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The San Pedro Sun

Caye Caulker’s Ocean Academy shortlisted for 2014 Beyond Sports Awards
Ocean Academy’s Aquatic Tourism Program has been shortlisted in the running of the Sport for Education award in the 2014 Beyond Sports Awards. Ocean Academy is a secondary school based in Caye Caulker Village. With the sponsorship of The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Ocean Academy has implemented the Aquatic Tourism Program to help students develop entrepreneurship skills in the tourism industry. The award is part of the Beyond Sport Global Summit and Awards to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from Tuesday, October 28th to Thursday, October 30th. The event is aimed to promote, develop and support the use of sport to drive positive social change across the world.

Police Report
Possession of Controlled Drugs *On Tuesday, October 21st a team of police personnel conducted a personal search on 24-year-old Mariano Teul. The search led to the discovery of a wrapped cigarette containing 0.2 grams of suspected cannabis. Teul was formally arrested and charged for the crime of “Possession of Controlled Drugs”. Found Property *On Tuesday, October 21sta team of police personnel conducted a search near the residence of a known drug dealer in the San Pedrito Area. The search was a result of Special Branch information and led to the discovery of a black plastic bag containing 179 grams of suspected cannabis, a small white and orange plastic container containing 127 grams of suspected cannabis and a transparent plastic bag containing 14 grams of suspected cannabis. All items were found amidst a pile of garbage. The drugs were labelled and deposited as “Found Property”. Drug Trafficking *On Tuesday, October 21st, San Pedro Police conducted a search at the residence of 35-year-old Pablo Barbosa and 39-year-old Claudia Barbosa based on Special Branch information. The search led to the discovery of a transparent bag containing suspected crack cocaine. The drugs were weighed and amounted to 18.9 grams. Both persons were formally arrested and charged for the crime of “Drug Trafficking”. Burglary *26-year-old American national Catherine Clary living in the San Pablo Area reported that on Tuesday, October 14th her home was burglarized. She reported that at around8PM she left her grey in colour LENLX brand camera bag in her home which contained: one black Nikon brand camera valued at $4,000USD, one vintage PENTAX K1000 brand camera valued at $350USD and an extra attachable camera lens valued at $400USD and an assortment of memory cards valued at $300USD.

Ebola Screening to be implemented at island’s port of entry
On Friday, October 17th, San Pedro Health Officer, Lisa Tillett hosted a small seminar on the disease Ebola, which has only recently appeared in the Western Hemisphere. Present at the seminar were representative from Maya Island Air, Tropic Air, San Pedro Water Taxi, Caye Caulker Water Taxi, San Pedro Water Jets Express, Belize Customs and Exercises Department, Belize Immigration Department, as well as several concerned citizens. The seminar was aimed at sensitizing the attendees on the disease and explain the need to screen visitors who are coming to the island from any point of entry.

Gimmi some Conch!
October 1st marks the open season for conch lovers throughout Belize and on Ambergris Caye, there certainly is no exception!Our tasty little strombus gigas (scientific name), are an island delicacy and are prepared and served in a number of amazingly delicious ways. Two of the most popular are without a doubt the conch ceviche and conch fritters but there is also curry conch, stew conch, and conch soup- all very, very yummy! Many local restaurants and household kitchens whip up these tasty treats all throughout the season, which is open from October 1st to June 30th annually. These delicious little golden nuggets are a must try! Fritters are a pretty quick and easy treat to whip up, and make the perfect snack or appetizer. Trust me, you can find it on the vast majority of menus across the island. The fritters are made up of a combination of sweet little chunks of diced conch, diced sweet peppers, onions and celery and mixed in a batter consisting of flour, eggs, and favored seasonings of choice. The fritters are then deep fried until golden brown .You can have them plain, with your favourite dipping sauce, or with some delicious coconut white rice, stewed beans, and fried plantain. Hungry yet?


