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The San Pedro Sun

JJW Camp Belize 2015 - The FUN Continues!
The Camp Belize 2015 (camp one or two this month) gang were entertained last night (Jan 23rd) by Jerry Jeff Walker and friends at Fido's Restaurant & Bar. During the sold-out show Walker asked the crowd to help support Saga Humane Society's "Hip to SNIP" program and literally had his hat passed around. The crowd gave generously, with over $2,000 donated! Camp Belize One ends tomorrow, with more fun folks arriving on the island the same day for Camp Two. We welcome you all!

Police Report
*On Saturday, January 17th at approximately 6:20PM, San Pedro Police on patrol at the corner of Almond and Tarpon Streets, noticed a tall male person of dark complexion dressed in a white T-shirt and a green short pants standing on Chicken Street and walking around a tank in the area. He handed something to a person who had approached him. Police conducted a search on the male person, however, nothing incriminating was found on him. A search was then conducted around the tank where police found a black plastic bag containing green leafy substance suspected to be cannabis. The suspected cannabis along with the accused person was taken to San Pedro Police Station where he was identified as 43-year-old Edwardo Jones of Tarpon Street. The suspected cannabis was weighed and amounted to 8 grams. Police then arrested and charged Jones for the offence of Possession of Controlled Drugs.

Disposal of large items is the responsibility of individual homeowners
Brackett also said that in the past, The San Pedro Town Council has conducted cleanup campaigns targeting the collection of these large items in an effort to help residents. “There are privately owned freight trucks that do these types of collection for a small fee. Our residents need to have a bit of pride and own up to some level of responsibility, because we cannot do all.” The San Pedro Town Council is suggesting that before these items are placed outside the property for disposal, that homeowners should contact the council to try and coordinate if it can be collected. In the event that council cannot collect these large items at the given time, the council advises homeowners to contact the private freight services.

Editorial: A tragic life, a tragic death…
It is with a heavy heart that this week we report on the brutal murder of Silvia Benitez. The story of this young mother of three is tragic in so many ways, it is hard to begin counting the reasons why. As you will read in our article, Silvia is from the Honduras. According to a United Nations report issued in April 2014 Honduras topped their list as the most murderous country per capita in the world. Silvia ran away from her homeland following a violent past: the father of two of her three children was murdered there. Sadly, the young woman took refuge in what the same United Nations report lists as the third most murderous country in the world, Belize. The attractive young woman resorted to exotic dancing in order to make a living, a profession that can be dangerous in itself, and she was tragically taken advantage of while apparently intoxicated. It was an ideal scenario for a predator(s) to exploit, and one has to wonder was this their first time…will it be their last. How many other young women are endangering their lives each night they dance and party with strangers?

ACES Relocates Problematic Crocodile
It’s been awhile since The San Pedro Sun has reported on problematic crocodiles on the island. Perhaps our community is learning that the illegal feeding of these apex predators is what makes them dangerous in the first place? Unfortunately, not everyone has “gotten the message” or respects the law, and once again the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) has had to step in and relocate a crocodile from Ambergris Lake after a local restaurant began feeding it. “We have been receiving calls from concerned citizens that the crocodile was getting quite bold,” explained ACES Croc Wrangler Chris Summers. “It was obvious this croc had lost its fear of people and was now associating them with food. It wouldn’t run away when approached and showed no fear of people. This behavior makes for a very dangerous animal.” A week ago ACES reported the problem to the San Pedro police and were told that a warning would be issued to the people who were guilty of feeding the croc. A fed croc will always be a safety issue, therefore ACES decided it was best to remove the reptile from the highly populated area.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Frequently Asked Questions About the Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) in Belize
The Qualified Retired Persons program is designed to attract more retirees to Belize by promoting retiring in Belize. In 1999, legislation was passed (Qualified Retired Persons Incentive Act) to make this process as painless as possible for the retirees, and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is responsible for running this program. It is relatively easy to comply with the rules for the Belize’s Qualified Retired Persons Program (QRP). And other than the name suggests, you do not have to be retired at all, but there are some limits to employment. The main criteria for the QRP program are:

Mo'Mojo at Elvi's
Last night Mo'Mojo and U.S. Embassy staff met with San Pedro Mayor Gurrero and his wife for dinner at the famous Elvis restaurant to discuss their trip in Belize and sample the local cuisine.

