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Today's Belize News: December 24, 2014 #499316
12/24/14 04:28 AM
12/24/14 04:28 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Underground pipe breaks on Coconut Drive
On Wednesday, December 17th a pipe broke on the Coconut Drive in the corner of Tropic Air and San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School. The breakage caused flooding in the immediate area and even water loss for the north half of the island. Fortunately Belize Water Service Limited (BWSL) quickly responded and had the pipe repaired and water supply restored on the same day. According to acting Operations Supervisor of BWSL San Pedro Branch, Jermaine Jones the pipe supplied water to a nearby fire hydrant. The rupture in the pipe was a result of aging, as the pipe is estimated to be more than 20 years old. “The connection that supplied water to the fire hydrant located next to the billboard on Coconut Drive broke at around 1:30PM. We were quickly alerted and responded. In order to conduct the necessary repair we had to shut down water supply to about half of the island. The break in the pipe was spilling tons of water. Once we were able to start repairs it took us about three hours to fully replace the broken pipe line with a new one and restore water supply to the area,” said Jones. Repairs to the pipe were completed at about 6PM on the same day.

Police Report
Police-NewsAggravated Robbery- Caye Caulker On 14.12.14 at about 5:50 a.m., police responded to a robbery in Caye Caulker on Avenida Hicaco where they met 22-year-old Armina Brendalee Choc who reported that upon opening her coffee shop she was held up at knife point by a male of dark complexion. Burglary *On Friday, December 12th at about 8:20PM 53-year-old Karen Young, Canadian resident of Alta Mar Area, reported that at around 4:20PM she left her home leaving all her doors and windows locked and secured. She stated that when she returned at about 6:30PM she noticed that the glass window on the southern side of her home was broken and discovered electronic items, assorted shoes and other items missing valued at $8,605. Police have since recovered two silver Apple MacBook Air valued at $2,600.00 and are seeking one man for questioning.

Wings donates to the San Pedro Traffic Department
On Tuesday, December 9th the San Pedro Traffic Department (SPTD) received a generous donation from Wings Store. Mr. Prakash and Mr. Kamal presented the SPTD and Mayor Daniel Guerrero with six traffic cones, four lighted pole signals, three triangle reflectors, 11 orange reflecting vests and 11 yellow reflecting vests. The items were gratefully received as they are much needed in the task of enforcing traffic regulations. The addition of these items to the SPTC arsenal of traffic control equipment will enable the traffic wardens to better enforce regulation during these busy holiday times. Most of these items will be used during traffic checkpoints. SPTD would like to take the opportunity to remind all motorists to drive with care, and not to drive under the influence of alcohol. Speeding can lead to accidents, it is best to follow road safety rules during these days of heavy traffic.

Mangrove Reforestation Initiative starts to show success
While mangroves act as a natural sea wall protecting beaches from erosion, developers often remove them in the effort to create a white sandy beach. However, the deforestation of mangroves only leads to increased coastal erosion, and developers are often obliged to construct temporary concrete cement walls. With the issue of coastal erosion, the best solution seems to be simply reforesting the area with mangroves, but that is no easy feat. According to Rosado, mangrove reforestation is a difficult task that takes time and has a low success rate. “It’s easy to remove the mangroves but replanting them and having them successfully established is a hard task. Many have tried to simply plant mangrove propagules on the beach and hope they grow, but there are several factors that reduce the chance of the seedling actually maturing. The propagules are often washed away, or are unhealthy and do not germinate. The Riley methodology was developed for the purpose of establishing mangroves along high-energy shorelines where natural recruitment no longer occurs and where conventional planting methods are ineffective. While the Riley method increases the security of the propagules in the area, there are still many other factors that can diminish the chances of it growing,” said Rosado.

Ambergris Today

Tropic Air Adds Next Generation Cessna Caravan to its Fleet
In a press release, Tropic Air announced today, Tuesday, December 23, 2014, the arrival and addition into scheduled service of a brand new Cessna Grand Caravan 208B-EX turbo prop aircraft (registration number V3-HHV). “This latest addition to the fleet arrived over the weekend after a delivery flight from the Cessna production facility in Wichita, Kansas,” stated the press release. “It represents a BZ$5.2 million investment for the company, and our confidence in the strength of the Belize tourism product.” Tropic Air is the first and only airline to fly this aircraft commercially in Belize. The Caravan EX features a more powerful engine, faster cruise speed, air conditioning, new LED lighting and the Garmin G1000 glass cockpit advanced avionics suite with radar. Tropic Air also adds that it also represents the latest in passenger comfort for its customers.

United Airlines Inaugurates Belize to Chicago Direct Flight
It was on June 16, 2014, that United Airlines announced its new non-stop Saturday service between Chicago, Illinois and Belize City, Belize, and on Saturday, December, 20, the inaugural flight arrived at Belize’s Phillip Goldson International Airport. Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and tapping into this new market is a big step for both United Airlines and Belize; it will definitely mean greater numbers for overnight tourism arrivals which have seen a 9.2% growth recently. Belize’s US based carriers are responsible for bringing 70% of all overnight visitors to the country.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

San Pedro Mayor Daniel Guerrero's Holiday Message

As of January 1, 2015, Property Owners in the City of Belmopan are eligible to participate in the following discount package: • 15% Discount for full payment of 2015/2016 Property fees made ON or BEFORE January 31, 2015. • 10% Discount for full payment of 2015/2016 Property Fees between February 1st and February 28th 2015. • 5% Discount for full payment of 2015/2016 Property Fees between March 1st and March 31st 2015. N.B. Senior Citizens (65 yrs. or older) are eligible for an additional 5% discount on properties on which they reside.

Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow and his family take the time to wish all Belizeans at home and abroad a very Merry Christmas!

49 arrests for 2,772 crimes for 2012 (convictions not reported) 769 arrests for 2,395 crimes for 2013 (convictions not reported) 651 arrests for 2,548 crimes for 2014 (convictions not reported)Though arrests are given for carnal knowledge, stats only appear in half of the report giving an incomplete account of reported crime. The amount of murders have fluctuated. In 2012, 145 persons were murdered. That went town dramatically to 99 in 2013. The figures have shot up back to 121 so far for 2014, but still 44 less than in 2012. The amount of reported rapes have increased substantially. It was 28 reported in 2012, two less and 26 in 2013 and it went up to 42 for 2014.

NY Eve Countdown at Central Park, San Pedro
All the way from Miami, USA...we bring to you to dance the night away... DJ JAX! We will also have entertainment by the San Pedro Dance Academy and Rompe Raja! Don't miss out on the SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS DISPLAY! Follow him on Facebook & Soundcloud and listen to his mixes to start preparing for New Year's Eve! Here's the link: SEE YOU THERE!

