The Department of the Environment within the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development has unveiled a new online service for importers.

The Online Permits Application and Licenses (OPAL) system, unveiled on Friday, is the department’s new way of issuing permits/licenses for importing or exporting of scrap metal, used tires, lead-acid batteries, ozone depleting substances/halogenated gases, refrigeration/air conditioning equipment and petroleum products.

The OPAL system was created through the Central Information Technology Office (CITO). The new system is designed to eliminate the need to physically visit the DOC office to apply for a license, and reduce the usage of paper since applicants will be issued with an electronic license. The system will also bring the added convenience of being able to apply from mobile devices “on-the-go”.

Chief Environmental Officer, Martin Alegria, said in a statement this week that the system “demonstrates the DOE’s commitment to ensuring reliable and efficient service in assuring the sustainable management of our natural resources.”

This new system will be used in tandem with the Customs Department’s online system, ASYCUDA WORLD, which is already being used by custom brokers and other clients. DOE has assured its commitment to the customs department to assist in administrating the ASYCUDA WORLD system for proper vetting of the imported/exported items and commodities.

The product or electronic license from OPAL will feed into ASYCUDA WORLD to improve on the current importation and exportation process of the above-mentioned items/commodities.

The Reporter