Power interruption 5:30am to 7:00am Sunday, January 25, portion Belize City
Douglas Jones St, North Front St from Mapp St to Victoria St, Cleghorn St, Slaughterhouse Rd and New Road from Victoria St to Douglas Jones St. BEL to restore configuration of distribution system following installation of overhead power lines to replace damaged submarine cable.


Sugar Cane season to begin Monday
After a long sugar impasse that almost ruined the industry, the sugar cane harvest season, known to Norteños as “La Zafra”, will begin on Monday January 26th.The starting date for the season was announced on Thursday  in Orange Walk, after a lengthy two hour session of consultation with all stakeh...

Manhunt for Emmanuel Willoughby in San Ignacio
San Ignacio Police are looking for a man believed to be responsible for an armed robbery in the early hours of Thursday morning. Reports are that around 7:30 am, as New Yan Chinese store in Bella Vista Street was just opening for the day, a man of dark complexion, believed to be escaped prisoner Emm...

Jury acquits one of two murder accused
A jury of his peers has acquitted Cordel Flores, aged 26, of the 2009 murder of eighteen year old Alberto Allen, but were not able to reach a unanimous verdict in respect of a second accused, 23 year old Warren Lewis. The re-trial ended just after nine Thursday night when the jury of 9 women and ...

Tatoo artist charged for sex with a minor
A 45 year old Belizean tattoo artist of Belize City, known for his trademark logo “Stinging Scorpio Tattoo”, was arrested and charged on Thursday, for having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 15 year old minor.According to police reports, at about 8:00 pm on Friday January 16th, a 15 year old mino...

Accused heroin traffickers free on bail
The four men busted with over 19 kilograms or 40 pounds of heroin in separate packages on January 12 are out on bail of $50,000 each. 32 year old Jose Antonio Lara of San Pedro Town; 30 year old Lenon Tillett of Belize City and Corozal; 42 year old Gerardo Allen of Caye Caulker; and 35 year old Heid...

DOE warns of illegal dam construction
The Department of the Environment is still investigating the Barton Creek Dam in an effort to determine the best way forward. In the last week of December 2014, Plus TV broke the news of the existence of two micro-hydros built close to the Barton Creek Archeological site, unbeknownst to the Departme...

Consultations held to advance Belizean products and services through tourism
The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation and Agriculture (IICA) is partnering with the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Belize Ministry of Natural Resources and Agriculture to host meaningful consultations to development a strategy for advancement of Belizean products and services t...

GOB maintains prohibition of offshore drilling concessions
On Thursday we told you about the issue that some environmental conservation NGOs took up with the Government’s proposed draft for offshore exploration, condemning the Government for keeping zones near delicate oceanic ecosystems on the drilling map. On Friday, the Ministry of Energy, Science and Te...

Refurbished basketball courts for Belmopan
Basketball Players and fans living in the City of Belmopan are to enjoy newly refurbished basketball facilities. As a part of an ongoing project to upgrade various sporting facilities around the city, the Area Representative for Belmopan, Hon...

The Reporter

Thousands of rounds of military ammo stolen from BDF storage facility
Two separate investigations are underway – one by the Ladyville Police and the other by the Belize Defense Force (BDF) to determine how two secured containers with several thousand rounds of military ammunition for the US Army were stolen from the BDF’s guarded ammunition and explosives storage facility on the Lord’s Bank road. The stolen ammunition is worth roughly $20,000 and are used in M-16 and M-4 rifles. While a patrol discovered the breach at around 1:30 a.m. on Friday, authorities do not know when the actual breach occurred. Lt. Col. Raymond Shepherd, the force’s chief of staff, told reporters on Friday “the last time we did a check for 100 percent accountability was the seventh of December.

Brazil’s most populous region facing worst drought in 80 years
Brazilian Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira has said the country’s three most populous states are experiencing their worst drought since 1930. The states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais must save water, she said after an emergency meeting in the capital Brasilia. Ms Teixeira described the water crisis as “delicate” and “worrying”. Industry and agriculture are expected to be affected, further damaging Brazil’s troubled economy. The drought is also having an impact on energy supplies, with reduced generation from hydroelectric dams. Brazil is supposed to be in the middle of its rainy season but there has been scant rainfall in the south-east and the drought shows no sign of abating. The crisis comes at a time of high demand for energy, with soaring temperatures in the summer months. “Since records for Brazil’s south-eastern region began 84 years ago, we have never seen such a delicate and worrying situation,” said Ms Teixeira.

