San Pedro police set up a neat sting to catch a tourism police officer who was extorting a member of the public. Here's what we know tonight about the case, which is still developing. A tourism police officer told a member of the public he could get someone to drop a civil suit against them for a price. He asked for two hundred dollars initially, and then another five hundred today. The business owner called police who set up an elaborate sting. They got marked hundred dollar bills, photocopied all of them - and then told the business owner to set up the handover for this afternoon at this business. When the officer showed up - he told the cop he was going to the bank to get the money - but instead called the police. They lay in wait outside and caught the TPU officer red handed when he walked outside. He had the five hundred dollars in marked bills in his pocket. He has been detained pending charges. We'll give you his name on Monday after he is charged.

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