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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor
This PLEA is to Mayor Danny and the Town Council and is from ALL San Pedranos who use the Dr Rodriguez Poly Clinic - This clinic is the ONLY community service facility here on the island and used by OVER 100 patients A DAY. The street to get to the clinic is and has been for a disaster for quite a while. The excuses for not fixing it was stated it will be done when the road to the RESORTS up north are done OR when Tropic gets done with their building. This road needs to be graded and filled with stone NOW. What IF one of our family members had to be evacuated because of a medical emergency to the clinic and the vehicle taking them to the clinic had to get their ASAP, but had to keep the patient stable and be very gentile getting there, how could this be done on that road? PLEASE Mayor have some respect for this facility and get this road taken care of ASAP with grading and stone - you never know when you may need to go down that road in an emergency!

Wolfe's Woofer: Priceless Antique
"Hey, Charlie," I said. "I have to go to Belize City this week. You want to come along for the ride?" "Sure. Let's go." It only took me an hour to take care of business at my lawyers and return to the taxi. I said, "Charlie, we have plenty of time. Is there anything you want to do while we're here?" "I've heard a lot about the Tourist Market," he said. "I think I'd like to go there." "Is that the one for the cruise ship tourists?" I asked Steve, our taxi driver.

Police Report
*54-year-old Honduran national Eduardo Aguilar reported to the San Pedro Police that between the hours of 1AM and 6AM on Thursday, November 6th a red and black Briggs 8 Stratton .55 generator valued at $6000BZ was stolen from a building located on Angel Coral Street. He stated that the building was recently bought by his family and when they purchased the building they also bought the generator that was in the building. They were currently working on it doing repairs and a wall off the building was brought down. It is suspected that the culprit/s who took the generator went in and came out with it through the missing wall. Police have detained three men pending investigations.

Doctor Love
Dear Doctor Love, My sister lives near me and comes over to visit four or five times a week. Like me, she has a six year-old boy. My son seems to me to be a very typical, well-disciplined child while hers is starting to look like a future monster. I have other friends who have children of about the same age. My son gets along with them and they play well together with an occasional squabble over a toy or something that is easily straightened out. With my sister's son it is a different story. From the time they arrive until they leave it is a constant struggle to keep peace between our children. The struggle is all on my part because my sister and her husband laugh at them and say they are just kids. Her boy is bigger than mine. He is very aggressive and will fight over anything like a toy my son is playing with. He also steals toys every chance he gets. I have gone over to my sister's house and there is one of my son's missing toys. My sister says boys will be boys.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Youths, Cadets and the officers they respect and love
Cadets from Burrell Boom and Ladyville Villages in the Belize District convene at the entrance to Vista Del Mar at mile 8 on the Northern/Philip Goldson Highway. The officers and the youths in their command, request donations to keep their program and the torch alive.


Human Remains Found In Maskall
Around 1:30pm today, police in Ladyville received information of human skeleton remains found on the side of a road, half mile near the popular Maruba Resort on the Old Northern Highway. So far, the post mortem has been classified as inconclusive but according to authorities they are seeking the help from families who have reported a loved one missing. We spoke to Public Relations Officer at the Belize City Police Department who told us more. "The remains were found 100 feet off the road where garbage is thrown and the body seems to be partially burnt, Dr. Estrabadan has done a post mortem on the human bones but results are inconclusive, the results have indicated that the bones have been there a little over just about a year. What have happened so far is that the police based on the investigation have called the families of those recent persons who have been reported missing to come an identify the bones more or less the findings that have been there with the human bones and so far the recent missing persons have not been the persons identify with these remains that were there." Maria Novelo - Reporter "The pathologist; was he able to determine if there was any foul play or indication of foul play?"

