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Today's Belize News: January 1, 2015 #499467
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Happy New Year's to all our readers and friends
Have a prosperous 2015!

It’s been a great year in Belize! (Part I)
I’m jumping on the reflections train right along with everyone, and looking back on some of the fun adventures I enjoyed throughout 2014 in My Beautiful Belize. Travel can just mean leaving the comfort of our office and heading for a snorkel trip…one of my favorites as it was LONG awaited: Sailing the blues along Ambergris Caye! Or travel could mean actually leaving my island home, heading to an idyllic, rustic resort where I’m surrounded by all manner of wildlife, especially Howler Monkeys! Traveling with the Editor (and my friend) Tamara is always fun, and we got to explore a quieter side of Belize while having way too much fun! Thanks T!

Island Resident wins Boxing Competition in Chetumal
25-year-old island resident Geiboord Howard Omier Sandino joined two other Belizean boxers in representing Belize in the Combate Final: Campeonato Fecomoz del CMB boxing competition. The event was held in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico on Friday, December 19th and saw boxers from the region competing in both amateur and professional matches. Sandino captured a win, knocking out his opponent in the professional Super Welter 154 match. Sandino is originally from Nicaragua, but has been living in San Pedro for the past three years. He has competed in professional boxing competitions in various parts of Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. He is currently training under the guidance of boxing coach Frank Martinez based in San Ignacio, Cayo. “I feel great representing Belize. [Professional] Boxing is still new to this country, but we are working hard to put Belize on the boxing map. I want to continue fighting and representing this beautiful country,” said Sandino.

It’s the season for Christmas Raffles!
To thank their customers for their patronage throughout the year, several establishments across San Pedro Town held Christmas Raffles to give their patrons the opportunity to win great prizes. Here is a list of the lucky winners for this year’s raffles: On Monday, December 22nd, Castillo’s Hardware hosted its annual Christmas Raffle. For the past month, customers have been filling out tickets in hopes of winning one of five fabulous prizes. Picking the lucky tickets was Miss San Pedro Michelle Nuñez. Taking the fifth place prize of 10 gallons of “Do it Best” paint and primer-in-one was Ovelia Tepaz with ticket number 972112. In fourth place was Luis Rivero with ticket number 874579. He won a “Comfort Aire” patio cooler. Harriet Fisher, with ticket number 463634, took the third place prize of a Samsung 1000 watt stereo system. The second place prize of a GE heavy duty washing machine went to Captain Sharks, with ticket number 969938. And taking the grand first place prize of a 26 CF SS Frigidaire refrigerator was Cornelio Teos, with ticket number 252478.

NEMO hosts Fire Hazard Training
Accompanied by volunteer fire fighter Irvin Popper, Mencias discussed the significance of each business and household being equipped with a working fire extinguisher. He then went on to demonstrate how to operate the device. According to Mencias there are three easy methods to follow: starting with how to activate the extinguisher by pulling out the safety pin , one should aim at the base of the fire (not the flames) followed by squeezing the levers to release extinguishing agent. Lastly in a sweeping motion distribute the agent until flame is out. Once followed correctly, Mencias states that the steps should diminish a fire, however if flames grow out of control it is advised that individuals evacuate the premises and contact the fire department immediately. The fire marshals discussed an area of concern for many, the transportation of LPG Butane in supply quantities. According to Mencias the cylinder trucks transporting the LPG Butane should avoid doing so during daylight hours. The risk imposed if an accident were to occur would be quite substantial due to the large quantity of fuel and congested traffic. Therefore it is advised that these vehicles do so in the latter hours of the day, when traffic is less congested.

Boxes of Joy delivers Toys and Smiles during the Christmas Season
On Monday December 22nd, Boxes of Joy took to the streets delivering a wave of smiles and laughter throughout town. Accompanied by Santa and his loaded sleigh (golfcart), the troop distributed toys and goodies to the children of Ambergris Caye. Organized by Shantelle Pascasio, the organization has seen much support and through this was able to provide toys to 675 children. Led by a lighted float provided by Wings Store, Santa, the Candy Girls, and group members made stops at three locations around town, including Central Park, San Mateo and San Pedrito. As the group visited each community, the children gathered to receive their presents. With toys for everyone from infants to teens, all those along the way received goodies as the motorcade passed by.

Ambergris Today

US Hands Additional $4.1Mil to Belize to Increase Security and Lower Crime
The United States Embassy in Belmopan is pleased to announce the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL)/Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) additional funding of US$4.1 million to Belize for 2014-15. The funds are to help with Improved Border Inspection, Policing and Equipment, Vetted Units, Drug Demand Reduction, Regional and Maritime and Land Interdiction, Capacity Enhancement, Prison Management, Community Policing. Since 2008, CARSI has provided approximately US$20 million in assistance, including the new funding.

Channel 7

Chief Elections Officer Says PUP Wrong, Transfer Not Political
Yesterday, the Opposition alleged that the ruling UDP Administration was playing politics with the upcoming By-Election in Cayo North. At the centre of the controversy is Jerrylyn Bruce, the Registering Officer from Cayo North, who was moved with only one day’s notice from the Cayo North Elections and Boundaries Offices to the Cayo West Office. The reason, the PUP speculated, was that she refused to hand over the binders with the information of the voters from Cayo North to UDP Party Chairman Alberto August. The narrative they are vigorously pushing is that because she refused – she was hastily moved as some form of punishment. The thing is, Alberto August has categorically denied having any contact whatsoever with Bruce. He says he has no interest in the binders and simply uses what is publicly available: the voters list.

