week Friday, when they accosted one man and stole his groceries. Corozal Police have since arrested two persons, and are looking for the third. Reports are that at around 9:00 pm on that day, 30 year old Daniel Mendez, a Belizean C...

Yanie Cu arrives home after treatment in Guatemala, following traffic accident
In mid-August, 54 year old Yolanda Valencia lost her life in a fatal traffic accident involving Deputy Commissioner of Police Miguel Segura, whose fate will have to be decided at court. Taxi Driver Yanie Cu of Succotz Village, and a relative to Yolanda, was also involved in the accident, but while h...

Stolen Government vehicle leads to highway chase
A brazen robbery on Thursday morning led to a high speed chase on the George Price Highway, to recover a stolen Toyota Hilux with government issued license plates. This would have made the 5th government vehicle stolen in the past four to five months if police had not intercepted it at Georgeville, ...

One woman protest continues in Belmopan
The one woman protest continued on Thursday. As was mentioned two Thursdays ago, when Yaya Marin protested in front of the US Embassy, she made a commitment be in front of the Curl Thompson building every Thursday, until her demands are met. The venue has since been moved to the Sir Edney Cain Build...

Paul Nabor dies at 86
Paul Nabor died on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at the age of 86...

Dangriga Market opens with political fireworks
On Thursday the last project under the phase one of the Municipal development project was finally handed over by the Social Investment Fund to the Dangriga Town Council ...

PG Mayor complains about PG SIF project
Punta Gorda Mayor, Anthony Fuentes, also had some complaints about a SIF project that was completed about a year ago. According to the Mayor, the Punta Gorda Town Council received a refurbished Municipal Office at their administration building, but just about a year later they have issues with the s...

Inmates clean Belmopan area
15 inmates of the Kolbe Foundation came out of their cells on Friday to assist the Belmopan Police Formation in cleaning the Rivera Area, which is notorious for the high level of theft. It is a preventative initiative that came into full effect, when the Officer Commanding Belmopan Police came in to...

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Legendary Garifuna parandero, Paul Nabor, passes at 86
Paul Nabor, the iconic Garifuna parandero who passed away in Punta Gorda early last night at the age of 86, from complications due to his third stroke, will receive a formal send-off, according to a statement issued this evening by the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), in the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation. “We see his death as a great loss to the arts in Belize. To his family, his extended family and friends, we extend our deepest sympathy,” the official statement said. The family of David Lino, a grandson with whom Nabor resided in Punta Gorda, Toledo, until the time of his passing, told Amandala today that Nabor had suffered a stroke earlier this month, and since then his health had deteriorated, leading to labored breathing last night, shortly after 6:00. That was when he was taken to the Punta Gorda Hospital for treatment. At 6:50 p.m., Nabor passed away peacefully, his relatives told us.

5th stolen GOB Hilux intercepted, but driver escaped
If not for the efforts of employees and security personnel from the National Institute for Culture and History (NICH)’s Belmopan office today, the Government of Belize, through one of its statutory bodies, would have been out of another white Toyota Hilux pickup truck, which became the subject of an attempted theft orchestrated by a cunning robber who appears to be swift as well. Dave Griffith, an employee of NICH, told Belmopan police that they were preparing to go on a trip to Lamanai in Orange Walk Town this morning, but when the vehicle’s driver went downstairs and outside to get the vehicle, he was baffled by the fact that there was an empty space where the truck had previously been parked.

4 suspected Chik-V cases in Las Flores, Belmopan
The Ministry of Health has confirmed that they are investigating four possible cases of Chikungunya (Chik-V), a debilitating mosquito-borne disease which may appear to be dengue but which causes far more distressing pain. Those suspected Chik-V cases, all affecting women, have shown up in Las Flores, Belmopan, the migrant community which is home to many nationals from El Salvador, where thousands of cases of the emerging disease have shown up in the recent months. Two of the patients being monitored have told the Ministry of Health they were diagnosed with the disease in El Salvador before coming to Belize. The first suspected Chik-V case is said to have arrived in the country on Independence Day, September 21, when a 65-year-old woman, who said she had been diagnosed in her home country, El Salvador, came to Belize to visit relatives here. Since her arrival, three other women, in their 20s and 30s, have reported symptoms suspected to be Chik-V.

