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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

VIP to contest municipal elections in San Pedro with a full slate
In a press release issued on Tuesday January 13th, the VIP outlined their vision for San Pedro Town. "Mother Nature has endowed us with a beautiful island, pristine reef, crystal clear waters and abundant marine life. These priceless gifts are the life blood of San Pedro, ranking it among the best destinations in the world. The improper dumping of toxic substances such as plastics, oil, arsenic and heavy metal pollution in our waters is negatively affecting the health of our environment at an alarming rate. We need to take a stand now to work on restoring our island to its natural state and ensure our future livelihood. Raising this call comes with the full realization that fixing the physical and social damage done to our environment and our community is a task for giants.

Over 300,000 Overnight Visitors for 2014
2014 was an outstanding year for the Tourism Industry in Belize. The year started with several properties in Belize earning awards in TripAdvisor's 2014 Travelers' Choice Awards. Ambergris Caye was then named the #1 Island in the World, for the second year in a row. Scuba Diving magazine outlined Belize as the "Central American paradise" who "earned a host of 2014 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards." Delta Airlines employed additional flights through the Atlanta route to Belize, while United Airlines announced a new direct flight for Chicago-Belize, operational December, 2014, to May, 2015. Then, there was the announcement by Southwest Airlines that they would begin nonstop service to Belize, via Houston's William P. Hobby Airport, commencing October, 2015. In October, 2014, Belize saw one million visitors into the country, including overnight and cruise arrivals, which was two months earlier than the projected time.

San Pedro Police hold Staff Appreciation Party
San Pedro Police officers along with invited guests, gathered at Fido's Courtyard on Saturday, January 10th for the annual Staff Appreciation and Christmas Party. The event was organized by Tammy Peterson with assistance from the San Pedro Police Department senior officers and the business community. At the event, officers got to enjoy a delicious meal and some even received awards for their hard work throughout the year. According to Deputy in Charge of the San Pedro Police Department, Inspector Henry Jemmott, the party serves to show appreciation to the hard working officers in a fun environment along with their family and friends. "This year has been good to the San Pedro Police Department. We have seen a stronger community involvement and are seeing police officers diligently improve in the service they offer to the people," said Inspector Jemmott. The officers enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner with all the sides as well as accompanying cocktails.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Police Report Sanpedrito Neighborhood Crime Free
The San Pedro Police Department seems to be hard at work as they also presented to the group their current Action Plan being implemented which includes: * More 'Meet & Greet' activities with the community * Work on putting together more neighborhood watch groups * Continue joint operations with the Belize Coast Guard and Customs Department * Work closely with the Special Branch Unit in weekly operations on the island * Continue to deploy patrols in North Ambergris Caye * Closely Monitoring of Prison Releases (being vigilant of released criminals after they have served time in prison. This includes keeping an eye on their activities and home inspections) * Conducting strategic meetings to tackle specific crime issue that come up A Public Relations training program for the San Pedro Police Officers has been developed and will be taking place in February. This training includes changing of attitudes of the police officers towards island residents in an attempt to better the relationship between the officers and members of the community, thus enhancing the trust and respect for each other.

Pic of the Week: CrossFit Junkies Paddleboard to the Reef
Caught a group of four CrossFitters enjoying a sunny day by the reef on paddle boards. They were performing CrossFit routines balancing on their boards and having a great time while they got some exercise. It take about 30 minutes to paddle from the shores of downtown San Pedro to the second largest Barrier Reef in the world. It's one of the privileges living in one of the most beautiful islands in the world; don't you agree?

Belize Reports Over 300,000 Overnight Visitors for 2014
The Belize Tourism Board is reporting that 2014 was an outstanding year for the Tourism Industry in Belize. The year started with several properties in Belize earning awards in TripAdvisor's 2014 Travelers' Choice Awards. Ambergris Caye was then named the #1 Island in the World, for the second year in a row. Scuba Diving magazine outlined Belize as the "Central American paradise" who "earned a host of 2014 Top 100 Readers Choice Awards." Delta Airlines employed additional flights through the Atlanta route to Belize, while United Airlines announced a new direct flight for Chicago-Belize, operational December, 2014, to May, 2015. Then, there was the announcement by Southwest Airlines that they would begin nonstop service to Belize, via Houston's William P. Hobby Airport, commencing October, 2015.

Four Caught in Major Heroin Drug Bust in Northern Belize
According to media in the mainland, the anti-drug unit acted upon information received by them and intercepted the four persons at the entrance of Corozal Town and were believed to be traveling north into Mexico. They are 32 year old Jose Antonio Lara a fisherman/Tour guide of Julio Street San Pedro, 30 year old Lenon Leonardo Tillett a BEL contractor of #20 Ebony street Belize City also of College Road Corozal Town 42 year old Gerardo Beraldo Allen, a tour guide of Back street Caye Caulker and 35 year old Heirder Martin Perez an administrative assistant for Hol Chan Marine Reserve of Escalante Subdivision San Pedro Town. Perez is the holder of a licensed 9 mm pistol which was in his possession loaded with 13 live rounds.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Police Intercept Heroin headed North
The drugs were found in bags on the back seat of a white Chevrolet Tahoe, 4 door with license plate number BC-C-41809. The 15 parcels of suspected heroin weighs 19.621 Kilograms. The persons arrested are: (1) Jose Antonio Lara 32 yrs D.O.B 14/06/82 a fisherman/Tour guide of Julio Street San Pedro (2) Lenon Leonardo Tillett 30 yrs D.O.B 18/08/84 a contractor for B.E.L of #20 Ebony street Belize City also of College Road Corozal Town (3) Gerardo Beraldo Allen 42 yrs D.O.B 21/10/72 a tour guide of Back street Caye Caulker (4) Heirder Martin Perez 35 yrs D.O.B 18/11/79 an administrative assistant for Hol Chan Marine Reserve of Escalante Subdivision San Pedro Town. Perez is the holder of a license for 9 mm pistol Springfield Brand serial number XD965878 which was in his possession loaded with 13 live rounds of Aguila brand ammunition.