Dangriga Market finished but SIF Lawsuit still stands
On Thursday we aired the story of the opening of the renovated Dangriga Market. The original contract was for 1.4 million dollars and had been awarded to Kenard Smart of K and G Construction. The facility that we showed you on Thursday required an additional 400 thousand dollars to complete it at a total cost of 1.8 million dollars. According to Mayor Suazo, that additional money was found by short changing additional works that would have been done in other parts of the town so that the Market could be finished. Gilbert Swazo – Mayor of Dangriga ” This overt frontal assault took the form of a reallocation of funds. The funds of about a minimum of $400,000 was reallocated. $400,000 was taken from our Phase Two Project to rehabilitate our street, one point two miles. We have lost four hundred thousand dollars, from that Phase Two Project, which was then placed onto Phase One, so this Market could be completed.”

Belize Leadership Summit October 29 and 30th in Belmopan
The Belize Leadership Summit is a two day event scheduled for next week Wednesday and Thursday. That is the 29th and 30th of October. International and local speakers will key in on issues that affect, impact, and influence businesses, organizations, ministries, families and more. Kerm Thimbrel, one of the organizers of the event, gave us more details. Kerm Thimbrel – Summit Leader “Some of the presenters include corporate presidents, university coaches, bankers, international business trainers, and businessmen in general. These people are coming out of the Dallas area of the United States. It’s for business people. It’s for corporate managers. Because of some of the topics that is going to be addressed, if I could highlight a few of them: One of them is, for example, ‘Growing Your Business’. We also have ‘Business Start-up Keys’. It caters for people who are already businessmen, but also those who are new and want to be able to get into that arena.

The Reporter

DOE unveils new online application system
The Department of the Environment within the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development has unveiled a new online service for importers. The Online Permits Application and Licenses (OPAL) system, unveiled on Friday, is the department’s new way of issuing permits/licenses for importing or exporting of scrap metal, used tires, lead-acid batteries, ozone depleting substances/halogenated gases, refrigeration/air conditioning equipment and petroleum products. The OPAL system was created through the Central Information Technology Office (CITO). The new system is designed to eliminate the need to physically visit the DOC office to apply for a license, and reduce the usage of paper since applicants will be issued with an electronic license. The system will also bring the added convenience of being able to apply from mobile devices “on-the-go”.

Patrick JonesPJ

Belize observes Dental Health Week
Dental Health Week was held this week under the theme, “Belize Big Up Your Smile, It Reflects Your Style.” Activities were held countrywide to emphasize the importance of dental health, including free teeth cleaning for teachers. On Friday in Belize City the community were invited to a dental health fair featuring participation from the Dental Health Department and other organizations who have an interest in maintaining healthy teeth, and there was even a special appearance from Belize’s own Tooth Fairy. But, some Belizeans still carry a childhood fear of unendurable pain at the end of a tooth drill which prevents them from seeing the dentist regularly.

Weather Bureau keeping an eye on remnants of TD 9
The National Meteorological Service predicts a cool and wet weekend, as on the heels of Tropical Depression Nine which crossed Belize Thursday night from the Yucatan Peninsula. There is a cold front which is scheduled to arrive this weekend. According to Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez, at this time of the year storms behave erratically as the guiding currents are not in place, which explains the unusual west-to-east track TD 9 took. But while T.D. 9 has been reduced to a disorganized area of thunderstorms and showers, it could regenerate as it reaches the warm waters of the western Caribbean in front of Belize and joins on to the tail end of the cold front. An easterly flow will direct the mass toward Belize, possibly bringing rain.

Fire guts building on Lover’s Lane in Punta Gorda
An overnight fire in Punta Gorda town has gutted one building. Details are still being confirmed, but a freelance journalist who captured a part of the incident on video and still photography reports that the blaze erupted at a house on Lover’s Lane in the Water Supply area of the municipality sometime before midnight on Friday night. The cause of the blaze has not yet been determined. Of note is that this is the second fire incident this month in Punta Gorda town. We will have more on this latest fire incident as the details are confirmed with fire officials and the police.


New Tropic Air flights and procedures
All the repeat visitors are about to do the happy dance at this news….. New Tropic Air flights to the BZE-SPR route that will be starting November 15, 2014 – see times below. If you are a first timer and you have the opportunity to fly to Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker, go for it. Not only is Tropic Air the country’s largest service provider offering private charters, regular cross country flights and a wide range of great aerial tours, they are the top source for amazing aerial photography. For many, the flight to both colorful islands tops the vacation highlights list.