Guat passport offensive
In April of last year there was much public outcry over revelations that Guatemala’s passport, which highlights the country on a Central America map, had a mere dotted line dividing that country and Belize at our western border. Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington had told Amandala back in April 2013 that it was only recently that the Government of Belize had recognized that the Guatemala passports, which had been in use since the last administration, use the dotted line to represent the western border. We have looked at the models of other Central American passports, and the samples for El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, which are based on the same design template, all have their borders represented as solid lines, as is the case with the represented boundaries between Guatemala and the other countries which border it, on its passport. Guatemala’s passport representation of its border with western Belize is unique, despite the fact that other countries in the region have territorial conflicts.

Cruise lines threaten to pull plug on Belize over new Ebola screening measures
North Korea has announced a travel ban on foreign tourists, and while Belize is not considering such a blanket ban on tourists, it has introduced more stringent screening measures, just in advance of the peak for the cruise ship season, which begins next month, November. Those new measures almost triggered an economic backlash from the major cruise lines, one of which had initially responded by suspending visits to Belize and the other threatening to pull calls to Belize’s port in the old capital, Belize City. Karen Bevans, Director of the Belize Tourism Board, told our newspaper that an agreement was reached with the cruise lines yesterday, and today, business was restored to normal with Carnival bringing 3,916 visitors and Royal Caribbean bringing 3,339 visitors today.

“Criminal” lifts Police over Bandits 1-0 in mid-week match
The condensed Premier League of Belize Belikin Cup Opening Season Tournament kicked off over the past weekend, and since a scheduled match between Police United FC and the Belmopan Bandits – both of who play out of Belmopan – was postponed on Saturday due to inclement weather conditions, the back match was played last night at 7:30 at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan. Football fans who were in attendance, and we understand that there were quite a few despite the fact that it was a week night, described the game as energetic, especially when considering that those are the top two teams who faced off for the championship in the last PLB season. Both teams have played to several even stalemates during the last season, and it seemed like that was going to be the outcome last night, but the Police United FC team, through the efforts of their striker Lennox “Criminal” Castillo, shook the back of the Bandits’ net in the 71st minute of the game and propelled themselves to a vital victory over their arch nemesis.

Talking football – Part 6
Before venturing further into any discussion of the sixties and beyond, perhaps we should take the opportunity to briefly recount a noble effort made by some of our sporting elders a couple decades ago, resulting in the first ever Belize National Sports Hall of Fame induction in 1993. In that first effort, which covered the period from 1923-1960, top athletes were nominated from 8 different sporting disciplines, and through a weighted voting mechanism by members of the Hall of Fame Committee, the top vote getters were selected to be the first inductees into the Belize National Sports Hall of Fame. C.B. Hyde was the chairman of that committee, and, while the National Sports Council has informed us that the records were all lost or damaged through the leaking roof at the building inside the MCC Grounds, we have recently stumbled across the personal file of the chairman while clearing away stuff from his old residence, and it is perhaps the only remaining copies of that outstanding process that should be documented for posterity, and as a blueprint for future Hall of Fame efforts.

Softball and football games in Orange Walk
In softball games scheduled to be played at the People’s Stadium today, Sunday, October 19, San Narciso Red Orchids won by default over San Narciso Golden Strikers; and Carmelita Caribbean Queen defeated Jadas, 9-5, behind winning pitcher Yvette Flowers. The Grand Finale will be October 26. Sunday, October 26 10:30 a.m. – San Narciso Red Orchids vs San Narciso Golden Strikers 12:30 p.m. – Carmelita Caribbean Queen vs Jadas of Orange Walk N.B. – The female games are best-of-3 series. Carmelita Caribbean Queen and San Narciso Red Orchids have one game to their advantage. 2:00 p.m. – (Male Game, Grand Finale) Jadas of Orange Walk vs Mad Bull Productions Female 9-A-Side football

Editorial: Power to the Belizean people
To a certain extent, the rivalry between the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) is a contest between different elements of the Belizean upper classes. This has not always been the case. In the beginning of the PUP in 1950, there was not much of a Belizean upper class except for that which was allied with the British – the colonial masters of British Honduras. The native upper class here was unreservedly anti-PUP. The PUP was roots. Three decades of ascendant PUP power had led, by the time of political independence in 1981, to the growth of a wealthy native class which was involved in the drug trade and was being protected at high levels of the ruling PUP. Not all of the new upper class was in drugs, but drugs was where the fast money was being made – first marijuana, later cocaine. Because of what was going on with the tacit consent of the PUP government, the publication of a Mexican magazine article in 1981 caused a panicky reaction when it was reproduced in three Belizean newspapers, including Amandala. Despite the traditionally virulent nature of the rostrum rhetoric and newspaper writing in Belizean party politics, local politicians almost never sued for libel before that, because such trials would have inevitably led to questions about other matters which the offended politician(s) preferred to remain private.