Great Opportunity to find about educational opportunities!
COBEC is a group of US universities that allow Belizean students to attend for in-state tuition and possible other opportunities. If you know Belizean students who are interested in furthering their education in the US, please share the information about the upcoming 2015 Consortium for Belize Educational Cooperation (COBEC) Winter Fair.

by Charles X Leslie Jr. - First, let us establish who we are dealing with: Who is behind the iron mask of the ASR (American Sugar Refining)? ASR is owned by the Fanjul brothers. The Fanjul brothers are Cuban borned. They are Alfonso "Alfy" Fanjul, Jos� "Pepe" Fanjul, Alexander Fanjul, and Andres Fanjul - they own the Fanjul Corp., a vast sugar and real estate conglomerate in the United States and the Dominican Republic. It comprises the subsidiaries Domino Sugar, Florida Crystals, C&H Sugar, Redpath Sugar, Tate & Lyle European Sugar, La Romana International Airport, and resorts surrounding La Romana in the Dominican Republic...and now Belize. WHAT KIND OF MEN ARE THE FANJUL BROTHERS? The Fanjul brothers were a focus in the Jamie Johnson documentary The One Percent, which showcases the corrupt use of cane workers and especially "imported" labor. The U.S. Dept. of Labor's "List of Goods Produced by Child or Forced Labor" report lists sugarcane from the Dominican Republic as having child and forced labor. The NY Times reported: "The sugar situation hurts American businesses and consumers, but its worst impact is on the poor countries that try to compete in the global agricultural markets. Their farmers might never be able to compete ".

Government of Belize Press Office

Gang Resistance Education And Training
On Monday U .S. Embassy officials welcomed police officers and NCOs to kick off a U.S. Government Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) funded nine-day training course to become Gang Resistance Education And Training (GREAT) instructors. The officers are being taught by U.S. and Belizean instructors and will be trained to teach children in schools across the country measure that will help build self confidence and reduce their susceptibility to gang influences. Currently more than 6,000 Belizean students have completed GREAT courses in approximately 50 schools across the country.

Inaugural Meeting of CZMAI Reconstituted Board of Directors

Jada's Spicy Meatloaf
Jada shows us how she makes her wonderfully spicy and savory meatloaf. You can always replace the ground beef for ground turkey. This dish is sure to satisfy for any season.

Mrs. Dorla McFoy passes away
Our Deepest Condolences goes out to the McFoy Family. Mrs. Dorla McFoy was a kind, friendly, fun-loving person and one of the sweetest, most enthusiastic and supportive parent to our Junior Company during our early years... A treasured member of our BNDC Family. We are sadden by the news of her passing and she will truly be missed. BNDC extends Support, Love and Warm Hugs to our members, Lucretia & Tiffany McFoy and the rest of their family during this difficult time.

Channel 7

Murder On A Sea-Style Drive-By
When we left you last night, it was with the news that a fisherman had been murdered in his boat near the Belcan Bridge in Belize City. Well, tonight, we can confirm that the deceased is 29 year-old Pedro Aldana Ayuso Jr., a resident of Oleander Street. Turns out that it was kind of a drive by on the sea, where the gunman came up in another boat. Today, we spoke to his family and police about the circumstances of this unusual murder. Monica Bodden reports::�. The body of 29 year old Pedro Ayuso jr lay dead inside this floating skiff - near the Belcan Bridge in Belize City. Police responded to the shooting just after 7 last night. We learned that Ayuso who is a fisherman of Orleander Street - had just dropped off a friend at Conch Shell Bay and was returning home - when another skiff approached his boat from behind and fired two shots at him. Both shots caught Ayuso in the abdomen - and he died minutes later in his vessel. The killer's boat then sped off in the direction of the Bel China Bridge.

ADU Busted Heroin While Looking For Stolen Car
Tonight, four men are at the Hattieville prison after they were arraigned in Orange Walk Magistrate's Court today for trafficking heroin. They are 32 year old Jose Antonio Lara a fisherman/Tour guide of Julio Street San Pedro, 30 year old Lenon Leonardo Tillett, a BEL contractor of #20 Ebony street Belize City and of College Road Corozal Town, 42 year old Gerardo Beraldo Allen, a tour guide of Back street Caye Caulker and 35 year old Heirder Martin Perez an administrative assistant for Hol Chan Marine Reserve of Escalante Subdivision San Pedro Town. Perez was carrying his loaded licensed 9 mm pistol when police found all four of them outside a Restaurant, which is at the entrance to Corozal Town on Monday night. The Anti Drug Unit was on an operation when it found 15 parcels of heroin in this Chevy Tahoe on the back seat. They weighed in at 19.6 kilograms which is 43 pounds, the largest heroin bust on record in Belize. Tests have not been done yet to confirm what grade it is - but depending on the grade, it could have a street value of anywhere between two and four million US dollars.

Farmers Signing With ASR/BSI
BSI has started signing contracts with cane associations and growers groups. This evening, the company sent out a public notice saying farmers representing production of more than 400,000 tons of cane have made petitions to the Sugar Industry Control Board to enter into independent agreements with BSI. And, today announcement says, quote, "the process for signing agreements between BSI and these groups of farmers has now commenced." End quote. So the process which started in mid November 2014, when BSI appealed directly to farmers, is now coming to fruition two torturous months later: many, not all, farmers are signing directly with BSI. But, there's not much to celebrate in sugar-land. After five decades, the BSCFA is substantially splintered, the crop is starting five, maybe 6 weeks later than it should have, and the Fair Trade funds have been plundered to keep the farmers going during months of uncertainty and no income. Indeed, from the outside, it seems to be a fractured industry but one that's held together by a single supply and demand imperative: the farmers need to sell their cane, and the BSI mill needs that to make sugar.

