Cornelio Estrada is a legendary Belizean musician who started playing the trumpet in the Home Guard/Military in what was then British Honduras. He became a pioneering member of several of the musical bands/groups in the early 50's,60's and 70's in Belize. In the late 70's he embraced a younger generation of musicians and played in the classic "Vibrations" band. This musical journey extended to Los Angeles California where Estrada played with several Belizean bands in the Diaspora. It was there that he recorded the above collections of his favorites songs in a three set CD that he dedicated to his family. Cornelio Estrada is the father of the Legendary Jazz Master trumpet player "Sonny" Bobby Estrada. This recording is release as a tribute to his many decades of contribution to the musical evolution in Belize and his mentor-ship to many young musicians. R.I.P