Channel 7

PM Says Both Sides In Sugar Dispute Inching Towards Resolution
There's still no movement either way in the sugar industry standoff tonight. The Prime Minister today told the media that he's gotten involved as a good faith broker between the two sides and feels they are closer to a resolution:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "To me to be the single remaining point of contention is one that I feel can be resolved and in terms of the conversation I had with Mr. Montalvo last night and again this morni9ng just before 10 o' clock. I say in very cautious fashion that I believe we are closer to a resolution certainly than we were yesterday and over the weekend. I gave him the form of words that it appears will satisfy the farmers.

Compromise Opponents Call For General Assembly Of Cane Farmers
But, while that is what he's pulling for, there are forces in the industry working against that. Four of the 18 branch directors have written to the BSCFA Committee of Management saying that they want to go back to a General Assembly on Sunday December 28th to have the membership decide on the way ahead. From what we understand of the Association by-laws - three directors can ask for a meeting - so they appear to have the numbers. But the Prime Minister said that while he doesn't know the bye-laws, his position is that once the objectionable language about the Harvesting and Delivery Control Unit has been removed, there's nothing new that can come out of another general membership meeting: Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Need to go back for a second vote on precisely the draft... on precisely the points that would now have been resolved in favor of the farmers in accordance with the position taken by the farmers.

PM Maintains Stance On BSI's Ill Will
And while the NTUCB continues to whip up anti-compromise, anti-BSI sentiments - to hear the PM tell it, the culprit in this week's muddle is none other than BSI. A government release last week accused the company of bad faith. Yesterday BSI's financial controller Belizario Carballo told us the company was "Aggrieved" by that statement - and went on to explain how wrong he felt it was. But, today the Prime Minister didn't veer far from that position; he said BSI has the fault for the current delay and for giving fuel to naysayers:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "That same press release which was spoke what we considered certainly their effort to pull a fast one, I am sure they thought that they were really looking after their interest, but that's the way we say it. Then must have known that as a practical thing there were operational rules that did not coincide with or not consistent with what it is they sought to introduce. So, I really think that they clearly have the fault for introducing that element which has now given the naysayers in the BSCFA a chance to try to unravel the whole deal."

PM Says GOB Should Pay Janae
Janae Matute - last night on the news the whole nation heard the 14 year old's plea for court0awarded compensation to be paid. As we told you, the Caribbean Court of Justice awarded Janae and her mother almost three million dollars in compensation for medical malpractice that left her with Cerebral Palsy as a consequence of a premature birth. But, it's been 9 months since the decision was handed down by the CCJ and Government has not come up with the compensation. Today the Prime Minister told the media that Government must live up to its obligation:.. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "There was a whole argument as to whether the doctor was really a servant of the government of Belize, but the court has so decided we need to pay them. It does go hard against us, but it goes even harder against the poor child and the family, so we need to pay them and so I will now try to find out why it is that there has been no movement with respect with the negotiations of the install payments. I see that Mr. Lumor says he is perfectly incline and although he said that it would also have to approve by the Supreme Court. Well whatever needs to be done, let's get it done so these people can start being compensated as they should be."

Crime Stats Show Murder Up By 20% in 2014
Last year the number of murders countrywide dropped to a four year low of 99 from the record of 145 set in 2012. Well, 2014 isn't finished yet, but so far the figures show that it's been much more murderous than 2013. Official statistics compiled up to yesterday show that there have been 120 murders so far for 2014. That is compared to 99 in 2013. That puts Belize's murder rate per hundred thousand at 33.6 - which will still likely put this country in the global top ten for murder rates - except this time closer to ten than one.

Honduran Charged For Guatemalan's Cayo Murder
Last night, we told you about the murder of 22 year-old Guatemalan Juan Alberto Guerra Ramirez who was found dead on the More Tomorrow Road on Saturday morning at around 8. Well, the man who police believe is his killer is at the Belize Central Prison tonight. He's 27 year-old Honduran caretaker, Marvin Jeovanny Duarte Chinchilla, of More Tomorrow Village Road. He was formally arrested and charged last night with the crime of murder, and he was arraigned today in the Belmopan Magistrate's Court. Due to the nature of the offence, he no plea was taken and he was remanded into custody until February 4, 2015.

Woman Pleas To Be Saved From Eviction
A woman and her 5 kids were evicted from their home on Antelope Street today. 42 year old Shermaine Smith has been renting the house for 3 months and according to the landlord, she has faltered on her payments from October. The landlord says she gave Smith up until the 15th of this month to move out and when she didn't, she gave her an extra week. And when Smith still refused to move out after that week, that's when the landlord called the authorities to eject her out this morning. Here is how that went. Courtney Weatherburne reporting At first glance, it might seem like this family is doing last minute Christmas cleaning. But that's not what's happening here. Instead they are being forcibly ejected from this house by their landlord, Kim. Jia Wei Yao "Kim" - Land Lord "This house is rented by the Martinez family. She has rented my house from August, but only paid me $400. They owe me $750. Last month she and I went to court. The magistrate told her that December 15th they have to move out of the house. The judge told me that on the 15th they have move out, the 16th I go to court to have them move out for nonpayment. I gave them time because she is a single mother with lots of children and I have a good heart, so after 8 days she didn't come and tell me anything and she didn't pay me anything. And so this morning I went to court and they came with me."

Man and Minor Jailed For Bus Robbery
25 year-old Samuel Bevans and a 15 year-old boy are serving the first night of a 10 year sentence after they were convicted today in the Magistrates Court for robbery. It made big news on April 15, 2011 when Bevans, who was only 22 at the time, was caught by quick responding officers from the Gang Suppression Unit. Ernest Mangar, the conductor of James Bus Service, reported that the driver of the bus pulled off Cemetery Road near to the Rogers Stadium to let passengers off. That's when Bevans and a minor reportedly ambushed him at gunpoint and robbed him $1,000 in cash, belonging to the bus company. GSU Officers were on patrol, and they got the information of a robbery in progress. They moved quickly and apprehended both males, retrieving the weapon, a .22 revolver, loaded with 5 live rounds of ammunition and the stolen money.

The 13 Explained
Last week, the government signed 13 bilateral agreements with Guatemala at the SICA Summit. The 13 had been in the works since the start of the year - with input from the opposition, but when they were signed last week the Opposition spoke out and said the public should have been consulted first. The agreements seek to find common ground between both countries in 13 essential areas. On the topic of border management, Belize and Guatemala have agreed to maintain 24-hour, customs, immigrations operations at all legal terrestrial entry points - which is pretty much what happens now. Next, both governments agree that all efforts will be made prohibit sale of stolen archaeological, historical and cultural artifacts which belong to the other's country. They will take all legal measures to prohibit the entry of such illegal items into the respective countries, and all efforts will be made to recover and return any known, stolen artifact which belongs to the other country. Both countries will also recognize and accept driver's licenses duly issued by the authorities in the other's state.

