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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Taxidermy
“Becky and I will be coming back in February,” my friend Bruce Anderson said, as we talked on the phone. “I want you to do me a favor if you can.” “Sure.” “When I was in Belize in June I caught a barracuda that was the biggest fish I ever caught in my life. I wanted to get him stuffed and mounted so I could hang him on my wall at home but I didn’t think there was a taxidermist in San Pedro so the fish spoiled.” “I saw a sign for a taxidermist yesterday,” I told him. “I’ll go check it out.” The sign on the little shop on the back street said, “FISHING BLUES IN BELIZE.” A smaller sign said, “GREY’S TAXIDERMY.” “Do you do taxidermy for fish?” I asked the man behind the counter.”

Saga Humane Society to celebrate 15th anniversary year with invitation only top-chef-challenge
Celebrate the Saga Humane Society 15th anniversary with Saga Humane Society on Tuesday December 16, 2014, cook-off style. In closing out the year, Fido’s Restaurant and Bar will host the Saga Humane Society December cook off where the 2014 Saga Top Chef will be crowned. Ambergris Caye’s best chefs and 2014 Cook Off winners will be invited to participate in the cook off. The theme for this last cook off will be “chef’s choice” and is expected to draw a record crowd. Seating is limited to 75 total and VIP seats will be extended to the first 15 reservations. Fido’s Restaurant and Bar will be donating $1 directly to Saga for each draft and local rum drink sold during the event and will be serving their full menu.

Police Report
Drug Trafficking *On Saturday, November 22nd at about 1:05AM, while San Pedro Police were conducting a mobile patrol on Sea Grape Drive, their attention was drawn to 38-year-old Sergio Bardalez. Bardalez was seen dropping a small white plastic bag on the ground. Possession of Controlled Drugs *On Tuesday, November 25th at around 8:25PM, a team of San Pedro Police, Criminal Investigation Branch and Special Branch personnel conducted a search inside an apartment room located in the DFC Area based on special information. Burglary *29-year-old Selwyn Griffith reported to the San Pedro Police that on Friday, November 21st his office located in North Ambergris Caye was burglarized. He stated that he left his office at 5PM properly secured. Upon returning on Sunday, November 23rd at 7AM he found the door open. Theft *46-year-old Miriam Fabro reported to the San Pedro Police that on Tuesday, November 25th her golf cart was stolen. She stated that around 5:25PM she parked her Yamaha golf cart with license plate number SP-CO552 in the airstrip area. Fabro stated that when she returned at around 7PM her golf cart was not there.

Doctor Love
Dear Doctor Love, I am in my early fifties and my husband is sixty-five years old. When we got married five years ago he promised to take care of me. Instead, I find myself taking care of him all of the time. I do all of the cooking and cleaning, washing clothes and even taking care of most of the yard work. He suffers from depression that he claims is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by his military service. It might be true but as far as I know he never served in any war and he definitely does not get a disability pension for PTSD. He has his Social Security income from the U.S. and a small retirement fund from his former career that supports him. I actually make more money than he does with my business. Now, he wants to move back to the U.S. so he can be near his grandkids. I like it here in Belize. I like the people and the weather. I have friends here. I do not want to sell my business and move just to please him. If he moves I do not intend to follow him. Is this so wrong of me?

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season In Review
As far as tropical storm and hurricane impacts, the United States and Caribbean were virtually untouched this season, however, as I already mentioned, we cannot say the same for Bermuda. Hurricane Arthur in late June and early July made landfall over eastern North Carolina as a Category 2 hurricane bringing hurricane conditions to the outer banks and extreme eastern North Carolina during the July 4th holiday weekend. After tracking over eastern North Carolina, Arthur went on to bring heavy rainfall, flash flooding and strong winds with power outages to eastern New England and much of Atlantic Canada. In fact, Arthur’s impact was worse in eastern New England and Atlantic Canada than it was over eastern North Carolina. In excess of 300,000 people lost power across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Maine and in some areas the power was out for more than 10 days.

Corozal: Inauguration of the Orange Orchard Park
It's a rainy Sunday in Santa Elena but that did not stop residents from coming out for the inauguration of the Orange Orchard Park. The newest addition to the town was made possible with funding from the Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust. Pictured here are the Minister of Transport and Works and Area Representative for Cayo Central, Hon. Rene Montero, and Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, His Worship John August, speaking to the children about taking care of their new park.