BSI Says Cane Farmers Should Have Signed
All eyes are on Escuela Secundaria Technica Mexico in San Roman village for Sunday morning when a special membership meeting of the Cane Farmers Association will be held to approve or disapprove the full 19 page agreement with BSI. If approved, the long delayed crop season could start early next week. But, if they don’t approve, no one is quite sure what will happen in the fragile industry. Today, BSI’s financial controller invited the media to an interview where he lamented that the two sides had reached an agreement – and all that was needed was a signature. Belizario Carballo - Financial Controller, BSI "Having responded to the BSCFA on Monday, that we accept fully there last proposals they sent us last week Wednesday. We felt that it cleared the way for an agreement to be signed, by Monday or latest Tuesday and then to set the date for the start of crops. The crop could have started as early as Friday or Saturday. We have now lost that opportunity of starting the crop this week."

Corozal Gas Cheaper Than Chetumal
We’ve told you all about the falling world price of oil and the effect it has had on Venezuela’s Petrocaribe initiative. But, it’s also had quite an effect on our northern neighbor. Mexico’s peso has been devalued by 12% since June to try as a result of the falling world market price for oil. And while the weaker peso is driving Belizeans across the border in droves to stretch their dollar, one thing they are not buying is gas. Not anymore. While the Pemex gas station was once a required stop on any trip to Chetumal, that’s not the case right now, because, believe it or not, fuel in Belize is currently cheaper than it is Mexico. And that’s why every day and night, you can see lines like this one at the Uno Gas Station in Corozal town. It’s the town’s only gas station – and that’s because years of lower fuel prices in Mexico and the Free Zone drove the others out of business. This Uno station stayed on though, and now they’re reaping the rewards. Uno says they plan to install another pump island to alleviate the congestion.

Accused of Another Rape, Man Goes Back To Jail
He was only just cleared of a rape charge 9 months ago, but tonight, 45 year-old Vanzie Lamb, a labourer of 26 Barracat Street, is back in jail, after he was accused of raping another woman. It happened on Boxing Day, December 26. According to the 22 year-old victim, she was walking on Antelope Street Extension at around 12:30 a.m. She encountered a man in front of an office building and he grabbed her by the hair. He then forced her at knife point onto his bicycle and took her to an abandoned house in a secluded area where he raped her. Police investigated led to Lamb and he was charged with rape.

Woman Accused of Stabbing, Says Man Was Trying To Rape Her
29 year-old Sandra Perez, an unemployed of 92 Jasmine Street, was also arraigned in Magistrates Court today for stabbing a man, who she claims tried to rape her. Kenrick Pennil told police that on Monday they were on Cemetery Road when Perez stabbed him with a knife. He was given medical form and taken to the KHMH, where his injury was classified it as grievous harm. Sandra Perez was then arrested and charged with grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm. But, during the arraignment, Perez said that she had to stab Pennil because he tried to rape her, so she defended herself. She showed Senior Magistrate Frazer a white t-shirt which she says Pennil tore when they were struggling.

Mother Claims Son Is Getting Holiday Harassment From Police
Brothers Gion Bernard and Leon Garcia have been in the news many times as suspects for crime. And tonight, the police have Gion in lockdown – and his mother says it’s just the product of holiday harassment. We met her today in front of the Queen Street Police station where she was fuming – and throwing a pubic tantrum – demanding that police release her son and leave them alone:…z Judith Rocke - Mother of Gion Bernard "What happened yesterday, 3 police officers came to my house, so I asked them what is their reason for coming to my house. They told me that Mr Grinage, who is the 2nd in command of eastern division wanted to see my 2 sons, Leon and Gion. So I told them none of them were at home but when ever they come to my house I will tell them. 10 minutes after that I called Mr. Grinage from his cell phone. He told me that he doesn't want to see my son, so I said okay. After that this morning when I got up, my neighbour told me they just passed with my son Gion. So I called Mr. Grinage again, he said he doesn't have anything to do with my son. Now I came to the police to find out what was happening, to speak to the person who is in charge of eastern division police station and I was refused. So I am asking, I don't want anything to do with Mr. Grinage because somehow I feel he is telling a lie. Every time a holiday is coming, they arrest my son. How much more can you take?"

Man Accused of Stealing House, Plank By Plank
We’ve reported numerous times on residential burglaries, but have you ever heard of someone stealing an entire house? That’s what’s police believe that 29 year-old Kevin Castillo did. The theft happened between June and August of this year, and according to the complainant, Pamela Sealy, she built a wooden bungalow house on a piece of land in the Set Site area of Lake Independence. She says that she left it vacant for a few weeks, and when she came back, the house was broken down, and all the materials had been stolen. Police investigated and they charged Castillo with theft. He was arraigned yesterday before the Senior Magistrate, Sharon Frazer, where he pleaded not guilty and was granted bail of $2,000 dollars. His case has been adjourned until February 16.