Who Got The Best of The BSI Cane Compromise?
At the top of our newscast, we showed you our interview with Prime Minister Barrow in which he discussed the continued delay of the sugar crop season despite his government's best efforts to break the stalemate between the factory owners and cane farmers. Part of the reason that the 18 directors don't want to sign the compromise agreement is that they have misgivings about certain language in the draft agreement. Fuelled by agitation of the NTUCB and Naysayers within their own ranks, these directors are trying to convince their follow branch chairmen to back out and return to square one of the negotiations for a commercial agreement. So, amidst the tough criticism of the compromise hammered out by himself and Deputy Gaspar Vega, does Prime Minister Barrow still think the compromise agreement is beneficial to both sides? He gave us hiw views today:

Belizean Soldier Shot In Guyana
Tonight, Emil Mendez, a BDF Soldier on duty in Guyana is at a hospital in that country after he was shot by an armed robber. News reports out of Guyana say that it happened last night in Georgetown. Mendez was out with his girlfriend and just after he placed in a vehicle, the robber attacked. The gunman ordered him to hand over his valuables, but Mendez refused and tried to fight him off. During a scuffle, Mendez was shot 3 times in the abdomen and thigh. We spoke to Commander of the BDF, Brigadier General David Jones, who told us that the soldier was taking a course in medicine, specifically the Ministry of Health's Orthopaedic technician program. He is stationed at the Guyana Defense Force Base Ayangana in Georgetown.

Jankunu Dancers Rule The Streets At Christmas
It's Christmas - and one of the oldest traditions is jankunu dancing. And just in time, the 7news team got an impromptu performance from a rough and ready jankunu troupe today. The group of eight were in the downtown area going from house to house to perform today. They have been together for 8 years and for the members of this group, it is a celebration and showcase of their culture. Courtney Weatherburne found. out more:.. They have been to St. Martins, Kings park, Jane Usher Boulevard and the Tourism Village. They will also be going around for New Years. A National Jankunu Competition will also be held on Sunday in Dangriga.

Police Call On Kids
The concept of community policing got a shot in the arm today when the Eastern Police Division hosted a party for 110 deserving kids. Coordinator Hortence Hernandez told us why this party at the Raccoon Street Station is special:.. This is part of the Community Policing Unit's Christmas initiative.

Romain Virgo, Home For Christmas
And while police threw a Christmas party today - reggae artist Romain Virgo will throw a reggae party on Christmas eve in Dangriga Town. He arrived in Belize City late this evening and 7news was one of his first stops. The artist who is riding the success of his cover of Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me' told us it's his first Christmas away from home - but this is his 6th visit, so Belize is now like a second home:.. The show is tomorrow night at the Y-Not Island.

Japan Gives Belize 1M USD Grant
The Japanese non-resident Ambassador to Belize was in country today to sign an agreement for one million dollars in grant funds. But it's not just free money; it comes with strings: Japan is using the programme to kickstart production in areas of the country that were damaged by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami on the island nation's pacific coast. At a signing today in his Belize city office, the Prime Minister explained how it will work:… The grant is for one million US dollars and Belize has to spend it by the end of 2015. The products available under the grant arrangement include loaders, computers, weather instruments and many other items.

GOB Will Fight Decision of Arbitration Panel
Last week, the government of Belize took something like a body blow to the kidneys when it lost a 41 million US dollar international arbitration case to the Ashcroft Alliance in Costa Rica. The panel of three international arbitrators found that the Government must pay Ashcroft's British Caribbean Bank a debt that BTL borrowed from the bank back in 2007. Government and BTL have disputed the validity of the debt since it took over in 2009, saying that the loan was contracted for an illegal purpose and should not be repaid by BTL. But…the arbitrators didn't agree. So, now will government be forced to pay? Prime Minister Dean Barrow today told the media that they plan to energetically resist the judgment..

Channel 5

P.M. Barrow says B.S.I. and B.S.C.F.A. are Closer to Reaching a Resolution
Tonight, the dispute between the B.S.C.F.A. and ASR/B.S.I. remains unresolved. The breakdown in negotiations comes after a long and hard fought agreement in principle by both parties, and from all [...]

Was B.S.C.F.A. Justified in Raising Alarm on Contentious Clause?
PM Barrow says that in the face of what was happening on the ground, backed up by the Memorandum of Understanding, the new wording introduced by B.S.I. completely bypassed what [...]

B.S.C.F.A. Directors Request Emergency General Meeting; Still No Signature
We can conclude however, that perhaps the PM was being a wee bit too optimistic in his hope that the directors would sign off on the agreement today. That’s not [...]

Is There Really a Need for Another B.S.C.F.A. General Meeting?
The by-laws of the B.S.C.F.A. allows for directors to call together an emergency session of the general assembly, and it will be done though a date has not been decided. [...]

Despite Arbitration Ruling in Favor of B.C.B., PM Says G.O.B. Will Continue Its Fight
Late last week, the government of Belize received terrible news from an arbitration panel of three in Costa Rica. That panel declared that G.O.B. must pay British Caribbean Bank forty-one [...]

Will Janae Matute Receive Settlement from G.O.B.? P.M. Comments
And while the government is quite willing to assume the role of ‘malpago’ where the Ashcroft Group is concerned, it’s taking a lot of heat where a long delayed payment [...]

Roy Bennett Off to Prison for Weed Possession
  Twenty-seven-year-old Roy Bennett has been convicted of possession of a controlled drug after pleading guilty to possession of point nine grams of marijuana.   With less than two days away [...]

Robbers Convicted for 2011 James Bus Stickup
  Twenty-eight-year-old Samuel Bevans Junior, a resident of Belize City and a sixteen-year-old minor were both found guilty of robbery this morning when they appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser.  [...]

P.M. discusses details of bilateral agreements with Guatemala
The SICA Heads of State Summit was held in Belize last week, and while that’s big news, the nation’s attention has been focused on thirteen agreements signed at that summit. [...]

G.O.B. signs million dollar grant with Japan
Earlier today, the governments of Belize and Japan signed a grant which will see the purchase of equipment, including weather instruments and heavy equipment from areas of the island nation [...]

United Airlines – Chi-town to Belize Non-stop!
Tourists and Belizean Americans wanting to visit the Jewel from Chicago, Illinois can say goodbye to connecting flights when traveling to Belize. That’s because once a week, at least for [...]

Tropic Air Introduces New Cessna Caravan to its Fleet
Earlier this month, Tropic Air lost an aircraft during a crash landing at the Municipal Airstrip.  The single engine Cessna caravan, according to company president John Greif the Third, slid [...]

