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The San Pedro Sun

SPHS students witness inspiring presentations from Our World Project
Larry and Debbie Heimgartner have returned to the island along with Jenny Morrison and Sarah MacKenzie as part of the ‘Our World Project.’ The Heimgartners have been coming to San Pedro Town for years,working along with San Pedro High School (SPHS) students to promote acting through plays. On Tuesday November 4th, the Heimgartners and the two actors made separate presentations with two different audiences at the SPHS. Morrison, who is a dancer with the London Ballet Company, is also an actress. In the last British television series of Downton Abbey, Morrison played the role of a maid. She has also acted in a play in Los Angles California USA called Our World – 1 in every 4. She also played a fairy in the new Snow White and the Huntsman film released in the summer of 2012.

Observing Dia de los Finados in San Pedro and Merida, Mexico
On Saturday November 1st, tradition once more came to life in San Pedro Town as residents celebrated their dearly departed in the Dia de los Finados celebration. Also known as Dia del los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the holiday is traditionally celebrated in the Mestizo, Maya and Garifuna cultures and is observed over two days, November 1st and 2nd. This year marked the third year that the San Pedro Cultural Committee has revived the tradition on Ambergris Caye. The festivities were observed at the Friendship Park, located next to the Roman Catholic Church, where the grand candle-lit altar showcased pictures of loved ones that have passed on. Draped in white cloths, decorated with hibiscus, rosaries, and a statue of the Holy Virgin Mary, the altar served as a beautiful memorial of the souls believed to have gathered with their loved ones on the sacred day. Families gathered before the altar and made offerings to the souls and shared with each other, stories and fun memories of their departed loved ones. After addressing the gathering, the priest also blessed the altar and explained the significance of the day to those in attendance. Chairman of the Cultural Committee, Councilor Mito Paz, also gave a brief message on the importance of the day as it pertains to the community of San Pedro. Following the brief messages, a traditional plate of tamales, tamalitos, pan de muerto, crema de coco, and maja blanca was blessed and enjoyed by the many that gathered to dine with their loved ones.

Smile Clinic hosts first of eight dental clinics
The San Pedro Smile Dental Clinic at Holy Cross Anglican School has been in operation for the past six years and each year, they host several dental missions on Ambergris Caye. Between the 27th to the 31st of October, the clinic hosted the first of eight dental clinics for the 2014/2015 school year. The fist mission saw two volunteer dentists from the United States of America (USA), who with the aid of volunteers on the island, attended to approximately 125 students. Head of the Smile Dental Clinic on Ambergris Caye is Doctor Mark Johnson who indicated that the two volunteer doctors are his past classmates. Dr. Johnson explained that for the most part, some of the dental patients are repeat patients while there are a few new ones this year. “We are trying to teach children that it is healthy to visit the dentist and they don’t have to wait until they have a pain. They should have their teeth checked and cleaned by the dentist two times a year,” said Dr. Johnson.

San Pedro PUP committee launches Manifesto for upcoming municipal election
The People’s United Party (PUP) executive committee in San Pedro Town released their manifesto (political mandate) should they get elected in the next municipal election slated for March 2015. The manifesto launching took place on Monday November 3rd at their local headquarters located on Pelican Street. Present to witness the release of the manifesto were members of the local executive, including PUP town council candidates and Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard. The manifesto documents address 15 points that are relevant to issues affecting the island. The areas, including ‘Cleaning House’ through transparency and accountability, Taxes, Streets and Infrastructure, Master Plan for Housing and Planning, Garbage Disposal, Sports and Youth Activities, Social issues and Women’s Affairs, Technological Advancement in Administration, Bridge, Traffic, Development and Protection of the Environment, Partnership with the People, Safety, Education and Health.

The Reporter

Protests in Mexico after claims of Guerrero student deaths
Hundreds of protesters in the Mexican state of Guerrero have attacked government buildings in the capital, Chilpancingo, burning cars. They accused the government of involvement in the murder of 43 students in the town of Iguala in September. The protest came after the attorney general said gang members had confessed to the killings. He said the students were killed by the criminals acting on police orders. Mexican Attorney General, Jesus Murillo Karam said three alleged gang members had claimed the students were handed over to them by police. They said some were already asphyxiated and they shot the others dead, before setting fire to all the bodies. The suspects from the Guerreros Unidos drug gang were recently arrested in connection with the disappearances. Mr Murillo warned that it would be difficult to identify the charred remains and that authorities would continue to consider the students as missing until DNA tests confirmed the identities.

