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Today's Belize News: November 25, 2014 #498317
11/25/14 04:57 AM
11/25/14 04:57 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Fresh New Menu Items at Running W Steakhouse in San Ignacio
Running W Steakhouse will launch its latest menu that features new, innovative items made fresh daily by our Chefs. The restaurant, known for its local and international cuisine, welcoming atmosphere and premium meats from their own family ranch, will introduce the new menu on December 1st which includes eight new appetizers, four new sandwiches & salads, nine new entrées, six new desserts and several new cocktails. During the process of revamping the Running W Steakhouse menu, the restaurant tested many of the new dishes on the weekly specials menu. “We had so many great ideas for new dishes that it became extremely difficult choosing what should be featured permanently,” said Kristin Utsman, Assistant Manager. “We have enough new dishes to feature 3 different menus that will be introduced seasonally.” The lunch and dinner menu now showcases the new appetizer, Filet Mignon Beef Carpaccio: tender thin sliced grass fed filet topped with house made caper crème, roasted red peppers and shaved parmesan accompanied with our own French baguette garlic crostini. If you’re in the mood for a lighter appetizer, you can try our new Chicken Lettuce Cups: Hoisin scented chicken vegetable slaw served with spicy peanut coconut dipping sauce and fresh lettuce leaf wraps.

A Blue Heron hunts for breakfast shortly after sunrise on Ambergris Caye.

Joseph Mahmud resigns as PUP Cayo North Representative
It is announced from the House of Representatives that the Honorable Speaker has accepted the resignation letter of the Honorable Member for Cayo North, Honorable Joseph Mahmud, who advised the Office of the Clerk this morning that with immediate effect he resigns his seat in the House as Member for Cayo North. The resignation letter was received at around 11:00 o’clock this morning, 24th November 2014, by the Clerk to the House of Representatives, Mr. Eddie Webster. In accordance with section 126 of the Belize Constitution, the Honorable Speaker Michael Peyrefitte has accepted the resignation of the Honorable Member for Cayo North. The Honorable Speaker who is currently attending the ACP Meetings in Strasbourg, France, was contacted this morning by the Clerk and he was informed of the resignation letter. The Honorable Peyrefitte has accepted the resignation of the Honorable Member with immediate effect.

Get your Red Cross First Aid Kit today!
The San Pedro Red Cross (SPRC) is now offering first aid kits for both residential and business use. Having a proper first aid kit is very important in case of emergencies, and SPRC’s aim is to make the island a safer place. The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) First Aid Kits contain all the essentials for the immediate treatment of injuries. SPRC offers the Bulk ANSI Kit which contains 196 pieces, and is ideal for a small business with up to 50 employees or for a family home. The kit is Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified and carries 20 critical products needed for first aid treatment. It comes in a convenient plastic case for easy storage.

Strombus Gigas Alliance attends 67th GCFI conference in Barbados
According to James Azueta from the Belize Fisheries Department, the forum in which the Belize SGA made the presentation was not organized by Government agencies of the region, but by various international non-profit organizations. He explained that such a forum is open to any NGO who wishes to submit presentations. Azueta said that while he is aware of the points made by Belize SGA, the reason it was not being fully entertained was because the US-based NGO, Wild Earth Guardians had petitioned the US government to list the queen conch as threatened or endangered under the USA Endangered Species Act (ESA). That petition, explained Azueta, was rejected earlier in November by the US Court. Notwithstanding the rejected petition, Azueta further explained that as it is, the CITES regulation has benefited Belize tremendously as the conch population has shown constant growth. “That has been contributed largely to the recommended good management mechanism put in place and adopted by fisheries authorities in the region,” said Azueta. The Belize Fisheries Department has confirmed that currently, beside the exportation of conch flesh, there are at least two license holders who are beginning to export conch shell. One of the permit holders is currently exporting about 20,000 conch shells annually at an estimated $5 each. Those shells have been exported and processed into jewelry amongst other products.

Island in need of foster families
There are several different types of fostering families that are needed. “We have different types of fostering available. You can choose to foster children only in cases of emergency. These cases range from an overnight stay to a weekend. You can also foster a child for a week or till we can locate other family members that would wish to care for the children,” said Kay. Person wanting to foster children for a longer period of time can choose the short or long term, which range from three months to three years. “A short term foster would be anything from a week to three months. During this time HHD will determine whether the parents of the child can be rehabilitated and the child returned to them. If the case is not so then the parents will be taken to court so that custody of the child can be taken from them. A long term foster is from a year to three years. This is done for families that would like to adopt a child. During this time they work on a relationship with the child and determine whether adoption is the right choice,” said Kay. Families can also choose to foster children during vacation. Many of the children in need of foster care come for dysfunctional families. Kay explained that removing a child from its home is usually the last resort and is only contemplated when the child’s well-being is at risk. “There are several reasons why a child is removed from its families. Some of the main reasons include physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, mental disability, and drug abuse and alcoholism on behalf of the parents. Another reason for a child to be taken away is if his/her parents simply cannot protect or provide for the child,” said Kay.

NICH inaugurates San Pedro House of Culture
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) inaugurated the facility that will host the San Pedro House of Culture. The new building is located on Angel Coral Street directly across the Honorable Louis “Cuz” Sylvester Sporting Arena (Saca Chispas). The facility was inaugurated on Wednesday November 19th by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation Hon Manuel Heredia Jr. While the San Pedro House of Culture (Casa de Cultura) has been operating for almost three years without a physical structure, the new building will strengthen the work being done to preserve the island’s rich history and culture. During the ceremony, the San Pedro House of Culture Coordinator Mito Paz indicated that the project is a dream come true.

Ambergris Today

WORLD AIDS DAY is December 1
- The San Pedro AIDS Commission has released a schedule of events. Let's show them our support.