SIB Says Inflation Rate Was Lower in November
The month of November has seen a significant decrease in food and fuel prices, lowering inflation to point two percent.  The fall, according to the latest figures from the Statistical [...]

Belize Bank Gives Back this Christmas
Mercy Kitchen is a non-profit organization in the Ministry of Sisters of Mercy. The organization, which is located adjacent to Channel Five on Mercy Lane, provides breakfast and lunch as [...]

Eastern Division Hosts Children’s Christmas Party
The Eastern Police Division Headquarters today hosted its first ever Christmas Cheers for one hundred children from around Belize City. The children, between the ages of two and eight, were [...]

Belmopan Police Extends Christmas Message
As we near the end of the year, the Belize Police Department will be busy formulating statistics on crime, violent and otherwise. We’ll have a more comprehensive look at that [...]


Case Won Against Dr. Raju; Mother Receives No Cash
Janae Matute, a child born on December 20, 2000, was born with Cerebral Palsy, a medical condition marked by impaired muscle coordination. Janae was delivered one month earlier by Dr. Raju Meenavalli through C-Section. According to Janae’s mother, Georgia Matute, the doctor delivered her baby prematurely at 36 weeks. Matute took the case to court and later to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) with her lawyer, Fred Lumor; they both won the case against Dr. Raju Meenavalli and his lawyer, Godfrey Smith. Today Matute and Lumor told the media that the CCJ by an order dated April 10, 2014 dismissed Dr. Raju appeal and he was ordered to pay the costs of the appeal; however they have not received a dollar or a cent as yet. FRED LUMOR “At first the case went before Justice Awich and he delivered judgment against Dr. Raju and awarded damages. Justice Awich however ruled against Janae by letting the Government of Belize off the hook. So on behalf of the mother Georgia Matute we appeal to the Court of Appeal against the decision of Justice Awich letting off the Government of Belize.

USA And Cuba Restore Diplomatic Ties; Panton Speaks on Its Effect on Belize
The restoration of diplomatic ties between the United States and Cuba is a move that will undoubtedly see a trickling effect on other countries. As it pertains to Belize, we asked the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Tourism, Tracy Panton, what the effects would be, if any. TRACY PANTON “We’re excited actually, that the US is looking favorably at Cuba. We have always maintained relations with Cuba on many programs, Tourism being one of them. We think that the impact on Belize could be positive, we have two different types of products and we have different markets. Cuba is a mass tourism market, Belize is a niche tourism market so we don’t think at all that the opening of Cuba will adversely affect the type of traveler that comes to Belize. They might be looking at new itineraries but Belize is special and I will tell you why. A cruise ship is in Belize for eight hours or in any destination. Belize has a very diverse tour option and it’s very close to get there so you can do many tours within that eight hour period. That is really Belize’s unique and very competitive advantage over any other destination, Cuba included. I don’t see foresee at all that Cuba opening up and being a cruise port will affect what Belize has. What Belize has is very special in terms of product but also in terms of time to travel to and from a particular site.”

Cane Farmers Collects Share of Fair-Trade Funds
A number of cane farmers gathered this morning at the BSCFA headquarters in Orange Walk to one; collect their share of the $2.5 million of the Fair-trade funds that was approved to be distributed among farmers to assist them because of the delayed crop and two; two protest the signing of the commercial agreement with BSI. For the past two weeks word in the sugar industry has been that two newly formed cane farmer associations have been holding talks with BSI/ASR to sign separate commercial agreements and get the crop started. Despite the credible information coming to our news center, no singing has materialized nor has the crop gotten underway. We asked Carballo if BSI is indeed planning to sign with Corozal Cane Producers and United Cane Farmers to which he said “not to his knowledge but they are free to do so.” BELIZARIO CARBALLO “I don’t know of that, what I do know is that associations and in fact farmers individually have a right to sign agreements with BSI. There is a process for them to be recognized from the SICB. You may be aware that there was a court case that ended in 2010 that established that right. It was something that the citrus industry went through and the sugar industry had a similar case in the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court essentially upheld that right, constitutional right of association and so other associations have that right to sign with BSI.”

Carballo Speaks On Purpose Of Clause In Commercial Agreement
The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association directors are reviewing a revised commercial agreement draft sent to them by BSI/ASR. Its hoped that with the amendment made there can finally be a signing of an agreement. Arturo Cantun reports. Following Friday’s standoff by the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers’ Association to not sign a commercial agreement with BSI/ASR, over the weekend BSI/ASR reviewed the document and has made amendments to appease the cane farmers. Chief Financial Officer of BSI, Belizario Carballo, explained to us today why BSI wanted that clause in the agreement. BELIZARIO CARBALLO “We felt on Friday that we had to retain in the agreement, explicit provision for BSI to have the right to reject cane because we consider it a fundamental basic right that any buyer would have in the case of buying any product. It is a principle that is recognized in sales of goods act, it is a basic commercial right of any buyer to reject any product before he purchases and so we were seeking to provide for that in the agreement.”

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12/24/14 04:28 AM
12/24/14 04:28 AM
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Marty Online happy OP

Marty  Online Happy OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Arrest in More Tomorrow murder
On Monday we told you about the murder that occurred in More Tomorrow Village just outside of Belmopan. Now police say they have made an arrest, as they believe that 27-year-old Marin Duarte Chinchilla is the murderer. The body of Juan Alberto Ramirez was discovered by a farmer heading to work on Saturday morning, whenthe body was found in a drain at the side of the road. The body had multiple stab wounds to his chest and neck; as much as twenty stab wounds. Marin Duarte Chinchilla is a Honduran caretaker of More Tomorrow Road ,and police say they have sufficient evidence pointing to Marin Chinchilla as the killer.

Government will honor Janae Matute award
On Monday the family of 14 year old Janae Matute, the Roaring Creek high school student stricken with cerebral palsy at birth, after being delivered a month early which caused her lungs not to develop properly, came forward to ask Government to begin paying the more than $2.5 million owed since 2012, when it did not appeal the Court of Appeal’s judgment against them. The case concluded before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in April, when the court dismissed the appeal of Dr. Raju Meenavalli, the physician in Government’s employ at the Western Regional Hospital, who was found primarily responsible for the error.

Major crimes up; arrests down
There are many lists that rate countries around the world and compare them based on a number of factors such as best Tourism Destinations, best and worse cruise Ports, and Economic and Investor confidence indices. There is even a list of the world’s happiest countries that ranks Belize in the Top 5. There is a list that rates Corruption; it was issued earlier this December. Belize is one of only four countries of the world that failed to appear on that Corruption list. And then there is the list that rates dangerous countries; these list rate countries according to the homicide rates published by various statistics keepers including the USA and UN. And it appears that Belize keeps performing poorer each year in the area of crime, listing Belize one of the most dangerous places on planet earth to live. Last year’s 2013 report from the United States Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security OSAC, stated, ” Due to the extremely high murder rate per capita, Belize is the sixth most violent country in the world, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, with an average of over 40 homicides per 100,000 residents. In 2012, Belize recorded 145 murders, setting a new record for homicides in the country. The murder rate was nearly 15 percent higher than 2011.”

