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The San Pedro Sun

Sailing Adventures – they are what you make it!
Sailing is what you make of it. When I sat down to try and write about what sailing means to me, it was hard to find the right words. I think back to the times I’ve lounged atop a catamaran or an old-school sailboat, and the memories are varied – and sometimes quite fuzzy, if you get my drift! Somewhere along the years, sailing has gone from being a non-stop party to something almost therapeutic for me. As I’ve made clear before, I’m not a born island girl. Growing up with mountains and hills to climb, and jungles to explore, sailing was not exactly available to me. I did spend many years on this gorgeous island, and would often play on the beach with my local friends, getting boat rides to and from the various picnic spots along our beach. But always further out beyond the standard shallows, were these magnificent vessels that seemed to have wings, and floated gracefully across the turquoise seas I had come to love. Getting on board one of them was always my dream, and to be able to do so now feels like such a treat. That little girl dreaming onshore would be so happy to know that yes, the wind really blows my curly hair every which direction. Yes, the sun does seem to shine harder on the boats, and their ‘wings’ make a beautiful sound going up, then carry us to new and exciting places each and every time.

Wolfe’s Woofer: Cursing
“Are you taking Davin out for ice cream this week?’ Melody asked. “I thought I would pick him up from school on Thursday,” I told her. “We’ll either go for ice cream or frozen yogurt, whichever he wants.” “Good. I want you to talk to him for me.” “Why? What’s up?” “His teacher tells me

Police Report
Possession of Controlled Drugs *On Friday, October 31st at 10:45PM San Pedro Quick Response Team (QRT) conducted a search at the apartment room of 22-year-old Gregory Lopez in Swan Street, San Pedro Town which led to the discovery of two separate transparent plastic bags containing a green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis, amounting to

Cabañas family freed of charges
Police have dropped criminal charges on six out of the seven culprits that were arrested for the possession of a pipe on Friday, October 17th. 21-year-old Alexis Alvarenga pleaded guilty to the charge before the San Pedro Magistrate Court on Monday, October 27th. With the culprit identified, Prosecutor Corporal #1037 Allan Woods, dropped all charges

Doctor Love
Dear Doctor Love My girlfriend and I have been together for five years and we were planning to get married. When we had been together for a year we had a big disagreement and split up for a while. While we were apart I got another girl pregnant so I have a four year-old son […]

Ambergris Today

Letters To The Editor: Roca Family Seek Support for Ailing Mother
My name is Kenia Roca and I am looking for sponsors like yourselves to share our family story. To help us in finding financial support from people who can help our family in such difficult time. Today I would like to ask if you could please share this heartfelt letter from a daughter in search for help to save her 55 year old mother (Reina Elizabeth Martinez). My story is as follows: The past few days have been extremely hard for my sisters, brothers myself and the rest of the family in Belize who have dealt and seen my mother's deterioration over the recent months and past few years. After battling cancer, managing her life with diabetes and recently diagnosed with kidney problems.

hPic of the Week: Early Fisherman Gets the Biggest Catch
Early morning fishermen head out to sea in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize to get a heads start on fishing activities and making it to their favorite fishing spot early and on time. The morning sun is at its most glorious and boastful state.

Caribbean Villas Holds Grand Opening of Hotel Renovations
Caribbean Villas Hotel has undergone a few changes as the resort went under renovations during the off season in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. This past weekend the hotel held an inauguration social on Friday, November 7, 2014, to celebrate the great new atmosphere at the resort. Invited guests were the first to view the rooms that were built alongside the north end of the property on a four-story building that includes an elevator. The rooms are very cozy, giving off a nautical look that blends in with the natural surroundings of the hotel which sits beachside about a 15-minute walk from downtown San Pedro.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Morning Coffee Cafe At Consejo Village Library
After a four year hiatus, Consejo Village Library is re-commencing their monthly "Morning Coffee Cafe" beginning Sunday, November 16th from 8-11:30 a.m. in Consejo Village. Cost is $5 BZD for a bottomless cup of coffee/tea and a hearty slice of pie or cake. Everyone is welcome. Please spread the word. All proceeds benefit CVL for needed upgrades and repairs. Future monthly dates will be announced soon.

