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Today's Belize News: January 8, 2015 #499697
01/08/15 05:07 AM
01/08/15 05:07 AM
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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Fisher folk licenses and vessel licenses
The Fisheries Department hereby informs the PUBLIC that a grace period will be given up until January 30th 2015 for the renewal of fisher folk licenses and vessel licenses. The renewal of fisher folk licenses for 2015 began on December 01st 2014 at the Belize Fisheries Department, Belize City office. Licensing in the fishing communities will commence on January 19th 2014. The following are the scheduled dates for licensing in the fishing communities:

On Eagles Wings Ministries to host Give Her Hope Inaugural Event
On Saturday, January 17th, On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) will host their first event in San Pedro. The Give Her Hope Inaugural Event will be held at Ramon’s Village Resort and will serve as a means to introduce the OEWM to the San Pedro community. One of the hostesses for the event is none other than Miss San Pedro 2014-2015 Michelle Nuñez, Belize board member. OEWM is a non-profit based out of Charlotte, North Carolina and was founded in 2008 by Emily Fitchpatrick. It is aimed at providing hope, empowerment and a brighter future for girls who have been or are at risk of being sexually exploited. In 2013, Fitchpatrick visited Ambergris Caye and quickly noticed the growing problem of crimes against children, especially sexual exploitation of young girls. As such, she decided to commence work here on the island and soon had recruited OEWM island members: Michelle Nuñez, Clive Welsh of Lighthouse Christian Radio Station and Eric Maas of Seek. Serve. Save. Ministries. “OEWM is about females that have been sexually exploited through the commercial sex industry. We strive for prevention, outreach, empowerment and aftercare of victims,” said Nuñez.01 On Eagles Wings Ministries-2

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

San Pedro: Here are the dates for the Carnaval events that will be taking place
Comparsas groups, kindly sign up your group at the San Pedro Town Council with Ms. Lorna Vasquez.

Residents of Corozal and Surrounding Areas: OPPORTUNITY - If you know of someone who is unemployed, let them sign up.
The Department of Youth Services in partnership with Beltraide BTEC (The Belize Training and Employment Center) is offering you all a unique 3 week training opportunity for individuals who are seeking potential employment within the call centers and BPO Job market FREE of COST!!! WHAT YOU NEED TO DO IF INTERESTED? VISIT our office located at the Cor. Barton and Roaring Creek Streets in Belmopan City to take the required PRE-TEST from Jan 5th to 14th. For more information kindly call 802-2104 or 635-8390.

BASKETBALL SEASON is BACK in Corozal for 2015
The organizers wish everyone in Corozal a Happy New Year and look forward for your support. The first 3 games of competition will be played this Saturday Jan 7th starting at 7 p.m. FREE ENTRANCE, - It will be full of excitement so everyone is welcome to cheer and support. THANK YOU AND ALL THE BEST IN THE NEW YEAR FROM YOUR HOME TEAM COROZAL PREDATORS..

Lowe Point discovered
n 2012 we found what is believed to be a Lowe Point in Bladen Nature Reserve. In late December 2014 we found another projectile point. We are awaiting confirmation from Dr. Jaime Awe of the National Institute of Culture and History to confirm if this is also dated between 7000 to 2000 B.C. and if it was a tool of the Archaic People

January 2015 Licensing
The Fisheries Department hereby informs the PUBLIC that a grace period will be given up until January 30th 2015 for the renewal of fisher folk licenses. The renewal of fisher folk licenses for 2015 began on December 01st 2014 at the Belize Fisheries Department, Belize City office. Licensing in the fishing communities will commence on January 19th 2014. The following are the scheduled dates for licensing in the fishing communities. (SEE PHOTO BELOW) Applicants are advised that they must present the following documents when applying: 1. FISHERFOLK LICENSE requirements NEW ENTRANTS BELIZEAN (a) Applicant must be 18 years or older and (b) Present a valid Social Security Card or (c) Voters Identification Card along with a Birth Certificate or (d) Valid Passport

for Wednesday, January 7, 2015: 28

Laugh your heart out with this super funny COMEDIAN "LA CHACALA" from Mexico. Performing two shows this Friday and Saturday at the Princess Hotel and Casino at the Corozal Free Zone. Reservations can be made on the 2nd floor of the Princess Hotel or by calling 423-7652 or 423-7521. It will be two nights of laughter and full entertainment! Don't Miss out!

Ky-mani Marley in Belize City Feb 14th
Riverside Tavern

Channel 7

Cane Country Cash Blues
Tonight, the sugar industry still has a cloud of uncertainty hanging over it. The cane farmers rejected the latest commercial agreement with BSI, and they’re going to court to compel the Sugar Industries Control Board to declare the season open and force BSI/ASR to accept cane. BSI has not made any comment, but as we’ve shown you the Prime Minister does not support the move to take the SICB to court. And while the disagreement continues, the farmers’ losses are mounting – as they pay the price for a delayed sugar crop for the second year in a row. So, today, the Directors who were most forceful in the position to sign the compromise agreement, were in Belize City making the media rounds to generate public support for the plight of the farmers.

