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The San Pedro Sun

Government of Belize Supports Agreement Between BSCFA and ASR/BSI
Since helping to forge, on December 8th, the historic agreement between the BSCFA and ASR/BSI, Government has been actively trying to assist in resolving the difficulties that have so far prevented the signing of that agreement. Government hopes that the second BSCFA General Assembly vote scheduled for this Sunday will, like the first vote, ratify the agreement, mandate its signing, and allow now for the crop to start. Meantime, though, Government continues to be concerned at the wrong-headedness of the views and positions being propagated by the NTUCB, joined now by the Rod of Correction (ROC). These organizations seem determined to prevent a crop, derail the sugar industry and cause the destruction of the livelihoods of the very farmers they say they support. In urging the BSCFA not to sign the hard-won agreement with ASR/BSI, NTUCB/ROC says that the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB) can force the BSI factory to receive cane against its will, and to mill and market the cane without the dispute being resolved. In support of this outrageous stance, NTUCB/ROC completely misrepresents the legal position and ignores the practical fact that successful operation of the sugar industry in Belize requires the free consent and voluntary participation of both the grower and the miller of the cane.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Benque Viejo Neighborhood Watch Boxing day event
There was once a very noble deed. A deed so noble it saved Christmas eve…..I mean boxing day. For many years the neighborhood watch program has helped the community in simple but effective ways. And this year, as many years before since 2008, the entertainment & message provided touched the hearts of many individuals who attended and even those who didn’t. It was not by the gifts or simply the event, but the gesture given. It was beyond what the eye can see; it was something only the heart could feel. This event was a premeditated gesture. The coordination for the event and line up for sponsors started as early as October. Captain Samuel Bruce started visiting the sponsors and reminding them of the importance of preparation; for dreams don’t work unless you do. Although as we all may know 2014 wasn’t the most fruitful year for many but the sponsors still managed to give what they could. Some gave gifts and items for the event and some monetary contributions.

Belize Fishing Report: Dec 20, 2014 - Jan 3, 2015
Holiday time at El Pescador is a big time. We have extended families enjoying all the fun the sea has to offer as well as just hanging out and enjoying some fun down time with loved ones. It makes it extra special when we see our return guests. The Love family is here playing world class volleyball with the EP staff and guests. Edwina and Julian came from the UK. Edwina gets so excited about the small and grand gifts of each day. It was thrilling to see her ask her husband Julian how his day went with Captain Cinoeh. He looked up, a tear in his eye, and told her the news of his first slam on fly. Time was frozen for a few seconds on the dock. A big shout out to the Grinstein family. They brought special treats for the guests and staff each day in addition to being a ton of fun. We are pretty sure Lefty’s honorary godson, Archur, is going to be the next Dali Lama. Tom Brokaw’s two year old grandson is a treasure.

The legendary Belizean dancer, musical artist, and choreographer, Bella Carib's sensational new album release show on December 31, 2014 at her famous Global Beat Center for The Performing arts, was an epic Belizean artistic extravaganza that showcased the talented dancer and musical artist's work as Belize's most celebrated dancer from the legendary Bob Reneau's outstanding array of dancers he trained during his incredible years as Belize's dance master. Bella Caribe, who is Belizean Glenda Arnold-Heon of Belize's best years in the arts at the former Bliss, now the National Institute of Culture & History (NICH), rose to international acclaim during her years of performing Belizean cultural dances in the Belizean Diaspora, and her wide body of work in dance, theatre and music in the Los Angeles Belizean Community since the 1970's.


Day one of 2015 sees gruesome murder at Dream Valley Resort
Dream Valley is a cozy little resort nestled in the bushes of Teakettle village; but at the resort,  it was more of a nightmare on New Year’s , January 1st, when one of the senior staff members was shot and killed, execution style. Yaima Duany Ledesma, manager of the resort since its opening in 2...

Sugar court cases hang on result of meeting
Having received their primary demand – a meeting of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA)’s full membership for this Sunday, January 4 - attorney for farmer Lucilo Teck and Association executive Javier Keme, Audrey Matura Shepherd, awaits the result of the meeting before moving forward w...

