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The San Pedro Sun

Rain Restaurant: New and Tasty and delightful
Located on the top two floors at Grand Caribe’s newest building, Rain Restaurant provides a unique vista and delicious food all in one. Owners Victoria and Hugo Meyer worked on a concept that marries classy and modern, taking into consideration the fantastic views of both the reef and lagoon. Then of course, there’s Chef Hugo’s delicious food! We had the chance to taste some of that yumminess at their grand opening night. Naturally, rather than take the stairs, we enjoyed a quick elevator ride to the top floor, where we were greeted by the twinkling lights and cool open air space of the rooftop dining area. As we sipped sweet rum punch and their tasty margaritas, we took in the lights of downtown and even the nearby homes of North Ambergris.

Zen Arcade donates Rice and Beans to Raise Me Up
Rice and beans are staples to many Belizean households, yet several families in Ambergris Caye cannot afford these simple ingredients to make a basic meal. To address this issue, five women have created a non-profit organization called “Raise Me Up” in an effort to eliminate inadequate living conditions by fulfilling basic needs while raising awareness in the community. For the past month Raise Me Up has been distributing 100 pounds of rice and beans every week to underprivileged families on the island. Local business Zen Arcade saw a need to assist the organization and on Tuesday, December 9th, donated 100 pounds of rice and 100 pounds of beans to Raise Me Up. According to Tara Darall and Noele McLain of Zen Arcade, a raffle was held to raise funds to buy the products. “When we heard about the organization and what they are doing to help the community, we immediately wanted to assist. We decided to have a raffle at our Christmas Party, and received several donations which we raffled out. Guests were invited to buy tickets at $2 for a ticket or $10 for eight. With the money raised we purchased 100 pounds of beans and 100 pounds of rice to give to Raise Me Up,” said Darall and McLain.

Residents complain about the conditions of roads on the island
Residents on Ambergris Caye are registering their discontent over the conditions of the roads on the outskirts of San Pedro Town. The roads have been steadily deteriorating following the constant rains that have been persistent over the past month. It seems there is no consolation for the many residents who daily have to go through inundated potholes, mud and bumpy dirt roads. On one hand is the San Pedro Town Council who is fully aware of the inconvenience that the bad roads have on the taxpaying population. On the other hand are the residents who are left to wonder how long it will take before help comes. Arguably it is a situation that can be attributed partly to Mother Nature, but the responsibility of the upkeep of roads falls squarely on the San Pedro Town Council.

Six charged as part of Lazy Lizard Land Dispute
Caye Caulker Police have arrested and charged five persons for the crime of “Burglary” and one person for the crime of “Damage to Property” pertaining to the land dispute of the iconic Lazy Lizard Bar and Grill located on the split at Caye Caulker. 38-year-old owner of Lazy Lizard and five-year leaseholder of the land Immer Perez has been in court proceedings since early November 2014 after he was illegally evicted from the property. During the proceedings, the Lazy Lizard was broken into, with thousands of dollars in inventory stolen. Police believe that both incidents are a result of the ongoing land dispute. The land on which Lazy Lizard is situated is owned by American Dan Nichols, who has been attempting to sell the property for quite some time. In August 2014, Perez received a 90-day notice stating that he must leave the property as it had been sold. But the land was never sold, and Perez’s lease contract specifically stated that he could only be given a 90-day eviction notice if the property was sold.

Tropic Air plane runs off the airstrip and into the sea
Despite no reported injuries, a full investigation is ongoing to determine what caused an airplane belonging to Tropic Air Limited to run off the airstrip and into the sea. The incident occurred on Thursday December 4th around 2:20PM at the Belize City Municipal Airstrip during a scheduled flight between San Pedro Town and Belize City. Five passengers and a pilot were onboard the single engine Cessna caravan when it ended up in the Caribbean Sea at the southern end of the airstrip. The plane, which is estimated to cost some $4 million dollars is one of the new planes brought in by the company about four months ago.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

The A Sharp Band debuted on Love Fm & Tv "12 Days of Christmas" last night at Old Belize Museum.
Awesome! Christmas with a touch of class. Anasie baby still den ena high grass, cool.