Fisheries Department Announces Fisher Folk License Renewal
The Fisheries Department hereby informs the PUBLIC that it will start the renewal of fisher folk licenses for 2015 on December 01st 2014. Licensing in the fishing communities will commence on December 15th 2014. The following are the scheduled dates for licensing in the fishing communities:

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Diplomat Murdered!
UPDATE: Official police report states: At about 4:00 p.m. on 23.11.14 the body of a male Hispanic person was found in the west area of Belmopan about ¾ mile from La Chosa. The person was later identified as 64-year-old Jose Rodriga De la Rosa Stanford, Panamanian national who works at the Embassy of Panama. The body had cut wounds to the neck and head. Investigations revealed that his white Nissan with diplomatic License plates that he was reportedly driving is also missing. Police investigations continue -------------- The body of the Panamanian Chargé d’ Affairs, Jose Rodrigo de la Rosa, was found with his throat slit. His body was found in the outskirts of Belmopan in an area known as La Choza. He was found by a resident of the area who was returning home from church. There are reports that while his car is missing, his personal belongings were found on him. More on this story in tonight’s newscast

San Pedro wins First Place in the "Wahoo de Plata" Fishing Tournament 2014 in Mahahual, Mexico
Ricky Martin was San Pedro's head captain of the winning team. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and Mahahual, Mexico share a very close friendship with each other. On Saturday November 22, the Governor of the State of Quintana Roo Roberto Borge Angulo signaled the opening of the Third International Fishing Tournament “El Wahoo de Plata” at the fishermen’s wharf in the heart of the Grand Costa Maya, Mahahual. 24 fishing boats with over 150 fishermen from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Belize, Tabasco, Chetumal, Calderitas and Mahahual took part. Congratulations to the San Pedro Team!

This weekend Corozal Predators played their basketball game against Chetumal and won.The Preds took Cancun on the second game which they won in a very close one 55 - 67 to take Championship between 4 teams, Cancun, Chetumal, Bacalar, Corozal Predators. Congratulations to the Corozal Predators and best of luck in the next tournament. (5 photos)

Belize FISHING REPORT: Week of November 15th – 22nd, 2014
We know that weather does as it wishes. We had some serious rain this week, but this did not dampen the spirit of our anglers. I mean it poured, and the guides said, “let’s go!” They went out with a prayer and their anglers came back drenched and smiling. A big shout out to Jim, “Catcher on the Fly,” – he landed his slam over the week. He was beyond excited. See photos. And Scott, all we can say is, “wow!” Congratulations on your first slam and the epic tarpon fishing. Nice work Krista on video and stills! And to all who participated in the Orvis Bonanza week, thank you. As I said when you were awarded your bonefish pins – you made lemonade out of lemons. This is the spirit that shares our sport. Thank you.

The Venezuelan Ambassador, Señor Yoel Perez Marcando and his staff, has announced that the revolutionary Belizean thinker, Economist, Belize's Ambassador of Trade, and Internationalist, Adlabert Alexander Tucker, will be honored this coming Saturday, November 29, 2014 in Belize's capital city, Belmopan, at the Venezuelan Institute, at the Canada Precinct, at 9:00 o'clock in the morning. The special program honoring the former Belize's Ambassador of Trade in the Barrow administration, who passed away recently this year in Jamaica after a long battle with cancer, will be having a street named in his honor. All arrangements has already been made to by the Venezuelan Embassy in getting the Street Sign purchased, the area where the sign will placed cleaned, and material to have the Street Sign install by a private contractor, has already been done.

Channel 7

History! Mahmud Resigns House of Rep's, Triggers Bi-Election
Tonight, political players in both mass parties are preparing for a surprise bi-election in Cayo North. That's after a most unexpected thing happened: the PUP's Cayo North Representative Joseph Mahmud abruptly resigned as a member of parliament. Now, he had already indicated he would not run again - but that was a month ago - and the understanding was that he would serve out his term. But all that changed today when he up and resigned. That immediately puts his seat into a play and a bye-election must be held within 90 days to fill the vacant post. The UDP is rearing to go with its standard bearer Omar Figueroa who was elected in February. The PUP on the other hand has not found a new standard bearer since Mahmud indicated he would not run again. Attorney Michel Chebat and businessman Richard Harrison have declared an interest in the division - but the party will now have to move swiftly to have a convention and elect or endorse someone.

Panamanian Diplomat Slain In Bze; Police Have Suspect; Recover Vehicle
And while an elected representative stepping down is a first - so is our other top story tonight: the murder of a diplomat. The Panamanian Charge d' Affairs was found murdered in the greater Belmopan area on Sunday afternoon. There is major breaking news concerning that killing tonight, but we start at the murder scene today:.. Jules Vasquez reporting This is the road off the Hummingbird Highway across from La Cabana where Jose Rodriga De la Rosa's body was found. It is known as West Belmopan - and the road is called La Choza after the Bar that used to be a popular watering hole - it has now closed down.

Ellis Jr. Charged For Shooting Zimbab
Tonight, the well-know Ellis Meighan Jr. and another 17 year-old minor are prison after being accused by police of shooting Carlos "Zimbab" Abraham, a ranking member of George Street who was targeted in a broad daylight shooting on last week Thursday. Meighan, who lives around the corner from where the shooting happened, and the minor were both arraigned today before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith on the charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm, and use of deadly means of harm. Due to the nature of the offences, they couldn't be granted bail, and they have been remanded into custody until January 30, 2015.

Corozal Cops: Corporal Andrews Had Compressed Cannabis
On Friday night we had breaking news about a police corporal who was busted for marijuana trafficking at the northern border. Well tonight we can tell you that his name is Shaun Andrews, a 30 year old from Corozal attached to the Precinct 2 strike team. He was driving and his passengers were 25 year old Brandon Casey of Camalote and 26 year old Dwayne Zuniga also of Corozal Town. As we told you, his red Geo PRizm had mechanical difficulties right at he northern border customs checkpoint. Andrews lifted the bonnet and that's when alert customs officers saw two parcels wrapped in transparent plastic. Both were retrieved and found to contain 1.5 kilos or about 3.2 pounds of compressed cannabis. All three were handed over to Corozal police and charged for Drug Trafficking. They were arraigned today and bailed for three thousand dollars and scheduled to return to court n January.

Drunk Corporal Discharged His Weapon Negligently?
And it didn't make news last week but another Corporal was criminally charged. Details are somewhat sketchy but a corporal Cobarubia attached to the Belmopan police station. According to reports he was intoxicated and refused to pay a taxi-driver who he had hired to give him a ride home on Thursday night. When the police man told him he owed him 7 dollars for the ride - and instead the Corporal let loose with 7 shots from his service weapon. He was charged disciplinarily and criminally for Common assault damage to property discharging a firearm in public obtaining property by deception.