The Reporter

Former US Navy SEAL talks about bin Ladin’s capture
The former Navy SEAL who says he fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden says he doesn’t care if people do not believe him. “The most important thing that I’ve learned in the last two years is to me it doesn’t matter anymore if I am ‘The Shooter.’ The team got him,” Robert O’Neill said in an audio interview. The killing of bin Laden will go down in history, O’Neill said. “But I don’t care if I’m ‘The Shooter,’ and there are people who think I’m not. So whatever.” The audio interview follows an interview published this week in The Washington Post, in which O’Neill publicly identified himself as the SEAL who killed the leader of al Qaeda in 2011.

Cave tubing rivals quash beef
Well known cave tubing rivals, Yohnny Rosado and Vitalino Reyes put their differences aside and ended their well-documented public feud with a handshake and a hug during a FECTAB press conference. Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) President, Geovannie Brackett led the call for the two long-time rivals to bury the hatchet and unite for a common cause affecting both tour operators. “When things buck and things get tight even enemies become great friends,” Brackett said. “I would like to ask you to show Belize’s government and the system that we can come together as Belizeans. You see they want us to kill each other, they want us to kill each other while they get rich, while families and friends sign big contracts, multi-million-dollar contracts, but we can come together my brothers,” Brackett charged. Rosado and Reyes chose to set aside their differences for the sake of offering a united effort on behalf of the best interests of their businesses, which they say are at risk of being shut down due to new, unfair regulations imposed by the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH).

Patrick JonesPJ

Cool weather heading into the new week
A weak cold front crossed the country on Sunday evening and with it came a slight increase in moisture. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters heading into the work week is for cloudy skies with sunny breaks on Monday. A few showers and periods of light rain will occur mainly over coastal and southern areas on Monday morning. Winds over the open sea and along the coast will be westerly to northwesterly at five to fifteen knots. The sea state will be choppy. After overnight low temperatures of 68 degrees Fahrenheit along the coast, 63 degrees Fahrenheit inland and 60 degrees Fahrenheit up in the hills, the mercury will rise to 81 degrees Fahrenheit along coastal areas on Monday.