San Pedro: lighting of the Christmas Tree!
Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff invites everyone to the Central Park, tomorrow, Monday, December 1st at the Central Park at 7:30 p.m. for the lighting of the Christmas Tree! Bring the whole family! Take your pictures in front of the tree! There will be refreshments and music! Heaven's Voice Youth Choir will also be joining us with some Christmas Carols! See you there!

Would you like a job in the IT industry - TBSL in Belize City is now hiring! We are looking to fill the position of a Technical Marketing Analyst. Download vacancy ad here: Qualified applicants please send cover letter, resume and two (2) recent references to [email protected] Deadline to submit application is Thursday, December 4th, 2014.-

Progresso Village Dance and Dancers


P.U.P Selects Richard Harrison For Cayo North
Richard Harrison will contest the bi-election on January fifth in Cayo North. The announcement was made by the PUP this morning following a meeting with the PUP’s national executive and parliamentary caucus also held this morning. Immediately after Joseph Mahmud tendered his resignation, Michel Chebat and Richard Harrison submitted their interest to represent the party in the area but up until yesterday Deputy Party leader and Party Leader Francis Fonseca determined that Richard Harrison be endorsed and thus the party will not be holding a convention. This was tabled at this morning’s meeting. Party Leader Francis Fonseca says they believe Harrison is their strongest candidate. Honorable Francis Fonseca- P.U.P Leader “We want to of course thank Mister Michel Chebat; he essentially withdrew his candidacy. He felt that it was in the best interest of the party to do so. We need to have a unified strong aggressive intensive campaign over the next five weeks in Cayo North. As a party, all of us felt that it was not in our interest to hold a convention at this time. And so that was the basis on which the decision was made and we strongly feel that Mister Richard Harrison represents the best opportunity for the party to win the bye-election in Cayo North on January fifth, 2015.”

P.M Confident Cayo North Will Vote U.D.P
As we have mentioned, the PUP has appointed Richard Harrison to contest the bi-election for Cayo North and will go up against Omar Figueroa. Today, in speaking with the media, Prime Minister Dean Barrow says his party is not fazed and is confident about Figueroa’s support in that constituency. “I don’t think we were too much concerned as to which of the two aspirants would ultimately be chosen. We honestly feel that Omar Figueroa is an excellent candidate. He has the advantage of having been working the area prior to his February Convention win and thereafter. We feel that in all the circumstances the momentum clearly is with him and with the U.D.P., so we are altogether confident of victory.” Again, the bi-election is to be held on the 5th of January 2015.

Could Shift In Oil Prices Mean The End Of Petro Caribe Agreement?
On Wednesday, the controversial Petro Caribe loan motion was debated by the Senate but despite the fiery exchange the Petrocaribe Loan motion was passed. But while the loan motion has been approved by Senate, the debate on the Petrocaribe agreement rages outside the walls of parliament as government’s moment of glory may soon end as there are shifts in oil prices that could mean an end to the fuel agreement with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Prime Minister however says he is not really worried. “I think that’s quite possible. I just want to put on record how grateful we have been for Petrocaribe and for the absolute enlightenment of Chavez and his vision and the continuation of that vision by his successor. If in the circumstances the Venezuelans have to moderate or even terminate the agreement until in fact there is some sort of return to the circumstances in which they pioneered it, we will have to understand. We will be grateful but we will completely understand. You know within a year or so oil prices are going to go right back up. But am we, I can’t say are prepared for the eventuality of a termination of the program, but we are clearly very mindful of the circumstances you have just described and we anticipate that there is very much that possibility. We of course have laid aside….

San Andres Village Council Holds Fair To Raise Funds
Each year the San Andres Village Council in the Corozal District hosts their annual fair in efforts of raising funds to carry out works within the village and this year is no exception. Glenford Marvin, Chairman of the village dropped by our Corozal Studios and gave us a round down of this year’s event. “We are planning the San Andres Fiesta that is coming again this month, starting tomorrow Saturday night with an under 17 friendly match football with San Andres versus Patchakan village the under 17 and at 7:30 we will be having a presentation by me as the Chairman and the Area Rep. and then we will have a big dance with Techno Band.” According to Marvin, this year the event will even feature cultural presentations and with the support of villagers the event is expected to be a huge success.