Danny Conorquie, Not The First Belizean Lawman Killed
One of the biggest stories of 2014 was the murder of special constable Danny Conorquie. He was killed by a Guatemalan border bandit while he was on duty at the Caracol site. This media house and others reported that he was the first Belizean law enforcement officer killed while on duty by a Guatemalan. But, history and tension between Belize and Guatemala is long, and it turns out Conorquie is not the first police officer to be killed by a Guatemalan. To find the other, we had to go waaay back in history – to 1916. On the 17th of May, Corporal Oziah Flowers was killed by a Guatemalan soldier. An account reprinted in the Ex-Service’s League Veteran’s magazine of November 2000 shows that on May 17th, 1916, Flowers along with 14 other men were sent to investigate a shooting at the border.

Justice For Janay
Last week, just before Christmas Janae Matute’s mother, Georgia and her attorney Fred Lumor went public. They couldn’t keep quiet anymore about the fact that government was simply not paying the court ordered 3 million dollar malpractice award, which they went all the way to the CCJ to secure. The next day we asked the Prime Minister about it. As the Minister of Finance, he controls the public purse, and he agreed that she must be paid. Today, one week later, Barrow’s Ministry of Finance came through just in time to give Janae and her mom some new year’s cheer. Their attorney Fred Lumor confirmed that the Ministry of Finance called him to say that a cheque for three hundred thousand dollars was at the Ministry in Belmopan waiting for him. He said he welcomes it as a good faith offering from the ministry which has agreed to meet next year to discuss a payment plan. It should bring some relief to this mother and daughter who have shown exemplary courage in the face of a debilitating disorder. In August of last year Monica Bodden went to witness Janae’s first day of high school in Belmopan. We repeat that story tonight:…

Police Caught Weed On Water Taxi
Police say that 37 year-old Aura Beatrice Moro, tried to smuggle over a kilo of weed onto Caye Caulker via one of the water taxis, and tonight she’s in police custody for it. The seizure happened yesterday morning at around 9:30 when one of the boats for San Pedro Belize Express arrived. Police were conducting a routine check on the boat, when their attention was drawn to Moro, a resident of Santa Elena Town. A thorough search of her bags led officers to discover 1.3 kilos – or 2.87 pounds – of marijuana in two black plastic bags and 10 grams of cocaine. Any amount over 60 grams of marijuana and 1 gram of cocaine is considered to be drug trafficking, and so the officers charged her with two counts. It is expected that she will be arraigned at the earliest convenience.

Elections And Boundaries Gets Ready For Bye Election
At the top of the news, we showed you our interview with the Chief Elections Officer as she dispelled suggestions of political interference a few days before the By-Elections in Cayo North. Her office is in midst of preparations for 2 elections, Municipals which happen in March, and the By-Election in Cayo North to elect a new area representative. That means that while most of us have been enjoying the holidays, she and her team have been preparing for Monday’s election in Cayo. We asked her today about their level of preparedness, and she told us, that barring any unforeseen complications, it should go smoothly:

Police Upgrade Reception Area
If you walked into the Racoon Street Police Station recently, you would have been greeted by an aesthetically transformed reception area. That’s because Eastern Division is trying to become more customer friendly – so where there was once a beat up old desk against a barren wall, now it looks like you’re stepping into some big company’s corporate headquarters. Today the Community Public Relations Coordinator told us that they want you to feel welcomed when you walk into the police station: Douglas Hyde - Community Public Relations Coordinator "Every person who walks in here we look at more of a customer service kind of mentality that they must come here and treated with all due respect in terms of what they're coming here to access, which is the service from the police officer and also in terms of what they need in terms of their assistance. What we looked at was creating a different space, we created a front desk, he also made sure we had the basic equipments that the officers needed down here and very much important was changing the design. The design is very much important so people don't feel that they're coming to a holding cell or a police station that has that old traditional look. We wanted to change that look and eastern devision has done that and we set now the stage for the other precincts. So that first look when the person walk in can feel more relaxed and more comforted when they step in there for any assistance."

How Was Your 2014?
How was your 2014? That’s the question we took to the streets today where we found that for some it was memorable and special, while for others, it could have been better. But there’s one constant in the human condition – and that is, the hope for better next year. That’s what I found in the streets today:…

Saying Goodbye to 2014
And so tonight, we end our 7news as we always do on New Year’s Eve, with images of the stories that made news in 2014. Our editor James Ayala has been burning the midnight oil to put together some of the most memorable and dramatic images of 2014. And because it is a year that saw 123 murders, a 24% increase form last eyar, we start with those somber images:… And of course, that’s just a teaser for the full year in review where we reprise 100 stories that made news in 2014. That airs right after this newscast – and let’s just say that if you go partying to bring in the new year – you might still find it on when you get home. Yeah, it’s that long. But, entertaining, and if you miss it tonight the full compilation repeats tomorrow starting at 1:00 in the afternoon. Do enjoy – and we hope you have a great and safe New Year’s celebration. We look forward to serving you in 2015, and you can join me back here on Friday… From all of us here at 7news, happy new year…goodnight…

Channel 5

B.S.I. Speaks on Legal Applications
The membership of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association is scheduled to convene a special meeting on Sunday in Orange Walk where a vote on the start of the crop [...]