Hulse Says Farmers Got A Fair Deal
And, hostages no more for sure�today's announcement from BSI/ASR says, quote, "Any group of farmers (which wishes) to sign an agreement with BSI can request a copy of the agreement from BSI." It adds that, quote, "BSI expects soon to have sufficient cane committed�which would allow for the parties to then agree on a start of crop date." BSI says "the agreements need to be signed by the individual farmers�to complete the signing process." So what are they singing unto? Well, it's the "cane compromise" hammered out by Prime Minister Dean Barrow - and depending on who you listen to: it's either a raw deal, a fair deal, or the best deal the farmers are going to get. Labour Minister Godwin Hulse said today, it's not perfect, but it's not terrible either:�

Will GOB Bail Out Farmers?
So, while Hulse says the agreement has inbuilt flexibility - what about the Government? Are they flexible enough to consider bailing out the BSCFA from its Fair Trade Funds fiasco? As we've reported, the organization has spent 6.5 million dollars of the funds for non approved purposes - that is, to put directly into the pockets of farmers who are bawling on hard times due to the delay in the start of the sugar crop. That has meant firing 16 persons, and cancelling all but one project under the Fair Trade initiative. And all this week, farmers have continued to line up to get their share, about 750 dollars, of the last four million dollars approved for disbursement at the special general meeting. So should GOB bail them out now? A-G Elrington is not in favour of that:.. Mike Rudon - Channel 5 News "There has been some talk within the BSCFA if perhaps requesting that government assist with the petrocaribe monies to replace the monies that was dispersed recently." Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Attorney General "Why should the tax payers be asked to pay for deliberate actions on the part of some cane farmers who's actions were clearly misguided and wrong and ill-advised? So those are the things that would go through my mind that makes it difficult for me to say well, I could support it."

Man Charged For Jailhouse Murder Five Years Later
29 year-old Lorenzo Smith Jr., an inmate who is serving a 10-year prison sentence, is on remand for murder tonight after he was accused of killing another inmate - five years ago! Smith had already served half of his 10 year sentence after being convicted of arson, and our information says that he would have been released on parole. But that's all out the door because according to police, he killed a fellow prison inmate, Alfonso Eck, in jail in 2009. More than 5 years later, he was arraigned this evening on the charge of murder before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, and was remanded until his next court date in February, 2015. He appeared very upset at his arraignment claiming that police are trying to pin an old murder on him for no reason other than that the investigators were trying to take advantage of him.

More Guatemalan Citrus Workers Stream Across Western Border
Today another 60 Guatemalan workers streamed into Belize across the western border at Benque Viejo. Just like we reported last week, they are here to work in the citrus industry. It's an old, well-established practice, but it still raises eyebrows - since most of them don't have a passport. Today Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse said they are not here to work for Green Tropics:� Reporter "Labourers seen coming across the border and the allegation that they're going to work for green tropics." Hon. Godwin Hulse - Minister of Labour "I had answered before but the truth of the matter is green tropics need work permits and we're not about to give work permits. We have a committee that's well established and unless it is proven to us that they can't find adequate Belizean labour, we won't give permits."

Woman Must Pay 10K For Weed Plant In House
42 year-old Olympia King, a mother of 6, must come up with $10,000 dollars after she was convicted yesterday of growing a marijuana plant in her house. According to Police, back in July 2012, they searched the family's apartment on Saint Joseph Street, which was being rented by King. They found a 3-foot marijuana plant growing on her verandah. Inside the house, they also found a pipe, which they suspected was being used to smoke weed. Their case concluded yesterday, in which Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer found her based on the evidence presented by police. She was ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 for the cannabis plant that was found at her house on St. Joseph Street in July 2012.she was given until March 31 to pay the fine. If she defaults on payment she will serve 3 years.

QRT Gets Half Pound of Weed
And while police get a conviction on that drug case, they've also made other drug seizures as recently as yesterday. Yesterday, a Quick Response Team from Police Precinct 3 conducted an operation targeting known criminals and hotspots. They searched Pinks Alley, Pickstock, Victoria Street, Kelly Street, and Castle Street, and they ended up finding 235 grams - or 8.28 ounces of weed. The officers ended up charging 33 year-old Henry Gillett, a tour guide of #6 B Brides Alley, with drug trafficking. They also charged Damion Cattouse, a 31 year resident of Guadeloupe Street in the Kings Park area, with drug trafficking for 1.2 grams of crack cocaine.

AG Says PM Responsible For Court Of Appeal
Yesterday on the news, we focuses din on the remarks made by the Attorney General Wilfred Elrington at the ceremonial opening of the Supreme Court. Referring to the Bar Association's complaint about the administration of the court of appeal, he said it was a matter of "above his payscale." Today we asked him to elaborate on that: Hon. Wilfred Elrington - Attorney General "Really and truly all the appointments with respect to judges and court of appeal and a like is a prime ministered...." Jules Vasquez "But it's an administrative problem not an appointment problem." Hon. Wilfred Elrington "It may well be an administrative problem but it is an administrative problem that is newly dealt with the prime minister's level not the attorney."

Getting Close To Lucky Boy, The Black Jaguar
About 18 vets from Cornell University have been stationed at the Belize Zoo since Saturday. They are here to do a check-up on Lucky Boy- the Black Jaguar. Lucky Boy earned that name after he was found abandoned and in dire condition at an abandoned resort in Southern Belize. Basically, he's lucky to be alive! He was rescued and taken in by the Belize Zoo in 2012 and since then he has become a part of the zoo family. Although his health has improved substantially, he's a special case, so he needs regular checkups. But Lucky Boy's lucky streak continues: he's getting medical care from one of the finest veterinary schools in the US. Today Courtney Weatherburne was there to see how they did it:�

US School Adopts St. John's Anglican
Builders are hard at work finishing up a new classroom building on the Compound of Saint John's Anglican Primary School in Belize City. It is a donation from the President and students of Bridgewater State University from Massachusetts in the US. Now, you may have heard of Peacework and Price Waterhouse Coopers, the US organizations who have an ongoing partnership with the Ministry of Education, but now, the state university wants to assist St. John's Anglican Primary School. It's part of a tripartite agreement between Bridgewater, The University of Belize and St. Johns, and today, the media was welcomed to see the progress on the new classroom. The Minister of Education told the gathering that this donation is not the only instance of generosity from Bridgewater alumni:

Reiki In Belize
Reiki - it is a form of spiritual self-healing and an American and Belizean Reiki Master are trying to popularize it in Belize. This method might seem unorthodox but according to American Reiki Master Lorraine Meyer, Reiki has refreshed and rejuvenated her life and she says it can have the same effect on you. The workshops start tomorrow at 6 in the evening to 8:30 and the Reiki sessions are set for 10 in the morning to 5:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Do Cane Farmers Have To Have Another Assembly
At the top of the newscast we told you about BSI's announcement that is has started to sign independent agreements with farmers. But where does the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association stand in all this? Well, they could be left out in the cold - because the last communication they sent to ASR/BSI was that their membership had taken a resolution not to sign. Today Labour Minister Hulse said that it is his understanding that the BSCFA may have to get another resolution from its members to nullify the last one:� Hon. Godwin Hulse - Minister of Labour "It is my understanding that because they mandated and I think Ms. Matura went to court to get an injunction against Mr. Cancino signing because we cannot do so without the membership approval. I think that's there position. They have to get their membership approval before they sign." Julez Vasquez "ASR-BSI probably won't accept they're signing an agreement until they have another resolution from the general assembly."

