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The San Pedro Sun

Beautiful Paseo de las Animas last night in Merida
The weekend is full of Dia de los Muertos festivities.

San Pedro Lions turn 39
The San Pedro Lions Club on Ambergris Caye celebrated their 39th anniversary on Saturday October 25th. The celebration took place at the Lions Den and included a short ceremony as well as a turkey dinner and dance. As part of the celebration, the Belize Lion Zone 59 also hosted their Cabinet Meeting on October 26th. The San Pedro Lions Club was established on October 25, 1975 with a total of 36 chartered members, some of whom are still an active part of the club. Speaking at the event, President of the San Pedro Lions Club Rigoberto Kumul said that it is the unselfish dedication and community commitment that has kept the Lions Club strong. President Kumul reminded the invited guest that the San Pedro Lions Club has grown with the island, from a fishing village to a town. He said the club has been with the community in the good and bad times, in times of progress and in times of disaster and also during the most important times of Ambergris Caye’s development.

Bart’s Bash Official Results: Belizean Sailors Shine
No one expected it. No one in the world expected Belize sailors all to finish among the top 15%, and place 4 in the top 50,in the biggest regatta of all time. On September 21, 2014,twenty-eight Belizeans were among 16,780 skippers of all ages, all over the world, and in all sorts of sailboats, participating in Bart’s Bash, a regatta that the Guinness Book of World Records accepts as the largest regatta in history. It was held in memory of a beloved champion sailor and philanthropist, Andrew “Bart” Simpson and in support of The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation. Bart lost his life at age 37, practicing aboard Sweden’s 72-foot America’s Cup catamaran that cartwheeled in preliminaries on San Francisco Bay on May 8,2013. Thenames of all the skippers in this memorial to his lifewill be recorded in the Guinness book’s on line edition.

Mayor’s Cup kicks off
Football action is back on in San Pedro with the Mayor’ Cup five-a-side football tournament. The first round of games in the tournament were held from Friday, October 24th to Sunday, October 26th at the Honorable Louiss Sylvester Arena. The ten participating teams will be facing off in a series of matches that will determine the champions of the Mayor’s Cup and receive the coveted first place prize of $1,000 cash, a trophy and individual medals. The first game day was held on Friday, October 24th starting at 7PM and saw two matches being played. First to take to the field was Warriors FC versus FC’ Aluminum Fabricators. Both team were composed of well seasoned player who definitely played a memorable match but in the end it was FC’s Aluminum Fabricators that took the win with a 2-1 score. Next up was Venecia del Caribe FC against Swampedrito Lazy Boys. Don’t let the name fool you, the Swampedrito Lazy Boys sure know how to play and easily defeated Venecia del Caribe FC in a 3-1 point game.

Dress A Girl Around the World reaches out to Belizeans
“Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress.” That is the imagination of a group of American women at the Dress A Girl Around the World Foundation, that brought one of its members to Ambergris Caye. The member of the foundation tagged along with the Belize Mission Project 2014 and during her stay in Belize, she distributed over 350 dresses and other small items. The Dress A Girl Around the World Foundation is based in the US but has members in various countries including Canada, United Kingdom, Poland and Costa Rica. It was established in 2009 after founding member Rachel Eggum Cindar returned from Uganda, where she was a part of an empowerment project for ladies called Smile Africa. Sewing with African ladies pushed Cindarto start a new initiative and now the Dress A Girl Around The World has gained much public support.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Orchids native to Belize at Caves Branch Botanical Garden
what an amazingly beautiful set of photographs. don't miss these..... Work in progress- we organized most of the pictures of orchids that bloomed in Caves Branch Botanical Gardens. We did our best identifying them. We hope that it will help other orchid enthusiasts with identifications of plants. We also hope that if you will notice our mistakes in identification, you will comment.

