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Today's Belize News: November 7, 2014 #497687
11/07/14 05:09 AM
11/07/14 05:09 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Sanpedrano Isaul Coba makes the U-17 National Football Team
16-year-old Isaul Coba, better known in the island as “Chapo”, was selected to represent Belize as part of the Under-17 (U-17) National Male Football Team. The team travelled to Costa Rica on Sunday, November 2nd to participate in the Central American Football Union (UNCAF) U-17 Qualifiers. The qualifiers will determine the teams that will represent the region at the 2015 Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) U-17 Championship. The UNCAF U-17 Qualifiers is divided into two triangular tournaments. Belize is participating in the first tournament alongside the U-17 male national teams of Costa Rica and El Salvador. The tournament runs from Tuesday, November 4th to Friday, November 8th with each team playing two games. All tournament games are played at the Estadio Edgardo Baltadano in Liberia, Costa Rica. Belize faced off against Costa Rica in the first game of the tournament which ended in a 3-1 loss for Belize. The second match will be met on Thursday, November 6th, and will see Belize facing off against El Salvador. The last match is between Costa Rica and El Salvador on Saturday, November 8th.

SP Police brings to light a “serious security risk” at Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve
The letter ended by warning the Department and higher-ups of the Ministry of National Security to have Carballo removed from his post and for the department to carry out their own internal investigation and to “act swiftly” to prevent an unfortunate incident. Up to news time, the officer was still working and remains attached as staff member at the reserve. Readers may recall that earlier this year, head of the Tourism Police Unit had written to the Ministry of National Security about the security risk at the Caracol Archeological Site. That letter went unaddressed and it was not until the murder of Tourism Police Danny Conorquie, that authorities addressed the issue. The letter in which Carballo has been signaled out was also sent to the Officer Commanding Belize Police Eastern Division, the Commissioner of Police, Chief Executive Officer and the Minister at the Ministry of National Security. When contacted by The San Pedro Sun, both the officer Commanding Belize Police Eastern Division, Deserie Phillips and the Minister of the Ministry of National Security’s secretary stated that they were unaware of the letter.

Community effort leads to new building at the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School
The construction the two story 65-foot by 30-foot concrete building, had an estimated cost of $290,000 and accommodates four class rooms. The first floor of the building was financed by the Caye Caulker Village Council, the community and Heredia, while the second floor was financed by Atlantic Bank Limited and the Belize Roman Catholic Diocese. Heredia donated $20,000 towards the project. CCRC would like to extend a big thanks to the 2010-2013 Caye Caulker Village Council, Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr., Immer Grajales, Seaside Cabañas, the Chinese community in Caye Caulker, the Belize Roman Catholic Diocese and Atlantic Bank Limited.

Ambergris Today

Queen Conch in Caribbean Not Placed in Endangered List
The Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) has congratulated member states after a US government review of the status of the Queen Conch keeps the region’s conch fishery alive. The review follows a petition to have the Queen Conch listed as threatened or endangered. On Monday, November 3, 2014, the National Maine Fisheries Services (NMFS), Department of Commerce, USA, concluded that the “queen conch is not currently in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range nor is it not likely to become so within the foreseeable future”. Executive Director of the CRFM Mr. Milton Haughton noted: “The CRFM is extremely pleased by this outcome and takes this opportunity to commend all the countries and stakeholders across the region that invested time and effort in working with the CRFM Secretariat in providing the detailed scientific and resource management information that assisted the United States authorities in arriving at their determination that the species is neither threatened or endangered.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Commentary: Why are Belizeans more loyal to their political parties rather than to their country?
When I was a child growing up in British Honduras, which is now Belize, all the citizens of our country were indoctrinated to be loyal to the King or Queen of Great Britain and nobody else. In our schools we were told to sing “God Save The Queen” at most ceremonial events. The People’s United Party was formed because most Belizeans were not satisfied with the way the British Crown were treating them. In studying Belize history this was nothing new because this was the way it was prior to the Battle of Saint George’s Cay in 1798. The British Crown was friends with the Spanish Crown and was hesitating to grant Belize colony status to avoid aggravating the Spanish. One of the British kings was married to a Spanish princess during those years that they were occupying Belize with the consent of Spain to cut logwood and mahogany. It was the residents of Belize that got irritated with the British Crown and declared war against the Spanish then later demanded colony status.

Government of Belize and World Bank Sign Grant for “Management and Protection of Key Biodiversity Areas in Belize” Project
Government of Belize Press Office

Cops and the youths who respect them
Twice a week some of the youths of Seine Bight Village gather together with police officers of both Seine Bight and Placencia. They have been recruited into the cadet corps. The Placencia Sub Formation’s Community Policing Officer, Claudius Cardinez says that the ages of the youth ranges from 8 to 17. “ We are still recruiting and we hope to get at least 50 members by end of November.” Cardinez says "There is so much we want to do for the youth of these communities."

Mangroves Corozal Bay
An Environmental Message from the Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development. A short infomercial written by the kids of the village of Sarteneja to highlight the importance of mangroves to their beautiful local marine environment - the Corozal Bay.

Congratulations to Corozal Junior College Eagle’s Club
They receive the “Environmental Award” in Belize City. All those involved deserve this recognition. Congratulations from the Corozal Daily! Keep up our environmental awareness alive!

From the Commodore
To all our friends, club members and parents of our sailors. Thank you for coming to our Oktoberfest party. It wasgreat to see many new faces at this event. You all got to meet our young sailors (two were missing). This weekend is the Placencia Regatta for the title ofNational Champions. There will be two groups of sailors participating;advanced and beginners. We will betaking five sailors to this event. Fortwo of them it will be their first Regatta. They are really excited. For Christopher Young this will be his last race in anOptimist. It now becomes more urgent toget Laser boats. We have two other youngpeople waiting for Lasers already. Is there anyone out there that can help uswith this? A new Laser boat will cost usaround $6000USD!

Belizeans spend over $300,000,000.00 (three hundred million dollars) across the Mexico border every year
A Trade Mission to Belize by CANACO SERVYTUR CHETUMAL, the Chamber of Commerce of that city lead by Javier Aguilar, Head of Investment-Institute of Mexico was held yesterday in Belize City at the Mexico Institute. Approximately 19 Mexican companies from Chetumal Quintana Roo visited their Belize counterparts to identify trade, investment and business opportunities. Products being offered included: honey, edible and non-edible groceries; food for animals (pets, chicken, pigs, horses and fish); tools and hardware (every segment in the industry); ceramic tiles (clay) for floors, bathrooms and kitchens; electrical, plumbing and construction supplies (paints, concrete admixtures, sealants, steel); auto parts; office supplies, stationery and furniture; administrative and athletic uniforms, sports equipment, bicycle sales and parts, screen printing and embroidery; accessories for cell phones, cellphones and tablets; security cameras and devices, alarms and electric fences; medical equipment and accessories. Representatives from the Universidad Interamericana para el Desarrollo (UNID) in Chetumal also participated in this mission too, providing information about their broad array of EDUCATIONAL programs and opportunities for Belizean students.

The Coffee Bar
Say Hola to the new business in San Pedro Town The Coffee Bar and get your fixer upper

The Split at Caye Caulker: Closed as Of November 1st. What is Going On?
But the Lazy Lizard at the Split has been closed since the weekend. And there are RUMORS galore. Today Channel 5 and Channel 7 news (the two main Belize news channels) have been summoned to Caye Caulker for an update. And this is what I’m hearing. Let me put it in bullet points so I can keep it straight. But first: NEW MANAGEMENT = Jim Lynsky working with the owner of the property. OLD MANAGEMENT = Immer Perez, Caye Caulker local and manager of the spot for the past 5 years? SO today the Lazy Lizard at the Split is closed and locked. The news channels are on the island to get the story from Immer about what’s happening…and when this POPULAR bar will re-open and who will run it?

Ya'axche Strategic Planning Sessions 2014 (7 photos)
Education & Outreach Coordinator, Julio Chub explains how the Maya Golden Landscape will look in the next 25 years.

Channel 7

Deputy Prime Minister Denies Murder Conspiracy Allegation
Yesterday, an explosive and unprecedented allegation was made against the Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. We can say his name, because he has responded in a statement which will air tonight on 7News. The statement says, quote, "I continue to sympathize with the tragedy of the Cervantes family. But their grief cannot entitle them to seek to wreck now me and my family. I was not and could not have been involved in any way with Mr Cervantes's death. All who know me know that I would be utterly incapable of such a horrible thing. It hurts and angers me that a recording from the person the police have stated to be the principal murderer, and who ran away to avoid justice, should be used now to endanger me and my family."

Cervantez Family Claims Re-visited
And so, now that Deputy Vega has addressed burning hot public issue, we can speak more freely about the press conference held yesterday at the Ramon Cervantez family farm in Orange Walk. The Cervantes family produced a recording which claims to show that Manuel Castillo - the alleged mastermind behind the Cervantez murder - is confessing that the entire hit was set up by Deputy Vega. Now, it is hard for us to go on the basis of a voice recording - especially when we aren't familiar with the voice and cannot say definitively that it is Manuel Castillo's. But, we can't disregard the story either; it is compelling and has some elements, which can't be ignored. Tonight Daniel Ortiz touches upon those elements as he looks at the outline of the story:..