Big Falls Owners Raising Cane, And Eating It!
And while all our coverage has focused cane in the north - there are a few hundred acres of cane growing near to Big Falls on the Western Highway. Some have speculated that the cane is to be supplied to the new Green Tropics plant in central Belize, but that won't be completed until 2016. So, it turns out that the cane was actually destined for the north - as the farm owners were trying to break into the regional monopoly. But, it didn't work and so that cane ends up being for eating! Hulse explained: Hon. Godwin Hulse - Minister of Labour "Those guys had an agreement with BSI to sell them cane as one of the harvesting groups. So they were encouraged to plant more cane because ASR had said they will expand the mill, they'll go to 10 thousand tons, then 15, etc. So as business men they invested and they're planting huge acreages and the cane is now standing because they won't be able to sell it. Green tropics is a different thing, I know for a fact because I went with them to see green tropics and green tropics won't be ready until 2016 or 2017 so they have some cane to eat, which is unfortunate."

Channel 5

Four Charged for Heroin Bust
Four men were arraigned this morning in the Orange Walk Magistrate Court for drug possession and trafficking of forty pounds of heroin, worth ten million dollars. It follows a huge [...]

Fisherman Gunned Down in the City
A fisherman was heading home to Oleander Street in the City on Tuesday night when he was ambushed in his boat. Pedro Ayuso Junior, also known as Pete, was in [...]

Smith Charged for Murdering Inmate
While no one has been charged for the murder of "Pete" Ayuso, a prison inmate was this afternoon arraigned for a murder that happened five years ago. Twenty-nine year old [...]

Cop Remanded for Carnal Knowledge
But in the south, there's a complicated story in Independence village which we've been following for the past week - one which involves a Policeman, a minor, and to some [...]

B.S.C.F.A. Collects Signatures from Farmers
The protracted standoff between the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and ASR/B.S.I. has been in the news headlines for weeks, but is the crisis finally coming to a resolution?� That's [...]

Crop Season Should Start Soon
Still yet, the petition to gather as many signatures approving the endorsement of the agreement has been described as B.S.C.F.A. yielding to pressure being brought by government, as branch directors [...]

Disbursement of Fairtrade Monies Continues
Regarding the use of Fairtrade funds being paid out to farmers, Cansino says that the suggestion to replace the spent monies with PetroCaribe dollars is a singular idea coming out [...]

Ministers Defend G.O.B. in Sugar Debacle
Government has gone on a PR push to counter an abundance of flak for their role in the recent sugar debacle. While it is true that farmers have decided to [...]

Elrington Says Splinter Groups Can Deliver Cane
There has been some confusion as regards a court case in 2010, when other associations took legal action to fight for the right to deliver cane to the factory. That [...]

Minister Hulse on Ownership of Cane
One of the three biggest stumbling blocks which stood in the way of resolution was the issue of ownership of the cane. The factory has maintained that farmers must relinquish [...]

Hattieville Resident Remanded for Unpaid Court Bill
Twenty-three year old Hattieville resident, Gian Stiane, is behind bars tonight on the first day of a three year conviction. Staine appeared before Magistrate Herbert Panton on a charge of [...]

Elrington Says Farmers Were Wrong To Take Legal Action
Acting first on behalf of cane-farmer Lucilo Teck, and latterly on behalf of the B.S.C.F.A., attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd sought an order of Mandamus from the Court. That order would effectively [...]

No Petrocaribe Rollout to Replace Fairtrade Monies
While it has not to our knowledge become an official inquiry, there is increasing discussion in the B.S.C.F.A. asking government to roll Petrocaribe monies into the Association. According to officials, [...]

Education Stakeholders Sign Tripartite Agreement
This morning at the Saint John's Anglican Primary School in Belize City, education stakeholders turned out in numbers. The occasion was two-fold: the construction of a new building gifted to [...]

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BSI/ASR Signs Agreement With Groups Of Farmers
The subject of the current sugar crisis has been dominating the media for the past weeks. But amidst all of it BSI/ASR has been quiet even when there has been called out many times and the publicity they have been receiving is nothing positive. Tonight though, the silence ended as the company issued an announcement. But the company did not come out on the defense, on the contrary they are informing the nation that following petitions made already by groups of farmers representing more than 400,000 tons of sugar cane to the SICB to be recognised and exercise their Constitutional right to enter into separate agreements with BSI to deliver cane for the 2015 crop, the process for signing agreements between BSI and these groups of farmers has now commenced.

GOB Expected To Amend Sugar Act On Monday At Parliament
But the hurling of stones at GOB does not stop there as Prime Minister Dean Barrow is also being attacked for now wanting to amend the Sugar Act which was found unconstitutional back in 2010. Or was it only two clauses of the sugar act that were found unconstitutional? This is a question that is yet to be answered rightfully since the decision of the court is being interpreted in various manners even by attorneys. The bottom line is Prime Minister Barrow announced that with the ruling of 2010 there comes freedom of association making way for the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers and the United Cane Farmers Association. And that is where the problem lies because while these associations say they are now fully certified, the mixed feeling is this is not legal since GOB is yet to amend the sugar act as was ordered to do back in 2010. And then there are those who interpret the ruling in a different manner and are of the feeling that the Sugar Act which recognizes the BSCFA as the only association, is still binding since there was no decision ever handed down in that case and there was no Supreme Court Order, instead there was a consent order. But Elrington says it is the same bag of rice.