Another Shooting in Mahogany Heights
Just over two weeks ago, a 25 year old man was shot and killed in Mahogany Heights. On Thursday December 11, there was another shooting in the community. Police say that sometime after 5 pm, there was a shooting incident that occurred through a path that leads from the highway to Mahogany Heights Village, Belize District. Initial investigations revealed that five persons came off the bus and were walking through the path, when a man of dark complexion wearing a hooded shirt held them up. The five persons began to run and the hooded man responded by firing several shots, resulting in the shooting of 22-year-old Joel Winston Seawell, a Belizean of Mahogany Heights Village. Mr Sewell was shot to the right side of his mouth and the lower back.

Leon Garcia shot in Belize City
There was a shooting in Belize City Friday morning. At about 9:47 a.m., on Friday December 12, a shooting incident occurred on Victoria Street in Belize City. 27-year-old Leon Garcia, a construction worker of a Victoria Street address, Belize City was shot to the back. He was transported to the KHMH in a stable condition. Police investigations continue.

CCJ sets nationalization decision for January 23
On Friday morning the five-judge panel of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, wrapped up a three-day session of arguments over the 2009 and 2011 nationalizations of Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) and the 2011 nationalization of Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) by the Government of Belize, challenged by the network commonly known as the “Ashcroft Alliance” for former chief executive Lord Michael Ashcroft, and Fortis Energy International. The court proposed to accept additional written submissions on certain points by December 17 with three days allotted for the Government’s reply.

Julius Espat says No to Christmas Cheer
Earlier this week the leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca announced that they will be accepting the Petro Caribe sponsored Christmas cheer. Mr Fonseca explained to reporters on Saturday the PUP’s rationale behind accepting the monies for Christmas cheer program, which he said is better administered in terms of handling. At the same time the Government did a little gloating calling the PUP’s stance one of hypocrisy. In Thursday’s newscast, you heard some of the concerns of our viewers, most of who believed the opposition should not accept the Christmas cheer monies. On Friday, Julius Espat, Area representative for Cayo South, and the one who has been at the forefront of the issue, announced that he is not accepting the Christmas Cheer program despite the party’s unanimous decision to accept it.

Sugar partners finally agree on commercial contract
It is subject to the approval of the membership of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) at an emergency meeting scheduled for Sunday, but after a round of meetings between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and executives of American Sugar Refining (ASR) and Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) on Thursday, and again Friday morning between those parties and BSCFA executives, what appears to be a final agreement covering the commercial relationship between the producers of Belize’s sugar products and their suppliers was concluded. It was not an occasion for celebration; the formalities are yet to be observed and it could yet all be derailed. Like many compromises, each side did not get all they wanted, but they must now put the hard feelings behind them to co-exist and get in what is expected to be a bumper crop.

Accident in Belmopan involving passenger bus
There was a traffic accident in front of Tropigas in Belmopan. A J and J bus coming into Belmopan collided into a white Ford Escape, also coming into Belmopan. It was raining slightly and so the road was wet at the time. The bus dropped off someone at A and R and was picking up speed, when the next vehicle overtook the bus and was turning into Tropigas. The bus slammed into the front passenger side of the white car causing the vehile to spin in the next direction.

Federation of Fishers and regional counterparts discuss lobster catching
On Thursday, the executive management team from the Belize Federation of Fishers traveled to Cozumel, Mexico, to meet with their counterparts in the fishing industry, and will be visiting the fishing grounds in Cozumel, primarily as it relates to lobster, as they are trying to find sustainable practices for Belizean lobster fishing. They will in turn share the Belizean fishing experience with their counterparts. Nigel Martinez is the Director of Belize Federation of Fishers. He told us how the trip came about. Nigel Martinez – Director of Belize Federatiion of Fishers “Last year we had decided that we wanted to do another exchange. we did an exchange in May, where we had experienced the way how the lobsters were being harvested there.