The Belize Times

United With Cañeros!!
History will record that when the over 5,000 hardworking cane farmers were in need of defence and support when under attack from a powerful, foreign multinational company, standing up for them were the Opposition People’s United Party, senior cane farmers and leaders of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association such as Alfredo Ortega, Diody Novelo, Lucilo Teck, Javier Keme, Ramon “Monchi” Cervantes and Oscar Alonzo, and the venerable Union leader and attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd. The Government of Belize led by the Prime Minister Dean Barrow and his minion Ministers all turned cowards under the might of the foreign entity, American Sugar Refinery, and joined them to oppress and beat down the cane farmers into submission. The final act of this state-sanctioned political and economic hit on the cane farmers was the Government’s passing, with great urgency, an amended Sugar Industry Act on Monday, January 29th, 2015 before the House of Representatives.

Why was Nuri Muhammad removed from LOVE FM morning show?
The sudden and unexplained removal of Nuri Muhammad as the host of the Love FM morning show has revived talks about the Barrow Administration’s incessant attacks on freedom of speech and the media. Muhammad, who is a well-respected leader of the Muslim Community, activist and senior media professional, was suddenly yanked from the Love FM morning show sometime last week. He didn’t appear on the set, conveniently, when two senior Government Ministers, Godwin Hulse and Hubert Elrington, appeared as guests to defend the Government’s role in the instability in the sugar industry. The show lacked the fiery debate that would be incited whenever Muhammad was present. It was also boring and very one-sided, with the mouthy Ministers talking non-stop and going mostly unchallenged by the two female hosts. Fortunately, the callers to the show appeared more informed and better able to call out the lies and deception of the UDP Ministers.

Espats/Barrow cut another deal
An article that appeared in the Reporter newspaper last week confirmed reports that the Espats and Dean Barrow have cut yet another deal. According to the report, a multi-million dollar building located on Regent Street owned by Phillip Espat, who is the brother of Mark Espat, has been purchased by the UDP Government at a value of $3.2 million. The building, which was once the former Supplies Control Building, will house the new National Bank office in Belize City. Mark Espat, everyone knows, is the Judas who betrayed the PUP and the good people of the Albert division, and who sold out to the UDP by resigning weeks before the 2012 elections so that the UDP could be victorious. Shortly after winning the elections, Espat was named Dean Barrow’s Economic Ambassador and since then has been on the UDP Government’s payroll collecting over $20,000 monthly.

UDP concedes defeat in Freetown
The increasingly unpopular United Democratic Party, who won the last election only by a razor-thin margin of 40 votes, has conceded defeat in the Freetown Division, the constituency held by the humble, hardworking and very popular, loved and respected Leader of the Opposition Hon. Francis Fonseca. The UDP has been fishing for candidates for many months following the trashing they got in the division in the 2012 general elections. Their last candidate, Lee Mark Chang, threw in the towel right after the immigration scandal involving Elvin Penner and South Korean criminal Kim Won Hong was exposed. Since then, the UDP have had no success in swatting down someone for the area. First it was Darrel Bradley, who refused to be set up by his Party. Old candidate Michael Peyrefitte didn’t want to come back. Then it was Jorge Espat, who we are told, is already seeing the writing on the wall of the UDP’s downfall under Barrow and wants nothing to do with them at the moment.

…divided we fall!
Belize’s Parliamentarians met in the House of Representatives this past Monday to make an amendment to the Sugar Act which was ordered by the Supreme Court of Belize five years ago. The bill to amend the act was put through all three required readings in one sitting and was sent to the Upper House the following day. What is interesting to note is that while in opposition, the current Prime Minister railed incessantly about the practice of rushing bills through the House in one sitting. I have searched tirelessly but cannot find one Bill which has been presented by this government that has not gone through all three stages on the same day. There is an old Kriol saying that goes, “Duh suh nuh like duh”! The Prime Minister keeps insisting that this Act had to be amended in order for the 2014/2015 sugarcane season to begin. The question is, how come since 2010 when this court order was made, every season has begun without this amendment being made? In fact, the very same Wilfredo Magaña, who the Prime Minister hailed as the biggest hero in helping him to destroy the unity of the cane farmers, himself had to write a letter begging the Prime Minister to comply with this same said court order.

Editorial: The Prime Mischief Maker
The matter continues to make the rounds and has become a cause for concern. That matter is the report that Mr. Nuri Muhammad, long-time host of LOVE FM morning show, was ousted for a day. That day was last week Wednesday when the UDP Government was reeling from the exposure brought about by the Prime Minister calling a press conference and disgracing himself as being the champion for ASR/BSI and the destroyer of the cañeros. Belizeans saw through the hand gestures and serpent-like movements of the Prime Minister as he sought to put a coating over his blatant attack against the best interest of the cañeros. Damage control became paramount. Normally the Prime Minister handles his own damage control. But his press conference was too much. The over-kill and naked fronting for ASR/BSI was too obvious. Even blind Jessie was able to see through Barrow.