Can Court Compel SICB?
As we’ve told you, after the General Meeting on Sunday, the farmers passed a resolution that their association must join Lucilo Teck in his Mandamus Lawsuit. As we’ve told you, the premise of this tactic, as explained by Teck attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, is that the Sugar Industries Control Board has the obligation by law to determine when the crop season starts and ends each year. According to Matura-Shepherd, the law allows for the SICB to declare the season open, so by that reason, since there is no legal requirement for a signed agreement before the season starts, the SICB is able to start the season on whatever date it chooses. When we asked the Prime Minister about that resolution on Monday, he was not particularly supportive, and that has caused farmers within the Industry to react negatively to that position. So, for context, we re-air that portion of our interview with Prime Minister Barrow, as he discusses his government’s position on the idea that the SICB can be compelled to declare the season open without the signature of the latest deal with BSI. Here’s what he had to say:

PUP Northern Caucus Says It Stands By Farmers
The PUP says it supports the cane farmers’ decision to reject the proposed agreement as it is, quote, “clearly disadvantageous to the cane farmers.” They issued a release calling on the Sugar Industry Control Board to quote, “fulfill its obligations under the Sugar Act and declare the crop open by the 14th January, 2015.” It says BSI should do this with an interim agreement. They also, quote, “urge the Belize Cane Farmers Association and Belize Sugar Industries/American Sugar Refinery to resume negotiations.” They are also calling for an independent expert to review both formulas for bagasse payment. And it calls on government to hand over its 2% shareholding in BSI to cane farmers association – which would give the farmers a seat on the board.

Pasos Charged For Chino's Murder
Orange Walk Police believe that they’ve solved the stabbing murder of 51 year-old Miguel “Chino” Medina, the last murder of 2014. Tonight, the man they’re accusing is spending his second night on remand. He’s 30 year Tony Pasos, a labourer of San Narciso Street in Orange Walk Town, and on Monday Evening, he was formally arrested and charged with murder. He was arraigned yesterday in the Magistrate’s Court, and remanded to the Belize Central Prison. On New Year’s Eve, at around 6 p.m., Medina was socializing with a group of men at a small house on Fonseca Street in Orange Walk Town. The men had some sort of disagreement which escalated to murder and Medina was stabbed 42 times. He bled to death inside the house.

Half-A-Mil Just Lying Around
Right now, as we speak – over $500,000 in fantasy 5 winnings is just waiting to be claimed. It was drawn on Saturday January 3rd. It is the highest winning in Belize’s history for Fantasy 5. Now, for most of you, if you won that much money, you wouldn't hesitate to claim it. But for others that’s THE reason why they would re-consider showing up to collect it – because it is such a hefty amount. We spoke with Public Relations Officer Karil Wallace today about this hovering security issue for winners. Karil Wallace - Public Relations Officer, Fantasy 5 "They haven't come in as yet but we're open for them to come in and bring their ticket and claim their prize. We know that a lot of people may be sceptical of trying to not want to be on TV show their faces. We at fantasy 5 we acknowledge people safety, if they want to show their face, or not show their face, we can try to arrange something with the media that their safety is the number one thing.”

Your Electricity Rate Went Down
You probably haven’t noticed yet, but on January 2nd, your electricity rate went down. The PUC approved a 5% rate cut, bringing the average rate to 41.29 cents per kilowatt hour, down from 43.47 cents. Today the PUC’s Director of Electricity told us what the rate cut means to you, and how the lower cost of power generation allowed it to happen:.. Derek Davis - Director of Electricity, PUC "A 5% reduction enters and the average and therefore each classification approximately 5% reduction." Jules Vasquez "Okay, so then my light bill in December was 100 and assuming that I have the same exact usage, my light bill in January” Derek Davis "95 dollars.” Derek Davis "End of the day we can offer this 5% reduction due to, like I said generation cost is reduced. Next adjustment will be July 1, 2015 and we are seeing another reduction."

Bridgefoot Property Dispute
Many of you might be familiar with Raymond Jones also known as “Naphty”. We covered his “Drums not Guns” initiative which eh started last year to get young men involved in a process he calls “healing the country with music”. But while Naphty wants peace and love to spread among the Belizean people, peace certainly does not reign where his business is stationed– at the foot of the swing bridge. A long-standing property dispute which was sparked in 2008 between Jones and the neighboring business has caused discord between the two. The dispute has been ongoing for years, and it has been taken to court. But while the court proceedings are ongoing, on site, tensions have intensified between both owners. Jones claims it all started with a personal conflict involving his sons in 2008. Raymond "Naphty" Jones "The whole thing about out there is, while going through the court proceeding, it was alleged that I didn't have anything to do with out there, I didn't put 1 cent in the construction cost of this structure, I didn't do no labour, which is totally lie and false.

Man Jailed For Car Rental Gone Very Wrong
He’s already in jail for two 5 year sentences for firearm and ammunition convictions, but 36 year old Jason Joseph Williams, was sentenced to 5 more years today by Magistrate Dale Cayetano after he was found guilty of theft of a 2007 Kia SUV. The theft really started as a rental on January 6, 2014. The owner of Euphrates Auto Rental, 53 year old Robert Wagner, known as “Small Change”, testified that on January 6, Williams rented a Kia Sport, value at $34,000 dollars. He rented it for 2 days at $150 dollars per day – and when Williams didn’t return it, Wagner reached him and he requested two more weeks. Wagner said he tried to contact Williams several times after that but he had no luck. Two more months would pass before police recovered the vehicle in Placencia on March 6. Williams was detained in Placencia the same day. He testified and admitted that he had rented the vehicle from Wagner.

