Grounds Broken for New Sporting Facility in Western Belize

On Monday ground was broken for the Hilltop Project in Belmopan. That is one of the sports projects that will be implemented by the Belize Infrastructure Limited. On hand for the special ceremony was area representative and Minister of National Security, John Saldivar.

MINISTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY, HON. JOHN SALDIVAR “This is going to be our main facility for a few years to come and so it is going to receive a covering over the basketball portion of this facility and the tennis portion will be renovated including the flooring and lights. Here at this side of the court we will Belmopan Sporting Complexbe receiving covering as I said and fixing up of the court and lighting facilities as well. I have been discussing with the Belize Infrastructure Limited about the surface that we hope to have on this basketball court and so far what is confirmed is that it is going to have a special paint which is a bit shock absorbent but also we are looking at a synthetic material that can withstand the outdoor weather to be placed underneath the paint so that there is a possibility that if the funds allow that we will have some sort of flooring on the facility. We are also doing coverings only on the May Gordon Basketball Court as well as providing a covering at two of our high schools that can also dub as auditoriums at these high schools so we are putting a covering at Comprehensive High School as well as our Lady of Guadelupe High School. Apart from what we are doing here on these various basketball courts we are also doing the major improvement of the Isidoro Beaton Hall Stadium which is the facility that will receive the most attention at this time as we will be investing well over $3 million there to bring that facility up to FIFA standards and so that project is also almost about to begin. I believe that bids have been received and very soon BIL will be determining who will be the contractor and works should start there as well.”