The Victor Galvez Stadium was once a health hub for daily users as hundreds of citizens on a path of healthy living used this facility for daily exercise. The UDP Town Council may be ruled by a bunch of clowns, but one move which is not making residents laugh is the decision to close the Victor Galvez Stadium to give a Circus access of the facilities for two weeks.

The heavy trucks and mechanical equipment have been rolling in, breaking up the running track but the Council could care less. According to the Circus owner, he ‘pays the Mayor’ $3000 per day.

Once again the UDP Town Council is showing complete disregard for the citizens of the Twin Towns. Just a little over a month ago, some work commenced in the Galvez stadium and a Sign (picture attached) was put up about three weeks later. What is disturbing is the tact and style displayed by this UDP Council. They do not inform the users of the facility with time or via a consultation process but suddenly, you go to the stadium one day to find it closed to the public with the most demeaning signs. How can you put a “No Trespassing” signs on a Public facility?

The only thing missing were “Trespassers will be Prosecuted” signs. This UDP Administration is cold, cold, cold. We Belizeans are and understandable people. We welcome any development but we do not want to be treated with disdain and disrespect.

On another note, why could the facility not be worked on in stages and still allow the users access to the grounds? If they are repairing the track why not allow the use of the Field?

The Belize Times