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Today's Belize News: November 22, 2014 #498216
11/22/14 04:46 AM
11/22/14 04:46 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

The Chef’s Table Experience at Pirate’s Treasure
Just a half mile North of San Pedro Town lies a little thatched -roof style restaurant and bar that has been generating quite some buzz. It’s one of the only establishments specializing in Lionfish recipes, and let’s not forget home of the gourmet Chef’s Table. Yes, you guessed it: I’m talking about Pirate’s Treasure! Since the official launch of the Chef’s Table back in March of this year, the reservations have just kept rolling in. But what makes it so sought after? Well the nightly Chef’s Table is exclusive and available only by reservations, with the perfect setting for group dinners of any sort. The unique seating allows an intimate dining experience between Chef Maresha and her evening guests as she prepares all her recipes with fresh ingredients- all in plain view. At $100 ($50USD) per person, the table can accommodate up to fifteen guests, seventeen at its max. With years of experience under her belt, Maresha smoothly manoeuvres her way across the open kitchen and prepares these gourmet meals with ease, interacting with guests and explaining the local ingredients as they hit the pan.

First Confirmed Case of Chikungunya in Belize
This is the first confirmed case of Chikungunya in Belize. This case is from the Las Flores Community in Belmopan where the Ministry has been conducting active surveillance and vector control activity following rumored suspected cases of Chikungunya. The Ministry continues to collaborate with the municipality and the local community to conduct clean-up campaigns. Scheduled spraying activities and health education sessions continue with the affected community.

Fisher Folk Licensing Schedule 2014
he Fisheries Department hereby informs the PUBLIC that it will start the renewal of fisher folk licenses for 2015 on December 01st 2014. Licensing in the fishing communities will commence on December 15th 2014. The following are the scheduled dates for licensing in the fishing communities:

$228 million Petrocaribe Loan Motion gets house clearance amongst heated debate; Hundreds of UDP supporters gathered to support PM’s Loan Motion
After a much heated debate, the House of Representatives of Belize approved a Petrocaribe loan motion of the $228 million on Tuesday, November 18th. The ruling United Democratic Party lead by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, mobilized hundreds of party supporters who gathered at the foot of the National Assembly building to show support to the Petrocaribe loan motion. The monies, part of which has been spent prior to getting House of Representative approval as required by law, are to be used to roll out several government programs. The Petrocaribe fund comes from the returns of fuel at concessionary terms given to the Caribbean countries by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Since 2005, Belize has been taking advantage of the Petrocaribe financial initiative in which the monies should be used to benefit the poor and middle class. However, under the Finance and Audit Act, PM Barrow is required to introduce a bill for any loan in excess of $10 million. As such, PM Barrow was required to have taken the loan motion to the House of Representative. Until he was questioned by the press, he had not done so.

BSI fights to remove BSCFA out of the sugar cane season negotiations
The uncertainty on the 2015 Sugar Cane season is still looming over the Belize Sugar Industry (BSI). The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) is fighting to improve the commercial agreement with BSI so as to receive compensation for the bagasse (a fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. It is used as a biofuel and in the manufacture of pulp and building materials. ) used by the company. Negotiations from both sides are getting nowhere and the sugar cane season seems to be in jeopardy as it’s off to a late start. Cane farmers are refusing to deliver cane if BSI doesn’t agree to adjust the commercial agreement. On Monday, November 10th, BSI announced that they will be signing seven year contracts directly with the farmers. This unforeseen event caused much controversy as BSI was asking the farmers to leave BSCFA and deal directly with BSI. “Over one month has now passed and we have not heard from the BSCFA on this matter, which is now critically urgent, given that we are less than a month from the expected start of the 2014/2015 crop. We do not foresee any prospect in the near future of being able to secure an agreement with the BSCFA on behalf of all sugarcane farmers.

Belizean Cultures come to life at 2014 SPHS Cultural Day
On Tuesday November 18th, The San Pedro High School (SPHS) held their annual cultural day. Each year student exhibitions are highly anticipated by the community as they offer a day of fun and education for families and friends. Embracing the various cultures of Belize, each group was tasked with the responsibility of preparing a booth complete with cultural attire, information, food and a presentation of song or dance. Hundreds of colorfully attired students filled the auditorium, as cultural music filled the air and visitors and teachers went from booth to booth to hear the mini presentations and sample ethnic dishes. The more information the students were able to functionally bring across, and the better quality of the cultural item put forward, the higher the grade each group would attain. Each booth presented its visitors with the opportunity to learn more about the cultural groups they represented. Colorful information boards displayed historical points on cultures such as the Creole, Mestizo, Maya, Garifuna, Chinese/ Taiwanese, Mennonite, East Indians and Central American regions among others.

San Pedro joins in National Garifuna Settlement Day celebration
Residents on Ambergris Caye joined Belizeans across the country in celebrating National Garifuna Settlement Day on November 19th. The events planned in the various Garifuna communities were held under the theme “Mibe La Yanu. Awanse La Wadagimanu. Bunguiwaba, Wagia Largi – Let’s not just talk. Let the work progress. God Before us and we behind.” In San Pedro Town, the events were spearheaded by the local branch of the National Garifuna Council with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation and the San Pedro Town Council. Due to weather condition, some of the activities had to be cancelled, while others were held in closed door locations. The events started with a small ceremony at the Lions Den on the night of the 18th in which the festivities were officially declared opened. Remarks were delivered by various dignitaries, including local coordinator of the San Pedro House of Culture Councilor Mito Paz, Jorge Aldana from the San Pedro Cultural Committee and the President of the San Pedro Branch of the National Garifuna Council Elroy Catillo. Following the opening remarks, the public was entertained all night with drumming and dance presentations by various Garifuna Dance and Drum groups.

Ambergris Today

Belize Fashion Week Kicks Off with Cocktail Social
Belize Fashion Week 2014 kicked off with a great cocktail party at Carpice Bar and Grill inside the Holiday Hotel on November 20, 2014. International and local fashion designers, along with gorgeous models from all around Belize, came together to celebrate a night of fashion before they hit the runway the following day. Belize Fashion Week brings together local designers with designers from around the region to learn and boost the fashion industry in Belize. The two-day event will take place at the San Pedro High School's R. Angel Nuñez Auditorium Friday and Saturday starting at 8p.m.

First Confirmed Case of Chikungunya in Belize
As anticipated and now confirmed through the country’s regional reference laboratory, Belize’s Ministry of Health has received confirmation of a positive laboratory result for Chikungunya from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad during the November 19 holiday. A press release from Belize’s Government Press Office today has confirmed the first case of Chikungunya in the country. This case is from the Las Flores Community in Belmopan where the Ministry has been conducting active surveillance and vector control activity following rumored suspected cases of Chikungunya.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Melchor Tax Confusion and new Tariff for Belizeans
Many Belizeans travel to Guatemala because there are cheap goods in Melchor De Menchos, the neighboring border town with Benque Viejo. There is confusion with the new SAT system and tariff rate in Melchor, Guatemala. Many Belizeans are now parking in the so called “no man’s land between the border” but space at times in the past week is becoming limited. There is a new tariff on all Belize Vehicles that used to enjoy free entry into Melchor. A 72 hours permit is issued for Q160.00 or $50.00 BZ, Tourist entry cost was Q145, this has been increased to Q190.00, for a period of 90 days.

U.S. Ambassador Carlos Moreno will visit Corozal on Monday
November 24, 2014 and he is inviting American citizens in the area to join him for a lunch (you purchase your own meal) at Jam Rock Bar & Grill on 1st Ave South, on the sea front in Corozal Town from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. Ambassador Moreno is looking forward to meeting and talking to American citizens at this informal, no-host gathering. Please note that this is an opportunity for the Ambassador to get to know you and for you to get to know the Ambassador. No Consular services (i.e. passports, voter registration, etc.) will be provided at this event. Loreta Randall & Wendy Cookson US Wardens for the Corozal District of Belize

CARICOM Governments to increase quality information on the Single Market to CARICOM nationals
(CARICOM Secretariat, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana) CARICOM nationals in six Members States are to benefit from a greater flow of tailored information on the CARICOM Single Market (CSM). This is under a new project that aims to connect nationals with the information they need to work, travel and do business in participating CARICOM countries.

