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Today's Belize News: November 11, 2014 #497799
11/11/14 04:40 AM
11/11/14 04:40 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Julian Smith
I would like to share my response to Chriss Roggema’s Letter to the Editor dated October 23rd. Dear Chriss, Please forgive me I have no right to be involved in another country’s business. I and my wife are American and have only had the extreme pleasure of three brief visits of three weeks per trip. So I write really as an encouragement to your recent Letter to the Editor. I picked up on your frustrations in that letter. So from a brother at heart if not by nations I can only agree with your intentions. I would only like to offer this and pray that it is published. “IN THE ABSENCE OF GOOD MEN, EVIL PREVAILS”

Victor Tush awarded officer of the month for October
On Wednesday, November 5th a small ceremony was held at the San Pedro Police Station to present Police Constable (PC) 679 Victor Tush with the Officer of the Month award for October. Officer in Charge of Police Joachim Sabal and Deputy of Police Henry Jemmott presented PC Tush with several gifts and a plaque displaying his photo as part of his recognition for his hard work. Originally from San Roman Village, Stann Creek, PC Tush has been part of the San Pedro Police Department since March 2014, and is currently in charge of the Quick Response Team (QRT). According to Jemmott, Tush is a dedicated and hardworking police officer. “Since my arrival, I have noticed that PC Tush is a strong leader. He has always been in the running for the officer of the month award, but this month he surpassed all the other officers and proved that he was truly worthy of this award. Not only did he conduct the highest number of arrests but he also had the highest level of drug interdiction,” said Jemmott.

Dr. Irma Zuniga joins Polyclinic Staff
On Tuesday November 4th, Dr. Irma Zuniga joined the staff at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic II. Originally from Corozal Town, Dr. Zuniga is the new dental surgeon stationed at the island clinic. Zuniga studied dentistry at Universidad de Valladolid in neighbouring Yucatan Mexico, and has since volunteered as a dental surgeon in various clinics in Mexico, and also at the Northern Health Region in Corozal Town. Her assignment to the Polyclinic will be her first assignment as a full time surgeon. Dr. Zuniga looks forward to serving the community of San Pedro Town and encourages patients to come in for regular check-ups. Dr. Zuniga will assume duties on Monday, November 10th. The dental clinic is located on the second floor of the polyclinic and will be open from 8AM to 12PM, and 1PM to 5PM Mondays through Fridays. They will be serving children, pregnant women and adults. In addition to seeing patients at the clinic, Dr. Zuniga will also be making school visits, to be organized through the Ministry of Health and local school administrators.

Shop-crazed at Tiki Turtle Trading Company
Personally one of my favorite parts of vacationing is shopping for souvenirs to take back home. But sometimes gift shops are overwhelming with all their amazing stock and you end up with a few extras. That’s not a bad thing at all- in my humble opinion anyway! Oh well! I call it the shop-crazed syndrome, and that is what you will experience when stepping in at Tiki Turtle Trading Company. Located inside Ramon’s Village Resort, this gift shop has it all from typical souvenirs, like shot glasses and key chains, to tropical apparel like sun hats and bikinis.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Corozal Youth take proactive measure
The National Youth Awards is an annual initiative by the Department of Youth Services. DYS Corozal sends out nomination forms to different schools, high schools, organizations and stakeholders so that they can nominate outstanding youth. Unfortunately, this year we had very little response from schools but even so, we still managed to send in nine nominations of which three resulted as awardees , ranking Top 3 in the entire country. Vianca Neidy Bautista took 1st Place in Youth in Academic Excellence Award, The CJC Eagles environmental group took 3rd Place in the Environmental group award and Adrian Anderson received 3rd place in Youth Ministers Award Both Vianca & Adrian are now volunteers at the Department of Youth Services Corozal. Congratulations Vianca, Adrian and the CJC Eagles. You have made Corozal proud. Photos by Neidi L. Rosado. Congrats again!

Corozal youth takes little strides to make a significant difference in the community we live in. Our objective has always been to promote environmental awareness in the hope that others will become conscientious of the need to be more environmentally friendly and we may enjoy a nicer, cleaner, more beautiful Belize! Congratulations to the Corozal Junior College EAGLES Environmental Club for the recognition awarded for outstanding performance at the Youth Gala Award!

Corozal Bay Sailing Club participates at the Belize Optimist National Championship
Belize Optimist National Championship and Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar Sailing Regatta. Placencia, Belize. November 8th, 2014.

3rd and final payment for sugar cane farmers
Today is the 3rd and final payment for sugar cane farmers here in Corozal. Upon delivery of their sugar cane to the factory, farmers receive up to 65% of their monies up front and a 2nd payment is due anytime within 6 weeks after the crop comes to an end and their 3rd and final payment is due around this time. Cane farmers will buy their apples, grapes, hams and their little gifts for Christmas and of course some of that money will be re-invested in harvesting their sugar cane farms again. We wish the greatest luck and best wishes to our sugar cane farmers who at one time accounted for Belize's No. 1 foreign exchange earners. May you and your families continue to be blessed with health and prosperity.