Man murdered in Belize City
A man was reportedly shot and killed on Saturday morming. The imcident happened sometime before 11 a.m. on Mahogany Street. The victim, whose name we have not cofirmed with police, was shot in the forehead. He reportedly walked with a cane.

Mexico cancels China contract for high-speed train line
Mexico has abruptly cancelled a $3.75bn US contract awarded on Monday for a Chinese-led consortium to build a high-speed passenger rail link. President Enrique Pena Nieto said he wanted to avoid “any doubts about the legitimacy and transparency” of the bidding process. Mexico has forged closer links with China, while Mr Nieto is going to Beijing on a state visit next week. The tender for the 130-mile rail link is being re-opened. Mexico’s communications and transport ministry said the new auction would start from mid-November and be open for about six months. The contract was scrapped after lawmakers accused the government of favouring China Railway Construction Corp (CRCC). Rival bids by Germany’s Siemens, Canada’s Bombardier and France’s Alstom were considered.

FECTAB complains about new regulations
The Federation of Cruise Tourism Association of Belize (FECTAB) at a press conference on Friday complained about new regulations being implemented by NICH, which they say are hurting their business. The main concern expressed by many FECTAB members and tour operators is a regulation, which stipulates that no person under 48-inches in height can do the cave-tubing activity that so many tour guides have come to earn their living on. According to Vitalino Reyes, tour operator of, “They never communicated to us and said you know what, effective so and so we’ll be implementing this law or this regulation or this standard of forty-eight inches.” Reyes said this is hurting his business because many families travel with their children and will not go cave tubing if their kids cannot go along with them. Reyes also said that they have taken children along regularly without any incident.

Matron Roberts holds health fair
The Matron Roberts polyclinic held its third annual health fair on Friday with informative boths and testing available. Matron Roberts Administrator, Alexy Rosado said they had a total of 17 booths offering a wide variety of useful health information to the public. This year’s theme, “Good to go from head to toe,” indicates that health is about both mental and physical wellness, Rosado said. Organizations including the cancer society, BCT, BCVI, the blood bank, HECOPAB and public health all had booths on Friday. Rosado said some of the testing available included glucose and hypertension testing.

The Belize Times

Gapi Attacks! – Wanted Fugitive Manuel Castillo says murder of Don Ramon was a political hit
The political climate in Belize is very tense, in particular in the Orange Walk District, where new revelations regarding the disappearance and murder of Ramon Cervantes Sr. have placed residents at the edge of their seats and have made certain politicians nervous. On Wednesday November 5th afternoon, as the family and friends of the late Don Ramon gathered for a memorial service at the family farm near the scene of the most-tragic July 1st kidnapping, the family broadcasted an audio recording of a phone conversation they had with Manuel Castillo, a wanted fugitive who was named by the Police as the prime suspect in the murder. That phone call received at 8:23pm on Wednesday October 8th revealed the explosive allegation that Don. Ramon’s murder was part of a shocking political plot. The call had been answered by Mrs. Vilma Cervantes at her family home. She recognised the voice of the caller as that of Castillo, with whom their family is well-acquainted as he was their next door neighbour.

Barrow – the REAL Malignant Tumor! – PUP Legal Team chastises PM’s violation of the constitution
On Tuesday, PUP Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca, Deputy Leader Hon. Julius Espat and the members of the legal team preparing to challenge the Barrow Administration’s illegal borrowing and spending of $228 MILLION dollars obtained as a loan through the ALBA/Petro-Caribe programme addressed the media. The legal team which consists of Senior Counsels Andrew Marshalleck, Magali Marin-Young, Eamon Courtenay, Godfrey Smith and the Party’s legal advisor Anthony Sylvestre Jr. explained why the Prime Minister is guilty of violating the constitution and laws of Belize.

