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Wolfe’s Woofer: Parenting
“That’s a really great commercial,” I said to Charlie. “What commercial?” “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said. “I forgot you can’t see that far. I’m talking about the one on the television at the bar. It’s about a man and his daughter playing basketball together. It’s a wonderful message about parents bonding with their children. The message is that they grow up fast and you should spend all of the time that you can with them when they are young.” “I guess so,” Charlie said. “My dad was always working. He bonded with me by working me like a slave and kicking my butt if I slowed down.”

Resolving to be healthy
It really all started with a New Year’s Resolution. Can you believe that past the age of 30, I was still making resolutions? The previous year, my boyfriend (henceforth called Pookie) had resolved to lose weight, as he was teetering close to 300lbs. He and I worked on his diet/eating habits, and with workout videos at home, he slowly and steadily lost 100 pounds! His transformation was almost magical to me, and I was so proud of him for sticking to it, but it seemed I was not ready quite yet.

Doctor Love: Step-father
Dear Doctor Love, I am a married man with a family. My family has two children; a boy aged seventeen and a girl, aged twelve. When their mother and I got married they were extremely young and I adopted both of them. Their father lives in the U.S. and has had no contact with them since the girl was just born. Overall, our lives are peaceful and happy but there is one thing that bothers me more and more as time goes by. They have always refused to call me Dad. Instead, they call me by my first name. If someone says, “Is this your dad?” they will correct them by saying, “No. He’s my step dad.”

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

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"Warning: Don't try this unless you have deep pockets" - Many people still don’t believe that you can buy elections in Belize. They reason that the people of Belize have wised up: they take the man’s money and vote how they feel anyhow. That is true to a certain extent and especially for bona fide long term residents of a constituency. But there is a new kind of voter that is increasingly populating voters’ lists all across the country. These are mercenaries – people who have no knowledge nor interest whatsoever in what is happening in the constituency, but who can be relied on to show up on Election Day for the $500.00 they will be paid – that is their ONLY motivation, and, rain or shine – or hurricane, you can count on these mercenaries to show up – and they vote for the politician who is paying. Here’s how it works: - First of all, they have to get on the voters’ list. The politician, having foreknowledge of their political allegiance to the Party, entices them to transfer to his constituency during Transfer Period (July and August) or, if it is a new registrant from another division, he/she is enticed to register in the division of the politician who is doing the enticing.

"Amnesty" programs in Mexico
There have been multiple "amnesty" programs in Mexico over the years. Previously the country assisted people who's situation was abnormal and allowed them to get legal with no, or minimal fines and without deportation or the obligation to leave the country. Newspapers in Mexico this week announced that Gobernacion is offering this "amnesty" program from January-December 2015 with the primary intention of formalizing the immigration status of US citizens and Canadians because it recognizes that their presence is a major impulse to the local economy and that it needs to overlook prior irregular trespasses to encourage even more expats to continue looking at Mexico as a favorable option.

Burial update for: David Alexander Buddan Monday, Jan 5th, 2015 @ 11am Green Hills Memorial Park 27501 S Western Ave Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca 310-831-0311


Was CEO Alonzo's House Burnt Down Due To His Involvement In Negotiations Of Draft Agreement?
The fire has sparked speculation and many are of the opinion that the blaze was purposefully started given the tense situation surrounding the negotiations in the sugar industry. While that is a rather disturbing thought, so far it is only that – speculations. We asked Javier Keme for his take on the matter and this is what he responded. “What I can say is that the CEO is out of this final movement and he has been on vacation and he has been on vacation three days after the last AGM which was on the 14th and he will be out for a month but if it is link to what is happening right now I cannot answer.”Dalila Ical – Reporter“But so far you feel that is doesn’t make sense if that would be the case?”Javier Keme- Cane Farmer “Yes, of course it doesn’t make sense, I think there is a process going on and we would all benefit from this process if given.”

Corozal Police Look For Samir Vivas
Tonight Corozal Police are looking for a well-known Criminal. He is 22 years old Samir Vivas who has had several run in’s with the law especially when it comes to cases of robbery.According to Police, on December 1st, 44 year old Marina Lopez, food vendor of Hall’s Layout Corozal Town, was heading home after a day’s work when she was approached by Vivas who is her neighbor. She stated that Vivas pushed her off her bicycle and at that instance two other male persons approached her and began attacking her. Lopez claims that she tried to defend herself but Samir Vivas took out a knife and tried to stab her cutting her blouse and pants. Vivas and the two other male persons proceeded to take Lopez’s bicycle valued at $400.00, her cellular phone valued at $600.00 and sim card valued at $50.00 all amounting to a total value of $1,000.00.