First Confirmed Case of Chikungunya in Belize
As anticipated and now confirmed through our regional reference laboratory, the Ministry of Health has received confirmation of a positive laboratory result for Chikungunya from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad during the 19th November holiday. This is the first confirmed case in Belize.

Fisher Folk Licensing Schedule 2014
The Fisheries Department hereby informs the PUBLIC that it will start the renewal of fisher folk licenses for 2015 on December 01st 2014. More Information on License Requirements, Renewals, Boat Licenses and Card Renewal are available at this link: Licensing in San Pedro is scheduled for December 16, at the Hol Chan office, 8am - 5pm

Urban Birdwatch
Wake up early birds!!!!! This morning (Sat. the 22nd) we meet at Central Park to do some urban/island bird watching! This weekend is San Pedro on Saturday, and Caye Caulker on Sunday. This promises to bring some very exciting birds. Thank you Judy Lumb, Roni Martinez, and Dorothy Beveridge for your kind support and leadership in these activities.

by Bilal Morris Soon after the United Democratic Party (UDP) victory over the Peoples United Party (PUP) in December of 1984, it was written that the flamboyant and eloquent Belize Foreign Minister then, Dean Oliver Barrow, was going to become the most prominent political figure of his party, and would also rise to become one of Belize's most historical political leaders in Belize's post-independence years to come. Since then, those years have come upon us Belizeans, and what became the dream of most black Belizeans at home and abroad to have realized the possibility of a black Belizean Prime Minister since the domination of the imagery of George Cadle Price as Belize's post-colonial leader, and later Belize's first Prime Minister, the mandate of a black majority rule that had appeared as a fleeting illusion, may have come to past.

The MCC Garden is packed to capacity. Isolene Heath is on the mound, and Belize's legendary sports announcer Lindy Rogers is hot on the mike bringing a play by play action to Belizean listeners through the airwaves of Radio Belize. It is 1971, and Rogers mastery as a broadcaster of bringing the softball action to Belizean listeners in their living rooms is important because Belize has no television yet, and so it is just theater of the mind. You have to imagine the game in real time if you can't go to see it play. He is outstanding as a communicator, though he has no radio broadcast training. He comes in live and direct, "Here is the pitch from Heath!" Belizeans cling to their radio with enthusiasm. "It's a strike, so one ball and one strike." As he conducts the action of the game through audio, you want to imagine who is this awesome pitcher he sculpts with perfect vision. "Heath looks to midfield and signals to her catcher. Here is the pitch. Right in there, strike two. I think that the batter didn't even see that one coming." You are tense at the moment. Belize is going against a fierce competitor, and you want to run out there at the MCC Grounds to see the game.

On Saturday November 29, 2014, the legendary Belizean Ambassador, Economist and international political activist, Bert Tucker will be honored by the Venezuelan Embassy in Belmopan, Belize, for his outstanding work as Belize's ambassador of Trade, the Caribbean and Africa. The announcement was made by the Venezuelan embassy that the Belizean nationalist figure, statesman and activist will have a street named in his honor directly in front of the United States embassy in Belmopan. Belizean Legends will be bringing you more on this historic moment in Belizean history as the celebrated day approaches. A native son has been received well in the spirit of his ancestors. It is with humble appreciation that we thank the government and the people of Venezuela for all that they have done for the country of Belize and its people. Viva Venezuela!

Belize's East Indians came to Belize as indentured servants across the Atlantic Ocean through a perilous journey that only their ancestors and living griot could tell about the harshness in narrative of such a journey. But most of them were part of India's racist Cast system derived from centuries of British racism and colonialism. They were called the Untouchables because of their place in a system that identifies the darker of their peoples as the most outcast among the culture. And at the Initiative for Justice & Reparations at the University of Belize on October 10, 2014, launched by The National Convention of The People of Belize, these three dynamic young ladies put off an incredible East Indian Dance that was most admirable to see and appreciated as one of Belize's most unspoken of indigenous peoples. Most Belizeans still don't know much about Belize's East Indian indigenous peoples, and therefore their culture, origin and significance to Belize's history has got to be studied by Belize's students of history and Social Science.

At the Justice & Reparations symposium at the University of Belize on October 10, 2014, launched by The National Convention of The People of Belize, these awesome UB students came out to show their cultural consciousness and concern for the right of the Belizean indigenous peoples to demand justice and reparations for the injustices, imperialism, colonialism, and slavery inflicted upon their ancestors during 400 years of slavery, indentured servitude and genocide. Belizean Legends appreciates their sense of consciousness and interest to participate as Belize's future and strength. You're appreciated.

As Garifuna Settlement Day festivities on November 19, 2014 gets on the way in Belize and in the Belizean Diaspora, this moving and cultural photograph of these three Garinagu young women made a significant impression that the Garinagu people are making a serious and conscientious effort as a people to resist cultural assimilation. It was most impressive for me to see the Garinagu youth still showing love and appreciation for the cultural dress. Belizean Legends honor their commitment and pride in the significance of their culture. Love it!


Channel 7

Zimbab: How I Dodged Death
Tonight the city remains calm after the attempt on the life of George Street General, Carlos "Zimbab" Abraham yesterday in Belize City. As we told you, Abraham was on Lakeview Street yesterday morning at 10:00 when a gunman opened fire on him as he sat in his SUV. Even though he was shot in the face, Abraham survived. Today he spoke to us via phone from his hospital bed and told us how he did it:.. Jules Vasquez "How serious are your injuries?" Carlos Abraham AKA Zimbab, Stable Condition "Minor you know, the bullet didn't touch any main organs, it's just flesh wounds. I got shot in my face, in my jaw and then it ricochet through my neck." Jules Vasquez "But how you survive a shot to the face?" Carlos Abraham AKA Zimbab, Stable Condition "The Father above, I tilt my seat before I see the shot coming and so I just pull back my head."

Police Trying To Supress Possibility Of Gang Retaliation
That dire prediction doesn't seem to bode well for keeping the peace in the streets - which is why police say they have detained key gang figures and dispatched additional patrols. In fact, ever since the shooting, police have been staying ahead of the crime: they were the first to respond and detain the alleged shooter - even though they didn't manage to get the gun. At a press conference at the Queen Street police station today Police said the key suspects so far are minors:.. Supt. Hilberto Romero, O.C., Crimes Investigation Branch "An investigation was carried out which had led to the detention of two minors. Quick police response lead to the detention of one of the minors who is now in custody. Police responded adequately and they pursued one person and he was apprehended." Jules Vasquez "These young men, are they gang affiliated, these suspects and the detained person?"

It's Confirmed, Chik-V In Belize
Three weeks ago - we told you that Chikungunya had been confirmed in Belize - but at the time we couldn't say it with 100% certainty because CARPHA, the Caribbean Public Health Agency hadn't confirmed it. But now they have. A press release today confirmed that the Ministry of Health has received confirmation of a positive laboratory result for Chikungunya from CARPHA in Trinidad. As we had told you, the case comes out of Las Flores in Belmopan. It's nothing that wasn't expected, since Chik-V has appeared in all our neighboring countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Salvador and Honduras. In fact, this first confirmed Belizean case is believed to have originated in Salvador. But, now that it's here, what are health authorities going to do about it? That's what we asked the Director of Health Services today in Belize City:.. Dr. Michael Pitts, Director of Health Services "Over the last 3 weeks we had some rumors. In fact parts of the press reported they believe people were saying they have signs and symptoms of this disease in parts of the country. In fact we zoomed down on rumor surveillance activity in Las Flores area.

Cop Caught Trafficking Weed At Northern Border
Reliable reports reaching us tonight say that a police corporal has been intercepted with wholesale amounts of marijuana at the Santa Elena border in the Corozal District. It happened at 5:20 this evening and the search of his car, a red Geo Prizm with Corozal plates is ongoing at this time - but we can tell you that two parcels of compressed marijuana were found under the hood of his car. This suggests that he was trafficking high-grade marijuana from Mexico. And the particularly hapless corporal was not only trafficking weed - his car also broke down at the border. And when a car breaks down - where do you check? Under the hood, right? Well, that's right where he had the two parcels stuffed.