From the Publisher
The PUP Cabinet decision in February of 1970 to charge Ismail Omar Shabazz and myself with seditious conspiracy set in motion a train of events which culminated with the UBAD (United Black Association for Development), a cultural group constituted a year earlier, reconfiguring itself as a political party, the UBAD Party, in August of 1970. This decision to become a political party was my decision, as UBAD president, and I made that decision because I believed that the ruling party would come after our leadership despite our July acquittal in the sedition case, that they would come after us again and again, and that the best way to defend ourselves was within a political organization. I did not make the decision because I had personal political ambitions. I never did. After I had graduated from Dartmouth College in June of 1968, I quickly headed back home to Belize. My best friend, an economist from Malawi by the name of Guy Mhone, could not go home, because his country’s Hastings Kamuzu Banda government, which was collaborating with the apartheid government of South Africa, would have jailed or killed him.

Letters: Major Lloyd Jones, not so fast!
When we last left the saga of the misinformed Major Lloyd Jones, in a response to my reference to him as a second class citizen in his own country he simply stated, “I’m no second class citizen;” he did not qualify that with any legal proof, but merely by his statement he declared so. Major Jones, you are not very informed of your rights I see. Let us first define second class citizens. Wikipedia says this: “A second-class citizen is a person who is systematically discriminated against within a state or other political jurisdiction, despite their nominal status as a citizen or legal resident there. While not necessarily slaves, outlaws or criminals, they are often subject to mistreatment or neglect at the hands of their putative superiors. Instead of being protected by the law, the law disregards a second-class citizen, or it may actually be used to harass them.”

Letters: Bring back the beauty of Hopkins
I want to thank all who allowed me to make the TV, radio, and the Amandala newspaper. Not bad for a village gal talking about the need for assistance with the death of the Hopkins coastline. I will not give up to rebuild the beach in Hopkins back. Hopefully, it is reaching the right people, in government, the right organizations, the environmentalists, people of positive strengths that we need for the rebirth of rebuilding the coastline in Hopkins. Mountains have been moved, our beaches have been destroyed, let’s change history!! We want Hopkins beach back.

Dr. Ronald Hyde, nephrologist, addresses the Belize Kidney Association Education Awareness Symposium
Despite inclement weather, a number of Belizeans attended the Kidney Association of Belize Education Awareness Symposium at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall on Monday night, where internationally acclaimed nephrologist, Dr. Ronald Hyde, was the featured guest speaker. The president of the Kidney Association of Belize, Ruby Nicholas, delivered the welcome address. Before Dr. Hyde delivered his incisive message, which focused on the early detection and treatment of kidney disease, local healthcare professionals spoke about the rising incidents of kidney disease in Belize. Among those making presentations was Dr. Adrian Coye, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

EU ministers to formally lift Belize high seas fishing sanctions
Back in March, the European Union imposed trade sanctions against vessels flying the Belize flag on the high seas, allegedly because Belize was deemed to be a non-cooperating country in the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. However, the European Commission has proposals to formally lift the sanction against Belize’s fleet, which nets the Government $12 million a year, according to official Government of Belize sources. While the ban stopped Belize-flagged vessels from landing their products obtained from high seas fishing at EU ports, those vessels, made up mostly of Spanish-owned vessels, found other ports in Asia to land their products. Gian Ghandi, Director-General of the International Financial Services Commission, and legal counsel in the Ministry of Finance, told Amandala that the decision will be up for final consideration by the EU’s Council of Ministers next Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

Man, 19, remanded for carnal knowledge of girl, 12
On Friday, in the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court, Adrian Tun, 19, a laborer of Santa Familia, Cayo District, was remanded to the Belize Central Prison until Thursday, December 4, when he will be returned to court, to face a charge of unlawful carnal knowledge of a 12-year-old girl. The girl and her mother went to police and reported that on Monday, the girl was home alone in Santa Familia when Tun went to the house and had sex with her. The girl was taken to the San Ignacio Hospital, where a doctor examined her and certified that she was carnally known.