Schakron for Belize City Mayor!
Firebrand community activist, Yolanda Schakron, has confirmed that she will be contesting the March 2015 Municipal Elections in Belize City as the People’s United Party’s Mayoral Candidate. Schakron, a no-nonsense activist who has stood up many times to the oppression of the UDP Government, said her decision to run for Mayor was in response to the tremendous support and encouragement she has been receiving from many city residents. She explained that residents have been clamouring for better leadership in Belize City, and have expressed total dissatisfaction with the current Belize City Council led by UDP Mayor Darrell Bradley, someone who spends most of his day dealing with private legal matters in Court.

Sedi’s vehicle mauls woman on Western Highway
A speeding late-model luxury vehicle assigned to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington knocked down and killed a young woman as she crossed the Western Highway at Mile 8 on Tuesday morning. The woman, 31 year old Elisa Hunter, was an employee of Belize Recycling Company. She left her Antelope Street home in Belize City and boarded a bus which dropped her in front of her work site at 9:00am on Tuesday. The bus moved off and Hunter remained at the road side, preparing to walk across. But as she crossed the highway, an incoming 2015 Toyota Prado being driven way above the prescribed speed limit within a village, swept her off the road.

Think About It
The Opposition may need to buy air time on radio and TV to carefully explain this national scandal surrounding the violation of Belize’s Constitution and the Finance & Audit (Reform) law by the government. Certainly, a full throttle Press Conference is called for. Never in the history of Belize has any government been so facey to be spending millions upon millions of dollars for over two years without any approval. There has been no approval from the National Assembly and total disdain for the laws and the people of Belize in further violation of the Finance & Audit laws. It is unheard of and smacks of the worst kind of lack of accountability and transparency. It is a massive violation of all the proper procedures and safeguards over public funds that out laws and our people are entitled to know are being scrupulously obeyed. But it has taken place. Since September 2012 the government has been using public funds of over one hundred million dollars in violation of the constitutional and legal safeguards. Having sworn their oaths of Office to obey and uphold the constitution and laws of Belize, the honorable gentlemen have violated even their sacred oath to Almighty God.

A Chopper to the Rescue?
By G. Michael Reid In a press conference held last Thursday in Belize City, PM Barrow announced that his government would be buying “either two refurbished helicopters for $4.1 million or a completely new helicopter for $5.68 million, pending final inspection of the refurbished models.” It was not revealed whether the price was to be in US or Belize dollars but with new helicopters being priced at anywhere between “eight to 12 million US dollars for one helicopter”, it is safe to assume that we are talking about United States currency here. According to the PM, the money to buy these helicopters will be coming from the Petro Caribe fund which is from all reports, bursting at the seams. Despite the fact that the management of these monies is currently being challenged in court, the UDP continues to spend with reckless abandonment and with absolutely no accounting. It seems that PM Barrow, Central Bank President Glen Ysaguirre and Financial Secretary Joe Waight have been accounting to each other but no one else is getting a clue as to how this money is being spent. Petro Caribe money is not a gift from anyone. It’s the proceeds from an astronomical tax being imposed on fuel. While the price of oil has been dropping precipitously on the world market and pump prices are falling everywhere else in the world, Belizeans are still being gouged for almost twelve dollars per gallon at our pumps. Forget the tiger; this man is putting a bukut in our tank.

Editorial: GUILTY!!
Prime Minister Dean Barrow is a guilty man. He looks guilty, he talks guilty and he is behaving guilty. Asked by the media to answer a simple, straight-forward question, Mr. Barrow’s eyes opened wide and he started stuttering and stammering. He evaded the question and instead launched into his usual personal and political verbal attacks. The question from the media was why did he not seek prior approval from the National Assembly in 2012 before taking and spending 36 million dollars. In 2013 he took out 152 million dollars and spent it. And in 2014, so far, he has taken and spent 40 million dollars. None of these monies were approved and none has been accounted for. These represent a massive betrayal of public trust and violation of the laws governing the borrowing of loans and spending of such borrowed money.