Cop Charged For Sex With Underaged Girl
Police Constable Rupert Thomas is back in jail - for the second time in less than a year - and again he is accused of having sex with a minor. He took a 15 year old from Cayo to Seine Bight with him where he had sex with her. A friend lured him to Dangriga where police recovered the girl and captured him. He was charged with unlawful carnal knowledge and remanded to the Belize Central prison until the seventh February, 2015. Last year in December he was also remanded - at the time it was Aggravated Assault of an Indecent Nature. At the time, a 14 year old girl from Cayo told police that he fondled her while having intercourse with her 16 year old sister.

Youths And Road Safety
2,000 Belizean youths are expected to benefit from the Road Safety for Belizean Youth Project. The main objective of the project is to train these youths on driving risks and road safety measures. They're a key demographic because persons aged between 16 and 29 account for 30% of road traffic fatalities. That's a highly disproportional figure, and president of the Belizean Youth for Road Safety explained how this project can considerably decrease this figure. Eric Sanchez, President, Belizean Youth Road Safety "The idea is to try to reach 2,000 youths and we were given a specific timeframe for that and that is why we are doing the training over at the high schools and we did a training at the 6th forms, so what we want to do now with these amount of individuals, it's just going to accumulate for us and with that we would be able to reach our 2,000 maximum. With a presentation to the President of the CDB, we would be able to hopefully garner the trust and support in that we are doing the right thing and that we are making the positive step towards the development and the proper rearing of our country.

UNFPA Scolds Media For Negativity
Youth empowerment is a vision many stakeholders in education and youths themselves attempt to realize. The UNFPA's new report called "The Power of 1.8 Billion Adolescents, Youths and the Transformation of the Future" strives to do just that by highlighting the challenges youths face and possible solutions. Normally one would see youths, government officials, teachers and other key stakeholders involved in this discussion but the main target audience for today's meeting was the media and our role in positively impacting youths. Erica Goldson the Assistant Representative of United Nations Population Fund discussed the objective of the report and how it can improve the lives of youths. Erica Goldson, Assistant Representative, UNFPA "It basically bring to the forefront issues that affect young people and the challenges it's in and it's a global report but when you look at the report, a lot of the issues mentioned in the report is our reality in Belize. And so the report is creating an opportunity for us to really start the discussion around more or greater investment in young people."

Man Admits To Texting While Driving
33 year-old Stephen Davies, a resident of Lords Bank, is facing 4 traffic offenses after being accused by police of knocking down a BDF Soldier. The accident happened on November 11 between miles 9 and 10 on the Northern Highway. According to police, Davies was driving a brown Mercedes Benz, when he knocked down Officer Ozaine Augustine. For the accident, police charged him with negligent wounding, using a motor vehicle not covered by third party risk insurance, driving a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license, and driving without due care and attention. He was arraigned today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer, and he tried to plead guilty to the offences while giving an explanation. He told the court that he was driving his vehicle with wife and 4 children heading to Belize City. He said that he was having trouble seeing, and he was sending a text message while driving.

Robbed Of 4K
Police say that Damian Leslie and Norman Tillett robbed an A&R Employee, and tonight, they are at the Belize Central Prison. It happened yesterday at the bus stop in front of the Pallotti High School. The A&R employee told police that he was on his way to make a deposit of over $4,000, when 2 men approached him and robbed him at gunpoint. Police moved immediately to investigate the case, and they charged Leslie and Tillett with robbery. They were arraigned today before the Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, where they pleaded not guilty. Due to the nature of the offence, they were remanded into custody until January 28, 2015.

4 Men Robbed 13 Year Old
4 other men are in jail tonight after police accused them of robbing a 13 year-old boy on Tuesday. It happened on Thomas Vincent Ramos Street in Belize City where the 13 year-old minor was supposed to go to the store to buy for his parents. On the way there, 4 men who robbed him of $27 dollars, which he would have used to pay for the groceries. Police investigated, and today, they charged Joshua Smith, Alexander Turcius, Leon Quince, and Marquis Coc. They were arraigned today before the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith, where they pleaded not guilty. She denied them bail based on the strength of the prosecution's objections. They will return to court on January 28, 2015.

Cane Farmers And SICB Agree To Meet Next Week
On Saturday, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association gave the Government appointed industry regulator, known as the S-I-C-B, or the Sugar Industry Control Board until today to bring all sides of the sugar dispute to the negotiating table so that they can hammer out a resolution. But, two of the members of the SICB are out of the country, so they could not get the meeting together. Today the Cane Farmers Association agreed to wait until November 25th when the SICB had first planned to hold its meeting. In the meantime, the BSCFA executive has met with the Deputy Prime Minister. On the ASR/BSI side of the dispute the company has decided to push back the date for issuing its final agreement. That was to have been done today, but the company says it has been getting sufficient and steady feedback from farmers to convince them to hold off on issuing it until they can factor in all the farmers issue - which, we are told, extend to safety and security.

Wesley Discourages Bullying
Bullying is a social phenomenon that is often dismissed in Belizean society. Self-defense and "rough-play" are used as camouflage against detection and reprimand. But it is a prevalent issue in Belizean schools - more so than you might guess. And today our Albert Street neighbors at Wesley Lower School attempted to put a stop to it, through their anti-bullying initiative called "Say Something: Be a Buddy not a Bully". Today students assembled outside their school compound on Albert Street to promote this initiative. One of the teachers, Rudolph Neal spoke to us about the detrimental effects bullying has on school children and how it can be addressed. Rudolph Neal, Teacher "Definitely bully is indeed a problem. Often times because we live in Belize we perceived that bully isn't a problem here. But it is indeed a problem and even at the school here we experience different acts of bully; teasing, punching, kicking, name calling, some even want to perpetrate acts of violence. Children are accustomed to keeping quiet, holding things in - that is our culture here, even us as adults. When something is bothering us we tend to hold it in. However, for the past week that we have embarked on this venture, we have stressed the theme "Say Something" and that is important because whenever you hold it in that's when it boils up the most and then it leads you to do things that will be undesirable unwanted outcome."

The Finest And Fittest At Coast Guard
Yesterday, we showed you day 1 of the Coast Guard's Best Warrior Competition. The tournament is being held for a second year - as an opportunity for the Coast Guard to assess the fitness of its elite members. Yesterday was all about the fitness test and the 2 mile ocean swim. In today's competition, the teams had to complete a 6 mile run in the morning, and a 4 mile obstacle course called the Coast Guard Medley. 7News was back at the compound during the medley and as the competition officials promised, the level of difficulty was increased. Here's how it looked: Daniel Ortiz reporting This evening, each of the squads had to maneuver around a 1-mile course saddled with heavy weights. The purpose of this event, like the others, is to try to complete it as quickly as possible. The clock didn't stop running until the last man finished the course. They each began by wearing a vest weighing 30 pounds, then, after completing a lap with that, the squad then took up a 40 pound Bergan. By that time, the first lap was already taking its toll.

E Roy Cayetano - he's a well-known educator and the former Deputy Chief Education officer. But you may not know that he was also self-educated - the man with a Master's degree didn't go to high school because his father couldn't afford it. But that same father, a teacher, did instill in him a commitment to learning - and that has taken Roy Cayetano right back to the classroom at the Gulisi Primary School in Dangriga. In tonight's profile, he explains the broad arc of experience that brought him back to school:..

Cayo Tourism Roads In Trouble
We all know about FECTAB and the various issues they are fighting with the BTB and NICH, but now The Cayo Chapter of the BTIA and the Cayo Tour Guides Association are calling on that same NICH and BTB to fix the roads to Mountain Pine Ridge, the Barton Creek Cave, and the Road to Cahal Pech. A release form the group says that the roads in horrible condition and with the tourism high season about to start, the sites will be inaccessible and make for heavy financial losses for industry stakeholders out west.

Channel 5

First Confirmed Case of Chik-V in Belize
After eight months of being in the clear, the first confirmed case of Chikungunya has been recorded in Belize’s public health archives, following a rash of the mosquito-transmitted fever across [...]

Las Flores Woman Infected in Belize
The first suspected case of CHIK-V was believed to have been imported into the country since Las Flores is a predominantly immigrant community. While that case was never confirmed, the [...]

Two Minors Detained for Shooting of George Street General
Two minors believed to be affiliated with the Ghost Town Gang are tonight in custody for the brazen attempted murder of a George Street boss, Carlos “Zimbab” Abraham. Zimbab was [...]