Orchids non-native to Belize at Caves Branch Gardens
This album has a lot of orchids that non-native to Belize, but cultivated for their beauty. Please help me with the proper identification of them:

A report coming out of Belmopan, yesterday reveals that the Ministry of Health can at this time share preliminary results on samples taken during an active Chikungunya surveillance investigation done in the Las Flores area of Belmopan - Belize. The Central Medical Laboratory confirmed three (3) positive IgM antibody tests for Chikungunya from samples collected early last week as a consequence of an investigation of a suspected case of Chikungunya from the Las Flores community. These three positive IgM samples along with another sample will be sent next week Monday for further testing and confirmation by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Laboratory in Trinidad. The Ministry will provide updates as it becomes available.

Hanal Pixan display and lectures today at the House of Culture
have been well attended! It is so wonderful to see our younger generation engaged and interested in this Maya tradition; a vital link to our cultural heritage. We want to recognize Miss Ayonie Briceno and her students of Our lady of Guadalupe School, winners of last years' altar competition, as they once again display their altar along with supporting information. Thank you to our lecturer Roy Rodriguez for his in depth talk on Hanal Pixan. (10 photos)

Breaking News
Early morning reports coming to the Corozal Daily is that there has been a murder in the peaceful village of Concepcion in the Corozal District. An official update will be posted as soon as we receive it.

Miss World Belize 2014 Press Release
Miss World Belize Ltd would like to introduce MISS RAQUEL ALEJANDRA BADILLO of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize District who was designated as the new titleholder for Miss World Belize 2014. She will join more than 120 other delegates at Miss World 2014, which will be the 64th edition of the Miss World pageant and will be held on Sunday, December 14, 2014 at 2pm at ExCeL’s ICC Auditorium in London, England. Miss Badillo, a 5’7”, 21 year-old model and former valedictorian, is presently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Decision Sciences. She speaks fluent English and Spanish, and is a former TV hostess. Her first pageant was at the age of 4 years old. She is a former Miss San Pedro (2009). Raquel’s hobbies include dancing, paddle boarding, reading, swimming, and learning new technology. She loves the outdoors, jogging along the beach and keeping up with the latest trends and beauty tips. She also has special talents as a skilled dancer with 9 years’ experience, specializing in Salsa dancing. Miss Badillo describes herself as, “a strong and determined woman always striving for a better version of herself.” Miss Raquel Badillo is expected to arrive in London on November 20th.

Barry's BDay Bash, Nov 6th
Thursday November 6th, Wahoo's Lounge and Jaguar's Temple Club Re-Opening Music by: Melody Man Escobar Punta Prezident Natalie Arceo Barry Castillo Ell Ess D $1000 Chicken Drop!

The Reporter

Paul Nabor laid to rest at the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Punta Gorda
Belize’s Paranda king, Paul Nabor, was laid to rest in Punta Gorda on Saturday following an official funeral. His casket, draped with the Belizean flag and carried by members of the Belize Defense Force, bore a picture of the beloved musician at his head. A number of his close friends spoke at his funeral service at St Peter Claver Catholic Church. Among them was Yasser Musa, under whose stewardship as Director of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) Nabor came to international prominence. On Friday night, a line-up of Garifuna artists, including Aurelio Martinez of Honduras and The Garifuna Collective, entertained Nabor’s fans at ab tribute in his memory at the PG Sports Auditorium.

San Pedro Blood Donor Clinic
Saturday, November 8at 9:00am - 3:00pm.San Carlos Medical Center, Pescador Dr.


The Belize Times

Clueless Darrell!
The mishandling of the Belize Maintenance Limited matter and the inhumane treatment that subsequently ensued when 70 workers were thrown behind bars for simply fighting for their daily bread is perhaps the single most telling act of the type of person that Darrell Bradley is. The wanton termination of security officers so that the council could “privatize” its security services is equally reflective of the lack of compassion and the heartless soul that is managing our city. But aside from the fact that this Mayor is completely out of touch with the real struggles and pains of our people, Bradley is also obscenely incompetent when it comes to managing our city’s affairs and its finances. For one, the streets have no drains, which mean they are actually pools. Those streets, which he promised would last for “decades” are now falling apart right beneath our very feet. Bradley was so eager to claim credit for these poorly built streets, that he shunned all other councilors for the fame and the glory.