Carballo Says No Agreement…NO Crop
The choices, according to Carballo, are rather straightforward.  In essence, the committee of management for B.S.C.F.A. can be instructed to move ahead with the finalization of the agreement which can [...]

Delay Threatening Sugar Cane Crop
Carballo says the consequence of a delayed crop, as well as the indefinite timeframe the process of litigation may take can certainly jeopardize the potential harvest which is estimated to [...]

MoA Urges Farmers to Sign Agreement
On Sunday cane-farmers will meet in Corozal to decide the fate of the 2014-2015 sugar-cane crop. Well actually, it’ll be the 2015 crop since 2014 is pretty much done. We’ve [...]

SICB Will Not Intervene
Despite all the complications besieging the industry at this point, all parties can agree on one thing – they need the crop to get started. But they disagree on how [...]

Cane Farmer Seeks Support for NO Signing
And so, as we end off the year, that is where we are in the sugar industry. Throughout the latter months of the year we’ve brought you every aspect of [...]

PM Promises Plenty of Petrocaribe Goodies in 2015
On Tuesday night, we aired New Year’s messages from Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca. Both leaders spoke of positive strides and looked to a [...]

…And Promises Big Investment in Tourism
But the PM also said that millions more will be invested in infrastructural developments across the country. Now the works of some contractors have been rather shoddy because within months, [...]

Man Arrested for Padgett Murder
Four days before Christmas popular San Ignacio resident Jermaine Padgett was shot and killed as he socialized with friends. It is not believed that he was the target, but was [...]

No Arrests in Carranza Murder
An arrest is yet to be made in the weekend murder of seventy-two-year-old Felix Castillo Carranza who was massacred inside his Lakeland abode in Dangriga on December twenty-seventh.  Even with [...]

Cocaine Bust on Caye Caulker
Thirty-seven-year-old Aura Beatrice Moro, a resident of Santa Elena Town, has been arrested and charged with drug trafficking, following the discovery of individual quantities of illegal substances on her person.  [...]

Lamb Charged for Boxing Day Rape
Forty-five-year-old Vanzie Lamb was arraigned this morning before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on a single charge of rape.  The indictment succeeds an allegation by a twenty-two-year-old woman that she was [...]

Cop Gets Bail for Aggravated Assault
A fifty-two year old cop is tonight out on bail after he was charged for allegedly attacking his common law wife and harming her with a knife at their Ladyville [...]

Cayo Police Prepare for Bye-Election
If you didn’t know there was a very significant election planned in Cayo North, you’d be hard-pressed to guess from the amount of political activity. Maybe it’s the timing, maybe [...]

What’s Your Resolution for 2015?
Popular around this time of the year are people making resolutions for the New Year. Here in Belize, last minute reservations and parties are being planned to say goodbye to [...]

Cane Farmer Filed Interim Injunction Against BSCFA
On Monday the BSCFA received notice of an interim injunction prohibiting them from signing an agreement with BSI/ASR. That was filed by Lucilo Teck, a cane farmer who has said was a move to support the five branch directors who have opposed the agreement and called for a special general meeting before proceeding with further negotiations. That would be withdrawn once that meeting is held says Teck, so by all accounts this should be the case now that the requested meeting has been scheduled for this coming weekend. That however is not the only legal action Teck had intended to undertake. Today, he was back in Belize City preparing an application to file a mandamus order for the Sugar Industry Control Board to fulfill its obligations as stipulated in the Sugar Act. Lucilo Teck: “Esto es algo de emergencia, tan pronto se le mande la carta y nosotros le vamos a pedirle hoy que se le de tres a cuatro días que cumpla y si no cumple es una demanda tiene que ir a la corte con sus abogado y el Attorney general tiene que responder porque no lo esas abriendo y a ver quién va a ganar creemos que el Beliceño tienen que despertar y saber sus derechos y lo que está sucediendo nuestros norteños la mayoría no conocemos nuestros derechos legales y por eso estamos en las desventajas en la cual nos quiere manejar la compañía.”

Mother Of Missing Persons Speaks Out
Yesterday we told you about 13 year old Alice Gisel Rodriguez who was reported missing on Monday but was last seen by family members on December 18th in San Narciso Village. And as the days go by so does the anxiety from her family in San Roman Village. And while authorities have pleaded with the public for help in locating her, tonight 13 year old Alice remains as a missing person. We spoke with her mother Victoria Moralez via telephone today and seemingly torn and emotional she is pleading for her daughter to come home. Victoria Moralez – Mother of Missing Child “Pues yo quiero saber adónde ella esta y le diría que regrese a la casa y que se comunique conmigo porque yo estoy muy preocupada y no estoy tranquilla por ella, no me siento bien porque no sé nada de ella, quiero verla y saber cómo esta, con quien está, si está bien adonde esta, porque la última vez no termino de hablar conmigo y me dijo que estaba en San Pedro y me dijo que no la dejaban comunicarse con nadie per ya no hablo más y desde ese día yo nos e nada de ella.”