Customs Officer Involved In Traffic Mishap
A custom officer attached to the Northern Border is lucky to be alive tonight after a vehicular mishap on the Philip Goldson Highway. Reports are still sketchy but CTV3 News was made to understand that sometime after 4:00pm today Glenore Barrow was travelling from the direction of the Santa Elena Border to Corozal Town in this white car when he ran into one of BEL's high tension posts breaking it into three portions. Reporter Victor Castillo spoke with an eye witness who at the time of the accident was just a couple feet away. Eye Witness "I was coming like four log post at the back and when I reached the tree there was a grey vehicle coming and the white vehicle was travelling in the same direction going to Corozal. The gray vehicle actually slowdown in front of the car and when the driver of the white car tried to swerve away on the next hand side the grey vehicle swerve too an made the white vehicle hit the post and the driver did not even stop to render aid he just kept driving towards Corozal. In the white car there was someone who was actually badly injured and we took out the man stopped a vehicle and asked the driver to take the man to the hospital. For me the driver of the white car has no fault it is the driver of the gray car who as in front of him I don't know who he is because we were unable to see the license plate. The driver of the white vehicle driving slow.

BSI/ASR Says There Will Be No Interim Agreement To Commence Crop
The tug of war continues between BSI and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association as both parties have yet to reach a mutual agreement over several issues that were being negotiated, the principal ones being cane ownership and payment for bagasse. In a new contract BSI is proposing directly to cane farmers and or group of farmers includes these points but under the company's own terms. The Association argues that these terms will be detrimental to the farmers in the long and even short term. BSI has said that they are taking this step because they cannot afford another impasse on the next crop, stressing that this is a crucial time to prepare for the upcoming challenges for the industry, while the association has said that there was never an intention to do so by farmers. In response to the company's move, BSCFA is asking BSI to sign another interim agreement. BSI has issued a release stating that they have received that letter but reiterate that another interim agreement will quote, "prolong the current climate of uncertainty and have long-term costly consequences for all (including cane farmers)". ASR Public Relations Representative Mac McLachlan elaborates in an over the phone interview as he is currently out of the country. "We did that last year and fi you recall it got us nowhere as there is still a fundamental impasse on the issue of bagasse payment and I don't think that pushing this issue back for another year is good for the industry.

Officials Seek To Eliminate Loop Holes In The Cattle Industry
Yesterday we told you about the 3rd phase of the Cattle Sweep Project in Belize and its major strides to enhance the industry. While that is benefitting close to 3,000 cattle farmers around the country and boosting the country's economic activity, there are still loop holes in the industry that officials are looking into eliminating. One such challenge is the illegal transporting of animals through porous boundaries in the North and Western points. Veterinary Coordinator of the Cattle Sweep Project, Homero Novelo, says while a CORRAL has been set at the Northern Border, smugglers are "going through the back" in an effort to elude taxes and levies. But this practice says Novelo, will soon end. Homero Novelo - Veterinary Coordinator, BNSCPP "What happens is that it is an informal trade that we have there but then they are getting away with this, what happens that Mexico have a tax entering the correct way to their country, by going through the back they are eluding this tax, so it is lucrative for them however, this eventually have to stop and animals will have to go through the right way northern border coral. All trucks have to pass through the Association even through the check points we have; which is the one we have at Sand Hill, the one that we have at Bullet Tree, and we are hoping to put one in Pueblo Viejo in Punta Gorda, now these check points also verify that every load of animal have a movement control permit now this way the Association is trying to find out how many animals are moving, where they are moving for traceability purpose and also to get the data that are getting exported."

Rotary Holds First Annual Health And Fitness Fair In Corozal
Today's Health Fair though, was not only based on the prevention of diabetes. It surrounded basically everything that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle including massages, manicures, martial arts and even heavy weight lifting. The fair, as previously mentioned was organized by the Corozal Rotary Club and as Corozalenos learnt more about the booths we spoke to Bill Hund, President of the Corozal Rotary Club who told us more about the health fair. Bill Hund - President of Rotary Club "This is our first annual Rotary Health and Fitness fair it was conceive by one of our members, and we have asked the members of the whole community to come out and support our effort, we have some fitness activities over here; Karate and weight lifting, we have a number of health organizations here, we have a local laboratory couple blood test, we have a bakery here selling whole wheat baking products." Victor Castillo - Reporter "Mr. Bill, what is the main objective of this, why is it that you guys decided to carry out this event?" Bill Hund - President of Rotary Club "The main objective of this event is health awareness, so many people in Belize know that they are not healthy but they don't know why and they even sometime afraid to seek any kind of assistance so we trying to get the word out to them that health is there an available to them but they need to initiate that, the need to come and ask."