3 remanded for 2 separate cases of drug trafficking out west
Three men, two Belizeans and a Guatemalan, were remanded to the Belize Central Prison after they were arraigned in the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court today for drug-related offences relating to two separate marijuana busts that occurred in Benque Viejo Town over the past three days. In the first instance, Benque Viejo police reported that while conducting a mobile patrol between Miles 71 and 72 on the George Price Highway on Sunday, October 19, they intercepted a white Mitsubishi cargo truck that was travelling in the direction of San Ignacio Town from Benque Viejo, and that during a search of the vehicle, officers discovered a black plastic bag between the legs of the passenger in the truck.

Alleged child predator, 25, preys on 5-year-old child
A grandmother from Independence, Stann Creek District, has reported to police that on Sunday, October 19, a 25-year-old neighbor of hers sexually molested her 5-year-old grandson, and bit the child’s penis while performing oral sex on the boy. A medical examination was conducted on the child, and his injury was classified as harm.

Mother, 32, charged with grievous harm to son, 6
A woman who resides on Fern Lane in the St. Martin De Porres area of Belize City and is the mother of a 6-year-old boy was charged with grievous harm against her son when she appeared this morning before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith. Odette Lambey, 32, a sales clerk, was represented at her arraignment by attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd. Before the arraignment began, Matura-Shepherd told the court, “It is a terrible situation that has happened and social services has already removed the child and gave him to his maternal grandparents.”

Right to the Point
There is an awful revelation that has me concerned for some time and which I hope the average Belizean is not sweeping under the rug. This is the internal posture our country through our leaders has displayed and the corresponding disrespect we have attracted as a result. This became especially obvious in a series of major developments these past weeks starting from the execution of Danny Conorquie to the Ebola/cruise ship drama. I believe that the external response to us on this issue is as a result of what we have bent over to project of Belize as a weak, anything-goes country. Then our own local leadership response has been nothing but dismal and a%&-kissing. If we take time to sit back and reflect on the manner, time and place of the execution of Danny Conorquie, some of us would have to admit that the Guatemalan bandits who carried out this execution have no fear of reprisal from the Belizean authorities.

The Belize Times

Barrow breaks the law – PUP challenges illegal borrowing and spending
Prime Minister Dean Barrow wants to get away with breaking the law. On October 2nd 2014, Barrow presented a loan motion before the National Assembly seeking approval for his administration’s borrowing of BZE$228,614,712 that occurred between September 2012 and August 2014. The funds came through the ALBA/Petrocaribe program made available by the generous Venezuelan Government in support of poverty alleviation initiatives throughout the region. But the borrowing was carried out in flagrant contravention of the Finance and Audit (Reform) Act which requires that any borrowing of more than $10 million must first seek the deliberation and approval of the National Assembly. The Act was introduced in 2005 for the purpose of regulating Government borrowing. According to the Barrow Administration, between 2012 and 2013, US$18,031,336 was borrowed through the Petrocaribe funds. Between 2013 and 2014 an additional US$76,331,016 was loaned. And between 2014 and 2015, GOB loaned US$19,944,954.

We noh ready fu Ebola!!
The drama that played out last week when the Prime Minister appeared to have stood-up to the attempted brinkmanship of the United States State Department that wanted to airlift two persons that were suspected of being exposed to the Ebola virus and who were on a cruise ship anchored off Belize City, though commendable, may have been orchestrated for political grandstanding. This was plain and simple, in the final analysis, just theatrics, a sidebar that for a while distracted from the real issue of incompetence that has placed many Belizeans, working at the frontline of the cruise ship industry at serious risk of exposure to this deadly disease. The Prime Minister, by his own admission, was ambivalent and therefore indecisive, in dealing with the State Department. This could be interpreted to mean that he is not up-to-speed with the national state of affairs and that he pretended not to be aware of the maladministration of the Ministry of Health.