Nazarene & Ladyville Tech boys win basketball games
The Nazarene High School and Ladyville Technical High School boys both posted big wins in the Central Division high school basketball tournament on Saturday morning. The Nazarene High School boys outlasted the Maud Williams High School boys 45-43 on Saturday afternoon. Chervin Tench scored 10 points, while Gregory Theus and Kenard White added 9 points apiece to lead 23-18 at the half. Trey Gentle added 8 points and Gerald Smith and Justin Hower added a bucket apiece. The Ladyville Tech boys blew out the Sadie Vernon Technical High School boys 57-23. Jason Ellis led Ladyville with 11 points, while Rashid Bethran added 10 points, and Raheem Hendy scored 8 points. Dedron Baptist added 7 points, Degron Joseph scored 6pts, and Khalil Noralez added 5pts.

Brodies Ping Pang, Crushers & Brodies Killer Spin win 2014 Bros. Habet team table tennis champs
The Brothers Habet team table tennis tournament held by the Belize Table Tennis Association concluded at the Belize Elementary School auditorium on Sunday, with Brodies Ping Pang winning the 1st Division, the upstart Crushers won the 2nd Division championship, and Brodies Killerspin won the 3rd Division. In the 1st Division finals, Brodies Ping Pang won 5-3 against the Hurricanes with Tyrone Tun winning all 3 games vs Carlos Cui and Sen Sen, and 3-1 vs Hector Lopez, while Billy Musa Jr blanked Sen Sen 3-2 and handled Hector Lopez 3-2. Hurricanes’ Carlos Cui won 3-0 vs Kareem Michael and 3-1 vs Billy Musa, while Hector Lopez edged out Kareem Michael 3-2. Team Cuz gave the Hurricanes the easy bye into the finals by forfeit in the playoffs. Ping Pang won 5-1 vs the Racqueteers who had settled for 3rd place. Billy Musa won 3-0 vs Mike Rivero and Arturo “Tux” Vasquez, while Tyrone Tun had won 3-0 vs Ernesto Rivero and 3-1 vs Mike Rivero. Yasser Musa edged out Ernesto Rivero: 3-2. Racqueteers’ Arturo Vasquez blanked Yasser Musa: 3-zip.

South Zone athletes dominate track & field meet
Southern Zone athletes topped the medal count at the “Teck We Ah Go Teck It To Them” open national track & field meet organized by Body 2000 in partnership with the Sunrise Rotary Club at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex in Belize City on Saturday. Junior 100m Shanicka Augustine – 1st place (12.25 seconds) Faith Morris – 2nd place (12.90 secs) Leticia Nunez – 3rd place (13.73 secs) Junior Triple Jump Shanicka Augustine – 1st place (11.73m) Ashantie Carr – 2nd place (10.40m) Jestine Blanco – 3rd place (9.50m)

Illegal Land Grab in San Pedro
San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, October 27, 2014 The UDP Government has proven to be the worst caretakers and managers of public land in Belize. This is because instead of making land available for the poor and needy, they parcel it out for themselves, their families and political cronies in greedy style. Cases ...

AMAZING GRACE – Are You a Servant or Slave?
My teenage daughter has recently become quite fascinated with acquiring body piercings, tattoos, and excessive jewelry. She’s calmly accepted most of the objections my wife and I have outlined, explaining why she’s not allowed to employ these forms of body ‘art’- at least not while she lives under my roof ...

We need an old-school politician like Menino!
By Rayford Young Thomas Michael Menino, who insisted a mayor doesn’t need a grand vision to lead, then went on to shepherd Boston’s economy and shape the skyline and the very identity of the city he loved through an unprecedented five consecutive terms in City Hall, died Thursday. He was 71 ...

Hon. Dolores supports community development groups
Belize District, October 28, 2014 In October Hon. Dolores continued to donate to the feeding program by Word Of Faith Church and Pastor Cardinez which assists students of the Hattieville Government School. She also kept her commitment to the Ladyville Senior ...

Ayó Da Nabi Reflection for Paul Nabor
Reflection for Paul Nabor Saturday, Nov 1st, 2014 | St. Peter Claver Church |Punta Gorda | Belize by yasser musa Good morning. In preparation for this moment I tried to consult widely with friends, students, artists, poets, musicians, anthropologists, ...

Rural Poverty – Waste Not, Want Not
By Hilaire A. Bennett A $67.5 million agreement was signed by Prime Minster Dean Barrow with the European Union for the purpose of rural poverty alleviation. Prior to this, some $33 million was given in this regard as part of the ...