Foul Play Ruled Out In Death Of Fisherman
Yesterday we reported on the unfortunate death of 29 year old Henry Noh, a fisherman from the Village of Pathakan in the Corozal District who met his death while on a fishing trip with nine of his friends. When we left you yesterday the Corozal Police Department was investigating if foul play was involved in Noh's death.Today we can tell you that foul play has been ruled out after a post mortem examination conducted in the presence of police officers by Dr. Loyden Ken and Dr. Roque Blanco certified the cause of death to be Asphyxia due to Inhalation of Fluids consistent with drowning.

Did Cane Farmers Receive A Good Deal In Commercial Agreement?
But when it comes to the negotiation of the Commercial Agreement did cane farmers really have a chance at getting what they were fighting for? You can come up with your own concept after hearing the response of Minister Elrington. "The position of the cane-farmers historically has never been strong. You have a perishable crop. The crop cannot stay in the ground for more than a few weeks otherwise it starts to rot. So you don't have much scope to negotiate. You don't have a very strong negotiating position. People have mortgages to pay. People have loans. So you have got to take all of that into consideration. If I don't agree with the proposal that you are putting, what next? Do I have a fallback plan? The farmers unfortunately don't. That is not unusual in this kind of industry. And I will say to you�they should have learned from what occurred in the citrus industry. This is a replay of what recently took place in the citrus industry."

Mayor Bernard Elected As Chairman Of OWTHS
There is a newly elected Chairman foreseeing the functions and roles of the Orange Walk Technical High School Board and it is no other than Mayor Kevin Bernard. When we caught up with the Mayor today on his campaign trail, he stated that he plans to continue to look after the best interest of the students and faculty of the school. "The Board is there to guide and to set policies and look at the performance of the school and find way how to further improve the institution and what happened yesterday was of course we had the election, we had to elect the executive of the Board and so both myself and Mr. Emir Cruz were candidates and I was able to secure majority votes after two voting because at the first one we had a deadlock and then the second voting I was able to gain the majority votes and so it is my privilege to serve as Chairman of the Orange Walk Technical High School Board...

Four Men Charged For Huge Heroin Bust
Yesterday we told you about 4 Belizeans arrested and charged for what is said to be the biggest Heroin Bust in Belize's history. As we reported, the Anti-Drug Unit made the bust at the entrance of Corozal town last night when they intercepted a vehicle carrying more than 40 pounds of the lethal drug. The drugs were found in three bags on the back seat of a white Chevrolet Tahoe with Belize City plates. They added up to 15 parcels of Heroin along with one small piece. The total weight is 19.621 Kilograms or equivalent to 43 pounds and is estimated to have a street value in the vicinity of 10 million dollars.

GOB Did All They Could In Commercial Agreement Negotiation, Says Hulse
On Tuesday the People's United Party held a Press Conference in which they spoke vastly about the current Sugar crisis. Of course the opposition took the opportunity to lay blame squarely on GOB for not intervening in the negotiation of the commercial agreement between BSI/ASR and BSCFA sooner. For the P.U.P cane farmers have no other option but to now sign the agreement with BSI/ASR. So, basically it is being shoved down their throats since the leader of the nation has come out in favor of the powerful ASR. In the press conference Leader of the Opposition, Honorable Francis Fonseca stated that GOB should have stood beside cane farmers instead of with the international investor. And today Attorney-General Wilfred Elrington responded to Fonseca's comments by stating that a responsible leader does not hold the foreign investor hostage.

Government Is Not To Blame For Current Sugar Industry Crisis Says Hulse
The Government of the day has been widely criticized and even accused of being in bed with BSI/ASR after Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that there will be no crop if a commercial agreement is not signed between the miller and the producer during a press conference held last week. Internationally and locally the sentiments vary when it comes to the recent sugar crisis and if we talk about the opinions on the social media, well, GOB is being chastised for basically forcing caneros to sign the agreement with the manufacturer. Also, GOB is accused of not playing its role when it comes to influencing the start of crop via the Sugar Industry Control Board. The bottom line is that accusations are being placed squarely at the door of GOB for aligning with BSI/ASR thus helping the company defeat cane farmers who are on the verge of signing the commercial agreement two weeks after they voted against it.


Monday Night Drug Bust
The Anti Drug Unit along with Corozal Police made a huge drug bust on Monday night. Fifteen parcels of heroin were confiscated and four men were arrested after authorities intercepted a white Chevrolet Tahoe near the entrance of Corozal Town. Inside the car were 32 year old Jose Antonio Lara, a Tour guide of Julio Street in San Pedro Town, 30 year old Lenon Leonardo Tillett, a contractor for BEL of Ebony Street Belize City, 42 year old Gerardo Beraldo Allen, a tour guide of Back Street in Caye Caulker Village and 35 year old Heirder Martin Perez, an administrative assistant for Hol Chan Marine Reserve of Escalante Subdivision San Pedro Town. Within, Perez had a licensed 9 mm pistol Springfield Brand loaded with 13 live rounds of Aguila brand ammunition.

Hon. Wilfred Elrington Updates Dr. Errol Elrington Accusations
In latter July 2014, we reported that Dr. Errol Elrington, the brother of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington and Senior Counsel Hubert Elrington is wanted in the United States of America by the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The information came off the US Inspector General's website adding that there is a warrant for the arrest of Dr. Elrington in relation to racketeering, Medicaid fraud and health care fraud. The warrant, according to the site, is a result of US investigators, who believe that Elrington falsely billed Medicare and Medicaid more than $400,000 US dollars, for services that he never performed. The website reported that Elrington had employed an unlicensed physician and after being interrogated by Federal and State agents fled the United States for Belize. Today, Love News asked Wilfred Elrington to update us on the situation with his brother and the accusations.

Man Detained For Rape And Burglary Seeks DNA Results
At the end of January 2014, forty-three-year-old Ana Foster, was raped and murdered in Sittee River in Southern Village. A year later no one has been charged for her gruesome murder. But during the investigation, Dale Reynaud was detained and charged for burglary. His DNA samples were obtained but to this date, the results of those samples have not received, at least to our knowledge. Today, Reynaud told our Correspondent, Harry Arzu, that he wants the results of the samples taken because he is tired of the victimization he has been receiving after being falsely accused. HARRY ARZU "This month will make it a year now since Anna Foster, a resident of Sittee River village in the Stann Creek district was reportedly rapped and brutally murdered. Her body was late found in a citrus orchard on the Sittee River village road. When the residents learned of Foster's death the village went into a state of shock and promptly organized community meetings in an effort to resolve criminal activities that were going on in the village and more importantly to seek justice for the murder of Anna Foster and others. A number of suspects were detained by police including 48 year old Dale Renad who spoke with Love News."