Government Condemns Delay Of Progresso to San Estevan Road
Yesterday the European Union and the Government officially opened three newly rehabilitated roads in the Corozal District and broke ground for a fourth in Orange Walk under the Rural Road Rehabilitation Project funded by the E.U. But while the roads in Corozal are now open to the public and work will soon commence on the 21.4km road from August Pine Ridge to Blue Creek, work is yet to commence on the San Estevan Progresso Road. In a press conference held at the end of July, Prime Minister Dean Barrow indicated that the Ministry of Works and Ministry of Economic Development personnel met with the contractors that week to address the matter. The PM said that while he was not personally at the meeting, he was told that the purpose of the meeting was to cancel the sub contract with the contractors, who were listed as the Bella Vista Development Co Ltd and Lopez Equipment Co Ltd due to continuous delays even after monies had been allocated. Here is what he told the media at that conference.

BSI Extends Consultation Period For Contract With Cane Farmers
BSI made the unprecedented presentation of their final position surrounding the negotiations with the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association by going directly to cane farmers with a new contract. That was on Monday and following their announcement, the company officials have met with farmers from Orange Walk and Corozal. One of the biggest concerns however has been whether the contract is final and if the company will consider and address questions surrounding the contract. In a release issued by the company, it announces that they will extend the consultation period to November 18th to allow for this. ASR Public Relations Representative Mac McLachlan explains. "Clearly cane farmers need time to have a look at that agreement and to comment we responded to that request by saying that we will be prepared to have a consultation period on that agreement. Now, clearly there are a number of things in that agreement which for us is very important and for the future of the industry and we are prepared to be flexible where we can and prepared to listen to cane farmers but there will be issues on which we are very clear that will need to be concluded in order to move the industry forward. However, we have given the consultation until the 18th of November to receive cane farmers views and we have made very clear in the media how cane farmers can express those views and send us all their comments and then we will issue a new agreement and then again we will seek cane farmers agreement to that new agreement and this should take us up until the 28th of November to access whether or not we have enough farmers interested and enough cane to begin the crop."

Recently Paved Belize/Corozal Road Already Experiencing Damages
On June 11th 2014 a ground breaking ceremony took place in Orange Walk for the refurbishing of 4.5 miles of the Philip Goldson Highway which passes right through the centre of Orange Walk. It was a major political event where it was revealed that the contractor hired to carry out the works was no other than Imer Hernandez. And so the work commenced and to date a grand portion of the Belize-Corozal Road has seen major rehabilitation works. The thing is though, that two weeks after the hot mix was laid down and the road was open to vehicular traffic, signs of road damage are already being seen. Yesterday when the media interviewed Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega he was questioned about the issue and here is his response. "I don't really know the situation to be sincere I am not an engineer, all we know is that we are going to check our work or what is being delivered at the end of the contract."


Excelsior Highschool Awarness Against Domestic Violence
The month of November has been set aside to bring awareness to domestic violence and the damage it causes to families. One school that has been conducting activities to highlight this social ill is Excelsior High School during its teen violence Campaign. Love News stopped by and spoke to the School Counselor and Life Skills Teacher, Greta Jenkins, who told us more about their campaign. GRETA JENKINS "November is Domestic Violence Awareness month and so it was a part of our life skills lessons and so we are doing a campaign for teen violence because a lot of young people are in abusive relationships so we just wanted to raise awareness on this issue in the school." LEIGH-ANDRA GENTLE "What are the steps that you guys are taking in raising awareness in teen violence?" 8GRETA JENKINS "What we had the students do is have organizations come into the schools and explain to them what domestic violence is. We also had them do activities like designing a t-shirt, they did posters and banners and also it is being taught in their life skills classes."

Human Remains Found Along Maskall Road
Earlier we reported to you that the remains of a human being was found yesterday evening and reported to the authorities at Ladyville Police Station. According to reports reaching Love News, the discovery occurred through the Maskall Road about six miles coming in from Santa Martha Village. Investigators along with Dr. Mario Estradabran went to the scene this morning to assess the remains but an outcome is still pending. Reliable sources indicate that the remains appear charred as though the body was burnt and evidence at the scene suggests that the victim's hands were tied and while we have gotten these accounts, when we contacted a member of the Belize Polcie Department, we were told that bones were indeed found but it is yet to be ascertained as that of a human being. Love News has made several attempts to get in touch with the Officer in Charge of Ladyville Police Station, Inspector Frederick Gordon but to no avail.

