On Monday, we told you how professional bodybuilder Cricel Castillo competed and won in her first ever World Beauty Fitness and Fashion competition in Miami.

That event was held last week Saturday, and as part of her validation for winning the Fitness Diva category, she was given her pro-card, signed by WBFF President Paul Dillett.

So, she's well on her way to establishing herself in an international federation, but all that happened as a consequence of her dispute with the local federation, the Belize Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. She remains suspended, but even without their backing, Castillo placed first in her weight class in an international competition.

She landed at the PGIA this afternoon, and when we spoke to her outside, she told us that because of her win at the WBFF Competition, she's been invited to join a world-class bodybuilding team. Here's how she explained the implications for her career:

Cricel Castillo, WBFF Pro Athelete
"It was something that I have worked for, for so long. April will make 4 years in bodybuilding itself. Prior to that I have been training gosh, from I was like 14 years old - weights and it's been a long dream of mine and honestly up until now its surreal - like I am still kind of taking it in. I can't believe that it happen and I got one of the best, biggest opportunities yesterday also to be a part like one of the biggest teams in America for a fitness goddess. Her name is Bella Falconi and they want me to be a part of the body flex team. So I mean opportunities just keep rolling in and I just feel like wow, little me, like I can't believe it. I just really went out there, I gave my heart and my soul - I trained so hard. Right up to the competition I was training 3-4 times a day, eating the meals so clean. It was really challenging, but obviously it was worth it and it was enough. And we put Belize on the map and Belize is now invited to the world in August at Las Vegas, which is like the Olympics of bodybuilding."

Hon. Santino Castillo, Cricel's father
"If you notice guys I didn't get involved none at all when all the drama was taking place simply because the last thing I wanted them to say is because I am a minister of government, so I Iet it play out and all I can say is that I am so happy for Cricel, she's been vindicated and at the same time she's made all of us and Belize proud and we are extremely delighted for her because she has put in as you can tell, a lot of time and work into this."

Gina Marie Vasquez, Cricel's mom
"It was very hard, but we all supported her as usual. I guess she has all her fans, she has a lot of supporters. She is a fighter, so she fight her way up to the top."

Cricel Castillo, WBFF Pro Athelete
"Every single thing in life happens for a reason; whether you are 5 minutes late and you are mad because you are late to work, perhaps it's because you would have had an accident. This happened for a reason. If it weren't for this entire episode that happened, then there is no way that I would be standing before you today as a WBFF Pro, I can't believe it. I mean it's not something easily accomplish. I think I'm the first Belizean to turn WBFF PRO and so I mean wow. Staine, so thank you for all the drama, really, I mean thank you."

Even with the rain today, her family and her sponsor, BTL still made sure to hold a go-fast motorcade in her honor.

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