Garden City Primary Inaugurates: New Preschool, New Reading Center, New Fence
The Garden City Primary School located in Humming Bird Avenue, Belmopan, inaugurated three facilities on Thursday. The primary school, which was opened since 1992, has suffered from vandalism from unwanted trespassers. Now, through a number of sponsors and also help from parents and teachers, the school can now boast of its newly constructed fence that encircles the perimeter. But more than that, the school also has a new preschool and a reading intervention centre, which is manned by a teacher at all times, to give extra help to those with reading disabilities.

Jose Funes charged for firearm
We told you on Thursday of the operations of the Eastern Division Strike Team which took a grenade and two firearms off the street earlier this week. On Friday the person alleged to be involved with one of those firearms, 33 year old Jose David Funes, was charged with keeping firearm and ammunition without a gun license, before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. The bar manager from Gill Street, Nelize City, denies attempting to throw away the .38 special revolver with 4 rounds of ammunition in the magazine, as police said they saw him doing on Sibun Street around 11:30 p.m. on December 9.

American National claims Belizean Police tortured him
An American National and business owner of a Pizza Place in Caye Caulker has filed a complaint to both the Caye Caulker and San Pedro Police Stations regarding alleged police brutality by certain police officers from the Caye Caulker Police formation. The unnamed businessman claims that a personal gripe that a police officer on the island has with him has escalated to the point where over the past four months he has been targeted and most recently he has been severely tortured.

LPG prices down by $5.00 per 100 lb cylinder
Christmas time in Belize includes a lot of cooking, and so it is certainly good news that effective Saturday December 13, the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas will be less by as much as $5.00. The new controlled price per 100 lb cylinder for LPG imported by Belize Gas Limited and Western Gas Company Limited in Belize City and Corozal is now $104, Belmopan and San Ignacio is $106, Orange Walk is $105, Bengue is $107, and Punta Gorda is $109.

The Reporter

Lima climate talks face major breakdown, US warns
The head of the US delegation at UN climate talks has warned of a “major breakdown” in the process if negotiators fail to come to an agreement at a meeting in Lima, Peru. Talks remain deadlocked by divisions between rich and poor countries over the scale and scope of plans to tackle global warming. The talks were due to have concluded on Friday but have now over-run. Disagreements abound over a key building block of a new global treaty. That element, known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) in the jargon of the meeting, is seen as a major step as developed nations are due to make pledges on how they will tackle climate change by the end of March next year. The countries came to Peru to work out the details of what those pledges would entail and it has not been smooth sailing. The big emitters like the US and EU want these pledges to be focused mainly on cutting carbon – and they want to include emerging economies such as India and China.

BSI, BSCFA reach common ground over sugar dispute
There is an agreement in principle between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and the Belize Sugar Industries (BSI) and American Sugar Refineries (ASR) following a meeting on Friday to iron put their differences, accompanied by their attorneys, Michael Young for BSI and Chris Coye for the BSCFA. Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who led the talks, made the announcement afterwards. “We have an agreement. Now, of course it is subject to ratification by the general membership of the BSCFA, but at this level, the level of the directors and the CEO and the BSCFA’s negotiating committee we have an agreement. A final agreement is to be signed, subject as I said to ratification of the acceptance, which we were able to procure this morning. Ratification of that acceptance by the general membership of the BSCFA.”