Police Nix Consultation with D.P.P. on Any Crime
It has been and continues to be a practice of the Belize Police Department, whenever queried about the results of an investigation into a serious crime, to state that the [...]

Chamber President Speaks on Sugar Impasse
On Thursday, the Belize Chamber of Commerce issued a release on the continued impasse in the sugar cane industry. It’s been criticized in some sectors because it doesn’t seem to [...]

Sugar Impasse in Full Effect – No Resolution This Week
Today is Friday, the deadline given to the Sugar Industry Control Board to call a meeting in an attempt to break the impasse between the BSCFA and BSI/ASR. But tonight [...]

BCG Holds Best Warrior Competition
This afternoon, forty exhausted soldiers who are being pushed to the limits of their endurance completed in day-two of the Coast Guard’s Best Warrior Competition. There are five teams of [...]

Social Partners Reopen Discussion of 13th Senator
While the Chamber spoke earlier about the sugar impasse, another discussion which has seen some rebirth is the issue of the thirteenth Senator, a commitment by the United Democratic Party [...]

2 Men charged for Robbing A&R Employee
An employee of A and R Shopping Center was robbed as he was heading to the bank to make a deposit. The employee was intercepted and robbed by two suspects [...]

UNFPA Workshop Showcases Youth Issues
The power of one point eight billion….that’s the global population of youths under the age of twenty-five years.  The United Nations Population Fund believes that young people have the power [...]

Cayo Tour Stakeholders Demand Better Roads from BTB and NICH
Recently, the B.T.B. announced that the number of visitors to the jewel had exceeded forecasts and had reached a million even before the tradition spike at the end of the [...]

An Update on cancer patient, Cleyon
Remember Cleyon Marage Junior? He is a fourteen year old who is afflicted with Acute Myloid Leukemia. Since September, Cleyon Junior had been in and out of hospital and doctors [...]

Seeking Assistance for Baby Izak
For Michelle Rudon, a single mother of two, helping children living with cancer who are from poverty stricken families has become her calling. And so she has branched out to [...]

Countdown to Belize vs. Mexico
In one week, eight Belizeans and eight Mexicans will literally bring blood, sweat and tears for the glory of representing their country in a sport that is growing in Belize….that’s [...]


Rigo Vellos Wins Copa Revolucion 2014 In Merida Yucatan
Three time Mr. Belize and professional body builder, Rigo Vellos has done it again, placing Belize in the spotlight as he accomplished another milestone in his career. Over the weekend Mr. Belize travelled to Merida Yucatan, to compete in the Copa Revolucion 2014 among other international body builders from Merida, Cancun, Escarciga, Vera Cruz and Tamaulipas. At the end of the competition, Vellos dominated in the 80 Kilograms division which is equivalent to the heavy weight category. The Belize Body Building Federation which represents Vellos says that the victory is ‘the second year running that he has won at Merida tournament as the reigning Mr. Belize, beating out competitors from Merida, Cancun, Escarciga, Vera Cruz and Tamaulipas,” end quote. Aside from receiving his championship trophy, Rigo Vellos walked away with a cash prize of $900. Vellos will once again appear on an international stage the second week in December when he competes in the Mr. Temple Gym competition in Cancun, Mexico.

Family Plea Missing Teen To Return Home
A teen from Chetumal Quintana Roo has gone missing and while you may be asking why is this making it in our news, well according to relatives she went missing in Belize. 16 year Old Noemi Briceno Trapp left her Chetumal home and ventured over to Belize, and while she did not make it to her destination, her grandparents’’ home in August Pine Ridge, tonight her whereabouts is still not known. We spoke via telephone to her relative Rita Aldana who told us more.Rita Aldana – Relative of Missing Teen “On September 4th she came from the Mexican side and she is a Mexican and vanished.” Maria novelo – Reporter “Since then you haven’t heard from her that is like three months ago?” Rita Aldana – Relative of Missing Teen “Yes miss”


Belize Represented in Australia at International Environmental Congress
The International Union for Conservation of Nature is the world’s oldest and largest global environmental network with a democratic membership union consisting of more than one thousand government and non-governmental organizations and close to eleven thousand volunteer scientists from more than one hundred and sixty countries. Every ten years, this IUCN network holds a World Parks Congress with its members meeting in a specified country. This year, the IUCN World Parks Congress was held in Sydney, Australia and Belize was well represented by a delegation led by the Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Honorable Senator Lisel Alamilla. The key component of what is considered one of the most influential global event is the conservation of protected areas around the world with leaders imparting their experiences, knowledge and ideas for the development of an agenda for protected areas conservation over the next decade, till it’s time for them to meet again.

Leaks and Fire Scare Reported at Recently Renovated Dangriga Market
The Dangriga market was recently officially inaugurated and today Mayor Gilbert Swazo spoke to Love News to say Dangrigans did not get value for money since the new structure is showing several faulty areas. GILBERT SWAZO “We were called by the vendors to observe what they are going through and we noted that there are several food stalls and mainly food stalls numbers 2, 4, 5 and 9. There are some leaks that are coming from the roofs of the stalls and it is not one that we had expected since we had spent a lot of money to retrofit and extend the market. Similarly when we visited the new portion that is the extension we also noted that stalls number 3, 7, and 21 are also leaking from the roof. We also noted that there is an excessive amount of water that is coming from under the doors.

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Police detain minors in Carlos Abraham shooting
46 year old Carlos Abraham was shot three times in the neck and arm on Thursday morning while in “enemy territory” talking to a relative on Lakeview Street at its junction with Banak Street, Belize City. His condition has been stabilized, but the tension in Belize City has not. On Friday Police call...

Police Constable Charged for Offence of Carnal Knowledge
On Monday we reported of an incident of carnal knowledge, where it was reported that a 15 year old runaway child from the Cayo District, reported missing by her father, and was later found in Dangriga in the company of an interdicted police officer in Dangriga, identified as 28 year old PC Rupert Th...

VIP Court Challenge of the Elections and Boundaries
Often during these times when elections are so close at hand suspicions of political manipulation of the voter count start surfacing. One third party has already taken one objection to the courts and lost, to their admitted surprise. On Thursday VIP (Vision Inspired by the People) sent out a press r...

Traffic charges for Lord’s Bank resident
BDF officer Ozaine Augustine was knocked down on the Philip Goldson Highway last Tuesday, and today charges were read to 33 year old Stephen Davies, a resident of Lord’s Bank, before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Stephen Davies is accused of negligent wounding, using a motor vehicle not covered...

Big fine for City resident on marijuana
Thirty year old Casey Reynolds, a resident of 8344 Riverside Street, Belize City, was fined $10,000 today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith after he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking for 229 grams of cannabis. Reynolds was ordered to pay $5,000 forthwith and the balance by December 31, 2014...

Two charged for A&R deposit robbery
Damian Leslie and Norman Tillett are charged with the robbery of over $4,000 from an employee of A and R Store, located at mile 1 on Phillip Goldson Highway. They appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith and not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds...

Four charged for robbery of teenager
Four young men, who allegedly stole $27 from a 13 year old boy, were denied bail and remanded into custody, when they appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith, and were arraigned on a charge of robbery. They are Joshua Smith, Alexander Turcios, Leon Quine and Marquis Coc. They pl...

Chikinguya in Belize Confirmed and Reconfirmed
Plus TV broke the story in late October that preliminary Chikungunya tests taken by at least two residents of Las Flores Area Belmopan turned out positive, making it the first reported case of Chikungunya in Belize. Almost a week after we broke the first reported case, the Ministry of Health issued ...

Price for Butane Down
Butane Gas Prices are down and just in time for the Christmas season. A press release, sent out by the Supplies Control Unit of the Ministry of Trade yesterday evening, announced that starting Friday November 21st consumers will be paying $6 less per one hundred pound cylinder of butane gas, also kn...


US Ambassadors press Belize to legalize sodomy
Back in August 2014, the recently installed US Ambassador to Belize, H.E. Carlos Moreno, told the media at a roundtable session that ”there is no LGBT agenda by the US Government.” At that same session, Ambassador Moreno – the lone judge to stand against Proposition 8 in California, a petition to overturn homosexual marriage – had confirmed to the press that the US Government had given grants to the LGBT activist group in Belize, UNIBAM, and he also expressed the view that LGBT rights are a subset of rights that are accorded to everyone. There has been no further discussion with the media on LGBT rights since, but on the occasion of the 19th International Day for Tolerance observed on Sunday, November 16, 2014, the US Embassy published a statement from “past and present U.S. Ambassadors” on Belize’s LGBT policy.

