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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Halloween Jam Night at Legend's
Legend's Road House, formerly known as Legend's Burger House, just north of San Pedro Town is known for their amazing smoked meats and "legendary" Tuesday Jam Nights. With music by local musicians and a live band, many gather to enjoy cold beers, good food and rocking tunes. On Tuesday, October 29th they too got into the spirit of Halloween, and hosted their very own Halloween Jam Night, masquerade style. While many did not show up in full Halloween attire, the crowd did come out and certainly had a good time.

2015 Public and Bank Holidays
IT IS NOTIFIED for general information that public and bank holidays specified in the First and the Second Schedules to the Holidays Act, Chapter 289 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2003, will be observed on the following days during the year 2015 in accordance with section 3 of the said Act:-

San Pedro Turtles begin recruitment
Rugby, a newly introduced sport to Belize, has taken Ambergris Caye by storm and is quickly gaining popularity among island youths. Recruitment for the San Pedro Turtles Rugby Club (SPTRC) started on Tuesday, October 21st and saw a large crowd of youth eager to get acquainted with the new sport. Spearheading the project in San Pedro is Rugby Belize regional organizer, Martin Dawson with the assistance of professional rugby player, Alex Almas. The first training session was held at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Arena and was aimed at sensitizing the children to the new sport. Originally played in England, Rugby shares similar traits to football as it entails of scoring goals against an opposing team. But unlike football, rugby players can score either by running with the ball in hand or kicking it across the field. The popularity of rugby has grown in the past year and will make its international debut at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ebola Update 2 - Ministry of Health Updates on Ebola Activities
The Ministry of Health continues to carry out activities aiming at containing any possible threats of Ebola in Belize. 1. The Ministry of Health has ramped up a series of coordinated activities in conjunction with the Customs and Excise Department, the Immigration Department and the airlines for further strengthening at the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA). 2. A meeting was held with the airlines and personnel from the Airport Concession Company to agree on the implementation of new procedures for passengerarrival. A flow chart for processing of passengers is in use as a guide for Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) who are now being rotated at the International Airport. 3. Training continues on infection control procedures for a wide cross section of persons at the International Airport.

What's Hot around Town: Nails by Angelina!
Today I'm introducing you to Angelina Guerrero. Angelina, is a very vibrant and creative artist. While many artists choose to paint on canvasses and walls, she creates beautiful art on your nails! Whether you want sculpted nails, acrylic designs, the ever trendy "gelish" nails -or maybe you'd just like to polish up on your natural nails, she does it all! Her creative eye translates through bubbly designs bursting with color and creativity on each nail. Whether you want something fun and exciting, or maybe more polished and refined, if anyone can do it this girl can!

Belize loses its Paradero King, Paul Nabor
86-year-old Paul Santino Nabor passed away on Wednesday, October 22nd in Punta Gorda Town. Nabor had reportedly been ailing for months as he was suffering from pneumonia amongst other illnesses. Nabor is a Belizean icon who has contributed significantly the country's rich musical culture and history. Born on January 26, 1928, Nabor was a musician from Punta Gorda who dedicated much of his life to keeping the Garifuna culture alive. He specialized in paranda music, a mix of percussion and guitar rhythms. Through his music Nabor promoted the need to preserve the rich culture of the Garifuna.

Ministry of Tourism launches brand for Artisan products
On Wednesday, October 22nd and Thursday, October 23rd, the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) launched the first certified brand for Belizean artisan products called Unique Belize at the Ramada Princess Belize City. The brand is part of the Making Tourism Benefit Communities Adjacent to Archaeological Sites Project (MTBCAAS). The product brand was created through the collaboration of the MOT, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) and will be sold at nine major Archaeological Sites across Belize. The aim of the brand is for products made in Belize be distinguishable among other Central American products. Currently there are 64 artisans participating and collaborating for Unique Belize. These artisans have received training for small business and product development. Products being sold under the brand will include anything from carvings, bamboo art pieces, woven baskets, hats, stone products and paintings, items that are sought out by tourist for souvenirs. The project is funded by the European Union and the Government of Belize.

Ambergris Today

Belizean Sailors Shine in Guinness Record-Setting Sailing Attempt
No one in the world expected Belizean sailors all to finish among the top 15% and place 4th in the top 50 in the biggest regatta of all time, but guess what? Belize did set itself apart and proved to be a powerhouse when it comes to sailing; and it all happened in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, La Isla Bonita! On September 21, 2014, 28 Belizeans were among 16,780 skippers of all ages, all over the world, and in all sorts of sailboats, participating in Bart's Bash, a regatta that the Guinness Book of World Records accepts as the largest regatta in history. It was held in memory of a beloved champion sailor and philanthropist, Andrew "Bart" Simpson and in support of The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation. Bart lost his life at age 37, practicing aboard Sweden's 72-foot America's Cup catamaran that cartwheeled in preliminaries on San Francisco Bay on May 8, 2013. The names of all the skippers in this memorial to his life will be recorded in the Guinness book's on line edition.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

National Beach Soccer Team
Mr. Betto Lima, CONCACAF Beach Soccer Development Manager, and Mr. Benny Astorga, CONCACAF Beach Soccer Instructor are in San Pedro where they are offering a course to prepare individuals for the National Beach Soccer Team. Selections will be made from San Pedro Town and will participate in Costa Del Sol, El Salvador from November 12 to the 17 of this year. Currently taking the course is Mr. Hector "Tito" Alamilla, Mr. Roberto Canul and Mr. Alex Noralez who are part of the coaching staff that will be preparing the individuals to participate in El Salvador.

HOME DEPOT in Chetumal
HOME DEPOT in Chetumal, Mexico stocks up as they get prepared for their grand opening. They are located at Avenida Insurgentes a few blocks north of Plaza America.

Ebola Update 2
Ministry of Health Updates on Ebola Activities

Placencia Peninsula Nov. 1 planned outage postponed
Postponed until further notice, power interruption previously scheduled for entire Placencia Peninsula, Independence Village and surrounding areas: 7:00am to 11:00am, Saturday, November 1, 2014.

Halloween Spooktacular Fair
It's back folks, Corozal ITVET does it again! It's our annual Halloween Spooktacular Fair and you are all invited to come join in all the fun and scares we have prepared for you. Date: October 31st 2014 Time: 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm Place: Corozal ITVET School Grounds Entrance: Free Support Corozal ITVET!

Requests for Proposals for Energy Generation
Recently the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) released the first draft of its report on the 2013 Requests for Proposals for Energy Generation, for which 22 bids were received from 37 proposals. A final list of eight bids was presented which have the greatest likelihood of proceeding to power purchase agreements with Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) once a final "simulation" phase is passed. We understand that the PUC intends to make a decision tomorrow, Friday, to declare which candidates may proceed to negotiations with BEL, and ask that they postpone this decision until the public has heard from each of the top candidates. While we note that there have been no contracts signed, after research and review, COLA endorses fully the seventh-placed project in the list, the proposal by Cohune Energy Limited (CEL) for the following reasons. This project is an example of the kind of Belizean creativity and innovation that will drive the country forward - making use of a local resource to power the Jewel sustainably and efficiently. More importantly, it has secured written financial commitment from international banks to the tune of $350 million, which keeps it from becoming a liability to the Belizean people should it fail. But if it succeeds - as we expect it to - this will become Belize's newest and fastest-growing industry, providing thousands of jobs and bringing in foreign exchange for the economy.

Old glasses bring new vision to Belize
The little boy trying on glasses of various strengths appeared puzzled when I pointed to the letters on the vision screening chart. A few seconds later, he grinned as I pointed to pictures on a special chart for people unable to read. "What do you see?" I asked, pointing to various shapes. He knew the circle and the star. He called the flag a box. When I pointed to the heart toward the bottom of the chart, he said "I see love." Tears filled my eyes. Joy filled my heart. "Honey, I see love, too," I told him gently. "You may have this pair of glasses." I hugged him and we both smiled. Each of my 36 international medical mission trips have had at least one such magical moment. My recent Volunteers in Medical Missions trip to Belize had two. In mid-October, I was part of a 13-member medical team that represented six states. We flew from Atlanta to Belize City and then traveled by van to the capital city of Belmopan, which served as our base.