With Gun To Court
In April of last year, 54 year old auto mechanic Edward Westby got off a charge of abetment to carry firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Well, he was brought to court today and charged a second time with the same offence. He pled not guilty to the charge before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. He was released on a bail of $1,000 and his case was adjourned until February 25. According to the allegation, on April 23, 2014, 19 year old Malik Stuart was seen handing a 9 millimeter pistol to Westby right after Patrick Bevans was gunned down on Jane Usher Boulevard. The police had pursued Stuart and said they saw the hand over when they caught up with Stuart. The gun turned out to be the licensed property of Westby. Stuart was charged with kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license while Westby was charged with abetment.

A Minnesotan With Marijuana
The US State of Minnesota will legalize medicinal marijuana on July first 2015, but it seems one Minnesotan was trying to get a jump on that her in Belize. Forty-two year old Mario Silva Brown, a Honduran who lives in Minnesota, was fined $250 today by Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser after he pled guilty to a charge of possession of 0.9 grams of cannabis – less than one tenth of an ounce. Brown, who works as a bathroom and kitchen designer, was ordered to pay forthwith. He paid the fine and he was released. He was busted on Monday, January 5, in San Pedro while on vacation. The police were on patrol in the Boca Del Rio area when they stopped Brown and found the cannabis in a grey knapsack.

Another Conch Shell Bay Bust
And form Ambergris Caye to Conch Shell Bay, twenty year old Carolee Orosco, was busted with one pound and a quarter of cannabis. She pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking when she appeared today before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. She was released on a bail of $3,000 and her case was adjourned until February 10. Around 11:35 a.m. today police constable Stephen Ferguson and other members of the Eastern Division Strike team went to Orosco’s residence and asked her if she had anything to declare. According to Ferguson, Orosco said she had one and a quarter pound of cannabis in the bathroom. The police went to the bathroom and reported that when they searched under the floor covering, they found one black plastic bag that contained 5 bags with each bag stuffed with quarter pound of cannabis.

2015 A Bad Year For Manatees
A dead manatee was seen floating in the sea in the Seashore Drive area of Belize City yesterday. It is the second manatee found dead since the start of 2015 and both deaths were caused by watercraft. According to Program Coordinator for the Belize Coastal Zone Management – Jamal Galvez, this causes an alarm, because 2014 saw the most manatee deaths ever recorded in a single calendar year. And out of the 34 manatees, 65% of the deaths were a result of watercraft collision. He is concerned about the continuing trend:… Jamal Galvez – Program Coordinator, Belize Coastal Zone Management "It’s not only just second but from last year 34 being the number of manatee died in 2014. It's a cause for alarm because it's a continuation of what we've seen last year being the most ever recorded with over 65% of these deaths as a result of water craft collision. There is a need for concern, Belize host the highest population of manatees in the world and with the increase of mortality, there is a great need for concern."

The Fiduciary Fuss Over Fair Trade Funds
At the top of the news, we told you about the crop and cash crisis the cane farmers OF the north find themselves in. And in crisis mode, they took a resolution on Sunday to share out 4 million dollars more among themselves to hold them over until the crop uncertainty is dealt with. For 5,300 farmers the payout per farmer would be a little less than 800 dollars each. As we’ve told you, the directors of the BSCFA opposed that resolution because Fair Trade funds are there to improve the lives and the farms of the cane farmers – not to serve as hard-time handouts. And so, if this money is shared out as the farmers demanded on Sunday, then the association will likely be decertified or suspended for non-compliance. Yesterday, Chairman Cansino called a meeting with his directors to discuss how the Association can convince their membership that this is a bad idea. At that meeting, the accountant informed the 18 directors that there is only 1.5 million dollars available in the Association’s accounts which is not Fair Trade money. The directors then decided that they will try to convince their members to accept this amount instead of touching the Fair Trade funds.

A Dark Day for Tour Operators Says Greenwood
The last time you heard the name Dark Night, was when FECTAB was complaining of the height requirement that the National Institute of Culture and History wanted to enforce for tourists visiting the Nohoch Che'en cave. Well, FECTAB’s president, Tom Greenwood, is bringing that name up once again because he says that the business owner is trying to stop them from using the Dark Night Caves, which is under a co-management contract with NICH. Greenwood claims that the management of NICH says that they have rights to use the caves just like the business owner. The only problem is that there is only 1 road which leads there, but part of the road passes through a piece of land that the Dark Night owner bought. Greenwood claims that this man is blocking the road, on the basis that it is private property, thus preventing access to the caves.

Channel 5

Fair-trade Drops Bombshell on B.S.C.F.A.
Just when you thought you’d gotten all the bad news the sugar industry could dish out, there is more. News Five has confirmed that fair-trade has written to the B.S.C.F.A. [...]

B.S.C.F.A. Proceeds With Disbursal of Checks Despite Fair-trade Warning
But despite that clear warning from fair-trade, today officials at the B.S.C.F.A. are busy preparing to disburse checks to the almost five thousand five hundred registered cane-farmers in Orange Walk [...]

Turbulence Ahead for B.S.C.F.A., Projects to be Halted and Employees Laid Off
While four million dollars may seem like a lot of money, divided between five thousand five hundred dollars, it only comes up to a little over seven hundred dollars per [...]