31 Year Old Mother Dies After Being Hit By Foreign Affairs Vehicle
31 year old Elisa Hunter died yesterday evening at 5:00 pm. She's the 31 year old who was knocked down at mile eight and a half on Tuesday morning. The single mother was going to her work place at the Belize Recycling Company when a vehicle assigned to Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington knocked her down. Hunter was flung violently across the pavement - we'd say as much as 40 feet - and was listed in a critical condition. 32 hours after the accident, she succumbed to her injuries. That happened at 5:00 yesterday and today we met the devastated family of the Central American Immigrant trying to hold things together under very difficult circumstances: Ersi Hunter, Sister of Deceased "Only a miracle we expected, and the miracle never reached." Jules Vasquez reporting That was the miracle needed to save 31 year old Elisa Hunter's life after she was knocked down at mile eight and a half on Tuesday.

Lazy Lizard Will Close Due To Dispute
For the past 6 days, residents and visitors of Caye Caulker may have noticed that the Lazy Lizard Bar and Grill, at the Split has been closed. And anyone who's been to Caye Caulker will know that it's not for a want of business. With all the traffic at the Split, the Lazy Lizard enjoys a constant flow of business. But it's now closed, and no one can say for how long. That's because the bar owner, who is a lease-holder, is in a battle with the landowner. While they try to fight it out in court as to who's rights are being breeched, thousands of dollars in revenue is being lost daily. So today, the bar owner decided to make his case to the media as to why his business is supposedly being ruined by the landowner.

Lots of Litigation Over Belize's Cruise Future
This year nearly one million cruise tourists are expected to arrive in Belize - and experts in the field say that numbers like that are pushing the limit of Belize's Cruise infrastructure. We're talking about the Fort Street Tourism Village - which is still tendering in Cruise passengers from their ships anchored 8 miles out of the Belize harbor. All the industry experts acknowledge that the Belize District needs a proper berthing facility where the cruise ships can just pull up to the mainland - rather than have their passengers tendered in. That's been the prevailing wisdom for almost 10 years now, but nothing has happened. When the Stake Bank legislation was passed in the National assembly earlier this year with bi-partisan support….well, everyone thought that finally things would change. But, since then Government has been deliberately dragging its feet on the Stake Bank Cruise Docking Facility Development Bill and has not brought it into force.

Female Inmate Assaulted, Corporal Investigated For Not Protecting Her
A police corporal is being investigated after a female prisoner was sexually assaulted in the prison bus. The female alleged that two weeks ago, she was being taken from court to the Belize Central Prison when two male inmates assaulted her. 21 year old Kevin Bodden and 29 year old Jareth Crawford were both arraigned last week for one count each of sexual assault. At the time, Magistrate Herbert Panton questioned how it was that the female prisoner could make such allegations when the prison van is separated with one section for females and the other for males.

Go Home, Yankee!!
A 53 year old American man who has been living in Belize illegally - has been told to leave Belize. Joseph Michael Schmeltzer, who is originally from Los Angeles, California was taken to court where he was read a single charge of deemed a prohibited immigrant. He appeared before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser in Court #2 where he was unrepresented. Schmeltzer who appeared disoriented told the Senior Magistrate that all he wants to do is remain in Belize. But that won't happen; the immigration department made a request for a removal order, so Schmeltzer will be put on a plane home by the end of the week. He was living in Belize illegally since September after arriving in country on June 2 2014 via the San Pedro seaport. Undeterred by this outcome, Schmeltzer says that he will be coming back to Belize as he likes the country and wants to spend more time here.

Inconclusive For American Found Dead
There's no conclusive cause of death for an American found dead in a San Pedro apartment. On Monday evening at 6:00, San Pedro Police Personnel visited Vista Del Mar Apartments room number 1 at the south end of the town where they found the lifeless body of 63 year old Kelly Eugene Taylor in a chair with his passport beside him. The landlord saw his door open and found him in that state. The Montana resident had just returned to Belize on Sunday 2nd November 2014. Police found no signs of violence, and a postmortem held on Tuesday found the cause of death to be "Undetermined" due to the advanced state of decomposition. But the pathologist did note structural abnormalities in his heart.

Sugar Crop Still Uncertain
At the beginning of October, when we last reported on the state of industrial relations between the the Belize Sugar Industries and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, there was major concern that a commercial agreement still couldn't be worked out to govern the sugar crop season for 2014-2015. That's because, as we've told you extensively, the factory owners and the cane farmers cannot agree on a payment for bagasse, which would have been included in the commercial agreement. Since both sides have not been negotiating, there is the very real concern that there could be yet another late start for the crop. That issue is on everyone's minds since the unresolved bagasse issue contributed to last year's late start, when the farmers refused to deliver their cane. Yesterday, we stopped in at the cane farmers association, and the CEO told us that the unresolved commercial agreement should not force a late start, from the farmers' perspective. Here's how he explained it:

No Settlement, Pickwoads Go To Trial
Last night on the news we told you that the Pickwoad family and the Ministry of Natural Resources were trying to reach a pre-trial settlement on a disputed piece of land in Belama Phase 1. Well, tonight we can there will be no settlement and the matter went to trial today before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. Five witnesses testified: Bernadette and Bernard Pickwoad, building contractor Mauricio Ortiz and Maud Williams and Marvin Castillo Jr. But the Pickwoads' attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, told the media today that a settlement can still be reached: Audrey Matura Shepherd, Attorney for Pickwoad family "From now until November 27, there will be our own form of mediation. The court always encourages that and we as attorneys, we know that we need to be amenable by that because while you go to the court, there are certain things that we can solve and I must say that the Ministry of Natural Resources which is in between the two parties is also amenable and the other parties, so we can't say how it will go.

Man Says "A Dread" Chopped Down His House
Last night at 11:00 we got a call that a house had fallen down on Freetown Road in Belize City. We found it strange because there were no strong winds blowing and the cold front rain had not started yet. The house was on some ten foot stilts and it just collapsed. So, what caused it to come down? Well at around midnight, disoriented resident Kevin Rowland stood on the street side and told us that someone chopped his house down!: Rowland says he has no family in Belize and hopes someone can help him get a new house.

A Prize For Being Bookish
The Belize Book Industry Association today honored the 2 winners of the Belize Literary Prize 2013. Belizean Journalist, Kalilah Enriquez garnered 1st place with hershort story "Barrel Reach" while Economist Jorge David Awe's "Theophilo's Living Room" came in 2nd. The Belize Literary Prize Book was launched this morning with both stories at the House of Culture. 2nd place winner Jorge Awe discussed his inspiration and writing process as a Belizean writer living abroad.For 1st place Enriquez who lives in Jamaica received $1,000 and 2nd place got $500. The book is available at the House of Culture and The Image Factory.

Two Sides Of The Vega Allegation
As we told you at the top of the news tonight - Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega has issued a statement denying the allegations made against him. The explosive and unprecedented allegation that he orchestrated a hit on Ramon Cervantez Sr. have been in the public domain yesterday - and today Vega addressed them head on. As we close tonight - we've put together the allegations and counter allegations. Vega's name is blocked and beeped out of the transcript we edited this morning because we had not gotten a comment form him - but now that we have, it's fair to present both allegation and denial. We do so now, in brief:.. Manuel Castillo: That's why I tell you. They casted, they are casting the blame on me because they think that I was dead. But I am not dead. I am alive. Now yes I will take care of the problem, I will take care of it. Because even if I have to go back again, to do things that I should not do...because this minister paid a lot of money for, for the death of...It wasn't for your...that's why I tell you. The young men made a mistake. They went and grabbed your husband. It was your son that they wanted to kill. Him. It's him they wanted to kill. Monchi. It's Monchi that they wanted to kill. They made a mistake and they killed your, your, your, your husband.

Channel 5

Cervantes Recording Revisited
Late this evening, the Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega issued a statement in respect of an allegation made against him in a shocking recording of a phone call to Vilma [...]

DPM Vega Refutes Allegations
As we said earlier, the DPM has issued a statement on respect of the allegations made against him. He says that he is hurt and angered by the allegations that [...]

Woman Hit by AG’s Vehicle Dies
Thirty-one year old Elisa Hunter, who was struck by a government vehicle as she crossed the George Price Highway, perished on Wednesday evening at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Hunter [...]

Victim’s Sister Awaits Promised Assistance from AG Elrington
Hunter, who is originally from Nicaragua, lived in Belize for the past nine years; she leaves behind a seven-year old child and two sisters and a brother. Her sister, Ersi, [...]

The Split at Caye Caulker Under Dispute
Caye Caulker is an island fast realizing its tourism potential, second only to the larger San Pedro but growing. Perhaps the main attraction for tourists on the island is an [...]

Scotiabank Undergoes Massive Downsizing
Across Mexico and the Caribbean hundreds of employees of Scotiabank will be made redundant in a massive downsizing exercise.  The laying off of at least one thousand, five hundred full-time [...]

Mediation Fails in Pickwoad Land Dispute
In Wednesday’s newscast, we reported that a land dispute between Bernadette Pickwoad and Maud Williams, over a piece of property located in Belama Phase One, had been adjourned pending the [...]

BBBFF Takes Control of Local Gym
The dust has settled at least for now, between bodybuilder Cricel Castillo and the Belize Body Building and Fitness Federation. In a very public spat last week, there was a [...]

American Nation to be Shipped Back to the US
  A fifty-three-year-old American national, Joseph Michael Schmeltzer, who is originally from Los Angeles, California, was found living in Belize illegally and by virtue of the Immigration Act, he is [...]