The November 9, 2014 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • Accused Female Crack Peddler Arrested:
    A female villager of St. Mathews village, Cayo, was found in possession of 14.4 grams of suspected crack cocaine, was formally arrested and charged for possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply. Acting upon information received on Thursday, October 30, a female was escorted into the police station in San Ignacio Town where she was told that she would be searched for drugs. Telling the police that a search would be unnecessary, the detained reached into the left side of the brassier she was wearing and pulled out a transparent plastic bag containing 14.4 grams of suspected crack cocaine. She was further searched by a female police corporal who found nothing else incriminating.
  • Man Charged For 0.8 Grams Of Weed:
    A Santa Elena man was arrested and formally charged for the possession of less than a gram of weed. On Tuesday, November 4 at around 10:50 am, a team of San Ignacio policemen, on routine foot patrol in San Ignacio, came upon a male person in conversation with three Caucasian males on Burns Avenue. The male person was approached and informed that he would be searched for drugs. In his right front pocket, police found a transparent zip lock bag containing what appeared to be marijuana.
  • Editorial: The Time To Stand Up For Your Nation is NOW!!!:
    The trumpet of the nation has sounded, heed the call. We are all invited to descent upon Belmopan on Tuesday, November 18 to show our support for the unprecedented development taking place across the nation. National development occurring for the first time in Belize include the first National Bank of Belize, a revived Development Finance Corporation of Belize as well as the many social justice programs benefiting tens of thousands of Belizeans in the form of School Subsidies, Food Pantry, Boost, Christmas and other Cheers as well as the housing loan write offs and the announced December mortgage payment for all Belizeans with housing loans up to one hundred thousand dollars held at all financial institutions in Belize.
  • The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s 3rd Annual Christmas Expo Extravaganza!:
    December 6th and 7th should already be locked on the calendars of everyone looking for good deals and merry steals this Christmas season! Kick off December with the Chamber as we host our 3rd annual Christmas Expo Extravaganza at the Ramada Belize Princess Hotel Kings Room on Newtown Barracks in Belize City. Festivities start at 9:00 am and go straight through to 6:00 pm on both days.
  • Waitress Allegedly Held At Gunpoint:
    Two men are in police custody pending investigation into a robbery report which occurred on Tuesday, November 4, in the Santiago Juan Layout area of San Ignacio. Acting on information received police visited J and K Restaurant on Flamboyant in San Ignacio, where Martha Pineda, 21, waitress, reported that at around 10:00 p.m., while she was alone in the restaurant, Waitress Allegedly Held At Gunpoint an unmasked male person of dark complexion, slim built, about five feet five inches in height, wearing a black sweater and black short pants, entered the restaurant and held her up with what appeared to be a pistol. The complainant informed that the man placed the gun to her neck and led her to the bathroom and locked her up therein.
  • Ringworm:
    Ringworm is a skin infection due to a fungus. Often, there are several patches of ringworm on your skin at once. Causes Ringworm is common, especially among children. However, it may affect people of all ages. It is caused by a fungus, not a worm like the name suggests. Many bacteria and fungi live on your body. Some of these are useful, while others can cause infections. Ringworm occurs when a type of fungus called tinea grows and multiplies on your skin. Ringwork can affect the skin on your: * Beard -- tinea barbae * Body -- tinea corporis * Feet -- tinea pedis (also called athlete's foot) * Groin area -- tinea cruris (also called jock itch) * Scalp -- tinea capitis Ringworm can spread easily from one person to another. You can catch ringworm if you touch someone who has the infection, or if you come into contact with items contaminated by the fungus, such as combs, unwashed clothing, and shower or pool surfaces.
  • GOB Signs Grant:
    The Government of Belize and World Bank Sign Grant for “Management and Protection of Key Biodiversity Areas in Belize” Project Belmopan. November 6, 2014: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) and the Government of Belize signed a Grant Agreement on November 5, 2014 for US$6.9 million. The grant is provided by the Global Environment Facility and is being administered by the World Bank. This large grant was approved for a five-year project entitled “Management and Protection of Key Biodiversity Areas in Belize”, which will be executed by the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development.
  • Ride for Octavia Waight Center:
    Challenge Gobie Foundation – Charity Bike Ride for Kitchen Expansion Project, Octavia Waight Centre, home for the elderly in Belize – November 23, 2014 The Octavia Waight Centre, a non-profit organization and home for the elderly, in San Ignacio, Belize is in need of a new kitchen. The Centre’s mission is to provide the elderly with an environment that enhances dignity and self-esteem, as well as, physical and mental well-being. The home currently houses 28 senior citizens, whose ages range from 60 to 106 years old and two days per week they provide meals (on-wheels) for 24 senior citizens who live in the communities of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. With an expanded and upgraded kitchen the Centre will be able to provide more options for nutritious meals to the in-house residents and expand the meals-on-wheels service to 5 days per week and for more persons.
  • Hon. Rene Montero and Your UDP Government at Work!:
    Photo essay.
  • History of the Garifunas:
    As a true melting pot of various cultures, Belize has woven bits and pieces of many ethnicities to make what we know as our beautiful country. With many cultures coming in, tradition and custom sometimes disappear as the days go by. However, a group that is not going silently is the Garifuna. With November 19th, being their special day and designated a national holiday, Garifunas countrywide live up to this year’s theme of Proudly empowering our children in their Garifuna heritage. On May 18th, 2001, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed the Garifuna language, music and dance a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity. Belize’s very own Andy Palacio, celebrated musician and singer was honored with the title of Artist for Peace by UNESCO. With much history, culture, tradition, song, food, religion, the Garifunas have certainly left their mark in Belize. For that, we feature them in this week’s Our Belize Community.
  • Did you know…:
    The Garifuna Settlement Day holiday was created by Thomas Vincent Ramos in 1941? Thomas Vincent Ramos lived from September 17, 1887 to November 14, 1955 where he passed away in his Stann Creek home at the age of 68. Ramos was born in Puerto Cortes, Honduras but later moved and spent most of his life living in Belize. He worked as a school teacher and was known for being a Civil Rights Activist with primary concern being the lack of health and financial facilities to aid the Garinagu living in Dangriga. He formed the Carib Development Society as a way to help the sick and render financial aid to bury their dead.
  • Brazilian Footballer Adriano Charged with Drug Links bought a motorbike in 2008 and:
    Former Brazilian football international Adriano has been charged with links to a drug lord in Rio de Janeiro. Prosecutors said that Adriano gave a drug dealer a motorbike that was used in criminal activities. The Brazilian striker had a successful career in Italy, winning titles with Inter Milan. But off-field problems and injuries cut his career short. Adriano, 32, had been negotiating a comeback with second division French club Le Havre. The allegations first emerged in 2010.
  • Bul Under Canto’s B:
    A man from San Antonio Village, allegedly caught hiding under a bed, was today arrested and charged for burglary. On Monday, November 3, 2014, Rosarita Canto, 53, Belizean domestic residing in San Antonio Village, reported to police that at about 9:30 pm on Saturday, November 1, 2014, she encountered a man hiding under a bed in her room. In a statement to the police Canto informed that, accompanied by her daughter and son-in-law, she was in the lower flat of her two storey wooden house in San Antonio Village, Cayo.
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Belize Association of Houston Family Fun day
Do you live the Houston area and find yourself missing some Belizean style party time? The Belize Association of Houston has you covered, their annual Family Fun Day will be held Saturday, November 15, 2014 at Stein Family Park. Mouth watering Belizean food like rice n beans and stew chicken, tamales, garnaches, dukunu and more. Door prizes sponsored by Belize Freight. Sharron Williams, Belizean Immigration Lawyer on-site for free consultation. Blood donor drive for cancer patients DJ will be jamming hometown music. Playground for kids. Covered Pavilion BYOB. If you are interested in supporting their cause, the Belize Association of Houston would welcome your contribution and BAOH has their 501 (c) (3) status for tax deductions. Please feel free to contact them by email at: [email protected]