Mark Flowers and Human Smuggling
Leaked documents from the Police Department have revealed that current Gang Suppression Unit boss, Mark Flowers, was under investigation for suspected human smuggling in 2009. The documents indicate that Immigration Officials intercepted four Salvadoran nationals including two females, acting suspiciously and getting out of a vehicle at the Western Border. When interviewed by Immigration officials, the females told the Immigration Officials that they were brought to Melchor de Mencos in Guatemala by their relative. While there, they were taken to a small bar where they met and had a few drinks with three Belizean men. The women said that a short while after they were told to enter a vehicle that moved towards the border. There, their passports were gathered and taken into the Immigration office. As they exited the vehicle, they were taken into custody and warned that they needed proper travel documents to enter Belize.

Patrick JonesPJ

Tributes for Paul Nabor
Tributes continue to come in for Belizean cultural icon Paul Nabor who died on Wednesday evening in Punta Gorda town. The National Garifuna Council, in a statement, said it joined the rest of Belize in noting “the transition of Mr. Paul Nabor.” The NGC statement credits Nabor […]

PG Mayor says Town Hall Roof renovation was shoddy
The Mayor of Punta Gorda town, Anthony Fuentes, says that part of the recently renovated roof at the Town Council office is already falling apart. The renovation work, according to Mayor Fuentes, was carried out with funding from the Social Investment Fund to the tune of just under […]

Toledo villages get equipment to clean up the community
Villages in the Toledo district have been presented with equipment which will help in keeping the community clean. The equipment included weed eaters and lawn mowers and were acquired by the Ministry of Local Government at a cost of about $18,000. Rural Development coordinator Ernest Banner says that […]

Corozal Junior College student stabbed
A student from the Corozal Junior College (CJC) is reported to be hospitalized at the Northern Rrgional, following a stabbing incident on Thursday afternoon. Details are still being confirmed, but preliminary information received says that the two male students got into a fight over a seat on […]

Burial plans being finalized for Paul Nabor
Burial arrangements are being finalized for legendary Paranda king Paul Nabor. His daughter is expected to arrive in Belize today to complete those arrangements. The government of Belize has offered an official funeral for Nabor. Correspondent Juan Caal spoke with community activist Darius Avila about Nabor’s death and […]


San Pedro Belize Guide to Halloween Parties 2014: 9 Freakishly Fun Parties in San Pedro
Saturday, October 25: Holiday Hotel Halloween Bash – 9:00 pm. Year after year this party has 5 star freak factor that spills out onto the street, with people lined up watching the grand entries. Sunday, October 26: Saga Humane Society Spooktacular Halloween fundraiser at Carlo and Ernie’s Runway Bar – 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. This frightfully fantastic annual fundraiser is well worth attending. Wednesday, October 29: Roadkill Bar’s Halloween Party (Scaryoke) – 7:30 pm – 12:00 am. Many would say nothing is scarier than Karaoke :) Roadkill Bar’s Scaryoke party will be a spooky good time. Wednesday, October 29: Pedro’s Party Like It’s 1994 Beer Pong Halloween Party – 6:30 pm onward. This is a special event, open to all and will be a lot of retro fun. Friday, October 31: Wayo’s Beach Bar - 4:00 pm. There is no better place to enjoy a Creepy Carnival with proceeds benefitting San Pedro Aids Commission Friday, October 31: Lola’s Pub Halloween Party – 6:30 pm onward. Celebrate the holiday with Lola’s special “spooky” drinks while wearing your freakiest attire. Friday, October 31: Pedro’s Annual Pimp n’ Ho Party - 6:30 pm onward. A fun place to see some creative (and yes, sometimes freaky) costumes and compete for great prizes. Friday, October 31: Rain Restaurant – Mystery Dinner Theater – Murder in Margaritaland – 6:00 pm. Who doesn’t love a good tropical thriller game. Friday, October 31: Sandy Toes Bar and Grill – Halloween Party – 6:30 pm onward. This is Sandy Toes first annual Halloween Party. Come and celebrate with free jello shots for all those in costume – now there’s an incentive to come up with a costume!

San Pedro’s New Hot Spot: “Boogie’s Belly” And the Remnants of Post-Tropical Cyclone TD9
GOOD COFFEE! Flavored creamer or regular…and free refills. Love this place! And I got chatting with Jessica, the preparer of these pockets of bliss, about meat pies. She has done them with LOBSTER filling…vegetarian. Yum. Would it be weird to just order 50 for my home use? Jason, Jennifer and Jessica. (It’s hard to figure out who is the mom and who is the daughter but either way…both are lovely.) These guys are Belizean…and American. Jason was born in Belize City and Jennifer in the Toledo District, Big Falls to be exact. He moved to LA for 33 years. His grandfather started one of the most famous classic Belizean food restaurants in the country – Dit’s in Belize City. (I visited for stew chicken OF COURSE a few years ago.)