MOE Working Out CXC Subsidy
Right now, a little over 4,000 students countywide are currently in 4th Form, and they're only a few months away from taking their CSEC Exams - better known as CXC's. Now, these exams aren't cheap, and at the beginning of the year, Prime Minister Dean Barrow promised in his 2014 New Year's Message that the Government of Belize would cover the costs for 6 of the exams for needy students. The requirement is that the parents of these students needed to have applied to the Ministry of Education for the subsidy on or before last week Friday. To ensure that the needy families are the ones who are receiving this financial assistance, the Department of Human Services went out to survey and assess the families who applied for it. The Survey was completed by the Department of Human Services, several months ago, and the Government of Belize set aside a budget to accommodate around 1,600 of the students. The parents of approximately 640 students applied, and just over half of them were accepted. The rest were rejected, and upon further consideration, the Ministry decided that instead of forcing those families to go through a complicated and tedious appeal process, they will pay for all students, whose families applied early.

Hon. Faber Discusses Petrocaribe Rally
And while we had the chance, asked Faber about the Petrocaribe Rally that the UDP held last week at Tuesday's House meeting. As we've told you, it's the first time that a ruling party has protested the Opposition Party, and as we told you, an element of that demonstration was to test the machinery in preparation for the municipal elections, which are a little over 4 months away. Faber claimed that he brought out 12 busloads of supporters from Collet to take part in last week's rally. We asked him about a few of the criticisms which emerged in its wake. Here's how that conversation went: Hon. Patrick Faber, Minister of Education "The people in my area especially came out. Some of them decided not to go to their jobs on that day because some of the very same work that they do in the constituency rely on the Petrocaribe funds, but we didn't pay anybody.

How The Best Warriors Do Battle
Last week Thursday and Friday we took you deep inside the Coast Guard's Best Warrior Competition. The events were punishing tests of physical and mental endurance that pitted the coast guard against other elite law enforcement units. But what we saw on Thursday and Friday was no match for the merciless obstacles of Saturday. 7News was out there all day getting our own workout and Daniel Ortiz reports:.. Daniel Ortiz reporting When we arrived, the first 4 teams were already on the Hattieville Boom Road; we met up first with the favorites of the competition, the BSAG team. The squad was moving along, full gear in hand, weapons at the ready, and a 40 pound Bergan each to carry on their backs. They were in Second place up until this point, and this was the event they were expected to dominate in. A little further up were the Seals, some members, walking some trotting, the first 2 days of exertion clearly having taken its toll.

Does Belize City need more taxi's? Ask any average driver and they'll tell you, "heck no!". And the city council agreed with that when it was first elected two and a half years and ago and put in place a moratorium on new taxi licenses. But now the council is revisiting its policy based on a revised plan for the transport industry. The council this afternoon called all stakeholders to a meeting at BTL Park where it got a lot of feedback. Here are a few clips:.. Alifah Elrington, Councilor With Responsibility for Traffic "We knew and we understood that we must therefore actually have a discussion in relation to this particular moratorium. I believe that there were no such consultation when we the moratorium was actually put in place and I believe that that need has now arise seeing that we are changing the direction in which we want to take the city and the transport issues in the city whereby we want to regulate the taxi system; we want to regulate the bus system; we want to regulate the dollar van system. We are hoping that this consultation will assist us in actually coming to an understanding between operators and the council with a way forward if it is that there is the need for the lift for the moratorium or if it is that the moratorium should remain, but we must be able to look at different aspects at which point we are going to allow a license plate here, a license plate there."

Stephen Davies' Traffic Arraignment
On Friday's Newscast, we reported on the case of 33 year-old Stephen Davies, a resident of Lords Bank, who is facing 4 traffic offenses after knocking down a BDF Soldier. He told Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer that even though he does not have a driver's license, his took over the wheel from his wife because of the glare which prevented her from seeing the road well. He explained that his vision was also impaired by that glare and it contributed to the accident. All that is accurate, but in Friday's story, we reported erroneously that at the arraignment, Stephen Davies admitted in open court that he was texting while driving. That was wrong; Stephen Davies did not make any such admission. He said he was texting while in the passenger seat - not while driving. We apologize for the error.

Increasing The Number of School Hours?
Education minister Patrick Faber was also the chair of SICA's 20th Ordinary meeting Of Education Ministers of Central America, which was held on Ambergris Caye last week Friday and Saturday Faber oversaw a progressive discussion into the Central American Education Policy. It's a document which seeks to address the similar challenges that all the SICA member countries face. He told us today that there was an intensive discussion at that meeting about how the countries might lengthen the school days. This means more hours in each school day, and more days in the school year, but Faber says that the Education Ministers agree that the quality of education should improve accordingly:

Channel 5

Joe Mahmud’s Untimely Resignation Triggers Bye-election in Cayo North
At news time tonight senior P.U.P. officials are in closed door session following the announcement of the resignation of Cayo North Area Representative Joseph Mahmud from the House of Representative. [...]

Career Panamanian Diplomat Murdered in Belmopan
Tonight, police has one man detained for the vicious murder of a senior career diplomat from Panama, and we are told he is a close friend. The bloody body of [...]

Ellis Meighan Charged with Attempted Murder of Zimbab Abraham
There are arrests in the attempted murder of a George Street boss who was shot in rival territory last Thursday. Twenty-two year old Ellis Meighan, another street figure and a [...]

Canadian National Dies In Bullet Tree. Did He Drown?
The body of a Canadian newly-wed was retrieved from the Mopan River on Sunday morning. James Searles arrived in Belize on Saturday to reunite with his wife of two months [...]

5 Illegal Cuban Immigrants Busted Near Western Border
Also in the west, immigration officers on routine patrol in the Cayo District arrested five Cuban nationals who illegally entered the country. Reports are that on Sunday, the Cuban nationals [...]

Missile Unearthed at Site of Victor Galvez Stadium in San Ignacio Town
A mortar is a military weapon that fires explosive projectiles or bombs at low velocities, short ranges, and high-arcing ballistic trajectories. For about three weeks now, construction works have been [...]

Joel Gordon Charged with Aggravated Assault of his Sister
A fifty-six year old man was before the court today to answer to two criminal offenses after he was accused of committing an aggravated assault with a machete upon his [...]

Belize City Cop Busted for Drug Trafficking in Corozal
Corozal police busted one of their own on Friday evening when the officer attached to Eastern Division was caught along with two other men inside a vehicle stuffed with suspected [...]

Government To Cover Cost of Up to Six CXCs
High school students across the country will benefit from some financial relief in their senior year, as the Ministry of Education has announced that it will be paying for six [...]

Will Reimbursement Be an Issue for Those Who Have paid?
The method of payment, according to Faber, will be handled internally since government would essentially be paying itself.  The hiccup, he says, may come when students who have paid in [...]

Patrick Faber of Yasmin Shoman’s Collet Candidacy
Aside from the political battle in the Cayo North, there is another fight in the Collet division in Belize City. P.U.P. standard bearer Yasmin Shoman, who replaces Micah Gooding as [...]