St. John Vianney & St. Ignatius advance to basketball finals
St. Ignatius RC School won 25-13 over the Holy Redeemer Wesley Upper School, and St. John Vianney RC School defeated Wesley Upper boys 22-19 in the Belize City Primary schools basketball playoffs on Tuesday, January 20th. Justin Gentle led Holy Redeemer with 9 points while, James Garbutt’s Kylon Thurton scored 5pts. In Game 1 of the playoffs last Thursday, the St. John Vianney RC School boys eliminated the St. Joseph’s RC School boys 23-17. Vianney’s T-Dee Cattouse scored 9pts, Akeem Ferrell and Daniel Hemmans added 6pts apiece and Gemal Palacio scored a bucket, while St. Joseph’s Michael Welch had 8pts and Kendal Flowers scored 5pts.

David Henderson Jr. wins C-Ray Saturday race
Team SMART’s David Henderson Jr won the C-ray Cycling Club’s Saturday race, a 48-mile ride from Leslie’s Imports to the Burrell Boom Village entrance on the Hattieville bypass road and back to Leslie’s Imports on the George Price Highway last Saturday morning, out-sprinting Team Benny’s Megabytes’ Byron Pope to win the first prize: dinner for two at Celebrity Restaurant. Elites 1st David Henderson – Team SMART 2nd Byron Pope – Team Benny’s Megabytes’ 3rd Brandon Cattouse – C-Ray Road Addikz 4th Henry Moriera – Team Smart Weekend Warriors 1st Warren Coye – Team Santino’s 2nd Collet “Bunas” Maheia 3rd Ray Cattouse Sr – C-Ray Road Addikz

Belmopan Bandits are Premier League champs
The Belmopan Bandits won their 3rd Premier League football championship against the Police United. The Bandits upset the Police 4-0, even after the cops team had beaten the Bandits three times in this year’s competition: once in the regular season, and twice in the playoffs. Game 1 of the finals which were played on a muddy, soggy pitch at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium last Wednesday, January 14th ended in a nil-zip draw. The rains held up and the sun dried the pitch, allowing for a completely different level of play in Game 2 on Saturday night. Bandits’ striker Evan Mariano was streaking up the left sideline heading for the Police goal when the Police’s defense took him down inside the 18-yard box. The referee ruled penalty and Bandits’ goalie Woodrow West converted with ease for the Bandits’ 1st winning goal in the 23rd minute of play.

Dean Fraid Fu Francis!!
Let’s set the record straight! Not only will the People’s United Party remain under the steady and strong leadership of Hon. Francis Fonseca into the next General Elections, but the PUP will come out of those elections the big winner with Hon. Francis Fonseca as the next Prime Minister. We don’t know if Dean had overdosed on his back-pain meds on Sunday night as he put the final ink to the Bill that will continue to oppress cane farmers, but he had certainly lost his mind when he tried to publicly meddle in the affairs of the PUP, claiming that “he knew” that Hon. Francis would not be Opposition Leader when the next House Sitting is called in March.

Chaos at City Hall!! – Dog-fight between Mayor and Councillor Dion Leslie over trip to Houston
There is heaping tension at City Hall after Councillor Dion Leslie was unceremoniously stripped of his two portfolios by Mayor Darrell Bradley. Leslie, who was up to last week in charge of Sanitation and Sister City Relations, learnt of the sudden change and demotion in the most denigrating of ways, via a phone text message sent out by the City Administrator Candace Burke late Friday evening. The decision was taken by Mayor Bradley after he learnt that Councillor Leslie had travelled to Houston, U.S.A., to negotiate unauthorized deals for the Council’s sanitation department. This jet-setting was against the Mayor’s knowledge or permission and he felt utterly disrespected. The Mayor decided to discipline Leslie, who we are told, offered no apology to the Mayor for his actions.

It’s Time for Change at City Hall
With sober thought the UDP does not deserve to be reelected to the Belize City Council in the municipal elections on March 4th. Five of the core responsibilities of the council are streets and drain maintenance, garbage collection, parks maintenance, traffic management, and transparency with public funds. The Council’s grade for carrying out those responsibilities is “F” for failure. The city deserves better, and that is why the PUP City Council slate led by successful businesswoman and activist Yolanda Schakron and I received a warm welcome as we campaigned from house to house in Port Loyola this past Saturday. While the council has fixed some streets with concrete, there is no accountability for the over $30 million the council says it has spent on fixing those streets.

