The Belize Barrier Reef is the World’s Second Largest Barrier Reef consisting of a series of coral reefs straddling the coast of Belize. Being one of the Country’s most natural beauties, the coral reef is constantly at risk of being damaged or becoming extinct. Last two weeks, a concerned Caye Caulker resident made reports of a boat that had crashed in the reef. Today Love News spoke to Vice President of OCEANA, Janelle Chanona, who spoke to use further more on this incident.


“Well this is a situation we are monitoring closely we were advised of this officially via a concerned citizen from a resident from Caye Caulker saying that there had been this incident as long as two weeks ago where there had been a stranding of a vessel at sea and there had been some visit by regulatory authorities but then the boat has just been sitting there so we are obviously very concerned that even though there has been official notice of this vessel being there that it still has the potential to be causing further damage. We are investigating to find out what exactly is or is not happening so that obviously that area if there is any coral or damage being done that it is minimized and mitigated as best as possible. We do know that it is a sail boat type vessel we have gotten photographs of the area and we have been speaking with local NGO contacts out there to determine exactly that what happened, accidents happened but we just need to know what went wrong in this case so that it doesn’t become norm. We don’t know if this is an incident that happened during a storm ,if this was equipment malfunction on the boat so all that is what we are trying to find out so that we can advise our constituency as best as possible.”