Garifuna Settlement Day celebrated in the old capital
Although November 19 this year marks the 191st anniversary of the mass arrival of Garinagu to Belize’s shores in 1823, it also marks more than 212 years since Garifuna families settled the Yarborough area of Belize City. So while the heart of the festivities continues to be held in the culture capital of Dangriga, Belize City’s celebrations continue to hold special symbolism within the context of the historical legacy. The Belize City commemoration of Garifuna Settlement Day began at about 7:00 Wednesday morning when a moderate crowd of Belizeans converged on the Belcan Bridge area to officially welcome the reenactment of the first arrival of the Garinagu to Belize in 1802, now known as the Yurumein – the Garifuna name of the homeland of St. Vincent.

Zimbab shooting bad news for Southside peace
The streets are tense, with fears of gang retaliation, after an attempt earlier today to gun down well-known George Street figure, Carlos “Zimbab” Abraham, 48, who is at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital fighting for his life. Abraham suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his neck and arm, after he was shot at about 10:00 this morning by a masked gunman in the turf of the rival Ghost Town Crips gang, in front of the tire shop on Lakeview Street, a couple blocks away from where he spent his childhood and teenage years. An eyewitness told Amandala that at about 10:00 this morning, Abraham drove up, in front of the tire shop, located at the corner of Banak Street and Lakeview Street and turned off his car’s engine and inquired about some used tires in the yard of the tire shop.

KREM OB crew pinned by towhead on Steadfast Bridge
popular KREM Radio personalities who were returning to Belize City from the official Garifuna Settlement Day ceremony in Dangriga yesterday, November 19, were involved in a traffic accident that occurred shortly before 2:00 p.m. on a vintage one-lane bridge at Steadfast Village, Stann Creek. The daunting ordeal took place when a trailer truck slammed into the white Ford Escort SUV in which Lisa “Love” Kerr, Anthony Grant, a.k.a. “Tony G”; and Yvonne Dionicio, a.k.a. “Ras Von;” were traveling, as they were crossing the bridge, located around Mile 17 on the Hummingbird Highway. Kerr, an employee of KREM for the past 20 years, recounted the circumstances surrounding the nightmarish incident to our colleagues at KREM News today.

8 years behind bars for repeat offender
A Belize City man who has two previous convictions for crimes of dishonesty managed to pick up a third, when he was convicted of burglary at the conclusion of his trial before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, this morning. Roger Bradley, a driver/sideman who has one previous conviction for burglary and one for theft, was sentenced to eight years in prison. The 34-year-old Bradley was convicted of a brazen daylight burglary of a home in which a babysitter was present. According to court testimonies, shortly after 9:00 a.m. on March 25, 2014, Bradley entered the home of Luna Sosa, located at 87 Freetown Road, and attempted to steal two Leap Frog games. When Bradley entered the home, he was not aware that Mara Williams, the babysitter, was inside the house.

2 die, 1 injured in road traffic accidents out west
A woman and a man died tragically over the weekend in two separate traffic accidents which occurred on the George Price Highway between Friday night and early Saturday morning. The first incident happened in Roaring Creek Village at around 9:00 p.m. on Friday, November 14, when Maria Wright, 62, a resident of Roaring Creek, was knocked down while crossing the George Price Highway, between Miles 50 and 51, near the Westar Gas Station. Jorge Luis Romero, 41, of San Martin, Belmopan, was returning home from San Ignacio in a white 1991 Toyota Previa taxi van, when he allegedly knocked Wright down. Police said that their initial investigations have revealed that Wright had been hit while she tried to run across the highway.

Mahogany Street woman charged for stabbing Sandhill teenager in April
In April, Silvia Waight, 19, a resident of Mile 16, Sandhill Village, Belize District, was stabbed at a bar in the village and no one was charged for the incident. However, the Director of Public Prosecutions has recently directed that a Belize City woman be charged with one count of the use of deadly means of harm, in connection with the stabbing. On Tuesday morning, Lorna Jones, 26, a resident of Mahogany Street Extension, was escorted to court by Crimes Investigation Branch (CIB) police. “I direct you to charge Jones with the offense of use of deadly means of harm and that she be tried summarily or on indictment and as such, the 6 months limitation period does not apply,” the DPP’s memorandum to police said.

Alleged North Front Street shooter remanded on attempted murder and firearm charges
After spending the last five days under police guard at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) because of a bullet injury he suffered at the hands of Belize City police, the man who police alleged fired at another man at close range on North Front Street was remanded to prison after he was arraigned on attempted murder and firearm charges late this morning. Carl Lino, 22, was escorted by police in handcuffs and limped his way into the courtroom of Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who arraigned him on three indictable offences and two firearm-related charges. Around 10:00 a.m., when Lino’s name was first called, only his court book was present; he was a no-show. The reason is that police had to take him back to the hospital so that he could get fresh dressing for the gunshot injury.

Police nab two suspects for rape of girl, 14
Two men of Santa Elena, Cayo, have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison for the rape of a girl, 14, which allegedly occurred at about 2:00 Sunday morning in the Branch Mouth area of San Ignacio. Avery Bahadur, 21, a truck driver, and Craig Molina, 18, both of Santa Elena Town, were jointly arraigned on the rape charge on Tuesday, November 18, at the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court, before Magistrate Narda Morgan. Magistrate Morgan did not offer them bail but ordered that they be remanded until February 23, 2015.

Harry Cadle doing fine in L.A.
I was in L.A. for a couple weeks around the end of October for a special birthday/family reunion with my in-laws (my mother-in-law, Rosella “Rose” Smith, celebrated her 80th birthday), and I also had the opportunity to make contact with a former football teammate, who was one of Belize’s best, as in All-Belize stature, in both football and basketball. We’re talking about the man that team manager Edison Michael called our “Big Striker” on the original Charger football team of 1975-76 – the team captain, Harry Cadle. (See the X’s “Sin, Sports and Subversion.”) Like some other big name athletes of that era, Harry left the Jewel at the peak of his sports career in his early 20’s in search of “greener pastures” in Uncle Sam.

Central Zone high school basketball games update
Here is an update on results of high school basketball games for females (F) and males (M) since last week Monday in the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) Basketball Tournament 2014-2015, being played at Bird’s Isle. On Monday, November 10, (F) Gwen Liz High edged SCA, 18-17 (GLH – Tyra Moreira 9 pts; SCA – Tricia Jefferies and Halle Spence 4 pts each). And (M) E.P. Yorke trounced Belize High School, 74-26 (EPY – Kenroy Davis 16 pts, Nigel Myvett and Tyron Canton 10 pts each). On Tuesday, November 11, it was (F) Maude Williams High, 32-24, over Ladyville Tech (MWH – Ashley Bailey 21 pts; LTH – Dejayney Noralez 18 pts); and (M) Wesley over Gwen Liz, 65-61 (WES – Shaquille Crawford 25 pts, Kyron Samuels 9 pts; GLH – Karl Smith 19 pts, Darney Garcia 16 pts).

National Primary Schools Volleyball Champions 2014
The National Primary Schools Volleyball Championships took place last Friday, November 14, with games being played at two Belize City venues; the males played at Bird’s Isle on the south side, while the female games were held at Quan’s Gym on the north side of the city. There were six female teams and six male teams participating, being the respective champions representing the six districts of the country. The female (F) and male (M) teams participating and the respective districts they represent are: FEMALES - Belize Elementary (Belize), Our Lady of Guadalupe RC (Cayo), Louisiana Gov’t (Orange Walk), Church of Christ Primary (Corozal), Holy Angels RC (Stann Creek), and Toledo Christian Academy (Toledo.

