Belize has ranked 58th out of 142 countries on the Prosperity Index prepared by British Institute Legatum, which considers a country's wealth and well-being.

Belize was also individually ranked in factors including economy at 60th, entrepreneurship and opportunity at 81st, governance, 71st, education, 72nd, health at 68th, safety and security, 66th, personal freedom, 61st and social capital, 52nd.

Trinidad and Tobago was the highest ranking Caribbean country at 43rd on the overall rankings. Panama, at 41st, was the highest-ranked Central American country.

Jamaica ranked at 61st overall on the Index, while Mexico ranked at 64th. The Dominican Republic ranked in at 72nd. El Salvador and Guatemala ranked at 83rd and 90th respectively. Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Denmark and Canada were ranked in that order as the top five most prosperous countries in the world on the Index. The United States ranked 10th on the list. The United Kingdom ranked 13th.

The Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Yemen and Afghanistan all rank at the bottom of the Prosperity Index.

According to Legatum, Russia was the worst ranking European country, having fallen seven places on the Index. Venezuela has fallen the most globally, having fallen 22 places to rank at 100th, the report said.

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