BBIA Announces Winners of Belize Literary Prize
The Belize Literary Prize is an initiative of the Belize Book Industry Association which provides a framework for teachers, authors and aspiring writers to express themselves through their writing skills. [...]

Kalilah Enriquez & Jorge Awe Honoured at BBIA Awards
The top two winners, Kalilah Enriquez and Jorge David Awe are both from the Diaspora and are living in Jamaica and Canada, respectively. While Enriquez was unable to make it [...]

Caye Caulker Police Need New Barracks
Government has with some regularity boasted that its coffers are bulging with Petrocaribe funds to the tune of hundreds of millions. And that money can apparently be used for all [...]

Rotary Launches Annual Christmas Raffle
Katherine Thomas, a single mother of two received keys to a brand new home on Wednesday morning courtesy of the Rotary Club of Belize.  Undoubtedly, the assistance goes a long [...]

Healthy Living Looks At Male Sterilization
When a couple decides that they have had as many children as they would like, the conversation that follows is often about measures that the woman may take to prevent [...]


Woman Knocked Down By Minister Driver Passes
Thirty one year old Elisa Hunter who sustained major head and body injuries after she was knocked down near mile 8 on the George Price Highway on Tuesday, died around 5:00pm yesterday at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. As we reported, Hunter had just a-lighted a west-bound passenger bus around 9:00 Tuesday morning and was in the process of crossing the highway, when she was knocked down by a black 2015 Prado assigned to Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred Elrington. Police say Minister Elrington was in the vehicle at the time of the incident, but the vehicle was being driven by 25 year old Amir Garcia, the Minister’s driver. Since the incident, a notice of intended prosecution has been served on Garcia. The Foreign Ministry says that Elrington visited Hunter on Tuesday and that he had promised to ensure that all appropriate assistance is provided to her. Elrington is also quoted as stating that he regrets the unfortunate traffic incident.

Workshop Held On How To Deal With Grieve
A group of missionaries are in Belize to conduct workshops on how to deal with grief. The group is from 26:12 Ministry. 26:12 was established under Foundation Management Services which provides outstanding resources and comprehensive training to hospice and home care agencies. Through the group, members have beenable to serve many within their communities and others in other countries around the world. Beckie Hinze is the Executive Director and says that 26:12 ministry has been supporting the Belize Hospice and Palliative Foundation for six years now. Their current visit is focused on assisting curch leaders with a one day workshop to help spiritual leaders to equip people in churches to deal with grief. That workshop was held yesterday in Orange Walk Town.

Two Charged For Robbery In Corozal
Corozal Police have charged two men for burglary and handling stolen goods following their investigations into a report made by an American resident of Consejo Village in the Corozal District. Twenty one year old Adan Eduvies Cantun, a Belizean laborer of Corozal Town and twenty three year old Jason Edward Magana, Belizean Laborer of Paraiso Village, were jointly arrested and charged for burglary and handling stolen goods. Authorities found the duo in possession of one BTL modem, one Hometech iron and a coffee maker. Both men appeared before Magistrate Hurl Hamilton where Cantun pled guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison. However, the charges against Magana were withdrawn. The incident was reported by 61 year old Robin Gill who said his house was burglarized between the thirtieth of October and the second of November while he was out of the country.

COM Speak On Payment
In other news within the sugar industry, the final average cane price for the 2014 crop has been released. This is the third and final payment for sugar cane to farmers for the last cane crop. New Chairman of the Committee of Management Ezekiel Cansino spoke on the payments. “Tenemos en un average de $67.52 por tonelada pero esto varea según la calidad de cana o el TC/TS en que quedamos por grupo y tenemos una variación tal vez de $7 con el más alto y con el más bajo; San Estevan grupo A vienen siendo en primer lugar que van a estar recibiendo $11.16 y el más bajo con $9.36 ese es el tercer pago.” Dalila Ical – Reporter “Este pago es algo que esperaba los caneros o esperaban un poco más?” Ezekiel Cansino “Pues yo creo que los caneros haya fuera esperaban un poco más pero ya revisando los últimos semanas de entrega vimos de que caímos bastante y pues esto es lo que estamos consiguiendo ahorita.”

BSCFA Continues To Tackle Child Labor
Following the change in management, the next step has been to keep the work flow on the several matters at the association, including meeting the requirements by FLOCERT to correct noncompliance that were identified earlier in the year. Among the biggest problems is child labor. Chair of the Committee of Management Ezekiel Cansino says that they continue to hold workshops tackling this issue. Since Monday members of the BSCFA have been in training on child labor with fairtrade representatives and consultants. “Podemos recordar que el Child Labor es uno de los none-compliance que tuvimos este ano y por eso hemos conseguido una suspensión y vinieron dos personas una señora de Alemania y uno de Costa Rica siempre de la organización de Fair Trade nos están dando entrenamiento sobre el tema y cómo podemos mitigar o que programas podemos hacer para mitigar este problema que tenemos acá, es un problema que no solo existe aquí en la industria cañera sino que es un problema que existe otra ves de todo el pis de Belice y esperemos que podamos salir adelante con este entrenamiento y después vamos a pasarlo a los branches adonde se identificó el Child Labor.”

CZL Police Investigate Hit And Run Accident
Corozal police are investigating a hit and run incident of a resident from the Xaibe Village. Fifty seven year old Eliseo Nicholson reported that on Tuesday around 5:00a.m. while riding his Beach Cruiser bicycle on the outskirts of Xaibe Village, on an unnamed road, he was suddenly knocked down from behind by what appeared to be a White 4-door car, which was travelling from behind him heading in the same direction. As a result he was thrown off the bicycle onto the roadside where he momentarily lost consciousness. He was later assisted by his family to the Corozal Police station where he was then taken to the Corozal Town Community hospital for treatment as he was complaining of pain to the back and left leg. The bicycle received a broken rear wheel and damage to the frame; it is valued at $200.00.

Ranger Stationed At Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve Under Investigation
San Pedro police are closely monitoring a ranger stationed at the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve after the Department outlined a serious security risk concerning his rogue-like behaviour in a letter dated October 16th, the San Pedro Sun Newspaper is reporting. In the letter, the police officer points out that Fisheries Officer Roberto Carballo has been closely monitored and has even confessed to having individuals working for him as playadores (drug beachcombers) who wait for wet drops (drugs that wash up on the beach). The letter states that Carballo confessed to have individuals he brings from Corozal to walk the beachside in search of illegal drugs, also known as ‘wet drop,’ which is then turned over to him. Mr. Roberto Carballo has further confessed to being involved in numerous criminal activities,” stated the letter addressed to the Head of the Fisheries Department.

BSCFA, COM Elects New Chairman
As of last Thursday the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has seen a change in the members of the Committee of Management and. The committee will serve for the term starting November 1st 2014 to October 31st 2015. Today we spoke with the new chairman of the Committee, Ezekiel Cansino on the changes. “Como es el acta de que un ano es para Corozal y un ano es para Orange Walk entonces este ano le toca a la división de Orange Walk para tener el Chairman del Comité de manejo y con el apoyo de los nueve directores de la división de Orange Walk me nominaron y acepte la posición de Chairman del Comité de manejo y tenemos también el Vice-Chairman que es del lado de Corozal, el señor Geovanny Loria, el secretario el señor Esteban Villanueva, el tesorero quedo el señor Eledino Escaraga y los dos consejeros que son los chairman divisionales de parte de Corozal el señor Ramón Aban y por parte de Orange Walk el señor Marciano Novelo.”

Officer Placed On Desciplnary Charge For Involvement In Cervantes' Case
During the conversation between the man alleging to be Manuel Castillo and Vilma Cervantes, the caller is heard stating that Ramon Senior was not the target, instead it was Ramon (Monchie) Cervantes Junior, the P.U.P’s Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North that was the alleged target. All that transpired yesterday is still very fresh in our minds, and while the public sentiments vary, there is still no evidence that proves that the man, who made the call on the night of October 8th, is Castillo. While there is still more information to digest and then some, today another revelation was made when authorities issued an updated release on the case of Ramon Cervantes Senior whose badly decomposed body was found buried in a shallow grave on a farm located in the Honey Camp Area on July 5th, 2014.

Residents Show Support To The Cervantes Family
Yesterday the purported truth behind the disappearance and death of Ramon Cervantes Senior surely took many by surprise as the allegations are very disturbing. It certainly jerked many reactions and the matter is at the top of conversations across the country as the police and even a government official was named in the entire recording of the conversation between Ramon Cervantes’ wife, Vilma Cervantes and Manuel Castillo, who police are seeking for the homicide. A few hours following the revelation, government responded with a press release condemning the allegations and warning the media to desist from further divulging any of the information presented or face legal action. And as we disclosed earlier the police department has also responded to the allegations with their own release. At the time of the presentation though, the news caught the public by surprise and several rose to express their support to the Cervantes Family. Here is a look at their response to the daunting news.

Ramon Cervantes Jr. Clarify Why They Went Public
The information shared by the Cervantes family is daunting. But how much of it is true? The truth is that the revelation has compounded the speculations surrounding the death of Ramon Cervantes Senior. Given the circumstances, what will the family do? According to Ramon Cervantes Junior, their decision to go public with the recording is in following with his intention of remaining transparent on the case. Viewers may recall that Cervantes Junior was vocal about the good collaboration between the family and the police at the start of the search for his father but this relationship shifted sharply following the discovery his body. Since then, Cervantes Junior maintains that police have not been forthcoming with the progress of the case. “Right after the burial of my father and the arrest of the three guys that cooperation has been diverted, the whole attitude had change and after that is like we lost communication as I mentioned in my previous statement ever since those initial days the police have not been informing us of any status of the case.” So will the family pursue the case given the recent allegations? Here is what Cervantes Junior told the audience and the media.