Government of Belize Press Office

Channel 7

The Holy Helicopter Cometh
Finally, the Belize Defense Force will have its own helicopter. Since the pullout of the British Military Training unit in 2012, government has been going around cap in hand begging their partners in the US, the UK and Taiwan for assistance in getting a helicopter. But at eight to 12 million US dollars for one helicopter, there have been no takers, so now the Barrow Administration has found a multi-million dollar deal, for not one, but two helicopters - and they announced today that they are taking it. National Security Minister John Saldivar was the first to speak at a press conference this afternoon where it was called a glorious day for Belize:.. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "Our desire for a helicopter is about to become a reality. We were in discussions with the British, the US, the Canadians and the Taiwanese, however, none of these have borne fruit." Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Now, what we are looking at is a cost of 4.1 million dollars for two refurbished helicopters; a smaller one and a bigger one."

USA To GOB on Hunting Caye: Give It To The Gautes or Pay Your Own Way
The other security issue of national importance, which was discussed at the press conference today, was the Hunting Caye forward operating base for the Coast Guard. As has been widely reported, the US Army Corp of Engineers subcontracted it out to a Guatemalan contractor named Binarq. After public uproar made that untenable the contract was cancelled and other options were sought. But, it seems no Belizean firm was big enough to meet what are known as the prequalification terms to be eligble for a US Corp of Engineers contract. So, the US gave Belize two choices. The Security Minister outlined them today:.. Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of National Security "We have been advised by the US Army Corps of Engineers that at this point there are only two options for Belize; one, that the construction of the forward operating base continues under the existing contractual arrangements with BINARQ and no change in their workforce configuration. Option 2 is for the Government of Belize to complete the construction of the forward operating base. These two options were presented to Cabinet on Tuesday by my ministry and Cabinet has made a decision to go with option 2 which is for the Government of Belize to continue and complete the construction of the forward operating base."

GOB Not Backing Down On Petro Caribe
So, government isn't flinching at that figure or at the 4.1 million US dollars for the helicopters. And why is that? Petrocaribe, of course! No doubt, the petro-bucks have the Barrow administration drunk in love with Chavvissimo. Except now, the PUP is trying to break up the party - by asking the Supreme Court to intervene and stop the government from borrowing or spending more Petrocaribe proceeds. But the Prime Minister says, the petro-bucks can't stop, won't stop:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I believe honestly and with the utmost conviction that this challenge to the Petrocaribe program and this effort to stop the Petrocaribe spending is a case that the opposition cannot win either in the supreme court or in the court of public opinion. In terms of accounting for the Petrocaribe funds, we account not just to the Belizean people, we account to the Venezuelans. They were here 6 months ago and did a complete evaluation and pronounce themselves, my word not theirs, "ecstatic" about the fact that the program is so absolutely well-run, so impeccably run in this country."

Eastern Div. Strike Team Stops Robbery In Progress
You probably haven't heard of the Eastern Division Strike Team - but they're making news tonight after the impressive and swift apprehension of a carload of alleged armed robbers. Here's what happened: at a few minutes after 4:00, a pair of robbers held up a Chinese Grocer store on Albert Hoy Street. They escaped in a small green car, which was waiting for them. The Eastern Division strike team sprang into action and intercepted the car on Coney Drive a few minutes later. They stopped a green Geo Prizm with four men inside. Inside the car, police found the bag containing the money and also a .38 revolver loaded with live rounds.

Last week we told you about the four suspected cases of Chikungunya coming out of the Belmopan area. As we told you on Friday, it's down to two suspect cases, since two of the women have since tested positive for Dengue. But we've been waiting now for two weeks for the test on the most suspect case to come back from Carpha in Trinidad. Well, things have changed: now it's coming from the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta. How did that happen? Well CARPHA tells the Belize Ministry of Helath that it's been inundated with requests for tests on Chikungunya from other countries so it was forced to redirect the Belize sample to the CDC. Still, they expect the result to come back by the end of this week. We'll keep you posted.

Major Suit For Government
4 weeks ago, we told you about the lawsuit that Belize City resident Allyson Major Sr. is bringing against the Attorney General and the Police Department. He's seeking an award of damages for the ordeal he experienced while he was wrongly accused of being in possession of a weapon. He's also seeking the get the Supreme Court to strike down sections of the Gun Laws, which have been oppressive and punitive. As we've told you, back in April of 2012, Police seized 2 weapons from a Peter Seco Street home, where 6 persons were charged and remanded. Fortunately, one of the defendants, a resident of the house accepted guilt, but those other 5 did not get an automatic acquittal. Major, who has a visiting relationship with the woman of the house, protested that he knew nothing about the weapons. Still, he was arrested, charged, arraigned and remanded based on faulty police intelligence, and he was held in custody for 38 days. He was forced to stand an entire trial before his freedom and reputation was restored to him after being acquitted.

Cops Captured Drinking Dos Equis
A picture is worth a thousand words. And one image that has attracted quite a negative response is one of two police officers - who were allegedly off duty - drinking Mexican beers at the Benque Free Zone. Now, many might say that police officers like government workers and teachers have a personal life too but not in uniform. We spoke to ASP Daniel Arzu, the officer commanding the Benque Police Formation today about the incident and he says he is well aware of the situation and disciplinary actions have been taken against both officers. He lamented the media exposure.

Titan Securities Case Still In Chambers
For almost the entire day, Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin was busy with the billion-dollar securities fraud case which has made it to the Supreme Court due through the efforts of the Financial Intelligence Unit. The convocation of legal eagles representing the 6 men and the 6 companies indicted by a federal court in New York were back in court on Tuesday. They were dealing with preliminary issues that have emerged in the case. They all returned today, and will be back tomorrow for the continuation of the in-chambers hearing. So, what's being discussed in these hearings? Well, we can't tell you because at this time, the media is not allowed to sit in and listen to the progress of the trial.

The Strange Sonic History Of Naguya Nei
Tonight in Punta Gorda preparations for Paul Nabor's funeral are going into high gear - or as high gear as laid back Punta Gorda gets. And tonight at 7News, we continue our examination of his peculiar legend. As we told you last night - his body of recorded work is incredibly small: there are only about three songs on one album that are commercially available - maybe collectors have a couple more from earlier years - and his friends have songs they just recorded at his home, known as The Temple. But the recording of his most famous song is kind of an accident - not in how it happened - but in how it came out. Producer Ivan Duran who made the recording at Diamond Studios in Belize City recalled for us the recording quirk that made "Naguya Nei" a timeless classic: Ivan Duran, Producer - "Naguya Nei" "Naguya Nei has to be one of the most beautiful Garifuna songs ever composed. It's just a song that from the first moment you hear it you know it's something special and it touches your heart."

Gov't Services Are Going Electronic
Last night we told you about the Lands and Survey Department Sweep in ORANGE WALK to solve those long standing land issues. Well, government departments are following the trend of improving services to the public by installing e -government services. This means no more long lines and patiently, or, as the case may be, impatiently, waiting on applications to be processed. We found out more today at an e government conference. There are several projects being implemented under this service such as the license and permit system.

Midway Village Writes PM; Declares Support For Oil
In August, we told you how the Mayan Buffer Community of Midway joined Sunday Wood Village as the only indigenous communities who have openly declared that they support oil exploration in the south around the buffer communities. That's following a meeting with the District Association for Village Councils (DAVCO). Well, in case there is any confusion, the Alcaldes wrote a letter to the Prime Minister 2 weeks ago, on October 17. In that letter they say quote, "We the Alcaldes of the Village of Midway... officially informs the Government of Belize that (neither) the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM)... The Maya Leaders Alliance (MLA), nor the Toledo Alcaldes Association (TAA) represent or are authorized to represent the village of Midway..." End quote. This means that none of these organizations or their agents can presume to speak for them on any topical issue, or include them in any court challenge against the Government and US Capital Energy.