The aim of the training is to teach people how to use their numeracy skills in keeping books and how to improve their businesses by using simple business management techniques. The ultimate goal is to allow for the business to keep financial records of their activities so they will be able to use that information to make better decisions / increase profit for the business. Who should attend: Open to General Public and those interested in learning the Basics in Bookkeeping for your Small Business. Kindly register before November 12th, 2014 COST: $FREE Limited space available. Location: University of Belize Faculty of Management and Social Sciences Campus, West Landivar Workshop Date: November 13th, 2014 9am to 12pm

The Numbers are Up; Belize Has Positive Tourism Numbers Again!
From Ambergris Caye, off of the splendid Belize Barrier Reef, to the popular interior Cayo District of jungle accommodations and adventures, tourism is enjoying a resurgence in Belize. The BTB reports: “2013 started off with exceptional overnight arrivals. January, February, and March of this year saw 17.2%, 14.3%, and 13.0% increases, respectively, when compared to last year’s overnight arrivals. Arrivals for July and August did not disappoint. There was an estimated increase of 8% for both months. Overall, the period of January – August 2013 saw roughly 17,228 more visitors than 2012. Arrivals this year, thus far, have surpassed 2012 for every month, except April. Overall, overnight visitors have increased by 8.7%. With these numbers, we are well on our way to making the 300,000 overnight visitors mark.”

Increase in Economic Growth Expected for Belize; S&P Rating Upgraded from Stable to Positive
In a report released by Standard & Poor’s Rating Services (S&P) on Friday, November 7, 2014, Belize’s ‘B-/B’ sovereign credit rating was affirmed and its outlook upgraded to positive from stable. The company attributed this change to the new $140 million investment in “sugar and nontraditional agricultural products” stating that the country’s economic growth prospects are increasing and “will likely improve Belize’s external liquidity.” To view and download the official release from Standard & Poor, click the link.

Channel 7

BSI-ASR Makes Bold Bid To Bypass BSCFA
For over a year now - ASR - BSI and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association have been negotiating to agree on a price for bagasse. But today, BSI effectively leapfrogged that drawn out process and did something thoroughly unprecedented: it bypassed the BSCFA completely and made an appeal directly to the farmers to sign independent 7 year contracts with BSI. That daring maneuver tonight has set the sugar industry reeling - because on the one side BSI is urging them to abandon their association and deal directly with the factory so that the season can start promptly - and on the other side, the association is urging them to hold firm - and wait for the negotiation process to end - so that they can get an optimal compensation for bagasse.

Ernel Wellcome Executed in Home
On Saturday morning at around 8:45 - Ernel Kenroy Young, commonly known as Ernel Wellcome was found dead in his home on Causarina Street - which is just off Mahogany Street in Belize City. Police have concluded that a gunman walked in and simply shot him in the head. He was found lying face up on a bed inside a bedroom with an apparent gunshot wound to the center of the forehead. It's a puzzling murder for police because no one in the busy neighborhood heard anything and it happened sometime after 8:00 am. That's highly unusual since the houses are quite close together, so there is speculation - even within police circles that a silencer may have been used.

Kerwin Killed, Police Look For Body
And tonight - Belmopan police are looking into their first murder for this year. The only part if they haven't found the body. So far they know that 24 year old Kerwin Mendoza was stabbed, BEATEN WITH A BLUNT OBJECT and thrown in the Roaring Creek. That was the consequence of a fight in the village on Sunday night. Apparently, a man was beating up a female and Mendoza jumped in to help her but he ended up getting stabbed, and police believe it was fatal. But right now they can't prove it because his body has not been found - although local divers were looking for it in the Roaring Creek today. The search continues tomorrow - but Capital police have already detained two of the prime suspects.

Police Lose File In Prosecution Of One Of Their Own
7News has confirmed that the police officers who were criminally charged for shooting Elston Arnold in the back in May, have been temporarily cleared of all charges. As we told you, Arnold, the 19 year-old resident of Unitedville Village, was returning home from a wake in the early morning hours of Monday May 26. He was with 3 of his cousins, and had just gotten off a church bus about a mile from Arnold's home. That's around the time when a police mobile from San Ignacio pulled up, and the officers searched them. One of Arnold's cousins had words with the officers, who allegedly started to beat him. Arnold then said some words to one of the officers, who cranked a weapon and told him to go home. He says that while he was leaving, one of the officers took aim at him and shot him in the back. He claims that the attack was unprovoked, and that the officer had no reason to use deadly force against him.

DPP Will Review File for Hon. Elrington's Driver
31 year old single mother Elisa Hunter died last week Wednesday evening, and while her family has moved on to bury her in her home country of Nicaragua - police are still weighing charges against Amir Garcia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs driver who knocked her down. Police say the file on Garcia was being completed today and will be sent to the office of the DPP for advice and recommendation on further charges.

Titan's Money Thawed
For 2 months now, the 6 Belizean offshore companies and 6 persons named in the indictment from the Federal Court in New York for securities fraud have had their money in Belizean Banks frozen. As we've told you, those 6 individuals include Belizean Andrew Godfrey, Bahamians, Kelvin Leach and Rohn Knowles, Canadians Brian De Wit and Cem "Jim" Can, and American Robert Bandfield. Among the accused corporate defendants are IPC Management Services, LLC; IPC Corporate Services Inc.; IPC Corporate Services LLC; Titan International Securities, Inc; Legacy Global Markets S.A; and Unicorn International Securities LLC (Unicorn).

Man Dragged To Court for Window Failing
Forty year old businessman Marlon Longsworth, who allegedly got $2,000 dollars from a woman under false pretense, was charged with obtaining property by deception when he appeared today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. The complainant Sharet Baptist, reported to the police that between July 2, 2013 and November 25, 2013, she gave Longsworth $2,000 dollars to supply her with 12 glass louvered window and one year later, she still hasn't gotten any. Longsworth was released on a bail of $3,000 and his case was adjourned until January 14, 2015.

