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WE CELEBRATE HIS LIFE IN SPIRIT FOR ALL THE MOMENTS OF ENTERTAINMENT ON RADIO BELIZE AND LATER HERE IN THE LOS ANGELES BELIZEAN COMMUNITY. YOU WERE THE BADDEST OF THEM ALL DAVE! Then there was these two: The 1980's Rocker David Buddan, and the Soulful and Funky Kenny Morgan who were also broadcast DJ's on Radio Belize in the 1980's, and open up a whole new style of Belizean broadcast DJ's on Radio Belize.

The Reporter

Murders up from last year say 2014 crime stats
The tentative number of murders for 2014 already exceeds that of last year, according to the crime comparative statistics released by the Belize Police Department this week. While there are still some days left in 2014, the number of recorded murders stands at 121, which is up from last years’ 99. The Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Security, Retired Colonel George Lovell, told the media this week that the figures represent the second lowest murders have been in the last five years. Lovell also said that while the police’s efforts have lowered incidents of violent crime in Belize City, the Cayo District is showing signs of an upward trend in murders.

Belize gets economic help from Japan
Belize will benefit from grant assistance from Japan following exchange of notes between Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Japanese Ambassador to Belize, Yasuo Takase. The $1.65 million assistance will be in the areas of economic and social development and is expected to roll out early in 2015.

Kidnapped Mexican priest found dead
A priest who was kidnapped in Mexico’s south-western state of Guerrero on Monday has been found shot dead. The body of Father Gregorio Lopez was discovered near the city of Ciudad Altamirano. A group of priests later rallied in the city to condemn the murder. Father Lopez was seized by gunmen from Ciudad Altamirano’s seminary, where he taught. The motive for the killing remains unclear. A friend of the priest told local media that Father Lopez was kidnapped after he accused drug gang Guerreros Unidos of the abduction and alleged murder of 43 students in September.

Man stabbed on Christmas day
A man lies critically wounded as a result of a stabbing on Christmas day in Belize City. Police say that sometime around 11 a.m. on Christmas day, Fernando Madrill, 28, a fisherman, suffered a stab wound to the right side of the back while involved in a fight with a man in front of a residence on Tibruce Street. Police are now seeking Randy O’Niel pending investigations.

Patrick JonesPJ

Children knocked down on the George Price Highway
Two children were knocked down on Friday afternoon on the George Price Highway in St. Matthews village, Cayo. The victims have been identified as 10 year old Diana Yacab and 7 year old Herber Yacab, both residents of St. Matthews village. According to information received, the two children ran from behind a bus that had stopped by the bus shelter in the village, and into the path of an oncoming SUV that was east-bound. The driver of the SUV, a resident of Duck Run 1, Cayo, says that he attempted to avoid hitting the children but could not.

American retiree dead; police say its suicide
Police in Ladyville village, Belize district, have concluded that an American retiree took his own life on Christmas day. The body of 66 year old Timothy Patrick McNamara was found by police on Thursday night on the veranda of a house in Boston village. McNamara had a gunshot wound to the head. The official police report says that a 43 year old woman told authorities that she and McNamara were in the kitchen of the same house talking about financial difficulties there were having.


So...that was Christmas?
I've struggled mightily with where to go with this post - it was Christmas and all; but do I just talk about my experience, do I lament a Colorado Christmas, do I get all emotional? Well I'm going to try and do a combo here...cause it was all of those, so I suppose I owe it to you to attempt a recreate of that. However I will do so in clearly defined sections (FYI - I failed); whereas the reality was much more of a mish-mash kinda thing going on (yeah, that is how this posted ended up...for the most part). The night of the 24th, that's Christmas eve of course, is usually a time of family, a time of calm. As a kid I'd've been at church, singing carols. In my adult life I'd spent many Christmas Eves doing just the same. The saddest part of the 2014 model for Christmas was the snow...or more accurately stark lack there of. This one did have rum, and Jager, and more rum.