Editorial: PUDP Tuesday
The decision by the LOVE FM management not to broadcast the afternoon session of Tuesday’s House meeting in Belmopan was an interesting one. LOVE FM enjoys a national signal monopoly in the radio business. KREM Radio has not been broadcasting House meetings for years, so when LOVE returned to their Belize City main studio to stay on Tuesday afternoon, this meant that only WAVE Radio and WAVE Television, broadcast media which are owned by the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP), were broadcasting the November 18 House session which had the Petrocaribe moneys as its primary subject matter. With national municipal elections scheduled for nine city and town councils in less than four months time, this particular House meeting could have been considered the opening of the campaign for the March 4, 2015 municipals. With LOVE FM being a station guided almost exclusively by business considerations, one question which has to be asked is whether one of the major political parties or a wealthy special interest made it profitable for LOVE not to broadcast. A second question we need to ask is whether the WAVE radio signal has become a national signal. It is for sure that the UDP has pumped a lot of money into the station. Technically, the WAVE Television signal is a national one, because it can be seen on cable television in all six Districts of Belize.

From the Publisher
There’s a lot of money being spent by the ruling politicians, but the air conditioning at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, and there’s nothing else even vaguely like it in the population center, has not been working for many months. I saw an advertisement or read an e-mail last week where a couple plays are going to be produced in Belmopan this week or next week. These will be plays written by foreign playwrights. A few weeks after the PUP won the general election of 1979, I visited the new Education Minister, Said Musa, in Belmopan. I said to him that I’d like access to the then Bliss Institute for a couple months or so in order to produce a major work. His Permanent Secretary, the late Everal Waight, told Mr. Musa in my presence that there was a problem, because the lady Solie Arguelles had some dates for her dance group tied up at the Bliss, and, he said, Solie liked this sort of thing, dancing, that is.

Of the Firearms Act and a mother’s torment
As I stood at the proverbial door, I very sheepishly began to knock. Behind the door was Justice. She must not have heard my first knock, so I gathered myself and tried to stop my involuntary fidgeting and this time I mustered up the courage to give a more audible knock. Still, it was too discreet a knock. No answer; no sound. So, I thought to myself “Ahhhh, forget it!” thus I pounded on the door so much that the mahogany grains began to split. Finally, a faint and almost indistinct response of “Coming!” then, the door was opened. If you’re going to knock… knock. Draconian… Consider the word “draconian” for a moment. In Belize, we tend to overuse certain words that sometimes their power is diminished. Surely however, the use of the dictionary has not evaded us. Therefore, just as a highlight for which the rest of my letter shall hinge upon. The New Oxford American Dictionary gives a very straightforward definition of the word “draconian”. It says: “(of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe”. I like this definition because it just about sums up exactly what Belize’s Firearms Act is. I would go even further and state that it is grossly inhumane and oppressive. As the wise legal proverb goes “An unjust law is no law at all.”

World Diabetes Day celebrated
World Diabetes Day was observed on Friday, with a health fair conducted,by the Belize Diabetes Association, along with its supporting partners, to draw attention to the disease. The event was held at the Battlefield Park on Albert Street in Belize City, from 9:00 in the morning until about 4:00 in the evening, when it concluded. Many individuals stopped by the fair to get their blood sugar level checked, which is very important in diagnosing diabetes. The theme for this year’s World Diabetes Day is “Healthy Living and Diabetes”. The year’s activities and materials specifically address the topic of healthy eating and its importance both in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and the effective management of diabetes to avoid complications.

8 years behind bars for repeat offender
A Belize City man who has two previous convictions for crimes of dishonesty managed to pick up a third, when he was convicted of burglary at the conclusion of his trial before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, this morning. Roger Bradley, a driver/sideman who has one previous conviction for burglary and one for theft, was sentenced to eight years in prison. The 34-year-old Bradley was convicted of a brazen daylight burglary of a home in which a babysitter was present. According to court testimonies, shortly after 9:00 a.m. on March 25, 2014, Bradley entered the home of Luna Sosa, located at 87 Freetown Road, and attempted to steal two Leap Frog games.

BWS wants 12.5% increase in tariffs
The Belize Water Services Limited (BWS) has submitted an application to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), calling for two successive rate increases totaling 12.5%. BWS says that based on the forecasted growth in the customer base and overall sales volume, it needs an initial average tariff increase of 5% in April 2015 and a subsequent increase of 7.5% in April 2017. The company said that in an effort to keep the tariffs affordable over the next 5-year business plan period, it is proposing $108 mil worth of investments. Of this, $30 million would be financed from its revenue pool, and the remainder from new loans, grants and developers’ contributions. Total capital expenditure for the next five years is projected at $180.3 million. Meanwhile, projected yearly revenues range from $44 mil to $51.9 million.

Senate to consider two treaties for ratification
Two international legal instruments are to be tabled in the Senate when it meets next Wednesday, November 26, 2014, to consider 5 money motions, including the US$114 million PetroCaribe loan motion which has been at the center of political controversy. On the one hand, the Senate will be asked to ratify the landmark Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which is supposed to regulate international trade in conventional arms – from small arms to battle tanks, combat aircraft and warships. That treaty will come into force on December 24, 2014. United Nations information indicates that Belize signed on to the ATT on June 3, 2013, but it is pending parliamentary ratification here. So far, 122 countries have signed the treaty.

BDF soldier fined $500 for harm upon common-law wife
A Belize Defense Force (BDF) soldier whom police charged with a single count of harm, pleaded guilty to the charge when he was arraigned in the courtroom of Magistrate Dale Cayetano, this afternoon. Rodney Menzies, 32, a resident of Antelope Street Extension, Belize City, who was released on police bail, walked into the courtroom of Magistrate Dale Cayetano and pleaded guilty to the one count of harm. Menzies was spared prison time and a fine was imposed on him instead. (The offense of harm carries a maximum prison sentence of seven years.)

More charges for Coast Guard captain after Crooked Tree Lagoon accident
On January 31, 2014, there was a horrific boat accident on the Crooked Tree Lagoon, which claimed the life of Benjamin Jerome Gentle, 20. The fatal boat accident occurred when two Belize Coast Guard boats collided while ferrying some area residents to the Philip Goldson Highway due to floods that had rendered the road impassable. The accident resulted in one fatality and several persons being injured, and after months of investigation, police charged Coast Guard officer Whaine Williams, a Belize City resident, with manslaughter by negligence for Gentle’s death. Williams was released on bail, while his case began making its way through the slow-moving judicial process at the Magistrate’s Court, where a preliminary inquiry will determine if it will be committed to the Supreme Court for trial on indictment.

Gapi’s deadline passes; no apology and retraction from Monchie
Today is the deadline for the People’s United Party (PUP) Orange Walk North standard bearer Ramon “Monchie” Cervantes, Jr., to “retract and apologize” to Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar “Gapi” Vega, the Orange Walk North area representative and Minister of Natural Resources and Agriculture. The “retraction and apology” are being demanded as amends for an alleged conversation that was aired over LOVE FM on Wednesday, November 5, during a memorial for Ramon Cervantes, Sr., who had been found murdered in a shallow grave on a farm roughly 3½ miles down the Honey Camp road in Indian Hill, Orange Walk, on July 5, 2014. The conversation was reportedly between Manuel “El Pelon” Castillo, a fugitive wanted for the murder, and the wife of Cervantes, Sr., and according to Vega’s attorney, Rodwell Williams, S.C., law partner of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the allegations libeled his client.

Belizean consumers demand further pump price adjustments
Since October, pump prices have fallen by an average of 72 cents on the gallon, but some consumers say that’s not far enough, given the extent to which fuel prices have plummeted on the world market. Pump prices peaked in July this year when a gallon of regular gasoline in Belize City was tagged at $11.84 and premium gasoline was tagged at $12.17. Today’s prices reflect a reduction of a mere 10%, contrasting sharply with the 30% decline in world market prices. The last price adjustment was effected last Friday morning, when the Government-controlled prices were reduced to $10.92 for a gallon of premium gasoline. Today, we posed the question to Minister of Finance, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who said that further reductions should come by year-end.

Butane prices dip $6
The Belize Bureau of Standards announced late this evening that the price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), a mixture of propane and butane, will fall effective tomorrow. The price of LPG imported from PEMEX in Mexico will fall by $6, and so consumers in Punta Gorda, who were paying $120 for the 100-pound cylinder, will now pay $114, while Belize City customers will pay $109, down from $115. Meanwhile, the price of LPG sourced from Central America, which has 90:10 mix of propane, will fall by $6, from $112 to $106 in Belize City.