SSEDAT II Program Comes To An End
Today, the La Inmaculada Credit Union held a culmination ceremony for beneficiaries in the Small Scale Enterprises Development in Agriculture and Tourism 2 project (SSEDAT2). The program was one implemented by the LICU and financed by the European Union under the Accompanying Measures for Sugar Program. General Manager at LICU, Yolanda Gomez says this project was the continuation of the first but focused primarily on entrepreneurship and capacity building of these micro and macro enterprises. Yolanda Gomez – General Manager, LICU “We managed to assist 18 micro an small enterprise and we conducted numerous trainings and field trips and we assisted quite a lot of people with training, with marketing skills, with a showcase so that the artisans can display their products, we assisted people like seasonings, we assisted the people like the Mariachi group because we believe that promoting culture, promoting tourism diversifying as a result of the challenges we are going through from the sugar industry that is what the EU put aside a portion of this funding to help with diversification and entrepreneurship and today we close off our project and we did a handing over ceremony as we handed over tents, banners to create more publicity and for more marketing purposes.”

PUP Leader Weighs In On Recording Released By Cervantes Family
In attendance at the conference held by the Cervantes Family this afternoon were several high ranking officials of the People’s United Party, including Party Leader Francis Fonseca. Given the nature of the information shared with the public, the media asked Fonseca for his position on the matter. His reaction, according to him was shock and sadness, stating that he hopes the country does not travel a road to political violence. “I’m not in a position to determine the truth of what was said it was a tape recording and I was here to give my support to the Cervantes family obviously what we heard on the tape is very disturbing and very shocking and very alarming and don’t believe any citizen of Belize would want to believe that our country is heading to that direction and that would be a very, very, very sad and tragic day for all of us as Belizeans citizens so I certainly don’t want it to be true and I don’t want it to be true but we have an obligation to investigate it, the police have an obligation to investigate it and to look into it and to find out the truth not only to Mr. Cervantes and his family but to the Belizean people given what it has been disclose so we are continuing to demand justice for Don Ramon and for his family.”

Is Marco Tulio Mendez Stepping Down From Area Rep Position?
There are reports that the current Orange Walk East Area representative Marco “Tulio” Mendez may be stepping down and not contest the next general elections. At the conference held today by the Cervantes Family, Party Leader Francis Fonseca spoke on the allegations. “Doctor Marco Tulio has been getting medical treatment and he just returned from Guatemala a few days ago his doctors have been given him some advice and I have discussed with him but a final determination on whether or not he will be fit to continue to run, to continue to be the standard bearer for the People’s United Party, you know he is the area representative for the Orange Walk East and he will serve out his term but whether or not he will be fit and able to run is a matter that will be determined by his doctors.”

Youth Week Get Underway In Orange Walk
As part of Youth Week being celebrated in municipalities across Belize, today the Orange Walk Youth Department hosted a Role Model Forum for students from both high schools. The aim was to give young persons the guidance, friendship and support needed through presentations from role models in the community. One such role model we spoke with was Olga Urbina Gough. Olga Urbina-GOUGH – Role Model “The youth that are here which are different high schools of Orange Walk, somebody on their society to look up to, I am honored and humbled to have been asked by these groups to be a part of this panel and I think it is important that we talk to them about their experience, how e got to where we are and jut to inspire them to want to do better.”

Sensational Allegation Made Against Prominent Politician By The Cervantes Family
The abduction and subsequent murder of seventy-one year old Ramon Cervantes Senior in July this year shocked the entire northern part of Belize. Months after, while there hasn’t been much progress in the case, there is another shocking revelation made this time by the deceased’s family. In a conference held not only with the media but hundreds of people including family and friends, the Cervantes family released a recording of a call between Vilma Cervantes, wife of the late Cervantes and the man police have tagged as the mastermind behind the kidnapping and homicide, Manuel Castillo. The alleged contact between the fugitive and the family is in itself an unforeseen event but a recording of their conversation reveals even more shocking allegations into the death of Ramon Cervantes Senior. Dalila Ical Reports.

Alleged Conversation With Pelon Reveals Ramon Sr. Was Not The Target
The information shared with the people who attended the conference and the media was a lot to absorb at the moment. The family received the call since October 8th and as we mentioned before, the family was informed that Cervantes Senior was not the target of the abduction but his son. He, Ramon Cervantes Junior responded to that allegation that the hit was on his life. “It’s not only sad for me to the point where we have gotten as a nation is very worrying as a nation I have only one live and I think our whole country is in danger our tradition of peace and cooperation with one another and our social fabric is in danger as per my life as a God feared man I know that my life is in danger and the lives of my family and friends and those close to me because clearly I am marked for death by very rich and powerful people but we have to go on because it is God to decide my destiny not man.”

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Pickwood’s Attorney, Matura Speaks Of Land Dispute
The land dispute involving Bernadette Pickwood, Maude Williams and Marvin Castillo, commenced trial this morning in the court room of Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin. As we have been reporting, Pickwood feels as though a piece of land located at the corner of Chetumal and Albert Hoy Streets was unfairly taken away from her from the Lands Department and given to Williams and Castillo. After more than twenty years, Pickwood realized that works were being done on the land that she had been holding a lease for. Pickwood successfully got an injunction to stop all works and after a fail attempt of settling the matter out of court yesterday, the trial began this morning. Pickwood’s attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, spoke to the media. AUDREY MATURA-SHEPHERD “It doesn’t mean that from now to November 27th there wouldn’t be our own form of mediation. The court always encourages that and we as attorneys, we know we need to be amenable by that because while you go to the court there are certain things that you can solve and I must say that the Ministry of Natural Resources which is in between the two parties is also amenable and the other parties so we can’t say how it will go but it’s just a safe guard because it would be difficult that if our mediation doesn’t work that my client has to fly back into the country to deal with this.

Michael Young Represented The Villanueva’s In Court Of Appeal
Rene Villanueva Senior and Rene Villanueva Junior lost a major court battle today at the Court of Appeal. The Villanueva’s borrowed monies from Development Finance Corporation to build Cahal Pech Club in San Ignacio. After some troubles, DFC sought to get their monies back and they used the courts to do so. The Supreme Court ruled partially in DFC’s favor but that ruling was appealed by the Villanueva’s who were today represented by Senior Counsel, Michael Young. MICHAEL YOUNG “They had borrowed some money from DFC to purchase the Cahal Pech property and then some difficulties arose and ultimately the DFC sued them for over $900,000 and that was defended by them. They were partially successful in their defense at the Supreme Court level in that the claim was for $900,000 plus thousand dollars and the court only awarded $400,000 on the basis of a defense called stopper that the DFC was not entitled to collect the whole thing. The judgment having been made against them for the $400,000 there was an appeal against that judgment because the Villanueva’s felt that the whole amount should not be enforced against them because of an arrangement that had been entered between the Villanueva’s and DFC. So that is what went to the court of appeal, but they were not successful in that regard. So on a whole, they were partially successful in their defense and in fact ultimately in ended up just about 50% of what the DFC was originally claiming.”

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ensures Assistance to Victim Of Traffic Accident
The Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wilfred Elrington, regrets the unfortunate traffic incident which occurred early yesterday near Mile 8 on the George Price Highway, resulting in Ms. Elicia Hunter sustaining severe injuries. Ms. Hunter has been hospitalized at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City where Minister Elrington visited her yesterday. The Minister is being kept updated on her situation and has promised to ensure that all appropriate assistance is given to Ms. Hunter during this difficult time.

Dennis Molina Sr. Teaches B.AS. Staff Importance Of Defensive Driving
For the past three decades, Dennis Molina Senior, has been teaching hundreds of Belizeans about defensive driving. It’s driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others. That lesson was thought to the staff of the Belize Audubon Society over the weekend. DENNIS MOLINA SENIOR “I have been teaching this course for over 26 years and they have shown a lot of benefit to the people that I teach, they have started an attitude they have situated themselves with the conditions and its benefit to people because when there are drivers on the road. Of course when I was doing the course, some of the people said ‘well the people they meet on the side do not drive like them’ but there is a difference to a defensive driver, they stand out in the crowd, they stick out like a sore thumb. People who are aggressive and offensive drivers cannot continue like that, they make a show but they are not driving defensively at all. A defensive driver gives up his right as a matter of courtesy, those who do not do not drive defensively and will not do such things. They fell like it is not good or helpful to anyone, while a defensive driver will realize that these behaviors and practical knowledge benefit everybody, benefit all persons.”

Councilor In Charge Of Dangriga Town Council Speaks Of Sanitation And Environment Issues
A resident of Dangriga called in to Love FM’s morning show to complain that the garbage was not being picked up in that municipality. According to Councilor in charge of sanitation and environment at the Dangriga Town Council Howard Melendrez, the situation should be back to normal by early next week. Howard Melendrez “The Dangriga town council apologizes to the residents of Dangriga for the inconvenience caused due to the garbage situation in town. The council is cognizant of the fact of how irritable it is not to have the garbage picked up. The compactor has been out of commission since last Tuesday and the works department of the Dangriga Town Council immediately transition into plan B which is to have the Kenworth, which is the dump truck and the trailer, to do the garbage pick up.

