The torrential rains from last night and early this morning caused some back yard and street flooding in the Orange Walk District, especially in the area of Trial Farm. These pictures show yards and houses covered by water forcing residents out of their homes. But the bad weather also spelt trouble for the Northern Regional Hospital.

This morning our news room flooded with calls of concerned citizens who indicated that doctors and nurses at the NRH were not attending to patients since the hospital was flooded. We were informed that persons seeking medical attention were sent back home unless it was a serious case.

Of course as a responsible news centre that we are, we went looking for answers and were able to speak with the hospitalís Administrator, Guadalupe Longsworth. Longsworth told us off camera that indeed the hospital had experienced some minor flooding due to the heavy and continuous rains but that all services at the hospital continued as per normal. Persons who were scheduled to visit the Outpatient section were diverted to the Emergency Room where they received medical attention.

According to Longsworth, the only areas affected by the rains were the outpatient ward and the waiting area. When we arrived at the hospital the maintenance crew had already taken care of the problem and the hall ways leading to the outpatient ward were scheduled to be opened by midday.

CTV3 News was made to understand that the water gained entrance in the outpatient ward and the waiting area since they are currently undergoing repairs.