Monroe Doctrine: A fundamental of US foreign policy
Speaking in the superlative, from the standpoint of digit, there has been 44 Presidents of USA while from the viewpoint of personality, the number is thirty two. It happened so because some of them were elected for two terms while Franklin D. Roosevelt was voted to the office for three terms. Under such calculations, the number of President from the Republican Party stands at eighteen since Abraham Lincoln became the first in 1861 and the number of President from the Democratic Party comes to thirteen since Andrew Jackson became the first in 1829. There are marked differences between Republican and Democratic parties on matters of strategies, program, manifesto and so forth, although similarities on visions and missions to make USA the topmost developed country anointed with science and technology having the highest degree of excellence and application with the leadership of the world are very much spotted and recognized. Republicans are usually viewed as conservative, too much nationalistic and doctrinaire whilst Democrats feel free to fashion themselves as champion of human rights and democracy. This is interesting to note that when a person, whether he is Republican or Democrat, is voted to the office of the President of USA, he starts behaving as President of USA even going above the line of his party. It does so happen since the very presidency is faced with problems and issues of multifarious natures, scales and dimensions in action in the context of national, bi-lateral, regional and international landscapes as a whole and thus, focuses on realities, possibilities and challenges to put the vision and mission of his party into practice as contained in the party documents get thrust for limitations and less actualities. Excepting few, all the Presidents are more or less fall into it or revolve around it.

The War On Democracy
A few years ago George W. Bush stated “America will not impose our own style of living on the unwilling. Out goal instead is to help others to find their own voice, attain their own freedom, and make their own way”. Nevertheless the United States’ actions in Latin America are proof that exactly the opposite is true. This film by John Pilger is about the struggle of people to free themselves from a modern form of slavery. It describes how those with next to nothing show extraordinary strength and courage defending the most basic of human rights in a war being waged against all of us. It was Richard M. Nixon who once said of Latin America that “people don’t give a shit about the place”. He was wrong because the plan of the United States of America as an empire was to take over and rule an entire continent, referred to contemptuously as ‘the back yard’.

Top 15 Belize Resorts
Looking to have a relaxing visit in any of the best luxury Belize resorts? We have the list for you. Each of these Belize resorts 5 star has something unique to offer, whether they are a rustic eco haven in the middle of nowhere to a hip boutique hotel with world class comforts and amenities. The Belize hotels below have been hand selected because they offer spectacular views, the best tour guides and staff, exquisite food, and an overall rich ambiance.

International Sourcesizz

Wilmington's vehicle donations may impact city budget
The Wilmington City Council recently voted to donate 21 vehicles with a combined value of $45,300 to four nonprofits. Yet the city's largess may have a budgetary consequence. Vehicles or equipment declared surplus would otherwise be sold at auction and the proceeds would return to the city's coffers. When a city vehicle is replaced, the old model is auctioned off to recover any value, Lee said. Typically, the city finances 10 percent to 20 percent of the cost of the replacement with the sale of the old vehicle, he said. When a car or truck is given away, the city doesn't recover its value. If the city continues donating vehicles, that will put pressure on the budget. To compensate, city departments would need to pay higher costs for the vehicles they use, Lee said. In 2008, for example, Wilmington donated a streetsweeper to San Pedro, Belize, one of our sister cities. (San Pedro heralded the sweeper with a dance that closed Main Street.) In 2012, the city donated two 2003 Ford Crown Victorias to a New Jersey police department hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy.


Video: Belize Vacation - 2014, 5min.
Highlights from our vacation to Belize in October 2014.

Video: Diving Sandy Point Reef - Ambergris Caye Belize, 1min.
Scuba diving Sandy Point Reef - Ambergris Caye Belize. We were in a channel in these clips at a bottom debth of 66'. These are just 2 clips that i liked during this dive, one of a queen angelfish as we were descending and another of a sea turtle. Filmed on SJ4000 camera which is similar to the GoPro.

Video: Landing in Belize City, August 2014, 2min.
On descent into Belize City, August 2014.