Farewell Paul Nabor: A Belize Music Legend
Belize lost a national treasure and we farewelled a wonderful friend this week with the passing of Paul Nabor, Garifuna parandero extraordinaire and one of the best cultural ambassadors Belize ever had. Born in January 1928, Paul, known as Nabi to his many friends, packed more into his 86 years than most people get to experience in ten lifetimes, from growing up in a simple Garifuna village to captivating audiences the world over with his deeply soulful Paranda songs and a humanism that cut across all societal and cultural boundaries. Whether in Belize City, New York, Europe or Malaysia, Mr Nabor, often wearing a large cowboy hat, would appear on stage and within seconds have any audience, anywhere, in the palm of his hand. There was something about him…

A tropical paradise in Belize: Matachica Resort & Spa
We're off to the a tropical paradise today, and a beautiful resort on Ambergris Caye Island. You may never have heard of the island (I hadn't!), but it's just a 15 minute flight from the mainland of Belize....and it's stunning! The Matachica Resort & Spa is set on a secluded stretch of natural white-sand facing the world's second-largest barrier reef. Accommodation is set in 26 vibrantly coloured thatched roof villas. They're all uniquely decorated with original art collected from around the world, and are very cleverly situated so they're not too close to each other. They have air-con, ceiling fans, and private patios.

International Sourcesizz

2015 MAP Children’s Art Calendar
The 2015 International Children's Art Calendar is now ready to pre-order. Order your calendars now, so we can better judge how many to print. We are also offering you great discounts on bulk orders

Road safety project in Belize to get additional CDB funding
The government of Belize will receive an additional loan of US$4.584 million from the Caribbean Development Bank for an ongoing road safety project. The original loan of US$7.248 million was approved in 2012, but stakeholder reviews of the project have led to a revision in scope that required further financing. The road safety project was designed to assist in the reduction of deaths and serious injuries associated with road traffic accidents. Initially it involved such areas as road safety infrastructure; accident emergency services; road safety enforcement; public education and awareness including curriculum development and teacher training; and capacity building. Because this is a pilot project, annual review meetings were incorporated into the process. These meetings afforded the opportunity for feedback from a wide cross-section of public and private sector stakeholders.


Video: Chikungunya Song from Jamaica - Wayne J, 3.5min.
Gobhealth Belize shared a catchy tune on ChikV done by a Jamaican artist. Check it out! - Using a song out of Jamaica by Wayne J, Magnetic Media has put together the web's most popular images, video and warnings regarding the now, killer Chikungunya Virus.

Video: Naguya Nei - Paul Nabor, 4min.
Nati nuguya merumayatina Wanwa nuguya merumayatina Balabada naru tura nigabana nay

Video: Belize Shark Adventure and Attack, 10min.

Video: Belize Vacation - 2014, 5.5min.
Highlights from our trip to Belize, CA in October of 2014.

Video: Nick Baker in Belize, 3min.

Video: Horse powered saw mill, Belize, 6min.

Video: Scuba Diving in Belize, Turneffe Atoll - 9/24/14

Video: Belize - Bacab Jungle Park, 1.5min.
Spend a relaxing day at Bacab Eco Park surrounded by nature at its best. Start and end your Belize adventure traveling between Bacab Eco Park and your ship in an air-conditioned motorcoach and learn about the country, its natural wonders, diverse culture and history from your guide. Upon entering the park and throughout the recreation area you’ll see tropical wildflowers, flowering trees and shrubs where hummingbirds drink sweet nectar. An elevated palmetto boardwalk leads you under the shade of orchid laden bullet trees and Palmetto Palms to the main recreation area featuring the restaurant, bar and an exotic swimming pool area. Kick off your shoes and relax in a hammock in the shade of a buttonwood tree. At your leisure, enjoy a delicious truly Belizean lunch prepared just for you served buffet style. If relaxing is not for you, then learn about the many uses of native plants on Ixchel’s Walk, a self-guided medicinal, botanical trail. Note: Wear a swimsuit and closed-toe shoes and bring sunglasses, a hat, towel, insect repellant and sunscreen. Must be able to walk 300 yards. Free WiFi service is offered.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!

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