Supporting smart, sustainable growth in fisheries
The region’s fisheries stakeholders will meet, to deepen their understanding of the “blue growth concept”, at a two-day workshop held from November 20-21, 2014, in St. George’s, Grenada under the theme, “Investing in Blue Economic Growth.” The ‘blue growth concept’ is mainly concerned with generating economic growth from the living resources in the oceans and seas. Blue growth strategies seek to achieve growth by sustainable use and conservation of aquatic renewable resources in the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) and on the high seas, in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

The Reporter

Chile colonels jailed for torturing President Bachelet’s father
Two retired Chilean colonels have been jailed for repeatedly torturing the father of President Michelle Bachelet in 1973. General Alberto Bachelet was arrested and tortured for opposing the military coup led by Gen Augusto Pinochet. He died in 1974 of a heart attack caused by the torture inflicted on him. The former air force colonels – Ramon Caceres Jorquera and Edgar Ceballos Jones – were given three and two years in prison respectively. They “repeatedly committed the crime of applying torture” to their former superior, judge Mario Carroza said in the Chilean capital, Santiago.

Chik-V confirmed in Belize
Belize has confirmed its first case of of Chikungunya. The case originated in the Las Flores area of Belmopan and the test result taken in September came back positive this past Wednesday. The victim is a 34 year-old woman, but her case is not the only one that health authorities suspected from that area. Since the suspected cases emerged, the Ministry of Health started on an awareness and educational campaign to inform people of the risk factors, the symptoms and the effects of the illness. Additionally, it took aggressive measures to eliminate, as much as possible, all potential breeding areas. The ministry is still awaiting the results of more ssmples that were sent abroad after the first batch of suspected cases were taken.

Highway accident claims woman’s life
A fatal traffic accident on the Western Highway last week Friday night claimed the life of Maria Wright, 52, resident of a nearby village. Police have served Jorge Luis Romero, a taxi driver of Belmopan, with a notice of intended prosecution in connection with […]

Nurse raped at home
Dangriga police are on the manhunt for a man who reportedly broke into a nurse’s home and raped her on Monday, November 17th. The incident happened sometime around 2:00 a.m. while the victim slept in her bed at an apartment complex in the New […]

Michel Chebat runs for PUP in Cayo North
Attorney Michel Chebat has announced his intention to run as a standard bearer for the People’s United Party (PUP) in the Cayo North constituency, which became available after incumbent Joseph Mahmud decided not to seek re-election. Chebat said he has started to visit the […]

Huge crowd turns out to support PetroCaribe projects
The United Democratic Party (UDP) government drew a crowd of between 5,000 and 6,000 supporters to Belmopan for Tuesday’s House sitting, vigorously supporting the government’s plan to formalize its borrowing and spending of PetroCaribe funds. The party brought in busloads to Belmopan from all […]

Tourism operators up in arms over new regulations imposed by NICH
The Federation of Cruise Tourism Association of Belize (FECTAB) is unhappy with amnesty conditions that the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) have decided to grant to tour operators to give them time to comply with new tourism regulations. Tour operators call the […]

Diversifying Income for Fishers: Steps to Improve Livelihood and Fisheries
By Ralna Lewis, Wildlife Conservation Society & Julie Robinson, The Nature Conservancy The fisheries sector is central to the Belizean economy. In 2011 it accounted for $25.95 million BZD in export earnings, representing 2.2 percent of Belize’s GDP. In 2012 the sector supported close to 3,000 fishermen. The Government of […]

Chikungunya outbreak in Belize could reduce blood supply
An outbreak of Chikungunya in Belize would affect the availability of blood for transfusion. This is the view of the Ministry of Health. Director of Laboratories overseeing the Belize National Blood Transfusion Service (Blood Bank), Joycelyn Gonzales, explained this week that an outbreak of the […]

Cricel does it with style!
Cricel Castillo, the fitness model who was suspended three weeks ago from the Belize Body Building & Fitness Federation (BBBFF) stole the show at the the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Competition at the Hyatt Convention Center in Miami on Saturday. She won the first […]

The few inches of rain which fell on Belize City on Monday night caused many of our Belie City Streets, even those which have been newly paved, to be flooded. Many are blaming the Belize City Council for not having provided an adequate drainage system to take care of the […]

Human Rights Commission joins protest against holding cells
The Human Rights Commission of Belize this week joined community activist, Yaya Marin-Coleman in condemning the conditions detainees must endure at the holding cells of the Queen Street Police Station, and at most police stations countrywide. In a statement released on Thursday, the Commission […]

Sugar stalemate continues Deal sweetener needed on November 25th
The Belize Sugarcane Farmers Association decided not to follow through on its threat to take industrial action against the sugar factory after it became evident that the Sugar Industry Control Board would not be able to gather all stakeholders for a meeting scheduled for this […]

Butane prices tumble in time for Christmas
Belizeans will enjoy a $6 drop in the price of butane (LPG) just in time for the Christmas holidays. The Supplies and Control Unit of the Ministry of Trade, announced the price change for gas imported by Belize Gas Limited, Western Gas Company Limited by […]

House asked to approve M $120 in new loans
The government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduced four loan motions at Tuesday’s House sitting for various projects and initiatives, which altogether amount to US $60,304,000 in government borrowings from international financial institutions. The South Side Poverty Alleviation Project Phase 111 loan motion is […]

Patrick JonesPJ

Galen University looks to win ATLIB basketball championship
The Galen University basketball team will be defending its national championship on Saturday morning during the annual Association of Tertiary Level Institution of Belize tournament. The game will be played at the SJC Junior College gymnasium in Belize City. Galen University is the back to back champion of the ATLIB tournament and will seek a three-peat on Saturday. The team has been preparing for this weekend’s championship and head basketball coach Adam Carswell says the team is ready for any surprises that they may encounter on Saturday.

Richard Harrison Offers Himself For Cayo North and Belize
Yesterday, Richard Harrison submitted his application to contest the upcoming Cayo North convention for the People’s United Party. According to the Secretariat of the party, so far, his is the only application that has been submitted. This formal application confirms his will to contest a free, open and fair convention which allows the people of Cayo North to choose the candidate that they believe can deliver the seat in general elections for the House of Representatives, and who can represent the best interest of the people of Cayo North and Belize. His application has been received “like a breath of fresh air” by many from Cayo North, from across Belize, and also from Belizean diaspora and friends of Belize, who have been following his many concrete and practical analysis and recommendations on Belizean economic, political and social issues, and which have been published by various mass media over the years. Anyone can Google “Richard Harrison Belize” to view his many achievements and publications, and appearances on the local and international news promoting his ventures and agitating for improving the investment climate in Belize.

Chikungunya confirmed in Belize
The first case of Chikungunya has been confirmed in Belize. The Ministry of Health made the announcement this morning via a press released. The official release says that the Caribbean Public Health Agency confirmed the Chik-V case during the November 19 holiday. The confirmed case of Chik-V, according to the official release is from the Las Flores area of Belmopan and the Ministry of Health says that it will schedule spraying activities and health education sessions will continue in the affected community.


What’s New San Pedro? Weather, George’s Kitchen, Lazy Croc’s and the New House of Culture
George’s Kitchen is a long standing restaurant just south of town that has been a favorite forever. Maria and George, one of the sweetest couples you’ll ever meet, have run this place, basically solo, for years and years. Making delicious food (the BEST breakfast sandwich you’ve ever eaten – I even called it My Favorite Meal in San Pedro a few years ago!) and working HARD. They are ready to retire to a beautiful home in Belmopan – I actually stayed there before it was completely done – in 2012 for the Belmopan Trade & Agriculture Show. All hotels in town were SOLD OUT and they so kindly let us use their home. SO…now iconic George’s Kitchen is closed. And being renovated a bit for someone to come in and lease the spot. I spoke to Maria and it will no longer be called George’s Kitchen. This one is a bit of a doozy. Lazy Croc’s was a BELOVED business on San Pedro for maybe the last 5 years? They were open a few days a week and had a TOTAL cult following. They did US Style BBQ before anyone else on the island and they did it FANTASTICALLY. Last year, the owners of the business and the property sold the restaurant to a father/son team – Canadians. They came in with huge ideas…delivery in town, expansion of the menu, opening from breakfast to late night. I spoke to the owner, Christiano, a few times and he was excited and energetic.