Belize City Taxi Drivers Take on CitCo and Transport Department
Taxi drivers from various associations and unions across Belize City converged on B.T.L. Park this afternoon, where they met with representatives of the Belize City Council and the Transport Department.  [...]

Patrick Faber’s Take on Petrocaribe Funds
The Petrocaribe Loan Motion was passed in the House of Representatives last Tuesday, amid massive support for the initiative by stalwarts of the United Democratic Party.  Prior to the meeting, [...]

Sporting highlights with James Adderley
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Stop the press. In week 6 of the PLB Football season, San Ignacio United finally got its 1st win [...]

Re: Today's Belize News: November 25, 2014 [Re: Marty] #498318
11/25/14 04:58 AM
11/25/14 04:58 AM
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oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Panamanian diplomat Murdered In Belize
Police are tonight investigating the homicide of 64 year old Jose Rodrigo de la Rosa Stanford who was found in the western part of Belmopan on Sunday evening, about 3/4 of a mile from La Chosa bar. The case is of special interest as De La Rosa Stanford worked as Chargé d'affaires for the Embassy of Panama in Belmopan and the white Nissan automobile with diplomatic license plates that was assigned to him, is missing yet his personal belongings were found on him. When authorities found his body around four yesterday they observed cut wounds to his neck and head but have not released much information about the incident.

GOB To Pay for Six CSEC Exams
Government will be paying for CSEC examination. This was confirmed by Minister of Education Patrick Faber today in a brief meeting with the press. Minister Faber says they will pay for up to six examinations. Students who had applied up to the deadline last Friday will be benefiting from the service says the minister. “There have been some glitches in terms of rolling this initiative out an so because the funds are there and because we want to help the maximum amount of people what we decided to do is to assist all of those who applied now clearly there are those who did not apply and that is an issue for us want to make sure to favor those person who can’t pay that is a major criticism that came for the free tuition issue back in under the Esquivel administration that there were many people who could pay and of course if they could pay they should pay so we turn the idea for paying for all and those who signed up for CXC up to six but decided in the end to go for those who applied. Now what I want to be cautious of is that we don’t set a bad precedence, I want to be clear to people that in fact the way we have gone about trying to get information so that we could pay for these CSEC Examinations is exactly what this ministry and this administration believes in, is just a matter of ease for this first leg that we are doing it in this manner to pay for all those who apply but the foundation is that we want for people to use this mechanism as it was designed that is apply, take the mean survey so that we are able to find out what the conditions are from these families and the situation so that we could provide the various resources from various different initiatives to help these families.”

Tacos Fest Proves To Be Another Success In Orange Walk
Hundreds of Belizeans from all the corners of the country flocked to the 4th Annual Tacos Fest held under the Banquitas House of Culture on the picturesque riverside bank of the New River. The glorious renowned Shugga Citi ‘tacos’ got the spotlight it has long deserved when the tortilla-wrapped fave was celebrated at this food and music festival. Our news team which comprised of Videographer, Jesus Melgar and Reporter Maria Novelo were there and bring you the following report. For most of Sunday, the aroma of the tacos invaded the lower flat of the Banquitas House of Culture during breakfast rush as the many tacos stalls found in Orange Walk Town took part in Tacos Fest. Friends and taco aficionados had the opportunity to taste the best tacos from among a dozen vendors. Whether it was the traditional chicken or pork tacos, rest assure, the event drew a large crowd for the undeniably best tacos in Belize. Our rounds of the event began when we touched base with the vendors, who after only a few hours in, were sold out.

Police Corporal Charged For Drug Trafficking
On Friday night vehicle failure led authorities to a big weed bust that landed three men, one of them a police corporal, behind bars. About five forty-five on the evening of Friday November 21st, Customs Personnel on duty at the Belize Northern Border had cleared a red in color Geo Prism vehicle at the checkpoint but shortly after it began experiencing mechanical problems. While still at the checkpoint, the driver, thirty year old Shaun Andrews, a police corporal, lifted the hood of the vehicle and that is when Custom officers saw two parcels wrapped in transparent plastic bags inside. Andrew Ramirez – OC Corozal “Corporal Andrew who was the driver apparently lifted up the hood as a result two packages were found inside underneath the hood, the Customs Officer suspect the contents to be Cannabis and as a result I was contacted after which myself and a team of officers went up to the Corozal Northern border where we met Corporal Andrews and the two other individuals, I must say the Corporal Andrews did not resist he realized it was a mistake that it was alleged that he had committed and he cooperated fully with us, the offence of trafficking is not a bail able offence by the police and as such he had to remain with the police here in Corozal throughout the weekend.”

Woman Claimed She Was Robbed, Charge For Mischievous Act
Tonight a couple is in custody at the Corozal Police Department, pending charges for mischievous act. According to Corozal’s Commanding Officer, Andrew Ramirez, on Sunday night Nailea Cardenas was heading back home after spending some time with her aunt in the village of Xaibe in the Corozal District, when she was allegedly robbed. Cardenas told authorities that around 7:45pm she was riding her bicycle towards her house when a man whom she did not recognize came out of nowhere and punched her on the left eye causing her to fall off her bicycle and hit her head on the ground. Cardenas further stated to police that somehow she got up and ran back to her aunt’s home. But not before her attacker managed to get a hold of her purse which contained her cellular phone valued at $600.00bcy and $300.00 in cash. Cardenas was taken to the Corozal Community Hospital where doctors classified her injuries as harm. But why was the woman charged for mischievous act? Today when we caught up with Officer Commanding the Corozal Police Department, Andrew Ramirez, he expanded on the findings of the investigation.

PUP Cayo North Area Representative Resigns From His Seat
P.U.P Area Representative for Cayo North Joseph Mahmud has officially resigned from his seat. The announcement was made with immediate effect today and the resignation has been accepted by the Honorable Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Peyrefitte. This comes shortly after Mahmud had stepped down from contesting the next general elections. Late this afternoon the People’s United Party issued a release thanking Mahmud for his service since March 2012 and wished him and his family continued success. Chairman of the Party, Henry Usher says that for his part, he is disappointed in the new developments. Henry Usher – Party Chairman of People’s United Party “As the Chairman of the party, I am disappointed by the news I consider Joseph to be a good friend and a brother in the party so the news is not totally expected and to be honest with you the day that he sent in his resignation letter to not contest the next election we had begun the process of selecting the new standard bearer in Cayo so it is not as if caught us off guard we had begun that process of selecting a new candidate.”

