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by: Youth Volunteers Gene Bruce & Sydellie Leslie

There was once a very noble deed. A deed so noble it saved Christmas eve�..I mean boxing day. For many years the neighborhood watch program has helped the community in simple but effective ways. And this year, as many years before since 2008, the entertainment & message provided touched the hearts of many individuals who attended and even those who didn't. It was not by the gifts or simply the event, but the gesture given. It was beyond what the eye can see; it was something only the heart could feel. This event was a premeditated gesture. The coordination for the event and line up for sponsors started as early as October. Captain Samuel Bruce started visiting the sponsors and reminding them of the importance of preparation; for dreams don't work unless you do. Although as we all may know 2014 wasn't the most fruitful year for many but the sponsors still managed to give what they could. Some gave gifts and items for the event and some monetary contributions.

As the kids ran around that September, Captain Samuel Bruce filled in anything that was missing to make sure that the event would still take place. The community policing unit Benque Cpl.Joshua McKoy decided to lend a helping hand and offering the assistance of his eager youth cadets. They could clearly see what was being done and were more than happy to help. But we must keep in mind that the zone 4 neighborhood watch program consisted of more than just the captain, the police and the sponsors. It consisted of individuals willing to work to make a difference.

Although the event wasn't set to start until 2pm, the volunteers arrived at at 9 am that day to start setup and while some volunteers were setting up, two were driving around town giving announcements about the event, not that they had to everyone knew it would take place. The announcements were more like a Christmas carol reminding you Christmas was here even though you already knew.

People started entering the spacious Sam's community Park; some entered the stone building waiting for the event to start admiring the prizes and music, others with their children entered the yard their eyes wondered around; some to the football fields, some to the volleyball field, and some to the play ground equipment, There were hundreds of prizes waiting to be won. This year was different though we had a special guest: a Mr. Kurt Hicks who retired from the US Air force. He wanted to volunteer this year, along with the dynamic MC Amin Avilez, DJ, football coaches, and more; Fun games, for not only the kids but adults were provided as well as Free juice, a thousand ideals, neighborhood watch calendars with emergency number were given. Since it was a fun and busy event these were appreciated openly by the neighborhood citizens. While everyone was having fun the hungry didn't have to go far to find rice & beans with chicken, pizza, and soft drinks that were readily available right inside the building. Everyone was having fun making memories they all enjoyed together as families. Pictures were taken to capture the memories made. Many people attended and enjoyed the effort that was made to produce this event. Special thanks to all who helped what you did gave meaning to the event itself, "the act of giving" It is when we come together and create something that it becomes truly beautiful, and our problems can be solved!

NO Alcohol was served at this event!!

Note; As Zone captain; without the participation of my volunteers and sponsors I could not accomplish these events alone over all these years!!! Thank You!!!

Zone youth volunteers; Gene Bruce-d�cor, pictures, video, set-up Billy Bruce-driver for the community Mobil speaker announcements of events, Kevin Li drivers assistant, Sydellie Leslie-d�cor, set-up, attendant, Stefani Contreras-d�cor, set-up, attendant, and Nancy Castillo- attendant.

Police Youth Cadets; d�cor, set-up, attendants

Master of ceremony-Amin Avilez, and Cpl Joshua McKoy

DJ music; Jair Avilez

Prize attendant; Kurt Hicks, ret. US Air force

Football coaches; C�sar Mendez, Pablo Uck, attendant Luis Lisbey

Food preparation kitchen (cooks); to feed volunteers, and others; Criselda Diaz, Yolo Acte.

Events: games for the kids-musical chairs, string and cup (indigenous), pass the lasso (indigenous), dance contest, football, volleyball, play ground-swing set with sliding board, anti-crime & neighborhood watch questions for prizes conducted by Cpl McKoy.

Pi�atas; 2- with over one-hundred pounds of candies Hundreds of prizes available: bags of treats, tractors, dolls, cars, arts & crafts kits, flash lights, cereals, jewelry, food baskets, hot sauces, key rings, and much more.

Free: juice, 0ne thousand ideals, candies, neighborhood watch calendars with all the emergency number and confidential crime line for zone 4.

Food - rice & beans with chicken, Pizza, and soft drinks were available.

Boxing Day Sponsor list

1. Quality Poultry
2. Econo diesel
3. Caribbean Tire
4. Alex Store
5. Rocky Store
6. Huayong Super
7. Terry Store
8. Lins Super market
9. Dra. Lesbia Cocom
10. New Flags
11. Reimers Feed Mill
12. Yi Ming restaurant
13. Long Lucky restaurant
14. Xu Guang QI restaurant
15. De Xin Grocery
16. Ben's restaurant
17. Simons store
18. Zhen's Super market
19. Long Luck super
20. Mini Store
21. Internet & School supplies
22. Novelo's gas station
23. Raun's Store
24. Harry Moreno-Home Protector Insurance
25. ICB
26. Ceiba Realty
27. Benque Resort and Spa
28. Tire Depot
29. J & J store
30. Crown Jewel & Pawn Shop
31. Manuel Sosa
32. Sam Bruce
33. Cpl. Joshua McKoy-Community Policing Benque Viejo Sub- Formation
34. A & R
35. Caribbean Chicken
36. Xu-Super
37. Benque hardware
38. Country Supply Store
39. Uno gas station
40. Atlantic Bank
41. Heritage Bank
42. Sr. Erwin Cocon
43. Tres fuegos coffee
44. BRC