The Healing Abilities Of The Mind?
We should all be familiar with traditional western medicine - that is healing through prescription medications and doctor visits, but there is another form of healing that entails nothing more but your mind. Now, the mainstream would be quick to write it off as quackery, but visiting American Health Educator, Dr. Mark Pirtle says it's real. He told Courtney weatherbuene about it today: Dr. Pirtle will host a one day workshop on Saturday at the Radisson.

7 Things You May Not Know About Paul Nabor
We've learned a lot about Paul Nabor this week and through the film The Three Kings many of us already knew a lot about him. But, still, the man is an enigma - and that's because he's a bundle of contradictions: great global fame matched up against great humility; great talent but precious few recordings�and the list goes on. Yesterday we spoke to his great friend Michale Norales from Punta Gorda by way of Dangriga. Along with Darius Avila, he set up the Paul Nabor Birthday concert every January - and yesterday he reminisced with us about some of the little known things about Paul Nabor. Ivan Duran who toured all over the world with Nabor also chipped in with some reminiscences:� And later on - we'll have one more shot of Nabor as we show you highlites from his first tribute concert last night in Punta Gorda Town�

PM Discusses RFP Proposals
Last week we told you about the results for the initial review of the request for power from the public utilities commission. One proponent of alternative energy who got a low rating form the PUC seems to have enlisted COLA to sweat fever for him. A release from the activist group today says quote, "COLA endorses fully the seventh-placed project in the list, the proposal by Cohune Energy Limited". But the PUC didn't seem too taken by it, and today COLA's president Geovannie Brackett put on his journalist hat to ask the Prime Minister about it - which got into a wide ranging discussion about the energy proposals:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "I don't know the details. i did inquire of Minister Grant in Cabinet and she said first of all its not really cohune, I forget what she said it really was before you get to the cohune, but she made the point. I don't want to misrepresent her, but the point was made that that project was evaluated, was found not to be viable and there are very many reasons why a project might be found not to be viable in terms of making onto the shortlist; cost, lack of expertise, whatever. But she reminded me and Cabinet that the process of evaluating these proposals was conducted in the most transparent fashion with assistance from the Clinton Foundation.

GSU Seizes Tens Of Thousands In Weed
There have been more drug seizures by the GSU. On Monday GSU personnel searched a small wooden house on West Street and found 996 grams or about 2 pounds of high grade weed, known as Hydro in a barrel, wrapped in a black plastic bag with a street value of $13,000 dollars. No one was found in the area but they believe the drugs are the property of members of the George Street Gang. And on Antelope Street on Monday at about 6:55 in the evening 797 grams or one pound of weed was found underneath a house, separated in 7 black bags. Near that area 91 grams or 3.2 ounces of cannabis was found between a zinc fence. GSU believe it belongs to well-known drug peddlers from the Antelope Street Area.

BBBFF President Under Sustained Criticism
Last night, we showed you how the Belize Body Building and Fitness Federation responded to the allegations of misuse of funds which bodybuilder Cricel Castillo made against them. The President had to answer personally to that allegation, and Castillo is not the only person who's criticizing his leadership. Clinton Tucker, who you may know as the head trainer at the Lion's Den Boxing Gym in Ladyville, is also a bodybuilder and a member of the Federation. He's also the back to back winner of the Mr. Physique competition, a category within the Bodybuilding Championships. He and Moody had a recent falling out over money; he claims that the monetary prizes for winning the competition have been unreasonably decreased, and he blames the federation executives for not raising funds. Yesterday, the president was asked about it at the press conference they hosted, and here's how he explained what he views as an unimportant dispute with Tucker. Stanley Moody, President, B.B.B.F.F. "Last week when Mr. Tucker came to pick up his stipend as we put it for winning the Mr. Physique, he came to my place of business, I had customers in my business, he was given his cheque and on his way out the door he turn around and started making a whole heap of noise about if this is the little bit of money he is getting and that this cant satisfies him and he was being very loud in my place of business.

Positive Vibes' Punta Inna You Blood
The artist Positive Vibes has released a new album. The man who made hits with songs such as "Liabetes" says he's gone fully Punta this time while keeping a premium on entertainment:.. Vibes will be hosting a prerelease show this Saturday at the Downtown Plaza. The official release will be on November 15th.

Channel 5

US Southcom Issues Ultimatum on Hunting Caye F.O.B.
On October ninth, the construction of the Coast Guard's forward operating base on Hunting Caye came to an abrupt stop. Following public outrage and outcry at the news that a [...]

Belize Defense Force to Receive First Fleet of Helicopters
The press conference by the Ministry was called for two reasons - first to update on the forward operating base, which could classify as bad news, depending on how you [...]

Training to be Provided for Helicopter Pilots
In addition to the four point one million acquisition cost, there is also the matter of what had previously been described as prohibitively expensive operating costs. But those costs, including [...]

Petrocaribe Funds to Cover Cost of Helicopter Acquisition
One hundred and eighty million dollars of the Petrocaribe Funds are unspent. The Prime Minister will use part of that money to pay for the helicopters, since government's coffers are [...]

P.M. Barrow on Petrocaribe Lawsuit
Of course, there is the matter of the claim which has been filed by Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Julius Espat. In addition to seeking declarations the money was [...]

P.M. Reiterates Transparency of PUC's Decision on Renewable Energy Providers
Eight companies which submitted bids for the provision of energy to the national grid were recently shortlisted by the Public Utilities Company. One company which wasn't…submitted a proposal using the [...]

Does Anwar Barrow Have Interest in Southern Renewable Energy?
Two other companies which did make the cut became the subject of a testy exchange this afternoon. The first is SS Energy Limited, owned by the Guatemalan based Santander Group [...]

Financial Secretary Joe Waight Says Cost of Fuel Is Expected to Reduce
The cost of fuel in Belize has dominated the airwaves in the past couple weeks. Actually it's not exactly the cost - which has been consistently high for years now. [...]

Yanie Cu Offered Compensation by G.O.B. Following Near-Fatal Collision
On October twenty-fourth News Five brought you the terribly tragic case of Benque resident Yanie Cu. Cu was badly injured in a collision with a vehicle driven at the time [...]

Cost of LPG From Mexico Increases By Two Dollars
A few more hours to go, but effective midnight the prices of butane imported into the country by the main suppliers are going up by two dollars across the country. [...]

Allison Major Challenges Firearms Act
This morning, in the courtroom of Justice Michelle Arana, attorney Arthur Saldivar and his client Allison Major filed a claim in which they are challenging the Firearms Act.� The suit [...]

Double Head Cabbage Cab Driver Charged for Snapping Pics of Female Minor
A Double Head Cabbage�taxi driver is in trouble with the law after he made the mistake of�approaching a twelve-year-old student, told her he liked her then took out his cell [...]

Copper Bank Fisherman Busted for Unprocessed Conch
A Copper Bank fisherman was slapped with more than two thousand dollars in fines after he was found in possession of ninety-three unprocessed conchs. The fisheries bust was made earlier [...]

Mayor Bradley on Flooding of City Streets
The rains keep coming down and the streets of Belize City keep flooding. It's an accepted thing because we know it WILL happen, but that doesn't mean it's pleasant. Owners [...]

Schedule for Diabetes Month Released
Activities commemorating the international day of recognition for diabetes have been scheduled for the month of November.� Diabetes, otherwise known as the silent killer, is among the leading causes of [...]

National Library Service Hosts Health Fair
Ebola and Chik-V pose potential threats to the health of Belizeans. ChikV is not as dangerous, but is prevalent in the region; but Ebola is deadly and as a recent [...]