Barrow lied about lower fuel prices – World oil prices have stumbled, but not in Belize
It is estimated that the fuel consumption in Belize is around 4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or roughly $100 million dollars. This is approximately 10% of the national budget. Fuel cost is therefore directly linked to the prosperity of an economy. An abnormally high fuel price depicts a sluggish or dormant economy. Such an economy will contain major social decadent and high crime rates. A reasonable and low fuel cost will indicate an economy that is progressing. In the case of Belize we are a sluggish economy with abnormally high fuel prices at the pumps. Fuel is the life blood of the productive sector, which is Belize’s export sector that earns the bulk of the foreign exchange/US Dollars from exporting primarily raw material. For example the high cost of fuel increases the delivery cost of sugar cane to the Tower Hill factory. The fuel prices form a portion of the operation cost for the cane farmer. Higher fuel bill means cane farmers have less money to take home. Fuel and fuel products are considered critical components for the operation of many of the major industries in Belize such as the Citrus, Tourism, etc. Fuel is the equivalent to the cog in the wheel.

Barrow hides behind cheap rhetoric!
The Barrow Administration’s response to the Opposition’s demand for accountability, transparency and upholding of the law was the best that could come from a Government that has no credibility and has lost the confidence of the public. That response came in the form of cheap rhetoric which Prime Minister Dean Barrow is famous for. This week, on behalf of the Opposition People’s United Party Hon. Julius Espat, who chairs the Public Accounts Committee, filed a claim before the Supreme Court seeking the Court’s intervention in what has been deemed as illegal borrowing and spending by the Barrow Administration. At the start of October, the Prime Minister Barrow presented a loan motion before the National Assembly seeking approval for the borrowing of BZE$228,614,712 through the ALBA/Petrocaribe program.

The Shepherd has lost his flock! – Roger Anthony charged for weekend shooting on Banak Street
Known boss of the Mayflower Street “Ghost Town Crips” gang, Roger Anthony, has been charged along with 23 year old Kendis Flowers for a shooting that occurred on Banak Street over the weekend. The Meighan family residence was the target of the shooting shortly after 10:00pm on Sunday, October 26th. No one was injured in the assault, but the Meighan house suffered damages due to the barrage of bullets. Anthony and Flowers were detained by the Gang Suppression Unit shortly after. Anthony was allegedly found with a 9mm handgun, reportedly near the vicinity of the shooting. Somehow, he fractured the heel of his foot and when he was taken to Court on Monday morning, he appeared in crutches. Anthony and Flowers were charged before Magistrate Herbet Panton for the crimes of Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault and Damage to Property.

Wheel and come again Mayor!
By G. Michael Reid As we close out October and head into the last two months of 2014, most people are beginning to think about Christmas. We stop first however to pay tribute to our Garifuna brothers and sisters and celebrate their arrival to our shores over two hundred years ago. While many of us are preparing for the seasons ahead with much hope and anticipation, for the 170 workers of Belize Maintenance Limited (BML), the remaining months of this year brings with it an atmosphere of apprehension, anxiety and uncertainty. In early January of next year, City Council’s contract with BML expires and Mayor Darrell Bradley has stated categorically that he will not renew that contract. With City Council elections scheduled for just a couple months after this contract expires, Mayor Bradley is faced with a difficult situation. It is unlikely that these low-paid sanitation workers will just go quietly into the night as was made obvious by their actions in August. At that time, BML employees, faced with the prospect of layoffs and after weeks of not getting paid, staged an impromptu protest in front of City Hall. It resulted in arrests and detention for about 50 of those employees but the point was made. As a result, PM Barrow was forced to intervene and after pledging payments for the remainder of the contract, he promised workers that their services would be picked up by the City Council following the expiration of the contract. Workers were advised at that time however, to not put much hope in Mr. Barrow’s words given the man’s “highly evolved propensity for deceit” and his track record as it relates to promises.

