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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: The Witness
“There’s nothing glamorous or exciting about being a lower court judge in Belize,” my friend Emilio, said. “As a matter of fact, I’m on my way to court this morning. It happens to be in the town where I grew up so we can visit my family after court. Come along and I’ll seat you

Police Report
Drug Trafficking *On Saturday, December 6th at around 3:30AM, acting on information received, San Pedro Quick Response Team (QRT) personnel visited a local night club to conduct a search on 27-year-old Deon Young. The search led to the discovery of a rolled up piece of toilet paper, containing seven small transparent zip lock bag which

Anti- Drugs Operation
On Tuesday, December 9th between 6AM and 11:30AM, a team of San Pedro Criminal Investigation Branch and Special Branch personnel conducted searches on the following persons: * 30-year-old Edward Alexander Ozaeta. This led to the discovery of a transparent plastic bag containing 31.6 grams of suspected cannabis. * 27-year-old Carlos Gomez. This led to the

Doctor Love
Dear Doctor Love, My husband and I have had two wonderful years of marriage. A few months ago I thought I was pregnant. I have been on the pill for six years so it was a surprise to me. I told my husband. The first words out of his mouth were, “Who is the father?”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Looking for stranded manatee, contact information
So tonight as soon as the last flights from Maya and Tropic left the Municipality Airport, we did a sweep of the new runway in progress, looking for any signs of a young manatee seen too close to shore last week, by airport employees. (expecting to find a dead body, but didn't) If ever anyone sees a baby manatee (3 to 4ft long) without a mum, treat it as an emergency and contact: 911 and ask for coastal zone management, or Jamal Galves,(6075038) Zoe Walker at wildtracks(6506578), or BWCN Hotline (6058888), Gillian or Gordon. (6306737, 6306738).If you can, put these numbers in your phones for futures reference. (Please don't use them for cats or dogs enquiries, contact AMC (2233781) or Belize Humane Society). Sad thing, having walked the new runway, the edges of the runway drop off quite steeply, it used to be a gentle slope to the edge, now its an almost instant 2 to 3ft drop, meaning baby manatees will be bashed quite heavily against this new sea wall. (which often causes spinal or shoulder injuries causing the babies to drown, as they can't keep their heads up). I guess it's too much to ask developers to consider sea mammals when they make their designs, don't think there is much we can do in retrospect.

Fixing some walkways in our village: Arenal Village
Today we did the job that politicians were supposed to do but as they refuse to do their duty we did it with 20 kids of the village. We received a pickup truck from taxi driver Mercedes "Thank you Merces" and picked up some loads of stones on the roads or in some people's yards and here are the names of the boys who helped: Elvin Ruiz, Edilson Santos, Johnny Sanchez, Jonathan Novelo, Rahim Santos, Irvin Lara, Jesuin Patt, Bryan Barrera, Selvin Sanchez, Vickalmer Sanchez, Philmon Jimenez, Jose Valladarez, Kelvin Moran, Ernesto Cruz, Mark Jimenez, Gregorio Novelo, Eliel Sanchez, Donal Valladares, Alex Avelar - Thank you very much boys: we'll not get very dirty and nasty feet anymore after the rain and the adults should look carefully: That's how you make things work out and that's the way to do changes!


Ambergris Caye Listed As Prime Tourist Destination
Belize’s Ambergris Caye listed as a premier tourism destination has been making the top lists of travel magazines and tabloids over the past few years and today it continues to do so. Recently, Trip Advisor released its 2014 Travel Roundup & Trends Forecast for 2015. The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is pleased to share that, as per the 2014 Outbound Travel Report, Ambergris Caye was the #1 Emerging Destination for 2014. BTB’s outgoing Director of Marketing & Industry Relations, Alyssa Carnegie said in a BTB issued releases, and we quote “With Trip Advisor being the world’s largest travel site which offers trusted reviews from real travellers and a variety of travel choices with planning features, I am sure that there will be even more interest in Belize which will translate into increased overnight arrivals for the destination as we move forward in 2015,” end quote.