International Sourcesizz

Church volunteers install water systems in other countries
Kelly Goad of Bowling Green traveled to third-world countries during his military service, but he never experienced anything like his recent mission trips installing clean water systems in rural Central America. Goad and several other volunteers from the church recently got back from the village of Armenia in western Belize, where they surveyed a potential new site for a water system. “We test the water to see what they’re drinking and we always find that it’s just not acceptable at all,” Goad said. “Contaminated water is the No. 1 killer of children around the world.” The villagers usually don’t know their water source is polluted, so residents get sick without realizing the cause, said Tom Moody, who coordinates the Living Waters projects at the Presbyterian Church in Bowling Green. “The whole health of the community can be vastly improved with the water purification system,” he said. Goad and the other volunteers will return to Belize in 2015 to install the purification system of pumps and filters.

Export Head Wants One Export, Distribution Point
Pamela Coke-Hamilton, executive director of the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) is challenging private-sector companies within the region to invest in unified warehousing, marketing, and distribution networks which she said can exponentially increase exports by making access easier for buyers from such countries as China. Coke-Hamilton, who visited Jamaica for post-colloquium discussions, identified agribusiness as one area in which exports can grow through centralised warehousing and distribution arrangements, which guarantees both resort buyers within the region and external buyers a more reliable supply of produce.


Trilogy The best proposal, surprise wedding and honeymoon set, 10min. This is a video of my proposal, surprise wedding and honeymoon which took place 10000 km away from my home in Latvia - in Central America and Caribbean. My girlfriend thought we are going only for two and half weeks long trip to Guatemala, Honduras and Belize, but trip was extended to 7 weeks. In Belize she got proposed at secluded Caribbean island, than 4 weeks latter, she was taken to uninhabited island and one of the most beautiful and inaccessible beaches in the Pacific – Playa de Amor. None knew about wedding plans, even our parents and herself, and everything was organized behind hers back. She thought it was the last hours of the trip, but straight after wedding there was another surprise to come – honeymoon for one month in Mexico, Florida, Puerto Rico and Caribbean islands.
Artsy Grouper, 2min. Artsy Grouper at Inspiration Belize, Central America
Mexico/Belize, 3min. 2 weeks, 1 island, 1 legend, ~8 bottles of coconut rum and the gringo trail...
River Tubing in Belize-2014, 8min. A visual and musical trip down a lazy Belizean river into and through pitch black caves and back out in the sunshine. This was one of our excursions ( from our recent cruise on the Celebrity Equinox in December 2014.
Belize 2014 from Scott Allan, 4min.
Przepis na ostry sos z papryczek habanero (Belize), 14min.
Jankunu Dance - Belmopan, Belize, 6.5min. Boxing Day Tradition.
Scuba Diving with Belize Ocean Divers Scuba Steve in Belize, 52min.
Belize's 'Blue Hole' REVEALS Clues about Mayan Demise!, 3min. The ancient Mayan civilization collapsed due to a century-long drought, new research suggests.
Glovers Reef, Belize 2014, 4.5min.
San Pedro, Belize 12/11/14 San Pedro Canyons & Sandy Point Canyons1, 9min. Excellent green moray footage on 1st dive shot by divemaster Turiano a/k/a Big Sexy. Nice stingray on 1st dive. Big Sexy's bubble o-rings at end of 2d dive. With Chuck & Robbie's.
San Pedro, Belize 12/12/14 Paradise Canyons & Mermaid's Lair, 5.5min. Lots of nurse sharks on 1st dive. Susan on board. Fairly unremarkable dives. With Giovanni (divemaster) of Chuck & Robbie's.
San Pedro, Belize 12/13/14 Cypress Gardens & Esmerelda, 13min. Numerous nurse sharks and beautiful canyons on both dives. Green morays. With divemaster Danny of Chuck & Robbie's.
San Pedro, Belize 12/14/14 Boca Ciega & Tuffy Canyons, 13min. Beautiful canyons and nice long hawksbill turtle video on 1st dive. Thought a nurse shark was going to eat the camera on 2d dive! With divemaster Giovanni of Chuck & Robbie's.
San Pedro, Belize 12/15/14 Tackle Box Canyon & Cypress Gardens, 18min. Two wonderful dives to end the trip. Nurse sharks everywhere, a reef shark, and nice French angel on 1st dive. Nurse shark again nudged the camera. Large pillar coral, larger grouper, and fabulous swim-through at end of 2d dive. Nice long hawksbill turtle video on both dives. With divemaster Giovanni of Chuck & Robbie's.