Court Arguments End In Case Involving BTL, GOB And Ashcroft
Today arguments concluded inside the court rooms of Court of Appeals Judges, Justice Minnet Hafiz-Bertram, Christopher Blackman and Dennis Morrison. As we reported yesterday, Belize Telemedia Limited is looking to recover in excess of ten million dollars from its former directors. The case was first heard in the Supreme Court which ruled in BTL’s favor and now that ruling is being appealed. The focus of the suit is Great Belize Production Limited, which was once a subsidiary of BTL. For the common folks, the web of ligation’s surrounding BTL and GOB has become confusing and so today Government’s attorney, Michael Young, gave the media a brief history of the case and what his argument was.Sequence 01.Still009 Attorney Michael Young “What happened is that just before the government took over BTL, the board as a matter of fact on a Sunday did certain things. What had happened was that when the company was controlled by the Ashcroft group, they had been financing Great Belize productions which is Channel 5 and had financed it up that point up to some $5million dollars and they had on top of the financing they had provided for the purchase of shares in Great Belize productions for another $5million; so BTL had expended around $10million dollars in relation to Channel 5 and the acquisition of shares in relation to that company.


Traffic accident victim dies in hospital
29 year old Elisa Hunter was knocked down on Tuesday morning near her workplace, the Belize Recycling Company at Mile 8 on the George Price Highway. She spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday in hospital, but was never able to make a full recovery, and died on Wednesday evening around 5:00 p.m. Her sister Ersi Hunter describes, through tears, the suffering of her departed sister and the grief of those she leaves behind. [Translated] “When I talked to her when the accident happened, I went to her and told her I was going to take care of her daughter until the day I die. That is what I promised my sister. While she was talking, she told me that she was in a lot of pain, but I didn’t know that all her insides were shattered. We called the Ambulance, but after 45 /60 minutes there was still no sign of an ambulance. My sister hugged me and was pleading for help, and the Ambulance wasn’t showing up.”

Orange Walk police say no other party responsible for Cervantes murder
On Wednesday we reported on the released recording of a telephone conversation, purportedly with wanted fugitive Manuel Castillo and the wife of the murdered 71 year old Ramon Cervantes Jr. In that conversation, the person claiming to be Manuel Castillo, told Mrs. Cervantes that the murder of her husband was the result of a contracted hit on her son, Ramon Cervantes Jr., but the hired killers got the wrong Cervantes. The man made incredible claims that implicated a Minister of Government and senior police officials. On Thursday, the Orange Walk Police said that police investigation has proven so far that no other party, apart from wanted person Manuel Castillo and his accomplices, are responsible for Cervantes’ murder. Additionally, P.C. 743 Javier Alvarez who apparently sold a Police Service handcuff to wanted fugitive Manuel Castillo has been placed on disciplinary charges; (2) counts for Prejudice to Good Order and Discipline and has been interdicted from duty since 26th September, 2014.

House collapses in Belize City
A Belize City man suffered a frightening experience on Wednesday night, when the house he resides in on Freetown Road suddenly collapsed. Kevin Rowland says he believes the house was deliberately knocked down by a suspicious character he saw lurking in the area moments before it fell. He gives his account of what happened. “My young lady come and call me tonight. Me and she may have a conversation, because she told me a lee problem what she do go through and thing. I went in. I listen to her and thing. All of a sudden we may reason together and thing, and we hear a noise downstairs. When she tell me she heard a noise, I hear it too, but I never pay it no mind.

Senior citizen’s ATM card stolen, thousands withdrawn
A 73-year-old Belize City woman reported to police that sometime between Tuesday 14th October, 2014 and Monday 3rd November, 2014, her Atlantic Bank ATM card was stolen from inside her house, and that several withdrawals were made. The total amount of cash stolen from her account is $5,320.00. Police are seeking a person whom they believe can assist in this investigation.

Hit and run incident in Xaibe
57-year-old Eliseo Nicholson of Xaibe Village, Corozal District, reported on Sunday November 2 at about 0:500 a.m., while riding his Beach Cruiser bicycle on the outskirts of Xaibe Village on an unnamed road, he was suddenly knocked down from behind by what appeared to be a White 4-door car, which was travelling behind him heading in the same direction. As a result, he was thrown off the bicycle onto the roadside where he momentarily lost consciousness. He was later assisted by his family to the Corozal Police station where he was then taken to the Corozal Town Community hospital for treatment as he was complaining of pain to the back and left leg. Police investigations continue.

The Guardian

PUP attempt to stop the country’s transformation
The People’s United Party remain adamant that they will, by any means necessary stop the transformation that is taking place across the country. Sensing that the government’s proper use of the Petro Caribe financing facility will be their demise, they have concocted a scheme to take the matter to court in an attempt to stop government from using the Petro Caribe finances to develop Belize. They called a press conference and huddled together in the hopes that their warm bodies would give them hope that somehow their injunction against government would be successful. The two, Julius and Francis seemed like Siamese Twins joined at the hip. It looked eerily confusing to see these two so close together. Espat must have been thinking the same thing that Fonseca was thinking: keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. And while they sat together for comfort and distrust, they said they were not attempting to stop the government spending. Well slap me silly! What then would be the purpose of the injunction? The hairbrained idea was concocted by Julius (probably to prove that Francis will follow just about any idiotic idea)and now the PUP finds itself in a quandary.

Heat comes down on Public Sector Workers Trust
Pensioners say: “they are not paying us any attention so we will have to pursue the legal route”. Still not being able to respond to public officers and retirees who had their wages frozen between 1995 and 1997 it seems the trustees and protectors of the Public Sector Workers Trust are now trying to play catch up. On Wednesday November 5, the PSU called a meeting with some of its members (we are not certain if these people are actual beneficiaries since there is no actual listing of these) at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall. Some 75 persons, mostly pensioners, showed up and when the protectors and trustees tried to explain what the money would be used for the proposals were soundly rejected by those gathered. The meeting started at 5:30p.m. and it carried along in a contentious atmosphere up until almost three hours later ending at 8:15p.m.

BDF Commander going to inspect helicopters for border patrol
The Government of Belize intends to purchase the country’s first helicopters; therefore, the Ministry of National Security is preparing a team of engineers to travel to Miami, Florida along with Brigadier General David Jones, Commander of the Belize Defense Force, to inspect Bell 206 helicopters that are on the Government’s radar. Since the British Government pulled out its helicopters being used by the British Army Training and Support Unit in Belize (BATSUB) in 2012, the Government of Belize has been calling on allies to provide air support for its troops. Requests to the Governments of the United States, Taiwan, Canada and others seem to have fallen on deaf ears. The only time air support is provided is when the United States uses its helicopters in joint missions to destroy marijuana plants in Belize – like in 2013 when the Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters were used in three operations to destroy over $30 million worth of marijuana plants in Belize’s jungles. The same kind of air support has not been provided to assist the BDF in patrolling our borders and protecting our natural resources.

Louis Wade holding campaign financing fundraiser?
Plus TV’s Louis Wade has Western Caucus PUP supporters giddy after he announced on his morning show that he will be holding a fundraiser on November 15. They have been waiting for a while to get a signal from Wade that he intends to contest the next General Elections for the PUP in Cayo North and finally they are appeased. Wade is holding a public telethon in order to raise funds. He has been the most anti-government media personality outside of Vibes Radio but needs money to continue that doom and gloom campaign because mainstream advertisers have drawn a line in the sand and walked away from Plus TV. Business owners were once fascinated with the television station which profiled as a faith based organization. Their programmes once featured positive entertainment and the news shed light on events happening in the Cayo area that no other media house was covering. This was something Belizeans had been waiting for and advertisers were excited to support. The station’s popularity grew and soon after it drew national following.

The Battle Over Channel 5
The Court of Appeal has reserved judgement in the case brought by BTL against the former Directors of the company when Lord Michael Aschroft had direct ownership and controlling interest in the Nation’s Telecommunication company. They’re battling over the ownership of Channel 5, officially known as Great Belize Productions. Readers may remember that on August 23, 2009,1 day before the Barrow Administration first nationalized BTL, the former board members held a Sunday meeting, and started divested BTL’s ownership of Channel 5. They divested the Channel 5 company from BTL and distributed the shares to 3 international companies, Overseas International Thames Ventures Limited, and Katalyst Developments Limited. By transferring the shares out, those former directors transferred ownership from BTL to these new business entities.

Ministry of Health awaits Chikungunya confirmation tests
On Friday, October 31, the Ministry of Health announced that they are awaiting the results of samples sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) laboratory in Trinidad after IGM antibody tests conducted on three samples at the Central Medical Laboratory were confirmed positive for Chikungunya. The samples were collected a week earlier in the Las Flores community in Belmopan. According to Ministry of Health officials the detection in that area was not surprising since residents of that area frequently travel to and from El Salvador which is know to have Chikungunya.

Deputy Prime Minister Libeled during Cervantez press conference
Hon. Gaspar Vega, Deputy Prime Minister, learned of a Ramon Cervantes family press conference broadcast today by a certain media house. At that press conference a voice recording was played containing the most outrageously false and defamatory allegation against the DPM. Hon. Vega condemns those that caused the recording and allegations to be played, and those that carried the broadcast. The DPM warns that no other media house should carry or in any way further circulate the reprehensible libel against him. He has already consulted his lawyer who will take action against anyone that ignores this warning.