Man Jailed For Fondling Female In Home
A man accused of breaking into an 18 year old female's home and fondling her will spend a year and a half in jail for it. Fifty-one year old Michael Davis Buylding, a tour guide of Crooked Tree Village, allegedly got into the house in Crooked Tree village around 5:30 a.m. on November 13, 2012. The female testified that she was sleeping and she was covered with a sheet from head to toe when she was awakened by the feel of someone caressing her. She thought at first that it was her mother. But when the person's hand moved to her private parts she lifted the sheet and saw Buylding standing in front of her bed. She said he ran when he saw her looking at him . Buylding gave a statement from the dock in which he denied everything and claimed that the report against him was falsified.

All the way up to news time, the members of FECTAB, the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize, were meeting with members of BTB and NICH to discuss their latest grievances about the about the regulations at the Nohoch Che'en Archaeological Site. As we've told you, the federation is upset with NICH and their brand new Health and Safety Policy Manual for Archaeological Sites, dated July 2014. The main grievance they have is about the new height regulation of 48 inches for visitors to the Nohoch Che'en cave system. In the periphery is the allegation that NICH has entered an agreement with a new company called Darknight Cave Tubing Adventures, which supposedly enjoys competitive advantages over the other local companies.

Cops Got A Gun In Griga
On Saturday afternoon around 3:00 pm, the Dangriga Quick Response Team arrested and charged 5 persons in that southern town with keeping firearm and ammunition without a license. Police searched a residence in 2nd New Site Area in Dangriga and found one - .32 caliber pistol loaded with a magazine with a single .32 live round hidden in a knapsack in the bedroom. 41 year old Linda Usher, 18 year old Israel Usher, 19 year old Troy Augustus, 18 year old Nanigie Lewis along with a female minor were all charged with the offence. Today, they were arraigned in Dangriga Magistrate Court where Israel Usher and Troy Augustus pleaded guilty and were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Caught For A Gram, Jailed For 10K
1.1 grams is not even a tenth of an ounce, but today a man ended up serving a year in jail because of it. Now, it's not that he was convicted for the single gram, but when they took him27 year old Ronald Lopez to court for that - they found that he had an outstanding fine for another weed offence dating back to 2007. That's when Lopez was convicted of drug trafficking and fined ten thousand dollars - which he only paid 150 dollars towards. But he will have to pay for the rest now because today, 7 years later, he will spend one year in jail for the outstanding balance. Lopez told the court that he had just come out of jail after serving some years for another offence.

A Ride For Health
Last week was Diabetes awareness week - and on Saturday a ride was held to make note of the occasion. 7 news was there: Lovette Griffith - PR Officer, Belize Diabetes Assoc. "The purpose of the ride is to create awareness. 6 years ago we pitched the idea to Mr. Ordonez, he was more than enthused, he got the different cycling clubs to be interested, but what we found too is that persons living with the condition whom rode just for exercise wanted to become a part of it, so we put it together and we worked with the different clubs and what we have 6 years later is an annual event - one of our biggest event." Tichele Solis - First Time Rider "I and my sister decided to come out because we have our aunt Barbara that passed away 2 years ago and she had diabetes and we also have someone very dear to us, Nurse Kelly, she also have diabetes. We just wanted to come out and show our support to them. We always said that we wanted to do more and this just seem like an awesome experience."

Who Excelled In High School Volleyball
The National Secondary Schools Association volleyball championship was held over the weekend in Orange Walk Town. For the females Muffles College represented the north and had the home town advantage, while 6 time national champ SCA represented the Central Zone and Belmopan Comprehensive represented the west and Stann Creek Ecumenical represented the south. For the males, San Pedro high represented the north, Saint John's College represented central, Belmopan Comprehensive represented the west and T0oledo Community College represented the south. A total of eight games were played over Friday and Saturday and emerging as the Female National Champions was St. Catherine Academy for the 7th year in a row, and the Male national Champion was the Toledo Community College.

Channel 5

Breaking News: Mutilated Body of a Woman Found in Dangriga
Breaking news: there is a report tonight from Dangriga that the body of a woman was found in the Havana Beach area. It is believed that she was beaten to [...]

FIU Loses In Court, Chief Justice Orders Titan Assets Unfrozen
The Supreme Court handed down a major decision today on a story that has been in the local and international headlines for months. On September twenty-fourth, the Financial Intelligence Unit [...]

B.S.I. Skirts B.S.C.F.A. to Deal with Farmers on Delivery and Milling of Cane
The hostilities between Belize Sugar Industry and the Belize Sugar Cane farmers Association will no doubt be ratcheted up a significant notch today after an unexpected announcement by the factory. [...]

B.S.C.F.A. Scrambles to Formulate Position
While B.S.I. was dropping their bombshell this afternoon, the directors of the sugar-cane branches of the B.S.C.F.A. were holding their own emergency meeting. They received the letter from B.S.I. today [...]

Belize City Man Murdered Inside His Home
Turning to crime…There was a murder in the Old Capital on Saturday. The lifeless body of a well-known street figure was found in his house on Casaurina Street. Ernel Welcome [...]

Police Suspect Foul Play in Disappearance of Roaring Creek Man
While the body of Welcome Junior was discovered inside his house, in Roaring Creek, Belmopan Police, Coast Guard personnel and residents of the village are currently searching the river for [...]

FECTAB Walks Out of Meeting with NICH and B.T.B.
Executives of the National Institute of Culture and History, the Belize Tourism Board and the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize met well into this evening at the offices [...]

Motorist Perishes in Road Traffic Accident in Orange Walk District
There were two traffic accidents over the weekend, both of them in the Orange Walk district, and both of them resulting in fatalities. The first occurred on Friday at around [...]