P.M. says sugar impasse can be resolved
It is another day of waiting in the sugar industry. Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI), the sugar producer, having cured the offending sentence in clause 2.3 of the agreement, restoring the Sugar Cane Production Committee (SCPC) as arbiter of procedures for determining cane quality, is, pending approval from international partners American Sugar Refining (ASR), to send back the revised draft to the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) for their approval on Tuesday. As of newstime there had been nothing on that front, but Prime Minister Dean Barrow in updating reporters said that after another long night being broker between the two parties, he is cautiously optimistic about an agreement signing and cane crop starting before the end of the year.

FFB says no sanctions taken against accused Gilharry, yet
Last week we reported on 34 year old Cristobal Gilharry, a Verdes FC and National Football Team player, who has been accused of intercourse with a 15 year old female minor. The minor alleged that she and Cristobal Gilharry performed sexual intercourse on November 21, 2014, at which times she was 15 years and 3 months old. Gilharry was remanded last week after an appearance at the Belmopan Magistrates Court, where he was read his charges, but on Friday, Supreme Court Justice Antoinette Moore, granted Mr Gilharry bail at $6,000 with conditions. On Monday, the Football Federation of Belize weighed in on the issue with a Press Release. The FFB states that ” …while in no way the Football Federation of Belize condones his action or the allegation made against him, the Executive of the Football Federation of Belize will meet to address the allegation and make any decision it deems necessary until the matter is finalized before the court.”

BTB PR Manager resigns in Clive Myers investigation
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and Ministry of Tourism and Culture continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the sudden fall of Acting Director of Marketing Clive Myers, who resigned last week, only a few days after taking over the post from the departed Alyssa Carnegie. A package was delivered to certain media houses containing information stating that Myers’ educational credentials were falsified. On Saturday Director of Tourism Tracey Taegar-Panton stated that as far as they were aware, there was no reason to think that anything in Clive Myers’ personnel file was falsified, but she acknowledged that more work needs to be done moving forward in improving the backgrounds checks done by the Board. She also added that Mr Myers’ performance while with the Ministry, before moving to the BTB, was exceptional and could not be faulted.

Three car pile- up on highway
A three car pile-up occurred near mile 30 on the Phillip Goldson Highway Sunday evening at around 6pm, which sent several people to the hospital. According to officer Commanding the Ladyville Police Station, Inspector Fredrick Gordon, the incident involved a grey car, a Mitsubishi, and a red Geo Tracker. One eyewitness told the media that the red Geo Tracker and another vehicle were heading towards Belize City, when one of the cars tried to overtake the other, and that is when the collision occurred.

Stabbing incident on Kraal Road
That wasn’t the only action on Kraal Road that Sunday. According to police reports, at about 4:45 a.m., police visited No. 26 Kraal Road, where they saw a man, who identified himself as 28-year-old Tyron Scott . Mr Scott was found lying on the ground suffering from apparent stab wounds to his back and shoulder. Initial investigation reveals that at about 4:35a.m., Tyron Scott visited a friend at No.26 Kraal Road and while waiting for his friend to come downstairs, he was approached from behind by an unknown person, who inflicted the injuries on him.

Trade unions support farmers not signing commercial agreement with BSI
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize (NTUCB) has intervened into the dispute between Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA), which were on the verge of signing a commercial agreement last week, until the inclusion of a clause advocating establishment of a separate committee to resolve disputes apart from the Sugar Control Board managed by the Government of Belize. While BSI has insisted that it did not mean to put the clause in, the NTUCB has seized on BSI’s action as characteristic of an organization unwilling to treat the farmers fairly. On Monday spokesperson for the NTUCB, attorney and President of the Christian Workers’ Union (CWU), Audrey Matura-Shepherd, conveyed the Congress’ willingness to work with the farmers.

Fatal Road Traffic Accident in Orange Walk
A traffic accident in the Orange Walk District has claimed the life of an elderly farmer of Douglas Village. The accident occurred on Saturday night, somewhere between Douglas Village and San Juan Village. Initial police investigations revealed that driver of a red ford ranger pickup, driven by 18-year-old Eleodoro Osorio, was en route o the Orange Walk Hospital, when he saw a Man riding a bicycle swerving on the middle of the road and in front of the pickup. As a result, the driver hit the man, who was later identified as 62-year-old Fermin Gonzalez.

Matute family to sue Government over unpaid court judgment
Two million, five hundred and fifty-two thousand, four hundred and sixty four dollars and seventy-five cents. This was the amount outstanding, as of 31 October 2014, against the Government of Belize after the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) dismissed the appeal of Dr. Raju Meenavalli. The ruling established that there was malpractice on the dcotor’s part at the Belmopan Western Regional Hospital, when he delivered Janae Matute a month ahead of schedule, due to personal error. This is what is believed to have caused now 14 year old Janae to have contracted cerebral palsy. Eight months after that ruling, the Government has yet to honor the award. Meanwhile, single mother Georgia Matute and her family struggle to meet costs for the second-former of Belmopan Comprehensive High School. She was surprised last week, on a visit to the Financial Secretary Joseph Waight’s Belmopan office seeking an audience, with some not-so-good news.


“A crying shame!” – run Janae’s money: Lumor
When the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) upheld the lower court rulings this April in favor of Janae Matute, 14, who had sued the Government of Belize and Dr. Raju Meenavalli through her next of kin, her mother, for miscalculating the expected date of her delivery, thereby causing her to develop cerebral palsy, there was jubilant celebration in the family. However, 8 months later, no payment has been made to the child, and the distressed family, who has been battling in the courts for more than a decade, has now decided to come public with an impassioned appeal to the Government to spread the season’s cheer. “This case went on through the courts for 12 years; not one cent has been paid to Janae,” her attorney, Fred Lumor, SC, said at a press conference held at his office this morning. Lumor lamented that the way that Janae has been treated by the Government is “a crying shame!”

3 injured in 3-car pile-up near Boom cutoff
Alcohol is suspected to have played a major role in a hair-raising road traffic accident involving three vehicles and a number of passengers that occurred late yesterday evening at Mile 13 on the Philip Goldson Highway near the Burrell Boom cutoff. Today, Police Rural Executive Officer, Inspector Frederick Gordon, told the media that yesterday, Sunday, at about 6:20 p.m., Ladyville police received information of a road traffic accident near Mile 13 on the Philip Goldson Highway. Upon arrival, police saw that there was a 3-car pile-up, including a gray late model Cadillac CTS car, a green Mitsubishi L200 pickup, and a red Geo Tracker.