Yesterday, Saturday I joined Gilroy Usher, Yolanda Schakron and the PUP Team of City Council Candidates in a campaign session and walk-through in Port Loyola. It was a spirited four hours or so of house-to-house campaigning in the Freedom Street and Jane Usher Boulevard area. Some twenty or more of us, decked out of course in blue, met as many people and stopped at as many homes as we could. The Blue Machine was in full swing, as we did our thing to bring the message of a PUP in fighting form and a Team and Leader fully committed to becoming City Mothers and Fathers, who will make a real difference for citizens and residents of the Old Capital.

Statement by Leader of the Opposition Hon. Francis Fonseca at January 19th 2015 Meeting of the House of Representatives
Mr. Speaker, the Sugar Industry is the lifeblood of the North. Its survival, its success, growth and development is vital to the families and communities of the North but also to our national economy and the nation of Belize. We pay tribute to our hardworking cañeros, who work the land, dedicating their lives to the important industry which allows them to provide housing and shelter to their families, food, clothing, and education for their children. We salute our cañeros. It is their dignity, honour, pride and future that we are here to protect and defend. It is for them that we rise and stand up here today. Mr. Speaker, the proposed amendments are an attack, an assault on that dignity and future of our cañeros and the future of the sugar industry which they have built working the land. This industry has had a long history of growth and development based on a working partnership, a working tri-partite relationship, which has had its problems from time to time but one which has worked over time.

Body of Roaring Creek businessman found dead in river
The body of 24 year old Roaring Creek businessman and resident, Emerson Daly, who went missing on Saturday January 18th night, was found dead in the Belize River in Roaring Creek Village this morning. Police have reported that the lifeless body was in a decomposed state. While it showed multiple stab wounds on his chest, the Police say the body also had a gunshot wound. Daly, who is the owner of Daly’s Dream Creation, an events planning and decorating company, was reported missing by his mother, Desiree Matute, on Monday January 20th.

New Sugar Act strips away cane farmers’ role as “partners” in industry
The Sugar Industry Amendment Bill passed in a hurry by the Barrow Administration’s through the House of Representatives on Monday January 20th and then by the Government’s majority in the Senate on Tuesday January 21st has greater implications on the sugar industry than clearing the way for freedom of association for farmers. The new law drastically changes the playing field for cane farmers by taking away key powers they held and transferring it to the very political and petty UDP Minister of Agriculture Gaspar Vega. Several amendments to sections of the Act give greater political control to Minister of Agriculture over branches of the industry which manage critical aspects that deal with cane farmer membership, cane delivery, cane quality, and the overall regulation of the industry.

Patrick JonesPJ

COLA holds general meeting;executive elections
Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) held its annual general meeting this afternoon in Belize City at the Bishop Sylvestre Memorial Hall. The activist organization says it has defied the odds and survived the fierce opposition from those who wish it ill and believe it is standing in the way of national development. During the meeting the executive presented reports on the organization’s many achievements since the last major meeting in 2013.


“First Time for Everything” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Although it’s not my favourite genre of music I’ve actually been to Nashville twice and on both occasions have gone with Rose (well I wouldn’t have gone on my own) to the Grand Ole Opry and have actually stood on the stage so going to a Pickin Party with Rose didn’t seem like such a tremendous sacrifice for me to make. And anyway you’re hearing generally deteriorates the older you get! So on Thursday,after a hearty breakfast at Estel’s Dine By the Sea and running a few errands in ‘Town , I returned home (enjoying the paved road right to my front gate) and waited for Rose to get ready (I do this quite a lot by the way) and eventually (and I mean EVENTUALLY) we set off for the Pickin Party that was being held at Carlo & Ernie’s Runway Bar & Grill stopping on the way to pick up faithful, long time, long term island visitors Melissa and Ken. We all got there shortly after 13.00 hours and the place was already busy

Letter: Garinagu and the Decade for People of African Descent
Hidden in the merrymaking of the recent holiday season of December 2014, an important even took place. The United Nations launched the “International Decade for People of African Descent”. The decade is to begin January 1, 2015 and end December 31, 2024. The theme is “People of African Descent: Recognition, Justice and Development”. Their main objective of the International Decade, is to promote respect, protection and fulfillment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms for people of African descent as recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some of the other objectives can be seen here (result of copy and paste): “The Decade shall focus on the following objectives: To strengthen national, regional and international action and cooperation in relation to the full enjoyment of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights by people of African descent, and their full and equal participation in all aspects of society;