Editorial: Mayor wants ANOTHER $20 MILLION!
The Mayor of Belize City wants another twenty million dollars to do street works. He has already spent twenty million dollars on what he claims are 100 cement streets and has been spending some five million on infrastructure. Those are not the only spending. Memorial Park took almost two million dollars. Battlefield Park was around one and a half million dollars. Two million dollars is presently being spent to renovate the Commercial Center to provide new offices for the Mayor and his invisible part-time city councilors. None of these expenditures are justified and those places represent huge waste of monies. There are also persistent reports of over-priced work, lack of accountability and corruption in the construction of these public facilities. The Mayor has made no secret of his desire to run in general elections. For this he has repeatedly stated his intention to do so for Caribbean Shores, despite that the elected area representative in that constituency is from the same party and has not suggested he will be stepping down. The Mayor has gone further and announced his election committee was already canvassing for him.

Jada’s & Carmelita Caribbean Queen take it to the wire in softball finals
Team Jada’s and once undefeated Carmelita Caribbean Queen will go at it for one last time in a game 3 of the 2014 Orange Walk women’s softball championship finals at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk Town. Jada’s won game 2 by hammering the Caribbean Queen 16-4 by mercy rule in the 4th inning of Game 2 of the on Sunday afternoon. Game 3 of the championship series is set for Sunday, November 2. San Narciso’s Red Orchids won 3rd place by the San Narciso Golden Strikers’ default.

Triple Bs sting Sugar City girls 8-2
The Triple B’s of Belmopan and DFC Gentle Touch of Esperanza are one win closer to advancing to the finals, after winning their games in the FFB President’s Cup national women’s football semi-finals. Triple B’s crushed the Sugar City Girls 8-2 at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk on Sunday. Jinelle Pot opened the scoreboard for the Triple B’s against goalie Rocio Bobadilla in the 13th minute. Naileny “Nene” Manzanero scored for Sugar City on national team goalie Idania Ramirez in the 20th minute, but the Sugar City defenders Karen Garcia, Samantha Carlos, Myra Miranda and Sheyla Pena couldn’t keep the Belmopan girls out of Bobadilla’s area. Yamili Herrera assisted Sabrina Eiley as she scored goal #2 in the 31st minute.

Westrac blasts Bullet Tree 3-1
Westrac of Spanish Lookout ran over Bullet Tree FC 3-1 in the Cayo 1st division football tournament held at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio last Saturday evening. Westrac took an early 1-0 lead when defender Luis Arevalo put the ball past Bullet Tree’s goalie Robin Rodriguez in the 4th minute of play. A Westrac defender then inadvertently hit the ball with his hand within the 18s and the referee ruled penalty. Goalie Axel de la Rosa had no say as Elvis Pinelo made no mistake with the execution, converting for Bullet Tree to tie the ball game 1-1 in the 9th minute of play. Westrac brought on their top striker Freddy Herrera to relieve Jessie Montepeque, but it was still a 1-1 ball game at the half.

AMAZING GRACE – The Pleasure Cruise Ship
Today, the threat of the Ebola virus hangs over our thoughts like a heavy black cloud waiting to rain down death and destruction. Though this may sound a bit exaggerated, no one can ignore the subtle hint of panic that is sweeping across the globe; uniting nations, languages, and people in a frenzy of fear. Statistics point a finger at Ebola for 4,555 deaths already, and the World Health Organization (WHO) proposes that this figure is actually an underestimation of the lives the virus has taken. The UN’s health agency has recently declared an international public health emergency, a fitting and official precaution to prepare for this crisis. Just lately, Belizeans felt their own brush with death when it was reported that a ‘special’ couple was docked on a cruise ship in our waters. One member of the couple had been in contact with one of the nurses who had cared for an Ebola patient. Anyone who has been in close contact has been cautioned to quarantine themselves until the predetermined time for the virus to manifest itself had collapsed. This particular couple, however, eager to begin their honeymoon hopped on a cruise ship and sailed around the world to our beautiful country. To make matters worse, the US government was allegedly pressuring our leaders to bring these people into our country, allow them to board and airplane and fly them to the United States. What an uproar this caused in Belizean public opinion and justifiably so!