ORINCO Joins National Road Safety Initiative
The Organization of Insurance Companies, ORINCO, is the organization under which insurance companies are members.� And as an initiative to reduce traffic accidents in Belize, all insurance companies will be [...]

Belizean Artists at Tribute to Paul Nabor
Activities leading up to the official funeral of iconic Belizean musician Paul Nabor continue in Punta Gorda Town.� On Wednesday, a handful of artists took to the stage in that [...]

Healthy Living Looks at Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
Over the past few months, there has been an increased attention on viral infections like Ebola and Chikungunya; but, there is one viral menace that is sweeping across the nation [...]


SIB Releases External Trade Figures
The Statistical Institute of Belize, SIB today released its consumer price index and external trade figures for the month of September. Latest trade statistics show that for September 2014, the total value for imported goods into Belize showed a 9.6% increase, from $149.3 million last year to $163.6 million this year. Mineral fuels and lubricants accounted for almost half of the increase in the value of imported goods during the month, growing by more than $6 million to $25 million, mostly as a result of increased diesel imports. Machinery and transport equipment rose from $30.8 million to $34.3 million due to higher imports of water pumps and motor vehicles. In the 'Food and Live Animals' sector, increased purchases of lard and shortening, coffee, canned sausages and animal feed rose to $2.3million.

PUP Cayo South Area Rep. Files Court Action Against Minister Of Finance
Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee and PUP Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat, officially filed a claim against the Minister of Finance, Honourable Dean Barrow, against the petro caribe program today. As we've reported, that money comes from sales of fuel imported into Belize from Venezuela, for which Government only has to pay half, while getting the other half on credit at very favourable terms. In the claim, Espat wants the Supreme Court to follow up on several matters. One: To stop Prime Minister Barrow from spending the millions of Petrocaribe money. Two: For the court to declare the spending unconstitutional and illegal because Barrow is spending the funds without Parliaments approval. And three: For Barrow to explain how the money was spent and for receipts to be shown.

MOH Sets Measures For Ebola Prevention Locally
Concern lingers internationally over the spread and handling of Ebola which has now become the deadliest outbreak in West Africa, according to officials. The virus was first detected in 1976 and up until March of this year it was relatively dormant. The virus was detected in West Africa in March this year and BBC reports that by October 23rd, four thousand nine hundred and twenty-two people were reported as having died from the disease. These deaths have been recorded in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and the United States. The number of cases detected is in excess of ten thousand, according to the BBC.

Libertad Residence Face Problems With Potable Water
Tonight residents of Libertad Village in the Corozal District are facing challenges with the distribution of potable water. CTV3 News was made to understand that for the past month, residents had to be on a time schedule to fill up their containers for their use. Our news reporter Victor Castillo spoke to a concerned resident on the issue. Concern villager - Libertad "Now we have a problem with this water system that the, we don't have water main, sometimes the entire morning or the evening we don't have water, they say the pump is not working very good but then I say why we pay water every month, $10.00 water, and they say they have like 500 users/members of the water board with the villagers." Out - go and come. It is reported that over 500 consumers from both Libertad and Concepcion Village are benefactors of the water supply and today, from what we have been able to gather from villagers, it is alleged that the chairman of the water board has failed to provide a report on the income generated.

Corozal Health Workers Hold Mini Health Fair
Today Community Health Workers from Corozal Town hosted a mini health fair with the objective of educating and providing medical assistance to those who are facing financial problems and are unable to visit the hospital or much less a private clinic. Elda Sutherland - Community Health Worker. "Today we are having a health fair, this health fair, the Corozal District is divided into Catchment areas so we are in the Corozal Catchment area which is Corozal town, we have San Andres, we have San Antonio, we have Santa Rita and we have Paraiso so all of us health workers get together because we are in this program of Mesoamerica and we are doing health awareness in the community so by doing this we invite all the community in our areas to come out and we have this educational program for the morning."

Vehicle Robbed In Corozal
There is another motor vehicle theft to report tonight, but this time the victim hails from Patchakan Village in the Corozal District. Thirty four year old Joel Ruiz, Belizean cane farmer, reported to police that on Tuesday around 6:00am, he parked his black and grey GMX Sonoma pickup truck in a cane field off the Ramonal/Estero Road in the Corozal District and went to spray his cane field. Upon his return around 9:00am, Ruiz's vehicle was nowhere to be found. Police have launched an investigation but all efforts to retrieve the vehicle have been unsuccessful. The estimated value of the pickup truck is $5,000.

Still No Breakthrough On Bagasse Negotiations
The next sugar crop is scheduled to start sometime in late November or early December this year. It appears though, that the crop may very well be affected once again by the deadlock in the negotiations for the bagasse revenue sharing between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and the Belize Sugar Industries Limited. The last meeting to move these negotiations ahead was held on October ninth where BSI officials presented a counter proposal to the association's proposal that had been handed to them on September eight. Vice Chairman of the Committee of Management at the BSCFA, Alfredo Ortega, says BSI's response was not favorable to say the least and once more the negotiation is down an unsure path. Alfredo Ortega "Esta ves vinieron de una manera de imposici�n de que quieren que aceptemos su propuesta de ellos a como d� lugar as� es de que en estos momentos estamos en un callej�n incierto en estos momentos, n hay nada cercano para llegar a un de acuerdo para firmar en esta position d ambas partes."

Inflation Rate Goes Up By 0.7% For September
Turning to the consumer price index, statistics show that prices (inflation) went up slightly by 0.7% in September. The all-items consumer price index rose marginally to 103.6 in September 2014, increasing from 102.8 in the same period last year. For the first 9 months, the overall inflation rate was 1.3 percent. Home rentals prices were 2 percent higher than in September 2013. Increases for this item were recorded across all municipalities except Corozal Town. With an inflation rate of 1.5 percent, more than double the national inflation rate, San Ignacio/Santa Elena recorded the highest rate of price increase for the month and Corozal recorded the lowest.

San Pedro Police Officer Charged For Theft
San Pedro Police charged one of their own yesterday based on accusations of theft. Twenty six year old Constable, Dean Perez, was arraigned on Tuesday in the San Pedro Magistrate's Court for the crime of theft. He was given bail in the amount of $2,000 and ordered to return to court on December 5th of this year. The charge of theft was brought against PC Perez after San Pedro resident, Jose Hernandez, complained that the law enforcement officer stole cash and a cell phone from him with a combined value of $1,000 during an investigation at his home. The San Pedro Sun Newspaper reports that during an investigation on October 5th, PC Perez allegedly swiped identification documents with $600 between them and a $400 cellular phone belonging to Hernandez. Following a complaint lodged by Hernandez, an investigation was carried out and PC Perez was positively identified during an ID parade, after which he was arrested and charged for theft. The Sun reports that PC Perez is also facing an internal police investigation and could end up before a police tribunal.

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Barrow Says Figueroa Will Win Cayo North Division
Last week we reported on the resignation of PUP's Cayo North Area Representative, Joseph Mahmud. While he has decided to step down, Mahmud says that his support for the PUP is undying. So now, the People's United Party will now search for a new candidate. However, Leader of the United Democratic Party, Dean Barrow, says that Mahmud never posed any threat. RT. HON. DEAN BARROW "We were going to win in any case, no disrespect to Mr. Mahmud but I think from the time of our convention which produced a phenomenal turn out and not every convention held by the UDP did produce a phenomenal turnout but that one in Cayo North certainly did and it also produced a phenomenal candidate, Dr. Omar Figueroa.

GSU Yields Marijuana in City Operations
Operations on West Street in Belize City by members of the Gang Suppression Unit have yielded two point two pounds of hydro type cannabis with an estimated street value of thirteen thousand dollars. According to reports, the search was conducted today at a small wooden house where a search was conducted inside a barrel which contained a black plastic bag containing a parcel wrapped in transparent plastic bag which contained the drug. No one was in the area at the time of the discovery and it was labeled as found property. GSU operatives are of the belief that the drug is the property of members of the George Street Gang.