Thieves Hit San Pedro Town
Police in San Pedro are working overtime and that is because in the month of December, robberies, burglaries and theft crimes become prevalent. And while the police formation has stepped up its security presence on the streets, a total of 3 persons were targeted and their possessions stolen. The first case of burglary was reported by 68-year-old Cathy Slattery, American Retiree of San Pablo Area, who reported that on Wednesday December 10th, she left her house located in San Pablo Area, and sometime between 11:45 a.m. and 9:00p.m someone turned off her security cameras by switching off her electricity and burglarized her house. Stolen from a safe was (3) Credit Cards (2)Check books (1)ATM card (1)Atlantic Bank book (1)Golf Cart insurance paper (1)Golf cart title (1)Wedding Gold Ring Valued $1000.00, $4,000.00 cash, $1,000 U.S currency and other documents being a total of $6,000.00. Police have no leads and their investigation continues.

Cops In San Pedro Work Overtime To Keep Up With Burglaries
In another incident, on yesterday’s date at about 12:30 p.m., 51-year-old Kevin Anderson, Canadian retiree of south San Pedro Ambergris Caye visited the Police Station and reported that on Friday, December 5th at about 6:30 a.m. he left his multicolor hammock valued $150.00 hanging at the south east corner of the property - Carib Island Resort. He stated that at 12:00p.m. On same day he noticed that the hammock was missing. Police have since detained 55-year-old Miguel Ramirez of San Juan Area, San Pedro Town pending charges of Theft. Thieves in San Pedro also targeted another island resident. The incident occurred yesterday at about 8:15p.m. and according to 27-year-old Marlon Estrada of San Pedro Town, around 5:30 p.m. he along with a young man were on a San Pedro Police motorcycle of which he had been commissioned to fix, heading up the coast to get the part needed to finish repairs on the police motorcycle.

The Reporter

Man sentenced to jail time after pleading guilty to drug trafficking, illegal gun possession
Casey Smith, a resident of Belize City, will spend five years in prison after he pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and possession of an unlicensed gun and ammunition in Belmopan on Friday. The charges and conviction follow a police operation just after 12 a.m. Friday on the George Price Highway when police searched a taxi from Benque Viejo and discovered 94.5 pounds of marijuana. Smith received a $10,000 fine for the drugs, plus three years imprisonment; and five years imprisonment for the firearm and ammunition. The sentences are to run concurrently.

Sugar season on its way
The 2014-2015 sugar season may start as early as next Friday after the general assembly of the Belize Sugarcane Farmers Association accepted the latest proposal made by Belize Sugar Industries on Sunday. The cañeros met at Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico in Corozal, where they agreed to the proposal brokered with BSI by Prime Minister Dean Barrow last week. Ezekiel Cansino, chief executive officer of the BSCFA, explained that with the proposal now accepted, their attorneys can now draft up the necessary paperwork. “We will communicate the acceptance to BSI so our attorney’s can draft up an agreement to be signed either tomorrow afternoon or Tuesday,” Cansino said, “after that we are hoping to get the crop started hopefully Friday.”

Police constable accused of extortion
Police Constable, John Arana faces a charge of extortion in connection with a report that the manager of a bar in San Pedro Town. The businessman told police that on Friday morning Arana went to Mamacita’s Entertainment Bar to collect monies he had previously demanded, reportedly saying he could use his authority to cause bills the businessman owed a supermarket to be wiped off. The businessman, police say, complied with the order, but photocopied the bills before handing them over in an envelope to the accused.

CCJ reserves judgment in nationalisation case of BTL, BEL
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on Friday reserved judgment in Trinidad in the nationalization case of Belize Telemedia (BTL) and Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) following three days of arguments. The arguments hovered mainly over the authority that the government has to assume control of the utilty company, which took place since the amendment to the Eighth Amendment in 2011. Senior counsels, Eamon Courtnay and Godfrey Smith and Queen’s counsels, have been arguing against the government’s lead attorney, Denys Barrow, S.C. and will return to Trinidad in January of 2015 for the decision.

Haiti prime minister, Laurent Lamothe, resigns
Haitian Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe has resigned less than a week after President Michel Martelly had received a report from an 11-member presidential commission established to help deal with Haiti’s worsening political crisis. The Commission had also recommended the resignation of the members of the Electoral Council. Haiti has seen several violent street demonstrations led by opposition figures in recent weeks and in a nationwide radio and television broadcast on Saturday night, Lamothe said “I am leaving the post of prime minister this evening with a feeling of accomplishment”. The protestors have been calling for the resignation of both Martelly and Lamothe after the country failed to hold elections in October.