Barrow’s empty promises to Cayo North East – The “Millions and Millions” never came
On the First Week of October 2013, PM Dean Barrow travelled to Cayo Northeast for the first time to hold a political rally in defence of corrupt former UDP Minister Elvin Penner who had just been exposed for selling out our patrimony. Barrow pleaded to the residents not to sign the Recall Petition that sought to remove Penner as area representative. In a low attempt to buy support, Barrow publicly stated that the Government had “millions and millions” in their coffers, and that they would immediately begin to experience “unprecedented development” with those “millions” in the area. Well, today it is clear that Barrow’ promises were cheap and empty. The roads from Bullet Tree to Santa Familia, Santa Familia Proper, Santa Familia to Billy White, Billy White Proper and Billy White to Duckrun One are in a deplorable and messy condition. The Ministry of Works scraped off all the stony material from the top of the road and have now exposed the mud (black clay) and thus the ease with which large craters are formed.

Did the Police protect Patrick Faber?
Domestic Violence officials have revealed that the process of investigating reports of domestic abuse was severely disregarded in the case of alleged abuse involving Minister of Education Patrick Faber and a female friend at his Lord’s Bank home last month. On Saturday September 6th Faber was accused by a close lady friend of grievous assault while she attended her birthday party hosted at his house. The woman, who was celebrating her 25th birthday, told Police in an initial report that Faber got angry at her when he saw her using her cell phone around 3am that morning. She said Faber went ballistic and grabbed her from her hair and pulled her off the bed, and dragged her to the corridor outside of the house. She reported to the cops at the nearest Police Station in Ladyville that Faber punched her twice to the right side of the face. The report spread like wildfire throughout the weekend, but by Monday morning Faber did damage control when he informed the media that the report had been withdrawn. He claimed that “…it is only public if there is an issue with the police. There is no such issue any longer”.

By Dolores Balderamos Garcia In pondering on our Party’s Social Justice and Reform Agenda recently, I have realized that there is so much work to do. I am speaking here especially about the working conditions of women and as well the pressing need for meaningful reform of our social security rules and regulations so as to genuinely benefit those most in need. At this time I am forced to recall the late Mr. Rudolph Bowen of Ladyville. Mr. Bowen had suffered a severe stroke, and not one but two doctors had certified that he was unable to work. Having been employed for umpteen years at Batsub, the British Army Support Unit, Mr. Bowen had paid all his social security contributions. During the course of his employment with Batsub, he had suffered an eye injury and was therefore receiving a very small disability payment. It was after he retired that he was hit by the stroke. When Mr. Bowen applied for invalidity benefit which, although not a huge sum, would have provided him with significantly more so that he could pay for his medications and provide for himself and his wife, he was turned down flat. Due to a stupid technicality that a contributor cannot double dip, in his hour of need there was unbelievable refusal, despite the fact the Social Security could well have removed the disability payment and replaced it with the greater invalidity benefit. ...

By Francis W. Fonseca The People’s United Party joins the Belizean Nation in mourning the passing of the Legendary, iconic Garifuna Parandero Paul Nabor. Paul Nabor was a proud Garifuna Man and a truly gifted musical artist. His music was soothing, spiritual, uplifting and inspirational. Just like the man, it reflected a spirit of resistance, pride and humility. Paul Nabor spent his life in Southern Belize, primarily Punta Gorda, which is where he took his last breath. He was a man of the land. He loved working the land, planting his own ground-food, and using the wood from trees to build. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Nabor and speaking with him on several occasions, but my lifelong memory of him will be the time we spent together along with the great Andy Palacio in 2007 in the village of Barranco, Toledo.