Coye Speaks About What He Plans To Change As CEO
While Carlos Pererra was let go as the KHMH's Financial Director, Dr. Gary Longsworth's contract as the Chief Executive Officer, was not renewed. In fact his post has been taken up by Dr. Adrian Coye. Longsworth tenure as CEO concluded at the end of September after a little more than six years. With the recent deaths of the new born babies and the looming KHMH Audit Report, Dr. Coye spoke about what he hopes to change as the new CEO: DR. ADRIAN COYE "I applied for the position with the belief that I can help chart the hospital in a direction of safety and to prepare it for the future for Belizeans. We really need to have and deserve as Belizeans an excellent health care facility and Karl Heusner has a very import role as a national institution. So I would like that it is an era of great professionalism that we get the value for money and accountability for everything that we do because in the end the majority of our funding is public purse related so we want to really go head on into the future with a very strong team and also to make the best for our people." HIPOLITO NOVELO "Would you say that the KHMH has surpassed the shadow of doubt that was laid upon it when the 12 babies died?" DR. ADRIAN COYE "I don't know why you would call it a shadow of doubt. We had a very unfortunate and very sad experience. Lessons were learnt from that. Changes were made and we have come out of it in a very strong way. A lot of the things that we have been doing in the last year or so that you see the reformatted ICU that has been done, the adult ICU and different areas within the hospital, different ways in which have been working is a reflection then of our very serious approach to making sure that an event like that never happens again but that is just one aspect of healthcare and as I say, my role is to help with the right team to overcome all the other areas that we have gaps in and that is a big challenge.

Coye Spoke About Audit Into The Hospital Financial Status
The Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital was the subject of a very controversial financial debacle earlier in the year. It was so controversial that the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dean Barrow, ordered that an audit be conducted into the hospital's financial status. The man at the middle of the scandal was Carlos Perrera, who was let go as the KHMH's Financial Director. Love News has been informed that the audit has been completed and it is now in the hands of the board members. We asked the KHMH's new CEO, Dr. Adrian Coye, about it today. DR. ADRIAN COYE "All I can say is that the auditor general's report which was commissioned by the Prime Minister has been done and that it will be received by the board and from there we can make comments related to that but that is something in the hands of the board." HIPOLITO NOVELO "Have you read it?" DR. ADRIAN COYE "I can't say either because it's in the hands of the board and it's for their purpose for that discussion." HIPOLITO NOVELO "When was it completed and when was it handed over to the KHMH."

Belize City Celebrates Diabetes Day
Today Belize joined the international community in celebrating Diabetes Day under the theme, "Healthy Choices for Healthy Living" in an effort to increase awareness about diabetes. It was celebrated in over one hundred and sixty countries and Belize did so at Battle Field Park in Belize City. We stopped back and we spoke to the CEO of the Karl Heusnor Memorial Hospital Dr. Adrian Coye and the President of the Belize Diabetes Association, Anthony Martinez� HIPOLITO NOVELO "Are there any statistics as to how many people die from diabetes every year in Belize?" DR. ADRIAN COYE5 "We have some figures but they are not very pure. We know that it contributes very highly to heart disease and heart disease is one of the biggest killers in Belize so worldwide in 2012 1.5million people would have died from diabetes but the message isn't necessarily about how many people die it's the people who live with it and have complications related to it and that's many times more. So we estimate 50,000 people who live in Belize live with diabetes and that is a significant part of the population." HIPOLITO NOVELO "So what would be the overall message for today?" DR. ADRIAN COYE "Today has a theme 'Healthy Lifestyle and diabetes' So the healthy lifestyle is really part of the choices that we make in terms of what we eat especially what we eat, our levels of activity we have to be exercising every day or every other day at least 30 minutes. A bit of a run so your heart rate goes up but that is really the true message because you want to prevent and we think 7 out of 10 patients who develop diabetes could have been prevented in terms of the type of diabetes they have."

