With a full slate

Municipal elections are set for Wednesday March 4th countrywide, and with the date just seven weeks away, the political machinery is being oiled. On Ambergris Caye, the Vision Inspired by the People (VIP) will be launching a full slate to contest the upcoming election. The announcement was made by VIP Chairman, Robert “Bobby” Lopez.

Lopez would not go into full details, but indicated that the theme that will be used by his team is “Embrace the Change – Restore a Flourishing Environment for San Pedro.” He explained that while his campaign will not be geared on personal attacks, the many issues affecting the island will be on the forefront of his team’s strategy. The seasoned political activist said that having a team in the municipal election will give the electorates of San Pedro, who want real change, the opportunity to vote differently from the norm which is selecting candidates from the two main political parties.

In a press release issued on Tuesday January 13th, the VIP outlined their vision for San Pedro Town. “Mother Nature has endowed us with a beautiful island, pristine reef, crystal clear waters and abundant marine life. These priceless gifts are the life blood of San Pedro, ranking it among the best destinations in the world. The improper dumping of toxic substances such as plastics, oil, arsenic and heavy metal pollution in our waters is negatively affecting the health of our environment at an alarming rate. We need to take a stand now to work on restoring our island to its natural state and ensure our future livelihood. Raising this call comes with the full realization that fixing the physical and social damage done to our environment and our community is a task for giants.

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