Paul Nabor, the King of Paranda laid to rest
The People’s United Party remain adamant that they will, by any means necessary stop the transformation that is taking place across the country. Sensing that the government’s proper use of the Petro Caribe financing facility will be their demise, they have concocted a scheme to take the matter to court in an attempt to stop government from using the Petro Caribe finances to develop Belize. They called a press conference and huddled together in the hopes that their warm bodies would give them hope that somehow their injunction against government would be successful. The two, Julius and Francis seemed like Siamese Twins joined at the hip. It looked eerily confusing to see these two so close together. Espat must have been thinking the same thing that Fonseca was thinking: keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

Training for new Police Sergeants in Belmopan
A two week training course began on Tuesday of this week for newly promoted police sergeants at the National Police Training Academy in Belmopan. Important thrusts in the course were to impart knowledge and skills regarding police topics and to develop their capacity in building a cohesive team. Facilitation towards the course in Belmopan is now being provided by the Institute of Professional Development and the Ministry of Public Service. Commandant of the National Police Training Academy Anthony Rosado told the Guardian that the two week course at the National Police training school will also focus on developing supervisory skills for the Sergeants. According to a release from the Human Rights Commission of Belize (HRCB), the Sergeants were provided training on Tuesday regarding Human Rights and International Human Rights Standards. Sergeants were given a brief history of human rights, introduced to the international human rights instruments applicable to policing and the UN code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officers.

Another Family Gets House from Rotary
“Service Above Self” is the Rotary way and the organization continues to live true to its motto. On Wednesday, November 05, the Rotary Club of Belize handed over the keys for a new house to Katherine Thomas and her three sons. Rotary partners with Hand in Hand Ministries to donate at least one house each year to a needy family. To qualify for a house an individual has to go through an application process. They must attend meetings and services with the Christian based group and be active in the ministry. They also have to identify a piece of property to place the house.

San Antonio Road gets hotmix
The road leading from Orange Walk town to San Antonio village is getting nearer to completion, this week contractor for the paving of the 5.9 kilometers of road began to surface the road with hotmix. After months of preparatory work filling and preparing the sub-base, contractor Emir Hernandez began to do the final work of pouring the hotmix on the road. After completing the road, which is being financed by the European Union, it would have cost 2.24 million Euros. Work on the road is expected to be fully complete within the next couple of weeks.

Santa Elena Town has a brand new park
Santa Elena Town in the Cayo District now has new attractions for a more relaxed environment. The Orange Orchard Park by Bradley’s Bank in Santa Elena Town was completed this week and now sports a variety of wooden and metal amenities to keep the young occupied. The newest park within the Cayo Central Division now features swings, see-saws, slides and a variety of colorfully painted swinging bars. Adults will now be able to sit comfortably under a shed at the Orange Orchard Park while their children are occupied with play or choose instead to sit by the tables that have been built within the park. Along the perimeter of the Orange Orchard Park there is also a concrete foot path.

Murder in Concepcion
The quiet northern village of Concepcion in the Corozal District was the scene of an execution-style murder, reminiscent of the gang slayings which happen very regularly in Belize City. In that shooting, 24 year-old Ricardo Alfredo Itzab was fatally shot. It happened sometime before 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 1 when Itzab was walking home with his friends, Miguel Gamboa, and Oscar Herrera, all of whom are residents of the village. They were heading home from a bar, and when they arrived at a location between miles 76 and 77 on the Northern Highway, they were targeted. A lone bicycle rider, who was dressed in dark clothing, wearing a mask over his face, pulled out a weapon and fired a single shot in their direction. Itzab was injured by that bullet which hit him in the right side of his chest. Immediately as Itzab went down, the masked assailant sped off and escaped, leaving Itzab’s companions to seek help for him.

Food Vendor Busted with Weed and Pipe
A local food vendor of the King Street area spent at least one night on remand at the Belize Central Prison after police allegedly busted her with 0.8 grams of weed and a three and a half inch pipe fitted for smoking drugs. Kimberly Oshon, 30, was arrested by police on Monday, November 3, and taken before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser to face one count of possession of a control drugs and one count of possession of a pipe. She pleaded not guilty to both charges and was offered bail in the sum of $1,000 plus one surety of the same amount. She was unable to meet bail on time and was transported to prison at 4:30 p.m.

Four Charged for Firearm Connected to Albert Hoy St. Robbery
Burton Claire, 20, Gavan Claire, 19, Kyle Carter, 19, and James Swazo, 39, are at the Belize Central Prison on remand for keeping a .38 Special revolver and ammunition without a gun license. There was an armed robbery at a Chinese Grocery Store on Albert Hoy St. in the Belama area on Thursday, October 30. Three men entered the shop demanding money. One was armed with a chrome handgun and another went behind the cash register and took out $741. The men then ran into a waiting green Geo Prizm and drove out from the area. Quick police response resulted in the men being tracked and captured on Coney Drive. Inside the vehicle were four men along with the loot and a .38 Special loaded with four rounds. They were arrested and taken to the Queen Street Police Station.

Man accused of attacking his neighbor with machete
A dispute between two men who are neighbors in the Maskall village has led police to charge one of the two parties involved. 63 year old Edward Solis, a resident of Maskall, who is a restaurant and bar owner apppeared unrepresented before Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser in where he was arraigned on a single count of aggravated assault with a machete upon Dorian Arnold, who is his next door neighbor. In court, Solis, pleaded not guilty to the charge and while there was no objection to him being granted bail, the court prosecutor, Kennard Clark asked the court to please set some form of condition to Solis’ bail since the facts indicate that both men are neighbors and are allegedly feuding. The facts says that Solis has his bar located across the street from the victim.

Hon. Herman Longsworth opens Technical Evaluation Meeting of CODICADER
The Hon. Herman Longsworth, Minister of State with direct responsibility for Sports, on Monday 3 November, 2014, officially declared open the Technical Evaluation Meeting for Consejo de Istmo Centroamericano de Deporte y Recreación (CODICADER) on the Juegos Deportivos Centroamericanos Estudiantiles de CODICADER at the Banyan Bay Resort Conference Room in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The Technical Meeting is being held as part of Belize Presidency Pro-Tempore of Sistema de la Integración de Centroamericana (SICA) under its Secretaria de la Integración Social Centroamericana (SISCA), which is one arm of the organisation. Sistema Integracion de Centroamericana (SICA) is made up of two branches, the political which is 60 years old and the social which is much younger and includes CODICADER which is 22 years old.

Volunteers from both Belize and Guatemala meet in Cayo
Volunteers from both Belize and Guatemala met on Sunday, October 26, at the Rumors Resort Hotel at the periphery of San Ignacio Town to lay the ground work for future collaborations with 4 theWorld, a Non-Profit organization now operating in both Countries. Present for the meeting was the Assistant Mayor of San Andres in Peten, Guatemala, Hector Giron as well as 4theWorld Guatemala Director Jose Cunil. Executive Director of 4theWorld Robert Keith Froom was also present to give an overview of operations in Guatemala and how future projects in Belize will be undertaken. 4theWorld is now looking for volunteers in Belize, to assist various visiting teams from the United States, who will be coming to Belize early next year to work on community projects. Teachers in Belize are also being invited to get in contact with 4theWorld to do assessment needs in their communities so that it can work on projects in those communities, which would normally last for two years.

Can Drones Patrol Western Border?
An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also referred to as an unpiloted aerial vehicle and a remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard. This is the definition ascribed to what we commonly refer to as Drones. The uses of Drones are many and varied. They are used by the military to deliver aid in dangerous areas, special covert operations and even to carry ordnance (bombs). They are used by various intelligence gathering organizations including spying on enemies. Increasingly they are being employed by civil non-military organizations such as the Police, Fire Departments and real estate agents. In San Jose,the third largest city in California, and the tenth largest in the US, the Police Department is using Drones in its crime fighting efforts. Its Bomb Squad’s uses the UAV during bomb investigations when needed due to terrain obstructions to enhance officer and public safety.

Ebola Update 2 - Ministry of Health Updates on Ebola Activities
The Ministry of Health continues to carry out activities aiming at containing any possible threats of Ebola in Belize. 1. The Ministry of Health has ramped up a series of coordinated activities in conjunction with the Customs and Excise Department, the Immigration Department and the airlines for further strengthening at the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA). 2. A meeting was held with the airlines and personnel from the Airport Concession Company to agree on the implementation of new procedures for passenger arrival. A flow chart for processing of passengers is in use as a guide for Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) who are now being rotated at the International Airport. 3. Training continues on infection control procedures for a wide cross section of persons at the International Airport.

Government officials and various private sector representatives are in meetings with science and technology experts from Korea to develop a comprehensive science and technology strategy for the country of Belize. The first meetings took place on Monday, November 3, at the launch of the 2014 Belize-Korea Knowledge Sharing Program. Senator Joy Grant and Dr. Colin Young travelled to Korea shortly after the establishment of the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology and Public Utilities in 2012. During that visit, Minister Grant and C.E.O. Young forged a partnership with Korea for knowledge sharing and technical assistance that has already provided dividends for Belize with the formation of the country’s National Transportation Masterplan in 2013.

Tulio Mendez on the way out
Doctors have advised Marco Tulio Mendez that he should not run for the next general elections. Mendez is suffering from an undisclosed illness and it appears it is so severe that doctors have urged him not to run. While health may be a reason for Mendez to not run again, the reality is that during his tenure as a representative for Orange Walk East he has done absolutely nothing for the constituency. Health reasons are just now becoming the excuse. Our question is, what happened to Mendez when his health was not a concern?