Taiwanese Foreign Minister, David Lin talks to Harry Lawrence, publisher of The Reporter
Taiwanese Foreign Minister, David Lin, is on a working visit to Belize where he will this coming week take part in the SICA Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs from Central America. The event will take place in Placencia and on Monday, a delegation led by Foreign Minister Lin will take part in the 16th meeting of the Mixed Commission of Central America and the Republic of China. On Saturday Foreign Minister Lin sat down for an interview with Harry Lawrence, the publisher of The Reporter newspaper and answered questions on Taiwan’s involvement in cooperation, bi-lateral relations and aid to Belize. A full story on those topics will be published in next Thursday’s edition of The Reporter.

Patrick JonesPJ

Double homicide in Paraiso, Corozal
The word Paraiso translated into English means paradise; but it was anything but this morning when two people were found murdered in a village with the same name in rural Corozal. The brutal attack is believed to have happened on Saturday night and around 7 o’clock this […]

Boy killed in road traffic accident
A four year old boy was knocked down and killed on Saturday night on the Southern Highway. According to reports received, Kyron Awardo and his mom had just alighted a passenger bus when the incident happened around 9 o’clock on Saturday night. Reports from Sittee River say […]

Galen University graduates 112 in pre-Christmas commencement
The eleventh commencement exercises of the private Galen University based in Cayo took place at the Belize Biltmore Plaza in Belize City this morning. It is a very merry Christmas for 112 graduates, who can celebrate the holiday relieved of the pressure of examinations, final papers and presentations. […]


What an amazing invention by nature – the Jaguar! This animal is a stealth “machine” found in the low, middle and higher elevation forests and open areas. This massive animal, which can be 3 ½ to 6 feet in length, has a huge head and is normally orange/tawny with black rosettes with as long tail. Its an absolutely gorgeous beast! The Jaguar has been such a mysterious animal that the ancient Maya, those who lived in ancient cities like Xunantunich, Caracol and Tikal, revered it as the representative of no less than the sun god K’inich Ahau. These prehistoric people believed that the sun, once it disappears beyond the Western horizon goes through its natural pathway in its cycle to be “reborn” again the following day. This journey takes it through nine layers of the underworld – the place of fright and disease – truly, the place of creation (water and corn were created there) where it will “survive” to the next day. Once the sun disappears into the underworld in the late evening, the Maya made the Jaguar the icon sun that dominated the night as the sun does in the daytime.

Nine Things That Happen In Belize In December
1. Its time for the yearly cleaning! Don’t get it wrong, mothers, fathers and children have been cleaning house daily but there’s nothing as important than the December cleaning! New curtains, new tiles or marley on the floors, new paint jobs and without a doubt, Christmas lights! Some of us keep our Christmas lights hanging year long hence that’s perhaps the easiest “new thing” to make ornate our homes for the season. 2. The time has come to shake out the wardrobe and wash out the hoodies and fur…yes, fur! After all, the temperatures are (violently – for us) freezing in the month of the Yuletide. The temperatures can reach a high 84 degrees and lows anywhere between 58 and 62 degrees within the hours of 4:30PM and 8:30ishAM. Now you know why that smile will come to your face when you are in shorts and flip-flops and we are all eyes under our blankets we work in.

Dubstep Guide “All my Native People”

CTGA Christmas Dinner
On Friday, 12th December 2014, the tour guides wined and dined at Hode’s Bar and Grill. As a ritual, every end of the year as new board members are elected, we have our Christmas party, a day for tour guides to celebrate being tour guides. Tour guides are the face of Belize; we are the people that introduce international travellers to Belize’s Ancient cities, natural phenomenons, culture and wildlife. We had a delicious Christmas dinner with ham, baked chicken, stuffing, the full works. Tour guides that excelled during the Tourism Eco Camp were also recognized and awarded a special calendar with the logos of the CTGA and the Eco-camp. The Tour Guide Service award was given to Eric Tut for his unconditional support to the Association throughout the year. This is the second time this award is given, Herry Pena was the first recipient for his service to the Board. Below you will find some of the highlights of the event complete with couples portraits and Chris Lowe’s dancing.