It has not even been a week since the news broke across the land that Paul Nabor had died in Punta Gorda. On hearing of his passing my initial thoughts were of Nabor the man, and the way he existed in this world. The thoughts in my head flowed to the pace of Adrian “the doc” Martinez’s Baba. Then my mind drifted to Santiago Cal’s iconic image of Nabor off the coast of Pene his hometown in a dory. It is a black and white image. The man and the sea. What is it about hearing of death that realigns the soul? Andy Palacio’s Lidan Aban (Together) played in my heart as I tried to reignite the special moments. Three more images rushed in – Paul in Malaysia with his big hat, Paul and Andy arms stretched in unity on the stage at the re-opening of the Bliss in 2004 and of course the rainy night in Belize City at the Brodies parking lot when Paul danced on stage in front of thousands in 2007.

Letters: Raise your voices for better housing
Government’s decision to pay the December interest amount for persons who have house mortgage loans of up to $100,000.00 leaves the poor people of this country, who cannot qualify for mortgage loans, out in the cold to continue suffering in inadequate housing in Belize City and every municipality in this nation. With this plan the lion share of the money will be used to pay the mortgage interest for political cronies and others who have always paid their mortgage interest without any assistance from the Government of Belize. At the same time, hundreds of residents of Port Loyola and other divisions who cannot qualify for mortgage loans, and live in far from adequate and often heartbreaking housing situation, will not receive even a copper from Government to improve their housing condition for the pascua. With the administration’s Christmas giveaway, the bigger your house mortgage loan is the more money you will receive. The smaller your house mortgage loan is the less money you will receive, and those who cannot afford a house mortgage and are forced to live in slum housing will get nothing, nada, no Christmas gift to improve their housing situation.

Letters: Nepotism in Belize
Yes, I know what you’re saying, “this topic again?” but if I may have just five minutes of your time, maybe I can bring another perspective to this topic. We are all fully aware of one of the biggest acts of nepotism in this country when Prime Minster Dean Barrow assigned his son Anwar Barrow as the Chief Executive Officer of Belize Telemedia Limited on April 1st, 2014. Or how about the situation with Minister Gaspar Vega simply giving lands to family members, while many have waited in line (figuratively speaking) for years and years; not hours but years just for a little piece of land. He even had the audacity to call his family “not normal”, unlike regular Belizeans. To make matters worse, Minister Mark King himself said publicly that UDPs come first, then the Belizeans and then finally “PUPs”. How about appointment of Minister Contreras’ daughter as the Director of Drug Inspectorate? When it was made public of exactly what the ministers did, everyone was making a big deal out of it and it was the main topic on every media source in the country. However, as of today it seems as though all these situations were handled with proper “regulations” and no one seems to cares anymore. What happen to all those who wanted to see a change? We need to stand up!

Letters: Los Tambos Chairman wants bar license revoked
I write to you on behalf of the Los Tambos Village Council to address a most serious concern in our village—that of the establishment of a ‘Bar’ in our small and until recently, quiet, peaceful and uneventful community and village life. I also inform you that the Los Tambos Village Council has met in a public meeting with the villagers and separately with the churches to discuss the problems arising in the village in relation to said ‘Liquor License” granted to operate a ‘Bar’ and to sell Liquor. The following has arisen after the above meetings: That the village was quiet and peaceful until such licence was issued and the establishment open for business. That the establishment is too close to the government primary school and to two churches. That the said establishment also has a Trade License and so operate a grocery store That the school children run across from the school during recess and after school hours to buy snacks and drinks and encounter unfavourable and potentially threatening and dangerous situations with ‘Bar’ clients. That recently, it is alleged, that a murder in the village occurred where those involved had been drinking at said establishment. It was agreed that signatures from residents of the village be picked up declaring their support for the closing of this ‘Bar’ and the withdrawal of the liquor licence.