Police caught alleged rapist in the act
A Belize City construction worker and resident of Maskall Street was remanded to prison after he was arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer on a single count of rape late this afternoon. No plea was taken from Alexander Nunez, 24, when the charge of rape was read to him. Magistrate Frazer told him that rape is an indictable matter. The court prosecutor, Corporal Christopher Smith, objected to the granting of bail to him on three grounds – on the ground that the safety of the witnesses in the matter is of concern to the prosecution; on the basis of the strength of the prosecution’s case, and finally, on the ground of concern for the safety of the accused.

BCB wins US$48 mil arbitration award against GOB
The Barrow administration appropriated a US$22.5 million loan to Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) held by an Ashcroft bank in the Turks & Caicos when it nationalized the phone company—a move which sparked both litigation in Belize’s domestic courts and a legal challenge under the UK-Belize Bilateral Investment Treaty. Today, the Government announced that it had lost at arbitration and it is now on the hook for up to US$48 million—an award that the Government says it intends to challenge. An official Government statement said that on Friday, December 19, 2014, a 3-member panel of international arbitrators issued its decision in a dispute between the British Caribbean Bank Ltd. (BCB) and the Government of Belize (GOB) over the Government’s decision back in 2009 to appropriate the bank’s loan to Belize Telemedia Limited as part of the nationalization of the phone company.

BSI/ASR trying to put “bull****” over the cañeros – Audrey Matura-Shepherd!
Up until late last week, today had been the date set as the latest date for the signing of a revised commercial agreement between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and the factory owners, Belize Sugar Industries (BSI)/ American Sugar Refineries (ASR); however, the ill-fated 2014/2015 sugar cane crop season remains stalled, at this point, because of a controversial clause which was reportedly inserted into the agreement recently by BSI/ASR. Therefore, instead of placing their signatures on the dotted line today, as was scheduled, the 18 directors of the association were called to a meeting at the BSCFA’s headquarters in Orange Walk this morning because of a major gripe, which basically involves replacing a body called the Sugar Cane Production Committee (SCPC), a governmental oversight entity that manages cane quality and acceptance, with a new entity called the Harvest and Delivery Control Unit (HDCU), controlled by BSI.

What’s in those 13 agreements Belize signed with Guatemala?
On Friday, the Government of Belize released signed electronic copies of the 13 bilateral agreements penned in Placencia by Belize and Guatemala on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, on the occasion of a high-level meeting of Central American leaders in Belize. Those agreements, according to the documents, were formulated within the context of a set of confidence-building measures Belize and Guatemala signed back in September 2005, and a Road Map which the parties signed in January 2014 – both under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS). The 13 agreements were signed by the Foreign Ministers of both countries, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington in the case of Belize, and Carlos Raul Morales Moscoso for Guatemala, and the signing was witnessed by Secretary-General of the OAS, Jose Miguel Insulza. The agreements were signed amid a renewal of calls for the parties to allow the International Court of Justice to adjudicate the matter of Guatemala’s unfounded claim over Belizean territory.

Famous footballer, 34, charged with carnal knowledge of girl, 15
A well-known football star was granted bail today at the Belmopan Supreme Court after being on remand since Tuesday of this week due to an allegation of having unlawful sexual intercourse. Cristobal Gilharry, 34, a defensive player for Belize’s Men’s National “A” football team, was arrested and charged this past Monday, December 15, based on a report of unlawful carnal knowledge which was filed by a 15-year-old female minor who lives in Belmopan. The following day, Tuesday, he appeared before Magistrate Aretha Ford at the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court, where he was read the charge; however, no plea was taken from him, since it is an indictable offense.

Kraal Road violence: 1 man stabbed, 1 man shot, in separate incidents
Two men are being treated at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) after one was shot multiple times and the other seriously stabbed. The first incident occurred at about 4:45 yesterday morning. Dean Murrillo, 39, of St. Matthews, Cayo District, was walking on Kraal Road towards Fabers Road, when he reached the junction of Kraal Road and Waight Street, a white SUV passed him and shortly after, two armed men approached him and fired several shots at him, hitting him in the lower back, the right arm and the left side. The two men then got back into the vehicle and escaped from the area. Murrillo was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital, where he was admitted in a critical but stable condition.

Honduran caretaker, 27, charged for murder of Harmonyville farmer
A 27-year-old Honduran farm caretaker of a More Tomorrow Village Road address was charged by police late this evening for the murder of a young Guatemalan farmer from the Harmonyville community, located at Mile 41 on the George Price Highway, who was killed and callously dumped in a drain at the side of the road leading to More Tomorrow, a village located along the Belize River in the Cayo District, early last Saturday, December 20. Amandala understands that Juan Alberto Ramirez, 22, was socializing with a group of men at a bar in More Tomorrow last Friday night when he got into an altercation with the suspect, which is what is believed to have led to his death. Police believe that the victim was stalked and stabbed to death as he made his way back out of the village.

Police on top at Week 1 of PLB playoffs
The Premier League of Belize (PLB) kicked off its 2014-2015 Opening Season playoffs this past weekend with the top 4 teams entering a double round-robin that will see each team playing every other team twice. Each team will play 6 playoff games by January 7, so that games will be on weekends and on Wednesdays. (See schedule at bottom.) The top 4 teams – Police United, Verdes, Belmopan Bandits and BDF are all very well matched, and after the first weekend of playoffs, it is still anybody’s guess as to which two will make it to the championship finals.

Henry Moreira wins Leslie’s Imports Pre-Christmas race
Unofficial reports we received say that the Leslie’s Imports Pre-Christmas Race yesterday from Cayo to Belize City on the George Price (Western) Highway had about 45 cyclists participating. And at the finish line it was Henry Moreira taking the 1st place honors. Like the Smart Test Race last Sunday, December 14, which travelled to Carmelita Village on the Philip Goldson (Northern) Highway and back to Belize City, yesterday’s Leslie’s Imports Christmas Race served as a good tune-up and test for cyclists to prepare themselves for the big upcoming KREM New Year’s Day Cycling Classic.

FFB position on situation of player Cristobal Gilharry
It has come to the attention of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) of the serious charges placed against Mr. Cristobal Gilharry. While in no way the Football Federation of Belize condones his action or the allegation made against him, the Executive of the Football Federation of Belize will meet to address the allegation and make any decision it deems necessary until the matter is finalized before the court.