Traveling from San Pedro to Placencia, Belize: It May Take 7 Hours But I Love the Journey
Friday was a traveling day. San Pedro, Northern Cayes, Belize, to the Placencia Peninsula in the south. Just about 100 miles as the Tropic Air Cessna flies but a little trickier if you are taking the true budget route. 10am San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi from San Pedro to Belize City. $47bzd round-trip IF you have the membership card. (WELL worth the $10bzd fee. Good for one year and you get your 13th trip free.) It leaves right from the center of town.

Slow Down, Simplify, Stay Healthy in Belize
I sit on our deck and gaze out toward the Belize Barrier Reef, not 300 yards away, in the Caribbean Sea. The postcard-perfect, white sand and the green palm trees quickly give way to shimmering strips of blue and green—colors of the sea determined by a brilliant sun, azure sky, and sea grass and sand on the ocean floor. There is one other color that catches my eye: the dry gray mud that spackles my legs and feet. “Here I am, at 64 years old,” I think, “and every day I get to pedal my bicycle through mud puddles.” I can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes me feel. In the nine months since my wife, Rose Alcantara, and I moved from the San Francisco area to Ambergris Caye in Belize, hardly a day has passed that we haven’t pedaled somewhere, rain or shine. Bicycles, you see, are simply the easiest way to get around.


Video: See Belize’s Beautiful Eco Lodges, 3min.

Video: Orvis Fly Fishing Belize 2014, 5min.

Video: Belize - An #UnBelizeable Experience, 8min.
Thanks to the following for making this trip possible: CoCo Beach Resort Belize and Robin Gillett Tropic Air/Mayan Island Air Xuanantunich Mayan Village Tour (Guide Senior) Tuff E Nuff Tours (and Guide Keino and water taxi entertainment "The Breeze") Chukka Cave Tubing and Zip Lining Woohoo Lounge, Chicken Drop Caye Caulker

Video: Belize, 4min.
In October/November 2014 we visited the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye in Belize with our friends to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at the Victoria House Resort, explored the town of San Pedro, snorkeled the barrier reef and shark ray alley, and relaxed in paradise!

Video: Hopkins Belize Humane Society, 2min.
Spay and Neuter day at the HBHS.

Video: Orvis Woodbridge Belize fly fishing 2014, 5min.

Video: Ross Kemp On Gangs - Belize, 45min.

Video: Drive Through - Bullet Tree, Belize, 4min.

Video: Belize 2014, 4min.
In October/November 2014 we visited the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye in Belize with our friends to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at the Victoria House Resort, explored the town of San Pedro, snorkeled the barrier reef and shark ray alley, and relaxed in paradise!

Video: Drive Through - San Ignacio to Santa Elena and back, Belize, 5min.

Video: Casey Coy's Chattle (11/2/14) [Traveler's Century #50 Belize], 15min.
The end of a three week trip through five Central American countries found me in Belize, much of which was in the water and underwater (plus the end of El Salvador).