Does Anwar Barrow have interests in PUC energy project?
The Public Utilities Commission will this week announce its selected candidates which it has chosen to pursue energy projects in Belize. Among the companies who have approached the PUC, is Southern Renewable Energy, which was represented at a PUC consultation meeting by no other than the special golden child of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Anwar Barrow, among others. Three of the company’s projects have been considered among the top five. Is this special treatment? The BELIZE TIMES wants to know what are Barrow’s interests in Southern Renewable Energy. Does he have shares in this company? With PM Barrow at the helm of Government, his son Anwar Barrow has risen to prominence. He was gifted executive positions in Belize Telemedia Limited, named to Government Boards and has his fingers on multiple business deals throughout Belize.

Patrick JonesPJ

Paul Nabor is laid to rest in Punta Gorda town
At the cemetery, wreaths were laid at Nabor’s tomb by Governor General, Sir Colville Young, Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca, Senator Lisel Alamilla and President of NICH Dianne Haylock. Following the traditional church service at the grave side, a Garifuna spiritual rights ceremony was held, before the tomb was sealed. Dispite overcast skies and a slight drizzle, Belizeans from across the nation turned out for today’s funeral.


My Halloween Day in San Pedro, Belize – From Crossfit to Frozen Custard
After my morning bloggin’, I started my day as I normally do – at Crossfit. But this day was a costume workout. Nothing says Halloween fun like doing push-ups and power thrusters in make-up, wigs, masks and polyester! And I stopped by briefly. It had just POURED rain and drying out the haunted house would take a while… It was right behind the relatively new AquaVista Suites. But my mind was on one Halloween treat in particular. A mini hot fudge sundae at DandE’s Frozen Custard Shop. Oreo cookie. Perfect. Thanks Eileen.

International Sourcesizz

Book Review: A Boy and A Jaguar
I love reading books that take my breath away with a combination of an inspiring story and intriguing illustrations. Another book I can add to that list of favorites is “A Boy and A Jaguar” by Alan Rabinowitz and illustrated by CaTia Chien. This true story revolves around the life of conservationist Alan Rabinowitz who, as a young boy, goes to the zoo to see and communicate with the animals there. At the zoo he feels comfortable and can escape from the difficulties he faces at school because of his issues with stuttering. His gift for “speaking” to the animals eventually leads him in adulthood to a life of adventure and notoriety, even leading to the title of “the Indiana Jones of Wildlife Preservation.” As a child, while at the Bronx Zoo, he has an encounter with a jaguar, where he looks into her eyes and promises her and all animals “if I can ever find my voice, I will be their voice and keep them from harm.”

Lit-urday: Children's Edition: A Boy and a Jaguar
Five new releases, fun for kids and their handlers. A true story lends its own weight, but when it features a bond between a struggling boy and a wild animal, it’s especially poignant. Alan Rabinowitz weaves a narrative of how he found his calling as a zoologist and conservationist, but it’s particularly interesting because it has parallel lessons that even a small child can understand. See, the narrator has a stutter, and his only solace is regular visits to speak – with newfound confidence – to a jaguar at the Bronx Zoo. Through the years, paced quickly to keep the attention of littles, the balanced mix of poetry and prose is punctuated with a scientist’s eye for straightforward information. The boy, grown, brings his life’s path full circle to stand before a panel in Belize, advocating for a protected area dedicated to jaguars. The whispered sentiments at the end teeter just on that edge of creating a lump in the throat and a satisfied smile, and the paintings are smooth and natural, with all creatures’ features sketched out for optimal kid interest.