On the ground in Cayo North; By -Election two days away
Monday, January 5 is by- election day in Cayo North. It has been a short campaign trail for the candidates since PUP’s area representative Joseph Mahmud stepped down in late November, and caused the by-elections to be placed in motion. On Friday, Plus News was in Cayo North on the ground to visit ...

PUP Standard Bearer vs UDP Chairman over Street Signs
There was an altercation on the ground on Friday, as the political parties made their way through the various communities in Cayo North . In Bullet Tree, things got a bit tense between PUP Standard Bearer Richard Harrison and the UDP Chairman of Bullet Tree. According to Sabino Pinelo, Deputy Chairm...

BSCFA CEO House on Fire
A special general meeting is set for Sunday where sugar cane farmers are to decide on whether they will sign the commercial agreement with ASR/BSI. In the forefront of the fight is Belize Sugar cane farmers association CEO Oscar Alonzo. However on Friday morning, Mr Alonzo had to turn his attention ...

Queen Elizabeth II’s 2015 New Year’s Honors List
Queen Elizabeth II’s 2015 New Year’s Honors List has been released. Attorney at law Michael Young, is to be a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for services rendered to the legal profession and the community. Esther Ayuso is to officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to...

Cayo woman starts New Year in Prison for Drugs
Two days before New Year’s,  Caye Caulker Police were conducting routine checks on the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi.37-year-old Aura Beatrice Moro, of the Santa Cruz Area of Santa Elena Town in Cayo District, was taken to the Caye Caulker Police station, where a search was conducted on he...

Woman stabbed man who tried to rape her
A Belize City woman who says she tried to stop a man from raping her has been charged with grievous harm and use of deadly means of harm. 29 year old Sandra Perez accuses Kenrick Pennil of attempting to rape her during an altercation on Cemetery Road, on December 29. In defending herself, Sandra Per...

Former accused rapist faces another rape charge
In March of 2014, now 45 year old Vanzie Lamb, a laborer of  Barracat Street in Belize City, was acquitted of a charge of rape of a 14 year old female minor, originally from Punta Gorda, in May of 2009, while she was visiting Belize City for a party. Now he has been arrested for a similar incident ...

Security Guard Must Compensate For Stolen Phone
KBH security guard Lincoln Morales, 23, must compensate the owner of a white Samsung Galaxy cellular phone, which he allegedly stole and then threw into the canal to avoid being caught. He pleaded guilty to theft before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and was fined $600 plus cost of court...

The Reporter

Woman shot dead on the job in Cayo
Yaima Duany Ledesma, 30, a resort manager was reportedly killed on the job in Teakettle Village, Cayo around 4 p.m. on New Year’s Day. Ledesma, according to reports, was on duty at Dream Valley Resort when two men entered and asked for her. When she […]

Patrick JonesPJ

Security guard must compensate for stolen phone
KBH security guard Lincoln Morales, 23, must compensate the owner of a white Samsung Galaxy cellular phone which he allegedly stole and then threw into the canal to avoid being caught. He pleaded guilty to theft before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and was fined $600 plus cost of court. Morales must pay student Tara Wade of Bermudian Landing, Belize District, the value of the phone which is $1,800. On New Year’s Day around 11:00 p.m. Wade was at her uncle’s house on East Collet Canal and Allenby Streets socializing and went to a nearby Chinese shop to buy, leaving behind her purse containing the phone in her uncle’s car which was parked in front of his house.

Improving weather on Sunday, rain thereafter
Weather conditions will improve on Sunday and then an increase in rain will greet the work week. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal waters is for sunny skies with a few cloudy spells on Sunday. Winds over the open sea and along the coast will be easterly to southeasterly at ten to twenty knots with occasional higher gusts. The sea state will be moderate to rough. Operators of small craft should exercise caution in rough seas. The extended forecast, valid through to Monday afternoon is for cloudy skies with some showers and isolated thunderstorms over most areas, especially over the south and coast.