The Belize Times

UDP Cock Fight!! – The War between Bradley and Barrow!
It is difficult to say which is larger, the self-inflated drama-queen ego of Mayor Darrel Bradley or the authoritarian style and mentality of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, but both are clashing inside the UDP. On the one hand, Barrow is running the UDP (his party) just as his minions in Cabinet have made him become accustomed to. What he says goes, and it’s his way or the highway. No one can challenge the King. And on the other hand, there is Darrel Bradley, a virtually inexperienced politician who won an election on the coat-tails of a Central Government. Bradley was gifted an easy term in office with the promise than anything he asks for he will get. Bradley, apparently, has mis-valued his political capital to the UDP and has begun to raise the stakes for himself, but lately he hasn’t been getting everything he has asked for. Reports to the BELIZE TIMES are that Bradley has been feeling like a less important politician in the UDP recently. Central Government turned down the request to back-up a loan which the Council was seeking to renovate the Commercial Center.

Was murder suspect possessed by demons?
Corozal Police have charged 22 year old Carlos Cassanova for the brutal chopping murder of 29 year old Mark Massam Jr. that occurred on College Road, Corozal Town, on the night of Wednesday December 9th. Cassanova and Massam are neighbors, but on Wednesday night they turned on each other after an argument turned deadly. Cassanova, it is reported, used a machete to viciously attack Massam. When the Police arrived at the scene about 9:15pm, they saw Cassanova standing over Massam, swinging his machete with brutal force. The officers told Cassanova to stop. But he continued. They then pulled their weapons and fired warning shots in the air, but that did not stop the attack. Police said they felt they had no choice but to disable Cassanova by shooting at his feet, in order to stop the attack and subdue him.

Sedi says Belizeans are “Very Rusty”
Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington has offended Belizeans many, many times before. Belizeans could recall his calling of our Border with Guatemala “Artificial”. Cayo residents remember the UDP representative for Pickstock telling them that crime in their locality is nothing alarming when compared to his Belize City area and that they need to stop looking to the Government for solutions. Most recently, Sedi dissed the country by saying that we shouldn’t question a “gift” by the United States, even it means compromising our security to Guatemalans. When Sedi speaks, he seems to just shove his feet right into his mouth. This disease seems to have no bounds on his propensity to attack and be negative, and his most recent presentation before a group of young people was no different.

Home Mortgage Relief Flops! – GOB tells mortgagors they must pay December interest on their own
The Barrow Administration seriously can’t get anything right, as the Prime Minister has admitted himself before a meeting with private sector representatives. The UDP Government has back-pedalled on one of their political gimmicks announced in September – the home mortgage relief program – in which they promised to meet the December interest payment for over 7,400 mortgagors with mortgage loans up to $100,000. The Government announced this week that they will no longer be making the December payment to the financial institutions, as indicated before, but will instead reimburse those who can pay. This has caused panic for many families, who following the news in September, began budgeting their Christmas expenses based on the UDP Government’s promised assistance. With the Government returning the burden on mortgagors, they have now been forced to scramble and find a way to pay their loans with the interest or find themselves being left out of the programme completely.

Christmas Jeer!!
Clientelism is defined as “the exchange of goods and services for political support”. It is tantamount to vote-buying which is illegal and considered highly corrupt. The unfortunate thing about clientelism is that it is in effect, citizens being given a handout from money that is in fact, theirs to begin with. What most don’t seem to understand is that for every dollar that politicians give out, they keep anywhere from nine to ninety-nine per cent for themselves. It seems however, that most folks are so happy to receive that one dollar that they are willing to ignore or even endorse the outright theft of their tax dollars by these greedy politicians. The practice of giving handouts to citizens has become a tradition under this current administration and while it is indubitably wrongheaded, many would be more inclined to tolerate it if there was any degree of equity in its discharge. At last report, the number of Belizeans at or below the poverty level has increased to an alarming 45 percent under this administration.

Barrow, Belize’s Biggest Hypocrite
Dean Barrow is, pound for pound, Belize’s biggest hypocrite. He is the biggest hypocrite politically. He is the biggest hypocrite personally. He stands out over and alone all others on the issue of hypocrisy. As an elected area representative for Queen’s Square he offers no representation to the constituency. There is no office anywhere in the division where residents can access their representative, no matter how urgent or life threatening their situation. For the past six years Mr. Barrow has nine plycem houses to show for his area. Some are jammed up two in one yard. His voters’ list is a classic example of political corruption and dishonesty in electoral fraud – empty lots are listed as residential homes for his supporters.