International Sourcesizz

From Beach to Mountains, Expats Enjoy a Great Lifestyle and Low Costs in English-Speaking, Caribbean Belize
“Belize has a lot to offer those seeking a new life abroad. There’s a feeling of opportunity and possibility, of a place being shaped right now…a country where retirees can find a comfortable place or someone with an idea can start a business,” reports editor Jason Holland. “It’s not as established as some of the other tourist destinations in the region, so there’s still lots of room for new businesses that fill a gap in the market.” With a population of 330,000, Belize offers plenty of empty, wide-open spaces. Located below Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, this is picture-postcard Caribbean. It’s a country of Maya temples, seaside condos, jungle lodges, and colonial mansions. The low cost of living means a couple can live well on $2,000 to $3,000 or less a month. Established expat communities make for a ready supply of new friends. It’s English-speaking and with daily flights, it’s easy to get to from North America.

Climate finance flowing, but for many, the well remains dry
In the CARICOM region, the local population is highly dependent on fish for economic and social development. This resource also contributes significantly to food security, poverty alleviation, employment, foreign exchange earnings, development and stability of rural and coastal communities, culture, recreation and tourism. The subsector provides direct employment for more than 120,000 fishers and indirect employment opportunities for thousands of others – particularly women – in processing, marketing, boat-building, net-making and other support services. In 2012, the conch industry in just one Caribbean Community country, Belize, was valued at 10 million dollars.

Fish Forever: Building Sustainable Enterprises at the Grassroots - See more at:
Typical corporate sustainability programs drive change from the top down. The multinational company sets targets and standards for its global supply chain, and aims to improve sustainability down to the level of workers and farmers. However, there are large sections of population at the bottom rung that are not even a part of the mainstream supply chain, and remain excluded from the sustainability programs. Fish Forever project is being launched in five countries, including Belize, Brazil, Indonesia, Mozambique and the Philippines. It will focus on fishers with just a single boat or two, and the ones who fish from shore. These largely poor, small-scale fishers account for half of all fish caught in developing countries. Yet, most of these local suppliers are disorganized, overexploited or even collapsed.

New science and software make Belize coastal zone management plan better for people and the environment
STANFORD, CA Today, scientists at the Natural Capital Project share new science and open source software that can calculate risk to coastal and marine ecosystems. These novel tools, described in the journal Environmental Research Letters, were used to design the first integrated coastal zone management plan for the Caribbean country of Belize. Conducted with the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute in Belize and the World Wildlife Fund, the study offers a comprehensive explanation of the process used to calculate risk of habitat degradation in marine spatial planning. With historic expansion of coastal and ocean development, ecosystems like coral reefs and mangrove forests are put at unprecedented risk. Yet, planners often lack good information about how human activities will impact shoreline and ocean habitats now and in the future. This study developed the information the Belizean government sought to make informed management decisions. The resulting science and software, which are free and accessible to anyone with a connection to the Internet, are useful to coastal planners anywhere.


Happy Holidays. Love FM Christmas Parade in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, 1/4min.

Miss World Belize Raquel Badillo, 1/2min. Raquel Badillo and her friends say Hello to Belize from backstage of the Miss World Pageant in London

Christmas Parade Belize, 2min.

Cave tubing in Belize, 1min.

Belize 12-2014, 12min. My vacation to Belize.

Belize November 2014 Sharks, 8min. A.K.A This dog don't hunt. Nurse shark footage from our dive trip in November 2014. Note tag on shark's dorsal fin at min 5. Nice try getting nurse shark to eat Lionfish! Filmed with GoPro Hero 3+ black and Hero 4 Silver.

San Ignacio Market, Belize, 2min.

Iglesia Duck Run1, Belize, Centroamerica, 84min.

Belize-Goff's Caye, 3min. Exploring Goff's Caye In Belize with Matti, Mate, Szuzy, Madeline, and Garrett!!

Belize Advertisement, 2min.

Great Egret, North Ambergris Belize,2 min.

Eco Puddle Rocky Point ambergric Caye Belize, 1.5min.