Christmas Tree Goes Up In Orange Walk
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Orange Walk Town as the Town Council sponsored Christmas tree has been assembled at the Fort Cairns Market Square. The 35 foot Christmas tree signals the start of the holiday season and for many residents the gesture sets the mood. Since the Central Park is currently going through its rehabilitation phase, the Fort Cairns plaza will be the venue for many Christmas activities this year, including our annual Christmas Bram.

Mexican National Charged For Bottle Of Perfume
A Mexican National is tonight wishing he did not visit the Corozal Free Zone after he stole a bottle of perfume valued at $11.50 Belize currency and ended up paying a high price for the crime committed. On Friday November 21st, Ada Micheali Fabro, 46 year old Belizean Manager of Hearts International Limited store located at the Corozal Free Zone told authorities that a Hispanic male person, later identified as Mortime Sanchez Silva, entered the store and purchased two perfumes. He later returned and took one Royal Platinum Perfume from the store. The item valued at $69.00 pesos or $11.50 Belie currency was found in his pants pocket by security officers who intercepted him at the exit gate. He was taken back to the store and authorities were called. The 39 year old Mexican Laborer of Chetumal Quintana Roo, Mexico was arrested and charged for theft. He appeared before the Corozal Magistrates Court today where he was fined $500.00 to be paid pay forthwith or in default 4 months in prison. Up to news time Sanchez Silva remains in police custody as he has been unable to pay the $500.00 fine.


Hotel In Cayo District Dubbed As Top Eco-Hotel
The GAIA (GA-EE-YA) River-lodge, formerly known as the Five Sisters Lodge in the Cayo District has been dubbed as a top Eco-Hotel by the Smith Hotel Awards. According to a release, the announcement came after almost twenty five thousand votes were reviewed on various destinations, a panel of judges declared that GAIA River-lodge be put on the short list as one of the top ten Eco-Hotels in the world. GAIA River-lodge, owned by Daniel Lighter, is located in the Mountain Pine Ridge area and is a hydro-powered destination and has also been recognized as one of only five properties in Belize that is Green Globe Certified. In order to be recognized as an Eco-hotel, the establishment has to be committed to conserving and protecting the environment and must have an ethical approach while striving to minimize their carbon footprint. The Smith Hotel Awards is an award system established in 2003 by a London-based couple with the idea of identifying hotels that were the perfect getaway for couples. Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a travel publisher and hotel-booking service specializing in boutique, individual and small luxury hotels with their website being voted as the best website by CondeNast Traveler Readers’ Travel Awards in 2011 and 2012.

Nello Player Selected To Perfom At One Caribbean Music Festival
Belize’s reigning champ for its National Song Competition, Nello Player is moving up to the regional scene as he has been selected to perform at the first annual ONE Caribbean Music Festival in December at the Central Regional Broward Park In Florida, USA. Nello Player, whose original name is Kernelle Nykonie Parks is a local songwriter, producer and Reggae artist who began his professional career in 2005 and has since taken the award for National Song Competition three years in a row since 2012. In addition, Nello Player was named Belize’s Top Male Vocalist at the Belize Music Awards over the last two years as well as Reggae Artist of the Year and Best Dancehall Artist for 2011. Nello Player will be performing his award winning songs at the ONE Caribbean Music Festival. The ONE Caribbean Music Festival is an event aimed at recognizing and celebrating the diversity of Caribbean people and the oneness in culture through music and other forms.

City Council Held public Consultation Pertaining Taxi Moratorium
This afternoon the Belize City Council held a public consultation with the City’s Taxi Associations and private operators to discuss the Taxi Moratorium and the issuance of taxi license plates. It’s a very touchy and serious topic for the taxi operators and several opinions dominated this afternoon’s consultation aside from the actual moratorium. But to make it simple, the City Council wants to properly regulate the transport system in Belize City and asked taxi operators whether they want or not the moratorium lifted or left as it is. The consultations was held at BTL park where Transport Councilor, Alifa Elrington Hyde shared a few comments. “The difficulty the council faces as we try to regulate the entire transport system it hasn’t been an easy road. We’ve had some serious hiccups along the way so it’s not that the council doesn’t want to have regular consultations but it requires much more than just saying that we will talk to the people one day. But to that end we are trying to have better relations in an effort to provide a better transport system in the city. As Mr. Jefferies alluded earlier it was in 2008-2009 that the moratorium came about which means that this current council was not there when they established this moratorium.

Panama Diplomat in Belize Found Dead
The body of a Panamanian national, who had been serving as a diplomat in Belize, was found Sunday evening three quarters of a mile from the La Choza establishment in the Las Flores area of Belmopan. The body of the 64-year-old, Charge d’ Affaires, Jose Rodrigo de la Rosa Stanford, who resides in Belize City, was found by a resident of the area at around four o’clock with a cut to the throat and injuries to the head that investigators suspect were caused by blows with a blunt object. It is not clear whether de la Rosa was killed at the area where his body was found or if he was dumped after the fact. Up to late Sunday night, authorities were in the area processing the scene. Love News made several attempts to receive further information; however, investigators have been hushed in their preliminary findings and we were referred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but when we contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we were told that Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington, would be speaking to the press following the post mortem examination. Police are currently seeking the victim’s diplomatic vehicle, a white Nissan X-trail with diplomatic plates. Love News understands that investigations and leads have led the authorities to the detention of one individual.

Faber Speaks About CSEC Payments From Government
Earlier this month we brought to you an interview with the Minister of Education, Patrick Faber who had discussed with us some of the challenges that the Government had been experiencing when it came to residents taking advantage of the various initiatives being offered as they pertain to education. One of the more recent programs being offered was the payment of up to six Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations for students in either third or fourth form. Initially the program was designed for parents who are struggling and who could use the financial assistance but since our last interview with the Education Minister, he has met with the Prime Minister and some changes have made regarding who will benefit from the CSEC payments being offered by Government. PATRICK FABER “Indeed the last time we spoke was probably a week and a half ago at the (Cancaid) meeting where I was saying to people ”Listen if you did not apply now is the time to go into your schools to get in a late application for the survey to be done”.

Man Found Dead In Pit Latrine
The body of a man was found in an outdoor pit latrine yesterday morning in Elridgeville in the Toledo District. Correspondent Paul Mahung has the details. PAUL MAHUNG “A family member, Adelita Williams who sighted the body of the person in the pit section of the outdoor latrine spoke to Love News about the incident.” ADELITA WILLIAMS “When I got to the toilet on Sunday morning and when I stepped in to use it I saw two feet in the corner and I ran and told my brother. When my brother got there he told me that he had already died when they took him out of the hole.” PAUL MAHUNG “Who took the person to the Punta Gorda hospital.” ADELITA WILLIAMS “Police.” PAUL MAHUNG “How old was the person and what was his name?”

