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Police Report
*Two persons have been arrested and charged in connection to two separate burglaries. 53-year-old Karen Young reported to the San Pedro Police that on Friday, December 12th her house was burglarized. Stolen from her home were two silver MacBook Air laptops valued at $5,200BZ, a pair of Adidas Shell top tennis shoes valued at $150BZ, a pair of Air Jordan tennis shoes valued at $400BZ, Blue Costa sunshades valued at $325BZ, a pair Timberland tennis shoes valued at $400BZ and an 83GB external hard drive valued at $800BZ. The missing items amounted to $7,605BZ. The second burglary took place on Wednesday, December 17th, when 50-year-old Benedict Kim reported that his resort room was burglarized. He stated that he left the room and when he returned he noticed his HP laptop Valued at $850US, Canon digital camera valued at $2,000US, NEXUS tablet valued at $200US, Nokia cellular phone valued at $150US and cash were missing. All items amounted to $3,400US.

Liberty Children's Home Hosts Successful Fundraiser in San Pedro
Liberty Children's Home hosted their first annual Holiday Pig Roast and Bake Sale Fundraiser this past Sunday, with a joint-venture between both newly-acquired businesses Kama Lounge and Coco Loco's Beach Bar in the Tres Cocos area. With the support and help of organizers Monica Davis, Luis Velasquez (Owner, Kama Lounge), Carmen Arenal (Owner, Coco Loco's Beach Bar), Joe Chung, and Grant Guy, the first annual Holiday Pig Roast and Bake Sale for Liberty Children's Home was a great success. Liberty Children's Home is a sanctuary for children in need, providing in a natural environment, love, nurturing, and a high standard of education. Situated in Ladyville, on the outskirts of Belize City, Liberty Children's Home is unique in its commitment to child-centered care and education.

Belize Police Department registers an increase in crime for 2014
2014 Crime statistics released by the Belize Police Department are showing that there was an increase in crime this year when compared to 2013. While the report demonstrated a 6.3% increase in crime, arrests made for 2014 registered at a 15.3% decrease. In sum, a total of 2,548 crimes were reported to the Belize Police Department across the country. 2014 saw 121 murders, 22 more than in 2013. San Pedro alone registered 10 murders: Michael Wallace, Dennis "Chingy" Palacio, Jeffrey Eiley, Alfred "Cat" Kelvin, Felix Alamilla, Santiago Trapp, Rolando Espat Jr., Moses Coc, Samuel Dawson and Peter Castillo. The statistics also indicated that out of the 121 murders, only 34 cases saw arrests. Out of the 10 murders committed in San Pedro, five were solved with either the culprit being charged or the incident being justified. Rape and theft also saw an increase, while robbery and burglary decreased. In San Pedro, there was a significant increase in robberies, burglaries and theft from May onwards. Police accounted the increase in these incidents due to an influx of people during the tourism season.

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New Year's Honours 2015
Government of Belize Press Office

Patrick JonesPJ

Toledo farmer wins new truck
Toledo resident Manuel Coy is starting the new year in style. He is the winner of a brand new 2014 Kia double cab truck. The truck was raffled as part of a promotion by the Uno (King's) Service Stations in Punta Gorda town and in Big Falls village last December. Customers who bought $50 and more worth of fuel were given a ticket which allowed them to take part in the promotion. On Wednesday afternoon, December 31, 2014 the winning ticket was chosen from a barrel containing thousands of entries.

Fire destroys house in Benque Viejo del Carmen
The cause of an early afternoon fire in western Belize that destroyed one house is under investigation by authorities. According to information received, the blaze consumed a bungalow, wood house off the George Price Boulevard in Benque Viejo del Carmen town around 1:30 pm. The house reportedly belonged to Ofelia Can, a widower.

Four Belizeans given News Year's Honors
Queen Elizabeth II has named four Belizeans to her 2015 New Year's Honors List. To be a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) is attorney at law Michael Young, whose award is for services rendered to the legal profession and the community. To be officers of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) are Esther Ayuso for services tot he community and women's rights and Laura Longsworth for services to nursing and the community. The fourth honoree is Bernadette Fernandez who was named an ordinary member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE). Fernandez' honor is for her contribution to the community and leadership.

International Sourcesizz

Just like a dream: Surreal places you won't believe actually exist
Near the center of Lighthouse Reef an eerie, large submarine sinkhole takes up over 300 meters of the ocean. Over time the ocean rose, and a cave was flooded creating this World Heritage Site which is also one of the best scuba diving sites in the world.

You Better Belize It! Eight Fabulous Hotels in Belize
The Central American country of Belize is surrounded by Guatemala to the west and south, Mexico to the north, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. The tropical country attracts visitors with its lush jungles, snorkeling, and Mayan ruins, among many other things. Between the scuba diving, zip-lining, horseback riding, and Mayan ruin exploration, travelers don't have to stick to lying out on the beach - though that's fine too! Read on for eight of the most fabulous hotels in the gorgeous country of Belize!


FS 2004 VFR approach and landing in Belize with Vickers VC10 C1K RAF, 8min. Approaching Belize and landing VFR on RWY 7 with RAF Vickers VC10 (C1K) presented from the spotter´s view. - Anflug und Sichtfluglandung auf Landebahn 7 in Belize mit einer RAF Vickers VC10 (C1K) aus Spotter Sicht.
Cruise Passengers Dancing to Cupid Shuffle @ Belize City, 1/2min. Here a group of lady passengers from cruise ships dance to Cupid Shuffle at Wet Lizard bar in Belize City.
Scuba Diving in Belize, 4min.
belize 2014, 4min. our family trip to belize this last xmas, 2014. shot on a go pro , paradise incarnate.