13 Year Old Returns Home
After being missing for 12 days, 13 year old Alice Gisel Rodriguez is back at home safe with her family in the village of San Roman in the Corozal District.On Wednesday December 31st, the child’s mother, Victoria Morales, was at church when she was informed that her daughter was at the Orange Walk Police Station. Morales told CTV3 News that in the company of Corozal Police Officers she travelled to Orange Walk and picked up her daughter.After being interviewed by authorities, Gisel was released in the custody of her mother.

Teck To Pursue Order Of Mandamus Even If Cane Farmers Agree To Sing Commercial Agreement
And then there is the application for order of mandamus. On Tuesday December 30th Matura Sheppard on behalf of Lucilo Teck, again visited the court this time to file for the order of mandamus. If upheld by the court this would force the Sugar Industry Control Board to set a date for the commencement of the 2014/2015 crop season. It is a complicated situation since there are those who believe including CEO in the Ministry of Agriculture Jose Alpuche, that the SICB, a government entity, cannot declare the start of crop without consulting with the miller and the producer.And even if the order of mandamus is upheld and SICB is forced to set a date for crop, there is the notion that BSI cannot be forced to open its gates. But Teck’s attorney says the factory can be forced to start milling under the same order of mandamus.Carmelita Perez- Reporter “If the court gives that order to the SICB to set a date for the commencement of crop, automatically that passes on to BSI, does BSI have to comply with the courts order or you would have to take BSI to court in order for them to open the gates of the factory and receive cane.”

Will CWU President Speak During Cane Farmers Special Meeting On Sunday
When interviewed by the media on December 30th, Chairman of the BSCFA, Committee of Management, Ezequiel Cansino, was questioned if he would allow Audrey Matura-Shepherd to address cane farmers. Cansino’s response was that it was his believe it will not be accepted. Matura-Shepherd though, thinks otherwise and says she will be at the assembly.Audrey Matura-Shepherd “If the farmers, the general assembly say they don’t want me to speak, I’ll say nothing I’ll respect that, my only role is to give information, I don’t have to be there, I am invited by cane farmers and I am going but if they say don’t speak I won’t speak, however, I won’t wait until Sunday to speak with farmers I’ve been speaking with farmers already and I am been inviting them to any meeting they know we are having the person to get in touch is Mr. Queme and Mr. Lucilo Teck, because there are branches where the branch chairmen have called meetings of the branches and they have invited me to go speak and I really like that because it is one on one and I am given them copies of the law so that they could see for themselves, and I am giving them copies of the resolutions so that they know for themselves and I just think that and informed set of cane farmers should then make an informed decision and at the end of the day with everything we’ve done and all the information they have and they say well they still want to give up their rights they are giving it up now knowing.”

One Man Charged For The Murder Of Roy Bayliss
Viewers may recall the merciless execution of 18 year old Roy Bayliss, a resident of Corozal District, who was shot to death early on Sunday morning on August 2nd at the Fort Cairns Plaza as he ate breakfast at a popular tacos place. And while all indications were that his death came after a fight in the Hi5 Night Club, no one was pinned as the actual trigger man. Well tonight, some six months after following the case, police have found the trigger man and today he appeared in court. Deputy Commander Selvin Tillett revealed his identity in the following update.Selvin Tillett– Deputy Commander, OW Police“In reference to the murder of Roy Bayliss police have arrested and charged one Ramond Jacobs of Corozal Town in reference to his murder. At this moment I will not divulge how we got to his arrest but I can tell you that our investigations led us to his arrest. We might have more arrest in regard to this same incident later on.”

Interim Injunction Hearing Adjourned
On Monday December 29th Attorney Audrey Matura Shepherd, on behalf of her client cane farmer Lucilo Teck, filed for an interim injunction to halt the signing of the commercial agreement between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and BSI/ASR.The aim was to basically force the BSCFA board of directors formed by the 18 branch chairmen to call an emergency general meeting with cane farmers who already passed a motion for the BSCFA Board of Directors to sign the agreement, to once again vote on the issue after the agreement is explained to them in detail something which was not done during the last meeting.The hearing for the injunction was to take place today at 10:00am but according to Matura-Shepherd, since the directors agreed to Sundays meeting attorneys asked for an adjournment.