Peacework International Is Back In Belize
Peacework International is back in Belize, particular Orange Walk to provide a number of services to different communities. Peacework International is a nongovernmental organization based in the USA and works in many countries. They have been in Belize for close to twenty years and have conducted different project throughout the country. Jess Fallah is the field coordinator. “What we do is connect communities with communities essentially so we have students that come from Universities all around the United States and they bring with them different skills and depending on what they specialize in the US we match them with communities that have similar needs to what they are able to do, also in addition to that they are coming to Belize, for some of them it is the first time that they left the US, it is a huge learning experience and is a great way for them to get outside of their comfort zone and learn about different culture and also it is very important for us to work hand in hand with community members so it is very much of a collaboration everyone coming together working on a project.”

B.P.D. Reminds General Public Of Some Of The Fines for Some Common Offences
And while we are only one day away from saying goodbye to 2014 and welcoming 2015, the Belize police Department today issued a friendly reminder on some fines associated with some common offenses committed by the public. For instance, did you know that you can be arrested for having in your possession an article with blade? This could be anywhere from a screw driver to an ice pick and according to the police, if convicted you can be fined $100.00 or in default spend (1) month in prison. An offense of aggravated assault can land the defendant incarcerated for 18 months while having in your possession the slightest amount of Cannabis can cost you $75 or in default of non-payment spend 3 weeks in prison. Cannabis offences count from 0.6 grams and anything over 73 grams is called Drug Trafficking and comes with a hefty 1000 dollar fine or 3 years imprisonment. In the police’s report, common offenses include those committed on bicycle such as riding without a light, riding on a one way street, and the ever popular riding without a bell. The police also advised the public that public drinking is strictly prohibited and if found guilty it comes with a 50 dollar fine or 2 weeks imprisonment.

PNP Issues Release Showing Discontent On One Of 13 Points
In both, Orange Walk and Corozal Town the number of burglaries has been on a constant raise. Tonight there is another case of burglary to report on, only that this time it happened at a well-known Bar located on the out skirts of Corozal Town. 51 year old Eugene Ordonez proprietor of Mira Montez Bar reported to Corozal Police that on the Saturday, December 28th, between the hours of 3 am and 6:15 am someone broke into his establishment located on Santa Elena Road, Corozal Town. Upon making checks Ordonez noted that cash amounting to $2000.00 was missing from his cash register. Corozal Police are currently investigating but have no concrete leads.

MiraMontes Bar Robbed, Investigations Continues
In both, Orange Walk and Corozal Town the number of burglaries has been on a constant raise. Tonight there is another case of burglary to report on, only that this time it happened at a well-known Bar located on the out skirts of Corozal Town. 51 year old Eugene Ordonez proprietor of Mira Montez Bar reported to Corozal Police that on the Saturday, December 28th, between the hours of 3 am and 6:15 am someone broke into his establishment located on Santa Elena Road, Corozal Town. Upon making checks Ordonez noted that cash amounting to $2000.00 was missing from his cash register. Corozal Police are currently investigating but have no concrete leads.

Four Orange Walk Resident Charged For Possession Of controlled Drugs
Four Orange Walk residents were arrested and charged for having in their possession controlled drugs. According to authorities, yesterday the Special patrol Unit visited Rio Grande Street located in the Louisiana Area, Orange Walk Town where they searched the premises for unlicensed firearms and or drugs. At the location were four adults seated under a shed. The search resulted in the discovery of a small plastic package and several packages that contained vegetable substance that was consistent with cannabis. The four persons and the suspected drugs were escorted to the Orange Walk Police Station where it was weighed in their presence and amounted to 57 grams.

Two Corozalenos Charged ForRobbery
Abdiel Noh and Aloysies Noh were both charge for the crime of robbery at the Corozal Magistrate court room today, following a report made by 17 year old Regel Meza from the village of Patchakan. As we reported last night, Meza says he was bullied as he made his way home on Christmas day. He claims that around 9:10pm on the 25th whilst walking home he was approached by two male persons whom he recognized from within the village. One of the men had a knife where they held him up and took away a silver chain valuing $150bcy and $100bcy in cash from him. Meza reported that the men threatened to kill him if he told anyone. Subsequently police arrested both men and were formally charged for robbery.

Chairman Of Committee Of Management Caught In Middle Of Entire Process
Caught in the middle of the entire process of the negotiations are farmers who are more concerned over starting the crop to avoid incurring losses for this crop season. The situation is becoming risky for these farmers as each week passes and no settlement is reached between the BSCFA and BSI/ASR. It is understood that given the risks involved, some directors have expressed the intent of taking up the company’s offer presented months ago and sign the agreement individually. While the start of the crop is important to all stakeholders, and while he has expressed his personal interest in it starting, Cansino says they are concerned about this. Ezekiel Cansino - Chairman of the Committee of Management “The 18 directors are aware and are concern about this and we know that it is not the best thing to do to go individually to sign with BSI but I don’t know what will happen exactly after this general and one or two director have commented on that, that if something goes wrong they might take that option to go by branch and sign this agreement.”