Boissonault Speaks On Different Benefits In Literacy Programs
In the early part of this year, we told you about of a playground that was built at the Saint Martin de Porres School in Belize City as part of a project being done by Literacy without Borders. Back then, we had spoken to the Founder and Director of Literacy without Borders, Randy Boissonault, who had assured us that there are much more projects coming on stream that will benefit the Belizean children. Well, Boissonault is back in Belize and he comes bearing good news on the expansion of several programs that seek to promote literacy in various schools. RANDY BOISSONAULT "It's collaboration between the Rotary Club of Belize and the Rotary Club of Edmonton. It's a three year program that will start in 2015 and its focused entirely on Southside Belize City so its community to community and what we will be doing is working on literacy development projects as well as playgrounds that will be located at various schools in the area so we will be doing classroom libraries, we'll be upgrading school libraries and we will also have computer assisted literacy programs, new sites as well as rhymes that bind so lots of activity taking place over the next three years.

Harpy Eagle Celebrates Eleventh Birthday
Today the Belize Zoo is celebrating Panama's birthday. Panama is a harpy eagle and he celebrated his eleventh "hatch-day" today. We stopped by the zoo and Founding Director of the Zoo, Sharon Matola, spoke to Love News. SHARON MATOLA "Today is a very exciting and important day at the Belize zoo its Panama the Harpy Eagle's 11th birthday and its important, it is going to add to the knowledge of people who realize that Harpy eagles are great parts of Belizean natural heritage but I think having an event like this accents the profound importance of this magnificent raptor." HIPOLITO NOVELO "Tell us about Panama, how is it that he became part of the Belize zoo family." SHARON MATOLA "Panama was part of a captive breeding program and unfortunately when he hatched his eye was damage so we could not release him into the wild as we did the 15 other eagles. As a result he became and education Harpy and became and ambassador for his specie and he does a glowingly wonderful job. He likes people because he's been hand raised. I can still get in there and hand feed him and so he is a charmer and that is part of the zoo philosophy, we create bonds between our animals and our visitors so that they appreciate the wonders of the wild life of Belize." HIPOLITO NOVELO "Now I see students here, tell us the different facts that can be shared about Panama to the students." SHARON MATOLA "Well the students are absolutely vital to our education programs because they take away with them an important lesson. Some of these kids haven't met Panama so they are going to walk away from the zoo today with an entirely different perspective of raptors and we're not just talking Harpy Eagles but all raptors so the students are the carriers of the message and what we do is provide the link between these cool animals and their own personal knowledge."

UNESCO Donates Check To Belize Cancer Society
`The Belize Cancer Society is an organization first established in 1996 by the late Juliet Soberanis, who passed away after battling with cancer. Today, the society continues the work of Soberanis by bringing awareness to the public on the various types of cancer, their prevention methods and treatments. But with everything else, financial resources are needed to continue the awareness campaign and because the importance of such has been duly noted, the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) handed over a check for just under fifty thousand dollars Belize to the Cancer Society. Love News was there for the handing over where the Society's president, Laura Tucker-Longsworth, explained the reasons behind the grant. We are excited to be receiving this cheque from UNESCO. Last year we began a project entitled 'End Cervical Cancer Now' which came out of the Caribbean region out of an organization of which we are a member. I serve as a director on that board and it's called the Healthy Caribbean Coalition and through that organization we got some funding for a project to address cervical cancer in terms of training and getting to the community level, doing pap smears, creating pamphlets and so on country wide. That project was absolutely successful we got some excellent results by partnering with the Ministry of Health on this regard because it's also a national priority for the Ministry of Health in terms of sexual reproductive health.

The Reporter

Trio get 20 plus years for killing and using women's flesh for food
A judge in north-eastern Brazil has sentenced three people to 20-23 years in jail after they were convicted of killing a woman and eating her. Jorge Beltrao Negromonte da Silveira received 23 years while his wife, Isabel Cristina Pires, and his mistress, Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva, were sentenced to 20 years. The trio allegedly sold pastries made from the woman's flesh to neighbours. They also confessed to killing two more women and will be sentenced later. The defendants' lawyers said they would appeal against Friday's sentences. The three, arrested in the city of Garanhuns in April 2012, were convicted of murder, desecration and concealment of a body. Local media named the victim as Jessica Camila da Silva, who was homeless and was no relation to Bruna Cristina Oliveira da Silva.