Belize wins 5 medals at Central American Championships
The national bodybuilding team returned with five medals after participating at the 2014 Central American Championships held in El Salvador on December 6th 2014. The team made up of three-time Mr. Belize Rigo Vellos, Master’s Champ Clayton Greenidge and Novice Champ Oyinkro Akpobodor, entered five categories and swept up five medals for each one. Vellos entered the very senior category, the 85kg-and-over and won silver (2nd place). He was only outmatched by a more experienced Costa Rican bodybuilder.

SJC boys enter basketball nationals
The boys of St. John’s College will represent the Central Division at the national high school basketball championships hosted by Excelsior High School at Bird’s Isle this weekend December 12-13. SJC came from a double digit deficit in the 2nd quarter to defeat Sadie Vernon High School 86-65. Dudley Erskine had 22 points, while Sydney Bradley added 16 points and Kyle Pitts 12 points. Sadie Vernon’s Clency Lopez led with 33 points.

Ladies & Juniors Tennis Tournaments
This past Saturday (December 6, 2014) was a day filled with tennis for all ages! The National Ladies Singles tournament sponsored by Denise Courtenay got underway at the Belize Pickwick Club Tennis Courts. After round robin competition top scorers Samira Pott and Sophie Sosa met in the finals. Samira Pott took the victory 8-0 over Sophie Sosa. Sonny Meighan as representative of Belize Tennis Association presented the trophies to both ladies on behalf of Mrs. Courtenay. The juniors also did their thing in doubles competition. In the green/advance category Samron Pott and Harnadar Tut took the 1st place with Stefan Sosa and Adrian Marshalleck 2nd place. These kids are hitting the ball with incredible pace and it is great to see their development!!

“Boots” Martinez Under Fire for Inadequate Housing in Port Loyola
On Wednesday December 3, 2014 over a hundred residents of the division participated in a demonstration in Port Loyola, marching along with People’s United Party Port Loyola Standard Bearer Gilroy Usher Sr. and demanding proper housing for the residents. As they marched through many of the neglected streets in the area and viewed the terrible housing situation in which many them or their relatives have been forced to live, the people carried placards which stated among other things: No More Inadequate Housing for the People, We Deserve Proper Housing and We need Jobs to get out of inadequate housing and poverty.

Petro-Caribe Party in Peril
The Barrow Administration’s Petro-Caribe Party of illegal spending, wastefulness, and political gimmicks is in serious danger! This week the Venezuelan Government informed Prime Minister Dean Barrow that as of February 2015, they will discontinue providing Premium gasoline under the ALBA/Petrocaribe agreement. This is in line with current steps being taken by the Venezuelan Government to re-adjust its priorities as the program faces difficult market conditions that threaten its continuation. These steps have affected countries benefitting from Venezuela hand-outs across the region. The biggest threat to Petro-Caribe is the world market price for fuel which has been stumbling down for several months, from about US$115 per barrel in June to about US$45 today.

On January 5th, 2015 the voters of Cayo North will go to the polls to elect a new Area Representative following the sudden and intriguing resignation of Joseph Mahmud. As they do so, they must be mindful of a few important facts: The PETROCARIBE MONEYTRAIN that has rolled into town and will be there for the next 30 days will be GONE after January 5th, 2015. If the UDP cared about the people of Cayo North they would have been helping you, your families and your community since 2008. From 2008 to 2012 under a UDP representative, Cayo North was ignored. From 2008 to 2012 under a PUP Representative, Cayo North was punished. Now that a By-Election is imminent the UDP remembers Cayo North. Do not be fooled!