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More News: Scroll up from here


Hyde Speaks on Renovation in Prescient Two
Most of you have probably visited a police station here in Belize City and most you have found it to be very hectic to get certain services, especially if the waiting room is clustered with people. Well the Public Relations Department at the Belize Police Department is looking into making your visit to the station more favorable. The waiting area at the Prescient Two on Raccoon Street has been renovated and now the Department is introducing a numbering system. Public Relations Coordinator, Douglas Hyde explained. DOUGLAS HYDE “The next crucial part was to transform this area which we know was just the walk in to get assistance from the front desk person. So we transformed in terms of the designing and we created a new design with different colors not the usual police colors which are the yellow and green which we literally added more colors to make it more colorful in a way. Then we literally bought new equipment and chairs and basic things that the officers need when they are on their duty to make it even more comfortable for them and likewise the general public when they have to come in and gain access to service here from the Raccoon Street police.”

Matute Case; Payment in Progress
On December 22, Georgia Matute won her case against the Government of Belize and Dr. RajuMeenavalli, for her daughter, Janae Matute, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, a medical condition marked by impaired muscle coordination. Matute told us that since the case has been won and an order by the Caribbean Court of Justice has been set for Dr. Raju Meenavalli to pay the cost of the Appeal by April 10, 2014, she has not received a dollar or cent as yet. Today Love News spoke to the Financial Secretary for the Government of Belize, Joe Waight, who told us that payment towards the Matute family is presently in progress.

BFF Request Immediate Removal of Fisheries Officer
In early December we reported on the allegations being made against a senior fisheries Officer. As we reported fisherman Pedro Guerra, alleged that he was duped of more than sixty thousand dollars. He said the officer had promised that he would secure a fish Exporter’ License to buy and export frozen sea cucumber for him. That did not happen and Guerra contracted the law firm of Sabido and Company to take the matter before the courts. The update today is that the Belize Federation of Fisheries is requesting the immediate removal of the officer. In its release the BFF says they have made numerous complaints about the officer to the Fisheries Administrator, Beverly Wade however no action has been taken. The BFF says that fishermen have made complaints are being harassed by fisheries officers while out at sea. The Federation is requesting that the Fisheries Administrator remove the senior officer from his post until the civil matter brought before him comes to an end.

Belize City Police Constable Robbed in Corozal
In Corozal, a police constable was the victim of a robbery. Reports are that this past Sunday 41 year old PC Jose Zetina, who is presently attached to Belize City, was riding his mountain bicycle on 6th Street Corozal Town when he felt a knock behind his bicycle causing him to tumble to the floor. He tried to get back on his feet when he suddenly noticed two men standing next to him. One of the man punched PC Zetina to the mouth and seconds after the other man started to punch Zetina on his back. The duo then proceeded to rob the officer of items valued at just over seven hundred dollars. Police have detained two persons.

Man Charged For Possession of Controlled Drugs
In Orange Walk, police arrested and charged 23 year old Ahmed Thebe Methgal Aligner for possession of controlled drugs. Police say that yesterday afternoon; they search a room on Narciso Street where Ahmed had been staying. There they found black plastic bag of marijuana. The drug weighed 12 grams.

Woman Charged With Drug Trafficking
Police in Caye Cualker have charged a woman with drug trafficking. According to reports, yesterday morning, while Caye Caulker Police were conducting routine checks on the San Pedro Belize Express water Taxi a female was escorted to the Caye Caulker Police station where her bag was searched. In her bag police found three black plastic bags containing marijuana which weighed 1,303.6 grams. Police then searched her person and the found a white paper towel which contained two transparent plastic bags containing cocaine which weighed 10 grams. As a result 37 year old Aura Beatrice Moro was arrested and charged for two counts of Drug Trafficking.

Resident of Barracat Street Charged With Rape
Forty-five year old Vanzie Lamb, of Barracat Street, was charged with rape when he appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. She explained to Lamb that she will not take a pea because the offense is indictable. The prosecutor objected to bail on the ground that Lamb is no stranger to the court and he was charged with rape before, an offence for which he was found not guilty. Senior magistrate Fraser upheld the objection and she remanded Lamb into custody until February 23.

Jasmine Street Resident Charged With Grevious Harm
Twenty-nine year old Sandra Perez, an unemployed of Jasmine Street who allegedly stabbed a man in his abdomen, was charged with grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm when she appeared today before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. According to the allegation, on December 29, during an altercation on Cemetery Road, Perez stabbed Kenrick Pennil with a knife. Pennil was given a medico-legal form and he was taken to KHMH where the doctor who examined him classified his injury as grievous harm. In her defense Perez said Pennil tried to rape her and she defended herself. She showed Senior Magistrate Fraser a white t-shirt which she said was torn by Pennil while they were struggling. Perez was offered bail of two thousand dollars and the case adjourned until February 23, 2015.


To sign or not to sign; cañeros to decide.
To sign or not to sign? That is the question regarding the commercial agreement between BSCFA and ASR/BSI. It was hopeful that the decision would have been made on Tuesday, but it has been pushed back until Sunday. On Tuesday, there was a meeting of the 18 branch leaders and other directors of the B...

ROC weighs in on Sugar Cane Commercial Agreement
We haven’t heard from the Rod of Correction since the teachers received their pay increase, but on Tuesday the organization broke its long silence and weighed in on the sugar cane matter. In a press release issued on Tuesday, ROC says that  “it is definitively possible for the sugar cane delivery ...