P.U.P. Northern Caucus Issues Release on Sugar Woes
The Northern Caucus of the People’s United Party this afternoon issued a statement on the state of affairs in the lifeblood of the north.  The caucus calls on the Sugar [...]

Are Guatemalan Laborers Entering Belize for Work?
Why were hundreds of Guatemalan labourers at our Western Border crossing into Belize today? Well that’s the question everybody wants answered at this time. As you can see from this [...]

Chetumal Street Bridge: A Timeline to Completion
It is not officially open yet, but traffic is already traversing the Chetumal Street Bridge in Belize City that spans the two highways; Phillip Goldson and the George Price thoroughfares. [...]

Gas Prices Continue to Plummet
Remember back in March of 2009 when fuel prices at the pumps for regular and premium were just above five dollars? Since then the prices for the most part went [...]

Electricity Rates Going Down
There is another bit of good news. The Public Utilities Commission announced today that it has amended the mean electricity rate and previously approved tariffs which are resulting lower costs [...]

Johnny Ramclam Busted at P.G.I.A. for Failure to Declare
Turning to the courts: A Belize City car dealer was nabbed at the Phillip Goldson International Airport on Monday afternoon in possession of seven thousand dollars in US currency and [...]

Tourist on San Pedro Nabbed for Possession of a Roach
A Honduran national who resides in Minnesota, U.S.A., but was visiting Belize and staying on La Isla Bonita, San Pedro was busted with a “roach,” which is a small amount [...]

Is Political Pendulum Still Swinging in Favor of the P.U.P.?
Municipal Elections 2015 are set for early March and Belizeans in nine towns and cities are once again gearing up to go to the polls in the national exercise.  Despite [...]

Alfredo Ortega to P.M. Barrow, “Stop Joking Around!”
Fair-trade dropped a bombshell on the B.S.C.F.A. today concerning the disbursal of four million dollars to farmers. Prime Minister Barrow went on record earlier this week to say that he [...]

Prime Minister Barrow Says B.S.C.F.A. Resolution is Outrageously Ill-founded
Following on the heels of Sunday’s meeting with cane-farmers, letters have been sent to both the SICB and the Prime Minister requesting intervention and immediate action. So far there has [...]

P.M.’s Take on State of the Sugar Industry
Even as the B.S.C.F.A. tries to chart a path over rocky roads and through shark-infested waters, there are increasingly loud reports of discord among farmers. News Five has covered every [...]

Gapi Says B.S.C.F.A. Resolution was Politically Motivated
The Prime Minister has been the man guiding the ship of government’s intervention in the sugar-cane crisis, but without doubt his navigator has been Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega. So [...]

Bicycle Stolen from Non-profit Organization
Together We Can Solve Hunger….it’s a non-profit organization that was established less than a year ago with a single goal – to assist the less fortunate Belizeans in the city. [...]

Together We Can Solve Hunger Reaches Out to the Homeless
The organization has grown and now caters to over forty homeless persons in the city. The family has providing weekly food hampers to several families throughout the city. Mai took [...]


Northern Caucus Weighs In On Sugar Industry Crisis
Tonight there is no shying away from the fact that the Sugar Industry is in crisis. The economy of the north is stagnant as a date for the commencement of the 2014/2015 crop is yet to be set. It is a situation that has captured the attention of many including non-governmental organizations and now the People’s United Party. Today, the Party’s Northern Caucus, via a press release, spoke extensively on the current stalemate and expressed huge concern on the state of affairs that the sugar industry finds itself in. In the release the Northern Caucus calls on the Sugar Industry Control Board (SICB) to fulfill its obligations under the Sugar Act and declare the crop open by 14th January, 2015 since the party is convinced that they have all the power to do so. Jose Abelardo Mai- Director of Communication Northern Caucus “We are entirely convince and we have been saying this a long time ago in the house or representatives we are saying that the SICB has to do its job, I have said it in the past more than one time that, the SICB has held one or two meetings in one year, they are dysfunctional and we have the chamber collecting large sums of money, they have high cost I am not saying everything under the SICB is bad, SIRDI is doing an excellent job but we need to get the SICB to do what it is supposed to do and all what we are asking is clear in the law, they can set the date.”

BSCFA Contnues To Make Calculation To Grant Cane Farmers 4 Million Dollars
The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association officials continue to make calculations and projections into its survival following the decision to grant cane farmers the disbursement of four million dollars. The consequences as explained by the officials are severe and can even mean the collapse of the association on a whole. One of the biggest concerns for the leaders is the Association’s standing with Fairtrade following the disbursement of the money. As is, the general assembly voted to dissolve all projects that had been approved and financed with a large part of the money. According to Chair of the Committee of Management, Ezequiel Cansino, the association is still going to push for one of the key projects on child labor. Cansino says they are making every effort to getting the project off the ground and want to carry through with it in its entirety since this was one of the biggest noncompliance that had propelled the Association into a suspension by Fairtrade last year. Ezequiel Cansino – Chairman of the committee of Management “Eso nos va afectar no solo como miembros de Fair Trade si no como productores de caña de azúcar, sabemos que el internacional condena lo que es el Child Labour y tengamos o no tengamos Fair Trade tenemos como mitigar como resolver ese problema en esta industria.”