Belize Federation of Fisheries Facilitates Series of Training Workshops
Fisher-folks participated in a series of training workshops facilitated by the Belize Federation of Fishers. We hear more in this report from correspondent Harry Arzu. HARRY ARZU “Compact, the Oak Foundation and PACT recently the Belize federation of fishers with financial grants that are currently being used to empower fisher folk in Belize and their communities through a series of workshops. Nigel Martinez BFF director told Love News that over the past weekend on November 22nd and 23rd the organization held two of three training workshops in Sarteneja Village in the Corozal district and in Belize City. The training workshops he said focused on natural resources management with the objective to provide fisher folk with the knowledge of the importance of marine protected areas and its benefits to the member’s community as well as reviewed a legislation governing marine protected areas. Martinez said that the second presentation which focuses on aquaculture enhanced the participant’s knowledge of the history of aquaculture in Belize including harvesting and global aquaculture industry. Moreover he said that fisher folks were also able to gain knowledge about seaweed farming and production which is an alternative to fisher folks leaving the fishing industry. The Grants that the BFF received from the said financial institutions will also assist BFF in the development of a documentary that will highlight the life of Belizean fisher folk.”

Two Men Charged For City Shooting
Two men have been charged with the attempted murder of 44-year-old Carlos Abraham also known as Zimbad. Today Ellis Meighan Junior and a 17 year old minor appeared before chief magistrate Anne Marie Smith. The two were charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm and deadly means of harm. They were remanded into custody until January 30, 2015. Last Thursday morning just before ten o’clock, Abraham was at a mechanic shop at the corner of Banak and Lakeview Streets when he was shot.

Belize Has New Designated Mexican Ambassador
Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, has designated a new Mexican ambassador for Belize. He is Carlos Quesnel Meléndez. Quesnel Meléndez holds a law degree from the UNAM and did graduate studies at the Institute of International Law and Comparative Constitutional Law at the University of Zurich. He also has a Master’s degree in International Law. He has served as Legal Attaché at the Embassy in the United States and officer for Legal Affairs and Human Rights at the Embassy in the United Kingdom. Quesnel Melendez’s appointment goes before the Mexican senate for approval and then he presents his credentials to Belize’s head of state, Sir Colville Young, before he replaces H.E. Mario Velazquez who has been Mexico’s ambassador in Belize since 2011.


Panamanian Diplomat murdered in Belmopan
The Nation is in a state of shock following the discovery of the dead body of Panamanian Diplomat Jose Rodrigo De La Rosa Standford in the Capital City of Belmopan. Police report that sometime around 4:00 pm on Sunday November 23rd Jose De La Rosa, The Charge De Affairs for the Embassy of Panama to ...

Motorcycle accident on Belmopan Ring Road
A motorcycle rammed into the side of a white ford pickup truck on the South Ring Road, Belmopan, as it attempted to overtake. The incident happened shortly after 1:00 pm on Monday. Reports are that 35 year old Rene Pott, of Belmopan, was driving a white ford pickup on the South Ring road from an Eas...

Police charge Ellis Meighan in Abraham shooting
Ellis Meighan Jr., 22, and a seventeen year old male minor face charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm in last Thursday’s shooting of 46 year old Carlos “Zimbab” Abraham on Lakeview Street in Belize City. Carlos Abraham, formerly affiliated with the George Street...

Missing man’s body found floating in Mopan River
45-year-old Nicole Warner, a Naturalized Canadian Accountant residing in Bullet Tree Village, Cayo District, reported that on Friday November 21 at about 4:00pm, she arrived at Phillip Goldson International Airport and picked up her husband 59-year-old James Garfield Searles, a Canadian National als...

Belize Corporal and company busted with weed
A Belize Police Corporal and two others were busted with suspected weed at the Customs Checkpoint at the Belize Northern Border. According to Police reports, on Friday November 21st sometime around 5:45 pm., a red Geo Prism car with Belizean license plates approached the check point...

Belmopan burglars caught in the act
Belmopan Police intercepted a burglary on Thursday last week in broad daylight. According to reports, at around 1:45 pm police responded to a burglary in progress at a two story yellow wooden structure house in Belmopan. The owner of the building lives in the USA. When police arrived at the house, t...

Possession of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol
On the night of Friday November 21, Belmopan police were on mobile patrol, and passing in front of a bar on Cemetery Road, Belmopan City. They say that a blue Ford Ranger pickup suddenly reversed out from the establishment, almost running into the police vehicle. Police pursued the vehicle and pulle...

Best Warrior Competition’s second year
The Coast Guard’s Best Warrior Competition was held for the second year last week, and the winners acknowledged on Saturday. The tournament tests the fitness, strength and endurance of its members, and includes grueling tasks such as a 2 mile ocean swim, a 6 mile run, 4 mile obstacle course, and tre...

Patrick JonesPJ

Police charge two people in connection with Zimbab’s shooting
Ellis Meighan Jr., 22, and a seventeen year old male minor face charges of attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. This is in relation to last Thursday’s shooting of 46 year old Carlos “Zimbab” Abraham on Lakeview Street in Belize City. Abraham, formerly […]

GOB extends payment plan for CXC examinations
Approaching the final deadline for payment of fees for high school students to take the Caribbean Examination Council’s (CXC) Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC), Belize’s Ministry of Education has decided to extend its plan to pay fees for up to six subjects to all students who applied through […]

Sport Minister promises quick opening for MCC and Marion Jones
Belize City’s premier sport venues, the MCC Grounds and Marion Jones Sport Complex, have been out of commission for several months – and in the case of Marion Jones, years – owing to major upgrades and improvements at both stadia. The MCC, which hosts the City’s top football […]

Joseph Mahmud resigns Cayo North seat
Joseph Mahmud who earlier this year announced he will not seek reelection has gone a step further and officially resigned as the area representative for Cayo North, effective immediately. A government statement sent out this afternoon said that Mahmud’s resignation letter was delivered to the Clerk […]

Orange Walk hosts Tacos Fest 2014
For the fourth year running, Orange Walk town this past weekend hosted the much-anticipated Tacos Fest. Organizers say this year’s event was a huge success, bringing in a large crowd of tacos lovers from all over the country. About a dozen taqueros took part in the event […]

Teenager arrested for driving without license
A fifteen year old boy has been arrested and charged for traffic offences in Cayo. Due to his age, the name of the boy cannot be revealed; but police say he was arrested on Sunday in Santa Familia village. Officers on mobile patrol in the village pulled […]

Panama diplomat found dead in Belmopan
Police in Belmopan are investigating the circumstances surrounding the murder of a Panamanian national in the nation’s capital. According to police reports, around 4 pm on Sunday, the body of 64 year old Jose Rodrigo de la Rosa Stanford was found in the western part of Belmopan. Police say De La Rosa Stanford worked at the Embassy of Panama in Belmopan and that his vehicle, with diplomatic license plates, has not been recovered. Police also say that when the body was found, it had cut wounds to the neck and head.