New Release Pays Tribute To Suga City Tacos
With just a few days since its release on the local music scene, Roxana Alcoser’s “El Baile del Taco” is rapidly becoming a hit on the streets with its catchy tune. The singer who forms part of the Super Furia Band hailing from Orange Walk Town came to our studios and brought her new video song. Alcoser says the song is dedicated to all Orange Walkenos. “The inspiration is a daily basis you know going in the morning having breakfast and it is tacos because the title of the song is El Baile Del Taco so I got inspired by seeing everyone eating tacos and even myself because I am guilty of eating tacos at least three to five times a week.” Maria Novelo- Reporter “How has the reception been so far?” Roxana Alcoser– Singer “I have been getting positive remarks I have gotten over 900 views in just one day and I feel so excited about it and I just want evceryone to enjoy it and have fun with it. It is a little merengue so everyone can dance to it and like I said if you eat tacos the dance will make you burn the calories. Right now you can view the song on You Tube or you can visit me at number 2 Santa Familia Street to get your copy.”

Will BSI/ASR Come To The Negotiating Table
So what is BSI ASR’s position? According to the Prime Minister, he has spoken with representatives of the company however; they were not ready to commit to any compromise at that time. In his meeting with representatives of that party on Monday this week, the PM says his objective was to get them to go back to the negotiating table. BSI as we know has remained steadfast on their position and this seems to remain the case. In fact, the PM said that by the time he met with them, he had already received word of the BSCFA’s new approach in the way forward. “I had already as indicated had from the Deputy Prime Minister an indication of the flexibility that the BSCFA was prepared to show and so In asking ASR/BSI to agree to come back to the table I was able to tell them that there is flexibility that the BSCFA is prepared to show and that it was my feeling that that flexibility was such that it ought to produce an agreement.

P.M Meets With BSCFA, Could There Be A Breakthrough In Current Sugar Impasse
Here in the north there has been much talk about the current impasse between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and BSI/ASR. It is a topic that has been widely reported and followed by our media. But today the good news is that a solution to break the impasse might have been found as Prime Minister Dean Barrow says there are good chances that BSI and the Belize Cane Farmers Association can reach an agreement that could lead to the commencement of crop. He made the statement after meeting with members of the Association including the branch chairs and members of the BSCFA negotiating team. But while the statement was made, there is very little detail being shared with the press about how both parties intend to settle into an amicable agreement. But, by the looks of things and from the generalized statements made by both the PM and Chair of the Committee of Management of the BSCFA, the association may very well be the first to be folding. Why do we say this? Well, in his statement the PM says that while the BSCFA maintains its position, it has made certain modifications in an effort to settle the matters at hand with BSI.

The Reporter

Police look for suspect in Mahogany Heights murder
Police have detained one man abd are looking for another in connection with a murder in Mahogany Heights. Police found the bullet-riddled body of Kenroy Parham, 25, on Saturday. Parham had been shot to the head and back.

PM meets with BSCFA; farmers assure flexibility
Prime Minister Dean Barrow met on Friday with representatives from the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and the farmers have agreed to be flexible with their position moving forward in order to bring BSI/ASR back to negotiations. Barrow commended the BSCFA on their new position and said it provides the basis on which new negotiations can take place with BSI. Barrow explained that the BSCFA’s core position still stands as it relates to the ownership of the cane and the payment formula for bagasse, but said the Association has made modifications to their position. Barrow said the flexibility in position demonstrated extremely mature leadership on the part of the BSCFA. He added that he would be getting in touch with BSI/ASR to inform them of the BSCFA’s willingness to negotiate and set a date for negotiations to resume so that the industry can progress and start its crop.

Colombian General Alzate freed by Farc rebels
Farc rebels in Colombia have released a general and two others who were abducted two weeks ago. Gen. Ruben Dario Alzate and the other captives were handed over to a humanitarian mission led by the International Red Cross. They were taken to a military base near the city of Medellin before travelling to be reunited with their families. Gen. Alzate’s abduction on 16 November prompted the president to suspend peace talks with the rebels in Cuba. President Juan Manuel Santos said that the general’s release “helps to create a favourable atmosphere for the continuation of the talks”. But Farc negotiators said they were not happy with the way the government had dealt with the incident. “We can’t be in the hands of the government, which decides when to suspend and when to reopen the negotiations,” Farc delegate Jesus Santrich told Venezuelan channel Telesur.”There is no set date as yet for the talks to be resumed,” he added.

