But Only If You Like Giving Jaguars Treats

Oh Rebecca has gone and had a good time at the zoo... at night!!!! read on my friend!

We spent half of the morning and some of the afternoon at the harpy eagle's birthday party, we ate lunch (affordable and filling at the zoo's cafeteria) and it was time to see our zoo housing for the night. We had the Belize Zoo Night Tour in our future and we were staying across the street at the TEC - The Tropical Education Center.

No offense Belize Zoo, my love, but that name does nothing to describe how beautiful this place is�and this area.

As you move inland, away from the sea, the landscape of Belize changes to gorgeous savanna. I have been blown away by the savanna of the south. Outside of Hopkins, the flowering grasses and the water birds..the land is just tear-inducing gorgeous.

But here, outside of Belize City, the area is just as pretty. These fairy flowers are everywhere. Ponds and marsh grasses and spindly pines�the air smells divine.


We were ready for the night tour of the zoo. Jamal met us at dinner with a bucket of fruit and a small container of meat tidbits.

The jaguars wanted chicken! We fed Lucky Boy soft chicken hearts since this poor baby has just a few teeth from his AWFUL experience of almost being starved to death down south. (Check out his story here on the Zoo's website.) You would never know it. He is HUGE�and hungry. And those claws look scary enough!

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