Belize City Shooting; Fisherman Fatally Wounded
A shooting that occurred just after seven o'clock last night claimed the life of 29-year-old Pedro Aldana Ayuso, a Belizean Fisherman of Oleander Street in Belize City. According to his spouse, Ayuso had just left home when she received a call stating that he was being rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. Ayuso was reportedly in a boat returning home and when he neared the Belcan Bridge, another skiff approached him from behind and shots were fired at him, fatally wounding him in the abdomen. Superintendent Hilberto Romero briefed the media. SUPERINTENDENT HILBERTO ROMERO "On Tuesday the 13th day of January 2015 police visited an area near the Belcan bridge where inside a skill a male person was observed motionless, he was taken to the KHMH where he was pronounced dead thereafter. He was identified as Pedro Ayuso, 29 years of an Oleander Street address. He had two gunshot wounds to the abdomen and one to the hand. We have not established a motive at this time, this shooting happened in the river he was in a vessel. The only information we have is that another vessel was heard speeding off after the shooting. He is not known to the police and we are doing our investigation at this time and following up on some leads that we have. We have no such connection and linkage to any of the murders that occurred recently."

Business or Politics in The Sugar Industry?
We noted earlier in our newscast that there was a press conference held by the People's United Party on Monday, January 12 where the main focus was the sugar industry. The Leader of the Opposition opened the conference notably accusing the Prime Minister, Hon. Dean Barrow, of abandoning the farmers and going into negotiations to get a deal and signing an agreement. LEADER OF OPPOSITION, HON. FRANCIS FONSECA "The crisis in the sugar industry for us is not an issue which we seek to exploit for any political advantage. All parties have a critical role to play and must be valued and respected. Our party condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision by Prime Minister Barrow and his UDP government to destroy this long established partnership in the industry. Barrow and the UDP have abandoned the caneros and the Belizean people's interest and have decidedly sided with the multinational ASR. When Mr. Barrow and the UDP under political pressure finally engaged in this crisis all they were interested in was getting a deal, signing an agreement. It didn't matter how fair or unfair that deal was, that agreement was. Mr. Barrow as usual just wanted to look good. Well Barrow has now forced that deal, forced that agreement he has got his deal and the farmers and all Belizeans now know that the agreement is one sided and unfair to the farmers of Belize. It is for this one sided unfair deal that Barrow and the UDP even as we meet today are actively working to break up and destroy the 55 year old institution that is the BSCFA."

Fair-trade Funds; Senator Speaks on Cane Farmer’s Membership Decision
One of the major concerns among some of the directors of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association is the consequence, if any, that the association will face after the decision was made to draw down four million dollars from the funds given by Fair-trade International. In the recent PUP Press Conference, Opposition Leader threw out the suggestion for the Government to help the farmers with the Petro Caribe funds. LEADER OF OPPOSITION, HON. FRANCIS FONSECA "The boast about Petro Caribe money what better use of Petro Caribe money than to help the cane farmers. Commandant Chaves would certainly approve of that so certainly I think that is something that should be explored. The government can and should step forward and examine that issue and see if in fact Petro Caribe monies can be made available to the farmers for that purpose." Senator of Government Business, Godwin Hulse responded to that suggestion saying that the decision to use Fair-trade funds was a decision made by cane farmer's membership.

Farmers in Disunity; Will Changes be made?
When Audrey Matura- Shepherd began making appearances in the media regarding the sugar industry and the cane farmers, the matter regarding an order handed down in 2010 by Justice Legall on the unconstitutionality of parts of the Sugar Act took centre stage, that even the Prime Minister, Dean Barrow had commented on why the amendments ordered were not carried through. Now that it seems as though the dust is settling, it leaves the question as to whether or not the changes will be made. We asked Senator Godwin Hulse to comment. SENATOR GODWIN HULSE "The BSCFA is not unconstitutional, it is a properly constituted body and a legal one. It was the act that said 'you have to be a member of that and only that body can do business' basically and that did not confirm with the constitution's provision of the freedom of association.

Senator Clarifies Joint Meeting With Pm and BSCFA
On December 12, 2014, the discussions and negotiations on the opening of the sugar crop and the signing of a Sugar Commercial Agreement seemed to have improved significantly when the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister emerged from a joint meeting with the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association and BSI/ASR. Shortly after coming out of that meeting, it was announced that both parties had come to an agreement and that they will be signing off on it in the coming days, but that never happened and now, thirty three days later, the crop is still yet to start and the "no" agreement has been signed, despite indications from some farmers that they will be signing. Today, Love News spoke with Godwin Hulse, Senator of Government Business, who clarified for us, just what occurred following that meeting with the Prime Minister. SENATOR OF GOVERNMENT BUSINESS, GODWIN HULSE "As I understand it there were a few directors to be exact Mr. Fred Ortega who was not in full agreement with the agreement but the general assembly and the directors who manage the association were in agreement and so they were prepared to sign.

Classroom Donated to South Side Primary School
St. John's Primary School in Belize City has been and will soon be able to better accommodate their standard one students following the donation of an additional building on their compound on Amara Avenue in Belize City. Due to the recent rains, the completion of the building has been delayed but a ceremonial handing over was done this morning at the school. The school building was constructed with monies from a fund through the cooperation of the President of the Bridgewater State University, Dr. Dana Mohler-Faria. Love News spoke with Dr Mohler-Faria who explained how the undertaking happened. DR. MOHLER-FARIA "The building is comes from a fund which I established in my parent's name and so from that fund we take the proceeds and the plan is to do projects every year. This is going to be the very first project so the money to support this comes from the fund that we have established in my parents name. It is the John and Francis Ferrier Fund for social justice. The fund is established not just for Belize but to support projects that Bridge Water is doing around the world so the very first one was done here in Belize. The contribution I believe that was made from the fund was about $35,000 USD."


Murder number four for Belize City
29 year old Pedro Aldana Ayuso is Belize City’s latest murder victim, shot dead around 7:00 Tuesday evening inside a fiberglass skiff near the Belcan Bridge in Belize City. This is murder number four for 2015. According to police, the fisherman, who resides on Oleander Street in Belize City, had dro...