Patrick JonesPJ

Government pushes sugar partners back to table
As crunch time for the sugar crop draws ever nearer, the Government of Belize faces greater pressure to ensure that it starts on time with a valid commercial agreement including payment for bagasse. And last week they have, in a manner of sorts. While there is no formal agreement on the table, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association (BSCFA) says it has come through with a revision of its proposals that it feels will meet agreement with the sugar producers Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) and American Sugar Refinery (ASR). Chairman of the BSCFA’s Committee of Management, Ezequiel Cansino, was not prepared to share details but said they had reviewed the situation and were confident that their revised proposals would meet favor with the sugar producers.

CCJ ready to hear nationalization cases
The true ownership of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) will finally be decided from December 10-12 at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Six consolidated appeals from Belize’s Court of Appeal are being heard, which will establish a final resolution to the nationalizations of both companies in 2009 and 2011 which are being challenged by their former owners, the BTL Employees Trust and related companies and Fortis Energy International. Following a closed-door case management conference held by video link between Port of Spain, London and Belize City, attorney representing the Government entities, Senior Counsel Denys Barrow, told reporters that the Government is appealing the verdict of the Court of Appeal that the acquisitions did not take retrospective effect.

Thanksgiving Sunday observed in San Marcos village
The San Marcos village Nazarene Church today celebrated thanksgiving Sunday. It featured the bearers of first crop making their way to the altar and presenting it to God. It is their way of declaring thanks for the richness and blessings that God has poured out for them. Today’s Church service highlighted the importance of knowing how to say thanks to the Almighty who giveth and who taketh away. The celebration concluded with the traditional Caldo and Poch to celebrate another year of life and to say thanks.


Belize: A Romantic Destination to say “I Do” this Winter
The Travel Channel, one of the most respected organizations on travel has highly recommended Belize as a destination to have a wedding this winter in an article entitled “Winter Destination Weddings“. “Are you a nature-loving couple? A wedding in Belize will compliment your adventurous personality. This outdoor playground is filled with rainforests, Mayan ruins and some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. And while it’s picking up in popularity, Belize is definitely cheaper than many Caribbean hot spots,” writes Kathleen Reellihan, the author of the article. Hawaii, Finland, Arizona, Vermont, Quebec, Costa Rica, Colorado, Florida Keys, Lake Tahoe, and Sweden were the other destinations that made it on the list.

International Sourcesizz

'Booze Traveler' host explores how world drinks
Jack Maxwell drinks for a living. From moss schnapps in Iceland to gut-busting raki in Turkey and homebrew in the Himalayas, he's learned the hard way that tippler's truism: "It's always 5 o'clock somewhere." Maxwell says shining shoes as a kid in the barrooms of South Boston helped prepare him to host "Booze Traveler," which debuts this month on the Travel Channel. In a telephone interview with The Associated Press, the Los Angeles-based actor said his early years in the neighborhood known as Southie — where convicted gangster James "Whitey" Bulger once reigned — showed him what cocktails can teach about a culture. "That's where I learned about alcohol's magic socializing effect," said Maxwell, who has appeared in "24," ''Lost" and "Beverly Hills 90210." ''People would regale me with tales. Everyone was so social and nice to each other." Part travelogue, part drinking diary, "Booze Traveler" takes viewers with Maxwell as he travels to Louisiana, Tennessee and 13 foreign countries, including Armenia, Belize, Lithuania, Mongolia and Nepal. Each hour-long episode is a quest to distill the essence of a place through its beers, wines and spirits — a lighthearted look at the world through the lens of a glass.

New World Oil To Receive Escrow Funds After Breaking Ties With Niel (ALLISS)
New World Oil and Gas PLC Monday said it has decided to terminate numerous agreements with Niel Petroleum SA after Niel breached a contract with New World, signalling the end of the relationship between the two companies. New World has entered into a deed of termination, waiver and release with Niel Petroleum which will see a subscription agreement, relationship agreement, debt-facility commitment letter, and escrow agreement terminated, said the company in a statement. As a consequence of the deed, Niel has agreed that New World will receive the funds held in the escrow account as a final settlement of all liabilities that Niel owes to New World for breaching the contract between the two parties, New World said.


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Our trip to Belize, Central America in August 2014. Includes 1 week on Ambergris Caye and 1 week in San Ignacio. Activities include snorkeling and Island living followed by jungle treks to see ruins in Tikal, Guatemala as well as Xunantunich and Cahal Pech. Also ATM cave and cave tubing and Belize Zoo.

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