A weekend fire destroyed a home and business in Orange Walk Town. Fire Officials were called out to The Burger Hut, a popular fast food business located along San Antonio Road. The caller indicated that the house was on fire but despite efforts, the house and all belongings in it were totaled. Dalila Ical has more on the incident.

Dalila Ical – Reporting

The charred wooden interior and damaged concrete walls of the small house belonging to Rodrigo Gonzalez are all that is left of his home.

The building that also doubled as Rodriguez’s business became engulfed in flames sometime around five Saturday afternoon. Dalia Can witnessed the blaze grow and commented on the incident off camera.

Dalia Can – Witness

“I think it was about five o’clock or so by this kitchen window I saw like one candle light but I never expect a fire was in the house, I thought the worker was in the house and suddenly I watch again by the window and I see this fire going up and when I saw that is going more up and up that is when I called Pete mommy and then she wanted to go inside the house but then I said if we go in you know the blaze will go out.”

Can says they moved the butane tank away from the house before the flame got bigger and contacted her husband to alert the fire station. Rodriguez says he had left his house only minutes before the first started.

Rodrigo Gonzalez – Owner

“I left the house only to be called fifteen minutes afterwards to tell me that my house was on fire, I came back home but it was just a matter of a few minutes that when the rest of the house was completely engulf.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Do you have any idea how it started?”

Rodrigo Gonzalez – Owner

“Well, I don’t have a real idea because I am very careful in my kitchen however, it is human to make mistakes it could have ben that I left something on but according to the firemen I left something on the stove and that is what caused the fire.”

Rodriguez says he is not sure whether there is anything that could have prevented the fire from spreading to the entire house, but Can believes otherwise.

Dalia Can – Witness

“They didn’t reach on time so by the time they reach the house was already on fire. Then the, fire station struck went out of water and by the time they came back the house was in blasé already, the entire house. They take so long I think it was a negligent that happened there.”

Rodriguez lost about seventy-five thousand dollars of his property in the blaze and nothing was insured. In the wake of his misfortune however, Rodriguez says he remains optimistic since his clientele has been supportive.

Rodrigo Gonzalez – Owner

“Thanks to the support that I am getting from the Orange Walkenos especially that the Burger Hut entity is still and we are planning to open the latest by the end of this week so that we could continue supplying the Burger s from Burger Hut.”

And while he works towards building up once more, he had some words of caution for the public.

Rodrigo Gonzalez – Owner

“I would like to ask everybody at home to be very careful when you leaving home make sure everything is completely extinguished before leaving home.”

The proprietor of Burger Hut has stated that sales will resume tomorrow Tuesday.