Those of you who commute on the Philip Goldson highway probably question what is transpiring on the right hand side opposite of Roses and Westrac. Today Love News spoke to Alexander Dawson, Site Supervisor at Cisco Constructions, who explained further more of the works occurring on the corner of the highway. Here’s what he has to say:


“Well at the moment we are constructing a round a bout to make the flow of traffic easier between the Western and the Northern without causing confusion. With the round a-bout here vehicles instead of stopping the flow of traffic will just ease and go easier to diver easier off. Well the round a bout has to be big enough to maintain trailer trucks going to port and back so with that the round a bout will be able to handle a two lane highway. At the edge of the Rose’s property we will cut a piece in to make the round a bout bigger, West Track will do the same but when it comes to the flow of their traffic and entering their establishment West Track won’t be affected as much because it has two entrance. Rose’s on the other hand we are still consulting with them to arrange their entrance because apparently we are cutting into one of their entrances which they use for the big trucks but we are still consulting as to where we will put that entrance but West Track won’t really be affected. Well at this moment we our contract starts from the entrance of Benny’s to the front of Bella Vista that is where our main infrastructure will be like putting down new BTL lines and BWS that is our contract at this moment. At this point maybe up into may depending on the weather because the weather plays a crucial role. If the weather is good April/May we might be able to finish it but like I said it all depends on the weather and our main problem on this highway is the fact that our works begin at 8:30 in the morning because as you know the highway is really jammed and we have to get off the highway at least by 4:30 because that is when the traffic is coming down heavy so we only have a short period of time that we have to work with so all of that plays a crucial role in our time span. We will have to connect to the original drain system that runs through Chetumal Street. All our drain systems will comply with that. We are going through the process of undercutting basically cutting the soft mushy waste that is not good and rotten material then we put a Geo-grade and that is a sheet because if you just put the hard core in the mud it will just sink but with the Geo-grade it becomes a float, it stays up and it doesn’t sink.” According to Dawson, the implementation of a turn-table will help ease the flow of traffic coming from the Philip Goldson Highway unto George Price Highway and vice-versa.