Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred on Wednesday, January 21st at Caribbean Villas Resort. A lone male of dark complexion carried out the robbery, which occurred around 4:30PM, and made off with over $5,000BZ in cash and two iPhones. Since then, police have arrested a person in connection to the robbery, but charges are yet to be made.

According to the reports, the unidentified male held up the front desk office of the resort armed with what is suspected to be a black handgun. Present at the time of the robbery were two receptionists. The man pointed the gun towards the head of one of the receptionist and demanded to be given all the cash. Fearing for their lives, the receptionists complied and handed over a cash box containing $785BZ and several envelopes containing cash amounting to $4,000BZ. The robber also took the receptionists’ iPhones, both estimated at a value of $1,500BZ. The culprit then exited the office and made his escape in the direction of Seagrape Drive.

Police arrived to the scene shortly after the incident. Using Global Positioning System (GPS), police officers managed to track the stolen phones. As a result, 26-year-old Agar Miguel Chunchon was apprehended. Chunchon was found in the possession of the two phones, but was not identified as the robber.

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One Man Detained for San Pedro Robbery

Another San Pedro hotel took a hit on Wednesday, this time by robbers. According to police, a receptionist of Caribbean Villas reported that around four-thirty on Wednesday, he and two other co-workers were at work when a man with a rag over his face entered and held them up with a black handgun. The man pointed to the gun at the receptionist and demanded money. A cash pan containing over four thousand dollars was handed over. The robber also took off with two cell phones valued at one thousand five hundred dollars.  Police have since recovered some of the items and have detained twenty-six year old Agar Miguel Chunchon.

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Caribbean Villas Resort, Sea Grape Drive in San Pedro Town, was robbed at gun point. It happened yesterday evening when a man barged into the receptionist’s office, took out a .38 revolver and demanded the monies. A total of four thousand seven hundred and eighty five dollars and two iPhones were handed over to the robber. Quick police response led to the detention of one man. However, Deputy Coastal Officer, Inspector Henry Jemmott, told Love News that they believe that the man who they have detained may have been working with someone from the inside.


“With the quick response of Police officers we cordoned the area and we conducted searches of the area and we recovered both cellphones and have one person detained at this time.”


“Will any charges be levied on that person soon?”


“At this present moment we are still investigating to get the identity, we might still need to do an ID parade as to confirm the identity of the person who is the thief.”


“Do you believe that this person acted alone?”


“No, we believe that this is an action that had inside source because of how the statements were recorded, the information that we received, we have credible information that someone from the inside assisted to commit this robbery. Some of the items were recovered, the cellphones were recovered in a nearby bush and the male person that was detained was in that area as well. The monies stolen was not recovered.”

Luckily no one was hurt in the incident.