Struggle and dignity
At this newspaper we have spent the last four and a half decades trying to discuss and define who we are as a Belizean people and how we came to be where we are. It was necessary for us to do this because our schools were run by religious who were more focused on our eternal souls than on the daily life struggles we faced. For us as a Belizean people, the power realities were such that we felt the need to fight for an improved standard of living and for our individual and national dignity. When this newspaper began in 1969, British Honduras was a self-governing British colony. We had a government run by Belizeans, but the British, our colonial masters, were in charge of our defense, foreign affairs, and immigration. As a Belizean people, we had experienced and suffered from imperialism, slavery, and colonialism, and we were fighting for what all the world’s colonized peoples were fighting for after World War II: we were fighting for independence and self-rule.

Hugh Saul on Major Lloyd Jones’ December 14 letter
Dear Editor, I note with interest Major Lloyd Jones’ (R) letter, “The problem with the Barrow administration’s development program is one of sustainability,” which appeared in your Amandala (Belize) newspaper dated December 14, 2014. Major Jones has raised a number of points which need to be expanded in the interest of public information and clarity. The development objectives of the programs he alluded to (as far as I am aware) are not fully known, as they have not been articulated, documented and presented in a form to invite public scrutiny. One can therefore only guess or interpret the intention or objective of this government program based on what is known. One good aspect of the national infrastructure activities is that they have been “projectised”, and as such, the overall cost, inputs and expected outputs can be identified, measured and subjected to review and evaluation against a known or perceived vision, and related cost.

Chetumal Street Bridge partially opened to the public
In mid-March of this year, contracts were signed for the construction of the Chetumal Street Bridge, which is intended to link the Belama and Fabers Road areas in Belize City, and this week, the new bridge, which we understand is 95% complete, has been partially opened to vehicular traffic. Yesterday, Errol Robateau, the project manager, told the media that the finishing touches are currently being put on the bridge — which is scheduled to be officially opened in January 2015 – and its approaches. He said, “We have already completed about 95% of the bridge, and right now, we are working on the painting and design of the bridge, as well as the electrical lighting.

Inflation drops with price ease at the pumps
A plunge in pump prices due to falling world market prices for crude, as well as an ease in food costs, have led to only marginal inflation of 0.2% for November 2014, according to data just released by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB). These declines helped to offset rising prices for rent, insurance and medical services. This means that up to November 2014, overall inflation, tallying data for the first 11 months of the year (January to November) now registers at 1.2%. “The effects of falling global oil prices were evident in the category of transport, with the average price per gallon of diesel dropping by over 12 percent from $10.65 last November to $9.37 this month,” the SIB noted, adding that international airfares also fell considerably, by 17%.

“Disappointing” oddities uncovered in KHMH Special Audit
A Special Audit Report of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), Belize’s premier public health facility, for the period July 2013 to July 2014, which was recently commissioned by Financial Secretary Joseph Waight and conducted by the Auditor General’s Office, has been sent to the Office of the Solicitor General for further assessment to determine whether there is a basis for possible criminal proceedings against those involved in questionable activity, a senior KHMH official said today. The audit has revealed a list of financial irregularities in procedure, primarily surrounding the acquisition of two X-Ray units which were procured from Spring HK Holdings Ltd, which turned out to be a mystery Hong-Kong based company, by the then senior management of the hospital, reportedly without the knowledge of the Board of Governors. Today, Amandala was able to speak with the chair of the KHMH Board of Governors, Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, who told us that the KHMH board, which met to discuss the matter on December 11, is “disappointed” in the findings of the report.

The Reporter

Mother wants GOB to “roll” monies for damages following court ruling
Senior Counsel, Fred Lumor and Georgia Matute on Monday of this week used the media to call on the Government of Belize, specifically Prime Minister, Dean Barrow to cause the relevant departments in his government to honour a court ruling and pay Matute damages amounting to $2.5 million for a doctor’s malpractice while employed by the government. The court had ruled in April of this year that Georgia’s daughter, Janae Matute, now 14, suffered a debilitating but preventable lifelong birth defect at the hands of Dr. Meenavalli Raju, who was employed by the government of Belize. It ruled that Raju failed to act in accordance with professional standards, causing Janae to suffer from Cerebral Palsy. The child’s lungs were underdeveloped, restricting oxygen from adequately reaching her brain. Lumor told reporters at a press conference on Monday that it has been a frustrating process for mother and child, as well as himself. He said the only alternative now is another round of litigation to ask the court to force the government to pay up.

Patrick JonesPJ

4-H Shows Appreciation to the Learners for the Christmas Season
The 4-H Youth Development Centre Staff and Leader honoured the learners with a luncheon and entertainment at the George Price Centre in Belmopan. The trainees received gifts and were served by the staff. The trainees provided the entertainment and some of them also received grants for school. […]

Man convicted ot 2011 robbery of bus conductor
A man and a minor accused of the April 2011 robbery of a conductor for James Bus Service of Punta Gorda were today found guilty of the charge by Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. 25 year old Samuel Bevans was given a jail term of seven years and his […]

PM Barrow says nothing is wrong with Guatemala bilateral agreements
Belize signed 13 special bilateral agreements with the Republic of Guatemala last week on the sidelines of the SICA Summit in Placencia, Stann Creek District. Such agreements, as Prime Minister Dean Barrow pointed out to reporters today, happen all the time in international diplomacy. But this is Guatemala, […]

Business establishments unite to give Christmas cheer to children
Hundreds of children in St. Matthews village and in Franks Eddy were the recipients of Christmas toys, thanks to the collaborative effort of J.D.B. Limited and Cayo Pharmaceutical. The Santa’s Little Helpers initiative ensured that the excited children who gathered at the campus of the St. Matthews […]

Charges filed and sentences handed down in Magistrate’s Court
American deemed prohibited immigrant Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A. resident 32 year old Timothy Eels ran afoul of Belizean law after failing to report his passport stolen to local police. As a result, the research assistant has been deemed a prohibited immigrant and the Immigration Department here requested a court order for deportation back to the United […]

Police release ‘comparative’ crime statistics
The Belize Police Department today released the “comparative statistics” for 2014 which shows that there have been 121 murders this year. In 2013 there were 99 murders. 145 murders were committed in 2012. The police statistics show that March and April of this year had the most […]

From the classroom to the kitchen, students feed themselves
The students of the Tumul’kin Center of Learning in Blue Creek village, Toledo are on Christmas break. Their hard work during the first semester of the current academic year has been successful. One student, Otto Moh from Jalacte village undertook an entrepreneurial project that […]

Belize and Japan sign multi-million dollar agreement
Belize and Japan have signed a multi-million dollars agreement for the purchase of products from Japan. Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Foreign Affairs Minister Wilfred Elrington signed on behalf of Belize, while Japan’s ambassador to Belize Yasuo Takase signed on behalf of his country. Under the agreement, Belize […]

Body found in Bella Vista village
Family and friends of 21 year old Juan Young are grieving his death. According to reports received, the body of the young man was found early this morning in Bella Vista village in south Stann Creek. The circumstances surrounding the death have still not been confirmed by the […]