Hon. Jose Mai spreads Christmas Cheer in OW South
The children of Orange Walk South communities are excited about Christmas. Hon Jose Mai was well received in all the villages of Orange Walk South as he and the old man in the red suit travelled throughout the area greeting the children and sharing special gifts. Even the children from the Mennonite Community of Blue Creek received goodies bag from the Hon Jose Mai. Teachers and staff of Blue Creek Primary and Secondary School were very courteous with the Hon Jose Mai as they invited him to greet the children.

Patrick JonesPJ

Policeman charged for the crime of extortion
A police officer working in San Pedro town is in hot water … accused of extorting hundreds of dollars from a local businessman. Constable John Arana was busted on Friday morning, as he emerged from the Mamacita Entertainment Bar on Angel Coral Drive. The story is that the businessman reportedly owes a local supermarket and PC Arana allegedly offered to “make it all go away” is the businessman would pay him. At the time PC Arana allegedly initiated the extortion, the businessman said he asked for $200 and offered to return later for an additional $1,000.


Award Season at Ocean Academy Caye Caulker Belize
Ocean Academy was selected out of 350 applicants from more than 70 countries for UNICEF’s Sport in Education Award from Beyond Sport. Heidi Curry and Joni Miller traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa, to represent the Aquatic Tourism Program as a finalist among prestigious development organizations from around the world. The award recognizes Ocean Academy’s innovative approach to developing entrepreneurial and life skills through fly-fishing, scuba diving, and kayaking “physical education” classes. On weekends and holidays, students accompany visitors on kayak excursions and teach about the ecology and history of the island. They earn money for their families, their school fees, and the school. Ocean Academy develops workshops based on visitors’ evaluation forms. Skills are transferable to any future profession. Ocean Academy’s Aquatic Tourism Program is sponsored by a grant from the U.S. State Department.

My Under $100bzd Christmas List: Holiday Shopping in San Pedro, Belize
So it is with great fondness that I reminisce about my Christmas browsing in downtown San Pedro less than a week ago. A friend and I wandered around town to find gifts, at or around $100bzd ($50US) that you go buy locally for yourself, or for your girl friend, girlfriend or wife this holiday season. Here are a few suggestions that I came up with.

New Sea'n Belize Glass Bottomed Boat...Anna's visit....Wine Tasting...Marathon....other Placencia fun!
Just a few fun things happening around Placencia these days.....! Anna from Cleveland came in for a visit! We had a great time. Here she is at arrival... The few days she was here flew by. She loved the Cockscomb tour with Doyle, and we also went to the Belize Ocean Club and a lot of touring of the beach bars :) Anna works her butt off in Cleveland so it was great for her to hang out on the veranda and just relax. She took the kayak out and loved walking the beach, and we had a beach barbecue one night...we have learned not to push people to do too many excursions as this place was really made for relaxing! Here we are the night of the cookout:

International Sourcesizz

Stronger US dollar and lower oil prices: Effects on the Caribbean
CARIBBEAN countries whose value is fixed to the United States dollar should benefit, at least in the short term, from the fall in oil prices and the strengthening of the American currency. Oil prices fell to below US$65 a barrel for the first time in five years, while the US dollar strengthened against every major currency, including China's yuan. In a general sense, the reduction in the oil price will benefit all countries, particularly the developed nations whose working population will have more disposable income and will spend more on goods and services, such as tourism. In turn, this will help to rejuvenate economies worldwide for as long as the oil price remains low. The further and specific benefits to countries whose currencies are linked to the US dollars should come in three important ways.

Belize is situated on the Caribbean Sea, south of Mexico and east and north of Guatemala in Central America. In area, it is about the size of New Hampshire. From the deep Blue Hole to the wonders of the ancient Maya temples, each region of Belize offers a uniquely different experience. The only English-speaking country in Central America, Belize offers a unique combination of richly rewarding experiences that make it unlike any destination on the planet. Swim with exotic sea life along the Western Hemisphere’s largest barrier reef. Explore the fascinating mysteries of the largest concentration of Maya sites in the region.

