Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District now has new attractions for a more relaxed environment. The Orange Orchard Park by Bradley's Bank in Santa Elena Town was completed this week and now sports a variety of wooden and metal amenities to keep the young occupied. The newest park within the Cayo Central Division now features swings, see-saws, slides and a variety of colorfully painted swinging bars.

Adults will now be able to sit comfortably under a shed at the Orange Orchard Park while their children are occupied with play or choose instead to sit by the tables that have been built within the park. Along the perimeter of the Orange Orchard Park there is also a concrete foot path.

As Minister of Public Works, the Hon. Rene Montero recently visited the Orange Orchard Park and was present when trucks unloaded more earth towards the foundation of a 5 A Side pitch.

Hon. Montero strongly believes that our Belizean youths should be meaningfully occupied and as a result has placed a priority on the Orange Orchard Park to its full completion. When our youths are engaged in physical activity such as playing at a community park, their performance at school will also improve as well.

The Guardian