Residents on Ambergris Caye are registering their discontent over the conditions of the roads on the outskirts of San Pedro Town. The roads have been steadily deteriorating following the constant rains that have been persistent over the past month. It seems there is no consolation for the many residents who daily have to go through inundated potholes, mud and bumpy dirt roads.

On one hand is the San Pedro Town Council who is fully aware of the inconvenience that the bad roads have on the taxpaying population. On the other hand are the residents who are left to wonder how long it will take before help comes. Arguably it is a situation that can be attributed partly to Mother Nature, but the responsibility of the upkeep of roads falls squarely on the San Pedro Town Council.

According to Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council understands the public's frustration but indicated that the council is doing its best given the resources available. "I totally understand the situation and I want to ask the public to be patient. The rains have not been the best, not only for the island, but the entire country. We had to wait for the rains to stop to start addressing the issue," indicated Guerrero.

The Mayor said that, with the council machinery, they are currently working in the critical areas that need the most attention. In addition, they are stock piling hardcore material ahead in preparation for the heavy machinery that will be sent to the island from the Ministry of Public Works. "We have materials coming in on the barge, which we are stockpiling using the trucks from the council. While that is happening, we are dealing with areas that have big holes - the most critical areas. But we need to have materials on the island when the machinery from Public Works comes to the island. We are told by the Public Works Department that hopefully before Christmas, the machinery will be sent to the island," explained the Mayor.

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