53 Year-Old-Man Knocked Down Near Orange Walk Toll Booth
The second accident occurred on the Phillip Goldson Highway near the Orange Walk toll booth. Fifty-three year old mechanic Bernabe Roberts was riding his bicycle on the road when he [...]

Fire Eviscerates Home of Popular Orange Walk Vendor
While two men lost their lives in tragic accidents, one popular burger vendor in Orange Walk lost all his possessions and home to a fire. It happened on Saturday afternoon [...]

Jose Abrego Injured in Weekend Shooting
Earlier in the newscast, we told you about the search of the body of a Roaring Creek resident, who is presumed dead. While investigations continue by the Belmopan Police Formation, [...]

Crooked Tree Deacon to Stand Trial for Carnal Knowledge
A fifty-three year old deacon from Crooked Tree has been committed to stand trial in the January session of the Supreme Court for four counts of carnal knowledge of a [...]

2 Dangriga teenagers get 10 years each for firearm offences
In Dangriga, there is one gun less in circulation. On Saturday afternoon, police searched a house in the New Site area where they found a pistol with a magazine loaded [...]

Football, Volleyball, Billiards and Cycling in Sporting Activities
Good evening I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday   The crucial matchup between Police United and the Belize Defence Force took center force inside the People Stadium yesterday [...]

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11/11/14 04:41 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Burglars Hit Corozal Town Again
There are two cases of burglary to report on from the Corozal District and one of them resulted in the loss of $28,000 in items. About 6:00pm on Friday November 7th, 30 year old Roberto Lopez, Belizean teacher and care taker of Corozal Bay Inn situated in South End, Corozal Town arrived at the establishment to conduct his daily checks. That is when he noticed that the restaurant area of the inn had been burglarized and a number of items were missing. These include three 42 inch flat screen T.V’s valued at $7000.00, two 32 inch T.V’s valued at $1200.00, two industrial pool pumps valued at $20,000.00 and one small refrigerator valued at $500.00. The value of the items stolen amounted to a whopping $28,700.00. And while that report is still under investigation and an arrest is yet to be made Corozal Police are also looking into a report made by 59 year old Belizean Security Theodoro Rivero from Consejo Road in Corozal.

BSI/ASR Says Move Was Made To Prepare For 2017
Among the many changes slated for the near future in the sugar industry is the cut in sugar purchase by Tate and Lyle and that is followed closely by the reduction in preferential prices in the EU market. BSI representatives say that should this upcoming crop be delayed or remain closed; all stake holders in the industry stand to lose considerably. Furthermore, as mentioned before, this year’s crop provides a much needed opportunity to prepare for these changes. International Relations Vice President of ASR Mac McLachlan explains how this works. “Under the terms of that contract Tate & Lyle sugars will be paying under a hundred Euros roughly more per ton of sugar than Belize could attract at the moment in the if it would be selling sugar directly to the EU market because that is the way contracts work out so the actual value lost to the farmers would be absolutely enormous in that sense now the reason that is important is because as many of you would be aware the traditional recipient of Belize sugars in the EU the market regulations are changing, the prices are going down we haven’t got a minute to waste to utilize the amount of time left for preferential prices to prepare this industry for the future and I think for that reason alone it would be a complete travesty if there was an interruption to the crop if there was delay to the crop it could well have an impact to the amount of sugar produced because we would miss the optimal climatic window for manufacturing sugar the minute it starts raining the sucrose content reduces and we are very keen that this should be the best crop ever with what we want to try to do that is why taken this decision.”

Is BSI/ASR Trying To Dismantle BSCFA?
The announcement by BSI today is undoubtedly unexpected. Given the circumstances of the situation, the media posed the obvious question about whether this was a strategy of breaking the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. Here is what International Relations Vice President Mac McLachlan and BSI attorney responded. Mac McLachlan - International Relations Vice President, ASR “That’s completely incorrect we have and continue to have a dialogue with BSCFA we want to continue to have that dialogue to BSCFA leadership but you have to remember that all thee cane farmers are effectively members of the BSCFA and they will have a voice and I think all what we are doing offering independently to cane farmers is just giving them that voice it is our perception that we are dealing with a lot of talking with a lot of different cane farmers in the field as we have been and many of them want to have that choice and I think that is exactly what we decided to give them we are not precluding to this we continue to talk with the BSCFA and we hope that at the end that every cane farmer will be out to deliver their cane that is what we would like to see.”

The Popular Burger Hut Goes Into Flames
A weekend fire destroyed a home and business in Orange Walk Town. Fire Officials were called out to The Burger Hut, a popular fast food business located along San Antonio Road. The caller indicated that the house was on fire but despite efforts, the house and all belongings in it were totaled. Dalila Ical has more on the incident. Dalila Ical – Reporting The charred wooden interior and damaged concrete walls of the small house belonging to Rodrigo Gonzalez are all that is left of his home. The building that also doubled as Rodriguez’s business became engulfed in flames sometime around five Saturday afternoon. Dalia Can witnessed the blaze grow and commented on the incident off camera.

The negotiations into the payment for bagasse to cane farmers have not seen too much progress over the last few months. In fact, ever since BSI proposed its formula and a proposal of fifty-one cents payment, there has not been any further development in the matter. That is, until today when BSI held a press conference at the factory and shared their decision to taking on an entirely new approach at the pending situation. Truth is, the revelation revealed today by factory officials ’may very well change the way this matter is resolved since they now are literally placing the decision on a way ahead in the hands of the farmers, every – single – farmer. In a statement presented by Financial Director, Belizario Carballo, officials at the factory say that the current stand still in the negotiations is holding back progress on the critical future planning for all industry stake holders and threatens to delay the next crop once again, which would quote, “have devastating consequences for the industry, including cane farmers,” end of quote. In that light, BSI/ASR has decided to take another approach in ensuring that the differences are resolved but through the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association.