Road traffic accident victims remembered
People who have lost loved ones to road traffic accidents held activities on Sunday to observe World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims. The day is a United Nations adopted event celebrated every third Sunday in November, landing this year on November 16, under the theme "Speed kills. Design out speeding." In Belize the Ministry of Transport and Departments of Transport countrywide and the newly formed Belize Road Traffic Safety & Injury Association raised awareness by liaising with media houses around the country. The association, founded by traffic accident survivor, Isabel Bennett, is dedicated to helping road traffic accident survivors deal with recovery as well as being a support for those who have lost their loved ones to RTAs. "If we pool together and share our experiences we can make the journey to healing for the loved ones left behind an easier one," Bennett said. The association, though in its start-up stage, contacted several local media houses this week sharing the importance of the day and giving encouraging words. Bennett said this week that once the association is fully operational it will concentrate its efforts on collecting essential data.

Patrick JonesPJ

Battle of the Drums title goes to Dangriga
The Sport Auditorium in Punta Gorda town was pulsating with the sound of Garifuna drumming as the annual Battle of the Drums competition was staged on Saturday night. Eight groups went head to head in the competition and hundreds of excited spectators watched as the cultural extravaganza unfolded. The Sport Auditorium in Punta Gorda town was pulsating with the sound of Garifuna drumming as the annual Battle of the Drums competition was staged on Saturday night. Eight groups went head to head in the competition and hundreds of excited spectators watched as the cultural extravaganza unfolded. And when the last drumbeat echoed through the Sport Auditorium, Ecumenical High School group stood tall, claiming this year's title of Battle of the Drums champion.

Do�a Tana reunited with her family
San Ignacio town resident Sebastiana Rebolosio Maroquin, 79, has been reunited with her family. Do�a Tana as she is affectionately known was reported missing this weekend by her family after she left home on Thursday enroute to the store and did not return home. The good news this morning is that Do�a Tana has been found, following two days of frantic searches by her family, the police and friends of the family. According to a relative of Do�a Tana, she was spotted coming out of some bushes in the Boiton Area of San Ignacio around 6:30 am today. The family was immediately notified and Do�a Tana was reunited with her family, who first took her to the hospital for a medical checkup.


International Sourcesizz

Belize "Discover How To Be"
Belize, der auf der Halbinsel Yucatan gelegene zentralamerikanische Staat, hat in den vergangenen zwei Jahren eine bemerkenswerte Transformation erlebt. Nicht das Land selbst hat sich stark gewandelt, sondern dessen Erscheinungsbild. Dass L�nder nicht gro� sein m�ssen, um �ber einen �berzeugenden Tourismus-Markenauftritt zu verf�gen, beweist das vergleichsweise kleine Belize, das in etwa der Gr��e Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns entspricht. Noch Ende 2012 war die Au�endarstellung des K�stenstaates unscheinbar und das Bewusstsein um einen einheitlichen Markenauftritt wenig ausgepr�gt. 25 Jahre lang war Belize �Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret", bis die dortige Tourismusbeh�rde (Belize Tourism Board, BTB) Anfang 2013 ihre neue Marketing-Strategie f�r das Land vorstellte. BTB beauftragte die Agentur Olson, das Erscheinungsbild des Tourismus-Markenauftritts zu �berarbeiten. In den darauf folgenden Monaten schufen die Kreativen in Kooperation mit Studio MPLS, beide in Minneapolis (USA) ans�ssig, nicht nur einen neuen Markenauftritt samt Launch-Kampagne, sondern auch gleich den neuen Unternehmensauftritt der Beh�rde.


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Video: Army Ants on the Move at Casa Winjama, Corozal Belize, Central America, 2min.
Ant war between army ants and a smaller, more numerous species of ant. Two-and-a-half days and the army ants won.

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We stayed at Crooked Tree lodge for three nights. It is a marvelous place with very friendly hosts and excellent food. Birding is fantastic!