BYM OW East sworn in
Orange Walk, October 31, 2014 The swearing in for Belize Youth Movement Orange Walk East Executive took place on Friday, October 31, 2014. The Executive members include President Alejandro Marin, Vice-President Daniel Chavez, Secretary Avianey Quetzal, Assistant Secretary Jennifer Torres, Treasurer Joshua ...

By Dolores Balderamos Garcia On June 24 and 25 this year the Group of Women Parliamentarians of the Americas held the “6to Encuentro Anual Del Grupo De Mujeres Parlamentarias,” the Sixth Annual Gathering of the Group of Women Parliamentarians. This meeting took place in Mexico City, and I have recently received the ...

By Francis W. Fonseca On September 6, 2005 in Jamaica the PetroCaribe Energy Cooperation Agreement was signed by several Caricom Nations including Belize. And on June 9, 2006 Belize entered into a Joint Venture agreement with Venezuela forming ALBA Petro Caribe Belize Ltd. These were initiatives of the then PUP Administration of PM ...

Justice, finally!
Dear Editor, I find it appalling that it took putting more than one victim for Brian Charlesworth to finally be given the sentence he deserves. These Pedophiles should not be allowed the opportunity to harm children time after time. Charlesworth was convicted for the third time for Carnal Knowledge, giving rise ...

Stepping up the fight on Dengue
Dear Editor, Dengue is a serious disease plaguing our country. This disease is thought to have spread mainly as a result of unsuccessful vector and disease inspection, as well as poor public health infrastructure, population growth, and the increase in national and international travel. The main vector of dengue is the ...

Professional Engineers write Commissioners of Police and Transport over frustrating checkpoints
Dear Commissioners: Kindly consider the following statements/suggestions relating to the operations of Police Check-points: The public’s perception is that their primary purpose is the examination of the status of licenses and insurance of vehicles using the road in order to fine those motorists that are not up-to-date with these two targeted items. ...

More Security for Southern Belize
Dear Editor, I take this opportunity to express my personal concern regarding what has happened recently in the village of Hopkins where a female teacher was killed and her husband was brutally beaten almost to death. This is the second time such an incident has taken place at the same spot ...

Patrick JonesPJ

Suicide reported in Santa Rosa, Stann Creek
A family from Santa Rosa village, Stann Creek district, is today mourning to death of a loved one. 20 year old Ervilio Shal, died early this morning in what appears to have been a suicide. According to one of his brothers, Shal arrived home around 7 o’clock […]

FECTAB warns Government over treatment of operators
Tired of being sidelined by policies and decisions they say hamper their ability to do business, members of The Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize (FECTAB) are silent no more. They have come out fiercely assaulting the policy articulated by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), Ministry of […]

Matron Roberts clinic hosts health fair
Under the theme “Good to Go From Head To Toe”, the Matron Roberts Polyclinic II on Magazine Road in Belize City hosted a health fair with participation from various stakeholders. For more on the fair and the services offered by Matron Roberts which is one of the oldest […]

Appeal Court reduces damages for Christine Perriott
The Court of Appeal closed its final session for 2014 yesterday in Belize City. Judgment decisions were handed down in several already decided cases including criminal appeals for Lavern Longsworth, Krismar Espinoza and Vincent Tillett. On the civil side, the big story is a long-awaited judgment for Christine […]


Belize’s Kardashian Does Central America: Episode Six – Panama & Finn’s Return
Our Kardashian is now back in Belize. Working behind the bar at the gorgeous Rojo Beach Bar and taking gorgeous pictures… Not a bad view from your work station… We followed him all the way through Central America…with his buddy Danny and without.

“Just Can’t Get Enough” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Out on the veranda, yes the western, lagoon facing one, this morning with the ‘must have’ mug of black coffee. Didn’t make it out there though until 06.20 hours. Much, much later than usual. And not feeling at all my usual chirpy, full of zest self. Reason? The dreaded Belikin. Cause? The Grand Opening of the forty-eight room extension at Caribbean Villas Hotel. Knowing that this was going to be a popular and well attended – it was an Open Bar (read FREE) event – Rose and I set off early from home. Belize timing (equals late) was not going to apply for us. And we arrived bang on time. Within minutes I had a beer in my hand (the first of far too many I somewhat regret to report).