Cervantes Responds To DPM's Statement
Following the revelation by the Cervantes family, a senior minister, whose name was mentioned in the recording, issued a release that same afternoon condemning the information and threatening the media with a lawsuit if the information was further publicized. Last night, he released a statement refuting all allegations and claimed that the move is merely a political ploy. Cervantes responded to the statement. “It’s definitely not political, what seems to be political are the events that have been unfolding over time and the facts that have been coming to light. They seem to be pointing in the direction that my fathers’ murder was political. As for him saying that the revelation of the tape is political, Manuel Castillo called and from the start of the investigation I have told all the media that as events unfold we will be keeping the public informed about those events, and this is one such occasion.”

Primary School Students Take Part In Reading Program
Reading is encouraged at very early age for children and the Education center in Orange Walk is encouraging this in schools. Today, as part of that effort, the Belize National Library Service and Information System along with the Education Center here kicked off a reading competition among primary schools within town under the theme, Growing with Reading”. Senior Library Assistant at the Sandy Hunter Library in Town says the purposes are many. Elena Carballo – Senior Library Assistant, Sandy Hunter Library “Today we are doing it on Orange Walk only on the town level and we are not including Belize school because of financial constrains but the objective of our reading is to promote reading, to promote literature especially Belizean Literature to boost confidence, to foster the development process of healthy competition and to upgrade the awareness of the connectivity education libraries and literacy, as you know the libraries mandate is to provide literacy to all so this is one of the ways we are trying to get the children encompass into the system so that they know ok the libraries there we have books, we can read, time for study reading competition basically prepared if they are in the libraries all along.”

Volleyball Action In Orange Walk
The National Secondary Schools Sports Association has launched the sports season for the year 20014/2015 today with the Volleyball Nationals. The event is being held in Orange Walk at the Multipurpose complex and begun today. Dyon Sutherland is the President of the NSSSA and told us more about the event. Dyon Sutherland – President, NSSSA “Where all the top team from all different regions converges to see who is the best male and female team in the secondary schools in the country.” Dalila Ical – Reporter “When is this tournament started?” Dyon Sutherland – President, NSSSA “The tournament for some is different but it starts from September for most so they would their school competition then they have the zone competition then they had the regional competition and those winner comes to the national competition so the champion of each region. These are smaller then you have the region and the you have the national which are from the north; Corozal and Orange Walk, west which is Cayo area, central which is Belize and south which is Stann Creek and Toledo. For the north region Muffles college males San Pedro, for the West is Belmopan Comprehensive male and female, central SCA females and SJC males and from the south is females from Ecumenical and males from TCC. It is a single run robin total of eight games four today and four tomorrow. This is the 28th year of entry since we exist 28 years ago and we have seen steady improvement especially with our involvement with our central American scholars games we have seen whereby our skills and our playing level has risen.”

Another Burglary In Corozal
Yesterday we told about the two men from Corozal who were charged at the magistrate’s court for burglary. But while police have been able to solve that crime, tonight they have another to add to the already long list. Forty year old Armando Apolonio, Belizean postal clerk of Santa Rita Road, Corozal Town, told authorities that between 8:00am on Friday 31st October 2014 and 6:45pm on Thursday 6th November 2014, his house was broken into and stolen therefrom were a number of items. These include one laptop valued at $800.00, two DVD players valued at $400.00, a pair of gold earring valued at $300.00, an assortment of DVD's and Cd's valued at $150.00 and two cellular phones all to a total value of $2,266.00. No one has been arrested for this latest burglary.

Burglary Cases Investigated In San Pedro
A string on burglary cases have been reported in San Pedro Town over the week. In the first incident that took place on Thursday, 54 year old Eduardo Aguilar, mason of San Pedro Town reported that between 1am and 6am, a red and black Generator valued at $6000 was stolen from a building located on Angel Coral Street. Aguilar stated that the building was recently bought by his family and when they purchased the building they also bought the generator that was in the building. He also stated that after buying the building they were working on it doing repairs and a wall off the building was brought down. It is suspected that the culprit/s who took the generator went in and came out with it through the missing wall. Since it was reported, island cops have detained three men pending investigations. The second burglary recorded in that municipality took place on Wednesday night. 24-year-old Abel Riverol reported that he had left his work place namely Almond Deli located on Tarpon Street, sometime around 8:00p.m on Thursday, properly secured by locking the main door with a padlock. The following day around 5am whilst at home he received a phone call from one of his employees who informed him that the Deli had been burglarized. Upon checking he discovered his 28 inch Toshiba flat screen television valued at $900.00 was stolen. Police investigations continue.

Where Is Manuel Castillo?
Among several questions floating around is that of Manuel Castillo’s whereabouts and now his safety following his bold move to call the family. The media in Mexico has even picked up on the recent developments surrounding the case and allege that they have received information that Castillo has been sighted in the southern part of the country. Cervantes says since they received the call, they have not been in contact with Castillo or know about his location. Ramon "Monchie" Cervantes - Son of Deceased “We have heard that Manuel is spotted here even in Belize whether it is true I can’t speak to that, I can’t say for sure then, I can’t tell if he has been spotted or not.” Then there are the rumors that the family is hiding more than what they are sharing with the public, specifically additional proof into homicide. When asked, this is what Cervantes answered.