Belize’s Charm Is Difficult to Describe But Easily Experienced
We were having a look through the November 20 2014 Travel Pulse, as you do, and couldn’t help but notice a piece in the “Editor’s Notebook”section titled, Belize’s Charm Is Difficult to Describe But Easily Experienced. After leading in with a paragraph about Belize’s impressive growth, noting that tourism arrivals this year are expected to set a new record, reaching nearly 1.1 million for 2014, author and executive editor Brian Major goes on to list a few reasons why Belize is attracting so many visitors.

“Rumours” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
I’ve also spent a little time snooping and generally looking around and about. So what did I find out/see you’re wondering. Well the Three Kingdom Bar has had a face lift (and maybe a change of focus). This was a bar for lonely men looking for company (you’ll of course appreciate and understand that I’ve never frequented it – honestly) and now Now the next change I noticed is nearer to home. The little grocery store on the eastern side of the road just before the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge (southern side) has been razed to the ground. Hoarding where the grocery store once stood. And it’s rumoured that in its place there’s going to be a sixteen room beachfront hotel. Now the other rumour I’ve heard is that the Palapa Bar might be changing hands very soon. And the final rumour I’ve heard is that the budget for the road north of the Sir Barry Bowen Bridge has been exhausted. Don’t know if this is true or not but one thing is for sure and that’s that no work on it has taken place this week. Time will tell if these are scoops or poops!

4 Great Ambergris Caye Belize All Inclusive Resorts to Stay In
If you are thinking of experiencing Belize resort vacations for a romantic getaway or honeymoon, you still have a few months left to plan before the rainy season comes. For divers and snorkelers, one top destination in the country, home to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the Blue Hole, is Ambergris Caye. This long and slender island is home to a wide range of beach resorts and the whimsical town of San Pedro. Each of these Ambergris Caye Belize all-inclusive resorts is unique in itself. So read on and learned more details about the top hotels in Ambergris Caye and discover the one that’s right for you.

Highest rated excursions by our do while you are in Placencia, Belize!
We have been enjoying having guests here --finally!!!--for the last few weeks. We are learning a lot about how to create the best vacation, and what excursions people are giving the highest ratings to. I have written blogs in the past about what to do for a 7 day trip, budget tips, and the great excursions like Cockscomb (our guests LOVED Cockscomb with Doyle Gardiner, they highly recommended him as a guide and a person!) Here are a few more that got high ratings from our guests:

International Sourcesizz

A Luxury Resort Threatens Belize's Mesoamerican Reef
Belize's Lighthouse Reef Atoll is the home of the world-famous Great Blue Hole -- a massive underwater sinkhole and World Heritage Site. The islands that make up this ring of coral reefs are known for their crystal blue waters, white sand beaches, and vibrant coral reef. Hundreds of species of fish swim amid towering corals, while sea turtles and manatees browse the expansive meadows of sea grass. But two of the islands that make up this special place could soon be dredged and paved to make way for race cars, golfers, and a tarmac. Foreign developers are planning a massive luxury resort on the atoll, which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System -- the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and a thriving marine ecosystem. Called Puerto Azul, the proposed project would decimate important marine habitat and compromise the integrity of Belize's eco-based tourism industry.

Expats fish, shop on Belize’s Ambergris Caye
A middle-aged socialite sat in the shade of a beach umbrella at a luxurious condominium complex, her manicured nails tapping a rhythm of impatient discontent on the poolside table. A hint of a smile finally appeared as a waiter brought a mimosa, which arrived just as a friend rattled up the gravel path in a golf cart. It was time to leave this expat pocket of the island, populated by Americans and Canadians living a few months a year in multi-million-dollar beach houses and condos, and do a little shopping. Nearby San Pedro, the island’s only town, and, luckily a fairly upscale one, had a wide range of excellent restaurants, shops and art galleries — enough to keep a high-maintenance expat happy. Her husband, meanwhile, beamed. “Do you know what a grand slam is in Belize?” Without waiting for an answer he told me, “Catching a tarpon, bonefish and permit all in one day.”

No Vacancy: Is America Really at Capacity?
I don't really understand the complexities of immigration reform. Surely it's more complicated that what is inscribed at the entrance to the Statue of Liberty. "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." There's more to it than that simple and inspiring vision of America. Media reports in the past few days share that the past few presidents, Democrats and Republicans, have called for immigration reform. Something needs to be done. And, like so many fellow Americans, I feel completely baffled by what I can do. In this season of thanks and giving I have decided one thing I can do is lose myself in the service of others. I can make good on the noble aspiration at the doorstep of Lady Liberty's residence to take in the tired and poor and in doing so learn a little bit more about the immigrants story. The rain is pounding on the tin roof as students prepare medical lectures alongside doctors from Cuba and Costa Rica. We are seated in tropical Belize, a small, rural country, devoid of industry and teeming with immigrants from Guatemala and El Salvador. Along with 15 students I have embarked on a mission of service and in return we all are receiving an awakening experience. Poor immigrant families express their health concerns and in doing so speak of a life of struggle and pain, of worry and concern, of constant sickness over things that access to health care could fix.

Supporting Smart and Sustainable Growth in Fisheries
The region’s fisheries stakeholders to deepen their understanding of the “blue growth concept” at a two-day workshop in St. George’s, Grenada under the theme, “Investing in Blue Economic Growth” on November 20-21, 2014. The Blue Growth Concept is mainly concerned about how to generate economic growth from the living resources in the oceans and seas. The Blue Growth seeks to achieve growth by sustainable use and conservation of aquatic renewable resources in the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) and on the high seas, in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. The major components of the Blue Growth concept include: (1) marine and inland capture fisheries; (2) aquaculture development, (3) livelihoods and food systems, and (4) ecosystem services and marine biodiversity conservation at regional and national levels.

Best Belize Beach and Belize Jungle Resorts
Belize is a refreshing and diverse destination where the people are friendly and the landscapes are breathtaking, and is one of our places to visit before it’s too late. It’s a fantastic place for enjoying the beach and the jungle. In fact, one of the major decisions facing anyone who wants to visit is whether to choose a Belize beach or Belize jungle resorts. Both offer advantages. Particularly fortunate travelers may want to consider dividing their time between two resorts to enjoy the best of both worlds. As this isn’t a realistic option for everyone, it’s probably necessary to choose between the beach and the jungle. The attractions of staying close to a Belizean beach are obvious. Belize is well known for the quality of its waters and sand. Guests can spend the day soaking up the sun or playing active water sports. Scuba diving is excellent in the area, with the barrier reef being the most popular attraction for viewing colorful fish. Most beach resorts are attached to nearby cities, guaranteeing a good variety of shopping, restaurants and other attractions. Belize also has some of the Top Beaches in Central America to escape winter. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to forego the opportunity to stay amid Belize’s lush jungles. Inland resorts are a great choice for the visitor who wants to hike extensively and explore the country’s natural beauty. In addition, staying in the jungle may provide better access to Belize’s rich collection of ancient ruins. These long abandoned Mayan cities are fascinating. Many have been extensively excavated and some visitors could spend days just wandering through them.


Video: Drone in Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Cayman Islands., 12min.
A little bit of my favorite places I got to record with my qx350 and a go pro.

Video: Rondreis Mexico Belize 2014 deel 2 van 3, min.
Video (foto's en korte filmpjes) van onze Rondreis met de auto door Mexico en Belize mei 2014. In dit 2e deel bezoeken we: Palenque, het tropisch eiland Tabacco Caye San Ignacio en Bacalar.

Video: Cave Diving in Belize, 2min.
Belize is a little known cave diving gem holding some of the most immaculate and under explored submerged structures in the Western Hemisphere. Scuba divers visiting Belize experience the thrill of floating through the massive rooms of Giant Cave and cutting through the shimmering sand coated stalactites of Winter Wonderland.

Video: ChefSessy FoodAlchemist and Macarena talk about Belize, 1hr30min.
ChefSessy- the Food Alchemist and Macarena Rose talk about Belize and the Woman's Healing Event she shall be hosting. Listen in to hear about Belize, Her healing and meet this spiritual Guru !

Video: Diver Down Belize, 4min.
Belize Diving Trip.

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!
Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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