Government of Belize Supports Agreement Between BSCFA and ASR/BSI
The Government of Belize also issued a statement on Tuesday saying that Government has been actively trying to assist in resolving the difficulties that have so far prevented the signing of that commercial agreement between BSCFA and ASR/BSI. The release says that “Government hopes that the second B...

Illegal dams at Barton Creek Archaeological site?
Many Belizeans know of the ATM cave; Actun Tunichil Muknal , as well as the cave at Caves branch , also in the Cayo District. The Dark Knight story, which aired recently in the media, showed the plight that local tour guides have in accessing the cave location in that property. PlusNews travelled to...

PUP accuses UDP of tampering with by-election
On Tuesday afternoon the Opposition People’s United Party (PUP) raised serious allegations of official tampering with the Cayo North by-election scheduled for next Monday, January 5. It says that for no apparent reason, and with two weeks to go before the by-election, Chief Elections Officer Josephi...

Cheated out of vehicle purchase
Kent Dyer accuses 40 year old maintenance worker of Ladyville, Belize District, Albert Wright, of deceptively obtaining money from him to buy a vehicle on his behalf which has not materialized. According to Mr Dyer, between November 21 and December 8, he gave Mr Wright $3,800, then $3,600 and finall...

American without documents ordered to leave Belize
An American national unable to produce documents for his stay in Belize has been ordered to leave by Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. 47 year old William Turpin, Jr., told police who picked him up that he lost his passport and has no other travel documents...

Man charged with stealing vacant house
How do you steal a house? That was the accusation leveled in Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday at 29 year old Kevin Castillo, an employee of Radisson Fort George Hotel. He has been accused of, with another unnamed person, dismantling and removing a wooden bungalow house occupying a piece of land in the ...

Son arrested for trying to stab dad in the chest
Saturino Coba, a 55 year old Belizean Cane Farmer of Louisville Village, Corozal District, reported that on 26th December at about 9:00 pm, he was sitting on his sofa in the hall...

Postmortem results on decomposed body
On Monday we told you about the decomposed body found inside a house on Eve Street in Belize City. The person was identified as 39-year-old Walter Humberto Melendez Ortiz, a Guatemalan laborer. Police say that Mr Ortiz was not killed but rather suffocated himself due to drunkenness. Waletr Ortiz’s d...

The Reporter

Turkish cargo ship sinks after colliding with ship flying Belize flag
A Turkish cargo-ship sank after it collided with a Belizean-flagged vessel off the coast of Italy last Sunday, leaving two people dead and four more missing. The cargo vessel Gokbel sank after it collided with the Belize-flagged Lady Aziza two miles from Italy’s Port […]

66 year old American retiree shot himself, police investigaors say
Belize Police have confirmed that the fatal shooting which occurred on Christmas Day in Boston Village was a suicide. Police found 66 year-old American retiree, Timothy Patrick McNamara of Boston Village, on the veranda of his home around 8:10 in a pool of blood with […]

Colombian tourists won’t need visas to visit Belize
Colombians visiting Belize no longer need to get a visa to enter our ports of entry. Cabinet made the decision earlier this year “on the urging of the Ministry of Tourism”, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington. In an exclusive interview […]

SouthWest Airlines announces flight plans direct from Houston to Belize
Southwest Airlines has become the latest US airline to include Belize in its international network. Starting October next year, Southwest will make direct connections from Houston to Belize four times a week. Southwest announced this week that it has filed applications with the U.S. […]

Belize honours OAS chief, Jose Miguel Insulza
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington, last week presented Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General, Jose Miguel Insulza with the Order of Distinction of Belize for his role in mediations with Guatemala. Secretary General Insulza was presented with the honor in recognition of […]

It is easy for men to blame women for becoming single moms and having children that they cannot afford to feed and nurture and educate. The social and economic problems resulting from single-parenting are among the most challenging that our country faces today. . Single mothers face poverty that few […]

ROC adds its voice to end canefarmers impasse
The Belize watchdog group which calls itself the Rod of Correction (ROC) in light of the present impasse between the Belize Cane Farmers Association and the Belize Sugar Industries Limited has called on upon the Sugar Industry Control Board to set a date for the […]

Bitter discord – still no agreement!
There is turmoil and controversy in the always volatile sugar-cane industry as farmers head into the New Year. At a meeting of the BSCFA on Tuesday, a majority of Directors made the decision to call a general meeting of canefarmers on Sunday. At the same time, former BSCFA Director, Lucilo […]

Insiders helped top KHMH brass to overcome scandals
A 2014 audit of the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital has revealed serious irregularities in transactions conceived and conducted by former Director of Financial Services, Carlos Perera and former KHMH Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Gary Longsworth. Both were released from the institution this year in less than stellar circumstances, and even […]

Cheaper electricity for all! BEL agrees to a 5 percent cut
Belizean consumers will begin the new year enjoying a five percent drop in the cost of electricity, the Public Utilities Commission announced this week. After reviewing initial proposals by the Belize Electricity Limited, the PUC decided that the rate could be reduced even further than […]

Maid accused of stealing boss’ jewelry gets pardoned… But still ends up in jail!
Jessica Beeks, a 19-year-old part-time housekeeper was arraigned on a charge of theft after allegedly stealing jewelry estimated to be worth $11,000 from a Bella Vista home belonging to Nicola Longsworth. On her arraignment before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser, the Electric Avenue resident pleaded not guilty to the offence and, as luck would have it, her charge was dismissed hours later. That’s because she was returned to court shortly before 5:00 p.m. on Monday to be told her charge was dismissed, after her former boss experienced a change of heart and requested no further court action into the matter.