Cervantes Junior Says He Wont Take The Easy Way Out
The things revealed in the recording presented to the nation by the Cervantes family paints an ugly picture on the politics in Belize and it’s apparent path onto violence. We asked Cervante whether this dissuades him in any way from proceeding with his political career since he is the PUP Standard Bearer for Orange Walk North and is slated to contest the elections against current Area Representative Gaspar Vega. This is what he responded. “You know the easiest way out is to step down frankly but this is not about me or us it is about the nation we have a nation ahead and its future and or generations to come and we have to leave this world and this nation a better place than how we found it and I will work towards that I just hope that God continues to give me the strength and I will do my part to continue forward and shed light in order for us to get out of this shroud of darkness that has been looming over us with all types of scandals and allegations and cover ups and protection of people in high places and let’s get the truth out that is what we need here.”

Police Close Cervantes' Case His Family Ask For It To Be Reopened
As you may recall, yesterday Police issued information surrounding the Ramon Cervantes Senior homicide saying that police investigation has proven so far that no other party apart from wanted person Manuel Castillo and his accomplices are responsible for his murder and that of Sonia Abac. This wasn’t the only information shared, as police stated that the case has been closed, adding that one of their own had been placed on disciplinary charges. He is P.C. 743 Javier Alvarez who, according to the report, apparently sold a police service handcuff to wanted fugitive Manuel Castillo and as a result has been placed on disciplinary charges for two counts for Prejudice to Good Order and Discipline and has been interdicted from duty since 26th September, 2014. The case, said the family, cannot be closed since there is still much that needs to be investigated. The move, said Ramon Cervantes Junior has only served to further mar the image of the Police. “We need to start cleansing our souls as a nation and start to come clean and clear with the people and you know when they said they would close the case we were very dismayed. I think the Police either were forced into it or they didn’t realize that it has done them more damage, more damage to their credibility and that it why it is sad…because they have damaged their own credibility. What are the reasons to close the case so soon after a press conference and a revealing tape?”

Cervantes Family Hands Over Recording To Police
Speculations surrounding the recent revelation made by the Cervantes family surrounding the death of Ramon Cervantes Senior continue to escalate and that’s because the allegations alone are very disturbing. Two days following this revelation to the nation, the Cervantes family decided to take the recording to the police and did so this morning at the Orange Walk Police Formation. Dalila Ical reports. Dalila Ical- Reporting The family of the late Ramon Cervantes Senior arrived to hand in the recording of the conversation between Vilma Cervantes and allegedly Manuel Castillo this morning at the Orange Walk Police Formation, at around 10:00pm. The family was met with the support of several Orange Walk residents. After a moment of salutations, the family walked into the police station where they remained for some time. All three, Ramon Cervantes Junior, Vilma Cervantes and his sister Marresa Martin gave statements to the police. This says Cervantes was their first contact with the police since the recording was made.


Man Found Guilty Of Aggravated Assult
Fifty-one year old Michael Davis Buylding, a tour guide of Crooked Tree Village, was sentenced to 18 months today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, after she found him guilty of aggravated assault of an indecent nature on a girl who was 18 years old at the time. The incident occurred around five thirty

Businessman Charged With Obtaining Property By Deception
Forty year old businessman, Marlon Longsworth, who allegedly got two thousand dollars from a woman under false pretense, was charged with obtaining property by deception when he appeared today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. No plea was taken because the matter will be tried on indictment. Longsworth was released on a bail of three thousand dollars

Laborer Found Dead In Mopan River
A laborer of Benque Viejo del Carmen Town, Cayo District, was found floating in the Mopan River on Saturday morning. The man worked at a meat shop in the small western town and had gone missing on Monday, November 3. The last accounts of his whereabouts was by the river where he had gone to

Roaring Creek Resident Missing
The search is underway for Kerwin Mendoza, a resident of Roaring Creek Village in the Cayo District. Mendoza was last seen last night and his family is concerned after reports that he was involved in a fight sometime around nine o’clock last night. Search parties, including law enforcement officials, and family members, are looking for

Belize U-20 Football Team Lost CONCACAF Championship
Belize’s under-20 football male team did not qualify to compete in next year’s CONCACAF Under-20 Championship, in Costa Rica. They lost to El Saldavor late last week with a score of 7-nil. This means that El Salvador will progress to the Confederation finals with just a draw Saturday in the last Triangular I game against

Well Known Figure Found Executed in Bedroom
Police are looking for answers surrounding the apparent murder of 40-year-old, Ernel Kenroy Young, also known as Ernel Welcome. Just after nine o’clock on Saturday morning, investigators were alerted of a body inside a house at #3 Casuarina Street in Belize City. Upon arrival at the house, police found the unemployed Young lying on a

Standard and Poor Says Belize Has A Positive Outlook
Standard & Poor’s Rating Services (S&P) has upgraded Belize’s stable outlook to a positive outlook. A release from S&P on Friday, noted that its rationale behind its positive rating outlook is in connection to rising economic growth by way of new investments in sugar and nontraditional agricultural products. This coupled with the government’s steps to

Villagers Complain of Bar’s Location Near School and Church
In our newscast this morning, we told you of a copy of a letter that we had obtained regarding concerns from residents in Los Tambos Village, Cayo District. The letter was from the Chairman of the village, Sebastian Villalta regarding the recent issuance of a liquor license to one of its residents. The points of

NICH Says There is No 75-Year Contract
Last Friday, we told you of the tour operators under the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize (FECTAB) who called a press conference to express their concerns and frustrations with the National Institute of Culture and History and an agreement reportedly made with a foreign investor that gives the investor exclusive access and privileges

Accident Claims Life of Villager in Northern Belize
A family from Trinidad Village in the Orange Walk District is mourning the loss of a young member of the family who died in a road traffic accident. The incident happened on Friday night on the road between Trinidad and August Pine Ridge Villages. 24 year old Alonzo Vazquez had taken one of the family [...]