PM Says Government Will Assist Yanie Ku with Medical Bills
Barrow also shared that Yanie Ku, the driver of a taxi that was involved in an accident with Miguel Segura, will received some sort of financial assistance for his medical attention. RT. HON. DEAN BARROW "The CEO approached me and I said "Look I have to be careful because Mr. Segura is not accepting liability and so ultimately what a government is going to be liable or not remains to be determined but I have said to him let me look at it, give me the figures", the expenses that the man has incurred and for sure we will either meet all of those medical expenses or contribute a great portion to it."

Government Makes Offer to Mother of Daniel Conorquie
The killing of Special Constable Daniel Conorquie by Guatemalan men stunned the nation in September. Conorquie was sitting under a palapa at the Caracol Archaeological Site when a group of men pounced on him and shot him several time. Conorquie was on duty at the time of his murder and so the question of compensation has risen several times. Cabinet met recently and it was decided that a financial compensation will be given to Conorquie family. Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that he believes the amount is fair. RT. HON. DEAN BARROW "An offer has been made, I don't want to disclose the details because they have not yet responded and perhaps it's better to wait for that and I believe that the offer made to Danny Conorquie's mother is fair. I tried to do my very best to ensure that it would reflect the tremendous value that we put on the sacrifice he made. I also had to bear in mind as I was told there are other people that have fallen in the line of duty.

Man Sues GOB for Infringement of Constitutional Rights
Allyson Major along with his attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, appeared before Justice Michelle Arana this morning in regards to Major's constitution motion challenging specific provisions of Belize's Firearms Act. The constitution challenge stems from an incident that occurred in April 2012 when Major was arrested for firearms offences. He was imprisoned for 38 days and he now is suing the Government for infringing on his constitutional rights. Sylvestre and Major spoke to the media. "Last year in November we brought this claim to the Supreme Court claiming damages and exemplary and aggravated damagers for various breaches of Major's constitutional right in particular his right not to be charged unless there is reasonable suspicion. As the public is well aware the provisions of the Firearms Act allows a person to be charged when applied even if that person in real sense may not necessarily have any knowledge of the particular ammunition or firearm and therefore there might not have been any reasonable basis for that person to be charged.


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PUP's Petrocaribe Hustle!
" Benefits of Petro-Caribe were being channeled away from the intended beneficiaries of the program, the Government and People of the recipient countries, towards a coterie of private interests;" In June 2007, the MUSA administration being ill prepared to deal with the Petro Caribe initiative, awarded a contract to Petro Fuel Belize Limited (hereinafter, PFBL). PFBL, a subsidiary of the Big Creek Group, was awarded the right to import and distribute on the local market refined petroleum products, lubricants and LPG delivered under the Petro-Caribe Agreement. The table below attempts to illustrate the loss to the Belizean Public as a result of that ill advised move by the MUSA administration. The income and fuel imports figures are actual figures reported to GOB rounded to the nearest million. The local expenditure is a generous estimate.(see table) A report entitled "Brief History" at a Petro Caribe ( web site states that, "During the period 2007 to 2009, PVDSA (Venezuelan counterpart) delivered 457,680 barrels (19,222,560 gallons) of refined petroleum products valuing over $41 million USD (FOB)." From the above financial data received from a reliable source, PFBL is only reporting receiving Belize $63 million worth of product. What pray tell has happened to some Belize 19 million dollars worth of products?

New Chief of Medical Staff for KHMH
In last week's edition of the Guardian, we told you how Mr. Adrian Coye had been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Dr. Lisa Johnson, who had been offered his post as the Director of the Hospital's Medical Services, has accepted, and she is now the second most senior staff member at the KHMH. She then returned to Belize where she practiced medicine from 2003 to 2007. She then returned to Jamaica, where she became the consultant general surgeon St. Ann's Bay Regional Hospital, where she remained for 5 years. Dr. Johnson says that she wanted to increase her capacity further as a medical practitioner, and so, she took up a clinical fellowship through the University of Toronto, at both Saint Michael's hospital and the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Saint Michael's Hospital runs a level one trauma center. Level 1 trauma centers are where all the dire medical cases are referred to whenever the other hospitals in the area are unable or unequipped to handle them.

Louis Wade Yet to Accept PUP Offer
Silence from Julius Espat and Louis Wade of Plus TV is frustrating senior members of the People's United Party. Over a week ago the press found out that Joseph Mahmud, Area Representative for Cayo North, had submitted a letter to Francis Fonseca signaling his resignation as PUP Standard Bearer for Cayo North. Mahmud resigned out of frustration due to constant undermining and disrespect by PUP Deputy Leader Julius Espat. Since Mahmud's resignation, Espat's supporters have been lobbying for the party to insert Louis Wade as the Standard Bearer for Cayo North. Espat's supporters believe Wade's television station's reach in the Cayo area is one of the main reason the PUP were able to make up ground in the West from 2008 to 2012. They believe Plus TV can benefit the entire PUP Western Caucus.

Governor General of Belize Welcomes New Costa Rican Ambassador
This morning at the Belize House in Belmopan, His Excellency Edgar Garcia Miranda, the Ambassador of the Republic of Costa Rica to Belize, presented his credentials to His Excellency Sir Colville Young, Governor General of Belize. In his presentation to the Governor General, the Ambassador expressed his "desire to further strengthen the cordial relations of friendship which happily exist between Costa Rica and Belize". For his part, the Governor General welcomed the Ambassador on behalf of the people of Belize and thanked him for his "kind words of cooperation and friendship".

Department of the Environment's Online Licensing System
In order to facilitate a quick and easy application process of obtaining licenses to import used batteries and tires and to export scrap metal, the Department of the Environment has obtained the assistance of the Central Information Technology Office (CITO) of the Government of Belize to develop an Online Permits Application and Licenses (OPAL) System. OPAL is a web-based application for the purpose of issuing permits on behalf of the Department of the Environment (DOE). The DOE is authorized under the Laws of Belize to issue permits/licenses for the import or export of scrap metal, used tires, lead-acid batteries, ozone depleting substances/halogenated gases, refrigeration/air conditioning equipment and petroleum products. The OPAL system should be used by all persons or companies applying for a permit/license to import/export of any one of these items/commodities. This new system will be used in line with the Customs Department's online system, ASYCUDA WORLD, which is already being used by custom brokers and other clients. The DOE is committed to assist the Customs Department in administrating ASYCUDA WORLD to ensure the proper vetting of imported and exported items/commodities. The product or electronic license from OPAL will feed into ASYCUDA WORLD to improve on the current importation and exportation process of the above-mentioned items/commodities.

Micah Out because Goodin is No PUP Name Brand
It did not make news and no member of the PUP executive body felt the need to comment publicly last week when Micah Goodin decided to step down as PUP Standard Bearer for the Collet Constituency. One senior PUP activist told the Guardian, "His [Goodin's] decision was more of a resignation from the crazy belief that he actually was the Standard Bearer." Goodin's rise to familiarity came when the poet led a small group called Nation Builders in protest against the Government's Budget commitment to youth development in 2012. Goodin said the amount committed to youth development was not enough. He failed to understand that the largest slice of the National Budget, by far, is committed to youth development in the form of education. Ironically, it was that same "small portion" of the budget that was going to be used to help him when the funds from his Hunters Commission Scholarship dried up in January of 2013. Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, extended an offer to assist him using the Budget for Education and Youth so that he could finish his associate degree in Criminal Justice at SJCJC. This offer was not accepted; making it clear that Goodin had an agenda other than finishing his studies at SJCJC.