Mexican Trade Mission to Belize
Since Prime Minister Barrow made an official visit to Mexico in October of 2010 there has been a number of trade missions between the two countries. The latest mission was organized by the Chetumal Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism and the Embassy of Mexico. On Wednesday, November 5, Mexican Government officials, entrepreneurs and representatives of business associations met with their Belizean counterparts in an effort to improve trade relations. The objective of the mission is to identify potential buyers and suppliers of a variety of products and services as well as to find investment opportunities. To achieve this objective an open day was held at the Institute of Mexico on Wednesday. Products discussed include: honey, edible and non-edible groceries; animal feed; tools and hardware supplies; ceramic tiles; electrical, plumbing and construction supplies; auto parts; office supplies, stationery and furniture; administrative and athletic uniforms, sports equipment; bicycles and parts; screen printing and embroidery; accessories for cell phones, cellphones and tablets; security cameras, alarms and electric fences; medical equipment and other accessories.

Central Region High Schools Basketball competition continues at the Bird’s Isle
The Central Region Secondary Schools Basketball Competition continued on Monday 3 November, 2014, with two games at Bird’s Isle. In the female game, St. Catherine Academy defeated Ladyville Technical by the score of 26-22. And in the male game it was Gwen Lizarraga High School winning over Nazarene High School by the score of 54-49. The competition continued on Saturday 1 November with four games on the schedule for the day. In the first of two female games played, Maud Williams blanked Pallotti High School by the score of 32-0. The top scorer for Maud Williams High School was K. Bailey with 11 points. In the second female game it was Wesley College winning over Ladyville Technical High School by the score of 33-21. The top scorers for Wesley College were K. Terry with 8 points and S. Neal with 7 Points. Meanwhile, the top scorer for Ladyville Technical was B. Noralez with 8 points.

Belize Defence Force wins again in Belikin Cup Tournament
The Premier League of Belize Belikin Cup Opening Tournament continued over the last weekend with a number of games on the schedule. On Saturday 1 November, 2014, at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence Village, the host team Texmar Assassins blanked Paradise/Freedom Fighters by the score of 3-0. The goals for Texmar Assassins were scored by Norman Pipersburgh in the 4th minute of play, Luis Torres in the 75th minute of play and Kendis Hernandez in the 77th minute of play. Out at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan, Police United and Verdes FC played to a 2-2 draw. The visiting Verdes FC got on the scoreboard first when Nahgib Guerra in the 12th minute of play gave his team a 1-0 lead. The lead was further extended when Gilroy Thurton scored his team’s 2nd goal of the game in the 33rd minute of play for a 2-0 lead.

Belize High School of Agriculture to host National High Schools Volleyball championship
The National Secondary Schools Sports Association National Volleyball championship will be played on Friday and Saturday November 7 – 8, 2014 at the Orange Walk Multi- Purpose Complex. This year’s games are being hosted by the Belize High School of Agriculture and will feature 4 Female and 4 Male teams representing each of the four regions. The schools that have earned the rights to represent their respective region in the championships are from the North female Muffles College and male San Pedro High School. From Central Region in female it will be St. Catherine Academy and male St. John’s College. From the Western Region in both female and male it will be the Belmopan Comprehensive School. And from the south in female it will be Stann Creek Ecumenical College and in male it will be Toledo Community College. The Official Opening ceremony is scheduled for Friday 7 November, 2014 and it is expected to begin at 2:30. Immediately following the ceremony the first game will commence at 3:00pm.

20 Years for pedophile
Brian Charlesworth, 45, will spend the next 20 years in prison because he was convicted of sexual assault upon a minor as a repeat offender. On Wednesday, October 29, Charlesworth was convicted by a jury of nine, five men and four women, for having sexual intercourse with a female minor, 6. The trial began before Supreme Court Justice Troadio Gonzalez on the week of October 20. Prosecutor Kileru Awich called five witnesses, including the minor who at the time of the offense was only six-years-old. The child is now nine-years-old and she gave a vivid description of what transpired on an October night in 2011 when Charlesworth allegedly had sexual intercourse with her. In his defence, Charlesworth claims that he was not the one who had sexual intercourse with the child because he was never at the scene. He says he was at home at the time but has no alibi witnesses to corroborate his version of the story.

Salvadoran and Guatemalan teenagers acquitted of murder
Two men, a Salvadoran national Carlos Rene Granillo, 28, and an 18 year old Guatemalan, Rene Lopez Morentes, who were accused of the murder of an American woman who was killed in Indian Creek, Cayo in July 2004 are free after they were both acquitted from of the charge of murder. The men were charged in 2004 for the July 25, 2004 murder of American national, Mary Jane Blondell, 73, who was stabbed twice to the neck during a home invasion/burglary at her home in Indian Creek Village Cayo District. The trial of the men which began on Monday, October 27, concluded on Tuesday, November 4, before Supreme Court judge, Antoinette Moore in the Belmopan Supreme Court. During a voidaire, which lasted 7 days, it was concluded that the men were badly beaten to give caution statements. The police had claimed that the men had willingly given the statements. As a result of the voidaire, Judge Moore did not accept the caution statements by the men.

San Pedro Bar Owner Free from Aggravated Assault Charge
The owner Los Compadres Bar in San Pedro Town, Tanisha Tucker, is now a free woman after spending more than four years trying to clear her name from a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm upon her employee. The employee was 17 at the time of the alleged incident and was working for Tucker as a waitress at the bar. She reported to police that at about 8 a.m. on July 22, 2010, Tucker visited her apartment and the two exchanged words. She said she told Tucker she was going to stop working at the bar and this made her mad. Tucker allegedly pulled out a gun, placed it at her temple and threatened to kill her and her family. Tucker was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. She was remanded at the Belize Central Prison for five months before she was released on Supreme Court bail.

Busted with .38 gun
A .38 firearm loaded with six live rounds of ammunitions was found at a home in the Gungulung area of Belize City and police have arrested two adults and two minors aged 13 and 14. The group of four including 21 year old Lloyd Parchue, a resident of #16 Croton Lane in Belize City along with 25 year old Michael Flowers, a Sales Clerk of CET Site in the Gungulung area and the two minors were escorted to the Belize City Magistrate’s Court to be arraigned. They appeared at 4 before Magistrate Dale Cayetano where they were read two offenses, one count each of kept firearm without a gun license and one count each of kept ammunitions without a gun license.

US Elections
Obviously anything that happens in our huge northern neighbour affects Belize and Belizeans. Changes to Trade or Immigration policy have immediate consequences to other countries including Belize, while shifts in social principles have a more diverse but still potent outcome on the wider stage. Belizeans are bombarded with more US news and politics than local issues through our television viewing. The US mid-term elections which took place this week are therefore of great importance in Belize. The results are not yet in as I write this piece but all indications are that the Republicans will make significant gains and gain a majority in the US Senate. It is not clear if this will make the gridlock in Washington worse or if it will encourage some compromises to get things done.What is clear is that the majority of US voters are not enthusiastic about national politicians or politics though they often have a soft spot for local leaders. They also decry the impact that big money has on election results citing the billions of dollars pouring into the campaign from lobbyists and special interests. On a smaller scale these same sentiments can be found in Belize about the Belizean scene.

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More News: Scroll up from here

Patrick JonesPJ

Pickwoad land case goes to trial
Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin today began hearing arguments in the trial of Belizean-American Bernadette Pickwoad and the Ministry of Natural Resources over a disputed property in Belize City. The trial had been scheduled to begin on Wednesday, but both sides applied to the Chief Justice to postpone until […]

New house for Belize City family courtesy Rotary
On Wednesday the Thomas family of Victoria Street relocated to their new home on Jane Usher Boulevard. The $35,000 22-by-30 structure was donated by the Rotary Club of Belize. Katherine Thomas is 36 years old, wheelchair-bound and a mother of 4 including a son with cerebral palsy. Ms. […]

House collapses in Belize City
A Belize City man suffered a frightening experience on Wednesday night when the house he resides in on Freetown Road suddenly collapsed. Kevin Rowland, who lives alone but was entertaining a female friend when the house fell, says he believes the house was deliberately knocked down by a […]

Belizean journalist wins prize for short story
Belize has established a prize for the best writers in the nation, the Belize Literary Prize, through the Belize Book Industry Association. With a rich literary tradition featuring the likes of Zee Edgell and Zoila Ellis, Sir Colville Young and Evan X Hyde, the Belize Literary Prize was […]

Traffic accident victim, Elisa Hunter, dies in hospital
29 year old Elisa Hunter was knocked down on Tuesday morning near her workplace, the Belize Recycling Company at Mile 8 on the George Price Highway. She spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday in hospital but was never able to make a full recovery and died on Wednesday […]

Belize Media Group marks first anniversary
The Belize Media Group, the company which operates this website and news service, is marking its first anniversary with some phenomenal success. Twelve months after going live on the web, the website has grown to be among the leading sources for news in Belize and about Belize. Since the start […]

Deputy Prime Minister denies involvement in Ramon Cervantes murder
Deputy Prime Minister and Orange Walk North area representative Gaspar Vega this evening issued an official statement formally denying involvement in the July murder of Ramon Cervantes, Sr., 71. On Wednesday afternoon the family of Don Ramon Cervantes, at a memorial event in Orange Walk Town, aired a […]


Meet Me on The Dock: Some of the Docks of San Pedro on ONE GORGEOUS DAY
Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days ever. I’m sure it was a combination of many factors – the low humidity, the bright sunshine, the perfect temperature and the fact that it has been grey and cool for the last couple. It all came together to equal gorgeous, San Pedro perfection. Docks that I think make San Pedro unique and beautiful. In fact, I now prefer sunning and swimming on a dock than just about anywhere. Sure you can lay on a white sandy beach – we’ve got those two – but the sounds of the water, the boat traffic going by, the smell of the wood, usually a heron or two…I’m telling you. Docks are where it’s at. And almost every resort has one.