Dead Body Found In The Village Of Trinidad
Sometime around 1:00 this afternoon, Orange Walk Police received a call from residents of Trinidad Village claiming that a villager was discovered motionless in his home, after not being seen since the weekend. Upon making checks, neighbours discovered the body of village resident, Hulbert Jenkins. We spoke to a close friend and villager who told us that Jenkins had been complaining of his illness for some time now. Francisco Hernan Tilltte – Villager “Yo que sé que el días está enfermo y pues le decíamos que se vaya a medicar pero el dice que está bien que le gusta estar delgado y no gordo.” Maria Novelo – Reporter “Entonces el sufria de diabetes?” Francisco Hernan Tilltte – Villager “Pues yo creo que algo así tenía el pero él decía de su estómago que no se sentía bien porque no comía bien. Todos lo conocen como el Chino pero su mero nombre de él es Albert Jenkins.”

Fuel Prices Continue To Decline
We start off this segment with a bit of good news. The price of fuel here in Belize continues to reduce as world old prices continue to plummet. As of January 5th 2015, consumers are paying $8.09 for a gallon of premium gas witnessing a reduction of 81 cents as the price stood at $8.85. Regular went from $8.45 to $7.64 seeing a reduction of 81 cents while Diesel now sells for $7.28 as the price reduced by 67 cents. Of note is that fuel is now much cheaper here in Belize than across the Northern border in Mexico.

Insurance Issue For Belizeans Travelling to Mexico Still Being Ironed Out
Yesterday, we told you about a new rule to be implemented at the Northern Border where Belizeans venturing into Mexico in their private vehicles would need to purchase third party insurance at the Mexican side. And while this move is still in its definitive stages, we spoke via telephone to Jorge Valencia of the Belize Honorary Consul in Quintana Roo to clear the misconceptions since the news brought much outrage among Belizeans. Jorge Valencia - Belize Honorary Consul in Quintana Roo “From last year in September, the Mexican Federal Government implemented that all vehicles using federal highways needs to have a third party insurance, it has not yet been implemented and they are still working if it still going to be implemented this month or they are going to wait a little while but that means all vehicles coming in either national vehicles or foreign vehicles have to have a third party using federal highways that means if there is a federal police and they don’t have it they will be fined.”

Honorable Mai Concern About Disbursement of 4 Million Dollars
From what we all know the money will be disbursed, but as we’ve heard there will be consequences. And that is what has many preoccupied including Orange Walk South Area Representative Jose Abelardo Mai. As a cane farmer, Mai says he understands the cries of caneros. But he is also conscious of the fact that the moment the four million dollars of Fair Trade funds is distributed, there will be a huge price to pay. “I am very concerned for a number or reasons, one the farmers are in crisis mode hence the request of the amount of financing, I understand them and the need for money because they are broke and they have no money but I am not certain if it is the right thing to do and my whole concern is the sustainability of the Association, will we be able to survive if we spend that money I am not certain and that is what scares me but again we are pushing the farmers over the cliff. We could have avoided all of this man if tomorrow it would be announced that the crop would begin I am certain that the farmers would say you know what we could wait another week.”

BSCFA Write SICB To Start Crop
The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has written to the Sugar Industry Control Board in respect to the start of the sugar crop for this year. This according to Chair of the Committee of Management, Ezequiel Cansino, is in following with the mandate of the farmers, which was passed at Sunday’s meeting. Cansino says the Committee of Management is respecting the resolutions of the farmers and is acting upon them. “Todos quedamos de acuerdo de que fue una resolución pasada por la Asamblea y vamos a respetar esa resolución y por eso mismo también dieron su consentimiento al comité de manejo que procega con todo lo que se tenga que hacer. En este punto referente a este caso de apoyar al Mandemus hemos cumplido al enviar le la carta el SICB también se le envió a BSI pero hasta el momento no hemos tenido respuesta de ellos y si ya tenemos la aplicación del Mandemus la copia de nosotros y la petición de la abogada, Matura para unirse con el representante de nosotros para discutir más como van a trabajar con este asunto pero hace unos minutos lo conseguimos y ahorita se le esta enviando al abogado de nosotros para que lo viera y de su opinión legal sobre este caso.”

Snatcher Charged For Theft
A gold chain snatcher was formally arraigned and charged in the Corozal Magistrate Court room this morning. 25 year old Pablo Alejandro Kumul, a resident of San Ignacio Town and another known address in San Pedro Town was slapped with one count of Theft. According to 27 year old, Estela Lopez domestic from Corozal town, on Monday night around 8:45 whilst on her way home on College road, a Hispanic male person dressed in a grey sweater and light brown pants and black cap of slim built approached her whilst walking and suddenly snatched her 10 karat gold chain valued at $400.00 Belize Dollars from off her neck and made good his escape.

Omar Figueroa Is The New Representative Cor Cayo North Consituency
Yesterday we showed you the political energy and mood of the bi-election in Cayo North where throngs of residents trickled in the polling stations to exercise their right. Well tonight, the numbers tell a tale: of the 6,598 registered voters, a total of 4063 voters came out - that's 62% of the electorate. For many, it is considered a respectable turnout for a by election, but significantly less than the 2012 general election where 74% came out. The 13 ballot boxes were taken and counted at the Center for Employment Training and around 10:15pm, the winner was announced. Final statistics show that the PUP’s Richard Harrison received 1,340 votes while UDP’s Omar Figueroa received 2,669 votes. Figueroa now stands as Area Representative for Cayo North and will fill in the vacated seat until the end of the General Election term.