Vehicle overturns in San Ignacio town
There was an early morning traffic accident today in San Ignacio town. Around 12:15 am today, an SUV went out of control on the roundabout at the western entrance to San Ignacio town on the George Price Highway and overturned with its four wheels in the air. The vehicle, according to reports received, ended up inside of the compound of a church in the area.


The Great Belize Barrier Reef: No to a luxury resort!
In media, as it life, sometimes when it rains it pours… After posting about the recent Travel Pulse article on Belize that we liked (Belize’s Charm Is Difficult to Describe But Easily Experienced November 21), another piece, this time in the Huffington Post, was brought to our attention. And, as this one has Cheers television star and well known environmental activist Ted Danson sharing the byline with Oceana CEO Andrew Sharpless, our ears picked up. Mr Danson has graced our pages before, largely as a board member of Oceana and as a particular friend of Belize who has been selflessly instrumental in helping with things like banning the destructive practices of commercial bottom trawling and oil drilling on the Belize Great Barrier Reef.

Kardashian Correspondent Covers Belize Fashion Week 2014…A Sneak Preview
So this past week, when I saw the announcements for BELIZE FASHION WEEK 2014, I immediately realized two things. 1. That this was a super cool, international, cosmopolitan-style event taking place right here in San Pedro and 2. that I was NOT the one to cover such an event. Fin K., my trusted travel correspondent and man-about-town, to the rescue. He even assured me that he would have the correct outfits and “bling” for the occasion. I mean…PHEW. From Fin: Fashion week has come and gone and Belize has showcased the best in the country and Central America! More to come….2500 pictures is a lot to work on!

Working Together to Spread the Word about Bullying
An Interview with Guest Editors Shelly Hymel, Ph.D. and Susan Swearer, Ph.D. Bullying is an ever-present problem in the lives of school kids. There is not a day that goes by where we don’t hear from parents about a cruel bullying story – the 1st Grade Boy trapped in the Boys Bathroom, the 3rd Grade girl who is excluded from her former friends during every recess, the 5th Grade Boy who came home with a sign taped to his back that read “call me weirdo,” or the 8th Grade girl who was the victim of an untrue rumor that she had sex. This could be your child-one out of three students are bullied every year. Parents of bystanders, children who bully, and victims all must take a proactive stand against these statistics by getting involved in their school and in their community. The movement to dispel bullying has already begun. Parents teach their children tolerance and try to provide a stable, secure home environment; teachers and school administrators work to put policies in place to keep bullying out of their schools; top scholars focus research on the root causes of this behavior.

•2 hard-boiled eggs •1 head romaine or iceburg lettuce •3 medium size ripe tomatoes •1/2 white or yellow onion •1 (6 oz) can tuna in oil •2 oz (50 gr) green olives •2 oz (50 gr) black olives •3 Tbsp (1.5 oz) red wine vinegar •6 Tbsp (3 oz) extra virgin olive oil •salt to taste

International Sourcesizz

Belize Lawmaker Resigns
Joseph Mahmud, member of Belize’s House of Representatives for the Cayo North constituency, has tendered his resignation. The news was announced by Belize’s government on Monday afternoon. Mahmud, a member of the opposition People’s United Party, advised the Office of the Clerk that his resignation would take effect with immediate effect, and Speaker of the House Michael Peyrefitte has accepted his resignation. The move was reportedly made because Mahmud will not be seeking re-election.

Emilina Nidia Martinez, Janesville, WI and Corozal Town, Belize, (1934-2014)
January 16, 1934 - November 22, 2014 Emelina Nidia “Mama” “Bibi” Martinez, age 80, of Janesville, and Corozal Town, Belize, died Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014, at Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center, Janesville. She was born in San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize, on Jan. 16, 1934, the second child of Pedro and Amalia (Awe) Ochaeta. Emelina married Leodi Martinez on Oct. 8, 1960. He preceded her in death on Nov. 24, 1984 They had seven children: Lisette Martinez, Jamili Umezawa, Nurlette Arrez, Hamid Martinez, Amini Mendez, Sister Marie Lucette Martinez, and Emil Martinez. Emelina was a housewife and helped with the family tailoring business in Corozal, Belize, while raising her children and spent her later years with her children and grandchildren in Belize, Japan, and America. She peacefully passed in Janesville.

Belize's Blue Hole wins Conde Nast Traveler's 'Best Deep Holes in the World'
This accolade comes as the tourism season gears up in this increasingly popular Caribbean country, featuring natural environments from rich rainforests to beautiful beaches. From November to May Belize welcomes a wave of water enthusiasts, including fishermen, families, and fun-in-the-sun-seekers. They combine with transplanted Americans, Canadians, and Europeans who own property in Belize and enjoy warm winters in the sand and sea. The Blue Hole holds tremendous attraction for those who want to experience a unique SCUBA experience or just test the waters of the beautiful Belize Barrier Reef; Conde Nast comments: “One of the largest sea holes in the world, the Great Blue Hole is located 43 miles from the coast of Belize in the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hole is a popular recreational scuba diving spot, made famous by Jacques Cousteau in the early 1970s. This submarine sinkhole is nearly 1,000 feet wide and more than 400 feet deep. Lighthouse Reef atoll surrounds the Great Blue Hole, where sand and coral contrast intensely with the dark blue water.”