Belize showcases Caribbean Music!
We were interested to hear that the 6th Edition of the Traveling Caribbean Film Showcase in Belize was launched November 4 at the Leo Bradley Library in Belize City, this year focussing on the music from thirteen Caribbean countries. With a variety of films, documentaries and animation, including a much-heralded biographical documentary of Calypso Rose, it promises to be as entertaining as it is interesting. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – Belize is much more than just a pretty face. Sure, the country is (justly) known for its stunning beauty and abundance of warm smiles, but travellers are often happily surprised by how much more is going on these days. The art scene is very much alive – check out the Belize Arts Gallery homepage at for a quick tour of just a few of the movers and shakers on the arts scene. With Garifuna, Maya, Mestizo and so many other cultures represented artistically, it’s no wonder Belize offers such a rich, heady brew for the arts aficionado.

Belize Pay Scale as of 2009
Belize Draft Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for fiscal year 2009/10: APPENDIX D NEW PAY SCALE 1 6816 x 456 – $15,480 Job Title:- Caretaker/Office Assistant (Educ) Domestic Helper(Hum. Dev/Fire) Janitor (I/Tax – Bmp) Office Assistant Records Clerk Records Keeper(I/Tax/Treasury) Records Room Attendant Teacher (B.N.S.E.) Messenger/Copist NEW PAY SCALE 2 8244 x 504 – $17,820 Job Title:- Accounts Clerk (Police) Apprentice Dispenser Attendant (Male/Female) Caretaker Caretaker/Orderly (G.G) Caretaker/Janitor Caretaker/Office Assistant

My Cousin Cindy Shows Me How to Make Enchiladas Casserole
Someone's in the Kitchen with Barbara!!! I'll show you how to make a delicious, scrumptious enchiladas casserole with my cousin Cindy via Facetime. We really had some fun in the kitchen and this dish is spectacular.

Capturing the Wild: Jaguars in Belize
The native inhabitants of Suriname referred to him as a God. He is the third largest cat in the world after the tiger and the lion. The Native American called him ‘yaguar’ which means ‘he who kills with one leap’: the jaguar. The jaguar (Panthera onca) can be found in 18 Latin American countries. Today they are mainly concentrated between Southern Arizona and New Mexico to Northern Argentina, but are extinct in EL Salvador and Uruguay. Males measure around 1.8 m (6 feet) long and can weigh up to 113 kg (250 lb). Females are usually smaller and lighter (100kg). They can reach sexual maturity at about two years of age, males at around four. Female jaguars can have a litter of 1-4 cubs at the time which, they would defend fiercely (even against their own father). Most jaguars have an orange colour coat with distinctive black spots which are unique to each individual and can be used by humans to identify individuals.

International Sourcesizz

Costa Rica rallies past Belize in U-17 qualifying
Jonathan Martinez struck twice from the penalty spot and Costa Rica rallied for a 3-1 win over Belize on Tuesday in the opening match of Central American qualifying for the 2015 CONCACAF Under-17 Championship at the Estadio Edgardo Baltodano Briceño. The Ticos sit first in Triangular I and will be idle until Saturday, when they face El Salvador. On Thursday, Belize will need at least a draw against the Salvadorans in order to avoid elimination. "We know how difficult these type of games can be," Costa Rica head coach Luis Fernando Fallas said after the match. "(Belize) is a team that also knows how to play, which is fast and that cost us, but we got the three points thankfully.” Alvin Sifontes gave the visitors a 1-0 lead in just the second minute of play. "I think the players did not understand the message that we were giving them for ten months,” expressed Fallas, adding, “Then we get a surprise at the beginning.” It took until the second half for Costa Rica to equalize and go ahead, as Martinez converted penalty kicks in the 64th and 72nd minutes.

Belize: guida al paese degli atolli corallini e delle incredibili rovine Maya
Il Belize è noto per vantare la seconda barriera corallina più lunga del mondo. Patrimonio dell’Unesco dal 1996, la protezione di questo santuario naturale garantisce la sopravvivenza di un ecosistema unico. Tra i cayers (isolotti da sogno) che costellano le coste del Belize vi segnaliamo quelli più noti di Caye Ambergris (a cui Madonna ha dedicato la canzone La Isla Bonita) e Caye Caulker; le coste di quest’ultimo sono quasi completamente ricoperte da mangrovie e godono dell’ombra offerta dalle palme da cocco. Sulla costa orientale troverete siti facilmente raggiungibili per immersioni, snorkeling e pesca. Ad Ambergris invece potrete fare immersioni subacquee spostandovi a est del principale centro abitato di San Pedro. Come accennato, abbondano anche le antiche vestigia del patrimonio Maya. Altun Ha, per esempio, è un must da visitare se volete conoscere qualcosa di questa affascinante cultura. La maggior parte dei templi risale al 550, 650 d.c. Tra di essi vi segnaliamo: il tempio della tomba verde, luogo dove venne ritrovata la tomba del re sacerdote e il tempio della Massoneria Altare che raggiunge i 60 metri sopra il sito. Qui è stata trovata una testa di giada di 15 cm. rappresentante il Dio Sole Kinich Ahau.

Meir Ruhman, 1932 – 2014
Meir Ruhman, of Tehachapi and Los Angeles, passed away on Oct. 19 at the age of 82. He had been ill for several months. He was buried in Los Angeles. Meir was born in Romania. When he was seven years old his family relocated to Central America, settling in British Honduras (now Belize). The family became British subjects and learned English and Spanish simultaneously. Meir's father opened a textile store in the capital city, Belize. Meir enrolled in public school at the age of seven and graduated from high school nine years later by passing Britain's Cambridge Overseas Examination and earning a distinction in English. Ultimately he became fluent in four languages and literate in two alphabets. By growing up in his father's shop, he developed an aptitude for business. At the age of 18 he left home to sojourn for four years in the infant state of Israel. He spent two years on a collective farm (kibbutz) where he learned to appreciate an agricultural life, and two years in the Israeli Air Force as an armament mechanic. In so doing he discovered an aptitude and interest in mechanics.

Life Story: How home proved crucial in the animals' battles for survival
For most of us humans, home is where we feel safe. Tonight’s episode of BBC One’s Life Story showed us that for animals, too, home means safety – and a whole lot more besides. Over the 60 minutes we were in turns transported to the plains of Zambia, a Caribbean island, the Rockies, Fiji, the Australian rainforest and Senegal. We were up-close-and-personal with hunting dogs, ants, chimps, fish, goats and crabs – creatures who, just like us, regard home as a place of safety. There were comical scenes on a beach near Belize where crabs on the lookout for a new home actually arranged themselves into a queue according to size and exchange properties... just like a housing chain! Each crab moved into the shell vacated by the one in front. For them, being without a shell home was a death sentence as a ‘naked’ crab would soon cook in a strong sun.

Fortis Inc. Released Third Quarter Results
Fortis Inc. ("Fortis" or the "Corporation") (FTS) released its third quarter results today. "The third quarter was a period of significant transition for Fortis," says Barry Perry, President, Fortis. "We closed the acquisition of UNS Energy, announced a strategic review of Fortis Properties and implemented our new organizational structure." Non-Regulated Fortis Generation contributed $4 million to earnings, compared to $8 million for the third quarter of 2013. The decrease was associated with decreased production in Belize, due to lower rainfall.


Video: GMOs&Sustainable Farming in Belize Reportage, 37min.
from PGTV News Network. Maybe the Belize Grain Growers (Association) and their supporters should be made aware of this.

Video: Belize's SHEKINAH Dance Ministry, 6min.
Belize's SHEKINAH Dance Ministry Presenting "Los Muros Caeran" and "Grande y Fuerte" #2014.

Video: Belize 2014, Part I, 5min.
Our week in Belize - Matachica Resort, Ambergris Caye - diving, fishing, & adventures.

Video: Belize and Mexico- GoPro Diving Adventures, 5.5min.

Video: Starfish Island Belize C.A, 4min.
Short walk around video of Starfish Island Belize.

Video: Manatees in Belize!!, 2min.

Video: Belize Coastal Zone Management, 1min.

This episode of "THE OUTDOORSMAN" was filmed near an island 36 miles east off the Belize coast in the Caribbean ocean. Buck McNeely & his Son Max are joined by Polly Alford & Drake Dawson to experience some spear fishing on the reef then enjoy some sport fishing for Tuna, Dorado & Sharks. This is Island adventure at its finest. Featuring underwater footage.

Video: Water in Belize, 6min.
This was a photo essay for a summer study abroad program through Colorado State University. Summer 2013.

Video: Rio Blanco Falls, Belize, 1min.
In southern Belize, 6 miles south of San Antonio, just past the village of Santa Cruz. An easy, mile-long hike through a jungle path takes you right to the falls. Also hike a trail that follows the river upstream another mile and see an old, dilapidated swinging bridge.

Video: Barrera de arrecifes de Belize, 3min.

Video: Backpacking Belize, 5min.

Video: Placencia belize landing, 1min.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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