BFF Calls Stann-Creek Fishermen Association Intervention
The Belize Federation of Fishers is calling on the Stann-Creek Fishermen Association to suspend its chairman. According to the Federation the chairman is being accused of embezzlement and this goes against the integrity and policies of the Federation. This alleged embezzlement is very serious and paints the wrong perception of the Stann-Creek Fishers Association and its members. The Federation says it is prepared to remove the Stann-Creek Fishermen Association from the Federation if the chairman is not relieved from his post until the matter is clarified. Last week the Federation also issued a release calling for the removal of a senior fisheries officer from his post until a civil matter brought against him is settled. The Federation says it stands ready to condemn any form of corruption be it from its membership and other stakeholders including the Fisheries Department as it work towards attaining a sustainable fishery.

Northern Caucus Calls GOB For Starting of Crop Production
The Northern Caucus of the People’s United Party has joined the call for Government to ensure that the sugar cane crop gets underway. Love News spoke with Orange Walk South area representative Abel Mai who said we believe the sugar industry should benefit both the miller and the farmer equitably. Mai said the situation has dragged on long enough. ABEL MAI “We need the mill to start grinding sugar cane and these are the conditions again that we have set. We are certain that the SICB can set the date for the crop to open and we are asking the government to intervene and we have asked over and over again in the public media and the House of Representatives we have made it very clear. The farmers are suffering, there is no money out there, and the business sector is actually locked down because there is no economic movement in the region of Corozal so we need to get the crop started. The first thing we need is for the SICB to set the date for the crop to open and secondly we are asking that an independent expert because these matters whenever you fail to meet reach at any position, arbitration is the only way to go and this is the international recommendation international standards that you have to follow.

Goff Speaks on Wesley College Program
Wesley College is holding its’ Annual Parent Education Program, with the theme “Effective Parenting of Teenagers.” The Program, which will run for approximately fifteen weeks, is focused on the improvement of better parenting skills and counseling or guidance for parents who are struggling to keep their teenage child in control. Love News spoke to the Counselor at Wesley High School, Elizabeth Goff, who spoke to us more about this program. ELIZABETH GOFF “We consider it a very important program to help our parents to share with them some strategies, learning some parenting skills, networking with other parents, sharing with other parents because it is important. There is no school that prepares you to become a parent and so in recent year’s parent education programs have been introduced and have proven to be quite effective in helping parents with the challenges of being a parent, a parent in the 21st century coping with their changing teenager.

Jones Speaks on Restore Belize New Project
Restore Belize was created to improve the lives of Belizeans. The organization has been very active in carrying out its mandate. Today Love News visited Restore and spoke to Marie Munoz, who told us about the implementation of a new project in the city where they provide mentors, counselors and tutors to students who are struggling in high school. Munoz told Love News that this program will assist to decrease the number of drop-outs as well as decrease the level in poverty and crime. Major Lloyd Jones, Port of Belize Consultant and Mentor in the Program, spoke to Love News more about this program and his current experience in it. MAJOR LLOYD JONES “The program is designed to find people within the community that can provide some guidance to some of the young people who are currently not in school and I think they recognize the connection between not going to school and the inability to earn a meaningful living and then obviously the spin off from that in terms of the crime and so on so I think that is the gist of the program.

Garcia Speaks on Video Production Initiative
Thirty youths who hail from broken homes are taking part in a video production that will take the form of an advertisement. The production stems from a poem that was written by Jason Garcia, on domestic violence. We went to the Yabra Policing Community Office where we met up with Garcia, who explained the initiative and what it seeks to do. JASON GARCIA “We are doing an ad that has to do with domestic violence and based in the household.” RENEE TRUJILLO “What is the objective behind doing this?” JASON GARCIA “It sends a message over to the Belizean people and to the community about the violence that is taking place in their home. I think they will sometimes actually when the violence is taking place on them they don’t even know that it is actually happening to them so with this poem we give them knowledge that they will know more or less when something like this is happening to them.”

Fonseca Speaks on Bi-Elections
As with any election, on the heels of the outcome, the participating political parties take time out to reflect on their performance and how they attained that particular result. This recent bi-election held on Monday was no different as Opposition Leader, Francis Fonseca told the media during a press briefing yesterday spoke of the importance and necessity of doing a full assessment and reflection of the party’s performance, campaign strategies and other contributing factors. LEADER OF OPPOSITION, FRANCIS FONSECA “We lost the seat when Mr. Mahmud resigned form the national assembly and our effort yesterday was to try to regain that seat and retain that seat for the PUP and obviously that was not successful so yes it is clear as I said a clear and decisive victory for the UDP and a defeat for the PUP in that by-election. We have to evaluate it obviously we have to do a proper analysis of the entire election the by-election.

Fuel Prices Decrease by Significant Margin
The last drop in fuel prices at the pumps around the country was seen in December 2014 that took them under the ten dollar mark. Almost thirty six days later, we can tell you that prices have dropped once again by a significant margin. For consumers of diesel, the price has gone from eight dollars and sixty nine cents to seven dollars and twenty one cents – that is a drop by one dollar and forty eight cents. Meanwhile the price for super or premium fuel has gone down by one dollar and twenty cents, taking the recent price of ten dollars and one cent per gallon to eight dollars and eighty one cents. Regular fuel also dropped significantly by two dollars and nine cents taking the cost to seven dollars and fifty seven cents per gallon.