Intense Search Continues for Missing Woman
The search continues for an employee of Cisco Construction, who was last seen in southern Belize. Paul Mahung has the story. “The search continues for a missing woman in the Toledo district. The woman is an employee of Cisco Construction Company limited. The company’s Chief of security, Kevin Alvarez from Belize City who is IN Toledo as part of the search crew spoke to Love News.”


Ernel Welcome killed in Belize City
After a break of a few weeks, there is a murder to report in Belize City, which took place over the weekend. The victim is 40 year old Ernel Kenroy Young, residing on Casuarina Street. According to police Ernel Young was seen motion less lying face up, on a bed inside a bedroom at the residence, the...

Man shot on the Hummingbird Highway
On the evening of Friday November 7th , Jose Abego, a 47 year old Belizean Foreman for Blue Mountain Ranch, situated at Mile 36 of Hummingbird Highway, and a resident of Saint Margret Village, Cayo District, was shot three times.  He was shot twice to the abdomen and once to the leg. Initial invest...

Belmopan Man Stabbed at the Hospital
A man from Belmopan was apparently stabbed while receiving treatment at the Emergency ward. According to police reports, at around 10:30 pm on Friday November 7th, police visited the Western Regional Hospital...

Search on for missing Roaring Creek man
A man from the village of Roaring Creek, Cayo District, was reported missing over the weekend, and police are now searching for his body in the nearby river. According to police reports, 24 year old Kerwin Mendoza, of Roaring Creek Village, went missing sometime on Sunday. On Monday an anonymous cal...

Man perishes in traffic accident
There was a fatal traffic accident on Saturday night in the Orange Walk District. The victim is 24 year old Alonzo Vasquez. Mr  Vasquez, a resident of  Trinidad village, was driving a pickup truck from August Pine Ridge to Trinidad village, when he lost control near a bridge on approaching the villa...

NICH Responds to FECTAB Allegations
The National Institute of Culture and History issued a statement in response to FECTAB’s press conference which was held last week. The release says that NICH is  “appalled by the blatantly defamatory accusations made against our Institution last Friday by members of FECTAB at a press conference...

Fisheries officer accused of Illegal activity
A fisheries officer attached to the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve, in San Pedro, is being accused for involvement in illicit activity concerning drugs. A letter dated the 16th of October outlining the security risks of the officer’s apparent rouge-like behaviour was forwarded to high ranking official...

Benque store robbed at gunpoint
A Chinese business was robbed in Benque on Friday morning. Xue Bing Chen, a business owner of #68 Supermarket, situated in the Hills of Promise Area, Benque Viejo Town, told police that at 11:40am, she was selling at her shop when two Hispanic men entered. One of them took out a revolver from his pa...

Rise and Shine Telethon needs your support
Please remember that this Saturday, November 15th  is Rise and Shine’s Fundraising telethon. We thank all our viewers and supporters and look forward to hearing from you on or before the date. That is Saturday November 15th.

Patrick JonesPJ

Maya Calendar predicts interesting days ahead
The next three days are most interesting days, if you consider them according to the Maya Calendar. As you read this story, bear in mind that we are currently following the Gregorian Calendar. November 11 (Tuesday) is referred to as Kan in the Maya Calendar. Kan, according to interpreters, is represented by the symbol of the snake and signifies balance. Its origin can be traced back to the Plumed Serpent Gucumatz. According to the Maya Calendar, November 11 or Kan is a day of strict and impartial justice and a day to offer respect and thanks to the corn.

Ernel Welcome killed in Belize City
After a break of a few weeks, there was a murder in Belize City which took place over the weekend. The victim is 40 year old Ernel Kenroy Young, residing on Casuarina Street. According to police Young was seen motion less lying face up on a bed inside a bedroom at the residence this past Saturday, the body displaying an apparent gunshot wound to the center of the forehead. We are told that area residents did not hear any noise or commotion, and believe the killer or killers may have used a silencer or muffler to mask the gunshot. Young was found by a family member who had gone out on an errand for him in the morning.

FIU made to unfreeze Titan accounts
This morning Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin issued a stinging judgment against the Financial Intelligence Unit. The ruling said that the FIU had fallen “woefully” short of the evidence needed to continue freezing orders issued against the six defendants in the U.S.’s billion-dollar fraud case centered around Titan International Securities which was raided in September. The millions and millions of dollars involved were allegedly the proceeds of securities fraud perpetuated by several companies but, for now at least, they are off the hook as the freezing orders are immediately discharged and the former accused have access to their funds.

Traffic accident in Orange Walk leaves one man dead
A man from Trinidad village, Orange Walk is dead following a road traffic accident on Saturday night. The victim has been identified as 24 year old Alonzo Vasquez. grey Traffic accident in Orange Walk leaves one man dead Trinidad village, Orange Walk Reports are that Vasquez was driving a single cab Mazda pickup truck from August Pine Ridge to Trinidad village when it overturned on the approach to a bridge near Trinidad. According to reports, Vasquez was flung from the vehicle and suffered head and body injuries. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Northern Regional Hospital.