Petro-Caribe Haunting the PUP!!!
This is the season of tricks, treats and hauntings as the PUP is using every trick in the book to stop Prime Minister Barrow from delivering the well deserved treats to Belizeans made possible by the scary, for them, Petro-Caribe Initiative. Never has a Government of Belize been able to execute such a comprehensive national infrastructure development project like this one currently being executed by the UDP Administration. Every road that is fixed is a nail in the limbs of the mummified blue party. Every multipurpose facility constructed adds gasoline to the burning plaza on Queen Street. And every new house built for a first time home owner is a dagger in the hearts of PUP aspirants. These are the reasons why Petro-Caribe re-loaded is haunting the People's United Party this Halloween. Using funds available through the Petro-Caribe Agreement, in just two years, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has already committed over $160 million to development projects. Of those projects, the initiative he may be most proud of is the opening of the National Bank of Belize Ltd.

Ghost Town Crips' boss remanded
Roger Anthony, the reputed boss of the Ghost Town Crips, who announced to the entire press 2 weeks ago that he will walk away from gang life, has been remanded to prison for allegedly shooting up the house of his rivals. Sheldon Meighan, mother of the well-known Tyrone and Ellis Meighan Jr., reported to police that on Saturday, October 26, she was inside her house on Banak Street. She said that she saw Anthony wearing a camouflage outfit and a warm cap. They allegedly shared hard words, and immediately after that, Anthony reportedly opened fire on the Meighan residence breaking 4 window louvers, piercing a bedroom door, and the cement walls of the house, all in the spray of bullets.

Mowers to beautify villages
The Ministry of Rural Development handed over 5 riding mowers and 2 weed eaters valued at over $35,000 to villages across the country. 2 mowers will be used to benefit ten villages in Toledo, 1 was handed over to the village council of Redbank in the Stann Creek District; 1 was handed over to the Xaibe village council and another went to Patchakan. The two weed eaters were handed over to the villages of Dolores and Machakila Ha. On Friday one of the mowers was handed over to Xaibe village chairlady, Leidy Triminius. Handing over the equipment was area representative Hon. Hugo Patt and Rural Development's CEO Candelaria Saldivar Morter. After 30 years of PUP control the village council had no equipment to maintain their football field, community center and school compound. The villagers that were present, for the ceremony were glad to see that this UDP government, continues to support the Village of Xaibe.

Minister Rene Montero examines works in Cayo Central
With the recent passing of the remnants of a tropical storm over Belize, the Representative of the Cayo Central Division and Minister of Works, the Hon. Rene Montero has seen it suitable to examine the many projects within his division on Tuesday to study the effects of the excess water flows. Minister Rene Montero walked around with his team of engineers to inspect Bishop Martin and Salazar Street in Santa Elena Town where works are still in progress. His team was particularly drawn to Bishop Martin Street where they were able to observe the drainage system and how well it was working.

Herman Longsworth assisting unfortunate Albert resident
The home of 82 year old Randy Cabral tumbled to the ground on Tuesday morning at around 1a.m. on Mangrove Street. Cabral was inside the house when it fell, luckily he was unhurt. On Wednesday when the Guardian visited the site, we found Area Representative, Hon. Herman Longsworth on the ground. He was there to explain to Cabral that within the next couple of days work will commence to put some land fill in the yard, clear up the debris and shortly thereafter start the construction of a new house for him.

Government of Belize Responds to Opposition Lawsuit Regarding Petrocaribe Funds
The Government of Belize deplores the suit filed by the Opposition PUP against the Petrocaribe program, as an abuse of the process of the court. This unpatriotic attempt to play politics with a breakthrough program that is of vital national financial and developmental importance, in truth has nothing to do with the law. The question arises whether the Petrocaribe initiative, restarted by the current Administration with such spectacular success, is at all a loan agreement requiring National Assembly approval. It is a special commercial and diplomatic arrangement under which our sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela sells Belize petroleum on terms that oblige us only to pay a part of the purchase price upfront, and keep the rest as credit to be paid instead on installments over 20 years. Certainly when the program first began under the PUP in 2005 it was never taken to Parliament, and there was never any accounting of how the financed portion of the petroleum purchases was spent by the then Government, or even how much it amounted to.

Melvin Hulse in Cowpen during rainy days
The rains over the past few days have been affecting the entire country with areas that are prone to flooding being affected most. In the past one such area was the Azteca area in the village of Cowpen. The torrential rains that are coming down in the past used to inundate the area making life unbearable. But that was a thing of the past as UDP Standard Bearer, Melvin Hulse has been hard at work trying to alleviate those conditions. In the past couple of months he has been busy installing drains to ensure that water runs off and that work is now paying off. One resident of Cowpen explains that "it rained all night and now the Azteca area didn't get flooded thanks to the new drainage done with the help of our hard working standard bearer Mr. Melvin Hulse... I would like to ask the government to please continue to support Mr. Hulse cause with him work is done and delivered." And the work that was done in Cowpen is benefitting 30 families as the drains remove water from even inside houses where some of the residents sleep on the ground.

Micah Out because Goodin is No PUP Name Brand
It did not make news and no member of the PUP executive body felt the need to comment publicly last week when Micah Goodin decided to step down as PUP Standard Bearer for the Collet Constituency. One senior PUP activist told the Guardian, "His [Goodin's] decision was more of a resignation from the crazy belief that he actually was the Standard Bearer." Goodin's rise to familiarity came when the poet led a small group called Nation Builders in protest against the Government's Budget commitment to youth development in 2012. Goodin said the amount committed to youth development was not enough. He failed to understand that the largest slice of the National Budget, by far, is committed to youth development in the form of education. Ironically, it was that same "small portion" of the budget that was going to be used to help him when the funds from his Hunters Commission Scholarship dried up in January of 2013. Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, extended an offer to assist him using the Budget for Education and Youth so that he could finish his associate degree in Criminal Justice at SJCJC. This offer was not accepted; making it clear that Goodin had an agenda other than finishing his studies at SJCJC.

Gary Emmanuel Clark Jr. Charged for Burglarizing Democracia Primary School
La Democracia resident Gary Emmanuel Clark Jr., 21, is at the Belize Central Prison on remand for the burglary of Saint Agnes Anglican Primary School in La Democracia Village. According to police report, sometime between Friday evening, October 17, and Monday morning, October 20, a trespasser broke into Saint Agnes Anglican Primary School and stole a Dell laptop computer, 36 energizer batteries and $730 in cash. Police investigation led to the arrest and charge of Clark on Thursday, October 23.

19-year-old student busted with prohibited sawed-off shot gun
On Monday October 27 a team of police officers acting upon information received visited the Novelo's Terminal area where they set chase behind a group of 4 men who had just exited a bus at the terminal. In the end they caught up with a former Gwen Lizarraga High school student who was found in possession of a prohibited firearm, a sawed-off shot gun loaded with 4-20 gauge cartridges.

Shopping sprees on a stolen debit card
Ladyville resident, Ron Haylock, 37, is in jail for going on a shopping spree after he found John Hun's lost debit card. According to police, Hun lost his visa debit card on October 12 and sometime between October 12 and October 19 Haylock found it and went on a shopping spree. Haylock used the card on four different occasions: sums of $110, $65.60, $200 and $405. He signed as Hun on each occasions. He also managed to draw cash in the sums of $441, $25, $550 and $1,456.

Leon Savery loses his life 6 weeks after being shot
Leon Savery, one of the 4 men who was shot on Angel Lane, on September 17, passed away on Tuesday, October 26, almost 6 week later. Savery's injury was not considered life-threatening at the initial stages, but over the course of his treatment at the hospital, he suffered severe complications, and his health took a turn for the worst. The 28 year-old Belama resident was hanging out with 26 year-old John Aviles, 30 year-old Mark Alamilla, and 28 year-old Nigel Ferguson at Aviles' house on Angel Lane at around 9 p.m. It is unclear what motivated the mass shooting of these men, which at the time was the 4th in 8 hours. Investigators believed that these shootings were all connected due to retaliations for the murder of a relative of a George Street affiliate.