FAIRTRADE International Warns Farmers of Being Non-Compliant
Yesterday Chairman of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association told Love News that he was concerned about the mandate by farmers for the use of four million dollars from the FAIRTRADE funds. Despite the reservation of the directors, farmers demanded that they get the funds. Love News spoke with Senior Accountant at the BSCFA, Zune (ZOO-NI) Canche who said the process has gotten underway. ZUNE CANCHE “After yesterday’s consultation with the Directors we did receive an official memo from the committee of management giving the directive to proceed with the process of the dispersing of the four million dollars. So as is, we have started working on the preparation of the cheques; we are at the start of that because we had initially worked with the 1.5 million so we had to remove that and enter these under the four million, so, we are at the start of the printing of those cheques indeed.” AVA DIAZ-SOSA “Now I understand that the BSCFA has received a letter from Fair Trade, could you tell us the essence of that letter?”


Is the Collapse of the BSCFA Imminent?
On Wednesday the management of BSCFA mailed a letter to BSI/ASR company and SICB with its official response to the proposal of a 7 year agreement that the months of arduous negotiations boiled down to...

Belize City Council operating on small deficit for 2013-2014
The Belize City Council has reduced its operating deficit for the 2013-2014 financial year, according to its independently audited financial statements released at the end of 2014 and available in book format for reporters on Tuesday...

Fictitious Marriage charges for Belmopan man
In December 2014 we told you of a Roaring Creek man who was charged for bigamy. Now there is a similar case to report on. On Monday January 5th, the wife of one Mario Antonio Cano, 27 year old resident of San Martin Area Belmopan,  reported to police that her husband had married another woman in 200...

Woman charged for drug trafficking
A young woman from Belize City allegedly admitted to police that she had possession of marijuana at her residence in Conch Shell Bay. 20 year old Carolee Orosco pleaded not guilty to a charge of drug trafficking before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. On Wednesday morning around 11:35, the Eastern Division...

Failed to return rented vehicle
Jason Joseph Williams faces more jail time after being convicted on Wednesday of theft of a motor vehicle he rented from a popular auto rental facility...

Gun charges reinstated for mechanic
Edward Westby, a 54 year old auto mechanic of Fabers’ Road, Belize City, thought he had seen the back of a charge of abetment to carry firearm and ammunition without a gun license, after the case was struck out last April when the case file turned up missing, but he faces the same charge once again ...

Is the Collapse of the BSCFA Imminent?
On Wednesday the management of BSCFA mailed a letter to BSI/ASR company and SICB with its official response to the proposal of a 7 year agreement that the months of arduous negotiations boiled down to...

Omar Figueroa beats Richard Harrison 2:1
60.81% of Cayo North’s registered voters cast their votes in Monday’s by election in Cayo North; a fair turn out.   The results of that election were announced at around 9 o’clock, so when we left you at the end of our newscast the counting was still on the way. It was a busy day on Monday  ...

PUP says no excuses for by-election defeat
With Monday’s UDP victory, the PUP’s might in the House of Representatives is dented, and its momentum going into the municipal elections in March seems to be halted...

DOE to have meeting over Barton Creek Dams
Last Week Tuesday December 30, we told you about the story of the Dam that was built in Barton Creek, apparently without permission from the Department of the Environment. We will play the original story in case you missed it last week. Many Belizeans know of the ATM cave; Actun Tunichil Muknal , ...

City Council to absorb 158 BML workers
After months of grappling with the issue and public pronouncements that the plan would not be sustainable by Mayor Darrell Bradley, on Tuesday the Belize City Council announced what appears to be more than a breakthrough...

Police lay murder charges for Kareem Lopez death
Police in Belize City have laid charges of murder on 27 year old Troy Hyde of Curl Thompson Street. He is accused of the murder of 28 year old Kareem “Robbery” Lopez on January 3, in front of a fast food establishment on Central American Boulevard. Kareem Lopez had gone to the establishment to b...

Seniors Injured in Traffic Collision
There was a traffic accident on Monday evening at around 4:00 pm in front of the Agriculture and Trade Show Grounds in Belmopan. The accident  left two seniors in the hospital and another seeking treatment at a private hospital. The accident involved a white Saturn Vue and a black Mahindra pickup.

Thief captured in 10 minutes!
A would be thief lasted only 10 minutes on the run before he was caught by Corozal police. According to police reports, at around  8:45 pm on Monday January 5th, Estala Lopez, a 27 year old Belizean Domestic of Corozal Town, was walking on College Road when a Hispanic male approached her and seized...

Foreigner Drowns in Placencia While Under the Influence
The body of a Honduran National residing in the Village of Placencia, Stann Creek District, was found floating in the sea on Monday afternoon apparently dead. Police responded to the scene at around 12:35 pm in an area near the beach in Placencia, where they saw the body of 35 year old Honduran Nati...