House Rented By CEO of the BSCFA goes up In Flames
With so much tension in the Sugar Industry, speculations ran high this morning after word got out that the house which the Chief Executive Officer of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association rented at San Lorenzo Housing Site went up in flames. No one was in the house at the time of the incident as Oscar Alonso is currently out of the country. Dalila Ical has the details.Fire officials received the call about one in the morning today and by the time they responded to the scene of the fire, flames were already seeping through the ceiling of the twenty by twenty-six concrete bungalow. The blaze was controlled not too long after, but by then much damage had been caused to the house and the belongings of the tenant, Oscar Alonzo, CEO of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. The house belongs to Arlene Pelayo, who refrained from making any comments to CTV-3 News. We spoke with Javier Keme of the BSCFA who visited the house later this morning.

Three Men Stabbed On New Year's Day
The blood shed continued later that New Year night but this time it was a mass attack upon three men who were attendees at a wedding reception on Liberty Avenue. According to authorities, machete wielding men pulled up on the crowd of men and started attacking them with machetes, leaving three persons with varying degrees of stab wounds. Selvin Tillett– Deputy Commander, OW Police“This morning at about 12:23 police visited the Northern Regional Hospital where 3 male persons were seen suffering from stab wounds; Levy Bennett, 22 years, security of Otro Benque Road had a stab wound to the center of his chest; 2 to the left side of the chest area; Mr. Amin Mendez Jr., 21 years, student of Liberty Avenue who had a stab wound to the left side of his abdomen and Shamir Tzul, 23 years, fisherman of Otro Benque Road, who had cut wound to the right side of his chest and left leg. Initial investigations revealed that on Thursday the 1st at about 11:45am these people were at a reception on Liberty Avenue, a wedding, when they were attacked by 4 male persons who arrived in a Ford Ranger pickup causing these injuries to the said person. All three persons were hospitalized. So far police have 3 persons detained pending investigations."


Farmers have voted to not sign an agreement with BSI and join with Lucilo Teck who has requested for a legal mandamus for the SICB to set a date for the start of the crop season!

The Reporter

Cane farmers reject proposal by Association’s executive, BSI/ASR, despite attorney’s advice
Despite advice from their attorney, cane farmers on Sunday rejected a proposed agreement negotiated between their leadership, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) and BSI/ASR. The farmers voted during a general meeting in San Roman, Corozal after their attorney, Christopher Coye said he felt the proposal was an acceptable one. The cane farmers also passed a resolution to join fellow cane farmer, Lucilio Teck in applying to the Supreme Court for a writ of mandamus, forcing the Sugar Cane Control Board to set a date for the start of the crop season. Meanwhile, the cane farmers also passed a motion, making another demand of monies from the Fairtrade funds to them. This time, their demand is for $4 million, which is $1.5 million more than their previous demand for Christmas spending.

“Robbery” shot dead
Kareem Lopez, 28, a resident of Jane Usher Boulevard, Belize City, was shit and killed at around 10 p.m.on Saturday in front of a fast food shop on Central American Boulevard. Police say Lopez suffered multiple gunshots as he opened his car door after purchasing food at the snack shop. According to police, a group of men approached Lopez and ‘fired several shots in his direction fatally injuring him.” The Reporter has learned that police are looking for two suspects seen fleeing the scene shortly after the incident.

Venezuela demands respect from US
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said he demanded respect from the United States during an encounter with Vice-President Joe Biden in Brazil. Maduro and Biden met briefly after President Dilma Rousseff’s inauguration ceremony in Brasilia. “I have demanded this time what we had demanded from the US 1,000 times before: a relationship based on respect, nothing else,” said Maduro. Last month the US imposed sanctions on high-level Venezuelan officials. The bill targets current and former Venezuelan officials who directed “significant acts of violence or serious human rights abuses against persons associated with the anti-government protests in Venezuela that began on 4 February”.