Central Region basketball competition opens at Bird's Isle
The 2014-2015 Central Region Secondary Schools Basketball Competition opened on Tuesday 28 October, 2014, at Bird's Isle. There are seven schools participating in the female competition which includes Anglican Cathedral College, Gwen Lizarraga High School, Ladyville Technical High School, Maud Williams High School, Pallotti High School, St. Catherine Academy and Wesley College. Meanwhile, in the male competition there are eleven schools which include Anglican Cathedral College, Gwen Lizarraga High School, Maud Williams High School, Nazarene High School, St. John's College, Wesley College, Belize High School, Excelsior High School, Edward P. Yorke High School, Ladyville Technical High School and Sadie Vernon Technical High School.

Belize Elementary boys and girls are Belize City primary schools volleyball champions
The 2014-2015 Belize City Primary Schools Volleyball Championship came to an end on Tuesday 28 October, 2014, at Birds Isle with the championship game in both the boys and girls category. In the girls' championship game, Belize Elementary School defeated Holy Redeemer School in two straight sets 25-9 and 25-18 to claim the title. In the boys' championship game, Belize Elementary won over St. John's Primary School in two sets 25-11 and 25-15 to capture the championship. On Monday 27 October, the semi-final round was also played at the Birds Isle with four games on the schedule. In girls' game one, Belize Elementary School eliminated Ephesus SDA in two sets 25-4 and 25-7 to advance to the championship round.

Time Longer than Rope
Many ideas that are terrifying when first encountered become widely accepted as they grow domesticated over time. Younger people are generally more open to new ideas than older folk and often there is a generational difference in acceptance. The time frame for these changes appears to be shortening as younger generations, with greater access to education and information than previous ones, take over the reins. Changing moral perspectives is a disruptive process, especially to those who benefit most from the status quo, but change is unstoppable in the long run. The most successful campaigns are those that reassure those who are most fearful of and have the most to lose from change.Slavery was abolished in the entire United States at the end of the American civil war in 1865 but one hundred years later a framework of institutional racism in the Southern States and unofficial but pervasive racism in the North was still firmly entrenched. It took the concerted efforts of many to begin to dismantle this edifice and still fifty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Bills of the 1960's vestiges of individual and institutional racism still remain, as evidenced by recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.

Contracts Signed for almost $9 Million In Infrastructure Development
The Government of Belize signed contracts for the execution of major road works in the Belize, Stann Creek and Toledo Districts on Monday, October 27. Contracts were signed with CISCO Construction for the construction of roundabouts at the Lake Independence Boulevard's intersection with the George Price Highway and the Chetumal Street's intersection with the Phillip Goldson Highway. These contracts are for a total of $3.6 million. A contract was signed with RODLA Construction to pave five miles of the Old Northern Highway with Hot Mix. This project will cost $3.4 million. The parking area for Sir Charles Bartlett Hyde (Complex) building will be rehabilitated by M and R construction for $300,000.

Triple B's and DFC Gentle Touch lead in Women President's Cup playoffs
The Football Federation of Belize Women President's Cup Tournament Playoff round commenced on Saturday 25 October, 2014, with a single game on the schedule between the Toledo Strikers and DFC Gentle Touch. In the game, it was DFC Gentle Touch that came up victorious when it defeated Toledo Strikers by the score of 5-2. The goals for the DFC Gentle Touch were scored by Shanel Gentle in the 5th, 47th ,58th and 77th minutes of play and Ethlene Gentle in the 15th minute of play. Meanwhile, the goals for the Toledo Strikers were scored by Melonie Gamboa in the 38th minute of play and Kelsey Polanco in the 64th minute of play. The playoff round then continued on Sunday 26 October, 2014, with another game on the schedule. The game was played at the People's Stadium between Triple B's and Sugar City Girls. Triple B's blasted Sugar City Girls by the score of 8-2.

Vega Cup Tournament fast coming to a close
The Vega Cup Tournament continued on Sunday 26 October, 2014 with four games on the schedule for the San Juan Football Field. However, in the end only two games were played as two were won via the default route. In the first game on the day, Old School won over San Pablo Youth via the default route. The score was 3-0 in favour of Old School. In game two, White Eagles also won via the default route over United Ballers. The score was 3-0 in favour of White Eagles. In the third game of the day, San Roman FC blanked A.C. Aliari by the score of 2-0. The goals for San Roman FC were scored by Alfredo Villamil in the 7th and 19th minutes of play.

Our Lady of Guadalupe girls and Belize Christian Academy boys are Belmopan zone volleyball champions
The Belmopan Zone of the National Primary Schools Volleyball championship was played on Friday October 25, 2014, in Belmopan. In the girls' competition, five schools participated in the zone qualification. The schools that competed in the zone qualification are St. Jude Roman Catholic School from Camalote, United Evergreen School, Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic School, Belize Christian Academy and Kuxlin Ha Government School. In the first game of the day, Our Lady of Guadalupe Roman Catholic defeated Belize Christian Academy in three sets by the score of 15-3, 10-15 and 15-4. In the second game played, St. Jude Roman Catholic School from Camalote Village defeated Kuxlin Ha Government School in two sets by the score of 15-7 and 15-9.

Health Hookup
The Doctor's Orders - Constipation "plumbing appears to be backed up." Recently I've started to notice a trend where the elderly population would be complaining that they were constipated. Upon further questioning I realized that almost 95% of them were not constipated but in fact were having normal bowel movements. The first item that should be addressed is the definition of 'constipation'. Medically speaking, constipation is defined as having less than 3 bowel movements per week. So if you had 3 bowel movements in a seven day period then chances are you are not constipated. You are considered constipated if you have two or more of the following for at least 3 months: � Straining during a bowel movement more than 25% of the time. � Hard stools more than 25% of the time. � Incomplete evacuation more than 25% of the time. � Two or fewer bowel movements in a week.

When Baby Waahn Cry
A common phrase being repeated by candidates from the three incumbent PUP Town Councils, when making reference to their performance over the past two years, is "standing tall". With respect to this, many of my fellow Orange Walke�os view that expression as highly debatable in every sense of the phrase, as will be pointed out to you in the following paragraphs. In the specific case of Bernard and Carballo there at the OWTC, we would have thought that these gentlemen would have preferred to steer clear of that adage since, to be honest, those words do carry a comical meaning when voiced by these particular two men, if you get my drift. But coming back to the actual performance of the OWTC, the prevailing opinion on the streets is that this crowd has been too much talk and too little action. Our town has never been in a worse state of deterioration in terms of streets and drains; two core services which the Council is charged with providing, and two which they have failed miserably in delivering.

Minister King represents Belize in Mexico
Hon. Mark King leaves the country today for Mexico to participate in the "7th edition of the Ministerial Forum for Development in Latin America and the Caribbean." Hosted by the United Nations Development Program and the Ministry of Social Development (Secretaria de Desarrollo Social) of Mexico, Ministers in charge of social and economic policy from thirty-three Latin America and the Caribbean countries will get together on October 30 and October 31 to share their experiences in policy making in the social and human development realm, and debate policy alternatives for current and future institutions challenges in the region.

La Democracia resident Gary Emmanuel Clark Jr., 21, is at the Belize Central Prison on remand for the burglary of Saint Agnes Anglican Primary School in La Democracia Village. According to police report, sometime between Friday evening, October 17, and Monday morning, October 20, a trespasser broke into Saint Agnes Anglican Primary School and stole a Dell laptop computer, 36 energizer batteries and $730 in cash. Police investigation led to the arrest and charge of Clark on Thursday, October 23. Clark was unrepresented when he appeared before Magistrate Hettie-Mae Stewart on Friday, October 24. He was read a single charge of burglary and pleaded not guilty. There was heavy objection to bail by prosecuting Inspector Pablo Pikney. Pikney objected pointing to the prevalence of such crime. He also based the objection on the strength of the police's case against Clark saying that the accused may interfere with the crown's witnesses.