Jingle Jam Christmas Bazaar At The Split
GET READY FOR NEXT WEEK’S ACTIVITY!!!! Join us at the Split on Saturday, December 20th 2014 for a day of activities and great food!! We will be having games during the afternoon and some sailing demonstrations. Games will start at 12 noon to 5 p.m. then get your dancing shoes ready for the dance with Rompe Raja from San Pedro starting at 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Entrance is $5.00. We will be having raffles throughout the dance. Those who had already bought raffle tickets for the bike your tickets are still in the box!!! Bike Raffles are still available for $5 a chance. Come out and support your sailing club!!! All proceeds will go towards the regattas for next year and purchasing of equipment. THERE WILL BE A BAR!!!!!


Feeding crocodiles, 2min. Can someone please alert the authorities to the fact that some people on Caye Caulker are hand feeding wild crocodiles? Many children go to the south point to fish and this creates a danger for them, not to mention how many people bike in that area. Some people are so clueless.

LisaBella - The Hair Fairy,1 min. Lisabella graduated from King's College Belize Central America at the age of 18 in 1985. Lisabella then became a school teacher at several elementary schools, educating and nurturing young kids throughout the city for 7 years. LisaBella never stop educating herself so she attended The Belize Teachers College through out the summer and and off days from the classroom. LisaBella was always creative, whether inside or outside of the classroom as well as a lover of art and fashion. In 1994, LisaBella wanted more for herself, and wanted to pursue her dreams so she migrated to the United States, where she knew she would have more opportunities to accomplish her goals and take advantage of her artistic skills.

Belize recap, 4min. from Awaken Church

Belize - Diving The Great Blue Hole, 5min. 3 Dive Sites: - The Great Blue Hole - Half Moon Caye Wall - The Aquarium.

Belize Aggressor III, 7min. Belize is a wall diver's paradise. Sheer walls like Painted Wall, Half Moon Caye Wall and Quebrada are adorned with huge crimson gorgonians and giant orange elephant ear sponges. Moray eels, spiny lobsters and tiny arrow crabs hide in every crack, crevice, cave and tunnels of these beautiful coral formations. These are just a few things you will see at Lighthouse Reef, Half Moon Cay and Turneffe Reef.

Christmas Turkey - Cooking with Flavors of Belize & Chef Sean Kuylen, 9min. Just in time for the Christmas season this year, Chef Sean gives us the run down on preparing the perfect turkey for your Christmas spread. He also introduces a fresh face to the Flavors of Belize team - Carolee Chanona, who is no stranger to Belizean cuisine.

Cave tubing shore excursion in Belize, 14min. Cave tubing with "Butts Up" tour guides. They also fed us Belizian tamales afterwards. They met us at cruise port. About 1 hour out on motor coach. Took about a half hour to walk to launch site, a half hour in cave, and a half hour on river in forest. Also about a half hour at their place afterwards for free tamales, you buy drinks for reasonable price.

XT Belize v1 rough, 25min. Belize was a real jungle type vacation. Wild and dangerous. Swimming with sharks, kite surfing, jungle atvs, wilderness survival, climbing cave waterfalls and fighting mosquitos. Theres nowhere in the world like Ian Anderson's Caves Branch!!

Belize spesso definito come "altri Caraibi", 5min. Belize City, Belize Meno di tre ore di volo da Dallas, Belize è spesso definito come "altri Caraibi". Crimine, droga, depravazione, e bagarini l'carcere tagline è un'altra città.

Belize Birds Dec 2013, 9min. Just a few of the birds we saw on a 2 week birding trip to Belize.

Hastings in Belize, 7min. 2014 Winter Vacation for the Hastings.

Belize Hermit Crabs Are Awesome, 1min. Belize is beautiful - white sand beaches, azure waves, friendly people - but I lost that footage. So here's a bunch of AWESOME hermit crabs keeping it real.

Belize: Missions of Peace, 6min. Franciscan University of Steubenville students organize and fund a mission trio to Belize, Central America.