Say hello to Dandelion Chocolate’s $45 design-centric chocolate bar
So. Here is a $45 chocolate bar now available from Dandelion Chocolate. It’s dubbed the “Break Bar.” The limited edition six-ounce bar — described as “this holiday’s most delicious design object” — is actually a collaboration with Cool Hunting and Brooklyn-based collaborative designers Snarkitecture. As you might be able to tell, it’s a chocolate bar that looks broken … but actually comes together perfectly with its opposite half. All profits benefit San Francisco non-profit Southern Exposure. And how about that price point? Well, Dandelion’s Jennifer Roy points out that the bars are so time-intensive that they can only make 50 a day, and there are only about 500 available. Apparently, the trial and error with using nesting 70% Belize chocolate bars took the team several months to perfect. “It’s a piece of art. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The packaging is letter-pressed, specifically for the chocolate bars,” she says. “If you saw what went into making each bar, it’s ridiculous.”

Hazel I. Lowe, owner of South Side boutique known for elegant apparel, dies at 97
Bejeweled and behatted, Hazel I. Lowe’s customers were her best advertisement. They emerged from her shop ready for a wedding or black-tie ball — or maybe, stopping traffic. For 43 years, Hazel Lowe’s Boutique was a one-stop destination for women who knew Ms. Lowe would deck them out from shoes to chapeau. She dressed the Rev. Johnnie Coleman, founder of Christ Universal Temple; singer Natalie Cole; business leaders; and wives of pastors and bishops. Services have been held. A native of Belize City, Ms. Lowe immigrated to Chicago to join an uncle, a Belizean mahogany dealer with high-end clients such as the Wrigley family. The lustrous wood played a key role in Belize’s economy and history. Mahogany is the country’s national tree, which appears on the Belizean flag. “She always said to me, when I pass, I want a mahogany casket,” Hart said. “They are expensive, but there was nothing too good for her.”

Drilling the Caribbean: Indigenous Communities Speak Out Against Oil and Gas Exploration in Honduras
In 2013, the Honduran government granted BG Group oil and gas exploration rights in a 35,000 square kilometer block off the coast of the Moskitia. Miskitu and Garifuna community leaders are speaking out to defend their territories from oil and gas activity. In contrast to Belize and Costa Rica, where environmental NGOs, scientists, and others formed powerful national alliances to fight oil exploration, in Honduras, Indigenous opposition is as of yet largely unheard and unsupported. Source: Beacon Inez Eduardo Arzú finds a patch of shade and sits next to the wall a small wooden home in the coral reef cay community of Chachahuate. The clear, turquoise Caribbean waters surrounding the archipelago sparkle in the midday sun. The Afro-Indigenous Garifuna residents of the Cayos Cochinos off the coast of Honduras and their mainland sister communities have fought long and hard for their rights to live and fish in the cays.

IDB supports foreign direct investment in the Caribbean with US$0.9m to CAIPA
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is providing financing under a Regional Public Goods Programme (RPG) that will be managed by Caribbean Export Development Agency in its capacity as the Secretariat for the Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (CAIPA), the IDB said in a statement Saturday. "The IDB has provided US$900.000 to CAIPA to support several initiatives geared towards increasing foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Caribbean and will be implemented over a 2 year period. These initiatives include the build-out of an investment opportunities atlas for the Caribbean, providing information on the projects and sectors in the region that are ready for investment, the development of an intra-regional investment programme, the procurement of a client relationship management system for the region's investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and good practices missions, exposing the IPAs to improved methods of investment promotion," the IDB said. It added:

GAIA Riverlodge named by the Smith Hotel Awards as Top 10 Eco Resort
GAÏA Riverlodge, a celebrated ecotourist destination in Belize, has unveiled its recent recognition as a Top Eco Hotel by the Smith Hotel Awards. After careful review of nearly 25,000 votes globally, a panel of expert judges named GAÏA Riverlodge to its short list of top ten Eco Hotels in the World. Tucked away in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and surrounded by the Five Sisters waterfalls, travelers seek out this hydro-powered destination for adventure and to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of Belize’s culturally rich landscape. In a recent series of environmental initiatives, GAÏA Riverlodge is also one of the only five properties in Belize to be Green Globe Certified. The hotel prides itself in upholding the highest standard of sustainability and recently developed a fresh vegetable garden on-site, where guests can now enjoy hyper-local cuisine at GAÏA's acclaimed restaurant.


Video:Top 5 Adventures in Belize , min.
Andrew Zimmern’s Top 5 on Travel Channel: American television personality, chef, food writer counts down his most memorable moments in Belize. Find out where he ranks his trip to Gales Point.

Video: Belize’s Beautiful Placencia Peninsula, 2min.
Belize’s Placencia Peninsula is 17 miles of white sands, blue Caribbean waters, and gently swaying palms. The paving of the road the length of the peninsula has opened it up for development, with homes and condos ranging from luxury to affordable. Expats are drawn to Placencia by the laid-back lifestyle and tropical climate. If you’re into listening to reggae at a beach bar – you can do that. Boating? With several marinas and anchorages, it’s a center for sailors and other boaters. You can fish, snorkel, and scuba in the surrounding waters. And the small village at the tip is a walkable community of cafes, restaurants, boutiques, and more. And you can always just relax on the beach – without the crowds.

Video: Carnival Liberty Cruise Day 4 - Belize, 13min.
Day 4 Excursion booked through Carnival - Snorkeling Wonders of the Barrier Reef Excursion. This was amazing. I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys snorkeling. All levels of experience will be able to enjoy this. The guides do an awesome job of taking care of everything you need.

Video: Belize Cave Tubing Tour - St. Herman's Cave, 3min.
This video contains the walk to cave, entrance to cave, & short review for St. Herman's Cave tubing adventure in Belize. Belize Inland Tours. Blue Hole National Park.

Video: St. Georges Caye, Belize Nov 2014, 11min.

Video: Central America Trip (Guatemala/Belize/Mexico), 3min.
A short video from my 2014 trip to central america. Some videos of whale sharks in there too.

Video:Lunch with a turtle, Belize 2014 , 4min.
Here's the first video of our November trip to Belize.. Dunno why the turtles there always let me hang with them for extended periods of time, but I love that they do..

Video: Belize rough weather- Carnival Pride 11-20-14, 2min.
Rough Weather for the tenders trying to transport cruise passengers to Belize from the Carnival Pride on 11-20-14.

Video: mexique belize, 22min.
Voyage Mexique-Belize mai 2014.

Video: Flavor of Love (Season 2 Episode 11) Flav Belize in Love, 1hr42min.
Flavor of Love - (Season 2 Episode 11) Flav Belize in Love Flavor of Love - (Season 2 Episode 11) Flav Belize in Love Flavor of Love - (Season 2 Episode 11) .

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
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Maruba Beach Klub and Spa is the premiere Secret Beach spa and restaurant located on the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea at the center of Secret Beach, Belize
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler
First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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