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49 arrests for 2,772 crimes for 2012 (convictions not reported)
769 arrests for 2,395 crimes for 2013 (convictions not reported)
651 arrests for 2,548 crimes for 2014 (convictions not reported) Though arrests are given for carnal knowledge, stats only appear in half of the report giving an incomplete account of reported crime.

The amount of murders have fluctuated. In 2012, 145 persons were murdered. That went town dramatically to 99 in 2013. The figures have shot up back to 121 so far for 2014, but still 44 less than in 2012.

The amount of reported rapes have increased substantially. It was 28 reported in 2012, two less and 26 in 2013 and it went up to 42 for 2014.

The year for robbery was 2012, a year in which there were 487 robberies reported. Almost 200 less were reported in 2013, 296 were reported that year. The figure has remained constant for 2014 in which 2 less robberies, 294 were reported.

Reported burglaries have been on the decline. 1,106 in 2012, 890 in 2013 and 821 in 2014. Theft, however has steadily increased over the three year period. There were 950 in 2012, 1,011 in 2013, and 1,192 reported in 2014. The number of crimes “appear” to have decreased. There were 2,772 in 2012, 2,395 in 2013 and 2,548 in 2014. The reason why it “appears” is because the statistics have monthly reported cases of carnal knowledge for half of the year January to June in the statistics, but the carnal Knowledge column disappears in the second half of the year for July to December. If numbers of carnal knowledge cases are tallied, there would be 114 more crimes added to the numbers for December making crimes 2,662. If the statistics for the second half of the year were available chances are crime statistics would equal or surpass the 2012 statistics.

So there are 2,662 cases of crime reported plus the June to December Carnal Knowledge cases that have been omitted from the number of crimes.

Murders: only 34 arrests for 121 murders
Rape: only 27 arrests for 42 rapes
Robbery: only 118 arrests for 294 robberies
Burglary: only 217 arrests for 821 burglaries
Theft: only 220 arrests for 1,192 thefts
Carnal Knowledge: only 35 arrests for (January to June) 114 Carnal Knowledge cases

Jose Sanchez