“Last Christmas” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Did you enjoy yours? Christmas I mean. I enjoyed mine. Difficult not to really when living here on Ambergris Caye. And we even got a drop in temperature to make it feel just that little bit more like Christmas. On Tuesday, after enjoying my early morning ‘me time’ out on the veranda with a mug of black coffee and The Times online, I went in to ‘Town to ‘hit’ the shops to buy presents for Rose. What could you possibly buy for the woman that has everything – well she does have me, doesn’t she- you’re probably thinking. I’d already got her a new Kindle – the old one had developed so many lines on the screen since we moved here that it was beginning to look like she was reading from a lined textbook – but had to find some stocking fillers. Ever since Rose and I met each other – forty years ago next March 1 – we’ve bought each other loads of little gifts. Some of them not terribly expensive but hopefully the kind of things that you genuinely have a use for . And, if we really think about the purchases, something that you might even have bought for yourself!

International Sourcesizz

2015 begins with urgency to save the Caribbean from climate change
IF ever there was a time and an issue for the countries of the Caribbean to speak with one voice and at a high level, both the time and the issue have arrived. The issue is the global average temperature arising from climate change which is now scientifically indisputable. A decade of research shows that a rise in temperature of two degrees Celsius (2°C) is a dangerous threshold, particularly for small islands and countries with low-lying coastlines. Yet, the world is heading in that direction with all the potential for the ruin of small islands and the destruction of human habitats on low-lying coastal areas in countries such as Belize and Guyana. Throughout 2015, the countries of the Caribbean need to scale up their participation, responses and advocacy in every international forum on this issue. The time has come for the appointment of a high-level figure to head-up a permanent team of Caribbean experts, including members of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, to represent the region with a single, strong voice. That team and its leader -- accountable to heads of government -- should be responsible for several important aspects of this grave problem that threatens the existence of some Caribbean countries and the viability of all of them.


Belize Xunantunich, 16min.
Emerald Princess in Belize on 25 Dec 2014, 6.5min.
TCGA Belize at Down2Earth TV Series Canada, 10min. The Toledo Cacao Growers Association (TCGA) is a non-governmental organization that works with cacao farmers in improving production provide training sales, quality and exportation of organically grown cacao to the local and international market. TCGA work with community base organization, civil society, governments and international organization to encourage and support effective policies and practise through research and policy development, and through supporting the development of local capacities and structures. Today more than 600 active subsistence farmers (primarily in the Toledo and South Stann Creek Districts) are engaged in cacao production. Its members are divided into 55 communities in the Toledo, Stann Creek and Cayo Districts that produce some 80 tons of cacao beans annually. With a fully functional extension department, TCGA provides organic inspections, technical training (cacao production – from seed sowing to post harvest methodologies), quality control, pruning services, organic and agriculture education, farm consultations, and other extension support services for existing and new farmers. TCGA ensures that farmers have the adequate skills to cultivate, ferment and dry cacao beans as demanded by the market.
TCGA Belize partnership with Green & Black's, 5min.
TCGA Belize - Organic & Fairtrade Cacao, 4min.
Belize Trip 2014, 8min.
French Family Belize December 2014 Video, 5min. Recap of our ministry work in Belize for 2013-2014. For those of you who were unable to see us in person, during our furlough,this is the video we played at all the churches. We will be back in Belize on Jan 7th. It was such a blessing to see everyone.
Diving Belize & The Great Blue Hole - Belize Diving Services, 6min. Filmed in 2012 while diving with Belize Diving Services on the island of Caye Caulker, just south of Ambergris Caye, including a dive on The Great Blue Hole with formations made during the last Ice Age when sea levels were over 200 feet lower than today.
Feeding Sharks and Rays in Belize, 1min. Feeding Sharks and Rays at Hol Chan Reserve.
Xunantunich Belize, GoPro Hero 4, 6min.
Belize monkeys, 2min.
Howler monkeys make big noise!, 10min.