San Ignacio Area Needs A More Diversified Economy
San Ignacio once had a thriving agro-forestry-based economy up to mid-1980s….supplying the country’s need for corn, beans, timber, vegetables and fruits. The town bustled EVERY weekend, with trading at the markets during the day….stores used to remain open until 9pm….and several popular entertainment spots filled to capacity with spending customers until 3am….sometimes with two live bands playing in the same place on the same night! Violent crimes were few and far between….no business or home had security guards….during the summer months, most people slept with their windows wide open to allow cool air into their homes. My mom operated one of the more popular restaurants Tony’s Inn, and I used to sweep the floor….so I know…..I used to pick up lots of coins off the floor that people would drop and not bother to pick up…enough to treat my friends at school. Today you cannot pick up a red cent off the floor….things are relatively much tighter.


The All New Tipsy Tuna in Placencia Hosts The Belize Optimist Sailing Championship
Just recently (within the past 5 years), groups/clubs around Belize have started to work to bring back the sport. And how to race competitively. And some of this fresh crop of sailors even have their eyes set on the 2020 Olympics. This resurrgence is pretty cool. And there have been regattas this year all over the country – from Honey Camp in Orange Walk to Caye Caulker and Belize City. Yesterday was the end of the National Championship at The Tipsy Tuna Bar, Restaurant and Beach Club in Placencia. Two beautiful days of sailing…and hanging out at the newly refurbished spot. I took a few pictures. And here they are. Saturday was THE MOST GORGEOUS DAY. But one with very little wind – when I dropped by at around 11pm, sailing was supposed to be in full swing but the kids were waiting for just a little breeze.

COMMUNIQUE: Government of Belize Press Office
Special Sitting of the House of Representatives - Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Reconciliation Section and Pensions/Gratuities Section to be relocated
The Accountant General hereby notifies the General Public that effective today, 10th November, 2014 the Reconciliation Section and Pensions/Gratuities Section will be relocated from the Central Bank Building, Gabourel Lane, Belize City to the Heritage Center Building, Second Floor, 43 Barack Road, Belize City.

NANS Sports Grill presents FOOTLOOSE on Saturday, November 15th...enjoy musical selections from the 80's & 90's. Musical vibes by Mad Rocka and Mr. Frisco. Gates open at 9pm. Advance tickets on sale now!

Slow Down, Simplify, Stay Healthy in Belize
I sit on our deck and gaze out toward the Belize Barrier Reef, not 300 yards away, in the Caribbean Sea. The postcard-perfect, white sand and the green palm trees quickly give way to shimmering strips of blue and green—colors of the sea determined by a brilliant sun, azure sky, and sea grass and sand on the ocean floor. There is one other color that catches my eye: the dry gray mud that spackles my legs and feet. “Here I am, at 64 years old,” I think, “and every day I get to pedal my bicycle through mud puddles.” I can’t begin to tell you how happy that makes me feel.

9th Annual Battle of the Drums
See you in Punta Gorda!

Calling all Writers...



International Sourcesizz

Lonely Planet guide documents a changing Central America
A couple of weeks ago, I was riding in the back of a van through rural Guatemala, and I noticed the German guy next to me flipping through a heavy guidebook, “Zentralamerika für Wenig Geld.” I had the exact same book, albeit in English: Lonely Planet’s “Central America on a Shoestring.” “What do you think of it?” I asked. His face soured, as if he had swallowed a tree frog. “I don’t like it,” he huffed. “You see this? Für wenig Geld. For less money. But it has listings for $300 hotel rooms. It has luxury resorts. How is this for less money? And I am sure it is wonderful to take a $1,000 tour, with horseback rides and whitewater rafting and perhaps a helicopter, but this is not for backpackers.” The last edition of “Central America on a Shoestring” was published in 2010, and the edition before that was 2007. When this latest edition hit bookshelves in 2013, I was rabidly awaiting my copy, but I waited until recently to shell out ₡14,000 ($28) at Juan Santamaría Airport. The cover is beautiful, depicting a waterfall in the rain forest. The book is hefty, at 768 pages, but it still slips comfortably into a duffel’s pocket. Besides, this volume needs all that space: It covers eight different countries, including regions often ignored by Spanish-speaking Central America, like southern Mexico and Belize. Whether you dock in Cancún or ride a chicken bus into Antigua, this book should anticipate your every need.

LatAm, Caribbean tourism agencies look to strengthen ties
Officials from Latin American and Caribbean tourism agencies are meeting Monday in Trinidad and Tobago to discuss closer collaboration. The Association of Caribbean States, or ACS, is hosting the conference on the theme "Sustainable Tourism: Building Bridges for Co-operation and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean." "To this end, discussions will focus on identifying areas for collaboration and developing strategies geared towards the diversification of the regional tourism industry," ACS said in a statement. The gathering is expected to endorse the establishment of a Regional Network of Community-based Tourism Initiatives of the Greater Caribbean.


Video: Akwaaba Dance Project, 17min.
Follow teacher and researcher Olubayo Jackson throughout her travels to study African Cultural Retentions In Caribbean, Latin and American dance forms. Olubayo Jackson is a dance teacher at P.S. 87 in Manhattan currently on a research sabbatical documenting, learning and creating curriculum as she travels for one year to Ghana, Gambia, Dominica, Belize, New Orleans... This video focuses on Ghanian traditional dance and highlights Kplango and Gazo and the fire eating acrobatic dances of Nana Yaw. Filmed at One Africa in Elmina, Ghana.

Video: Shark Feeding in Belize, 10min.
Nurse shark feeding and playing with dive master.

Video: Eagle Rays at South Water Caye, Belize, 1min.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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