Patrick JonesPJ

Belize City man faces another rape charge
In March of 2014, now 45 year old Vanzie Lamb, a laborer of Barracat Street in Belize City, was acquitted of a charge of rape of a 14 year old female minor originally from Punta Gorda in May of 2009 while she was visiting Belize City for a party. But he has been arrested for a similar incident reported on Boxing Day, December 26. The complainant is a 22 year old woman who told police that around 12:30 in the morning she was walking on Antelope Street Extension when she met a man who grabbed her hair and forced her at knife-point onto his silver and purple female beach cruiser bicycle.

Woman charged for the crime of grievous harm
A Belize City woman says she tried to stop a man from raping her, but she has been charged with grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm. 29 year old Sandra Perez of Jasmine Street accuses one Kenrick Pennil of attempting to rape her during an altercation on Cemetery Road on December 29. In defending herself, Perez reportedly stabbed Pennil with a knife in his abdomen.

Orange Walk man murdered
A brutal stabbing murder tonight has left an Orange Walk neighborhood shocked. The victim has been identified as Miguel “Chino” Medina. The circumstances of the fatal incident has still not been fully ascertained by police. But initial information received by Belize Media Group indicates that Medina and another man were socializing inside a small house situated on Fonseca Street, Orange Walk when the stabbing occurred.

Murder reported in Orange Walk
Hours before the start of the New Year, there are reports of a fatal stabbing incident in Orange Walk town. Information received say the incident happened on Fonseca Street. Little else is known at this time and we will keep updating this story as information becomes available.


Happy New Year from Belize’s Chaa Creek!
Voorspoedige nuwe jaar! Kul ‘am wa antum bikhair! Urte Berri on! Xin nian yu kuai! Godt NytÅr! Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Bonne année! Ein glückliches neues Jahr! Eutychismenos o kainourgios chronos! Hauoli Makahiki hou! Felice Anno Nuovo or Buon anno! Godt Nytt År! Ia manuia le Tausaga Fou! Feliz año nuevo! Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! Whatever language you speak, the sentiment is universal Happy New Year!

International Sourcesizz

Tropical Tranquility: Discover island leisure at Turtle Inn’s secluded resort
The prop plane banked, giving a full view of the turquoise water and dense jungle stretching over Belize’s exotic coastland. Reclining in the “puddle jumper,” we glided over Belize’s mainland toward our destination — Turtle Inn. Arriving at the resort, we walked across a wooden bridge arched over a pond with miniature-thatched huts and lethargic turtles basking in the tropical sun. Terryann, a joyful Caribbean local, greeted us with scented damp towels and fruity cocktails as she ushered us through the lobby into Turtle Inn’s open-air dining room — The Mare Restaurant. The building featured an immense thatched roof with wooden paneling and floors. As Terryann explained Turtle Inn guest information, we sat in plush Caribbean furniture overlooking a circular infinity swimming pool, a beach bar and the ocean’s crashing waves.

Caribbean Travel Trends 2015: What To Look Forward To in the New Year
There is a measure of inevitability when it comes to the warm-weather destinations of the Caribbean and Latin America. As they. Have for generations, their resplendent natural beauty will continue to. Draw vacationers from every part of the globe. However with so many of the region's nations emerging as viable travel destinations in recent years, they will more than ever rely on inherent strengths to differentiate themselves among increasingly fierce competition. Those strengths - and some weaknesses as well will become evident as 2015 gets under way. Another Central American county, Belize, tallied one million combined land and cruise-ship travelers through October 2014. Belize hosted 266,107 land-based, overnight arrivals and 752,598 cruise-ship visitors during the period. Belize’s arrival at the one million visitor mark comes two months earlier than BTB officials had earlier forecast. “Belize is well on its way to having the most visitors ever in its history,” officials said.

CARIBBEAN VIEW: 2015 Begins with Urgency to Save the Caribbean from Climate Change
If ever there was a time and an issue for the countries of the Caribbean to speak with one voice and at a high level, both the time and the issue have arrived. The issue is the global average temperature arising from climate change which is now scientifically indisputable. A decade of research shows that a rise in temperature of two degrees Celsius (2°C) is a dangerous threshold, particularly for small islands and countries with low-lying coastlines. Yet, the world is heading in that direction with all the potential for the ruin of small islands, and the destruction of human habitats on low lying coastal areas in countries such as Belize and Guyana. Throughout 2015, the countries of the Caribbean need to scale up their participation, responses and advocacy in every international forum on this issue. The time has come for the appointment of a high-level figure to head-up a permanent team of Caribbean experts, including members of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, to represent the region with a single, strong voice. That team and its leader – accountable to Heads of Government – should be responsible for several important aspects of this grave problem that threatens the existence of some Caribbean countries and the viability of all of them.


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Blackbird Caye - Belize, 11min. This video has eels and lionfish hunting - Belize.
--Don Souza | Filming Maya Descendants | Jungle Survival Belize | Pt 1, 4min.
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