Kareem Eagan

The last time we reported of a major crime in San Pedro was on December fifteenth when Pedro Castillo was shot dead in an exchange of gunfire between Coast Guard personnel and three civilians twenty-one and a half miles north of San Pedro Town. Since then, it has been relatively quiet on the island as police officers attached to the Coastal Executive Unit continue to maintain a grip on crime. But just after eleven on Thursday night, nine shots rang out at Lopezís Apartments in the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town. At least one gunman opened fire on one of the eight apartment units, reportedly rented by thirty-two year old Kareem Eagan. Luckily, Eagan was not at home at the time of the shooting and no one was injured. But the shooting is of concern to the department because the door to the apartment was locked from the outside with a small padlock and Eagan has not been located. A team of officers are currently searching for him and looking for answers in the shooting. What is known is that Eagan is originally from the Saint Martin De Porres area in Belize City and he is suspected to be affiliated with the PIV gang in the area.

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Shooting in San Pedro

There was a shooting in San Pedro late Wednesday evening.

According to authorities, at around 11:12 pm on Wednesday January 14th, police responded to reports of gunshots being fired in the San Pedrito Area, San Pedro Town, and spoke to the land owner of Lopezís Apartments Building, who told authorities that he heard a total of 9 gunshots coming from somewhere on his premises.

According to police investigations the culprit or culprits visited the Apartment unit of 32 year old Kareem Eagan, and fired a total of 9 gunshots. Kareemís room was found locked from the outside with a small padlock and Kareem was not found anywhere in the area. No one was reported injured.

Police continue investigations.