International Sourcesizz

Hurricanes didn't cause collapse of Mayan civilization
The ancient Maya, ferocious hurricanes and — wait for it — stalagmites. ... How can you go wrong with this story? Scientists thought a prolonged drop in hurricane activity helped push the region into drought from 800 to 950 A.D., when the Mayan civilization collapsed, but recent research shows that might not be the case. Researchers from Skidmore College analyzing an ancient stalagmite found hurricane activity during that period was not much different from earlier or later centuries. How did they reach that conclusion? To learn about the rainfall and floods at the time of the Mayan collapse, geophysicist Amy Benoit Frappier and her team went to a cave in Mexico and found a single, ancient stalagmite that provided clues about floods in the ninth and 10th centuries. Precipitation was important back then, as the Maya — living on the Yucatán Peninsula in present-day Mexico, Guatemala and Belize — depended on seasonal rainfall, partly from tropical storms and hurricanes, Frappier said. Hurakan, one of their creator gods, gave the hurricane its name.


Video: Island Expeditions - Dream Makers Belize, 5min.
Outfitting stimulating and challenging trips to the wild and wonderful places since 1987, Island Expeditions leads the way in Adventure Travel with over a dozen combinations of tried and true multi-sport and natural history itineraries to choose from.

Video: Belize, 4min.
For our 1 year anniversary we visited the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye in Belize. We stayed at the Victoria House Resort, explored the town of San Pedro, snorkeled the barrier reef and shark ray alley, and relaxed in paradise!

Video: Belize 2014, 5min.

Video: A Day In The Life, 3min.

Video: The Advancement of The U.S. Webster Proposals In Belize!, 24min.
In this radio show feature, Bilal Morris of BREDAA (Belize Rural Economic Development of Ageiculture through Alliance) analysis on radio station KPFK in Los Angeles on November 8, 2014 presented how the United States Government advanced its foreign policy agenda for Belize called the Webster Proposals initiated in 1967 by the Kennedy Administration to make Belize a part of Guatemala. The recent series of events that has unfolded in Belize in relation to the Guatemala oligarchy aggression to annex the country of Belize, has shown considerably evidence that the Webster Proposals continued to be implemented by the U.S. government, and its British and Israeli backed alliances. The feature underscores the building of a so-called Belize Coast Guard base by the U.S. military,The Southern Command using Guatemalan illegal workers without consulting with the Belize government, the murder of the black Belizean tourist policemen, Danny Conorquie, who was executed by Guatemalan bandits committing robberies in the Mayan resort of Caracol without no outcry from the OAS nor compensation for the killing, the continuous encroachments by Guatemalan illegal loggers in the deforestation of Belize's natural forest reserves in the Southern District of Toledo near the porous Belize / Guatemalan border, and the systematic eliminations of the black Belizean population through black on black crimes committed against each other by black Belizean men in Belize City since the advent of the U.S. so-called War on Drugs in the 1980's. Here Morris's analysis connects the dots that shows how the age old U.S. foreign policy agenda has continued to play out in Belize's current affairs, and its continuous push to make Belize a part of Guatemala through the aforementioned aggression against Belize and the Belizean people.

Video: Youth Sunday in Belize at the 1st Wesleyan Holiness Church, 14min.

Video: Evening Action! Belize City Municipal Airport, 7min.
Evening Action! Belize City Municipal Airport

Video: Spotlight Belize 1998 Visit, 11min.
This spotlight is on my very first visit to Belize in 1998, exactly ten years after my marriage to my favorite Belizean! This trip is highlighted by visiting Elaine's father and the Suazo siblings, her many aunts, uncles, cousins and favorite neighborhood spots. Salud!

Video: Come Away To Belize With Me, 4min.
by Jerry Jeff Walker

Video: Down In Belize, 4min.
by Jerry Jeff Walker

Video: Chong Honeymoon | Belize 2014, 8min.

Video: Belize City to Altun Ha, 5min.
Quick trip from Belize City to Altun Ha ruins via Northern Highway.