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On Thursday, November 27, 2014 due to weather conditions, the scheduled ceremony and parade were cancelled. The Mayor and San Pedro Town Council considered it was best to cancel the planned activities because all schools were asked to participate and parading under such unpredictable weather conditions would just put them at risk in getting sick.

However, Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Deputy Mayor Gabriel Nuñez, Councilor Gualberto Nuñez & Miss San Pedro, Michelle Nuñez made some surprise visits to present awards of appreciation to individuals who are constantly working towards the development of San Pedro.

All the recipients were ecstatic to receive their certificate of appreciation and were truly in shock after the Mayor personally visited their home/establishment to present them with such honor.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero also visited the first Mayor of San Pedro, after being declared a town, Mr. Gilberto “Chico” Gomez and presented him with a cash gift. Mr. Chico was filled with joy with this surprise visit and shared with everyone his memories and thoughts of San Pedro back in the days and how quickly it has grown. The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Miss San Pedro were treated to a delicious home made pumpkin pie made by Mrs. Addy (Mr. Chico’s wife) as they conversed.

We couldn’t forget about this specific individual, Ms. Cecilia Guerrero Lara. Mayor Daniel Guerrero & Miss San Pedro, Michelle Nuñez, presented Ms. Cecilia with a Certificate of Recognition for achieving a Grand Milestone in life and for being San Pedro’s only Centennial resident. Ms. Cecilia was happy to receive her award but even more excited for the unexpected visit.

Below is a list of the honored individuals/establishments for the 30th Township Anniversary of San Pedro:

For his/her contribution towards the development of San Pedro:

Nellie Gomez
Peter Lawrence
Sean Feinstein
Armando Graniel Sr.
Caye Caulker Water Taxi
San Pedro Water Jets
San Pedro Belize Express
Amigos del Mar
Caribbean Depot

For his/her participation in various organizations towards the development of San Pedro:

Amanda Syme
Abel Guerrero Sr.
Edilberto Marin

For his contribution in culture towards the development of San Pedro:
Jorge Aldana

For her contribution in music towards the development of San Pedro:
Natalie Arceo

For his contribution in Sports towards the development of San Pedro:
Kent “Bob” Gabourel

For his contribution towards the development of San Pedro and for always going the extra mile in serving the community:
Francisco “Pany” Arceo

For his/their contribution in Safety & Security towards the development of San Pedro:

Steve Spiro
San Pedro Police Department


Ms. Cecilia Lara
For achieving a Grand Milestone in Life and for being the only Centennial Resident in San Pedro.