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The San Pedro Sun

Belize Fashion Week 2015 Dates Announced
Belize Fashion Week 2015 will be held on July 9 -12 2015 in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Our new team will commence their national model search for this Grand event and will feature Belizean models showcasing "one of a kind" made in Belize Fashion collections. Belize Fashion Week also has the participation of international designers and models.

Wolfe's Woofer: Surprise Phone Call
"Hello, Dennis speaking," I said, when the phone rang. "Hey, Dennis. This is Jim. Do you want to watch the last two games of the basketball tournament with me today?" "Sure." I said. "Do you want to come watch it at my house?" "No. Meet me at mine. I bought a brand new giant screen TV this morning and I'm dying to try it out. Be here by two o'clock, though, because the game starts at three." "Sure," I said "The only thing I have to do today is go pay my telephone bill."

Two Schools Receive Donations from Belize It Yourself, Ltd.
BIY, a travel-related Personal Concierge service, located on Coconut Drive, is proud to announce the donation of 4 new microscopes, 400 composition notebooks, 400 pencils, 2 desk pencil sharpeners, colored pencils, and 100 rulers for Holy Cross School.

Doctor Love
I am divorced and I have been dating a businessman who is also divorced. We date each other exclusively but because of his busy schedule we see each other only on week ends. We did this because he did not want me dating anyone else. I never told him that I did not want to date anyone else but it was definitely taken for granted. Last week he was out of town. I dropped by his house to leave some things with his housekeeper. Instead of the maid, he answered the door wearing only a robe and he was shocked to see me. While I was at the door I saw a woman walk from his bedroom to his bathroom. He told me she was just a friend and that they never had sex. I left and later he admitted that they did have sex occasionally but she meant nothing to him. I told him we are done and he begged for another chance. I told him I would consider it.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Belize Canoe Association
Race Results - UpStream: Haulover to Boom (Henderson Bank) 2015

The Reporter

Man shot at nightspot
Eugene Pitts, a Hattieville Village resident, was shit while at a dance spot shortly after midnight on Sunday. The 28-year-old told peoe close to him that someone had just shot him in the lower back. He was rushed to the KHMH where he is in a stable condition. Police believe Pitts' shooter lurked behind some bushes in the area. They do no have a suspect as yet.

Belmopan and Benque have new and upgraded markets
Belmopan and Benque Viejo del Carmen Town have upgraded market facilities following opening ceremonies last week in those communities. The Benque Market is a new 200 square feet facility comprising six permanent stalls, each measuring 14 by 14 feet. Additionally there will be four roofed stalls with open sides for short term/daily rentals. The stalls face the new plaza and connect to green areas and covered walkways and are already occupied. The Belmopan Market entailed reconditioning the Civic Center and surrounding parking and green areas. It caters to 130 vendors.

Haiti forms electoral panel for overdue polls
Haiti has installed a Provisional Electoral Council to organise long-delayed elections - after weeks of protests and political uncertainty. The nine-member panel represents different sectors of society. It was sworn in shortly before a UN Security Council delegation arrived on a three-day mission. General and municipal polls are three years overdue, and President Michel Martelly began ruling by decree last week when parliament was dissolved. The dissolution followed a failure to elect new MPs in the impoverished Caribbean nation.


Forgotten Guardians of the Rain Forest
Belize is a small country with a large heart and love of nature. Fortunately, a great deal of Belize is set aside to preserve the county's extraordinary biodiversity, unlike neighboring countries which have significant deforestation. Some 25 parks, reserves or protected marine areas have been set aside for Belizeans and the tourists who hold Belize as a top destination for rain forest or coral (reef) exploration. Today, approximately 40% of the land mass is protected, maintaining homes for Belize wildlife like the tapir, the toucan, the jaguar and many other animal and plant species. Belize is especially proud of the conservation efforts to protect the jaguar. After a campaign that began in 1974 by the Belizean government, the arrival of US wildlife researcher Alan Rabinowitz in1982 sealed the fate of the Cockscomb basin as a jaguar reserve. It was established to protect the forests, fauna and watersheds of approximately 400 square kilometres of the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains. The reserve was founded in 1990 as the first wilderness sanctuary for the Jaguar (Panthera onca) and is regarded as a premier site for Jaguar preservation in the world. However, the jaguar had another neighbour that was not protected, and that is the Maya people, who represent approximately 13% of the population. It is believed that they inhabited the Cockscomb Basin area as early as 10,000BC. For centuries, they lived in harmony in the rainforests of Central American and Mexico. The civilizations built monumental pyramids, invented their own calendar, a unique writing system and were experts in astronomy. But what contributed to the extinction of the ancient Mayan civilization? The traditional Maya way of life and its culture has been largely lost in Mexico, Guatemala, and northern Belize. Archeological drill cores from the Blue Hole in Belize suggest that an extensive drought period might have been the cause for the loss of the majority of the Mayan civilization. The drought theory is not new but in 2012 samples from a 2,000 year old stalagmite also showed that a drought had affected this Belizean region around the 7th to 10th centuries.

America's Music Ambassadors, the Zydeco Band Mo Mojo, Jams in San Pedro and�It's Awesome
Most people love music and love to dance. And yesterday, a band called Mo Mojo came in from the states as musical ambassadors. To show a bit of US cultural music to Belize and to play along with local artists. The result was pretty amazing and beautiful. This is a US State department program�who knew? And the program is a revival of the Jazz Ambassadors that went around the world during the Cold War. Dizzy Gillespie�Count Basie�Benny Goodman�a seriously cool program and some BIG shoes to fill. Zydeco, I will admit, was a genre that I had never heard of�but once I heard it playing, it's American thru and thru. Fiddles, harmonicas, washboards, the trumpet�folksy fun celebratory music that anyone can enjoy.


  • Ambergris Caye & The Great Blue Hole, 7min. January 2015 - San Pedro, Belize Ramon's Village
  • Belize Sunset, 1min. This has been Len's project: to shoot the perfect sunset. We think this one is pretty close to perfect, so here you go.
  • Caracol and Mountain Pine Ridge Mayawalk Tours San Ignacio Cayo Belize, 5min.
  • Belize Black Howler Monkeys, 1min. These Black Howler Monkeys ended up coming right over us in Belize's Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve. Incredible!
  • Blue Hole - Belize, 18min. Estar en este fenomeno de la naturaleza es una experiencia de vida..!!
  • Belize Sharks, 2min. Lighthouse Reef Belize.
  • Belize Service Project, 9min. Fredonia Belize Service Project, January 2015
  • Belize & Guatemala Vacation, 3.5min. An amazing trip to Belize & Guatemala. Ambergris Caye, Playa Blanca, El Pescador, Black Rock Lodge in the rainforest, Placencia and back to Ambergris Caye! Beautiful, peaceful and oh so scenic.
  • Knoll Family Belize Trip 2014, 15min. Gaia Riverlodge, near San Ignacio, Belize and San Pedro, Belize.
  • Diving Dog of Belize, 2min. Talented Belizean dog that will dive anywhere for a Conch Independence Village.
  • Belize Jankunu Dancing, 3min. One of Belize heritage musics..the jankunu jam..