The 10 Coolest Places To Visit in Belize in 2015
Are you in need of a little Central American paradise? Check out this curated list of the best spots in Belize: San Ignacio Town Wander the mossy Maya ruins of Cahal Pech, where visitors can enjoy a tranquil […]

BDF soldier shot during armed robbery in Guyana
Belize Defence Force soldier Emil Mendez was the victim of a shooting incident last night in Georgetown, Guyana. Mendez, according to the Stabroek Newspaper, is part of Ministry of Health Orthopedic Technician program. According to various press reports out of Guyana, Mendez was shot four times during […]


Houses & Businesses Light up for Christmas in San Pedro, Belize
Last night, my friend and I (both in shorts and flip-flops) took a quick golf cart cruise around town to check out some of the holiday lights. The Front Street is draped with decorations, the big holiday tree in Central Park is all lit up beautifully… here are some of the businesses and private houses we saw last night. Town is bustling, many restaurants were full, people lined up waiting for pupusas…ahhhh…Christmas.

The Ultimate Belize Romantic Getaway!
What is it about chocolate? With a taste that’s impossible to describe, and beneficial effects that continue to interest doctors and scientists the world over, chocolate had been on the global palate ever since the Conquistador Cortez brought samples of the Aztec’s sacred xocolatl back to Spain in the1500s. And the world never looked back Chocolate began as a beverage and was turned into the delicious milk chocolate we enjoy so much today by Lindt, Nestle and Hershey in the late 1800s. Today, as scientists identify more and more beneficial characteristics about it, chocolate is being used in a variety of health applications and luxurious Spa treatments. Cacao has been grown in Belize for thousands of years and was revered as the “Food of the Gods” by our ancient Maya inhabitants. It seems only fitting that The Hilltop Spa at Chaa Creek, located in the Heartland of the Maya, is today using that age-old ingredient in several cutting edge treatments and as the foundation of the incredibly rich and rewarding Chocolatissimo Belize Vacation Package.

Five Interesting Mammals Found In Belize
The world is filed with beautiful things, let us all agree. Travel makes one so much more aware of many of the things available for us in the world that a thousand dollar trip is truly worth 5 to 10 times that when you travel and are with the right people in the place and places you travel to. In Belize, its not only culture, history, and places. There are forests and rivers and ancient Maya cities and people everywhere with rich diversity. Then there are the mammals. Please enjoy these interesting animals we handpicked for you in this piece.

BIL- Pre-Qualification of Bidders Notice
INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICATIONS Belize Civic Center Project Belize Infrastructure Ltd. [BIL] Government of Belize Date: December 22, 2014 1. SCOPE OF BID 1.1 Belize Infrastructure Ltd. [BIL] (hereinafter referred to as “the Employer”), has secured funds to be used for the construction of a new sporting complex facility, the Belize Civic Center Sports Complex (BCCSC) to be located on Central American Boulevard, in Belize City.

Rent In Belize From $300 A Month
Ten years ago it was mainly scuba divers, anglers and adventure travelers who knew of Belize’s natural treasures. At that time few tourists could point to Belize on a map. But there’s been a growing buzz about Belize for the last few years. The constant press coverage about predictions of what would happen at the end of the Maya calendar (December 21, 2012) catapulted Belize into the international spotlight. Ever since, tourism numbers have been on the rise. And a growing number of Baby Boomers are retiring there. This little democratic country has one foot planted in the Caribbean and the other in Central America. In addition to an abundance of Belize’s natural beauty, it offers one of the best expat retiree programs available. Another major advantage is that English is the primary language.

International Sourcesizz

TripAdvisor Fined $600,000 For 'False Reviews'
Italy's antitrust authority has fined travel planning website TripAdvisor 500,000 euros ($600,000) following complaints of improper business practices lodged by a national hoteliers' association and a consumer protection agency. The antitrust authority said in a statement Monday that TripAdvisor had failed to adopt controls to prevent false reviews, while at the same time promoting the site's content as "authentic and genuine." It has given TripAdvisor 90 days to present a remedy. The Federalberghi federation of hoteliers welcomed the decision, citing the numerous examples of "defamatory" reviews that have appeared on the site. TripAdvisor said in a statement that it would appeal the findings, saying it believed its processes, which include a team to detect fraudsters as well as automated tools and algorithms, were "extremely effective in protecting consumers from the small minority of people who try to cheat our system." A U.K. regulator has previously said that TripAdvisor must stop claiming that all the reviews on its British site were written by independent travelers, and therefore reliable.

How do you start rugby from scratch in a country where it has no roots?
Strangely for a former British colony, rugby has never taken root in the Central American nation of Belize. The tiny nation of 350,000 people has tended to gravitate towards soccer, basketball and cycling - with little global impact. However, that could be about to change as the oval ball arrives in the country. Dublin-based Tony Gillings has founded Rugby Belize, a new rugby board which aims to grow the sport there. He has been joined by Rugby Belize ambassador and the country's only rugby professional Jonathan Woodward who grew up in London but is of Belizean heritage. I spoke to both of them about why they are trying to grow the game in a country with little prior connection to the sport as well as how they are going about building rugby's roots literally from scratch.


Copy of Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities Launch Belize - Part 1, 19min. Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities Launch Belize September 26, 2014.

Belize Christmas Parade & Park Fest 2014(, 103min.

Belize Birthday Adventure GoPro Hero 4 2014, 11min. An Un-Belize-Able adventure.

Snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley, Belize, 1min. This video was shot with a GoPro while snorkeling at Shark Ray Alley, Belize. Music: Galuma (Calm) by The Garifuna Collective.

Rum Popo - Cooking with Flavors of Belize & Chef Sean Kuylen, 5.5min.

Belize sunrise, 10min. Watching the sun comes up in Belize City.

Kelly + Ronnel Highlights - Belize Wedding, 2min. Waterfall Wedding at Mountain Pine Ride, Belize.

Maya House San Pedro, Belize 2014 Christmas, min. Maya House San Pedro, Belize 2014 Christmas Decorations.

Belize Fishing Trip, 20min. Fly fishing trip to Belize with my dad.

Scuba diving Belize with Huracan Diving, Shark Dive off half Moon Caye, 10min. This video was shot on a single dive off of Half Moon Caye, Light House Reef Atoll Belize with Huracan Diving. The sharks joined us for close to 30 minutes. No feeding or baiting of the sharks was involved.

Belize Howler Monkeys, 1/2min. Monkey River Belize Howler Monkeys.

Podziemne miasta - Belize Podziemie Majów [Lektor PL][Film Dokumentalny], 60min.

Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities Launch Belize - Part 3, 18min. Sustainable and Child Friendly Municipalities Launch Belize September 26, 2014.

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