Patrick JonesPJ

Man clings to life after being shot in the face
A Belize City man is on life support following an early morning shooting incident. 25 year old Benua Andrews was shot to the right side of the face. Police say that they received reports around 12:45 am of a man on the ground at the corner of […]

Cane farmers reject proposed commercial agreement
Cane farmers today voted overwhelmingly to reject the proposed commercial agreement negotiated between BSI/ASR and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, BSCFA. The vote was taken at a four-hour long special general membership meeting in San Roman village, Corozal on Sunday. The purpose of the special general […]

Belize City man gunned down on Central American Boulevard
Belize City resident, 28 year old Kareem Lopez was shot and killed last night. According to reports, Lopez, also known as “Robbery”, was approached by a group of men and fatally shot around 10:20 pm near a fast food establishment on Central American Boulevard. Information received indicated […]

Cane farmers meet to discuss proposed commercial agreement
Over 1,500 sugar cane farmers are in attendance at a special general meeting underway at the auditorium of the Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Mexico in San Roman village, Corozal. At issue is the proposed commercial agreement negotiated between BSI/ASR and the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, BSCFA. BSI/ASR wants […]


The argument for the legalization of marijuana in Belize. Written by Aria Lightfoot
Why legalize Belize? The evidence is growing and supporting the medicinal properties of marijuana. I predict that one day soon there will be an inevitable international decriminalization or outright legalization of marijuana. Belize needs to recognize the trends and move from a reactive policy making society to a proactive and anticipatory society. With the Sugar Industry in turmoil and our heavy dependence on the industry for foreign exchange and money, marijuana exportation may prove to be an even more lucrative business. Additionally, our criminal laws seems to be largely non-functioning, unenforced or outdated in many cases and not designed for 21st century problems. The new criminal drug laws are poorly drafted, poorly investigated and poorly enforced. Many of the laws piggyback off old colonial justice, where the purpose then was to maintain the status quo and wealth of the nobles and keep the proletariat in compliance.

What is Sustainability – Part 1
Sustainable development is a central concept for our age. Sustainable development is an action for which sustainability is an outcome. It is both a way of understanding the places where we live and a method for solving problems. As an intellectual pursuit, sustainable development tries to make sense of the interactions of three complex systems: the comparative economy, the society, and the Earth’s physical environment. Sustainable development is also an ethical outlook on the places where we live, meaning that it designs a set of goals to which people should aspire. I am sitting at my computer writing what will surely be one of many posts exploring what Sustainability Now means to a small country like Belize. A horrific wind and rain storm is raging outside my window, kicking up 5 foot waves. This scenario makes me think what any place would be without its seasons and its precipitation (rain or snow) with regards to its long-lasting well-being. Belize is just finishing its rainy season and without rain this place would not be sustainable. Rain supports all the wonderful tropical vegetation and animals of the coastal lowlands, jungles, and mountains of Belize. It feeds the rivers that teem with fish to support the many people’s livelihoods along these rivers and the rain sustains many of the recreational activities that tourists come to Belize to enjoy. So if one were to call anything a sustainability indicator it would be the seasonal supply of rainwater to Belize!

What’s Life Like In Caribbean Belize?
Imagine waking up every morning to catch the sun gloriously rising over the shimmering Caribbean Sea…that’s exactly how Peter Nolan, and his wife Lesley, begin their days on Ambergris Caye in Belize. From their second-floor deck, strong cup of tea in hand, they greet each day taking in the sunrise and breathing in fresh, healthy sea air. Any afternoon they can stroll out to the end of the dock near their home and relax under a palapa, with a good book, surrounded by shimmering aquamarine waters. They often meet their friends under the palapa, where they chat and enjoy the cooling sea breeze. On other days they jump right in and enjoy the crystal-clear, 82-degree water and cavort amongst the brightly colored tropical fish…

Saturday in San Pedro, Belize: Deli Specials, Departures, Waruguma’s New Location and Sigh…Sargasso
I can’t stop eating rice & beans. After a few years off – I thought I was tired of them! I couldn’t understand how lots of Belizeans eat them every single day (if not a few times a day) – I have made a full turn around. Here’s the thing. THEY ARE DELICIOUS. They are crazy filling. For $8 to $12bzd, you can eat a HUGE lunch meal at any one of the local delis and you won’t even want to look at food again until maybe 7pm that night? SO what if you feel like you’ve been shot with a tranquilizer dart by about 2pm…this stuff is good. Yesterday, I walked to town and to Briana’s Deli on the back street to find one of my favorite plates of food. There were many tempting specials along the way. Mr Deli, across from the air strip, makes great food – it’s a perfect stop for a johnny cake right before you board your flight.


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