Patrick JonesPJ

Tourist fined for weed possession
Honduran national and American resident 42 year old Mario Silva Brown was fined $250 for possession of 0.9 grams of cannabis in the court of Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer. Brown, a bathroom and kitchen designer residing in the U.S. state of Minnesota, paid immediately on order of the […]

Man given jail sentence for failing to return rented vehicle
Jason Joseph Williams faces more jail time after being convicted today of theft of a motor vehicle he rented. The 36 year old Williams saw a five-year sentence for theft tacked on to the two five-year sentences he is already serving for firearm and ammunition convictions. On January […]

Woman charged for drug trafficking
A young woman from Belize City isin big trouble after allegedly admitting to police she had possession of marijuana at her residence in Conch Shell Bay. 20 year old Carolee Orosco pleaded not guilty to a charge of drug trafficking before Magistrate Dale Cayetano. This morning around 11:35 the […]

Gun charges reinstated for mechanic
Fifty four year old auto mechanic Edward Westby of Fabers’ Road, thought he had seen the back of a charge of abetment to carry firearm and ammunition without a gun license. The case was struck out last April when the case file turned up missing, but he faces the […]

Corozal taxi catches fire
A Corozal taxi driver is temporarily inconvenienced tonight after his car caught fire this evening. Information received indicates that the incident happened on Fifth Street South in Corozal Town and involved a cab belonging to Los Tucanes Taxi Union. It is not known what caused the fire but residents were […]

Man found dead in his bed in Orange Walk
The body of a man was found inside his home in Trinidad village in the Orange Walk district. The name of the man has not yet been confirmed by police; but preliminary indications are that foul play may not be involved. Neighbors say the man had been […]


SouthWest Airlines is Coming to Belize – Hurray! But What Does It Really Mean?
Just about a month ago, Southwest Airlines, the largest carrier of US domestic passengers, announced it was flying to Belize. More arrivals! Lower fares! Or at least those are the immediate thoughts/heartfelt wishes we all had when the proclamation was made. But flights dates are not yet announced – and there is still some finalizing to do. So yesterday I sat down with Anthony Hunt, Chairman of the Aviation Development Committee for the Belize Tourism Board and Director of Marketing at Tropic Air and all around nice guy, to ask some questions. And I did a bit of research on Southwest Airlines myself since, as a born & raised Jersey girl, I have never flown the airline… So I asked myself: What’s the deal with Southwest Airlines? Most of you probably already have the answers. But humor me.

Banana and Spinach Smoothie
Josh helps me make a Banana/Spinach Smoothie in my Blendtec blender. This treat has replaced our craving for ice cream. With only a few ingredients you can make a wonderfully delicious drink to satisfy any sweet tooth.

International Sourcesizz

Still the Most Stylish Retreats in Central America: Francis Ford Coppola's Turtle Inn, Blancaneaux Lodge and La Lancha
“Everything unfolds frame by frame,” is how Bernie Matute, general manager of Blancaneaux Lodge, describes the guest experience at his remote, romantic retreat in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest in the Cayo district of Belize. That’s no coincidence: Its owner and creative director is one of the most celebrated filmmakers in America. Cinematic is the way I like to think of Francis Ford Coppola’s trio of tiny luxury resorts in Central America. Nothing feels scripted—not overly wrought or contrived—but someone clearly approached the places with an eye for detail, a sense of framing memorable views, and an intention to let a good story take place. Whether it’s taking the first sip of a lemongrass mojito during a sunset herbal-mixology session in the organic garden, concluding a horseback ride at an enticing swim-in-me waterfall, or simply opening the room-darkening doors in the morning to reveal a vista of the Privassion River, moments have a way of unfolding delightfully here. A loving attention was clearly applied. (Disclosure: I was hosted as a journalist at all three resorts.)

China angles for Central America influence
With ambitious plans for a canal through Nicaragua and a Honduran hydroelectric dam, Chinese firms are increasingly testing the waters in Central America, a region long considered the United States' backyard. The audacious canal project, which would rival the US-built Panama Canal, underlines China's growing global power but has also highlighted the pitfalls that go with it. The $US50 billion ($A54.10 billion) project, awarded to a Hong Kong-based company, has sparked protests and attracted a host of opponents, from naysayers who call it a future white elephant to Nicaraguans who fear a land-grab and environmental catastrophe. "If you add up the 15 marches organised in the past two-and-a-half months, we've had 40,000 people," said lawyer and activist Monica Lopez Baltodano -- not a trifling figure for a country of six million.

Carnegie Recognizes Community Engagement
SUNY Cortland has re-earned the community engagement elective classification from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, becoming the first institution in the State University of New York system to hold the reclassification distinction. It means the College will keep the Carnegie Foundation’s prestigious community engagement endorsement for 10 years, through 2025. Fewer than 400 campuses nationwide can claim the designation and only 157 obtained re-classification in 2015. The college has q robust study abroad program includes internships and student teaching experiences in countries ranging from Australia to Thailand. At the Belize Zoo, for example, recreation majors built accessible walkways for people with disabilities. SUNY Cortland’s overseas programs also were spotlighted by the American Council on Education. The College was one of three institutions recognized as a national leader in using technology to create meaningful global experiences for students.


# 4 Our Belizean Dream HD 1080p 2, 8min. This is up to date to Dec 1, 2014. Our build in in Placencia Belize.
Belize New Years Countdown 2015, 104min.
Backpacking Mexico Belize Guatemala Winter 2014, 5.5min. Backpacking through Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala in two weeks.
Punta With Belize Jaguars, 2min. The Belize Jaguars having fun in the locker room.
Belize Independence day song, 4.5min. Original Belize

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