Government of Belize Responds to Opposition Lawsuit Regarding Petrocaribe Funds
The Government of Belize deplores the suit filed by the Opposition PUP against the Petrocaribe program, as an abuse of the process of the court. This unpatriotic attempt to play politics with a breakthrough program that is of vital national financial and developmental importance, in truth has nothing to do with the law. The question arises whether the Petrocaribe initiative, restarted by the current Administration with such spectacular success, is at all a loan agreement requiring National Assembly approval. It is a special commercial and diplomatic arrangement under which our sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela sells Belize petroleum on terms that oblige us only to pay a part of the purchase price upfront, and keep the rest as credit to be paid instead on installments over 20 years. Certainly when the program first began under the PUP in 2005 it was never taken to Parliament, and there was never any accounting of how the financed portion of the petroleum purchases was spent by the then Government, or even how much it amounted to.

Patrick JonesPJ

Allyson Major challenges gun law in court
The first hearing of a challenge to the provisions of the Firearms Act in favour of Allyson Major of Belize City was heard this morning by Supreme Court Justice Michelle Arana. Major was acquitted of firearms-related charges almost a year ago in Magistrate's Court after being remanded for [�]

Minister of Finance defends use of Petrocaribe funding
People's United Party deputy leader and chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Julius Espat is seeking injunctive relief from the Supreme Court to block the Government from further spending of the Petrocaribe funds. But Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Dean Barrow says this will be a non-starter, [�]

Belize may assume over Hunting Caye construction
Guatemalan company BINARQ was appointed by the U.S. Army Corps Of Engineers and Southern Command to build the forward operating base at Hunting Caye, but after criticism by the Belizean people the project was suspended. Today Minister of National Security John Saldivar updated on the options the Government [�]

Government announces plan to buy helicopters for military
The Ministry of National Security and the Belize Defence Force have dreamed of it for several years and now it is a reality: the people of Belize will now benefit from at least one helicopter to be bought from a leading provider, Bell. The plan is to buy [�]

GSU finds thousands of dollars worth of marijuana
The Gang Suppression Unit of the Belize Police Department today said it had removed $13,000 worth of "hydro type" marijuana from a south side Belize City neighborhood. A press release sent out by the GSU said that during operations in the West Street Area today, a search [�]

Corozal preparing for Christmas
The Corozal Town Council and residents of Belize's northernmost municipality are putting the final touches on plans for the 2014 Christmas season in the north. The base for the municipal Christmas Tree is nearing completion in Central Park and some stores have already decorated their showcases with Christmas [�]

Toledo teachers attend health and nutrition training in PG
Teachers from the Toledo district today attended a day-long workshop which focused on improving the health and nutrition for children in their classrooms. According to Joan Palma, the Health and Family Life Education officer, the training provided theoretical ideas for the teachers who will in turn now go [�]


Celebrity hotspots - Where to avoid if you want to escape the media
Hey, are you a celebrity? Are you interested in vacationing in Belize and would like to keep it on the down low and escape the media? Well, I'm here to help. With the rise of social media it seems that everyone has the need to document everything and it's harder to unplug and really get away during a vacation. More and more celebrities are choosing to vacation in Belize and where they go has become so predictable that "local paparazzi" are always on the alert. Use this short guide to avoid the two common places that are known to be celebrity hotspots. Avoid: Ambergris Caye is the most visited place in Belize and it is not without merit. Picture a small Caribbean island surrounded by water that is all kinds of blue. It is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the beach or do adventure activities such as snorkeling and diving. But it's the most touristy spot in Belize and MOST celebrities end up there. So unless you want to be photographed, avoid La Isla Bonita.

There is a reason that the motto of Caye Caulker is "Go Slow" - it's too hot to get anything done faster. The little island off the Caribbean coast of Belize is a world in itself. The moment you step off the water taxi, the energy turns to a slow meander. After a decent amount of rain for days prior, I was happy to be amongst the palm trees and reggae music. The island doesn't actually have any beaches, which might turn some travellers off. It's an island made of limestone coral meaning there is no real sand. However, it also seems to have kept a low radar because of this and it's certainly not lacking in beauty. Caye Caulker has become a popular destination for backpackers and budget travellers, probably because there are no resorts or big chains taking up the waterfront. Case in point: we stayed at the misleadingly named Dirty McNasty's Hostel for about CA$13 a night. What did we get with our stay? A private bathroom, two fans which needed to be set to full blast at all times, and free rum punch after 8pm.

International Sourcesizz

CIPA students raise money for Belize Zoo
If the Oct. 25 fundraising event was any indication, the Belize Zoo has a strong foothold in upstate New York. Nearly 100 people, including supporters from the Cornell Veterinary School, the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA) and SUNY-Cortland, welcomed staff from the Belize Zoo to the Ithaca area for 10 days of education events and meetings. The fundraiser launched a capital campaign to build a new commissary and hospital for the zoo and took in $13,400. The Belize Zoo is a client of the CIPA capstone program, which offers students pursuing a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree the opportunity to participate in a pro bono team consultancy clinic. Laurie Miller, CIPA associate director for public engagement, and her team of graduate students will create a fundraising plan for the zoo and initiate targeted fundraising events to support the zoo's new clinic. The project will cost between $100,000 and $300,000.

Stories about sports � from Belize
Eight visitors from Belize will share global perspectives on Belizean athletes and coaches during a panel discussion from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 5, in the Capitol Room of the Holmes Student Center. The delegates will share their personal stories related to sport. Many are current and former elite competitors, including an international cyclist, a soccer player and a professional basketball player. They will connect their experiences to Belize's needs for youth sport as well as share descriptions of their current professions related to youth development. Significant time for audience questions will be included. The event is free and open to the public; refreshments will be served after the panel discussion.

St. John members on mission trip in Belize
Four members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. John (Missouri Synod) are in Belize laying the foundation for a Lutheran church there. Pastor Robert Weinhold, Beth Gehrke, Larry Wood and Craig Peterson left last Sunday and will return on Saturday. They will train to become team leaders for future mission work there. This is a very poor country where the people are eager to hear the word of Jesus Christ. The people there do speak English, so communication is eased by this fact.

Candice Accola and new husband Joe King 'honeymoon in paradise' on Belize private island
The Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola and new husband Joe King didn't waste a second in jetting off to Belize for their romantic honeymoon. The newlyweds, who tied the knot in a beautiful New Orleans ceremony less than two weeks ago, have shared a series of touching shots of their idyllic break as husband and wife on the private five-star island and resort in Belize, Cayo Espanto.

Bringing to Light Mysterious Maya Cave Rituals
Why did the ancient Maya take their sacrificial rites underground?Inside Actun Tunichil Muknal, a giant limestone cave in the jungle of western Belize, it has been raining for thousands of years. Water falls lightly from the tips of stalactites into the river flowing through the cave. Beneath this light shower, I wade up the river with University of California, Merced, archaeologist Holley Moyes. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall, and the water reaches up to her chin, leaving a ripple in her wake as she moves deeper into the chamber. In the vast and echoing hall, ou...


Video: canal from Anderson Lagoon to Sittee river, Belize, 1min.
We were exploring the coastal area around Hopkins and found a canal that led to a lagoon (we later found out it is Anderson Lagoon). From there we found another canal that connected the lagoon to the Sittee River. SHOW MORE

Video: Lamanai Mayan Ruins -- Belize, 3.5min.
Carolina Dive Center -- Rainy day trip to see Lamanai ruins. Shot with GoPro Hero3+

Video: Paul Nabor x7,9 min.
We've learned a lot about Paul Nabor this week and through the film The Three Kings many of us already knew a lot about him. But, still, the man is an enigma - and that's because he's a bundle of contradictions: great global fame matched up against great humility; great talent but precious few recordings�and the list goes on. Yesterday we spoke to his great friend Michale Norales from Punta Gorda by way of Dangriga. Along with Darius Avila, he set up the Paul Nabor Birthday concert every January - and yesterday he reminisced with us about some of the little known things about Paul Nabor. Ivan Duran who toured all over the world with Nabor also chipped in with some reminiscences:�

Video: Lina Point @ San Pedro, Belize Overwater Living, 3min.

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