Corozal Man Drowns on Fishing Trip
A fishing trip in the Corozal District ended in tragedy on Tuesday morning. According to police investigations, on Tuesday January 13th at around 4 am, Henry Noe Noh, a 29 year old Belizean Laborer of Patchakan village, along with 9 others, left Patchakan Village on a fishing trip to a lagoon situat...

Independence police officer faces charges of carnal knowledge
We have told you the story of the 16 year old whose nude photo made it onto facebook after the wife of a police officer found the photo of the minor on her husband's phone. That stirred an investigation and the minor� of Independence Village, Stann Creek District, told police that sometime in the ...

Men busted with $10 million dollars worth of heroin
Police made a major drug bust over the weekend where a whopping 19. 621 kilograms of suspected heroin were found inside a white four door Chevrolet SUV. Police have since arrested and charged four men for the offence of drug trafficking: 32 year old Jose Lara, Belizean Fisherman and Tour Guide;� 30 ...

Police continue to remove illicit drugs from off the streets of Belize City
According to authorities, sometime between 4 pm on Tuesday and 2 am on Wednesday, �QRT personnel from precinct three conducted an operation within precinct 3 zone targeting known criminals and hot spots...

BSCFA decides to sign agreement with BSI/ASR
BSCFA is signing on to the agreement. That was the general consensus of a meeting held on Tuesday, with the 18 branch directors of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association. Over the weekend, all directors met with their respective branches, to decide whether they would accept the agreement or not.

GREAT Police Program
On Monday, 36 police officers received training from the Gang Resistance Education and Training Program, GREAT for short. The program was first introduced in Belize in 2010. Since then, over 5,000 primary school youths have graduated from the program. The GREAT program, which is geared at teaching v...

Patrick JonesPJ

Belize and Bridgewater University sign tripartite agreement
This morning the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the University of Belize signed a tripartite agreement designed to cement a relationship already established with Bridgewater State University of Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Bridgewater State hosts several Belizeans completing Master's degrees in education in various disciplines and more opportunities [�]

Court of Appeal performance to be addressed
During Monday's ceremonial opening of the 2015 Supreme Court in Belize City, President of the Bar Association of Belize Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay leveled a broadside at the Court of Appeal which he says was "historic in its under-performance" with regard to the last session of 2014, having [�]

Government Ministers comment on sugar agreement
While a majority of sugar cane farmers are staying with the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association (BSCFA) there is internal wrangling over the signing of the Commercial Agreement with Belize Sugar Industries Limited (BSI) and American Sugar Refining Inc. (ASR), scheduled to take place later this week. Senior [�]

San Ignacio woman reports her husband missing
Police today issued a missing person's report for a man from San Ignacio town. According to police the wife of 35 year old Anibal Diaz went to the police station to report that he left his home in the Santiago Juan area of San Ignacio around 7 pm on Monday [�]

Shooting on the Haulover; one man dead
Police are investigating the murder of a man last night in Belize City. The victim has been identified as 29 year old Pedro Aldana Ayuso. According to police reports, Ayuso had dropped off a skiff at the Conch Shell Bay area and was approaching the Belcan Bridge when another skiff approached from behind. Police say two gunshots were fired at Ayuso and he was hit to the abdomen after which the skiff sped off in the direction of the BelChina Bridge.


From St. Petersburg to Bass Pro Shops: Florida is Filled with Wonderful Places
Florida, like my home state of New Jersey, has a bit of a public relations issue�it gets a bum rap. Sure there are plenty of retirees playing shuffle board (we have seen more than a few courts since our arrival in the Sunshine state - nicknamed the "Gunshine" state), tourists, and rabid football fans but there are tons of interesting spots to check out and fascinating & delicious foods to eat.

10 ways to get (even more) excited about your Placencia, Belize vacation!
One of my favorite things over the last couple months, has been getting emails from future guests, with fun questions about how to improve their trip, and general excitement (right now, all the Northern climates are thrilled to escape the polar vortex). I know I am not alone in this, but when I travel, I become obsessed with the place I am going and I read blogs, forums, and look at images of where I am going, to daydream about it. To me this is part of the excitement of the trip! So, specific to Placencia, are some ideas for those of you heading down! No sea grass sea. Don't be discouraged if you come down and there is sea grass, it may be gone tomorrow! Caribbean Beach Cabanas, actual photo!

One Day in Belize: Cave Tubing on a Budget
If you are planning a day in Belize-maybe on a cruise stop-you probably have already figured out that the country's top day trips are zip-lining through the jungle and cave tubing through spring fed, underground rivers. When we watch the Travel Channel we see people have a blast doing both of them. Okay, the Travel Channel makes practically everything look like fun-but who cares, when we took our first Caribbean cruise together in 2010 we were pretty psyched when we saw the excursions in our cruise catalog. Only problem: Both were priced out of our budget. What to do? What to do? Armed with a short list of possibilities, my search finally brought me to Vitalino Reyes' family-owned business, Vital Nature and Mayan Tours. Our email confirmation had told us to walk through the cruise terminal at the port and look for a representative holding a sign. (Non-cruise line vendors have to stay outside the terminal itself.) We wound between the crowds gathering in the terminal and hesitantly exited on the other side. Aha! Sure enough,there was the sign, and iti was held by Vitalino himself, the owner of the company. He smiled and thanked us for having decided to book with them, then dashed my hopes that he'd be our escort for the day when he turned and introduced us to our guide, who escorted our group to a clean and comfy passenger van. Our destination was Nohoch Che'en Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve, an archaeological park 35 miles out of town but we got an extra bonus as we drove out of the city. Our tour guide and driver offered to give us a brief tour of Belize City. Well, that was a nice idea and we all jumped at it, especially since we wouldn't have time to see the capital city on our own.