Atriz de “Diários de um Vampiro” passa lua-de-mel em Belize
Candice Accola, a atriz da série “Diários de um Vampiro”, e o marido, Joe King, estão a usufruir de uma romântica lua-de-mel no luxuoso resort de Cayo Espanto, em Belize. Os recém-casados, que disseram o “sim” numa bonita cerimónia em Nova Orleães há duas semanas, partilharam uma série de imagens das férias idílicas nas redes sociais. Numa foto pode-se ver o casal a desfrutar de um passeio de iate. Noutra imagem partilhada vê-se o resort, a foto que foi captada do helicóptero que os levou ao local.

Contempler les temples du Guatemala
On se sent tout petit au pied de cette pyramide de six étages. Se savoir en Amérique Centrale, cerné par le Mexique, le Belize, la mer des Caraïbes, le Honduras, le Salvador et l'océan Pacifique est déjà intimidant, mais face au Tikal, les visages fraîchement dorés par le soleil sont voués à rester pâles. Et ce n'est pas le seul vestige maya qu'abrite le Guatemala. Loin de là ! Passée la visite de ce site monumental, s'ensuit la découverte de Ceibal et la maison de « Maximón » dont les charmes reposent davantage sur la nature qui les enveloppe. En avant pour un séjour d'exception placé sous le signe de l'histoire et de l'archéologie. Difficile de discerner ne serait-ce qu'un tronçon d'horizon. Le site de Tikal est peuplé de plantes de toutes espèces. Cette abondance végétale est l'une des caractéristiques du Guatemala. Le toponyme dérive d'ailleurs du nahuatl - l'un des dialectes les plus répandus en Amérique latine - Cuauhtēmallān à savoir le « lieu rempli d'arbres ». Si le regard donne raison à cette traduction, force est aussi de constater que la végétation s'est vue, au fil des années, contrainte de cohabiter avec quelques infrastructures. Entre les troncs hirsutes se dessine la silhouette pyramidale d'un temple imposant. Voilà le bâtiment principal de Tikal, l'un des centres culturels majeurs de la civilisation maya, apparue dans la région environ mille ans avant l'ère chrétienne.


Video: Snorkeling the Blue Hole of Belize, 6min.
Snorkeling the reef surrounding the famous Blue Hole off the coast of Belize with Amigos del Mar.

Video: Happy In Belize 2014, 6min.
This video is about Happy In Belize 2014.

Video: Snorkeling the Shallows of Half Moon Caye, Belize, 4min.
Snorkeling the shallow reefs surrounding Half Moon Caye off the coast of Belize with Amigos del Mar. The island has beautiful beaches and waters that are full of life. SHOW MORE

Video: Parrot Fish Plays Dead - Half Moon Caye, Belize, 1min.
While snorkeling the shallow reefs surrounding Half Moon Caye off the coast of Belize, we observed a parrot fish that ingeniously hides under rocks or holes and holds its breath hoping the camera will soon disappear. Please note that no animals were injured in the making of this video.

Video: Snorkeling Lighthouse Reef, Belize "The Aquarium" and "The Wall", 6.5min.
Snorkeling "The Aquarium" and "The Wall" of the Lighthouse Reef off the coast of Belize with Amigos del Mar. We saw turtles, eagle rays and some hungry Bermuda Chubs. SHOW MORE

Video: Green Eel. Belize 2014, 3min.
Green Eel being recorded at Belize's reef.

Video: Belize 2014 Avant Première Close Grey Reef Shark Encounters, 16min.
Film van enkele dichte grijze rifhaai ontmoetingen in Belize at Lichthouse Reef in oktober 2014. Film of some close Gray reef Shark encounters in Belize at Light House Reef in October 2014.

Video: Rick's belize Tarpon, 4.5min.
Tarpon fishing in Belize.

Video: Rick's Bonefish in Belize, 4.5min.
Nice Bone in the Lagoon.

Video: Butts Up Ziplining - Belize, 3min.
Cool ziplining.

Video: A walk through the San Ignacio market- Belize, 4min.