The Ambergris Stadium "is not for sale" confirmed the Area Representative of Belize Rural South Honorable Manuel Heredia. The Minister was responding to "false propaganda" being disseminated on social media by the aspiring People's United Party (PUP) Council candidate Alex Noralez. The two-time political aspirant made his statement public and claimed that he understood that the Ambergris Stadium was being sold to a foreign investor.

Noralez made the query on his personal Facebook page in which he said that he was expressing the concern on behalf of the "boys and girls" he works with. Veteran politician Heredia did not waste any time firing back at Noralez' comment. Speaking with The San Pedro Sun, Heredia said that not only is Noralez spreading false propaganda, but the statement is far from the truth. "As long as I am the Area Representative, I will not allow that to happen´┐Ż It is a sign of desperation from the Opposition because there is no way that they stand a chance to win and so they are reverting to spreading false propaganda."

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