Lionfish Invasion
Pterois is a genus of venomous marine fish, commonly known as lionfish, native to the Indo-Pacific. It’s hard to be a diver nowadays and not know about the Lionfish invasion in the Caribbean. The problems stems from what is termed an invasive species. It has no natural predators on this side of the planet to restrain its population growth and the population has exploded. As a result the food supply gets depleted and the negative snowballing effect on the environment begins to harm the reef. Campaigns to control their harmful presents have sprung up over the entire continent. Of the many different ideas of controlling their population one stands out as being very effective, divers spearing and eating them. Divers have devised a special spear that has been approved by industry. Laws, rules and regulations about spearing fish while diving have been lifted for this one species. Restaurants have included them on their menus as a special delicacy. There is no worse curse on the planet than to taste good. If you’re a diver or snorkeler and you love our reef pick up a spear and kill a Lionfish.

A Hodgepodge on ANOTHER Gorgeous Day
Yesterday was a perfect Friday end to a gorgeous week. I mean GORGEOUS and…I’ve been harping on it each and every day. Really rubbing it in your faces. :) But as Winter Storm Iola rolls into the Northeast, a cold front, probably the very same, has moved over San Pedro and today’s skies are grey…it’s windy and chilly. 75. It makes sense. Perfect weather to mourn the potential passing of my FAVORITE comedy magazine – Sky Mall. Mad Magazine has nothing on you. So many bad ideas/dreams of bad inventors crushed…sad. CNN did a nice tribute: Good-Bye Life-Sized Garden Yeti: A Tribute to the…Best INFlight Magazine Ever.

International Sourcesizz

Heart of the Treasure Valley: 'Hands-on, hearts-on'
The two of them bent over their work, the tall, confident Boise State graduate student named Kelli Soll and the diminutive, quiet third-grader named Jasmin. They were working on sentences: My name is Jasmin. My favorite color is blue. My favorite subject is math. Kelli says: "We may have spent a short time together, but her impact was for life." Kelli was a leader in a weeklong service work trip to Belize to help elementary school students learn what people fluent in English take for granted. Although English is the official language in Belize, it's often the second or third language that students speak. And speaking English is far easier than reading and writing it, which is where Kelli came in. On this particular day, Kelli and Jasmin practiced those sentences all morning: I like to play soccer. I am in the third grade. I live in San Ignacio. When they came back from lunch, Jasmin handed Kelli a note.

No more evidence in Bain case
THE evidential phase of the trial of fired University of the West Indies (UWI) Professor Brendan Bain ended on Friday in the Supreme Court. That phase of the two-week-old trial came to an end with the defendant, the UWI, closing its case after presenting its final two witnesses, Professor Rose-Marie Antoine, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the UWI, St Augustine campus in Barbados, and Ian McKnight of the group Caribbean Vulnerable Coalition Committee. On Monday, the Attorney General's Chamber is to make its submission to the court on the constitution.


Skydiving into the Blue Hole, Belize, 8.5min.
Belize youtube, 7min. A peak into our few months in Belize! :)
Belize mission trip 2015, 5min.
Cesta střední Amerikou 2014 part 2 Belize, 27min. Přejezd lodí z Livingstonu do Punta Gordy,odtud busem a vodním taxi do Placencie.Relax na plážích Karibiku
Shamanic Rebirth - Buried Alive in Belize, 8min. I was finally able to get all the video of my burial last year in Belize. This Shamanic burial is something I do every once in awhile to help refocus myself. The meditation while buried and connected to the Earth is soothing and enlightening. I am so happy that Ajinder was able to video tape this for me so I can see the burial from others point of view. I learned to give more instruction and I still need to work on my breathing. I know I have talked about this to many people and I hope this video will help.
Belize Mission Trip Part 1, 3.5min. Thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed these video clips of us looking at animals, swimming in the ocean, and being really sad at the end bc we had to leave belize :(
Belize Trip 2015 Part 2, 4min.
Scott Family in Belize 2014, 2.5min. The Scott family trip from 2014 to Hamanasi resort in Hopkins, Belize.
Kris sells art, 1min. Kris walks into a gallery in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, and trys to talk ladies into buying his first painting. Cute!