International Sourcesizz

What Is The Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) & How Does It Affect Tropical Cyclone Development
I have been asked to explain what the Madden Julian Oscillation is; especially since I refer to it so often during the Hurricane season. So, here is an explanation of the MJO and how it impacts the hurricane season: The Madden Julian Oscillation is the biggest contributor to the variability we see in the tropical atmosphere (between sunshine and calm weather and frequent showers and thunderstorms with gusty winds) throughout the year. It is basically a link between the atmospheric circulation and tropical thunderstorm activity and travels from west to east year-round at a forward speed of between 9 and 18 mph. The overall circulation pattern that is the Madden Julian Oscillation shows itself in the form of higher than average rainfall and thunderstorm activity. The MJO cycle between suppressed rainfall and higher than average rainfall usually lasts between 30 and 60 days and travels from west to east across the entire tropical region of the Globe. Think of it as an area of concentrated energy and upward motion that is surrounded by sinking air.

How Belize Had its Biggest Year Ever in 2014
Belize's 2014 tourist arrivals reached another milestone this week in what has emerged as the most successful year in its tourism industry's history. Belize hosted 321,220 land-based, overnight visitors in 2014, according to Belize Tourism Board (BTB) statistics issued Tuesday. The 2014 overnight visitor total represents the first year in which Belize has reached 300,000 land-based visitors. The 2014 overnight arrivals total also represents a 9.2 percent increase over Belize's previous record of 294,177 land-based travelers in 2013. Belize also posted an all-time record in combined overnight and cruise-ship arrivals in 2014, hosting 1,289,351combined travelers. BTB officials announced in December the country had reached one million combined land-based and cruise-ship visitors two months earlier than the agency had earlier forecast.

Prof Bain said he was warned about giving evidence in Belize case
Under cross-examination from Queen's Counsel Hugh Small, Professor Brendan Bain testified that prior to him giving evidence in a Belize court, he had met with two doctors who warned him of the consequences of participating in the case. Professor Bain said he met with the doctors, John Walters and Ian McKnight, while in Guyana in May 2012. Bain said he told them he would consider what they had said. He said he again met with McKnight after he returned to Jamaica. "I got the impression that he, McKnight, was trying to negotiate me out of participating in the (case)," Bain testified.

Bain says rights group did not write to him about expert evidence
PROFESSOR Brendan Bain testified yesterday that he was warned by two colleague doctors, prior to him giving evidence in a Belize court, of the consequences of participating in the case that had challenged the constitutionality of the buggery law there. Bain, who gave the evidence under cross-examination from Queen's Counsel Hugh Small, testified about the "pressures" he faced from rights groups and his colleagues after he gave evidence in 2012 and said that University of the West Indies (UWI) Vice-Chancellor Nigel Harris had tried to pacify the fallout. Bain said, too, that Harris had asked him to reach out to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, and was asked to inform them that he did not mean to hurt them when he gave evidence. Bain testified that one of Harris' concerns was that funding could be stopped for the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART) programme if the tension continued. Bain testified, however, that he did not reach out to the community because he had called a representative of the Health Resources and Services Administration, an arm of the US Department of Health and Human Services that funded CHART, and was satisfied that funding of the programme would continue.

Cultural guardian confronts the looters
Donna Yates is tackling the illicit trade in antiquities, and although it can be dangerous, the archaeologist says it's a world away from Lara Croft. "We can't do anything. These people have killed before and will kill again." This was the warning from Guatemalan wildlife poachers when they told Donna Yates, a 20-year-old student archaeologist from Boston University on only her second dig, that a nearby Mayan ruin was being looted. Their fears were well founded: the vandals who targeted the site, called Cancu�n, went on to kill a man who had spoken to an archaeologist and they also beat a woman to the brink of death. Their haul was an altar, which they buried temporarily in a village near the border in the hope of smuggling it into Belize. The raid was the trigger for a major operation involving the Guatemalan secret service and the US authorities, which eventually led to the altar's recovery.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Belizean Women
Belize is another country found in the North American continent, specifically, central America. Its capital is Belmopan and its official language is English. People of Belize are called Belizeans. Some of the most beautiful places found in Belize are the following, thus, Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Xunantunich, Belize Barrier Reef, Lamanai, Great Blue Hole, Caracol, Actun Tunichil Muknal, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Belize Zoo and many more. Belize is also home to the most beautiful women in the world. And for this top ten article we listed some of them. Women included for this top 10 are mostly beauty queens, talented actresses and hot models like Lisa Tucker, Kisha Sierra, Catherine Bruhier, Chantae Chanice Guy, Idolly Louise Saldivar, Kadejah Tunn, Jessel Lauriano, Amber Rivero, Kimberly Robateau, and Destinee Arnold. ch56

Quintana Roo Will Change to Eastern Time
At 2am on Sunday, 1 February 2015, Quintana Roo, M�xico, will jump to 3am, making Q. Roo almost exactly the same as Eastern Time in the USA. This is being done mostly for the convenience of tourists, especially cruise ship passengers. The reason it is not EXACTLY the same is that Daylight Savings Time in Q. Roo will begin the first Sunday in April, while in the USA it begins the second Sunday in March. Thanks to The Chetumal Connection for this tip.


Guatemala and Belize 2014/2015, 4.5min. Our first trip with an underwater camera so i made a cheesy little video for friends and family.
One Health Seminar: Amphibian Conservation in Belize, 33min. Michael G. Starkey talks to the Students for One Health at UC Davis about the current issues facing amphibian populations in Belize and what they can do about it
Stephen Murphy Live Performance in Belize, 5min.
Jam night at Legends San Pedro belize, 3min.
Belize Vacation 2015, 6min. My amazing week in Belize.
Good critter karma, scorpion, 1min. Found this little dude sweeping the house. Surprisingly easy to catch and move outside. I am much less creepified by them now.
Promocional Tur�stico Belize, 7min.
Roatan/Belize/Cozemel, 16min.
Liberty of the Seas, to Belize and Cozumel, 10.5min.
Traveling from Santa Cruz Village in Orange Walk Belize, to Botes, Mexico, 3min.
Para�so do Belize visto pela lente de uma GoPro, 8.5min. Est�s cansado e frustrado com a tua GoPro? N�o sabes o que fazer com as filmagens que fazes com a tua m�quina? J� est�s a pensar no desperd�cio de dinheiro por teres comprado uma GoPro? Ent�o, sugiro garantires a tua c�pia do GoPro Ebook, que te vai ensinar dicas fant�sticas, incluindo como ganhares dinheiro no YouTube com as tuas filmagens.

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